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    Bali Beaches | Canggu Beach | Seminyak Beach | Kuta Beach | Bali Best Beach Club | Day 5
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    Bali Beaches | Canggu Beach | Seminyak Beach | Kuta Beach | Bali Best Beach Club | Day 5

    December 9, 2019

    Good Afternoon guys Welcome back to my Channel and i am with Demi we are in Canggu Area if you haven’t seen previous videos then go and see now in previous video, yesterday we faced a lot of problem and we have to stay in that area only we can’t finish 2 waterfalls we improvised our plan and today we explored those waterfalls and after that we drove for 2 to 3 hrs and finally we are here today is the 5th and last day in Bali so quickly apply sunscreen on your body because we gonna cover up most beautiful beaches of Bali so let’s gooooo So guys here we are we are in Canggu Beach and this beach is very very big here the water is clean and its very popular as you can do a lot of water activities waves hear are perfect for surfing So guys we are in Seminyak and the 2nd Beach is Seminyak Beach this beach i like the most personally its clean and a lot of space to walk around its all flat surface you can see its clean the water is very clean too not that crowdy i personally like it if the beach is not crowdy that its good as you can enjoy a lot Demi : I like this one so guys we are finally reached Kuta Beach this beach is around 5 to 6 Km long so this fucking huge for parking you have to remember that which place you parked you vehicle because you will find a lot of gates here to enter in the beach and i don’t want that in the end you forget that which gate you parked your vehicle as there a re no gate number as i told you there are a lot of gates to enter crowd will be more and less it depends from which gate you are coming in So guys we are in Azul Beach Club and we are chilling here as our trip is about to be end tonight 1 AM is our flight and here we want to spend at least one hour to two hrs we gonna take massage because our body is in pain because we are traveling non stop from last 5 days North, East, Wast, South we covered most of it you can remember this name Azul Beach Club this place is perfect you can see sunset from here perfect Kuta Beach view from here Its amazing view from here good food and good drinks so lets end this trip and video right here we have to leave to Bangkok from tomorrow i have to do job Demi have to do job but the videos will not gonna stop my travelling will not stop If you like this Bali Series then share it with your friends and family a lot of information is there show it to everyone and if you haven’t seen pervious videos then go and watch and in the end please Subscribe hit he like button and you know guys what to do Stay Awara



    December 9, 2019

    What’s going on guys? This weeks episode we are in Brighton Beach. Deep in the heart of Brooklyn.The Russian Enclave of New York City. Also known as Little Odessa. We’ve got a lot of different communities from the former Soviet Union all living here. And today Alan and I are going to explore. We’re going to check out some authentic food. Some shops. And maybe even have a shot of vodka. So I let Alan talk there. He actually spoke Russian to her. Because some of the employees here don’t speak very much English. This is called Pirozhki. And there’s a lot of different fillings you can get. It’s baked. I went for the potato. And just for a dollar fifty it’s an amazing value. Mmm nice and warm to. You said you didn’t like it. I barely ate this when I was in Russia. I felt like the food in general wasn’t to healthy. And they sold this at like most of the magazines and shops. But yeah this is pretty legit. We’re about to walk into St. Petersburg books which has books, movies, and souvenirs, all from Russia. Let’s go find the most random thing we can. So this is a Russian Matrushka. This would make a great gift for somebody. It’s these little dolls. And you can open one. Then get to another. It keeps going until it becomes really small. If you’re in Brighton Beach. It would be a cool gift to get someone. What trip to Brighton Beach would be complete without actually going to the beach? And we’re on the boardwalk right now. A couple of hundred yards from the Atlantic Ocean. And Alan and I have been amazed at how full the restaurants have been here at about 3 o’clock on a Monday. Yeah, lots of people out. A little bit of an older crowd I would say. I mean. What better way to spend your retirement than chilling by the water. Enjoying some Russian food. Maybe a couple of drinks? Could be worse. You know how you normally have coffee after lunch? Well in Brighton Beach we’re going to go with some Russian Standard Vodka. There’s already people drinking all over the boardwalk. And now Alan is going to explain how to say cheers in Russian. I used to think it was Nos Dorovia. Which is actually a thank you reply if somebody gives you a drink. But the proper way to cheers in Russian is to say Zoz Duh Rovy. Which emans to your health. Let’s do it. It’s strong. Strong stuff. But good. I’ve got some courage for the rest of the day. So for our last stop of this Brighton Beach tour. We decided to go somewhere that really shows the diversity of the neighborhood and what it’s turning into. So went to Cafe your Mother in Law. Which is a Hybrid of Korean Food, Uzbek Food, and Russian food. So I got their most popular dish. Korean soup called Kuksu. It’s cold it’s a mix of salad, meat, and noodles. And i’ve already tried it. It’s amazing. And Alan opted for the Borsch. Which is classic Ukranian Russian. And now he’s going to try it. I’m going to have the sour cream first. You must. Dig that in. A little mix. It’s good. A mix of beets, potato, a little parsley, a little sour cream. Can’t complain. Yeah so in the 19th century a lot of Koreans ended up migrating to Russia. Or places near it during the Stalin movement. So a lot of times that’s how we got the recipes. For the dishes. It’s a Korean/Uzbek fusion. So our native language is actually Russian. Not Korean. So that’s how it came to be. What’s in the Uzbek Plov. Uzbek fried rice, carrots and beef. The meat is beef and a little bit of lamb. Cool. Awesome. Thank you. So i’m working on the Uzbek plov right now . You know Uzbek,Russian food. Kind of some mixtures going on here. They add some asian flavor to it. This is as he said.Fried rice. Beef. What’s the verdict. Guilty of tasting very good. Seriously. This is a nice mixture. I’m enjoying this a lot. And again this is our sort of restaurant. I wouldn’t call it a hole in the wall, but it’s nothing fancy. It’s off the main strip. If you know where to look for places like this. You can find some gems in New York. Their are so many different Russian restaurants and bars in Brighton Beach. You could spend hours here. Just wandering around. Soaking it all in. It’s worth an afternoon trip. Definitely hit the like button below. Subscribe to Here Be Barr Travel Vlogs. We’ve got new episodes weekly. Until next time. As we watch Alan try to kayak for the first time.


    Massive kitemare off the coast of Marocco – Ep99 – The Sailing Frenchman

    December 6, 2019

    All right, pretty good start we’re going Right, let’s start to look at the options. We have costal wind at the moment. It’s just the effect of the land
    which is warmed up by the sun The wind will be changing soon though. So we need to see a bit of options and for these we have time zero so as we see all the fleet here, moving And yeah, we’re not bad, we’re here,
    one here, two here, Not too bad so far, but you know, it’s a one month race, so much can go wrong then The weather, so that’s the weather
    that we’re gonna have soon Hisham, one month at sea what do you think? Looking forward to it, unless when I’m seasick But you won’t be right, you have your sea legs already from last race Alright, welcome to the doldrums We are right out of Portugal The first day and which has become a kind of weird area west of Gibraltar not much wind we placed ourselves not too bad, I think light wind, spinnakers helming smoothly and hopefully this afternoon we get some higher pressure This area here, see wind is coming in this area So we should benefit from this
    but let’s see how it turns out What are you up to Manuel?
    Can I help you? No you can’t
    No ? OK That’s a good thing so could you, have you been able to tighten it maximum or yeah, there’s a bearing it’s something inside, stuffing So this is actual footage from my bunk,
    I’m not even enhancing the sound, just wait for it… It’s the spinnaker sheet going through a low friction ring, and it’s like this every 30 seconds Have a good night This is not my hat It’s one of the maintenance guys that forgot it. I feel like I’m selling drugs in the desert Good morning Hugo, did you bought that hat or were you given it? It’s Blake’s He forgot it It just never stops All right, so it’s day three into the race,
    we left three days ago from Portugal We’re about like 500 miles into this journey, and we’ve been doing pretty good so far, sticking along the the Moroccan coast,
    gave us a good advantage. We are with a group of 5 boats, still such a long race It’s hard to say it if we we’re first or last, but we’re definitely not last, we are towards the front of the fleet, which is pretty good Yeah, everyone is working their ass off. So it’s pretty good. It’s starting to get warm as we go south A 100 miles away from Canaries now. Last time I came here was with my boat and just had the best time there.
    It’s sad not to stop and see my friend José Still a long race, still lots of things, working with daily problems But so far, the boat’s moving.
    So we hope we continue to do this way, getting really good at helming with spinnaker,
    so that’s nice I’m able to stay here in the nav station just do a bit of tactics and just overviewing the sail, it’s really nice. It’s going well You’ll see in the next day we should have more wind coming, as we pass Canaries and then we’ll go for the scoring gates. Scoring gate is just like 2 marks, 2 virtual marks, somewhere and the first boat to pass these two marks gets 3 points the second boat 2 points and the last boat one point and all the rest going through the gates gets nothing So it’s always good to go for these extra points like we did on first leg getting second on this ocean sprint so yeah, we’ll try to go for this Hi Josh, how are you doing ?
    We gybed, we are 1.6nm from Sanya Nice, good job What do you say a lot when you are at the helm?
    Bare away, head up, stop flogging, trim, trim trim….etc HeyJohn what does bare away mean ? which way ? Bare away, or the other way It’s left or right, 50/50 That’s our problem I think At that point we had been three or four days at sea and we had just passed the Canary Islands Making our way towards the Cap Verde and the scoring gate that was just north of it We were constantly under spinnaker our code 2 was up and we were doing good speed So good that we were in the lead with Visit Sanya, Jorge’s boat Sometimes second, sometimes first, switching places But the afternoon right after that watch I was having a nice nap in the sail locker when I felt the boat slowing down and some shouting starting I always keep my life jacket when I have a nap, so I jump on deck and can only witness the inevitable It’s there, the mother of all wraps. The spinnaker, because of mistakes from the helmsman got wrapped not only around the forestay,
    but also around the inner-forestay No way to solve this from deck Within seconds, I had the climbing harness on, and the crew swept me up the mast Started a now and off battle to enwrap our code 2, me from the top and the crew from the deck We eventually got it back on deck with only minor damage and within minutes we had our code 3 up and we were racing again But this one and a half hour at reduced speed made us lose quite some ground on Sanya and allowed Quingdao to come back to our level. This one mistake definitely played a huge role in the rest of that race So again, lessons learned, never ever let down your guard Never get complacent and never stop trying to do things better and faster

    Papermill Lake Beach Park
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    Papermill Lake Beach Park

    December 6, 2019

    Hi guys welcome to this week’s My Halifax. My name is Adam Cooper if you’re new to our YouTube channel we make videos
    all about the fun and cool things you can do in and around Halifax. This week since we are finished with the donut wars we’ve actually come out to a very small
    but very cool and very pretty park this is Papermill Lake Beach Park which is
    right in Bedford it’s not the biggest park but it is one of those hidden gems
    I think is super cool and we really wanted to share it with you guys so we are kind of in that weird
    time between autumn and winter like they’re calling for snow on Friday so it does feel
    very dark but the sun’s kind of bursting through every now and again so it’s kind of a cool time to be out it is pretty cold but Gina and I still like to go and explore
    parks when it’s kind of crossover period like I said before just
    because it’s fun to see the leaves and everything changing as winter rolls in. what I really like about this place and this again is our first time here is as you
    come through this trail there’s the lake one side and there’s another lake the other side
    it just feels very majestic as you walk through and you know often when we look at parks and places we try to find big ones that a lot of people go to but it’s also
    fun to find the small ones where you can find something like this and like I said earlier
    it’s kind of a hidden gem and this really is turning out to be quite the
    gem. so we’re not that far along the trail and we
    found a down tree now we did have a hurricane Dorian come through here which we made a video about I think this tree’s been down for a while it doesn’t look like it’s fresh
    and but it’s still kinda cool remember if you do come and you’re looking at trees
    always stay safe it’s really close to the water but let’s go look at it. so the thing I always love about the
    fall especially in Halifax in Nova Scotia is the color of the leaves that
    you’ll see they’re so beautiful like I never saw colors like that when I was in
    England and it’s one of the reasons a lot of people come visit Nova Scotia in the fall
    and I know we’re getting into what feels like the winter but there’s still
    lots of beauty and lots of color and nature out there so get exploring get
    out look around because it’s we live in a beautiful province and sometimes you
    know we get to the winter and we forget to go look what’s on our very outside
    our front door steps so that’s the end of this week’s My Halifax once again we’re at
    Papermill Lake Beach Park which was a surprisingly quaint and was actually a real
    surprise for us because we knew coming down here that it was going to be small
    but it was actually bigger than we thought and had lots of cool hidden little
    pathways secret lakes and definitely a place people should check out probably in
    the summer because it’s going to be more pretty but this is a great way to spend a Sunday so thank you for watching this week’s video don’t
    forget to like comment and subscribe to our youtube channel we’ll see you next week and very pretty park called Papermay…. paper..mill..lake..beach… Gina: paper mill beach
    lake? Okay Gina: I forget what it’s called big round subscribe button so you never miss one Squirrel: SQUEAK!!! of our cool episodes… there’s a squirrel that squeaked right in my ear Gina: I saw him through my
    peripheral vision thank you for making it
    all the way to the end of this week’s video make sure you hit the big round subscribe
    button so you never miss one of our cool videos it would really help our channel
    grow follow us on all our social media linked below and there’s a couple of
    videos here we’ve talked about like to watch

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    December 4, 2019

    We are in the Landes area in France Fatbike ride at sunset on the beach with my dad It’s pretty amazing, we are alone on the beach and the colors are insane. Check out the sunset reflection over the sea … over the Ocean sorry. That’s pure happiness right here. It seriously doesn’t get any better than this. There’s nobody on this beach.

    Adrienne Houghton’s Beach House Tour | All Things Adrienne
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    Adrienne Houghton’s Beach House Tour | All Things Adrienne

    December 3, 2019

    – What’s up you guys? It’s been an absolutely
    incredible summer so far. The weather’s been amazing and I’ve been spending a lot of time at our Malibu beach house. The beach is definitely an
    escape from the city for us and I just absolutely love falling asleep with the waves crashing in the background and being able to take long walks with my husband on the beach. One of the things I love about this home is that it’s a completely different style from our house in Bel Air and
    it’s kinda fun to switch it up and play with different things. You ready for a full tour? Come check it out. (contemporary music) So starting off, this is the living room, and as you can see it’s very colorful and it actually came fully furnished. This decor would be
    considered mid century modern, which is completely
    different from my house. And at first I was like, I’m
    gonna wanna change the sofas to everything all white,
    and I’m not gonna lie, I kind of have fallen
    in love with the blue, especially when you
    look out into the ocean and it kinda gives you a beach vibe. It’s like yes, the blue of the ocean, the blue of the sofas. So I haven’t switched it up just yet. This is the TV room. I love, love, love the two flat
    screens that are above here. Even though all the bedrooms
    have their own TVs in them, this is really where
    everyone comes to just chill and watch TV together. (contemporary music) And just right off the living
    room is the bar over here. You guys, I’m obsessed
    with not only the view, check out this stone quartz
    wall, which I fell in love with, and this is where all the fun happens. I love that so many of our friends get to enjoy our vacation home and that they kinda just can come over, create cocktails of their own, and just have a good time and have fun. You gotta have fun when
    you’re by the beach. I’m gonna take you on over to
    my favorite part of the house, the kitchen, come on. (contemporary music) The kitchen is definitely my
    favorite part of this house because it’s my dream kitchen
    and I know it sounds crazy, but I actually cook more here
    than I do at my other home. I love, love, love white marble. I had talked to Israel about it. I love the color of the floors, the wood. I love that this is an open floor plan and you kind of get to
    mingle with everybody. People that are in the living
    room that are at the bar, it’s exactly how I would
    have designed it myself. Guess what guys? It’s a fridge that looks like a fridge! (gasps) What a shocker. Asking the realtor, like
    okay but where’s the fridge? Like, how do you have a, they’re like, girl, this is the fridge,
    and how crazy is this? Freezer. I love it. I think that even though it’s
    smaller than my other kitchen this actually is way more my style. So I love, love, love
    coffee but as you guys know I’m caffeine sensitive
    so I have to do decaf but I’ve been drinking
    coffee since I was a baby. Am I the only Latina that
    literally had coffee, like cafe con leche in my bottle? Let me know in the comments below. Stunted my growth, that’s
    why I’m four eleven, okay. I could have been five
    nine like Cindy Crawford. (happy contemporary music) Like I said, for some reason
    I cook more in this house. So I love the dining room table, especially because Israel’s
    been writing his album here in the house with other
    incredible writers. So when they just gather around
    and enjoy a little something that I’ve prepared. I mainly cook seafood. Bomb salmon, miso cod, my
    Chilean sea bass is incredible. And I love, love, love having
    people over especially now because it is becoming a creative space, so I have great memories
    around this table. There’s actually an entire
    other floor to this house, a complete downstairs that
    currently is under construction because Israel is creating literally the most phenomenal
    studio with an unreal view. And so it’s actually available for rent for artists to come here
    and either do writing camps, writing retreats, and I’ll put
    the link in the description. But guess what guys? I don’t come with the house, the chef doesn’t come with the house. I wanted to point this out. I’m obsessed with these
    kind of picnic baskets that come with everything in ’em. Look at this. So we love taking this down to the beach. Israel and I go down and
    actually have picnics, which I freakin’ love and this
    actually keeps things cool and it comes with all this. And you can get this
    at Bed Bath and Beyond. I’m obsessed with it, also these two are also
    from Bed Bath and Beyond. Love that store. We are on our way to the master bedroom but first I have to point this out. This is the coolest loft ever. Clearly, I’m not gonna climb up the ladder in this little dress but there are actually
    three beds up there. And, okay as a kid this would have been
    my dream hideout spot. Like, I can’t wait for
    my nieces to come here and have the best time ever. I’m gonna be up there with
    a projector watching movies and I feel like we should start a club and all hang out up in there and you need like a membership
    to enter and a special knock. Love, love, love. (upbeat contemporary music) Welcome to the master bedroom. I’ve clearly made myself
    comfortable already. I love this room mainly
    because all of these doors actually completely open up and you can hear the waves crashing and it puts you to sleep. It’s that white noise that’s incredible and it’s not coming off a
    machine, it’s the real thing. You guys know that I love
    an all-white bedroom. I love white sheets, I love bedding. Have you guys ever heard of Bed in a Bag? I love that because it’s one-stop shop. You literally can get everything
    for a super cheap price and you don’t have to figure out like, oh do I want these kind of pillows that go with this kind of sheets? No, it comes with
    everything you possibly need and that’s where I got this from. I got the mirror from
    Home Goods and I love it. I think it really brings a
    rustic feel to the bedroom. And the chair, oh the
    chairs, I love the chairs. They’re from Living Spaces. A fun fact. If you say my entertaining tips video, I actually got all the
    candles in the house from the drugstore and I did
    the trick with the Windex and I actually cleared it off the labels and so now they’re just beautiful all-white candles around the house. The master bathroom,
    oh the master bathroom has the most incredible tub ever. Prepare for so many Instagram
    pictures of me in it. There’s a rainfall shower. You know I like to keep
    things simple and clean so all-white rugs in there. And I love it, it’s a chic bathroom. In addition to the master bedroom there are two other bedrooms in the house. One actually has a little loft in the top, which I’m obsessed with. I don’t know why. I feel like having a beach
    house and like little nooks that you can like hide away
    in and cuddle with someone are the cutest things ever. And that one is decorated
    a little bit more nautical, which I was super into
    and a lot of that bedding is actually by Ugg,
    like yes, the Ugg boots. They make bedding, who knew? So that is all Ugg bedding in
    there that’s super nautical and then in the other bedroom it’s a little bit more feminine
    and a little bit more girly and it has a beach theme with creams and a cream throw in there and it’s just a really,
    really pretty bathroom. (upbeat contemporary music) And right off of my bedroom is this absolutely breathtaking deck. I love, love, love. I feel like I mainly
    spend my time out here. I love to lay out and
    take a little bit of sun, just listen to music. There’s even a fire pit right there that we gather around at night. Guys, I’ve actually even
    seen dolphins out here, which is incredible. Every time I spot one i’m like, my husband hears me screaming. He’s like, “What is wrong?” I’m like, “Nothing, I just saw a dolphin.” As amazing as this house
    is for entertaining and obviously having friends over, I love nothing more when
    it’s just Israel and I here and it’s super peaceful and
    we just come out here to rest, just chill, it’s super romantic to me. I love, love, love just being out here and hearing the waves crashing. I know you can’t hear me
    now because they’re so loud. I’m definitely happiest by the ocean. Well, that’s it. I hope you enjoyed the tour
    of our Malibu beach house. If you guys have any questions or comments of some of your favorite
    places to escape to during the summer, let me
    know in the comments below. Don’t forget to subscribe,
    I’ll see you back at my house. (blows a kiss and speaks
    in foreign language) (upbeat contemporary music)

    TRAVEL VLOG: San Francisco | Train, Glass Beach, & Botanical Gardens
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    TRAVEL VLOG: San Francisco | Train, Glass Beach, & Botanical Gardens

    December 2, 2019

    Good morning. I’m headed over to Union Station to go to San Francisco. The train is going to take about 8 hours, but I am taking you along. Hey everyone. I just got to SF. I am heading over to the Botanical Garden. I’ll show you guys. Hey, I am headed to Glass Beach in Fort Bragg. It’s about a 3 hour drive up north from San Francisco. Hey, I am back in LA now. I hope you enjoyed and thank you so much for watching and I will see you in my next video.

    North Beach Skatepark | Rollerworld – Ep. 02
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    North Beach Skatepark | Rollerworld – Ep. 02

    December 2, 2019

    After many failed attempts at going to a skatepark I think that finally the weather cleared enough for us to go. [All black clothing]
    So we’re gonna give it a shot and
    go to the first skatepark of this segment. So turns up that I went out and it was
    really hot outside so I changed the black clothing for
    this one and now I look like the Icecream man
    all in white… there’s sun here, over there at the end of the world.
    modror’s that way and a cloud it’s about to rain down on me hope I can beat the cloud to it, I’ll try and hopefully in the skatepark that’s about
    2miles from here, it’s a nice day. WE MADE IT!!!! we are at collings and 82nd St. it’s the first skatepark, one of the smallest
    we are going to visit. It’s packed with kids, I wanted to come before
    they left school, but thats too early and I’m on vacation. so I was just changing the frame from
    the 80mm to the aggressives. and something magical happens!!!
    Everyone left. alright now we’re ready to ride in the
    North beach skatepark It’s public (free) not many of those here.
    In Buenos Aires we are all used to that most of them are public, but here is the
    other way around, they’re mostly pay’d. I was happy that no one was here but then realized
    if something happens, it’s not that great It suddenly became cloudy, but the weather
    is holding! That’s good, but now there’s a lot a people again. ok, now it started raining a bit harder
    enough to start filling the skatepark with water unfortunately we won’t be able to skate anymore, for today. it got really slippery now,
    so I’ve got my backpack [the guy just wanted to keep going]
    and we’re leaving cause i’m not that nuts to do things while
    it’s raining and everything is so wet. anyway I will come back, cause
    I still wanna try some things here I’m gonna go look for some shelter under some roof hopefully not get shot, or kicked out I didn’t have time to change the frame and skating
    with aggressive wheels on wet it’s really hard. that’s because they are way harder and as you saw on my
    tutorials, the harder the wheel, less grip. skating with wheels so small they tend to get stuck everywhere here’s a spot to stay, it’s nice… It’s a garage, I don’t think anyone will complain. this skatepark was a bit small, but to have it close by
    it’s really great! it’s a nice option… it’s cute. this is the end of this episode, don’t miss the next one
    that we are going to the haulover park that’s a bit more to the north. I’ll see you on the next episode…
    I’ll see you, on wheels!