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    Chania 4K: Top Beaches & Sights of Akrotiri Crete – Travel Guide | Drone Ακρωτήρι
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    Chania 4K: Top Beaches & Sights of Akrotiri Crete – Travel Guide | Drone Ακρωτήρι

    January 14, 2020

    This part of greek land will steal your heart. A multicultural crossroad of civilizations. The kingdom of blue skies, shiny rocks, bright sun and crystal water. Akrotiri Chania – Crete. Just beyond the town of Chania, and it’s airport in Akrotiri Peninsula, you will find traditional villages and the famous beaches of Marathi, Seitan limania, Kalathas, Stavros, loutraki & Maherida nearby beaches number one: Marathi beach Marathi a popular resource east of Chania which hosts 2 beautiful beaches with fine sand & shallow calm water. Well protected from the wind and well organized with amenities. number two: Kalathas beach. A beautiful beach in a
    natural Bay at the Cape Akrotiri Windy and ideal for water sports. Opposite Kalathas there is a small island easily reached by swimming Number three: Stavros Beach Stavros is a seaside village with the characteristic steep, camel-shaped Mountain, famous from the film Zorba the Greek, were Anthony Queen dances the famous Syrtaki dance number four: Seitan Limania Beach Seitan Limania is 22 km northeast of Chania, a tiny fantastic beach with deep Azure waters at the wild landscape. Enjoy diving and snorkeling number five: Loutraki beach A very nice quiet beach with clear shallow waters suitable for children. It is well-organized. Number six: Maherida Beach. Stunning little beach with white sand and turquoise water surrounded by sharp rocks. Not organized, the secluded beach of Maherida attracts mainly nudists. number seven: Tersanas beach The calm water combined with the proximity to the touristic facilities makes Tersanas ideal for family holidays Accommodation Skandalis Traditional Suites (chorafakia). The area is quite developed and a popular destination for holidays Creteview Luxury Villas (Loutraki). A variety of accommodation choices will meet all of your criteria, ** Villa Imperial (Marathi) from luxury suites to all-inclusive units or hospitable apartments and rooms ** Casa Manolesos (Kalathas) Chorafakia, Kounoupidiana, Marathi, Tersanas, Loutraki & Stavros are the main villages of Akrotiri Cretan Cuisine The traditional cuisine of Crete is famous worldwide
    ** Almyriki Restaurant (Stavros) Olive oil is the cornerstone of the cretan diet and the secret of the longevity of cretan people ** Skalakia (Kalathas) Artistic creations Like this video. Write a comment. Share! Runnismos Travel Guru
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    Elafonisos paradise island, Greece 4K | Best beaches and places – Travel Guide
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    Elafonisos paradise island, Greece 4K | Best beaches and places – Travel Guide

    January 14, 2020

    Peloponnese – Greece The place to be There are some places
    Algunos lugares Elafonisos island
    Southern Peloponnese That you will remember forever
    para siempre A strip that resembles a path to heaven… Beauty
    belleza blue experiences
    experiencias This summer a paradise waits for you sweet melodies
    deep feelings sentimientos 323 kilometers south of Athens Elafonisos village making you wanna return
    volver again and again Tasty Greek cuisine Freedom
    Libertad – Freiheit Elafonisos
    your secret blue paradise paraiso azul I love to travel Love is waiting for you this summer
    este verano Simos Camping Beach
    Sarakiniko in Greece
    en Grecia – στην Ελλάδα Natura 2000. Elafonisos has a wealth of flora and fauna which is confirmed by its inclusion to the European network of protectes areas. Let the picture reveal all those things the words cannot describe… There are some places you will never forget! Have you ever dreamt of the amazing colors of nature, coral and emerald shades with gold and white grains of sand? sand dunes Relaxation Elafonisos is your hidden Paradise Adventure Panagia beach Are you ready to experience this? Authentic Lefki beach crystal blue water Let’s go on an adventure! The only trip you will regret is the one you don’t take “To travel is to take a journey into yourself”
    – Danny Kaye Erotic Small simos beach Ten minutes transit time by ferry from Punta Tiny island
    immense beauty mythical greek blue exotic best choice This summer will be the best of your life! all in your hands passionate alternative Elafonisos waits for you
    this summer! romantic Elafonisos,
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    Falasarna exotic beach, Crete island – Greece travel guide | Everything you need to know
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    Falasarna exotic beach, Crete island – Greece travel guide | Everything you need to know

    January 13, 2020

    One of the top 5 beaches of Crete island! Falasarna beach, Chania – Greece Exotic Greek summer Free forever! Chania – Falasarna: 58 km and you are in Paradise! This nearby excursion will take you to a tropical destination… Endless Greek blue It’s summer time! Falasarna beach: 3 kilometers long! White sand between your toes, emerald water and magical sunsets. Endless beauty at one of the most stunning beaches of the Mediterranean! Falasarna village: North of the village you can find Ancient Falasarna ruins relaxed summer moments The only trip you will regret is the one you don’t take! Falasarna beach
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    Chalkidiki TOP beaches: Ammouliani island, Ouranoupoli, Drenia – Greece | Complete guide
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    Chalkidiki TOP beaches: Ammouliani island, Ouranoupoli, Drenia – Greece | Complete guide

    January 12, 2020

    This is not Maldives… This is not Seychelles… This is not Philippines or the Caribbean… This is Greece! Ammouliani island
    Chalkidiki – Greece Population 550 people
    Area 4.5 square kilometers About 120 kilometers from Thessaloniki and only two nautical miles from the mainland coast Tripiti, it is easily and affordably accessible by ferry boat which takes only 15 minutes to transfer you to heaven The main town of Ammouliani is built like an amphitheatre above the bay. The beautiful tiled roofs, gardens and alleyways complete the picturesque scenery! Don’t miss the fish taverns of the harbour and the delicious local flavors! If you like hiking you will especially
    enjoy the footpaths and the contact with nature, as the island is a bird sanctuary. The kingdom of serenity! top beaches number 1: Alikes beach. 2.5 km south of Ammouliani port. The most photogenic and vibrant place of the island! Welcome to Alikes beach. Here everything is set to be relaxing, fun and joyful. Swim, dive, do water sports, read your book and forget everything else Alikes camping is a great alternative for nature lovers. The beach bars with funky summer music are really fun, transmitting everywhere a party vibe number 2: Megali Ammos and Agios Georgios beach. Two tropical beaches at the southeastern part of the island Two stunning beaches which will be responsible for your temporal amnesia against worries and other irrelevant thoughts. The green and blue will make you lose your mind number three: Karagatsi beach. A peaceful heaven next to Alikes. Romantic moments under the blue sky Number four: Faka beach. four km west of Ammouliani. Two tropical islets across are waiting to be discovered Drenia islets
    Chalkidiki – Greece Drenia is a complex of little islets located opposite Ouranoupolis, about two miles away from the mainland and east of Ammouliani. Drenia is the largest islet and Tigani, Pontiki, Feti, Penna, Artemis etc are the smaller ones. The islets, also known as Donkey islands, are a virgin place. No electricity or other facilities here, with only exception the cantine at the biggest islet, offering sun beds umbrellas and other amenities using a power generator. You can reach Drenia Paradise islets by boat from Ouranoupolis (daily), rent a private boat (no license needed) or paddle your own canoe to explore every islet and its beaches one by one. An experience you will remember for a lifetime The landscape and the seabed of the six
    tropical islands is absolutely stunning! Golden sandy beaches crystal blue waters in all magic shades of the Greek archipelago and an enchanting atmosphere Visiting Drenia is a sweet summer adventure! Ideal for divers and water sport lovers. Become the king of your summer vacation at one of these heavenly made Greek islets! Ouranoupoli
    Chalkidiki – Greece Ouranoupoli lies 140 kilometers east of Thessaloniki. It is an ancient city founded in the late 4th century BC. Today is a popular summer destination. Don’t miss the famous Prosforion Byzantine tower, overlooking the seafront top beaches number one: Akrathos beach. three km northwest of Ouranoupoli. The beach is part of a hotel complex number two: Tripiti beach. 7 kilometers northwest of Ouranoupoli number three: Eagles beach. 4.5 kilometers north of Ouranoupoli. The beach is part of a resort number 4: Ouranoupoli beach. The beaches is at walking distance from the village are truly stunning! Athos peninsula, Chalkidiki – Greece. Do not miss the chance to visit the Holy Monastic state of Athos. The third Peninsula of Halkidiki where only men may have access according to tradition. Athos Cruises is organizing daily excursions to Mount Athos from Ammouliani and Ouranoupoli. Chalkidiki: a heaven to fall in love with! Where to eat: Ammouliani: Glaros Tavern, Anemotrata fish tavern, Savana beach bar. Ouranoupoli: Zorbas fish tavern, Kritikos Restaurant, Anemos beach bar, Ammos cafe bar, Patisserie Sekeroglou. Accommodation: Ammouliani Hotels: Archontiko, Giorgios, Sun Rise,
    Ammouliani Hotel. Ouranoupolis Hotels: Avaton Luxury Villas, Eagles Palace, Akrathos Beach, Theopisti, Alexandros Palace, Xenia Ouranoupolis. Like this video and subscribe!
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    🇮🇹 Italian Riviera – Portofino: top beaches and attractions | Italy Guide: cosmopolitan paradise
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    🇮🇹 Italian Riviera – Portofino: top beaches and attractions | Italy Guide: cosmopolitan paradise

    January 12, 2020

    blue romantic and irresistible… this is not south of California… this is not southern France or Spain… this is Italy Portofino, Liguria – Italy. Welcome to the heart of the italian riviera. This fishing port is famous for the
    picturesque harbour and the high-class visitors, like celebrities and artists.
    Dalida was right I found my love in Portofino! Located 45 minutes east of
    Genoa and about two hours south of Milan. During the Roman times the area was
    called Portus Delphini. This splendid A class sea resort has a bright
    mediterranean personality. live your dreams! The Piazzetta, meeting-up point for the international
    jet set, is the symbol of Portofino, while the port is the icon and the pride of
    the locals for their centuries lasting maritime tradition. The charm of the place, the fine Ligurian cuisine and the innumerable cultural and nature itineraries make this corner of Italy an ideal destination any time of year. Top attractions Portofino’s lighthouse. One kilometer
    south of Portofino. Situated on punta del capo, imposing itself over the entire Bay. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy cold and refreshing drinks at the lounge bar La
    Portofinese. The views here will remain unforgettable. San Giorgio church five minutes walking from Portofino. Portofino’s patron, a construction from the 12th century. Inside are relics brought back by sailors after the Crusades. The breathtaking panorama from the churchyard is ideal for photo shooting. Castello Brown. Ten minutes walking from the harbour. The Brown castle is a fortress in the middle of a hanging garden, characterized by partitions with lovely bas-relief, and architectonic embellishments in marble and slate Luxury experience! Christ of the abyss: located between Camogli and Portofino, was placed under water on August 1954 top beaches: Paraggi beach: 1.5 kilometers
    north of Portofino Pedale beach: 3 kilometers north of
    Portofino Rapallo Rapallo is a municipality in the
    metropolitan city of Genoa and has 30,000 inhabitants. This beautiful area
    is part of the regional Natural park of Portofino. Friedrich Nietzsche wrote that the ideas for Zarathustra first came to him while walking on two roads surrounding Rapallo. During the 16th century it was attacked and sacked by the Ottomans and Barbary pirates. To help defend the village against such attacks a castle was built on the seafront. Top attractions Basilica of San Gervasio e Protasio. Consecrated in 1113 and has a leaning bell tower. Torre Civica: marks the skyline of Rapallo. Castello sul Mare: it
    was erected on 1551. Every July, Rapallo holds a magnificent celebration. Besides offering delicious food based on Ligurian traditional and fish dishes, breathtaking views of the stunning Mediterranean Sea while strolling along the promenade from July 1st to 3rd, Rapallo also proposes unique religious traditions accompanied by secular folklore with spectacular fireworks. Santa Margherita
    Liguria – Italy The resort of Santa Margherita Ligure is
    one of the most attractive and charming in the Riviera di Levante, the eastern
    half of the Ligurian Coast in Northwest Italy. Start your visit with a stroll along the promenade pausing for a coffee or an ice cream along the way. The seafront is the main attraction here, with its beach and lively harbour. Useful tips. Do it like the Italians rent a Fiat 500 convertible: small, fast, stylish and convenient. Prefer an accommodation in Rapallo, a cheaper alternative while it’s a fun and vibrant city. elegant Parking in Italy. In portofino’s main
    parking you will pay 11 and a half euro for two hours. In Rapallo there is a free zone parking at the marina otherwise there are plenty of parking meters and private parking spaces. Autostrada toll fees. Using the main motorways means paying toll. From Genoa to Rapallo the cost is about 13E. where to eat Restaurants: Portofino: trattoria Tripoli,
    trattoria Concordia, Paraggi: Capo Nord Rapallo: Oltremare, Sapore di Mare. Santa Margherita: Ristorante Beppe Achilli Portofino a heaven to fall in love with Accommodation Hotels: Portofino Hotel Nazionale, 8 hotel. Paraggi: Hotel Argentina. Rapallo: Hotel Astoria
    Grand Hotel Bristol. Santa Margarita: Hotel Minerva like this video.
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    MARY CELESTE – One Of The Biggest Mysteries Of Missing A Ship On Voyage
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    MARY CELESTE – One Of The Biggest Mysteries Of Missing A Ship On Voyage

    December 24, 2019

    On November 5, 1872, the Mary Celeste ship
    docked in New York. The merchant ship weighing 282 tons and 31
    meters long is planning to transport 1701 barrels of alcohol. This great voyage was led by a ship captain
    named Benjamin Briggs. He also took his wife, Sarah Briggs, and his
    little daughter Sophia Mathilda Briggs, two years old and seven experienced crew members. So that the total number of passengers on
    the ship is 10 people. Before going on a journey and leaving the
    port in New York, the captain of the boat was talking to David Reed Morehouse, the captain
    of the ship Dei Gratia who also apparently will sail on the same route to the Atlantic
    Sea and through the Strait of Gibraltar. Previously they wanted to sail together, but
    because the ship Dei Gratia had not finished carrying the cargo, finally the ship Mary
    Celeste agreed to sail first on November 7, 1872, while the Dei Gratia ship followed 8
    days later. The Dei Gratia ship sailed as planned and
    arrived at the Atlantic Ocean on December 5, 1872. A Dei Gratia crewman named John Johnson spotted
    a ship five miles away on the Dei Gratia. The ship captain Morehouse also recognized
    the ship as the ship Mary Celeste. He was surprised because Mary Celeste should
    have arrived in Genoa, Italy. After being approached, Mary Celeste’s ship
    looked like there were no signs of life. Also, the ship’s sails were slightly torn
    on the sides. After more than 2 hours of monitoring the
    ship, finally, the crew of the ship Dei Gratia led by Oliver Deveau decided to investigate
    the ship, Mary Celeste. The team led by Oliver Deveau also boarded
    the ship, Mary Celeste. They did not find a single person on the ship. The situation inside the ship looks wet but
    is still very suitable for sailing. The cargo of the ship containing 1701 alcohol
    cargoes was found to be an incomplete condition. Meanwhile, food supplies are still intact
    and very well maintained. Clean water supplies are also found in ships. The crew members’ personal belongings were
    also found to be in good condition and untouched. There are absolutely no signs of piracy or
    criminal acts on the ship. In the cabin of the captain of the Briggs
    ship, Oliver Deveau found a record of the captain of the ship that wrote that the voyage
    was going well. That means there was no sign of the ship meeting
    a storm or dealing with bad weather. But why the crew seemed to be in a hurry to
    leave the ship. What happened? The captain of the Dei Gratia ship, Morehouse,
    finally decided to bring the Mary Celeste ship to Genoa for further investigation. Since being discovered unmanned in November
    1872, the disappearance of the entire crew of the Mary Celeste has been a mystery to
    date. Various theories emerge trying to solve the
    mystery that occurred in the Atlantic Ocean. The absence of signs of damage or theft of
    goods on board the Mary Celeste makes us seem to have to rule out the possibility that there
    has been a rebellion or rebellion on the ship. After eliminating these two possibilities,
    the following possibilities and theories are obtained. The first theory is that there has been a
    murder by the Crew of the Ship Dei Gratia. This theory arises because of the thought
    that there is a possibility that the crew of the Dei Gratia ship would take ownership
    of the ship. Meanwhile, the ship Dei Gratia also clearly
    knew the route and destination of the Mary Celeste because the boat captains had talked
    about their routes and travel destinations. But this theory is disputed because Captain
    Briggs and Captain Morehouse are known to be old friends and very unlikely to do so. Meanwhile, the investigation also did not
    find any signs of this. The second theory is due to the storm. This theory says that there might be a big
    storm that hit Mary Celeste and made the crew immediately save themselves using a lifeboat. This theory was eventually also refuted because
    the water in the deck of the ship was not possible to sink the ship, while captain Briggs
    was an experienced captain he might not know about it and rashly ordered an evacuation. There were also no reports of storms in the
    area when Mary Celeste crossed the Atlantic Sea. The third theory is the existence of water
    bursts. Among the many theories that emerge, the theory
    of water spray is plausible. Bursts of water occur because of very high
    bursts like a tornado. This theory seems to correct the facts found
    in the ship, such as why the ship was wet and the compass was found missing. Perhaps this also caused the crew to flee
    suddenly. Bursts of water are also suspected to suddenly
    appear even when the weather is deep.

    Chalkidiki TOP 10 Beaches of Sithonia Peninsula, Greece | Complete guide – Macedonia
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    Chalkidiki TOP 10 Beaches of Sithonia Peninsula, Greece | Complete guide – Macedonia

    December 22, 2019

    Tropical landscape… Exotic sensation… This is not the Caribbean. This is not Maldives. This is not Hawaii. This is Greece. Sithonia Peninsula. Chalkidiki – Greece. Capital: Nikiti. Area: 517 km2. Population: 13000 people. Sithonia is the middle one of the 3 peninsulas of Chalkidiki, located in northern Greece. With almost 100 beaches, most of them having
    perfect white sand and some of the clearest waters in the world, Sithonia is a destination
    you will want to keep on visiting… Top Beaches: Number ten: Tristinika beach. 1 km sandy beach near Toroni, the famous Ethnik bar is here! Number nine: Kriaritsi beach. A long sandy bay, where 2 beautiful beaches are formed. Number eight: Neos Marmaras & Porto Carras. The most cosmopolitan and luxurious place in Sithonia! In the area of Neos Marmaras there are no fewer than 4 amazing and well organized “Blue Flag” beaches. Number seven: Nikiti beach. Several kilometres of crystal clear waters & blue green colors. Nikiti is one of Sithonia’s most popular
    summer destinations! Number six. Armenistis beach. Maybe the best and most luxurious camping beach in Greece. It is located just north of Sarti and offers
    one of the best views towards Mount Athos. Here you will experience the Glamping! The beachfront caravans is something unforgettable. Number five: Ormos Panagias. Regatta, cruises and this endless blue of Greece. Ormos Panagias is a little harbor village
    that makes home of the famed Mount Athos cruises. A biannual regatta, the delicious sea food
    & the peaceful environment complete the perfection! Number four: Kalamitsi beach. The idyllic look of Chalkidiki. The beach is perfect for families who are
    looking for shallow water, but also for water sport activities and much fun at the local beach bars. This is Greece. Check our playlist with top greek destinations. Number three: Elia & Lagomandra. Well known settlements by the shore with A
    class beaches! Both beaches have soft sand and are fantastic for swimming and floating
    on your air mattress. Number two: Vourvourou & Karidi. An extraordinary marvel that cannot be found anywhere else. Just imagine yourself diving from the deck
    of a boat into the refreshing crystalline sea or snorkeling in this pool-like wonder
    that has some of the best visibility in the world! Karidi on the south end of the village is
    one of Halkidiki’s most photogenic beaches. From above it appears as if somebody turned on the underwater lights to illuminate the lagoon like a brilliant gem – it’s absolutely stunning! Don’t miss the famous Blue Lagoon, between
    Diaporos island and an islet. Number one: Kavourotripes (orange beach). the ultimate paradise of Chalkidiki, welcome to heaven! It is located between Armenistis and Platanitsi
    Beach and campings in Sithonia’s eastern side. It is not easy to describe with common words
    this heaven… The locals used to practice free camping here
    and naturism. Today it has become so popular, that the best time to enjoy the magic of the beach is June or September. Explore every single formation of the white soft rocks, including the famous sculptures of the beach. Take a walk at the pine forest and don’t stop
    swimming and diving! Sithonia: a destination to fall in love with! Where to eat: Sithonia taverns: *5 steps in the sand – Sykia * Bukadoura – Elia * Arsanas – Nikiti * Melia – Vourvourou CAFE & BARS: * George Jazz bar – Sarti * Las Bandidas beach bar – Azapiko * Manassu beach bar – Sarti Accommodation: Sithonia hotels: * Bomo club Assa Maris, Ikos Olivia, Amantes villas Nikiti, Amari Hotel, Porto Carras Meliton, Hotel Barracuda, Porto Koufo Hotel, Thalatta Kalamitsi village camp Give a like to this video. Tell us your opinion, write a comment. Share! Thanks for watching and subscribe for more videos and travel experiences Runnismos Travel Guru
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    Chalkidiki 4K: TOP 10 Beaches of Kassandra Peninsula, Greece guide | Παραλίες Χαλκιδικής

    December 15, 2019

    emerald waters and powdery white sand.
    Exotic scenery. An authentic paradise A place where the lush green of the land
    spills into the blue of the sea. The exotic getaway that has lived in your
    imagination Chalkidiki, Kassandra peninsula Welcome to the paradise that is Chalkidiki. It will amaze you with its exotic views, invigorate your body… There is something about Chalkidiki that sets it apart from the rest of Greece. And nowhere else you will find making friends such an enriching experience! So, let’s find out which are the top ten beaches of Kassandra number 10: Nea Potidea Beach. The village of Nea Potidea has a sandy and well-organized blue flag beach. A wide range of facilities are available here. A narrow isthmus joins the peninsula of Kassandra to the mainland. The canal was begun by King
    Kassander of Macedonia number nine: Pefkochori and Chanioti beach These twin beaches are characterized by
    a long sandy strand and fully equipped facilities, featuring beach bars taverns
    mini markets and plenty of water sport activities number eight:
    Kallithea beach Among the most famous and busy coasts of the area, Kallithea is a point of reference for young people A golden sandy beach! number seven: Siviri beach Siviri beach at the western coast of the peninsula offers calm shallow waters ideal for afternoon walks and romantic sunsets number six: Polychrono and Kriopogi
    beaches. These beaches have been awarded several times by international organizations for having the clearest waters so-called blue flags. Are entirely equipped with all needed to spent a joyful day on the beach. Water is crystal clear and the beach is covered with soft delicate sand. Nearby taverns and cafes are offered to take a break from swimming and sunbathing. Greek jewelry and summer fashion number 5: Possidi and Glossa beaches. Possidi beach stretches 1 km in length and welcomes you for a refreshing dive into its water playful white sand scattered with fine pebbles. Do not forget to walk all the way to Possidi lighthouse and further up to the Glossa beach. This is a natural phenomenon created by local water streams. The sandy Peninsula changes shape frequently. Three Campings are operating here: a hot spot for youth, naturists and lovers of life. During the night everything calms down quietly. Your stay at Possidi will be unforgettable! number four: Sani & Stavronikita beach Sani beach is a true heaven on earth! The white powdery sand of the seashore couples with the turquoise crystal clear water of the Aegean Sea, painting an idyllic picture. Sani is a well organized modern resort, fully equipped with luxurious beach bars and restaurants. Festivals are frequently organised here and been environmental activities take place. Stavronikita, is a quiet low sandy beach next to Sani resort, ideal for Naturists, nudists and people seeking for tranquility and easy living. number three: Afitos beach. In the heart of Kassandra, the 4 km long coast of Afitos, stretching at the foot of a rock, on which the village with its typical stone cottages is built, will fascinate you with its sandy beach and it’s crystal clear azure sea! Best choice! The beach features various amenities and beach bars! For privacy look for the secluded cove, accessible after crossing the main beach. number two: Paliouri beach. This exotic beach is recognizable by its fine sand, like flour, and very long shoal, extending up to 30 meters into the water. This place has many names: it is also called Krousso, as well as Koursaros, Blue fish, Cabana, Lefli Ammos beach, all names of local beach bars, or Xenia The most beautiful part of the beach with the finest sand is on the right, looking towards the sea, in front of Koursaros bar, close to a small marina where boats depart on a cruise. At Paliouri beach, there is also a camping site, a luxury hotel, as well as watersports amenities. All kind of vacation styles, tastes and desires are fulfilled here! number one: Glarokavos beach. Welcome to Glarokavos, the most beautiful and unique place in Kassandra! Many faces one strong blue character. Here you may find from luxury beach bars to free camping naturist tents! Overall unforgettable! Release your senses: Greek fashion & style The organized beach of Glarokavos is on the left side, with direction to Pefkochori village. There is an amazing lagoon which hosts a few boats. At this location the beach is ideal for chilling out and naturism. Every moment of your family holidays in Halkidiki will be filled with joy, relaxation and fun in the sea. Pine trees that reach up to the water’s edge, white sand, beautiful bays, crystal-clear water, hidden coves! Chalkidiki’s beaches are so great in number that you can’t possibly count them all only enjoy them. Kassandra: a few beaches more!
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    Ice fishing ** FAIL ** and Benny Hill Parody to boot
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    Ice fishing ** FAIL ** and Benny Hill Parody to boot

    December 5, 2019

    If you haven’t pieced it together by now, don’t worry, neither did we. A fish hooked into buddy’s line, but went unnoticed. It swam around hooked under the ice tangling up ALL of our lines. We ran around not knowing who was next ….and now the Benny Hill Parody!

    Viral Cruise Ship Kid Dancer Wows Ellen!
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    Viral Cruise Ship Kid Dancer Wows Ellen!

    November 28, 2019

    This next video is a
    boy competing in a dance contest on a cruise ship. Hey! OK! Lord! Oh! Ooh! Oh! Ooh! Ooh! Oh! Ooh! Are you serious? [INAUDIBLE] Stink! Stink! Stink! Stink stink! Stink! All right. [APPLAUSE] His name is Ryan. He’s 10 years old, and I asked
    him to come here and dance for you today. Come on out, Ryan. [MUSIC – SILENTO, “WATCH ME”] You already know what it is. Silento. Silento. Silento. Go ‘head and do it for me. Now watch me whip. Now watch me nae nae. Now watch me whip,
    whip, watch me nae nae. Now watch me whip. Watch me nae nae. Now watch me whip,
    whip, watch me nae nae. Now watch me, ooh,
    watch me, watch me. Ooh, watch me, watch me. Ooh, watch me, watch me. Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh. Ooh, watch me, watch me. Ooh, watch me, watch me. Ooh, watch me, watch me. Ooh. [APPLAUSE] Hello. Oh my God. Hi Ryan! I love you so much. I love you so much. You’re so awesome. They showed me that video
    of you and I was like, this kid is amazing. You’re 10 years old. How long you’ve been dancing? I’ve been dancing since I
    was 3, so about 6 years. Or 7. So you started dancing at 3. Did you have that rhythm
    in you at 3 years old? Yeah. I’ve always just liked dancing. Just, you know, doing
    on the Nintendo. It’s like– Oh, the Nintendo machine– You know, where you
    like, hold the thing and like, pop and lock. Right, right. Do you take dance
    class or anything? Yes, I do. You do? Because you’re
    really, really good. Did you win the dance contest? Yeah. I hope so. Yeah. I was like, I feel sorry
    for anybody following him. That’s amazing. So you were on a cruise
    and you did that, and that was just
    kind of on a whim. You didn’t know that
    someone was filming that, and then it went viral. Were you surprised on
    how many people saw it? Yeah, I’d never think I would
    go viral at the age of 10, but you know what? It ended me up on my favorite
    TV show, so I’m OK with it. Ah, that’s so sweet. That’s so sweet. Yeah, Twitch is pretty good too. Yeah. We’re back with 10-year-old
    dancer Ryan Starr. And so you were on a cruise,
    and was that your first cruise? It was actually my 13th cruise. Wow. You all go on a lot of cruises. Yeah, it’s one of
    the only vacations we do because when I
    was a baby I enjoyed it. So ever since, I’ve
    always done it. And I’m actually Platinum,
    and on the very last day, I went into the VIP party and
    I got awarded the youngest Platinum member. So when I get older,
    if I become Diamond, I want to bring my wife on
    board and get her Diamond too. Wow. That’s wonderful. OK. So 13 cruises. That’s a lot of cruises. And you’ve loved it
    since you were a baby, and so they decided– you decided that you were
    going on cruises all the time. All right. So what happened after the
    competition on the ship? For the rest of the
    cruise, everyone was coming up to me trying
    to get pictures for me, calling me famous. People were coming up to me
    and asking me for autographs. It was kind of awkward. Right, well it’s going
    to be more awkward now. Now people are really
    going to call you famous because you’re on a TV show. All right, so I got
    something for you because you love cruises. Right? All right, so Carnival
    Cruise is sending you on the maiden voyage aboard
    the Carnival Panorama to the Mexican Riviera
    for a 7 day cruise. That’s where you’re going. [APPLAUSE]