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    Thank You Notes: Hobbs & Shaw, Beach Balls
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    Thank You Notes: Hobbs & Shaw, Beach Balls

    December 6, 2019

    -I was running
    a bit behind today, so I thought if you guys
    wouldn’t mind, just want to write out my weekly
    thank you notes right now. James, can I get some thank-you-
    note-writing music, please? ♪♪ -Looks like he just texted
    3-0-3-0. -Thank you Pete Buttigieg
    and Bernie Sanders for looking like the real-life
    version of “Back to the Future.” [ Laughter ]
    [ Applause ] Thank you, Jed, for saying
    you were on “The Bachelorette” just to help your music career. At least now you have plenty of
    material for a break up album. [ Laughter ]
    [ Applause ] -They’re always the best.
    Always good. -Thank you, grill I rarely use. You give me a chance to play
    a fun game of how much rust can I feed my
    friends without them noticing. [ Laughter ]
    [ Applause ] -Full of iron.
    -Had this bad boy for ten years. Thank you, Hobbs and Shaw,
    for sounding less like a “Fast & Furious” spin off
    and more like two injury attorneys you see
    on TV at 3:00 in the morning. [ Serious voice ] Have you been
    hit by a skate boarder? [ Applause ] Thank you, home cooking, for
    being 2% cooking, 2% eating, and 96% doing dishes.
    [ Light laughter ] [ Applause ] Thank you, “The Lion King”
    for teaching us that if you don’t want your kid
    to grow up to be a huge jerk, maybe don’t name him “Scar”. [ Light laughter ]
    [ Applause ] Come on, Scar.
    -Yeah. [ Light laughter ] -Come on.
    -Just give me a second. [ Laughter ]
    -You think about other names kids can be named right?
    -what’s that? -You think about other names
    they should’ve not name their kids?
    -No I’m thinking about this next thank you note,
    I really like it. -It’s your favorite one?
    -It is. But I have a feeling it is not
    going to work. -Oh, really?
    But it’s a good one anyway. -I think it’s good.
    It’s more of thinker. -Does it come from the heart?
    -I didn’t write it but yeah. It comes from —
    [ Laughter ] Comes from someone’s heart.
    -Someone’s heart. Well, then that’s all
    that matters, man. [ Light laughter ] -Thank you, beach balls
    for letting me throw my breath. [ Applause ]
    [ Laughter ] -That was a good one. [ Cheers and applause ] People are still laughing about
    that now. I love that. -I get it. Oh, yeah. -Thank you, ice cream sandwiches
    for lasting three minutes before turning into just
    regular cookies and milk. There you guys have it.
    Those are my “Thank You Notes.”


    Barbie’s Cruise Ship Adventure

    December 5, 2019

    Barbie’s Cruise Ship Adventure Guess what girls? What mummy? I’ve got a surprise for you. What? We are going on a cruise ship Yayyy! Now go and tell you sister to hurry up Yayyy! Isabella, did … Mum! Isabella fell in the water! What! Throw her this! Be ok… I’m a survivor! Thank you. Thank you Mummy. What happened to Isabella? Don’t ask! Well I guess she won’t be needing a bath today. That is not funny! Now why don’t you girls go take a seat. Ok Mummy Ok dear, let’s hit the road Ok hunnie Arrrrrrr! Mummy! What happened? Mummy! What happened? I fell in the water Daddy, look what you just did. You knocked down Mummy How could you Daddy? You knocked down Mummy Yeah, Mum’s going to kill you when she gets back up Oh, oh, oh, oh! Thanks a lot Ken!
    I did not like it down there Ah, ah, ahhhh! Let’s give Mummy a blanket. Here we go Mummy, we gave you a blanket Now go back and sit down Ok Sorry dear, we’ll try that again Ok, and you’d better make it quick! Let’s go find a nice quiet spot to have lunch Ok Daddy Are we there yet? No How about now? No Now? No! Be quiet!! Ok Daddy. Now? No. Hey, that looks like a nice spot to have
    lunch. Let’s go there Daddy’s having a little rest girls, so why
    don’t we just have some lunch Ok Mummy. Yum, yum….yum Oooh, did you pack us some lemonade? Yes (Slurp) (Slurp) Mummy, we’re full. Can we go and play in the water now? Yes, sure Ok. Let’s go. I’ll help you. Nice bathers Yeah! Get off! There you go. Now let’s go to the pool Yeah! Ok girls, you guys can play in the pool and I’ll go and get dressed Ok Mummy How are we going to get to the pool? Oh, I’ve got a good idea Oh, that’s cool! Can we go do that again? No, slide time Oh fine Whoahooo! Weeeeee! Again! Weeeee! My turn! Weeeee! Whoahooo! Weeeee! I want to go again! Ok girls, I’m just going to sit here and watch you. You guys go and have another slide Weeeee! You sat on top of me! Ok. Can I climb up the slide? I need to get up. Waaaaah! Weeeee! Mummy, we’re bored. Can we go into the ocean now? Sure thing Yay! Woah, woah, woah woah. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! What Mummy? We need to go with me. Umm, ok Mummy Ok girls, I’m just going to rest here and I’ll watch you. Now be careful and stay near the boat. Ok Mummy. Ok, starting now! Let’s play beach ball Did you bring the ball? Yeah! Hey Isabella! What’s wrong? I think Mummy’s asleep. Ok, I think we can go at least a bit more further Oh look. I found a dolphin Oh it’s so cute! Oh ok, let’s…hey where’s it going? Oh let’s follow it. Oh… look what we just found What? We found an island Woahhh! I think we just entered a beautiful,
    beautiful island How about…I bet…we can go exploring, and I bet there’ll be some treasure! Let’s split up Hey look Sis! What? Come here. I found a ladybug Wow! It’s so cool! What color is it? Ummm, I don’t know. I think it’s orange Come on ladybug! Be free! Let’s follow it and find some more treasure if we follow these animals Ooopsy! I think I squashed the ladybug! Oh don’t worry about it, it’ll live Arrrh. That was a nice sleep. Girls, time to go back Girls! Girls!! Where are you? Girls!!! Ken!! What? The girls are lost Where? Hmmm Where are they? I don’t know The last minute I just saw them I go and swim to shore. You go back. We’ll use this. I can’t see them anywhere. Girls!! Girls!!! Ken! What’s wrong? I can’t find them! Oh dear Ok, I’ll just go a bit further. Ohh, look! There’s an island Maybe I can find some luck here or maybe they went here. Hmmm. Girls! Whoops, sorry ladybug! Oh hey Sis, did you find anything? No, did you! No Hey, what’s that shiny thing over there? What? It’s gold! Wow! Hey Sis… What’s wrong? I think we’re lost. I’m just wondering that. What, let’s call out for help. Help! Help! Help! Help! Help! Hey I think I here the girls Help! Don’t worry wherever you are I’ll come to you. Mummy! I think I hear her. Hey! Mummy! Mummy! Oh Girls! Now don’t you ever wander away from there again. I was so worried about you! Yeah, sorry Mum. We were lost but we did find some treasure! Cool! Ok girls, let’s go back to the boat Girls!! Oh Daddy! Daddy, Daddy Daddy… Oh, girls be careful. What’s wrong? Why are you hugging me so much? We were lost Now I was very worried about you! Don’t you girls ever run away from there again! Now let’s go and get you guys dried up! Ok Daddy Ok girls, no T.V., no iPods for a week Ohhhh! You’ve got to learn not to wander off by yourselves Ok Mummy Ok girls, that’s enough adventure for one day let’s hit it! Bye, bye island Are we there yet? Ohhh! Not again…