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    January 26, 2020

    welcome to Miami Beach bienvenidos a la playa de Miami. Today we’re in Miami, a city that’s a melting pot of culture diversity food art and entertainment. Let’s go check it out. They have Art Deco walking tours here at 10:30 a.m. and Thursdays at 6:30 p.m. The architecture is one of the most unique highlights of Miami. Did you know that the Art Deco district in South Beach claims the largest concentration of 1920s and 1930s architecture in the world? Today South Beach is home to over 800 Art Deco structures. So we are walking down Collins Avenue and right here around 10th Street they have some of the most beautiful Art Deco architecture ever. These retro pastel colored buildings give the city its charm and have been featured in numerous movies including Scarface The Birdcage and bad boys 2. Not to be missed are their brightly colored lifeguard towers which you’ll find throughout Miami Beach and South Beach. And of course the highlight of Miami are the beaches which are cosmopolitan and tropical. In fact the water at Miami Beach is warm enough for swimming year-round. And if you love the look of these beaches as much as we do hit the like button down below! This is the Starlight Hotel Boulevard in the Colony Miami is one of the best cities for people-watching – you never know what you’ll find. It might even be the next undiscovered musician. Now we head to downtown Miami’s Museum Park to check out the Perez Art Museum. We are going to the Perez Museum. Miami! The Perez Art museum has a collection of modern and contemporary art as well as a terrace with beautiful Hanging Gardens the museum also houses interactive art works including Venezuelan artist Jesús Rafael Soto’s “penetrable”. This kinetic art piece explores movement in space and invites visitors to walk through and essentially complete the artwork. So we just finished up at the Perez Museum behind me and right here you can see the road that takes you to South Beach and then look at all these beautiful yachts and the cruise ships are right here now we head to the nearby Coconut Grove neighborhood of Miami to visit one of the most elegant old-world estates we have reached the Vizcaya museum and gardens. This is a little bit south of the downtown lush gardens. Vizcaya is a little taste of the Great Gatsby life in Miami it was built between 1914 and 1922 admission tickets $18 for adults so James Deering was the winner of this beautiful house and he lived here during the winter months. In the early 1900s and he made his money producing farming machinery these murals here and then check out the ceiling and the floor Vizcaya is noteworthy for adapting historic European aesthetics to South Florida’s subtropic region and they enclosed this part due to humidity and this museum became public in 1952. So I’m at the Vizcaya right now this is the facade of the building and then behind me you can see the ocean. My favorite part of Vizcaya are these beautiful gardens – look at these turrets and everything you see here they used local coral stone which ages very quickly and creates this really cool antique look. The estate is a total of 50 acres of which 10 acres contain Italian Renaissance formal gardens, The gardens here are one of the most picturesque spots in Miami but be sure to watch out for unexpected showers. It’s raining, it’s pouring, the old man is snoring. [music] all that rain brought out some of the most unusual critters there’s crab right here on that note we’re out of here but be sure to stay tuned and subscribe because coming up next the Wynwood Walls and little Havana you don’t want to miss it!

    13 Beach Vacation Looks Every Girl Can Rock
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    13 Beach Vacation Looks Every Girl Can Rock

    January 24, 2020

    hello beautiful people I am back from
    our family vacation during the holidays not that you can tell why do I look pale
    on camera I swear I’m so tan I’m so tan I’m so tan and I didn’t document
    anything I literally took such a nice break of locking my phone away didn’t
    capture any Content whatsoever and it was difficult but today I decided to do
    what I wore on vacation to show you some of the outfits that were so easy to
    style and I felt so chic and beautiful in it and I went on vacation with three
    kids so let me tell you these are all so functional yet really pretty so although
    I didn’t capture any real-time content I thought that I can do this at home
    hopefully do you like it let me show you my outfit for the first outfit is this
    romper this one is actually so special to me because this is from my best
    friend’s line legal outfit I’m gonna link it below I love the detail of the
    wrap it gives it a little bit of a more unique feel and look also it’s super
    breathable really easy to wear and if you dress it up it can totally work on
    an evening like for dinner or a night out I paired it with my layer sunglasses
    that are finally back in stock also linked below and with my straw bag the
    next dress is from Tularosa from revolve and this one has such a beautiful girly
    vibe to it again very easy to wear you can wear it as a cover-up as well very
    summery by the way these flip-flops are my favorite from the brand Kiki’s I love
    them also I have the layer glasses that we released in white this was my go-to
    accessory on our vacation this outfit I loved this top is from revolve as well
    this one actually wore on a day when we went out for lunch I paired it with my W
    concept white shorts with these mango lace up is it Greek sandals
    natural and my straw bag that I was using the whole vacation this dress is
    from Davis sleeper which is a company I really really love older stuff our linen
    which I am obsessed with linen by the way and I use this dress as my cover up
    with one of my bathing suits and also wore it in the evening paired it with my
    sunglasses a bag but a bank better boom ready to go this dress is from Love
    Shack fancy which is a company that creates such beautiful dresses super
    girly it’s made out of cotton so it was really easy to wear in a really hot and
    humid climate and I paired it with my red Sunny’s that is also a new color for
    the lay out sunglasses this set is from Isabel Marant that I got a while ago
    this is a top and a skirt and I wear them together but also separately also
    made from a very delicate fabric so it’s easy to wear it in the evening or during
    the day in a hot climate because it’s super breathable
    I love the pretty print on it but also the style of it paired it with my Greek
    sandals that I decided their Greek sandals from mango this set is from
    Zimmermann I actually got it on sale on vacation award in the evening but I wore
    a black bra under so it wasn’t as awkward as this beige bra that I’m
    wearing paired it with my evening sandals these are Valentino’s those are
    like my fancy sandals I’ve had it for years super useful and pretty and can
    upgrade like an outfit for an evening this said I’m absolutely obsessed with
    this is also from my girlfriend legal outfit and this was such a pretty set to
    wear in the evening I felt really really nice in it it’s kind of like a fancy or
    vacation look it’s made out of satin and there’s a lot of ventilation as you can
    see I paired it with my vacationy Chanel bag
    this one is a Reformation dress this is also linen I love linen if there’s one
    goal in my life that I want to achieve is wearing linen every single day which
    means that I on a beach I paired it with my pink
    Chanel that is really only in hot water appropriate and with these staple nude
    sandals this dress I got from H&M and this is also 100% cotton so it’s really
    breathable I love the color paired it with my fancy sandals the next outfit is
    a one that I mixed two styles from so the top is from ERISA and the pants are
    from ankle studios these are so perfect and I wore them actually on the beach in
    the evening with my bathing suit and also on this night out I paired it with
    this little Fendi baguette and I was ready to go this outfit has a special
    place in my heart this is O linen and it’s yellow which is
    such a vacation vibe this is from a company called paws if
    you guys are wondering why does random stains on it if you notice it was
    because I had one aggressive working night in Jamaica and then this is my New
    Year outfit this dress is from Zara it has this as a bummer on vibe to it
    it was super comfortable yet I felt dressy and sexy in it I paired it with
    flats and with this little Fendi bag and it was really kind of a great go-to
    dress to still feel comfortable with the kids running around and still like
    feeling like I’m celebrating a special night which was January 1st
    hello 2020 insert sunshine and palm trees in ocean and there you have it
    what I wore on vacation lookbook hope you enjoyed seeing what a war on
    vacation – check out how I DIY this outfit for the New York party click here

    ABANDONED BEACH MANSION | Exploring El Partenon de NEGRO DURAZO Mexico 2018
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    ABANDONED BEACH MANSION | Exploring El Partenon de NEGRO DURAZO Mexico 2018

    January 24, 2020

    Man it’s beautiful! We made it…
    I can’t believe if we finally made it. Alright a little crash course in the
    history of this place as we walk on the outside. It was owned by a guy named
    Negro Durazo. Negro means black, and it was his nickname because he was
    extremely corrupt. He was working together with one of the
    presidents who was also known to be corrupt, and when the president switched
    he got thrown in jail for almost a decade He used taxpayers money to pay for things like this… which is generally
    pretty illegal, and so he spent ten years in jail for that. This property went to
    ruin. It was built in 1979, then it was abandoned in 1984, so it was only really
    active as a his party house basically on the coast for about 5 years. So it’s been abandoned for over 30, and Cody and I are pretty excited to finally be here. – It’s been a long time coming
    – Yeah man, and it was worth the wait.
    This place is amazing. – These statues are amazing right?
    – I think it’s my favorite part of this place One two three four five some missing heads but they’re actually real carved stone… because remember when he
    went to the Acropolis in Mexico City? – Ah yeah it was all like styrofoam? and it was all styrofoam statues… This… This is not Rock This is styrofoam… or asbestos I
    don’t know which one yet… – Styrofoam it’s not rock…
    So we’re stepping on these styrofoam pillars… Great… It’s probably hard to show on
    camera, but the size of these gates is enormous. I don’t know why you would need gates this size other than to prove a point… or
    to actually keep out a horde of enemies. Hold the camera? Actually here… take
    a run back so I can show… This is me. I am 2 and a half blocks… Look how tall this is! So the location itself was inspired by the architecture you see in
    Greece. It’s called the Partenon because there’s also Parthenon in Athens, in the
    Acropolis there. So when he built this place he decided to build it
    inspired by the actual Parthenon hence the name of the location. Wow, as we walk through the main entrance
    it’s all pretty much open-air it looks directly out into the Pacific Ocean. This
    is old Zihuatanejo here it’s a very beautiful part of town. The sun sets right
    down the middle so it’s basically all open-air. This was his summer home so, he’d come here to enjoy the beautiful weather and the Sun.
    All these pillars hold up a giant beautiful roof. There’s a second floor
    actually that I think has bedrooms? But if you look… this is where there was
    dinner parties. There’s the original table a little bit crack, but beautiful green marble. The ocean air would just sweep in through the pillars. People here would be dancing, having fun, maybe playing music and enjoying themselves. This is all original, nothing’s been restored. I’m assuming this is the fountain
    originally. Right yeah? It looks like water would come out of the top. How beautiful would that be though… You’re here, you’re having dinner at the table over there fountain going people playing music, ocean air like this…
    – it’s a perfect vacation home.
    – I think so! So, for Negro Durazo’s big dinner parties, this is where the food was made. They would whisk it out on a tray. The people would be
    enjoying themselves here at the table, and watching the sunset. You can see in the roof… I’m assuming these are where the chandeliers were hanging in the past but things like that wouldn’t withstand the time, and the wind
    and the weather as well as the stone would. These are the only stairs…
    – The only stairs… super weird.
    – Have you been up to the second floor yet? – No let’s go
    – Me neither. I was waiting for you actually See… interestingly enough,
    there’s a lot of beautifully sculpted stone. Like the pillars out there… and the
    statues… and there is stuff like this which I think was done as a design choice,
    because these are chisel marks right? Look at this. This isn’t natural. It’s natural it’s in the fact that it’s not painted, but it looks like they
    they did that on purpose to make it look like it’s older than it actually was and
    this is over the entire building… this kind of like patina we would call it.
    The way the wear and tear looks all cracked and destroyed, but it’s actually made
    that way to look like it’s old. But then you have stuff like this. These kind of
    unnecessary designs. This is really beautiful and not really necessary for
    any reason other than just making it look nice All these these carved ropes in the way up Alright so second floor… There’s
    mirrors on the ceilings? There’s only generally one reason why you have
    mirrors on the ceilings… Wow actually I’m really impressed with how
    how well this this has lasted, this is all wood right? Carved wood. Wooden closets… still some cabinets… still look the mirrors are still intact. You know
    how rare it is to go to abandoned places with still with no graffiti and still
    having a lot of glass? Look at this amazing entrance to the bathroom.
    Oh! I heard a bat… yeah. Look at this! I didn’t even see this when I walked in. Yeah this looking so good for being abandoned for
    so long I walked in this room and I heard “Squeak Squeak” Oh! Hear it? Probably up in the light socket. A cute little one? – Yeah a cute little one
    – Let’s keep it as a puppet!
    – Haha a pet *Scream*
    *Laughing* Is he still cute? Yes – Centauro
    – He is right? He’s half horse. I wonder if this is his depiction
    of himself I wonder if this is Negro Durazo and he had himself painted
    as a horse. – It’s the motor there right? And the beam.
    It probably wrapped up there…
    – Oh, you’re right! Jordan was looking up inside these
    little fixtures there’s a pole, and you can see the gears and the chain. That’s
    totally what it was though. If you look inside there’s the beam,
    there’s the gears and they were for sun shades to protect from the setting
    sun. It’s a pretty simple property though, right? So there’s the upstairs which we’re assuming is these beautiful bedrooms, there’s only 4. Only one staircase and in this giant open area, which was for parties. The pool.
    I mean it’s a party home really, what more do you need? I like it. I like it alot. – It’s a mansion but it’s not super complicated.
    – No, there’s no way you get lost. It’s very open concept Except for this weird shrine thing here, over to the right… Yeah I still have yet to figure out
    what that is. Actually, I think going behind it… There’s two staircases down?
    There’s no bathroom’s I’ve seen. (from afar) It’s a discotheque.
    That’s where the DJ was? Yes because in the 80s and 70s, people used to dance on dance floors with lights… so it’s a discotheque. You can see in
    the roof… Let’s go. Let’s go explore. It should be exploring with Mariannela, she’s been all through this
    place and meanwhile we’ve been talking to cameras. So when you look out here what
    do you think? What do you see? What do you think of this place? My empire! Imagine a party here… Imagine a party here! Let’s see if we can rent it. Subscriber meet up. 2018. Kick the Grind. Abandoned mansion in Zihuatanejo
    Mexico. Be there. – Oh! A frog!
    – A Frog?
    – Or something… There is fish in there, there is fish! – Do you see them?
    – I can see them From out here you can see it is truly inspired by the Greeks. It really looks like the Parthenon out here. So why do you think this is the dance floor? Oh yeah, you can see lights. You can definitely see there were light fixtures. The dancefloor here, which should be with the crystals, you know the squares? They light up. because it was the 80s right? The 70s, 80s… You think this is where the DJ was? Or the bartenders? So there’s all these holes that were… the plumbing for the swimming pool.
    One, two, there’s a hot tub here. – Do you want to go down?
    – Can you go down? You could but it’s just water Can you film? Mike Corey… Dirty Jobs. He’s going into the sewer system Ok… There might be bats, there might be bees… Probably no snakes. Maybe the Chupacapbra – Give me the lens? – I hope the Chupacabra is down there…
    – Don’t say that! I will go down and report back!
    How’s my butt look… good? Okay. – The Chupacabra is down there
    – There’s no Chupacabra! It smells so bad It’s Mike reporting in from the very echoey sub pump for the pool it is very dark There is very black water below me, and there’s not really much else to see to tell you the truth. – Close him in!
    – Don’t close the door! I don’t want to die down here It’s just deep dark water Do you want to feel Batman? Oh I didn’t even see this! Do you want to see, ah feel, um, Batman? Do I want to Feelsbadman? Do you want to feel like Batman? Do I want to feel like Batman? Why? Go there… Go explore Okay let me take off my circular
    polarizer. Night mode. hold on. Let me take this off. Why guys? Who’s been down there already? You? You? Why? Is it really that scary? little bit freaked out
    by you don’t make the merio music not the scariest of all music wow this is
    this is horror movie stuffed in here guys no don’t joke about the curse too soon
    guys too soon whoa so this is below I didn’t even know
    there was a a basement level to the Parthenon I hear the bats I don’t see the bat and
    I this was probably for storage you’re gonna see a bunch of earth and there’s a
    hole going down even deeper that’s the thing right we can only come and we can
    only speculate because the owner is now passed away this place has been
    forgotten about for a long time now you have this basement filled bats oh man
    one two three four five six seven over twenty in the corner and this giant hole
    dug in the very middle why oh man it’s like a tunnel man you come to places
    like this and you feel the heaviness of the history the heaviness of the air
    from the humidity the squeak of bats you really feel like you’re traveling
    really feel like you’re exploring you might not know every little detail about
    the place there might not be all the information online half it we don’t even
    know if it’s true I think all of us urbex exploring type people get that
    same feeling that the old explorers must have had which is a taste of adventure
    when you don’t exactly know what you’re getting yourself into this day and age
    it’s hard to explore something it hasn’t been explored before but through
    abandoned you can have something have a taste of it at least all right sweets left the basement and
    that doorway passageway leads us back up to where the pool is sounds getting a
    little bit low the shots gonna be beautiful I put down
    the vlogging camera get something nice all right I’ve got a question would you
    party in the Parthenon tenango door ah so this particular abandoned spot lived
    up to all of the hype of being Mexico’s top spot to see as far as abandoned goes
    Ixtapa in Zihuatanejo those cities on the coast where the mansion is are both
    beautiful places we spent about a week there exploring around the city and you
    see that video as well cos there’s some pretty interesting things to see there
    that are nowhere else Cody and I were super excited to finally
    get to this location we tried last time but we couldn’t actually make it Jordan
    and Marianela joined us both Cody and Marianela have channels the links for
    those are below and let me know your thoughts on this abandoned place it was
    super cool to share with you guys this unfortunately will be my last piece of
    Mexico content just for a little while guys just for a little while I know I’ve
    got a lot of Mexican subscribers and I will be coming back Mexico has my heart
    I will return but for now I’m gonna be flirting with the Philippines and
    Southeast Asia just for a little bit I promise and coming back experiences or
    possessions kick the grind I’ll catch you guys in the next video peace

    I Live on The Beach | Moheli Laka Lodge | Comoros Vlog
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    I Live on The Beach | Moheli Laka Lodge | Comoros Vlog

    January 24, 2020

    Oh No So just in my first dive today I’ve had in really lovely times the water was 29 degrees which it’s amazing today, I mostly just spent like taking down my Taking down my slate and kind of going to the dive site going up a map of it Just so I know better where I’m going and to not lose any clients and just so we could have maps of the dive sites So that’s been my day so far There’s no electricity right now, so I’m just gonna Just realized I can’t actually go and edit any of the photos I took on the GoPro But yeah, I started the day with some yoga And some exercises for my back just to keep it nice and strong But yes, I am absolutely loving this place and look at how great the lighting at here. I’m really enjoying this natural light thing Yeah, I’ll probably go for a little walk in the village later today I’m exhausted diving is exhausting. It’s going to be an exhausting. Nine months good times. Yeah, I Wanted to give you guys a little bit of the tour of my new home Lakha lodge on mo heavy in the country of kimonos So it’s a the smallest island in the Comoros and it has something like thirty five thousand inhabitants In the small village of Numa Showa there’s only about five thousand and that’s where luck illogic is about there are ten rooms and plenty of them in the beautiful gardens to enjoy the nature and the Endemic species all around the views are stunning and the local village has so many wonderful Who are always happy to talk to you and to ya just enjoy the nature there? There’s also thriving dive center with so many different species to see We can see dolphins. We can also see whales during whale season so August until November the mamas and their babies come and hang out Before returning to the Antarctic. So this is footage taken last year The scuba diving itself is beautiful on a bad day. There’s 15 meter vis we do discover scuba dives and Even have the enormous pleasure of watching baby hatchlings emerge on the beaches Just at the end of the island There’s one of the biggest nesting sites in the Indian Ocean for the green turtle where emergencies come out almost every day and there’s something like 20,000 nest sites just on one beach So yeah, if you wanted to come see what it’s like here, I highly recommend it. I Didn’t even know existed before I applied for the job. Yep, and that’s where it is Say here, you can see some of the garbage which has been washed up Yeah, these are all the things that we’re kind of trying to clean up and make sure how that turtle is going to get charlie So beautiful Hey, so I’m just sitting at a lookout point at La collage I’ve just been going around doing some filming to try and kind of raise more awareness about this beautiful place I did not know the Comoros existed before applying for the job here so I bet many people in the world also have no idea and so far everything experienced here is Incredible the people are so kind Many speak French which makes it easier for a lot of Europeans to kind of access many are also learning English, which is great The diving has been beautiful and John who’s the manager here has been saying. Oh it’s so terrible the visibility so bad and that’s at 50 meters So I’m excited to see what good visibility means here So I’m just watching the sunset and I’m gonna go have dinner. Oh, yeah foods delicious. They’re extremely Happy to make any sort of dietary requirements, which is incredible. So I’ve been eating vegan and The kitchen ladies are happy to do that But people are great nature is beautiful and foods good so I bought everything I want So now getting bitten by mosquitoes. So I’m gonna go I’m gonna go fight I Mean just look at this paradise Wow Hey, I just entering My humble abode and haven’t unpacked fully yet. It looks it’s a bunch of rubbish of already gotten out of them so This is my room Let me know if you’d like to Like me to do a room tour Yeah Mosquitoes started biting me so I gotta quickly get changed into long pants put some mosquito spray on and head over to dinner. So See you guys later You

    “Beach hopping in Los Angeles” by Sandy Lin – EF Guest Vlog
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    “Beach hopping in Los Angeles” by Sandy Lin – EF Guest Vlog

    January 24, 2020

    Hi everyone. My name is Sandy and
    I’m a YouTuber based out of Los Angeles. I create videos around fashion and beauty.
    I also create lifestyle vlogs, but this week I’m actually taking over
    the EF channel as their guest vlogger. I’ve been living in L.A. for about 2 and a half years now and one of my favorite things about
    living down here is the beaches. So, I want to take you along with me as I explore and discover new beaches around the EF school
    that you can go visit, too. Let’s get going! First we’re heading to Sunset Beach,
    which is actually tucked away behind a residential area, so it’s a
    bit more private and secluded. There are small pathways between
    houses that lead out to the beach and then you’ll find that there’s
    lots of room to run around. There are even some volleyball
    nets if you like to play. The best part is that it’s not too crowded,
    so it’s a great beach for just relaxing. You can bring a book to read, a journal,
    work you might need to catch up on … I like to dip my feet in the water, watch the waves
    and ships, and just get lost in my thoughts. We’re going further down the coast
    now to our next destination. There are, honestly, so many beaches, so if you’re not picky, you could really pull
    over anywhere and find your beach spot. For now, I want to take you
    to Huntington Beach Pier, for those of you who are social butterflies
    and want more action and life around you. This is a great beach if you want to
    meet new people and make new friends. There is so much you can do here. The pier is right across from a shopping center,
    so you can go check out the stores. You can also rent a bike, play volleyball,
    go fishing on the pier, surf … Huntington Beach is known as Surf City, U.S.A. I love walking down the pier
    and going out over the water. I think it’s fun to look down
    and out into the ocean. It reminds me of how small I really
    am in the grand scheme of things. This beach is about 20 minutes by car
    from the EF campus in Costa Mesa, so you can easily take an
    Uber or taxi to get here. Public transportation is also available,
    but it will take a bit longer. Next, we’re headed off to Corona Del Mar.
    This place is a beach and park combined. It’s about 15 minutes away from the campus by car, but if you don’t have a car, you can easily
    take a taxi or public transportation. My favorite part about the beach is the jetty. I love walking down the pathway
    and being so close to the water. You just have to be a little bit careful during
    high tide and when the waves are strong. There are lifeguards around,
    but again, just be careful. I also love that there’s this large
    rock structure you can climb on. I think it’s really fun to do that. There are also fire pits available, so it’s a
    great place for bonfires and barbecues. There’s also a large cliff area where you can
    climb and get a better view of the surroundings. It’s also a great spot for photos. For the last stop, we’re heading
    to Crystal Cove State Park. This place is huge.
    It’s tucked away in the mountains and there are some beautiful hiking trails across
    the park, so lots of sight seeing can be done here. It’s a bit easier to navigate and get
    around to all the spots with a car, so keep that in mind if you want to visit. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can go
    through this tunnel to get to the beach, but they also have a shuttle you
    can take from the main parking lot. I love this beach for its little tide pools and
    rocks where you can observe little sea creatures. This beach is a good in-between
    if you want something private, but still want to be close to civilisation. There are restaurants on the shore, but if you walk
    further down, you can get some more privacy. One of the park rangers also told me this
    is one of the best places to watch the sunset. So, this is Crystal Cove.
    It’s the last stop of the day. I’m just going to chill out
    here and watch the sunset. I just want to thank EF for allowing
    me to guest vlog on their channel. I had so much fun visiting and
    exploring all these beaches today. I hope you had fun, too, and got some ideas of
    some things to do while you’re here. Until next time. Bye!

    Playing Spyglass At Pebble Beach | Bucket List Course Vlog
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    Playing Spyglass At Pebble Beach | Bucket List Course Vlog

    January 23, 2020

    all handed right what is up y’all hope
    y’all having a great day I’m out here at spyglass in Pebble Beach California this
    is incredible this is a bucket list course for me can’t believe I have the
    opportunity to tee it up here today and wanted to bring y’all along
    let’s go number one par-5 595 yards pretty much straight down the hills
    gonna be our end point I thought that was a pretty good line
    there’s four lit up we are in the straw but not too bad when you’re gonna be
    laying up here 285 yards left wanted to show y’all something on these fairways
    look at this this is the middle of the fairway they cut it two different
    directions to divide the fairway in half I thought that was pretty cool good
    shape right here 125 yards left to a middle pen well we hit our first green
    long ways the left need to account for the wind a bit more not wind definitely
    is no joke out here push it a lot more right than I thought and might have been
    hurting just a little bit but we’ve got a putt for Burton first unfortunately I
    wasn’t able to capture every single shot or even every single hole from the round
    at spyglass but wanted to bring you along for as much the round as possible
    onto number two number two par 4 349 yards our aiming points gonna be kind of
    right in there we want to dodge that little mogul little slope there oh nice well with the stinger right
    there that’s how we want to execute that shot it’s a little breezy out here so I
    apologize from time to time with the audio and try my best to block the wind
    but just wanted to be able to share this adventure with y’all this is definitely
    a bucket list course for me spyglass grew up playing this on Tiger
    Woods on Xbox and this is just incredible to be out here right now
    great shape right there stinger off the tee 105 yards left
    however it’s uphill into the wind gonna go with a gap wedge looks like my ball landed right about
    there spun back will chip ahead number three
    part three super cool part three down the hill 156 yards
    keep it down below the wind let’s not close thankfully the nine iron sat down
    held on to the back corner roughly 25 feet here left for birdie gave it a good
    roll it’s tracking it’s tracking Owen just a bit short our here on three I
    gotta show you this one is no joke here today should have been played further
    right and not exactly sure what we got up there we have to go find this thing
    all right there’s her we are in the rough there look at this green it is
    like ten feet wide it looks like this is pretty cool have 65 yards left all right sorry I just made that right
    there hands it short kick forward this is the craziest screen
    I’ve got to show you where this ball ended up this is ridiculous
    my ball landed right there I think right in front of the hole and look where it
    ended up y’all that’s Brian’s right there mine is all the way back there I
    think I have like 70 feet left number five par-3 185 yards a little
    down breeze but also a little left to right pins on the left I’m gonna hit a
    big 8-iron here just a little short roughly 25 feet back up the hill let’s
    roll the rock 530 yards little dogleg to the right
    green sits off back in there okay I let it fly maybe right about in there perfect shape right here 210 yards left
    downwind 6-iron one hand tap this and did have a little
    assist to camera right there to keep pace when head just opted in from there
    this whole kind of bins off back up to the left up the hill 399 yards its
    stinger time if that one good
    152 yards back up the hill pins kind of on the right side of the
    grain wanna win straight into I’ve got a 7-iron here I’m gonna try to fight it
    low whoo that is a lot a lot of wind right
    there walking up here I’m Paul landed like up in there rolled down to there so
    we got laughs need to get this up and down big up-and-down for par right there
    number 11 par 5 528 yards dogleg to the right we’re gonna try to hit a little
    cut off that tree right there pretty sure that one should be pretty
    good obviously having played here only played here on Tiger Woods the golf game
    on xbox but I feel like you wanted to hit that a ways to the right so that’s
    what we did just go up there and see if you find it
    found the rough here 205 yards left to a left middle pin 7-iron in hand got to take into account when the balls
    above my feet and I’m in the rough this rough really grabs the ball so adjust
    the target line that’s what I need to do because that rough is grabbing that
    closing the clubface walking up here right there
    roughly pin-high got a little tree trouble and have to play this low par-3
    down the hill I am gonna play one tee box up here so you can see the surface
    of the green supercool par-3 160 down the hill then hi hit the green not in the water
    this wind sure has made this course tough this is quite the test I’m hoping
    for a pin slammer here on the back nine found the green right there this green
    is super cool I mean look at that about as pristine as it gets right there
    this round has been amazing so thankful to be out here are here on 12 just in case y’all won
    and we do have spectators out here there are deer everywhere all right right here
    in the rough 125 yards left to a back left hole location
    I’ve got gap wedge here so this is all roped off here I’m
    actually just gonna pull it right here to stay out of there all right that is a par here on 14 onto
    15 look at this par 3 down the hill I’m
    gonna play it a little forward not too much just the front of the back box 125
    yards to a back pin someone’s excited about a shot back there place down hill
    I’ve got sand wedge here so I don’t really want to hit this full maybe 3/4
    oh I thought that was so good oh just a little long definitely excited with that
    swing right there however it hopped a little long a ball did land just a
    little long and hot just over the green not too bad still a decent look for a
    pin slammer alright that is the three here on 15
    that had to be one of the most picturesque par threes I’ve ever played
    what a par-3 funnel wedge shot down the hill what a love tomato Penn slammer
    they’re chipped it up they’re made to putt number 16 par-4 472 yards dogleg to
    the right like a big dog leg kind of want to hit a stinger starting there
    cutting around the corner all righty 200 yards down the hill let’s
    knock it close we’ll ride the green should be okay and that was the best tip of the day
    we’ll tap this in for par all right and it’s a par here having fun even though
    we don’t have a pin slammer yet I’m really hoping on a bucket list
    course to get a pin slammer here on one of these last two holes 17 par 4 325
    yards kind of bends back into there so probably just gonna hit a stinger maybe
    a little stinger draw right there great shape right there 98 yards left
    with the wind right into my face I want to flight this down gap wedge in hand that’s what I did right there just a
    little right so I guess my ball laying it back in there on the fringe spun back
    a little bit roughly 30 feet left for birdie hope y’all enjoy coming along getting to
    see such an awesome course amazing experience and so thankful to be out
    here 18 par 4 pretty much straightaway probably going to be aiming at that
    bunker right there 408 yards its stinger time and that’s how we won – Enright
    they are hit down well know a fair way let’s go right here 158 yards to a
    middle back 10 going with an 8-iron I thought I was gonna break just a bit
    more hope y’all enjoy coming along that was so much fun what an amazing day
    didn’t have our best I know I’ve got better in the bag here at spyglass that
    would love to come back again give it another go had so many epic views out
    there it was incredible this course is so pure
    definitely a bucket list played it so many times on Tiger Woods if y’all enjoy
    coming along drop a like down below that would be greatly appreciated
    and y’all until next time we’ll see you when we see you

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    January 23, 2020

    So hello! It’s morning in Boracay… and I will go now to the bar… Ronnie is now washing his face to get ready… So my aunt gave me a bracelet to wear… right to the bar So this is their comfort room The print in my back is awesome I’ll just see my Good Morning! I’m already here at my seat… Look at the… view of Boracay let’s dance the night away It’s so wide So, Ronnie is here now at my side… I’m now with him… The view is so beautiful! Nanskiee, good morning
    Good morning
    I’m having a video already for a long time What happened yesterday and earlier?
    We did a lot yesterday
    We are gone through many places I’m afraid of heights but I did it! Eat now, my dear
    So now I am taking my lunch… It’s Tapsilog with an iced tea… We are going there again to cover “Dance The Night Away” just the chorus one It’s cute! I want to dance there but I’m shy because people are watching at me Ronnie, please dance “Dance The Night Away” You should hide this one. I’m eating Dewberry. I’m hungry… no littering please spell ERGONOMICALLY
    E R C O NO M I LLLLLLL Y Cola YES or YES YES OR YES Hey Ronnie WHERE ARE YOU? Ronnie, it’s ineligible! Is it hot? There is a lifeguard BEHIND THE SCENES! Nanskiee, should we go there? Like this oh Take a video for me too, LOco Go Grandma! You’re BIG! IT’S GOOD HERE I arranged it properly WE ARE HERE NOW I don’t know either IT’S NOISY HERE 🙂

    [VLOG] Trip to the Beach
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    [VLOG] Trip to the Beach

    January 20, 2020

    I just came back from eating, and now I’m editing a video. I only put in four! Really? Yeah! Maybe someone put one in already. Ready? Yeah! I got first! Oh, second… I’m going on one last ride. Not that one… This is the one we’re going on! Woah that scream! I’m so tired… We’re going home now.

    VENICE BEACH Shopping Challenge | Los Angeles, California
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    VENICE BEACH Shopping Challenge | Los Angeles, California

    January 19, 2020

    We’re trying to find my brother something here. And Marko steals Alex’s underwear. I don’t always. I’m accused of it. We do laundry together; they get mixed up. Thank you. Throw me under the bus, Carrie. What’s up guys? Welcome back to Vagabrothers Right now we are in Venice Beach, California on Abbot Kinney Street. What are we up to today? Well we’re here with Carrie Rad. Hello My lovely girlfriend. Hey guys. And we’re going to go try to find some shop. We’re doing a shopping challenge. The goal is we’re each going to have 50 bucks, and we’ll see who can buy the coolest things for each other with 50 bucks on Abbott Kinney, which is not easy because there’s a lot of high price shops here. We’re going to start off with lunch at a our favorite restaurant, Gjelina. Always a line here, so it’s smart to make a reservation, and they can text you in 20 minutes when it’s ready. Going to go for the Japanese sweet potato with jalapeno yogurt and scallions. OK. The charred brussels sprouts and the tuna salad. The main course we have is roasted chicken with a little sauce. The pizzas here are great. We got the mushroom truffle goat cheese which is just like a trifecta of my favorite things. Everything looks absolutely amazing. The pizzas here, like Marko said, are incredible, but anything with truffle oil and goat cheese is like a guaranteed, winning combination. Lunch was great, but now we’ve come up with the formula for what’s going to happen. What’s going to happen ? Basically we’ve got 45 minutes each. We’ve got 50 bucks, which is not a lot..a stretch on Abbott Kinney. We’re all going to get gifts for each other. We thought this out; you’ve drawn up a diagram. Want to see my diagram? Diagrams help. We pretty much want to buy each other things. So I guess I’m up first. I’m shopping for Carrie, my girlfriend. I have a pretty good plan of what I want to do, and I know that there’s this cool little shop down the street that might have exactly what I’m looking for. Let’s go. What’s this? Brazilian bum bum cream. Helps posteriors look and feel and feel their smoothest. Do you know how much this bum bum cream is? So I have purchased a gift, comes in a big bag, but it’s small and carry -on approved. Got the Malin-Goetz fruit facial cleanser, bergamont bodywash vitamin B body moisture, peppermint shampoo and cilantro hair conditioner $32. After tax, I have seventeen dollars and thirty cents left in my pocket. I’m going to head over to this garden shop and see if I can’t get her a little succulent because Carrie loves miniature things. I did that one last night. That’s beautiful. Seven dollars, a great piece of artwork done. 50 bucks on the spot…on the dot. Thank you. Have a good afternoon. We didn’t know the story behind Venice. Originally, this place was built to be like Venice, Italy. This street here was a canal, as were many here in Venice. It got filled in later in the ‘ 40s , I think . Abbott Kinney has gone through a lot of evolution, from kind of a seedy place in the ’70s , to now one of the most trendy spots. All these stores are super expensive. So the challenge is really going to be to find something affordable. We are at Intelligentsia on Abbott Kinney, one of the better coffee shops in Venice. There’s quite a few. Carrie’s favorite. Intelligentsia is amazing all over L.A., started in Chicago so good. My shopping or Carrie has been completed. Now Carrie and I are going to take off and shop for Marko. Good luck. What’s the plan? Where are we going? What do you think? You’re his brother. You’ve know him for 30 years. No, you’ve know him for 28. Where are we going? Almost 29. We’re getting up there. Let’s do this. There’s a book shop down there that I think would be good I don’t know . I feel like he’s such a book guy, but don’t you feel he has so many books? What does your brother use right now for a wallet? It’s bad. The wallet situation is old…yeah, it was cool. Actually I’m using the same one. We got it at Buffer Festival two years ago I’m so excited right now. We just found a gift that we can initial. And it took 10 minutes. Also has a lifetime guarantee, too. Awesome. Perfect. What are the initials? M.R.A. So good. One more time. I was expecting an ice cream truck, but… Salt and Straw. It’s got some incredible gelato. The lavander…so good. Lavender and honey, isn’t it? Honestly, the hardest thing here is choosing a flavor. Luckily, they let you sample pretty much every single one, and then after you ask really politely, they usually give you a gigantic scoop. Not official company policy. Peace out. Now it’s time for you. Bye. Ahhhhh. Ok. Let’s go. I really think we should take a look at Scotch and Soda because we know he likes that store a lot. We’ll be able to find something around that he might possibly like. I think that’s a good idea. We just got the gift for Alex. it’s a sweet little shirt; went for one gift instead of many. I think he’ll be happy, and now we’re going to go over and get a little drink of beer here at the sushi bar Fifty dollars on Abbot Kinney, as we have found out, does not go as far as we thought it would, but it can. It can go far; you have to be strategic. I got you a beautiful little succulent purple….. these are the purple species, dark purple. His name is Succulentist Purpolonus Magenta. I got you a bookmark that is hand-drawn ; it’s a piece of art and it was hand drawn by some very colorful friendly locals. Very cool. You’re welcome. And last but not least, I got you this Swedish made…[penis enlarger]…Swedish made… Swedish made….. No. I got you this really nice Swedish beauty kit. It’s all carry-on approved, one ounce. And if you just saw our video on essential packing list, this is actually a good alternative to the triumph and disaster kit that we said. All right, Marko. Now it is your turn. We went to Will Leather Goods. I have seen this shop in Nolita, in New York and really thought it was cool, but I’ve not… Comes in a little box. I’ll allow you to open it. Great things come in little boxes. 3-2-1 Reveal. Oh yes, yes. This is what I was hoping for. Look inside, Bro. Inside? M.R.A. Wow my initials. I had heard about this… that they do custom engraving when you buy it. That’s so cool Final gift is my gift to my brother, Alex. We went to a number of places. We know that your’re a particular person when it comes to gifts. You know what you like; you know what you don’t like. Oh very nice. This took up the whole budget, but I didn’t want to get you something a little extra , which I thought you might like. I appreciate it. This is from right next door. It’ s Stag. I got you scotch-whiskey soaked toothpicks because Alex always likes toothpicks. I do love my toothpicks. I know it’s only five bucks, but I thought this could almost outweigh the shirt in some ways. This is great. Thank you guys. I appreciate it, Brother. Hopefully you guys had some ideas on where to shop in Abbott Kinney. We’ll leave links to all the stores we went to the info box, and hopefully that will help you find a gift for under 50 bucks. Good luck.. apart from that, guys ..if you enjoyed this video, you know what to do: give it a thumbs-up, share it with your friends, and subscribe to Carrie, if you have not already. Thanks, guys. She’s pretty rad. Stay curious, keep exploring, and we’ll see you guys on the road. Peace.