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    Trip to Puuveneen Vuoksi 2019, Lake Saimaa Wooden Boat Meet pt. 1 – Tyrsky Ep. 41
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    Trip to Puuveneen Vuoksi 2019, Lake Saimaa Wooden Boat Meet pt. 1 – Tyrsky Ep. 41

    October 18, 2019

    hello and welcome to another episode of Tyrsky
    on this episode I’m gonna travel into the wooden boat meeting as I
    did last year Puuveneen Vuoksi, it is now Wednesday evening it’s quite late well relatively late but after
    10:00 in the evening and I mean I’m at Liittokivenselkä, that’s Liittokivi over there I left my home home Harbor something
    like two and a half hours ago and I am going into Värrätsaari island which
    is over there and I’m gonna spend the night over there
    so uh welcome welcome welcome to follow my trip into town of Joutseno, Puuvenen Vuoksi
    event is over there this year and before I head to Joutseno we’re gonna
    meet with some of the boaters in Satamosaari Island quite near Joutseno it’s quite pretty over here. Or
    it’s very pretty over here it’s a nice evening it’s the lake is calm and it’s
    relatively warm and seems like it gets warmer through the weekend so it’s good
    to be here right now but yeah that’s it I’m gonna show you
    – evening shots and then I’m gonna hit the sack and see you tomorrow say hello to Värrätsaari island I can’t make up my mind where i want to park I choose that one I don’t have to take
    my socks off if it’s not too warm anymore so here I am you still take the rowboat
    over there but otherwise I’m pretty much done for the day it’s quiet not a single sound why don’t
    ii I’m gonna turn off the stabilizer and the autofocus so no no you can hear it
    too absolutely nothing so a very good morning I just woke up
    here in Värrätsaari had some breakfast and the weather is really nice there
    haven’t been many of this sunny and warm days this summer but now it seems like
    like it’s gonna be a bit warmer for the next week or so so um yeah I just had my
    breakfast and uh as much as I would like to stay in here in Värrätsaari it’s nice and calm here and nobody else around but I need to I need to go
    I’m heading to Satamosaari Island next is some 40 50 kilometres that way and
    it’s a good weather for driving it’s not too windy so it’s nice and calm to do go
    there we will stay like this also so yeah
    that’s it I’m gonna I’m gonna go on I will probably waster one better precious
    battery of mine to create a time-lapse out of them driving they’re so into the
    time so we are here in Satamosaari is nearby
    Joutseno that we are going tomorrow there’s already 10 wooden boats over
    here starting from there into the end of this peer over here quite a lot of boats here
    and uh there was some light rain showers during the trip here you might notice
    them by small moments in the in in the time-lapse before where I took the
    camera inside but yeah nothing major it was quite nice trip here so no it’s just
    hanging around with wooden boat people for this evening and maybe some sound on
    good food yeah that’s it and I’m gonna give you a small tour here
    in Satamosaari also but I’m gonna eat first so a little draw around the island this isn’t that great
    Big Island at all that’s that little they behind me where we are moored place
    it for something like 20 25 30 boats there’s a sauna real for us all that
    stuff it’s quite near near to the Lappeenranta and Imatra and your
    Joutseno so this what a lot of boats also over here so exactly one of my favorite
    places of course this is the first time around here but yeah I like
    I like my privacy more but it looks like a quite nice place so uh I’m gonna walk
    around the island and uh I’m gonna hook you up if I see anything interesting so in the daytime I came from somewhere
    over there I believe Puumala parrish
    some 50 kilometers that way and Värrät- saari where are left is some 50
    kilometres that way Lappeenranta somewhere over there
    behind me and obviously we’re in in the East and parts of the greater Saimaa of
    this not too long way to the border Finnish Russian border maybe 10 15
    kilometers maybe 20 yeah well yeah it’s a pretty place over here
    I believe that sunset today is going to be pretty awesome because the clouds are
    clouds going away hopefully and we’re gonna get them like later in the yep
    it’s pretty and this also this small one bigger
    reaches or way over there I’m uh I believe that this is also part of the
    well I don’t believe well it is part of the Salpausselkä bar ridge is it could it be the
    second Salpausselkä that has formed ha after or during the
    ice ages which separates the sea from the lake Saimaa and also the lake Saimaa
    from the lake Päijänne so they they are quite big ridges across Finland yeah
    this is part of that the area also that’s a stove for a soda just needs
    tent so we are no only I believe this is the southern tip of the island I believe that’s Imatra over there
    smoke out of the factory pipes over there I believe thats Kaukopää over there Joutseno and Lappeenranta you probably cant see but yeah it’s a nice
    beach not a “beach” beach got this small pebble all the way
    but its pretty so there’s our boats
    that’s one pier there’s another one there
    you’re swimming or a dock and there’s more spots for boats quite a lot
    of them in here that’s the entrance to the bay and again
    our boats are over there and the other pier is over there and I’m not sure but
    is there to saunas in here one over there one over there I’m not sure that sure
    looks like a sauna I’m gonna have to go there and check it out there’s a map for
    the island so our boats over there right now over
    here by these these boats over here and yes indeed this one sauna out there and
    one sauna over there hmm and on a larger scale map Satamosaari island
    is over there and that’s the distance I traveled today I started from there
    from there to there and tomorrow we are heading over there so
    that’s not too big of a distance over there yep like that and of course
    firewood and it’s not cats this is ona quite heavy used so there’s
    lots of those over there and toilets of course so that was a
    small tour of the Satamosaari Island over and no it is quite
    well-equipped if you can say so Island there’s lots of spots for boats and of
    course there’s lots of barbecue places Saunas toilets everything everything this
    this seems like a p lace for a lots of people are at the same time so if you
    like that dude I necessarily don’t like it I just don’t but uh it’s a nice place
    it’s a nice place you

    Delivering Sailboat sv Dodi sailing at night in storm The Boat Life Adventure Travel Vlog S1E15
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    Delivering Sailboat sv Dodi sailing at night in storm The Boat Life Adventure Travel Vlog S1E15

    October 18, 2019

    This is The Boat Life. Wooo! we almost
    died yesterday. I don’t know about well I guess we could have anything could have happened
    there’s a lot of distress calls and whatever not the smoothest boat delivery
    tell you that right now we did go sailing that was great
    downhill from there this is the boat life we had a dream
    sailing in the Caribbean and living on a sailboat so we sold our stuff, quit our
    jobs, and now we’re doing just that Cruising at, cruising at? We’re sailing!
    Four knots. solid four knots. What happened? It was just five. Well we’re back down to four. Back down
    to four. Three five Well we’re sailing. Not very fast but we’re
    sailing. There’s not a lot of wind even though we had kind of a rough storm
    this morning but we weren’t sailing in it we were just trying to get out to where we were
    going to sail. But, pretty sweet What? I said I don’t feel like being at the helm. You don’t feel good? and then then where we had planned to
    come in to the the ICW was not passable and it just was not something I was
    gonna try and do so we had to figure out do we go north we go south but both of
    them were like three hours, right? yeah. and the Sun was starting
    to set at that point. Not a wise move. But we made it after after bumping the old ground. Six
    or seven times. Man I was just white knuckling it cuz it wasn’t it wasn’t horrible
    weather per se but I really wasn’t prepared to navigate at night or with
    such a chop. The boat was going back and forth, side to side. that and then and then also to somewhere
    that I’m not familiar with I had actually planned to be navigating things
    that I was familiar with during the day but we made it and it was so funny. FUNNY? As soon as we got here no, no, no. as soon as we got here it was
    like night and day I mean you can see the water behind us that’s how it was
    last night. it was just super smooth. Here? Yeah. Not on the journey. Once we got out of the Gulf. The Gulf was crazy. Like I said it wasn’t terrible it was more like we weren’t sure where we were going and trying to find the markers and
    things like that which are all normal boating things I suppose except that we
    hadn’t plan to do any of that, for a while. We got a taste of it. Sorry
    about that, sorry. Six to ten hour day that
    was 19 hours. It was a quick 19 hours though. I was seasick for 18 of the
    19 hours. That actually I think made it worse. I really felt bad. I wanted
    Melissa to just have a great time especially because it was the first trip
    and like the first leg That was fantastic. Yeah and then we anchored in Pelican Bay which it all went just to plan. The second day which I
    think was… I’ll take the blame here Lack of planning there so, lesson learned.
    I cried, a lot. I don’t know if I have any video of that. I hope not. What did it look like? *Nic fake crying face* no it really wasn’t that bad it was just
    now overwhelming emotion. That’s true. That’s The Boat Life! Overall I felt really good about everything this morning because we were able to get where we need to be at
    night using the channel markers and our chart plotter and then anchor in the
    dark on a nice safe anchorage. So overall I would say I was really
    impressed with our ability to do that on our brand new boat second day out in
    addition to all of the craziness that was happening to us like night
    navigation and not really having a plan and where to anchor and then we heard the story unfold on the radio. Haulin’ass everybody’s out on a Monday, nobody out
    on the weekend but yeah so as night began to fall I can’t remember if the
    call came in shortly before 9:00 or shortly after 9:00 basically around dark
    there was a call in to the Coast Guard that we heard. Yeah it was about 9. 9 o’clock. There’s this vessel that was in Tampa Bay 100 to 150 nautical miles out and
    they hadn’t they were supposed to be back by dark they had left the day
    before I think there shows me back by dark and they hadn’t arrived yet so that
    was fine we didn’t hear much about it and then we’re in this crazy waves the
    boats rolling hitting the bottom we’re freaking out I’m trembling and crying
    and then they come on the radio Coast Guard searching for this vessel six
    persons missing it just kept repeating that like every
    15 minutes I’m crying I think I’m gonna die and Coast Guard’s not helping. I
    probably should’ve just turned the radio down at that point but I didn’t. I don’t
    know it wasn’t on my mind. It kept going. In hindsight I should’ve turned that down.
    That was terrifying. It added to the tension and the nerves. That was not what I wanted to hear when I I’m like ahh yeah not good. Today is gonna be easy-peasy because we’re just gonna
    deliver it or finished the journey to where we’re gonna keep the boat for a
    bit. Yeah let’s do it! Can we talk about that school of
    stingrays I saw. Nic was sleeping the camera wasn’t working them it was the
    best part of the day yesterday in my opinion How many were there? I bet
    that’s true. That was a good part. Well I I didn’t feel sick at that part and it
    was like holy cow what is in the water and it was like 30, 40 stingrays and they
    were all evenly spaced so they were like there was like two pods or schools of
    them I don’t really know what they’re called I’m on google it and they were
    like in diamond formation and they all were like this far away from each other
    just swimming at the same pace it was wild, yeah so mad I didn’t get any video. I’m upset I didn’t see it. Nic was sleeping, I was like Nic, stingrays!!! Didn’t even move. I was passed out. First night on anchor I didn’t sleep real well just cuz setting the anchor and hanging out there and then you know just nerves really it was hot too but just nerves.
    Have anything else that we did or experienced yesterday? No I mean we did a lot of sailing. We sailed for like six hours or something I was asleep for most of it
    I had my eyes closed in a corner and and it sailed well, I’m really impressed
    with the boat every time every time we do something else I’m really impressed
    with the boat and with the previous owner
    left as equipment and was on it as a setup. Minus the dinghy, minus the dinghy. That was like a four hour ordeal that we have yet to figure out. Yeah the dinghy motor isn’t working so we’ll go over that. To the marina! To the marina! Captain Nic, pull the anchor up! You know how easy it is to take the anchor up. Like it doesn’t seem that hard. But to get it unstuck. The leverage your pulling it straight up. Oh. That’s how the anchor works. If it pulls this way. Which that is why you want out so much scope. Because the boat, even if it goes up it only goes up to here. so that way, yeah. But still for keeping you secure all through the night. That one is awesome, it is so easy to set that anchor. They are much easier to see during the day. Oh my god, look at the birds. This is sailing vessel Dodi, just wondering when your next scheduled opening is after 11:00 okay Anna Maria Island Bridge to s/v Dodi we are on a 20 minute schedule
    so we are on the hour, twenty after, and twenty till. Do you copy? Copy that, thank you very much. ***BOAT speeding through no wake zone and crossing 10 feet from our bow and no one noticed**** WHAT THE HELL A$$HOLE! I’m like I don’t know my nerves I
    haven’t done so many things especially like consecutive like navigating at
    night anchoring at night anchoring in general on my own boat.
    Sailing? Yeah. Sailing. Hailing the bridge *phew* It’s weird. Don’t forget about the lock.
    and the lock yeah. So it’s all it’s really interesting because I just haven’t had
    so many high pressure but controlled experiences I don’t know is
    that even the right word? Yeah. While trying to catch them on camera.
    Yeah. Time Check! Let’s go through the bridge! One minute, one minute! I’m
    gonna go out. What was that? Just wait until it is fully raised. That is basically their warning. Got it! Woooo! We did it! That was easy. That wasn’t so bad. Woohoo it’s like you’re a real captain. ha ha! Where’s my captains hat. Successful bridge hailing. YES! Cortez Bridge this is sailing vessel
    Dodi from the North requesting a bridge opening. This is the Cortez Bridge next scheduled opening is going to be at
    11:40 coming up in about three minutes captain. Thank you very much. Haul-a$$. We are haulin’a$$. HAHA
    oh yeah about 24 RPM’s I might bump it up a little bit that’s up Cortez bridge operator thank you very much
    for the bridge opening You can walk to the pier from there
    interesting oohh look at that sailboat. It gets caught in the wind if it unravels itself. yeah a lot of Effing jet skiers you’re doing great dear, you’re doing
    great That happens to be all that’s in it. Huh? Nothing. What did you say?
    That is all that happened to be in the shot. It zoomed in. NICEEEE
    That’s how we sail, I mean motor. hey So I just realized that this is the longest
    I’ve ever been off of land for. I never took a cruise. Oh nice! I’ve never been out to sea for that
    many days. That’s intense. How do you feel about it? Besides being seasick yesterday, the other parts of it were fun. I just thought about that. Well, way to go! MOTORING! [sung] [inaudible singing] About to pull up to our new home we’re gonna live
    over there Longboat Key Moorings this is s/v
    Dodi Is it turned all the way up?
    Welcome Dodi, you entering the channel? This is Longboat Key Club Moorings.
    We are entering the channel we will be there in about 15 minutes or so. Roger that captain. When you start
    coming in you’ll see our fuel dock straight ahead you’re going to turn to
    port and turn down the fairway we have
    you on m9 which will be the 6th dock on your
    port side Great! Will you have someone there to
    assist us? Absolutely I’m gonna send him out there about ten minutes okay. Sounds
    great thank you. yeah make sure you don’t have any loops in it.
    coil it up and then give yourself some line so when you throw it
    doesn’t have to uncoil that part. Make sense? Good? Like this? Yeah yeah. So this is one? Holy $hit that’s a big boat. hehe yep. so this will be our home for a
    little while while we learn to sail Are you going to be able to make the turn into this? yeah. You might have to backup. No? No, it should be fine. I would hit it in reverse. wooo. reverse, reverse. Hi, how’s it going? It’s going! We’re going the wrong way. I know. Do you want me to throw you my line?
    I’d rather that bow line. Ok. You can set your stern line while your there. How do I set the stern line? You got to watch over there. Grab that. Grab what? yeah Is it in reverse? No. It’s in neutral. Dockhand: Is it in reverse? Melissa: He says it’s not. He can just put it in neutral or shut it off.
    I’m gonna shut it down That’s The Boat Life! We live on a boat,
    in a marina. We even sailed here all by ourselves. Thanks for watching, we really
    appreciate it. If you liked it share it tell your friends, give us a thumbs up,
    check us out on Instagram and the Facebook for real-time updates. See you
    next time. That’s The Boat Life!


    VLOG l Busan, boating and Nande faces her fears in Korea

    October 11, 2019

    -Hi! My Name is Lona.
    -And I am Nande. …and we are in, Busan! Those are all friends, Rosa and Tiffany.
    – Rosa and Tiffany. They are going to say “hi” later. Say hello! They are waving at you guys.
    – 안녕하세요 (Hello) It’s the holiday season, the golden holiday week and we decided to come to Busan. To see the beach the ocean and the scenery around. It’s like literally 5:30 in the evening so the day’s almost over. So we just decided to start vlogging now! I think we can give you guys some good footage
    -Yeah The scenery here is good, the people are nice… Look, how cute is she? how cute is my baby! Ayy… Haha So there’s a new dance, that we’re still loading. Ok, its a bit of a remix to that Ours is this one.
    – We dont know how to do it yet. Alright, here we go.
    – I dont know how to do it So a friend of ours like taught us this dance. We just don’t know how to do it yet. Where’s Tiffany and Rosa? I dont know. Oh, there they are.
    Where are they? Down there. Do you guys want to go on the boat? They can take you on the boat it’s like ten thousand Won I think
    -Yeah that’s cool. They give you life jackets. You can ask for two or three though. I’ll be like, I want three coz I need to put three on. Three life jackets?
    – That’s right, one on my head, one on my shoulders… One on your left arm one you right arm… Yes!!
    -I need it, I need it Okay, lets row. Here we go!! 고맙습니다 (Thank you) Nande: Wait let me stabilize first… I need it to stabilize first. Just a low centre of gravity. …Ja, thats why i need it to stabilize.
    Ok! Shucks! What is going on?
    Sit down, sit down. Wait, wait… What was I thinking Dear God?
    -Record babe…haha Like I am freaked out… What was I thinking? I didn’t think this through. Babe, give me the camera.
    – I’ll record i’ll record dont worry… Ok now its recording. Guys I am scared for my life. So Lona’s now like rowing the boat so you guys can see and I am freaking out because this thing is so unstable If this thing capsize!!
    WoooW Baby… I wanna go back, I wanna go back! I wanna go back. Shucks, What was I thinking? That’s everyone else boating as well. Guys, Lona is so excited. *Sings* Row your boat 안녕하세요 (Hello) No no no… Are you not scared? Huh? are you not scared? 예 (Yes) Are you scared?
    – 예 (Yes) Alright, we’re also scared. Sorry.
    -No problem, no problem (??) I dont know!! 안녕 (Goodbye)
    -안녕 (Goodbye) My whole life, flashing before my eyes.
    I look so calm right now but I am panicking! This is what Nande would do when she dies. She would actually go out and start Youtubing. Snapchat my own exit. See, you’d snapchat your own deaf Ja, I would. Babe let’s sit in the middle.
    – I don’t want to do that. I dont want to try things. No we’re sitting in the middle, so we can both row and vlog at the same time. Babe look… Uyandi Panic(isa) babe
    *You’re making me panic* Hey? No, coz that means we’ll need to switch positions in the middle of the ocean. No like we’re gonna sit like them. I know, but its just the whole thing. It will be so, flawless. Haha you want to laugh at me!!
    -I do. You’re literally…
    – I am laughing at you, inside. Guys, I am so, so scared. *Singing* Row your boat …Life is but a dream!! Hey! Okay guys, now low-key im glad we did this. I’m like calmer than I was… 2 minutes ago

    BOX FORT HIGH SCHOOL!! 📦🚌 Gym Class, Dodgeball, Detention & More!
    Articles, Blog

    BOX FORT HIGH SCHOOL!! 📦🚌 Gym Class, Dodgeball, Detention & More!

    September 25, 2019

    box for its past for the counter you
    learned everything you need to know about making boxes do you guys know how
    much of an average roll of duct tape can hold up oh well you’ll learn it here
    I probably xbox for Academy there you go Easy’s get into bed
    are you sleep tight now don’t want you guys waking up in this hour
    Pappa Jake’s pop jukebox we’re building services how may I help you school you
    say yeah I don’t know about that I’ve got a lot going on right now between the
    red Legion and zombies it’s not really something I’m 40 rolls of tape for the
    school I was just putting my easiest to sleep but I think I could swing it 40
    rolls of tape you have yourself a deal I’ll gather Logan and we will build you
    a school you’ve had my word all right guys looks like you’re not going to bed
    I’m putting you on we’ve got a box for to build Logan get in here we’re gonna
    work you what’s going on guys Poppa Jake your front teeth with me and we are back
    with a brand new video and today guys we’re doing something that all of you
    have been asking for for a very long time Logan we’re going to school school
    school Logan that’s right we’re building a box for school so we can learn just
    here looking what’s 2+2 4 there you go Logan’s got the math down we’ve got a
    lot more to learn guys and a lot of you guys have been asking us to make this
    video and I’ve been super excited to do a full on out box Ford school we’re
    gonna have everything we’re gonna have a gym classroom we’re gonna have a science
    room a math room we’re gonna have like halls with lockers in them it is gonna
    be a full-on box Ford school if you happen to be brand new to the channel
    make sure you hit that subscribe button so you can join the Poppa Jake family we
    are over 4 million subscribers strong thank you guys again so very much for
    helping us get there and if you do decide to subscribe make sure you hit
    the little bell button it’s right down there beside the subscribe button and
    click the fun so you never miss an awesome video but guys here is what
    we’re dealing with alright so as of right now we use structures built down
    we’ve got this kind of big house over here a big school looking building it
    doesn’t look like a school but I think this might be a classroom I’m not
    entirely sure yet what I’m thinking guys is that we make a hallway all the way
    over to this building you check this out guys so you might remember this it’s
    gone through a lot of renovations but this I think is gonna be the gym because
    it is massive it’s also two stories so you have enough room to stand up in here
    you know this where we can go and play dodgeball do all the gym class stuff
    that you normally do and guys we have a lot of really cool and awesome school
    related gear that we’re gonna show you guys but that we’re gonna save that for
    when we start decking out the box board I think the most important thing right
    now is to get into building and start making our school alright guys so first
    thing on the list is getting this gym in working order we need to make sure that
    all of the inside is removed and also preparing the ceiling and the wall it
    looks like a tornado went through here this thing is falling apart so we’re
    gonna repair this first and then we’re gonna get working on the hall we also
    have to make our lockers we’ve got to make everything that a regular school
    would have so so that stuff’s gonna require some extra box for engineering
    but I think we’ll be able to do it alright check it out the gym is Kuechly
    you got the whole thing lit up with LEDs we’ve got the spotlights in here so it
    actually looks like a gym and this thing looks sweet we also went ahead and put
    markers on the ground so we know exactly where to be when we’re playing games
    like dodgeball and all that fun stuff like I said at the start of the video we
    have a lot of cool things and one of those is gonna be a full on out
    dodgeball match between me and Logan so now what we have to do is we have to
    connect this gym to the next classroom through a school hall with an entrance
    and filled lockers we got a lot of stuff to do guys in fact we’ve got so much
    stuff that I was talking to Logan like this would be an awesome series to
    continue boxboard school have like different classrooms different teachers
    different things to do if you guys like this and think this is an awesome idea
    swipe the like button down below let’s try and crush 50,000 likes and we’ll
    continue the series but let’s go outside and see what Logan’s up to while Jake is
    lighting the inside of the gym I’m gonna work on building the hallway that
    connects the gym to the main classroom so now we’re inside the classroom and
    this is the part that we have to check out because where all of our classes are
    gonna be in so as you can see we’ve already got this really cool lens here
    which we can use to kind of sit on and have our desks on here and then down
    here is where the teacher will teach with this big wall here we’ve got to get
    all of our cool gear in here and start decking this place out to not only look
    like the classroom but also function like one and I need to light this place
    because right now it’s kind of dark so I’m gonna start working on that while
    Logan continues to work on the hall and then we’ll reconvene when we’re done alright guys so we just did a ton of
    upgrades to the school I want to show you guys of what it looks like inside
    because this place is awesome we didn’t just make like a regular school alright
    this is a full-on college campus we got a flag but you guys know any proper
    school needs a proper flag so you got a flag out front and we’ve got everything
    inside the real schoolhouse so let’s go check it out before we do
    any more and I want to show you guys around the high school we still have a
    name box for its password Academy where you learn everything you need to know
    about making boxes this is looking single take dimensions do you guys know
    how much an average roll of duct tape can hold up or how long an average roll
    duct tape is well you’ll learn it here a poppet Xbox for Academy but guys check
    this out alright this is the main hall as you guys can see we got posters all
    around here we got things like are you stuck practice with a growth mindset
    past that guys though we’ve got our very taken walk yeah so you open it up you
    got yourself a nice little Locker inside so you put like our bags in here or
    anything like that but let’s check out the main classroom you this is where
    we’re gonna be learning everything and having all of our classes welcome to Fox
    Ford Academy all right this is lecture class numero 1 this is where you’ll
    learn everything from sciences the arts to box ology everything you need to know
    to become a master box floor builder and you might be thinking Papaji where are
    you gonna sit this is future technology a box for an engineering
    this is a box desk simply open it like this oh wow yeah slide here Oh
    and reassemble that’s you guys so nice type take notes anything you need while
    the teacher is doing this lecture and you’re sitting up but anyway this is the
    classroom here so this is where we’re gonna be doing all of our studying but
    guys you know the classroom isn’t the only part of any school oh no we’ve got
    the gym so let’s go check out the finalized gym over here you gotta go all
    the way to the other side of the school and when I say the other side of the
    school I mean that it’s all you all the way down there so I guess this will be a
    time lapse we’ll go over to the gym alright guys so here’s the gym I
    actually completely forgot we never cut the door to the gym so we’ve got to open
    up our gym door here let me go inside but as you can see the hallway is nice
    and big but to do activities in the gym we needed a bigger space so check this
    out – Surrey gym or we can play games like dodgeball basketball for this video
    though we’re gonna play some dodgeball but this is it look how big it is man
    even got the lines on the grass you know where you are but there’s so many
    possibilities and guys I want to remind you guys if you think that we should
    keep this build and keep adding on to it maybe do a billionaires box for or I was
    even thinking like this would be a sweet space station let me know in the comment
    section down below and smack that like button let’s try and get 50,000 likes on
    this video but now that we have our gym ready we have one more thing to do
    before this is officially a box fort High School where you gotta get our
    dodge balls in here now I’ve got over Dodge balls here they’re not inflated
    yet so let’s get these things inflated so we can use them in our dodgeball
    match 3 – what sorry guys we gotta dodge balls ready we’ve got the gym ready I
    think this school is officially done and it’s time to turn it over to the
    principal because we got this thing completed alright looks like she’s done
    we built yourself an entire school in record time now just hand over the keys
    job here is done now I don’t know what this talk about
    finishing no boxboard is well my question is where do you boys think
    you’re going it’s time for school you’re about to be late five minutes till class
    – better deck wait wait wait cook go to class no no we
    we were the builders we’re not students here you don’t want to end up in
    detention now do me you boys weep we built this place we’re not students no
    way yeah we’re not students we’re far done with school then that nonsense with
    that I know first educators can be quite scary now you get inside now all right
    now get I’m watching you best be going to class discuss that’s pretty serious
    he’s saying work that got his attention Jake I don’t want to go to detention I
    don’t either maybe we just go okay yeah we’re good we’re getting to class sorry
    about that must have been a misunderstanding
    Jake what do we do look I don’t know but I do not want to go to detention
    maybe we just just do this day all right it can’t be that hard it’s high school
    and Logan I’m a little bit worried because these lockers have our names on
    them do you think they really messed up and put us as students I don’t know how
    do we even know what class to go to well let’s take a look inside our lockers do
    we have oh okay a notebook and pen what are you out I just have a light not the
    greatest first day class maybe it has some info on our schedule in here right
    here 9:00 a.m. our first class is science with mr. shmoo all students
    please head to your first class why does that name sound familiar
    I don’t know but look we got to get to class now or we’re gonna be late come on
    describe what you can we’ll go we’ll share each other’s notebooks come on all
    right this is our first class I’ll take my seat here welcome come on we made it
    just in time all right science class all right I’m gonna take
    some notes do you I don’t have any paper hello children and welcome to my class
    my name is professor smear you can call me the professor smooth that’s spelt s
    and E smear today I’ll be teaching you about science
    that’s spirit see no please please please be up we get
    it we get it science no no more we don’t need it spelled out
    if you think you’re smart enough to skip the introductions then I suppose we can
    do so I have prepared all of you a lab assignment for today Oh Abba Simon your
    objective is to complete it with a partner create a concoction and learn
    about science but if you fail you will be going to the e T shine the engine if
    will pass begins attention how is that even fair good luck I guess we’re
    partners on this do you know anything about science I don’t know anything
    about science but here I have two kin well let’s just make slime that’s a
    super easy science experiment there’s no way we can mess that up right now I’m
    happy the slime activator I’m gonna add some of these things I don’t really know
    why but I think I’ll make it look cool here goes nothing whoa whoa okay all right no self never
    do that again Oh my eyes closed what are you doing get
    out of my class right now okay well I think we’re late for gym class anyway
    welcome to Moscow right now or get detention
    all right ready for gym class Oh God but in gym class
    I’m gonna give teacher whoa it looks like very qualified gym teacher
    you guys know Avery good hands with JIT with gym class Bob kiss I pretend chin
    in this life so I think there’s an age first lesson you guys will play
    dodgeball I’m moving finish bag burritos other side I’ll come back in you know
    you get graded and stuff so yeah Jake let’s do what the man says okay I don’t
    want to go to detention all right well looks like we’re playing
    dodgeball you know I used to be sort of the dodgeball King back in the day you
    ready to take me on Logan Jake you’re going down all right three
    two one you’re going down – let’s see what you
    got buddy hey as what we see we ditch this class play a little bit of hooky I
    mean he’s gonna be out there for a while – yeah cut up for you but I’m tired of
    getting hit in the face with dodgeballs look I knew this class would be boring
    so I brought this from home what is it it’s an ultimate fidget pack let’s see
    what’s inside check it out please it’s a fizzy cube hey you kids
    what are you doing out of class hey mr. principal oh we were just on a bathroom
    break that bathroom great you two are going to detention
    oh no he’s sending us to detention

    Trader Joes | Eating Pizza | Vlog | CHRISTAL GREER
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    Trader Joes | Eating Pizza | Vlog | CHRISTAL GREER

    September 25, 2019

    bad thing about this is it hurts two
    hands yeah so where we going
    the server yeah I don’t think chevre is something
    you can find anymore I keep trying to tell him that that’s ontology Gordon so so much hideously – Kampai yeah but
    Jamba Juice was a business and they obviously ordered it in boat which I get
    it oh they probably made it yeah and I already went to Trader Joe’s
    guys and there was no sherbert see like make your own French line trip that’s
    always kind of say we made French ever recipe baby
    now they can either ice-cream machine I think music you just baby look nice on camera
    and photogenic pink did you get a cheaper guys comment down below what you think
    he looks like oh yeah you do like me well they would look like you if there
    if you’re older which brother get a car leader car the one we’re just checking
    foot see stuff that you want
    so we retreated Jose now guys so I’m gonna follow he’ll be around see the ice-cream section is this way this is where all the fruits and India yeah but I’m telling you they don’t have
    it lime it’s robbing like the kind of move
    far nobody did you see that right they’re kind of really like grapefruit
    like it’s fat-free like it frozen right the shippers aren’t here though
    and I’ve seen said that sherbert but there is not only
    one is mango nation that’s the same one from when I came here the borders though
    I did not become big mango go go with this I know but I didn’t that’s easy to
    find the man I didn’t come here for that I came
    through for you Oh while we’re here can we get some of
    my spicy so yeah guys there’s no sugar I told
    no sugar you can’t find it and the funny thing is if you can’t find it in these
    kind of supermarkets you’re not gonna find it at all
    to the audience so vie for the jurors
    you could take that one I guess but look at the line Oh
    no I said it goes by far some as well it’s like mango mango slices
    how to make it I don’t think they have anymore
    the mango slices it looks like this but it has like the spice on it when they have the regular ones they never intend to do thirty
    I know this has sugar I don’t like this I was looking for you the upper tomato thing that
    and then to wait on the life oh my god I don’t like that I’m not
    coming so please and then I want I knew that the guys walking over to the
    island I still don’t buy it these
    by really Oh
    by some rectangles a always look for the Aged because you
    know I know some people I’m a vegetable I only have this yeah China I’m trying to eat healthy unlike
    this guy Oh I’ll take an iron myself so you have keep being shy guys outside they’ll take
    over this whole block Zach another thing why you Lord are you people away on vacation somewhere but you know
    like but I’m gonna just show them our slices people look at me sir – you are not
    Shaitaan I I am somebody needs actually give you a camera and Yahoo I could be in the shower too I want to be you’re in it now all right now let me just show you how
    the and we’re gonna keep going and this is vegetable I think we’re about to do we’ll check
    y’all interface you

    Who Can Catch the BIGGEST FISH in 30 Mins?!
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    Who Can Catch the BIGGEST FISH in 30 Mins?!

    September 24, 2019

    (upbeat music) – So we are going to have
    a fishing competition between Ty and my dad. – I’m the best fisherman. – Oh yeah, that fisherman
    hat looks amazing. So all three of us are
    going to have fishing rods and we’re going to throw our
    bait in at the exact same time. In 30 minutes, whoever can
    catch the biggest fish, I mean, if you can even
    catch a fish in 30 minutes. – Yeah, so basically, you
    can only catch one fish. That’s it. So if you catch one fish, you’re done. We measure it, we see whose is bigger. After 30 minutes, if
    you don’t catch a fish, well, obviously, you lose. – Yeah, but the one rule is, is you have to take the
    fish off with your hands after you catch it. – With your hands! I don’t know about that rule. – Ty hates touching fish. – [Dan] He’s so scared of fish. – So scared of fish. – [Dan] That’s not really a rule. – [Lincoln] No, it’s not. – [Dan] I’ll help you take it off, because I know how terrified you guys are. – [Dan] Okay, Ty’s
    going to be right there, Lincoln’s going to be right there. I’ll throw mine out, but
    I’m going to give you guys a little bit of a head start.
    Three, two, one, start! (whistle blowing) You’re just dropping it
    straight down under the boat. Okay, there’s one strategy. Lincoln, did you just drop yours? – Uh, no, it’s over there. – [Girl] I’ll fish, too! – [Dan] You threw it out, okay! – [Girl] I’m fishing, too! – [Dan] All right, I’d
    better get mine out. – [Ty] I got one, I got one! – [Lincoln] A fish? What? – [Ty] Aw, he had it in his mouth. Look, he’s going for it! – [Dan] What the heck! Stay there, I’m coming. – [Ty] Look at this one! I barely have had to
    put this in the water, look at this fish, comes right up. – [Dan] Oh my gosh, is
    that the one you want? – [Ty] Right up, no. – [Dan] Oh my gosh! – [Ty] There he is. (Dan laughs) – I don’t want that one though. – [Dan] Pick a new spot, then. – Dang it, I saw a big fish right here! – [Dan] Dang, man. – He’s right there, ugh! – [Dan] That guy’s gonna eat it, unless you move somewhere else. – [Ty] Lincoln, be careful! – [Dan] Where’s yours at? – [Ty] There’s a small
    one coming over there. – Coming over here? – [Dan] That fish was
    attacking it, Lincoln. He was just jumping up out
    of the water to get it. – [Lincoln] That poor fish. You’re going to head out on the ski boat? – [Dan] Okay, Ty is changing positions. He’s moving over to this side of the boat. Good luck, Ty. But not that good of luck, though. Oh, it’s the same fish! – Got him. I got him, dang it!
    No, no, he spit it out! – [Dan] Oh my gosh. – Hallelujah! (Dan laughs) – [Dan] It’s too easy! – [Ty] I need to be out back here. – [Dan] Oh jeez, what? – I’m the best fisherman ever. (Dan laughs) – Woo! – [Dan] Lincoln’s got it! I hope it’s small! – [Ty] I hope it’s tiny! – [Dan] It’s bending that rod, though! – What is it? (suspenseful music) – [Man In Blue Tank Top]
    Kissed the house boat. – I don’t think this reeler works. – Yeah, it does. Wait, let me see. You go like this, look, push it like that. – [Dan] Ty is teaching
    Lincoln which way to reel. – Push it this way? – Yeah.
    – [Dan] That’s it, that’s it! Oh, it’s bending it a lot, Lincoln. That might be a big one! – [Ty] Do you have any image? – [Dan] Smart fish. – [Ty] That pole, jeez! – [Dan] Why can’t you reel it in? – I don’t know. – [Dan] Does it have a
    ton of slack on that? That’s bending it a lot. – [Ty] Oh, there it is, there, keep going. We’re on, just pull up, pull up. There you go, see it? – [Dan] Oh, that’s a catfish! – [Lincoln] Oh boy! – [Dan] Oh boy, catfish. – [Ty] Pull it up, pull it up, pull it up! Get it up here, Lincoln. – [Lincoln] Where is it? – [Ty] Pull, reel, reel! No, other way, other way! – [Lincoln] Other way, dang it! – [Dan] Lincoln, stop reeling
    the wrong way, it breaks it! – [Ty] Slow down, slow down! – [Dan] Oh, Lincoln. You get so excited, you break the pole. – Yeah go for it, there
    you go, keep reeling, keep reeling, keep reeling! – [Lincoln] Where is it? – [Ty] It’s coming! I see it down there. – This thing is huge! – [Ty] Keep going!
    – [Dan] That’s a big boy. – [Lincoln] I see it, oh my! – That’s a big fish. – [Dan] That’s a big one. – [Ty] Do you want to get
    the net and I’ll do this? – [Lincoln] Yeah.
    – [Ty] So you can get it. – [Lincoln] Yeah, yeah, yeah, thanks. – [Ty] Oh my gosh! – [Dan] There’s too much
    slack on that reel, I think. It needs to be tightened
    up, it’s just pulling it. Oh man, he is strong. Get it, Lincoln, dip it! – [Ty] Pull up! – [Dan] Scoop it! – [Lincoln] Yes! – [Dan] Oh, it’s a big boy! Look at that cat!
    – [Ty] Here, let me see. – [Dan] Oh that is so big. All right, we’ve got to measure him. – [Lincoln] That thing is massive! Come on buddy, breathe, breathe! – [Dan] How do we measure this guy? We need something to measure it with. – [Man In Blue Tank Top] Are
    we going on length or weight? – [Dan] Probably length
    because we broke the scale. – [Lincoln] Breathe! – [Man In Background] Okay. (Lincoln yelling drowns out speaker) – Oh, oh, yep, he’s good. – [Ty] Want me to hold the camera? – [Dan] Yes, don’t drop it.
    – [Lincoln] He is alive. – [Woman] Grace, do you want to come look? – [Lincoln] It’s caught
    on the net I think. That thing is huge! (girl yelling is drowned
    out by other speakers) – [Dan] Stop spinning, buddy. – [Woman] Do you see it? – [Lincoln] All right, yeah,
    I’ll take that as my catch. – [Dan] Where is the hook? There it is! – [Woman] Look at it! – [Lincoln] London, stop. – [Dan] London, stop spraying us! Don’t spray us! – [Lincoln] Here, put it
    in the water for a minute. – [Dan] Okay. – [Lincoln] Oh my gosh! Look at that thing! – [Ty] Yeah, Lincoln! – That thing is huge! – [Dan] Dang, man, that’s a big fish. – Pick it up, Ty. You gotta get it out of there.
    – Nah, I’m good. – You gotta get it out. – [Ty] No, just put it in the water! – [Lincoln] Here, I’ll touch you. – [Dan] Okay, Taylor, you are the judge– – [Lincoln] Yo, you’re slimy! – [Taylor] All right all right. – [Dan] You girls are the
    judge, so see how big that is? That’s Lincoln’s fish. – [Taylor] Wait, hold it
    down, put it down here. Put it up against the– – [Woman] Want to cut a
    piece as long as it is? – [Dan] Nah, let’s just let him out. – [Taylor] Dan, you know we
    could just do this with the net! (woman laughs) (cheering) – [Dan] Okay that’s how big it is. – [Woman] All right, that’s pretty big. – [Ty] That’s probably about a foot. – [Dan] Okay, we’re letting him free. See you, buddy! – [Lincoln] Don’t get
    caught on another line! – [Dan] See ya! Oh, he’s going straight down. Straight down. Lincoln, that is impressive. – I got that so deep. I got that, it was– – [Dan] Okay, we’ve still
    got about 20 minutes, Ty We’ve got to catch up here. – It’s hard to catch up! – [Dan] Yeah, we gotta catch it. – [Woman] It’s so big! I’m just going to catch the same fish, then I know I won’t lose. Okay,
    Ty’s got one, Ty’s got one! How is it, does it feel big or small? Come over this way, come on the back deck. Oh, that looks big! – [Ty] It’s big. – [Dan] Oh boy, oh boy, it’s
    pulling your, you got, oh jeez! I think that’s– – [Lincoln] Pull! – [Dan] Ooh, that’s a big boy! There’s another fish following it! – [Ty] I got, I feel like I’m bigger! – [Dan] That looks like a bigger catfish. – [Ty] Look at that, look at that! – [Man In Blue Tank Top] Oh, I think that one might be bigger. – [Taylor] Oh, that one’s big. That one’s way bigger. – [Man In Blue Tank Top]
    That’s a bigger fish. That’s a trout, though. – [Taylor] According to the judges– – [Lincoln] No, that’s a cat. – [Man In Blue Tank Top] That’s a catfish. – [Dan] Wow, that’s a beast! – [Lincoln] Honestly, I
    thought there was no way anyone’s going to get a
    bigger fish than mine. – [Dan] Here we go! That’s a fat one! – [Man In Blue Tank
    Top] What do you think? – [Taylor] Bigger, bigger.
    – [Dan] Look at this guy. – [Man In Blue Tank Top] Same fish? – [Taylor] No, bigger. – [Dan] Ty’s is bigger? – [Girl In Purple Shirt]
    It’s bigger, yeah, it is. – [Ty] It looks fatter. – [Taylor] Sorry, Lincoln. – [Dan] Oh, there it goes.
    – [Ty] Oh yeah, that’s bigger. – [Dan] He’s a goner. – [Ty] Woo! – [Dan] Ty has now taken the lead. – [Girl In Purple Shirt] I really thought you had that, Lincoln. – [Lincoln] I know, I was so obviously– – [Dan] I only have about
    ten minutes to catch one. Time is running out! – [Lincoln] I was just
    thinking, there’s no way anyone’s going to get
    a bigger fish than me! – [Dan] And then, bam! Ty does something epic. – [Ty] Dan just– – Ah! – [Man In Blue Tank Top] Can you see it? You can totally see it! – It’s so big! – [Man In Blue Tank Top] He’s so huge! – Check it out, Ty! – [Ty] Dan got a big one. (yelling) – [Ty] That’s definitely a– (speaker is drowned out by yelling) – [Lincoln] It’s so big! (laughing) – I got the smallest one. Sorry, I didn’t know. I was trying to trick the boys. – [Man In Blue Tank Top]
    But it’s not a catfish. – [Man In Background]
    But it’s not a catfish. – I caught the biggest non-catfish. – [Woman] Grace, do you
    want to touch this one? – [Dan] Taylor, is this the biggest? – [Taylor] I think it might, actually. – [Woman] Do you want to touch it? – [Taylor] It’s pretty close. – [Ty] Good job, Dan. – I did it, I caught one. – [Dan] I caught a bass, what kind of fish is that, just a bass? – [Man In Background] A bass.
    There he goes. Sorry, buddy. ♪ We are the champions. ♪ – [Dan] Let’s hear it! Where’s Lincoln? There you are. Okay, Taylor, give him the trophy. – Here you go, Ty. (cheering) – [Dan] Ty’s the champion,
    there’s the trophy. Lincoln, better luck next time. Ty, for the second time
    at Lake Powell, again is the king of giant fish at Lake Powell. The kid catches giant fish. If you haven’t seen that
    video, we’ll link it right here and you can watch it, but let us know what you
    guys thought about that. Have you ever caught a
    fish bigger than that? I don’t think so.

    VY QWAINT LEAVES SPY NINJAS SAFE HOUSE! Fails Lie Detector Test Challenge Proving She’s a Hacker!
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    VY QWAINT LEAVES SPY NINJAS SAFE HOUSE! Fails Lie Detector Test Challenge Proving She’s a Hacker!

    September 22, 2019

    What’s up Spy Ninjas! We just unmasked a Project Zorgo hacker and it turned out to be Vy! All the signs point to that Vy Qwaint is working with Project Zorgo. So we’ve got her hooked
    up to a lie detector test. We’ve got the lie detector expert Daniel, we’ve got Regina–
    That’s right. Behind the camera.
    It’s me! And we’ve got Vy, who
    if she lies three times, she loses the lie detector test. And what does that mean Vy? I’m kicked out of the Spy Ninjas! So don’t lie. This is probably the most
    important lie detector test we’ve ever done, I had to make
    sure the readings are 100%. Sensors to the brain Daniel,
    we’ve never done this before! He’s gonna give us a true reading. It might be possible that
    our own Spy Ninja has been working with our biggest enemy! You guys are making a huge mistake! We’re almost ready, I need
    one more thing though. Okay, what should be the
    first question that we ask Vy? Huh, whoa!
    Whoa! Let’s do it. Lie detector Daniel right here. Vy’s laughing because she
    thinks this is some sort of joke but this is super serious. It’s kinda cute, Daniel thinks he’s like a
    really good lie detector. He is, she’s doubting your skills Daniel, she’s trying to throw you off your game. She said cute, you’re free to go Vy. Just kidding, of course not. I’ll take the camera. We were just at PZ9’s training facility. I unmasked hacker, and the hacker was you! Vy we were trying to
    help you find your phone, we were on your side, and
    the next thing you know, you’re a hacker! Why were you dressed up as a hacker? There were like 30 hackers
    at the training facility. We were completely outnumbered! They had a better chance
    of finding my phone. That’s why I wore the hacker mask and the hacker outfits so
    I could find it quicker. Let’s see here, and the
    test is looking like. You’re telling the truth Vy. Ooooh.
    Yes, I’m telling the truth. That just means you
    have more confidence in Project Zorgo than the Spy Ninjas! You gotta have confidence in us! I do but it was taking too long! Next question, Vy, remember
    when Justin was here, there was a group of
    hackers getting together. You were one of those
    hackers, look at this video right here! Tell us who this is right here. Yeah.
    That one right (ding)
    there. Look at those (ding) pants, look at those (ding) shoes, and look
    at that (ding) ring! Who is that hacker? That hacker was me. (gasp) Is she telling the truth? I don’t know if I wanna know the truth. The machine says… (intense music) True. (gasps) This is the second time we
    caught you as a hacker now. – [Regina] Behind our backs! There is a reason, you guys
    just have to trust me, you– Yeah, yeah we’ll trust you once you answer all these questions. Vy since that you admit that is you, why were you standing there? What was the mission for that day? We had to figure out who PZ9 was, and that’s what I’m doing. – [Chad] Is she telling the truth Daniel? Wait a minute, what? The machine says it’s half true. What does that mean Daniel? There most be something more. What are you not telling us? I answered the question. There’s something else
    you’re hiding I think. You know what Vy (sigh),
    right now we’ll just count that half true as a truth but if you do that again, I’m
    just gonna count it as a lie. Full truth only. How long have you been
    a Project Zorgo member? Our whole lives, since we were married? Justin did marry us after all, and he had some involvement with Project Zorgo. I’m glad you acknowledge
    that your life started when you married me. (dramatic music) That’s not the point Vy! Quit changing the subject. The answer is, three months. Daniel.
    Oh my gosh. I don’t know that sounds suspicious. Look at that reading, the heart rate. You can see that, right Chad?
    Yeah. But I think. It’s the truth! It says true.
    You think? Daniel you need to be sure! Were you moving your temples? No, no, what?! She was moving her finger a little bit. It does say 98% true. But still Vy, for three
    months you never told us. Why would you not tell us? There’s a reason why
    I can’t tell you guys! Ugh, just next question!
    Tell us Vy! Vy. Hey, hey!
    Whoooa, she’s– She did that on purpose!
    No, am I– She removed her temple! I have to when I talk, my temples move! – [Chad] Mmm. Mmm, I don’t know. Why did you join Project Zorgo? Just tell us why! Gosh darn it. You guys I can’t tell you, you– (gasps) Daniel, maybe you gotta upgrade
    your equipment, it’s just not working properly.
    No. I can’t tell you guys that. It’s not the right time;
    you guys have to trust me. When is the right time, Vy, never? If you don’t give us an
    answer, that’s a lie! Are you sure you don’t wanna tell us? Three lies and you’re out
    Vy, you really wanna do this? (intense music) Yes, I’m sure, I-I-I can’t, I can’t do it. – [Chad] Lie number one, okay, let’s go. We gotta go. Okay what– What is up with her? I can’t believe she didn’t tell us what the true answer was. We’re like a family here, we can’t keep secrets from each other! And I can’t believe
    she won’t even tell me, her husband, she’s been
    doing this for three months and she hasn’t even
    told me this whole time. I definitely don’t wanna kick
    her out of the Spy Ninjas, she better not lie again. Two more lies, we have
    to kick her out because being a Spy Ninja means
    honesty, loyalty, and bravery. If you’re not honest,
    you can’t be a Spy Ninja! So she’s gotta keep telling the truth. Next question Vy. Whoa, wait a minute, I just
    realized, I was undercover as a Project Zorgo
    member a few months back! Were we both working with
    Project Zorgo, together?! And remember when they
    gave you the exit ceremony? That was like, one or
    two months ago Daniel. They made you eat dog food. Was that your idea? (Regina gasps) You planned out all those
    horrible things to happen to me! Tell us the truth Vy. I was there, I was hiding in the box! She was there! (claps) I was hiding in the box, there’s proof! On my vlog channel! You were probably sitting
    there laughing at me. I was trying to help you, it
    would have been a lot worse if I didn’t help you. They would’ve given you worms. Is Vy telling the truth Daniel? Looks like… (intense music) It’s true, thank goodness. I got the next question. You were the only one that
    has ever snuck into the Project Zorgo basement. You know the one with the
    black walls where they did the exit ceremonies, why is that? Regina, do you not watch my vlog? I do, I do, everyday! Let me see your phone Regina,
    you’re not subscribed! Sorry, subscribe again! Oh, okay, here’s what you do. You go underneath this video,
    hit the subscribe button, make it turn gray, make sure the bell symbol is ringing also, here. Oh. Now that you guys are all
    subscribed, how I got into the basement, is that I followed PZ2! And he went under that
    little tunnel thing that only little tiny people can
    fit, and that’s how I get in! It’s almost as if you told Project Zorgo, “Make the entrances small
    so we can’t follow you.” What are you talking about?! How do you think I have
    that kind of control over Project Zorgo? – [Chad] Is she telling the truth? (intense music) It looks like she’s telling the truth. We’ve got some juicier questions coming. You remember that video we
    made where we were trying to open that unbreakable
    box filled with $10 000? I came home the other day
    and you know what I found? This!
    (Regina gasps) And it’s empty! Do you know what happened to the $10 000? – [Regina] She’s struggling
    guys, look at her. Her heart rate’s increasing. She’s getting all sweaty. (groans) (intense music) I took it outta there. (gasps) Wait.
    You took the $10 000?! She lying, she telling the truth? Let’s see let’s just see.
    Oh dear, ah. It’s true!
    Oh no. How could you do that? Why would you steal from the Spy Ninjas? There’s a good reason for this. I can’t tell you guys! The next question is, why did you steal it Vy? Uh. – [Regina] Oh my gosh. Tell the truth. (intense music) You’ve already told one
    lie by not answering. I can’t tell you guys that! You have to!
    Vy. If you don’t tell us, that’s
    gonna count as another lie Vy, that’s gonna be two lies! You guys know I am very logical. I wouldn’t do anything crazy. We didn’t know that you
    were with Project Zorgo. Joining Project Zorgo is not very logical. Ooooh.
    And taking money! – [Regina] Ooooh!. And not answering the question! – [Regina] Ooooh! And not telling us everything. – [Regina] Ooh. Ugh, you guys, just trust me on this! I can’t tell you guys right
    now, but there’s a good reason for this, you guys gotta trust me! Vy, you got three seconds
    to tell us, otherwise it counts as another lie. Three. – [Chad & Daniel] Two, one. (intense music) Ugh, Vy! That’s a lie! That’s lie number two! Oh my gosh.
    I can’t do it! You’re one lie away before being kicked out of the Spy Ninjas. We don’t wanna kick you out of the Spy Ninjas, okay?
    No. We want you to be with
    the Spy Ninjas forever! Just tell the truth from now on okay? Please, we need you. I can’t do this.
    Be on our side. Give me the camera. What would she still the $10 000 for? I don’t think she’s in any
    debt, she doesn’t owe anybody any money, I have no idea! Wait, how much are Teslas? She wants a new Tesla right? Ever since Joseph Banks transformed out into Delorean.
    That’s true! You can’t get a new
    Tesla for $10 000 though so I don’t think that’s it. Maybe she’s planning my birthday! Could be. Uh, no your birthday
    already passed, I think. That’s true, it was in March. I knew that. She’s definitely up to
    something, let’s just keep asking more questions, she’s
    one away from being kicked out. I really hope she doesn’t lie anymore, I don’t wanna kick her out. Have you been working
    for PZ9 this whole time? Did you give PZ9 your
    phone, was this all a trick? You left it in the house on “purpose”. How could I have left it on purpose? Chad was the one that put it up there. Yeah but you were pretending
    your phone didn’t get any signal, and you were like, “Chad, put it up some more high.” You tricked me into putting it up there. Great impression Chad, yeah. You know Chad, Daniel
    was the one who was like, “We need more signal” and why
    would I want work with PZ9? (rock music)
    He’s loud, he’s obnoxious, I can’t stand him! He’s egotistical, he’s loud,
    did I say that already? He thinks he’s the best fighter, he sucks! He calls me a spicy senorita, I don’t even like this guy!
    Okay, okay okay okay! Okay? So you’re saying, you didn’t put the phone there on purpose. No. – [Chad and Regina] What does it say? Only one way to find out. (intense music) Vy, oh, oh. You’re telling the truth. Oh. You’re telling the truth.
    Okay. Wait, Daniel, why did you hesitate? Is this whole entire thing even necessary if Daniel is not even sure about his readings right now? Just, I never seen
    somebody so nervous before. The readings! I’m not nervous!
    I feel the sweat. I don’t sweat! – [Chad] Your lie detector
    test is falling apart! I don’t even know if
    it’s working right now. Maybe that’s what it is! You need to keep your head still okay? I think you’re moving it on
    purpose to get false readings! Yeah. You’re hiding something. (tapping) Next question.
    (phone rings) Regina, your phone’s ringing. – [Regina] Who is it? It’s Vy calling! – [Regina] Vy? How are you calling Regina right now? I don’t know, who has my phone? PZ9 has–
    PZ9! He’s calling you Regina, using Vy’s phone! Answer it! (beep)
    PZ9, what’s up? Just checking in on my
    least favorite Spy Ninjas! Where’s my phone PZ9? Give me back my phone!
    Hold on, hold on. What’s that dumb looking
    thing on your head Vy? It’s a lie detector test PZ9. Oooh, looks like someone
    lost their Spy Ninja trust! Thanks for letting us know about Vy. You’re oh-so-welcome Daniel. Hold that note out Daniel. Did you just thank PZ9?
    Yeah. What is going on here? PZ9 remember in the board game challenge? The winner got the third envelope? Well it turns out Vy
    swapped it, with a fake one! But we finally got the
    real one right here. Oooh, what a dirty trick
    Vy, you’re so evil, hahaha! And it says, Vy Qwaint has
    betrayed the Spy Ninjas, you’re not holding it right Daniel. Anyway it says that Vy Qwaint
    has betrayed the Spy Ninjas. He can’t even hold this paper right. How are you trusting him to
    give me the lie detector test? It’s difficult, okay? Alright PZ9, I’m gonna hang up. Chad, I’ve been trying to
    figure out how to do thumbna– Vy, answer this question right now. How did PZ9 get that note,
    why would he send us that? That note right there
    is not completely true. PZ9 wrote that. Let’s see, is it true? Daniel, read it carefully. I’m trying, I need complete silence. (hushes)
    I’m quiet. (intense music) It’s true, it’s true.
    (gasps) Okay. So PZ9 did write that note. So Vy, okay my question is, why did you have the
    ending of the third clue in your backpack, which we stole? – [Regina] Were you trying
    to cover up your tracks? Yes, I swapped the third
    envelope out during the board challenge because PZ9
    has some tricks up his sleeve! You guys shouldn’t trust
    him, you Spy Ninjas at home should not trust him either. Let’s see if she’s telling the truth here. Are you smelling the truth Daniel? Does it smell like a lie?
    What does it smell like? My lie detector shirt
    smells a little different for some reason, it’s like
    someone was wearing it. Anyway… (intense music) It’s the truth! (gasps) Okay okay okay okay.
    It’s true. You’re on a roll with the truths Vy, I’m liking the way this is going because one more lie, and we have to kick you out. Regina take over! When you were in the park,
    you were talking to someone. Who were you talking to,
    why were you all sketchy? In the park, you guys were following me? That’s how we got the envelope. Who took the envelope out
    of my backpack, Daniel? Well, no I jus–
    Chad, Regina? Who did it? Chad tried at first and he failed. And then I tried and I succeeded. I can’t even trust you
    Spy Ninjas, oh my gosh! You can’t trust us? We can’t trust you girl!
    Yeah! You guys are following me. Answer the question, who are
    you talking to on the laptop? Who do you think? Your mom?
    No. Mama Vy? Answer the question Vy,
    who were you talking to on the laptop? (intense music) Former you guys, a hacker. (gasps) Is this hacker your friend, was it PZ2? I actually don’t know his number. Alright let’s see here. Okay, lie detector is saying. It’s true. Talking to a hacker, again! She’s replacing us with hackers. You were saying some
    weird stuff on the laptop to the hacker, you were
    like talking about pizza. (gasps) That’s not weird. Yeah remember when she
    ordered that pizza that one time when we were sneaking
    up on her in the backyard, the pizza never came! (gasps) You also mentioned
    pepperoni, and zucchini, what the heck does this stuff mean? They’re toppings. I don’t know Vy, zucchini’s
    not a pizza topping. Some people might like
    zucchinis as pizza toppings. Not you. And especially not– – [Regina & Daniel] Extra cheese. – [Chad] Oooh! What does pepperoni, zucchini,
    and extra cheese mean? What is that? Is that some sort of like,
    language you’re speaking? It means it’s a code. Code? Yeah, a PZ code. (gasps) You know their codes? I don’t even know their
    codes, you know I used to work for Project Zorgo! I got a question, zucchini? That’s not a pizza topping. Extra cheese, you’re lactose intolerant. You can’t eat any cheese. Tell me, what is the code? Keep your hands still. Pepperoni stands for Project. Zucchinis stand for Zorgo. That makes sense. Okay but– – [Chad & Daniel] Extra cheese. Project Zorgo eats crackers. No, that’s actually straight forward. Slang, street term, cheese,
    cheddar, Bill, William, Lincoln, Benjamins.
    Wait. Money, oh yeah cheese I
    have heard people say. I got the cheese, like I got money. That’s like an old slang term. It was probably sort of from
    the 80s (sarcastic laugh). – [Regina] Oh gosh, the worst. Wait Regina, the 80s were awesome! Not that I was old enough to know. Extra cheese, you were
    telling them that you had the $10 000, is she telling the truth? Okay. Extra cheese means money? (intense music) Yes, it’s true! We now know the answer
    to the last question that you weren’t willing to answer. You were giving the $10
    000 to Project Zorgo. – [Regina] Well this is
    even worse than we thought, we thought we were just
    gonna try and get a new car. Yeah this is really bad, I thought you were buying
    me a birthday present. Biggest question yet Vy,
    why did you give the $10 000 to Project Zorgo? I, you guys, I can’t tell you this one! Vy you have to tell us, we don’t want to kick you
    out of the Spy Ninjas okay? This would be the third lie if
    you don’t tell us the truth. So just tell us the truth so we don’t have to kick you
    out of the Spy Ninjas please. We won’t be mad, just
    please tell us, okay? Yeah we won’t be mad.
    Fine. We need you on our team. – [Regina] Don’t you wanna be a Spy Ninja? I do, I’m the original Spy Ninja! It’s just gonna ruin
    everything, all my plans that I’ve been working so hard on
    for the past three months! I can’t, I can’t tell you guys! Vy, you have to tell us
    otherwise it counts as a lie! You know how this works! You’re being so suspicious,
    I don’t like it! Yeah.
    You have to believe me, you guys have to trust me, I can’t do this! You know what that means,
    that means it’s a lie if you don’t answer and then we
    have to, we have to kick you out of the Spy Ninjas. Yeah. Don’t make me say it, I
    can’t do it, I can’t do it. We can’t keep, this
    can’t go on all night Vy, will you answer the question or not? (intense music) I can’t, I can’t. – [Regina] Oh gosh. Okay then, the test is over then. That’s it, that’s it,
    that’s three, that counts as three lies. I can’t! We both agreed when we
    made the Spy Ninjas that we’d always be honest with each other. We would not lie, honesty,
    integrity, bravery. It’s what the whole Spy
    Ninja team is built on! It’s loyalty not integrity. You’re not even saying it right! I know, something like that. But integrity, it has to do with honesty, it’s fine. Vy I really don’t wanna do this, but. You don’t have to do this. – [Regina] Oooh. Here, pack your stuff and
    leave the Spy Ninja safe house. You guys are doing this, you
    guys are actually doing this? I mean, Vy you did it, you
    didn’t tell us the truth. We have to follow the rules. You’re working with Project
    Zorgo, our worst enemy, the opposite of a Spy Ninja! – [Regina] Oh. Okay guys let’s go talk. Guys are we doing the right thing? I don’t know this seems
    really bad, and seems wrong. It really does, she
    looked so sad actually. Well I’m sad too, I don’t
    wanna kick her out but, like we said, Project
    Zorgo is our worst enemy, she’s working for them. Well maybe we should give
    her another chance guys, I don’t know, I feel
    really horrible about this. If there was a good
    reason she was working for Project Zorgo, she would have told us. I know, I don’t see why.
    That’s true. She has to be so secretive about it. Honesty is like the key
    tenant of being a Spy Ninja, you have to be honest. She’s not being honest. (sighs) Alright, well, let’s
    go say goodbye to her. (sad piano music) It’s time to say goodbye. Here, I’ll pack your sewing kit. Remember this sewing kit Regina? I used this to sew your
    bear back together, here you keep it.
    What? So when Mr, bear, use to sew his leg back. You keep that. Oh my gosh this, Regina, she’s, she’s sad. Daniel, you were the first
    person that we accepted in as a Project Zorgo member. Mhm. I can’t believe this is happening. I mean I can’t believe it either Vy. I seriously never thought
    this day would come. Then why are you doing this? I don’t wanna leave the Spy Ninjas. I don’t want you to either but it’s just, you’re working with Project Zorgo. How can we keep you on the team? (rustling) You say your goodbye Chad. Vy, I, I don’t know how to feel about this ’cause, (sighs) I-I feel, I
    feel just heart broken that you’re, that we have to
    force you to leave like, why did you lie, why won’t
    you just tell us the truth? Just tell us what’s happening. I know-I know you’re a
    good person inside but for some reason, yo-you’re
    doing something and you’re not telling us the
    truth, just, just tell us the truth so we don’t
    need to kick you out! I can’t, it’s for your own
    good, it’s not the time yet. I can’t do it, you have
    to trust me you guys. I-I (sighs) I do trust you
    but (sighs) the Spy Ninjas have rules, we have to obey our own rules. We can’t lie to each other Vy, that’s the most important thing. (sobs) Okay, (sniffles) I’ll just go then. Yeah Vy we really are going to miss you. Maybe, just quit Project
    Zorgo one day or something. Just, just tell us,
    tell us what’s going on. It’s, it’s not the right time. You guys have to trust me. We’ll, we’ll see each other again. – [Regina] Okay. (dramatic orchestral music)

    Towing A 700HP Boat With A Super Yacht!!! (Captain’s Vlog 92)
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    Towing A 700HP Boat With A Super Yacht!!! (Captain’s Vlog 92)

    September 17, 2019

    Hey guys welcome back to channel, welcome
    back to the vlog. If you’re new to the channel a big warm welcome. My name’s
    Tristan Morlock, this is captain’s vlog. A lot of the viewers, a lot of you guys
    have been asking: what do we do with the chase boat? Do we put it on board? Do we
    tow it? Does the chase boat captain drive it everywhere? I’m gonna answer all
    those questions in this video but before we get started I just want to let you
    guys know that if this YouTube channel the Super Yacht Captian YouTube channel
    reaches a hundred thousand subscribers by the 14th of September 2019 we will be
    donating ten thousand euros to charity and all you need to do is click that
    subscribe button and you’ll be helping to contribute to a very good cause. Also,
    if you wanna follow us on social media we’ve got the super yacht captain
    Instagram page and Facebook Instagram superyachtcaptain1. Facebook is just
    super yacht captain so you can follow us on both those social media platforms. So,
    in order to answer your questions, it’s not possible to bring the chase boat
    onboard AWOL. We simply don’t have the space or capability to carry it onboard. We
    transport it two ways if for any journey under an hour the chase boat captain
    David will drive it himself. For anything over an hour we tend to tow it and in
    this video I’m going to show you how we tow the chase boat how we connect it
    between the deck team and the chase boat captain they’re gonna talk you through
    the process of putting a chase boat in tow so really hope you guys enjoy this
    video. That’s 200,000 views already! We are in neutral There’s a terrible light tonight and that
    is your hundred thousand views right there!
    Whoo! You like that that Slav-meister So, this morning we’re going to be going
    to towing operations and how we do it on AOL, so
    Hey Barbarac! We first of all we attach two points of
    contact kind of evens the load out between each Radio: Jason we are stopped, David, you are clear to approach and connect the tender So, you were saying like two points of
    contact… Two points of contact so even the stresses of the load out while towing. So we attach it
    that side, bring it down What we tow with is 50 to 60 meters of Dyneema
    line. Super strong, so we attach that to this black line, then that goes to the
    chase boat. So… we then pass the other end of the
    black line through this and attach it to the other side of the vessel. It’s
    never good to have line on line contact and friction but we do monitor it and
    we’ve when we see it starting to get quite worn out we replace it. The reason
    for that is if we had a big metal ring or shackle on the end there’s always the
    chance that it can if we had to slow down or something it could go straight
    into the chaseboat and we end up with a massive dent. That’s Babs reconnecting on the other side there Always in our lifejackets, safety first
    here on AWOL. What I’m doing now is I’m just coiling everything nicely so that
    when we do attach the chase boat and start picking up speed there’s no… no
    snags, no knots or anything like that try and make the operation as smooth as
    possible. Try not to rush but it’s a perfect day so there’s not much swell. Barbara: I can only
    supervise because I don’t have my life- jacket so I have to stay here and just
    see them work. Though I’m here to be sure they are safe. Give it a little kick ahead. So, we’ve got
    three points of contact coming off the chase boat and then we attach it to the
    Dyneema this big attachment. Then once we’ve done that and we’ve got control of
    the chase boat David will cover everything on the chase boats trim the
    engines right up and then turn off all batteries and then he’ll make his way
    onto AWOL and then we’ll begin towing. Ready? Tristan, Tristan, David is onboard. Can I have a
    kick ahead please? Radio: Copy Is there any safety procedures while extending
    the line? I’m just making sure that I’m trying to keep the tender as straight as possible. Make sure the line goes up nice and smoothly as
    well as making sure i don’t get my foot or any part of me in any of the bites in
    the line. It makes like a noose around you and you’ll get dragged
    into the water. Yeah, feeding it out nice and slowly and then when the tensions
    almost up I’m gonna walk up the side of the steps. Get out of the way. Then communicate with the captain. Then just ensuring you’re behind the
    tow line at all times, just in case. So when the tension gets taken up I’m not
    in any danger That’s that for towing operations! She slides all over the
    place! Hope you guys enjoy that video. It gives
    you a better idea now what we do do with the chase boat when it’s when it’s being
    towed how we tow it how we connect it. As always guys if you did like that
    video please click the thumbs up button and please do remember to subscribe
    because we will be donating 10,000 euros to charity if the channel gets 100,000
    subscribers by the 14th of September 2019. And I look forward to seeing you all next

    Provisioning a Sailboat for 6 Months- Sailing SV Delos- Ep. 64
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    Provisioning a Sailboat for 6 Months- Sailing SV Delos- Ep. 64

    September 17, 2019

    Previously on Delos! Not knowing anything about rigging the boys give Delos a new rig while at the dock. What are you guys up to? We’re writing a shopping list. A massive shopping list. For like 6 months! And we’re putting it in categories. Really? It’s that big. What categories do you have so far? We’ve got dry goods, other stuff, cleaning products, toiletries… And snacks! You gotta have snack one. Spices and sauces, that’s a very important one. Peanut butter! Hey Hey everybody! While half of the crew was changing the rig the rest of us went provisioning. We already bought heaps of stuff in Malaysia but it was now time for a final massive provisioning. Our goal was to leave Thailand with enough food to last us for 6 months. Let’s do this people! Do we have any more white flour left? Yeah. I think we have like 8 packs or something. So we could just get like 100, or another big pack of earl grey. And then like a big pack of green tea. Well how many bottles of alcohol we drink per month so we can figure out how much sugar we need. Because that’s mainly what we use sugar for. And then we have to include some baking. How many bottles of alcohol will we go through a month? 10 we think so far… If not more! I would say like 15. So if we do 10 bottles a month…. So yeah. 6 kilos. 40 KG’s of sugar for 6 months. Just for the alcohol. So we’re off to do our first provisioning run! Oh man, it’s fricking hot. We’re sweating A LOT. And we’re going to go to Makro which is like a bulk food store. Big provisioning! So we’re gonna see our cruiser car now. And because when you rent a car you can either get like a regular car or a cruiser car. And a cruiser car is WAY BETTER. No power steering, no AC. Yeah. It’s usually a piece of shit from what I’ve heard but it’s cheap. And it’s exactly what we need. It’s a nice car. It’s the upgrade. F*uck yeah look at that thing. I haven’t driven a manual in a while! Let’s do this! Ummm. So we’re at our first stop. This is Makro which like a bulk foods store. Yes! You can see the trolley’s ahead. Like they’re massive. So we’re gonna try to find heaps of stuff. This is our first stop But like 4 or 5 stops to go to. So this is the start. But we have a list. Let’s do this! So we’re gonna go and get some canned foods first. We’re gonna come back here a few times. We don’t have a lot of space in the car so we’re gonna start with that and then check out if they have any good snacks here too. Snacks!!! That’s our mission! See you in a bit! Okay. Babs and I. We’re on the dry goods. Oh shit it’s backwards No it’s not! Dry goods. Okay so we’re gonna go this way. Perfect! Ah to the left, here. This is what we need mate! Big packs of rice. So here we are at Makro in Phucket and we’re actually meant to be filming in here so we’re trying to be real hush-hush about it. So we need 30 KG’s of rice. That’s like 15 bucks. Ha ha, for 30 kilos of rice. And that’s feeding 7 people for 6 months. And we’ve got 10 of these! Tea for Brady’s Kombucha. Yeesss! This store is f**cking awesome! Yeah so we can’t pay with credit card apparently so we’re trying to find an ATM to get 32,000 baht to pay with. And yeah, let’s go! We tried to withdraw enough cash but our daily limit didn’t allow us not our day today! So you’re not allowed to film in there unfortunately. We’re been for about 3 hours now F**ck tired. And apparently or unfortunately they didn’t take card either. So we had to like scramble together all our cash. I don’t know. We got it paid and we’re outta here! Let’s get the f**ck out of here! It felt insane to buy so much food. Funny thing is though when we made our shopping list we kind of half guessed the quantity we needed for everything. But at the store we followed the list religiously. Round 1 check! Put your feet in here I think we can fit you. Hi Karin! That was a f**cking shit show mate! Yeah. She’s pointing something. What? I think our car is too low or something is falling out. Open up the door. What? Are we too low? I don’t know. Oh flat tire! F**ck! Oh my god! You’re kidding me. Mate! It’s not flat. It’s defenitely not flat. I think we just need air. Nothing is working for us today. So we just pretty much all of the heavy shit out. of the car, all the cans and stuff. And um. We’re gonna go to the gas station and get some air in the tire and then come back, put everything in and see if it’s okay. Thank you! It works I think. We rented this today. F*cking cruiser car. That’s a cruiser car! Sweet, yeah perfect. Yeah thumbs up. So now we’re gonna go. Oh thank god! So now we’re go and eat something cause we’re f**cking starving. The car is full of stuff. And it’s now night time. We are tired! So we just putting everything into the boat. And I’m sweating ’cause it’s like 8,000 degrees in here. And yeah, it’s a hot one! The next morning we spent hours trying to organize our shopping. Even though Delos has a lot of storage space this was pushing it. It was only the beginning. And we were a bit scared everything wasn’t going to fit. Especially since we bought over a thousand beers in Langkawi. Yep, that’s how we roll. Beers first, survival later. Hello there! Hi! I’m making pancakes for breakfast. So we have pancakes, Swedish style. And I got some strawberries as well. We’re just putting all the cans away. We bought like 400 cans. F**cking mission! Yeah so we also managed to get, um, to use the freezer for the restaurant so we chucked all of the rice in there today which is good so we’re gonna go back today and buy some more flour and stuff which we also need to freeze. Which is awesome, ’cause we don’t really have much space in our freezer. And why do you freeze them? Because the eggs from the bugs are already in the package. So they will hatch and then you have like instead of rice you have a full bag of black bugs. We want to avoid that happening. So many tourists! The highlight of the day going provisioning is getting in the car with AC We’re gonna get um toiletries like 150 rolls of toilet paper. 100 boxes of milk. And all the other random crap that we didn’t get last time. That was our 3rd provisioning round and we still need more. Yeah we’re stil not ready yet. So we have a lot of stuff. So now we’re just going back so the boys can help us unpack and everything. In the V-Berth we put all cereal stuff. Sugar and flour some snacks and a lot of nuts. And as you can see all cubbards were full. Brady and Josje even had to clear out some of their things to fit it all. Ready to go to the store. Um, yes, yes very ready! None of us slept good for the whole good for the whole week. It was sooo hot in the marina with no wind. And of course when we could have used the AC it stopped working. My favorite time of the day was showering at the marina restrooms ’cause it had both AC and awesome showers. It saved me that week! (Music- Summer of ’69) We tried to buy toilet paper for the whole trip, but it takes up a lot of space. We decided that we were only allowed to use 1 square per time. You gotta plan ahead! So I think we did pretty good! I mean I don’t think we need to get much else apart from So I think we did pretty good! I mean I don’t think we need to get much else apart from…. And we still need like some dried fruit and that kind of stuff. Yup. And chick peas. We were so lucky to be anchored in the marina when doing our last provisioning. Imagine this load of stuff on dinghy rides back and forth. It saved us sooo much time! By the way, here’s the complete shopping list unedited! We’re here to pick up some stuff. Okay. Yeah I have to go a lot of times though back and forth. Cause it’s like a large pack. Is he there? Yeah. Okay, would it be better if we come back tomorrow? Shall we come back tomorrow is that better for you? Morning time. Morning yep. We’ll come back tomorrow morning. Okay. Let’s go to the other place that’s where we have most of it anyway. We have some stuff in your freezer. Pasta and rice. Rice? Yes. So we just are coming to get it. 4 days ago we put it in your freezer. Oh there he is! Hi, hello! Thank you so much! Come on Karin let’s go! Come on Karin let’s go! Hey hey hey! Pick up the pace ladies! Pick it up! Pick it up! What are you doing Max? Taping. Taping what? Chips! To the wall, or under my bed. This is my bed and this is my secret stash. Nice! We made it! Man, that was a lot of hard work. You guys helped us through it though. You had been buying us beer so Brian had a surprise for the last night. Japanese Sushi all you can eat buffet with drinks! We got so excited! 7 hungry sailors and two hours to eat as much as we could. I could not believe we were done shopping. The boat was defenitely lower leaving the marina then when we had arrived. We counted that we had bought 25 trolleys of food this week. Where did we put it all? I had never bought that much food in my life. What a unique experience though. Now Max had learned yet another new part of the sailing lifestyle. And preperation and teamwork is super important. Next up on Delos! We meet a local expat that owns a mexican restaurant. We go to a Ping-Pong show. And get ready to sail to India!