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    August 18, 2019

    All we wanted was to go out as a family and enjoy my dad’s first boat But as you can see from this intro, it went horribly wrong at some point So let’s go back to the beginning so you can have a bit more context. time to take a deuce help someone call 911 for what Martin look! I found the perfect—- For what? To open up the lake? *gasp* that’s what I was thinking! Wait, what did he say? bruh I need to read the bible you shall not pass b r u h Six and a half hours later Aye aye captain *something* despacito despacito despacito *titanic music with a horrid flute* How do you feel? How do I do it? this is stiff AHHHHHHH ♫ catch the rains down in africa ♫ africa by toto Little did I know that the rains in Africa, as told by Toto in this song, was actually a foreshadowing of the rains that were to fall upon us in the following moments dude, it’s gonna rain And the rain is right there, we’re gonna go right into it. Oh my gosh. this is our few last hours I was trying to be emotional dad Alright mates, this is called Storm Hunters, alright. So what we got here, we out here in the Atlantic ocean (no we’re not) Look here mate, we got a bunch of clouds, alright? We have to go through the storm in order to go back to the car so what we need you to do is to smash that like button smash the subscribe Or else we’re gonna die, and it’s gonna be all your fault. Do you want that blood on your hands? I don’t think so. So—— oh my gosh so as you can see mates, it’s pretty harsh out here oh my gosh my butt’s getting wet *arthur theme song* So much for a nice family boat trip What did you think of our first boat ride as a family, mom? I don’t know, it was nice, except the part where we died mom. Did you forget that? After being stranded in the ocean for seven months, looking back It was kind of fun and we made lots of memories. Will we be doing this again? Hell no, but it was nice while it lasted

    Made An Eagle While In Florida | Burnt Pine Golf Club
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    Made An Eagle While In Florida | Burnt Pine Golf Club

    August 16, 2019

    I hope you all are doing great today I’m
    out here at burnt pine Golf Club and Sandestin in Florida the last video was at
    Indian Bayou that was the front nine there had some comments saying that a
    bunch of y’all travel to this area and was just wondering if you drop a comment
    below just recommending some other courses for everyone wanting to know some
    good recommendations for traveling down here for where to play golf that would
    be greatly appreciated we’re gonna be playing the back nine’ here at burnt
    pine today got done playing the front nine
    shot one over eight pars one bogey didn’t really get anything going that’s
    okay we’re just saving the birdies for y’all to witness and see number ten here 408 yards from the plate
    were a couple yards in front of it you want to stay just left of that
    bunker that you can see off in the distance on the right side I’m gonna
    take driver kind of an aggressive play I’m hearing we’re gonna tee it high let it
    fly y’all saw that sunglass catch that
    was a tight tee shot tighter than I gave it credit for however we’re right there
    split it right down the middle take that all day every day it’s on the left side
    my right hand is pointing over there but one side of the green where you are
    gonna get a little sandwich good distance there just a little
    shorter pin-high spun back just a fraction a good position to make a
    birdie on the first hole up the back nine
    all right guys huge shout out to Anthony for having me out here today
    this course is awesome where can they find you
    San Destin Florida Bart pieing golf club come check us out I thought we did it I
    thought we did it burn the edge alright for on number 10
    we’ve got driver here on 11 par 4 371 see that middle bunker out there in the
    middle that is our target hopefully you split it down the middle – good tea shots in a row right here on
    the right side of the fairway about 55 yards left – a back left pin don’t really want to be long to that pin
    however probably could have played a little more aggressive there I was a substantial Hill right there
    that I did not get it up all the way sorry about that second putt there that
    was on time-lapse it was glaring on the screen didn’t realise I had time lapse
    had to move the camera real quick made the putt onto 12 pretty good look right there about 15
    feet left to right for birdie that’s a three for me on 12 number 13
    425 yard par-4 kind of want to take it right in there oh no it all wrong unfortunately that
    ball splashed right out in there so we will be taking a drop right here those Goodspeed however one over through
    the four holes that we played here on the back nine on to 14
    wow what a par-3 225 yards so a back pan don’t miss it right don’t miss it short
    really don’t miss a left – either you need to hit the get here from the tee
    box but it bounced right there over there not the best ship shot however you
    didn’t want to leave that short 20 feet left here for par see if we can’t roll
    it in all the way around that was a bogey
    however there’s where it landed on the wood
    those last two holes were tough that par-3 was a very difficult par-3 didn’t
    have a great tee shot however you know salvaged bogey bogey home class to were
    to over through 14 here on the back nine how about this walk to the tee back here
    on 15 looked at that new number 15 par 4 444 yards anything right of that pin
    that you see off in the distance is no good want to keep it left that’s what we did here’s where we are
    96 yards left to the pen all right that’s bar here on 15 par 5
    number 16 515 yards it’s a tight driving hole might get
    aggressive here there wasn’t a whole lot of room the
    fairway does tighten up found ourself in the bunker 200 yards left here gonna hit
    a 6-iron that’s the best shot I’ve hit today
    can’t believe I got it over that lip had to get it up quick very happy with that
    swing especially after making a couple bogeys in a row a few holes back put
    ourselves in position see if we can’t get an eagle boom that’s an eagle right there we
    haven’t we haven’t had an eagle on the channel in a little while right there
    back to even par Eagle right there knock those two bogeys right out the window
    yes on 217 par 4 375 yards we’re gonna sting it 150 yards left – a back pin we’ve got a long pun ahead we just played that off the green and that was a three-putt well kind of a
    to put since one of the putts was off the green but yeah that’s a bogey number
    18 par-5 bends to the right over those bunkers our lines gonna be just to the
    left of them it sound pretty good pulled it just a little bit right down here in
    the rough but do have a pretty good look at the green on this lengthy par 5 265
    yards left here we’ve got hybrid in hand I didn’t come here to lay out hit that one well it was pulled a little
    bit a little left but should have a decent looking it up and down walking up
    to my ball it is alright got about 25 yards left it was a little
    long left that hybrid flew a long ways not a very good first part I thought was
    gonna be quick that is a par on 18 one over on today’s
    nine holes here at the back nine at burnt pine golf club had so much fun
    thanks again to Anthony for having me out here today you know made some bogeys
    wasn’t our best today however that Eagle did help a lot on the score for today’s
    round that was fun haven’t had an eagle here on the channel
    in a little while hope you’ll enjoyed coming along and if you did and like
    this kind of content please throw a little thumbs up that like down below
    subscribe as well if you haven’t already and again guys really appreciate you all
    tuning in the growth on the channel has been incredible appreciate all your
    support and we’ll see you only see ya

    The Battle Of Land’s End | Ross Edgley’s Great British Swim: E6
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    The Battle Of Land’s End | Ross Edgley’s Great British Swim: E6

    August 15, 2019

    this is probably the most important point of the whole great race for them so far we’re going around land and sea on the other side [Music] so I just get a bit reflective you know just just getting a bit nostalgic looking back all because if you poke your head around that corner just over there that is Lands End and that is it’s it’s such an important part of the Great British weather but for many reasons it represents you’d be end of the south coast it means we’ve swum over five hundred kilometers from Margate to Dover all the way down the south coast and are now at Lands End and it’s crazy looking back on the whole of the south coast you’re surrounded by dogs [Music] [Music] but that’s that’s a fraction of what’s to come and that’s that’s scary and exciting and me and the team are taking a moment to just reflect and and really just appreciate what we’ve done over over the last twenty nine days and it’s been amazing and the messages on social media are just like incredible but I can only be proud for a brief moment at and then you have to look ahead cuz this so so far to go it feels like a baptism of fire but people are saying this can be Savage even like Lands End it can be really ropey here you can get the wind the waves just crashing into the rocks behind me and I mean look at it it’s just picture s you know even the local fishermen in Penzance were just like you just this doesn’t happen it just feels like you know the stars are aligning in some way we have the Battle of the bay or just eight waves for you know a whole week and then now it just feels like someone like Mother Nature Poseidon someone is just saying like they go Ross like you’ve earned this this is getting real deep but this is the sort of stuff I think about when I’m swimming that there’s just something else something or someone is just saying there you go dove for the cap do you have a safe passage around Lands End okay food atmosphere on the boat everybody’s buzzing got full vote got some epic boards as well gonna have some company today which is amazing [Music] how’s things yes it’s time to get my game face on can’t celebrate too much I’ve got big swim today very very important and this is this is probably the most important point of the whole great race for them so far we’re going around let them see on the other side [Music] I think I’d rather take a hundred away from the head country this is not [Music] [Music] grigory swim south coast plan limbs completed it tick guys this is gonna be a little bit raw I’ve just jumped out of the water so forgive me still got pink on her face water coming out my nose and salt tongue as well is in full effect my shoulders actually feel fine it’s my tongue that’s suffering it just feels feels very but that was amazing that was amazing for so many reasons I always said that Lands End was going to be such a critical point on the great very Swift one because it represents a point that we’ve done the whole of the south coast and if we’ve done the whole of the south coast it just means that everything else is achievable to do it and so it would just tick that little box it just means there we now stand a chance I’m still not celebrating and it feels a little bit weird because it’s it’s such an amazing achievement for the team as well after everything that we put in but we just know there’s so much more one of the highlights as well was just like Tom and cotty just coming out it was it was so surreal swimming past Lands End looking at the coastline having kites just whizzed past me jet skis ours is that what is going on some of the advice that I have managed to get from content with just some of the best advice I’ve actually got you know aside from swimming what you know how to swim you have to start to understand the ocean so of course you have to swim first and foremost but I’m at a stage now where just any advice any tips and tricks to try and quite tame the ocean I will gladly accept and the fact that we did 60 miles in a single tide just shows that we’re using the whole of the south coast and just basically just notching it up as training and basically just notching it up as try it was a real these this 16 mile plus tide has just really been like a byproduct of the chafing the the jellyfish the salt tongue you know I started this whole thing in Margate as raw sadly somewhere between Swanage and Plymouth involved into rhino neck and now coming round Lands End it’s just this statement of intent there and we’re just rocking up to Scotland so yeah big day London memorable [Music]

    #BB40 | Day 4 — Who is The Tim Tracker?
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    #BB40 | Day 4 — Who is The Tim Tracker?

    August 14, 2019

    My family and I went to Orlando earlier
    this summer and before we went we were doing some research online we’ve never
    been to the Universal properties before so we wanted to kind of see what there
    is to do before we went and we found these videos by this guy named Tim
    Tracker. I don’t know if that’s his real name or it’s just like a moniker or
    whatever but what he does is he does videos like this where he’s pointing the
    camera at himself and he’s walking through the parks through Disney, through
    Universal and it’s like I’m having a hard time right now walking and talking
    and holding camera up at the same time. Maybe it’s the 13 cupcakes I’ve eaten
    this week but I’m out of breath but this guy does this every day he’s a, you
    know he’s a season pass holder for all the different parts down there and all
    he does is goes to theme parks walks around like this stands in line for
    rides eats things it sounds like the best life. I kind of want to be that guy he’s got like a mustache that curls up
    like this it’s kind of kind of cool I don’t think I could ever do that —
    physically, I couldn’t do that because I don’t grow facial hair very well. Yeah
    this guy, he’s kind of got a cool life. Tim Tracker, check it out!

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    August 14, 2019

    – [Announcer] Olympic gold
    medalist, silver medalist. – [Reporter] Dancing
    with the Stars champion. – [Tom] Here’s your Olympic
    gold medal champion. – [Tour Guide] A northern
    dialect which is called Patois. – I’m so excited to (words
    drowned out by tour guide). – You have to, we’re having a blast. (speaking in a foreign language) You’re asking what time?
    – What time is it. What time is it. – Hey. – [Andrew] Hey, Dunns River Falls. – Jamaica man. – Jamaica man. Just a little bit of– – Irie.
    (laughing) That means everything’s good. Irie. – [Andrew] Irie, it’s like all right. Okay, name five car companies. – (laughing) Toyota, Ford.
    – Five car companies. – Chevy, Porsche, Jaguar.
    – If I’ve got– – My turn. All righty. Five U.S. capitals. – Indianapolis, Nashville, Miami? – No!
    – No, no, no, no. Oh shoot, Springfield? (both laughing) – [Shawn] You lose. (tourists chattering indistinctly) (tour guide drowned
    out by water and crowd) (funky music) – [Tour Guide] One, two, three, oh! (excited cheering) – Woo! Hey! You look pretty, baby. – Mean it!
    – Ah! Wow, that is beautiful. Wow, there’s my beautiful bride. In the beautiful ocean. In the decent island, of Jamaica. – (chuckling) In the decent island. – [Andrew] And here, behind us, is the ship we’re taking back. Right there. – Yeah.
    – Wow. Look at us. – (words drowned out by water)
    very nice ship like that. – [Andrew] Guy’s wedding. – Which was our first date (laughing). – [Andrew] 2013, yeah. (upbeat music) – It’s kinda scary. – Yeah it is. Okay, here we are, on the catamaran. – A catamaran in Jamaica.
    – Woo, Jamaica catamaran. Check out the scenery. – We hiked Dunn’s Falls. Ate lunch at this Jamaica inn. – [Andrew] Yeah, had some jerk chicken. – And mutton, I don’t
    even know what mutton is. – Firstly out, what is mutton? Does anybody know what mutton is? – I’m afraid to Google it. – Lamb? – I don’t think it’s lamb, I don’t know. – [Andrew] But here’s the
    beautiful beaches of Jamaica. The water’s real warm. And now we’re catamaraning
    back to the boat. – [Shawn] Come on people, hurry up. – [Andrew] Shawn’s super
    impatient right now. – We might miss the boat. – [Andrew] I don’t think we will. – I think we could, what time is it? – [Andrew] The blue water. – That’s the ocean, baby. It is so blue, so pretty. – [Andrew] What a day. – What a day. – [Andrew] Couple hour bus
    ride, and now we’re here, in this beautiful place. Bye, Jamaica. – We probably won’t ever be back. – [Andrew] Hello from Izumi (laughing). – So, today. – [Andrew] We can’t hear you. – No, I’m gonna be like Tim
    the Toolman Tanner’s neighbor. – [Andrew] Who? – Tim the Toolman Tanner’s neighbor. The guy who talks like this
    behind the fence the whole time. – [Andrew] Okay, does
    anybody know who that is? – It was from Tool Time, right? – [Andrew] No, it was from, what was it? A Tim Allen show, it was great. – Yeah, wasn’t it Tool Time? – [Andrew] Uh uh, that was,
    Tool Time is, I don’t know. What happened today? – Today, someone. – Me. – Signed us up for a
    last minute excursion. What are you doing? – [Andrew] Actually, you wanted to. – What are you doing? – [Andrew] You wanted
    to go on that excursion. – What are you doing? (Andrew laughing) I did, because I didn’t
    want to stay on the boat. And they said that Jamaica wasn’t safe to rent a scooter and drive around. So someone set us up for an excursion. – Me. – I had no idea what it
    was, didn’t even read it. And ended up, we were in a car, like this, literally like sardines,
    for four hours total. – [Andrew] But, tell them the good parts. – But we got to go to Dunn’s
    Falls, which is waterfalls. We got to climb them. – [Andrew] Just beautiful. – It was fun. – [Andrew] Uh oh.
    (laughing) Mini-golf time. What is that? No, that’s the one you should use. We’ll both use that one. – Yeah?
    – Midget ones, yep. We’ll both use it. Wow, nothing like golfing
    right off the ocean. – No, let’s use regular ones. – [Andrew] Okay, fine. You embarrassed? Where do we get balls? How about around the other side? Wow. – Where’s hole one? – [Andrew] Oh, cutting corners, huh? – You did it the first time. You’re technically farther. – [Andrew] Here she goes. Off the foot of, oh my gosh. – That was too close. – [Andrew] Could it, get over. – That’s pretty good. – [Andrew] That just win me the champ? – Touche my friend. – [Andrew] Here we go. Can she do it? Can she bring it home? Roll it! Coming back. Uh oh. – I’m in. – [Andrew] Who won that match? – You did. (Andrew laughing)
    I know. – [Andrew] Wow, look at the sun, just about to kiss the horizon. – [Shawn] I think this is so beautiful. – [Andrew] It is pretty sweet. There it goes, you just missed it. It’s gone, the sun’s gone. Nice. We just saw the sun set.

    Rigging Our Sailboat (Part 2 of 3)- Sailing SV Delos Ep. 62.
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    Rigging Our Sailboat (Part 2 of 3)- Sailing SV Delos Ep. 62.

    August 13, 2019

    Previously on Delos! We check out som local jelly fisherman. Officially check into Thailand. And weigh our options of changing the rig on Delos. We woke up with the sun to get Delos into the Royal Phucket Marina. Today was a huge day for us! We were gonna dive head first into the replacement of our standing rigging. It was something that was absolutely necessary to do before crossing the Indian Ocean. So we really don’t know what we’re doing really. But we’re gonna try and go with it. So we’re thinking the first things we could take down would be- obviously the hardest one is gonna be the forestay. So we’ll take down the foresail first- the genoa. Get that down on deck. And then we’ll run a halyard from up top replacing what the forestay would be doing. To brace it. And then we’ll have another halyard coming off of the mizzen mast. To brace it, to support that. And we’ll ease the backstays so everything kind of comes forward. And we’ll have slack to pull that off, then we’ll pull the furling motor off. And then…. It all that goes really smooth then that’ll be supported, the backstays on the mizzen will be supported then we’ll get a forestay on the mizzen coming down. And take the triatic off, a backstay on the main coming down. If we have enough lines. And that’ll be the first run! Let’s do it! Sweet!! So this is the halyard that we use for the genoa and we’ve just basically taken it off and attached it to the bow of the boat so we can use it as a temporary forestay. Electrics are done! So I’m hooking up a bridle in the stern cause we have two backstays for the mizzen but we want it to come down the center. And pull straight back on it. Tighten this down a little bit, but then we need to ease off on the backstay for the main and we also need to ease off on the backstay for the mizzen. So…. Round 1 here we go! Alright Max- so what we’re gonna do is when these things unscrew they are reverse thread. One thread is different than the other. So as you unscrew it both of these sides move out. Yup. So if we tape it here and we tape it here. And then we loosen it then we get to the dock then we tighten it and we know what the eye to eye length will be when the rig is in tune and that will help us put it back on later. So what you want to do is go around each one and just put a piece of tape just like that. Alright are you ready for tension on? Hold on to your panties Breeeyawn! Weight on! All the lines good? Lines looking good. Alright let’s do this. Do you have the give me shit line tied to you? I think so. Is that this one? Yeah just make sure this one runs free. Ok coming up! Good luck Breeyawn! Don’t shit your pants! Alright so we’ve got the backstay- the temporary backstay sorted and we’ve eased off the mizzen stays so they’re nice and loose so now we just gotta take the pins out. And Brian’s up top doing the same thing. Make sure nothing falls in the water. Time for a beer and a pickle sandwich! A pickle sandwich? Karin prepared. Nice! What do we got going on now? Oh I’m just getting the furler motor off I’ve got all the pins out. I’ve got the bolts out that hold the foil into the furler motor and I’ve popped this pin out. Down here, so I can pull it back and then that should pop up. Which should allow us to loosen the turnbuckle. Alright, well we got the mizzen off that was pretty easy so now it’s time for the tricky. So we’ve gotta figure out a way to get the furler down. Which I’ve actually never done before. Soooo…. We’ll see how that goes. Nice and slow! Ok. Take em out slack! Ok! Weights on. You guys are looking good! Oh man it’s so f**cking hot! I have a pretty intense headache going on. We need to drink more water bro. Yeah. So what’s coming down now Brady? Ummmm. The triatic will be coming down soon. Right now Brian is just unattaching the pin for the forestay. Yeah, you don’t want to hear that! Oh yeah he’s taking out the…. or loosening up the forestay so we can get the foil out of the furler motor. And then once we get that we’ll lay the forestay all the way out on the dock. Alright bro tensions on the bucket. Then on the way back down we’ll take down the intermediates. How are you feeling man? Yeah alright. Yeah it’s f**cking hot. I gotta pretty good headache. That’s a good sign of mild headstroke or some shit. I’m just watching Brian up there f**cking hammering away at the mast. As the forestay’s slacked and the backstay’s slacked. We’re in good shape though we’re being extra safe. We’re got everything sorted. I can still be safe I just drank a couple liters of water. I’m in the shade, I’ve got a bit of breeze. Ok ready? Oh Frida can you maybe film? So we’ve got the forestay off now. Ok wait. Ok hold. How much line do you have left? A couple meters. How’s it going guys? Oh man. All good! Good. We’ve gotten 5 out of the 7 stays we were gonna get off today. Awesome! Hot day though isn’t it? Yeah. We’re all dehydrated I think. We’re trying to drink liters and liters of water but it’s hard to keep up. The boat’s just destroyed with shit laying everywhere. All of our stays are laying down the dock. Welcome to the Royal Phucket Marina! So Max you think one week is enough for this? I think so. Do get everything down and up. Yup. Well maybe 9 days! It’s gonna be tricky to get it all back. But I think we can handle it. Yeah. What are you doing Karin? Herregud!! I’m sweating my balls off here. It’s so hot isn’t it? Imagine Brian he’s been up there for like half of the day, most of the day. He refuses to come down. Ha Ha He He! NO! I’m gonna stay up here! F**cking insane man. Ummm. How are you doing up there Bri? I’m tired! Yeah! My manskraft is not enough! Multipurpose penetrant lubricant. That’s the stuff. That’s the stuff dreams are made of! Ok ready? All good. Ready Max? Yup. Coming down! Is um Brian coming down soon? I think he’s gonna stay up there tonight and continue to work through the night. Yep. Yup. No he’ll probably be coming down in like 45 minutes or so. We tried to get him down but he doesn’t want to come down. We just have to pass him up beers in that bucket. Yeah I think we have like 10 in the fridge. Beers and coconut oil! He He He. Just dripping it all over the f**cking deck. Gross! Hey shut up up there we’re trying to sleep! He he He. Yea it would be one of those he went up and he never came back down again. Like his lunch, his brekkie everything is sent up. That’s good. Yup that’s good. So it is what you thought it would be, like with the rigging? Did you think that this is what it would be like? Getting everything down or has it been harder? No I think it’s actually…. When we first thought about it we have no f**cking idea what it was like or how hard it was we just imagined it was some crazy rocket science but it’s pretty straight forward and mechanical and just some real strong wires holding up a mast. Ohhh. shit… We got 7 stays down today! Out of? Out of oh f**ck I don’t know. Alot. 18. Not yet are you ready Bri? Yup. Coming down. 18. So we have 11 left. Yep. And he’s coming down! Ohhh yeah!!! Oh yeah!!! Let me down more! Ok. How those balls feel bro. F**ck! Karin will do a Swedish massage tonight for you I’m sure. Du! So how do you feel Brian? You’ve been up there all day. I’m f**cking exhausted. I just wanna drink a big glass of water, lay down, and have a beer. Right after the water. Yeah. Well you did really good. Like you did the most you could for one day huh? Well the mast didn’t fall over so that’s good. That’s awesome. I was pretty sure it wouldn’t. We got everything done that we thought we were gonna get done. Or actually we didn’t think we’d get done. Yeah we got more done than we thought. We got the forestay off which is awesome. I was really worried that would be really hard. And we got the backstay off the main. We got the triatic stay off the top, we got the backstays off for the mizzen. And we even got the intermediate shrouds port and starboard off for the main. So it was like… 1,2,3,4…. 7. Yeah 7! 7 we got off today. I think we were worried about…. Yeah, just getting the forestay off. Yeah. Now we gotta figure out how to get this out of here ’cause it has one of these on both ends. And this hole is too small. And there’s bearings inside this that allow it to spin. So I’m not really quite sure about that. There’s rivets here. And neither end is mechanical is it? No. So the two options are you cut it and take it out and then when we put the new one in that end will be a mechanical swage fitting instead of pressed. Or we figure out how to take this apart which it probably would be good to service all the bearings anyway. Imagine getting this thing apart? How does it even come apart? There’s not even any screws in it. I think there are parts that slide out of each other. Hmmm Hmm Hmm. You’re always saying that! They slide in and out of each other smoothly. It’s beautiful! Or if that cap is off will it fit through then? I can’t imagine the bearings are that big. They should be the same size as the wire. There’s quite alot of gap in there. So after about 30 seconds of looking at things trying to get this thing apart we decided to just try and pull it. And it seems to just come right out!!! Compared to other forestays that we’ve heard about it’s all a big bearing system with the swage on the other end which is this guy that really crimps onto the wire won’t fit through the bearings. But I don’t know either if there’s not any bearings in here if there needs to be or if the swage just fits through because that’s the way they designed it. But either way we can just pull it out and not have to take this shit apart. Beautiful! Beautiful! It’s just a really greased stay. That’s all it is. It’s fantastic. A greasy stay! So the new one we just gotta grease the shit out of and and stick her in!!!! Pkkkkk! The next day David from Rolly Tasker came by to grab our old standing rigging. We were real keen to see the process so we set out on a little Delos field trip to the rigging shop. So we found the car? It’s a Caroll! Oh that’s a nice car! F**ck look at that thing! It’s like a sauna. You’re sweating from the inside out. We all have sweat mustaches. And the breasts it’s just like sweaty boobs! So we’re here at Rolly Tasker in Phucket and we’re gonna go downstairs to see David about sorting out our rigging. So they came and picked up 7 of our stays at like 12:00 today and it’s maybe 2:00 now and they’ve already gotten 3 of them done. We got both mizzen stays and the main backstay brand new. and shiny. Yeah it’s 20 past 2:00. That’s like fricking 2 hours. Yeah. So it’s cool. We’re gonna see how they do it, how they press all the swages on and the whole process. What’s your thoughts Karin? It’s really cool to see how they’re made, how everything is just in this warehouse kind of feeling. It’s very exciting! This wire before swaging you push it to this… through here. And you keep one diameter length where you don’t swage. Why? Why is that? Because when you swage the wire’s expanding a little bit at the end. So its make like ahhhh. A wider diameter. There is more chance to slip if you swage form the beginning. Because it’s like a bulb at the bottom. Yes. But if you don’t swage here. So the wire just… a little bit and you can see also so this is the rest. This was here before so we’ve cut in half. You can see how thick it’s going. Yeah wow. The strand of the wire inside the swage. That’s why uhhh sometimes people ask me for inspection on boats so we go we look but you cannot see where it’s… the failure will happen most of the time because 90% it breaks inside the swage. This is some strands which break. This is one wire which we get. We receive and when we check for measurements we got like this and CRACK it breaks by hand. We have to finish to cut those 3. So it doesn’t really rust down here it rusts in the first kind of. It’s maybe not rust huh. It just uhhh metal fatigues. So a check on standing rigging doesn’t mean nothing. Just for insurance. You say it looks but with that I cannot guarantee that uh ha ha. It looks good ok. But looks good doesn’t make doesn’t means too much. You wanna tell us what we’re doing bro? This is the mizzen forward lower the one with the strand that we noticed was broken. And we’re going to… It looks like there’s actually two strands broken. Yeah. I don’t know if you can see that. Good. Yup. So there was one that we noticed when we were checking everything with the pick and one broke off. And it looks like when we cut it now, cut the wire, there was another one here so we’re gonna cut the whole thing open and see what’s going on inside. Should be cool! The swage is almost split all the way in half. And we’ll see what’s on the inside! Cool man! Give us a big smile! You look like an American now! Hmmm some rust is deep huh? This is the top. That is? So the rust is all the way down. Yup. This is the top because you see the broken strand just here. Yup. Yeah Yeah. I’m surprised to see rust so down. Yup. Probably because of those damn shroud covers. This broken strand wasn’t the scariest part though. This cracked pin came out of our forestay which could have brought down the entire mast. How in the hell did the rig inspector miss this little gem? Check your own rig guys, and check it really good. The industry kicks around a lifespan of 10 years for a typical rig. For bluewater cruising insurance most companies will make a fuss if your rig is any older. Ours was the original for Delos and 15 years old. So whattya doing? I am measuring. To the bottom of this. This here. Okay. And then… Wo go like this right? Yup. To see where the bottom of it is. Yup. Right? So why? Why 12? Cause when we press this together… Cause the diameter of the stay is 12 mill. Yup. So when we press this together the bottom of it will billow out and there’s now way it can come out. Yup. You got it. Now we are ready for swaging. Okay! Let’s do this! You have a choice to put it. To put the marks here. Or here, or right actually here would be good. Okay. So you have to open it a little bit more. It’s the one on the left right? Just try you will see. So after- you go slowly. You go with the left i think. You have one hand here I think and one hand here. Keep it straight. Okay. And you go very very slowly to the place where you marked to start swaging. So right…. Yup, right there. Okay. Till it grabs it. Push a little bit. Okay I think. So come back. Is that good? A little bit. No no no. Yes Yes! Yeah. So you just go until the bottom of it is all the way squished? Yes, squish all the way. That’s cool! All the way through? Yep all the way. It’s hot! Yeah it’s hot. You see how long. Longer than before. Ohhh cause it got squished from the end. And your start was close to the mark. Do you approve? I approve. Did I pass the test? I am now a riggers! So now walk that eye all the way down and put it on top of the other one. Oh so we just measure the old one and then just exactly replicate that. Okayyyy! Good? Yup. Do you approve? Approve! So the electric wire cutter is broken, not working. No we have but it’s easier with this. And more precise. Okay. So we’re doing old school manual. Manskraft! Manskraft! Now I just go fast? It’s okay. I can let go? Hands off. Okay!! Which stay is this so we know? Ummm. Which one is this? If this one breaks we’ll know it’s the one that I did…. Intermediate… Oh that’s a good one! Okay. Okay finished! Finished. So I push the other one? Then after you release it. Oh easy- Brady could even do one probably. Cool. 100,000 USD you said for this machine? Wow! German machine! German machine 100,000. Normally it lasts for years. How old is this one? This one is 12 years so. Okay, look at that! My first swage. It’s warm, still warm from the machine. Cool! Up next! We continue hammering away on our projects, we take our old standing rigging to the recycler, and get asked to leave the marina. Probably for making too big of a mess. Come on don’t be such a wiener! Uh uh uh… Ha Ha he he. Seriously? I saw the thai lady that works here doing this in like 20 seconds. She must have big guns…. Uhhh Uhhh. Fuck. It’s really fucking hard. He’s gonna have to go change his panties after this. yeah Yeah.

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    August 13, 2019

    it’s somebody who something moving back
    there we gotta go we gotta go right now hey yo what’s going on guys this
    plopping Jake here from team epiphany and we are back with a brand new video I
    did not want to go down this cookie crumb trail but you guys are telling me
    that we have to if you guys aren’t up to speed yet well let me explain okay in
    our last video guys we found this inside an abandoned tunnel near The Rake’s Nest yeah okay
    the rake is spooky we know that but guys this stuff gets even weirder after I
    found this treasure chest we had notes telling us that there was an even bigger
    treasure that was hidden inside the forest I’ve been fiddling around with
    this for the past few days and I have not yet been able to open up this box
    while we were down there though guys we found some strange artifacts that make
    me believe this place might have been an abandoned military base that’s right
    guys I think that the rake might be a creation from a military base that has
    been left in the woods almost over a hundred years check out some of these
    artifacts we found using our metal detector check this out you guys were
    able to help us identify some of this stuff in the comments this we’re pretty
    sure is a railroad spike on top of that we have a piece of wire here which is
    almost a hundred percent all the barbed wire not to mention a skeleton key which
    we don’t know what this opens but it definitely opens something guys if this
    wasn’t abandoned military base that means there could be hundreds of small
    caverns underneath the ground that the rate could travel through so guys what
    I’m proposing is we grab my metal detector and we head back down there
    because I need to find out more information about this place one way I
    think we need to head back to the rigs nest and figure out impossibly that’s an
    entrance on top of that we need to search for some more artifacts if we can
    find more items to piece together what’s going on here it will only help us more
    this is getting pretty insane guys I’m gonna document the whole thing and I’m
    bringing my camera as well as all my gear down as of right now it’s pretty
    light out I am NOT going back there during the dark because you guys know
    what happens at night that’s when the rake is most active for now I think
    we’re gonna to leave this here if you guys have some
    ideas as to how we could get this thing open let us know in the comments and
    maybe I’ll be able to open it in our next video because there’s one more
    piece of information I need to level with you all about Logan doesn’t know
    I’m filming this video in fact he doesn’t want me filming this so for this
    video I actually went ahead and hired a cameraman who’s gonna follow me around
    with us and document everything I find not only that but guys check this out
    this is a topographic view as to where we found the rapes nest and where we’ve
    been finding all of these artifacts this view aligns up with all documents that
    show in fact there was something here check this out look at this guys this
    dates back to August 1965 this is what was on top of where we’re currently
    digging but this is a mystery that we’re all solving together I need all of you
    in the comments to give me any tips that you could find if you see something in
    the woods comment below if you notice an artifact or think you might know what
    something is let me know in the comments and most importantly guys if you see
    anything or hear anything I mean anything I need you to let me know down
    below there is stuff that we’ve caught on camera following us in the past and
    going alone means I’m gonna need your guy’s help more than ever
    alright guys so he just made it back to the woods I’ve come with my metal
    detector and I’ve brought everything with me and currently making my way
    towards where I saw on the maps and the schematics the show where the old
    military base was like I said though guys I don’t like being down here at all
    this place really freaks me out guys check this out now if you’re just
    walking for a quick minute using the map that I found look what I notice on the
    ground here this is not natural this is definitely man-made it looks like this
    is the opening to some sort of bunker there’s all sorts of remnants of what
    this place used to be like I said I still know this could be a military base
    but right now my main objective is to use our metal detector to find any sort
    of information we can luckily it’s not nighttime but if you guys see anything
    in the woods I mean anything at all you need to let me know in the comments
    right away I don’t like this guy’s I like this one bit I’m already starting
    to get that weird feeling I get when I come down here I just feel like
    something’s watching me could be the rake it could be bandits it could be
    anything let’s keep looking around Oh guys guys I
    think we found something here hold on we’ll pull it back down yeah there’s
    definitely something here the thing is going off the charts guys look what we
    found it looks like a like a metal rock of
    some sort it’s almost like a meteorite or something this is definitely
    interesting I’ve never seen a rock like this I’m gonna put it in our bag and
    keep moving Oh whoo guys look at this it almost looks like a man-made entrance to
    what could be the entrance to the military base keep in mind where we are
    right now on the schematics that we shown this should have been where the
    entrance was and check this out look at this yeah this is definitely
    some sort of structure at one point it could have been hundreds of years ago 50
    years ago it’s hard to tell with the decay but there’s definitely something
    here it looks like there might have been an old door maybe back here that led
    into the military base itself doesn’t look like we’re getting in there but you
    can definitely see holes in the rocks there all right I’m gonna keep moving
    down the path this way and update you guys once we get a little farther in
    guys you might want to get over here I think I found something that looks like
    a bunker I’m trying to move closer look at that that is creepy there’s
    definitely abandoned bunker here guys I think I was right all along I think this
    is in fact an abandoned military base which means the rake is either result of
    that some sort of experiment or maybe he was set up the guard something maybe a
    septa guard some sort of treasure look I would go down and explore that and for
    all I know that could lead to a tunnel but right now without Logan I don’t want
    to take the risk jumping down there and falling through all right I think we
    need to get out of here guys look let’s keep moving down the trail and head
    towards where the race nest is that should be where we can find more
    artifacts all right let’s get going do you wanna hear
    grab my metal detector yeah wait wait something moving whoo something moving
    back there we gotta go we gotta go right now it’s
    the right look at you the rain crying oh no we gonna go do you see us did you see
    that what’s that oh that I think that was the rake you okay I didn’t sign up
    for the Hat right it’s okay it’s okay don’t think he saw us all right you hear
    that scream that’s the rake scream look we gotta keep moving right now you good
    to keep filming yeah all right let’s keep going watch
    your step anybody here all right guys so update
    for you I’ve been walking for a little bit now and I’ve gotten closer to the
    creek bed where I think I’ll be able to find some more artifacts guys everything
    in this is leading towards there’s definitely being an old band a military
    base here if all the schematics are true it means that there was a base here at
    one point and that the rate could have been part of it all right here grab the
    camera let’s start sweeping the area keep an eye out for anything remember
    you now know what the rakes cry sounds like you hear that we need to run okay made it across hi guys as we’re
    traveling down the trail my metal detector went off and I think I found
    another artifact I’m gonna start digging it up but this thing looks big dude look
    at this guys check that out this is really weird guys I’m gonna try and
    hollow it out a little bit so this was definitely definitely the cover to
    something he could have been food or well let’s hope it wasn’t something
    worse like military ordnance hung in a baguette and put it in here but guys we
    have to be really careful this was a military base there could be unexploded
    ordnance here we have to be extremely cautious around that all right let’s
    keep moving guys look at this as well can you not use the metal detector for
    this one there’s no right here look at this what is that thing honestly I don’t
    know the guys keep in mind this was a military base but what do you think this
    could have been comment below if you have any idea what this was it looks
    like maybe like a valve or something hi well this has to go in the back yeah
    that’s us okay I don’t want to do too much more sweeping guys I think we’ve
    got a lot of artifacts we got to keep moving deeper in these woods
    alright guys I know I just said I was gonna stop but I think I found one last
    thing here and it’s pretty big dude it sound like a sword or something what is
    this I have no idea what this could be it looks like a sword or a spike or
    something I have a skepticism back dig deep bullseye
    oh no no no that was a rake screaming I look back over here we gotta go we gotta
    go right now what come on this way okay okay I think we should be safe here
    the rig’s that should just be down here look how’s it ran out I think he’s
    following us read it keep moving all right
    I’m descending down towards the rigs nuts he’s got to be extremely cautious
    let’s go down here we’re pretty much crap what oh here you go Jake what I
    think it’s three wait why wait wait where are you going
    hey hey get back here I think my cameraman just ran off what did you see
    thank you wait what’s the rich this is the rich he’s literally right there he’s
    literally right there I think it’s from a girl who might be able to get to the
    race test oh my foot oh my foot okay I think we’re safe in here I think we’re
    safe in here for now what floats really bad I might need to call Logan the rates
    literally chasing me I hope they have my cell phone okay I’m gonna wait for the
    right to pass and then really call Logan get me out of here this is not good this
    is not good ah I can barely even stand up I don’t like this place this place is
    extremely scary wait what’s that guys cuz there’s something
    here something here looks like an egg the rake is reproducing this this is an
    egg this is this is a baby rake this is not good guys
    between my cameraman running off my foot which I’m not sure if I’ve sprained it
    or what’s happened and now this I need to get Logan here fast
    and I need to get out of here means the brake is reproducing this means there
    could be more rights than the one that we know look we can come back if I know
    this is a military base in another day but as of right now I need to take this
    egg and get out of here we need to bring this home and analyze it The Rake’s