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    February 11, 2020

    Ben : We need to prepare to heck-in Ben : Ready? Ben : Pao are you going to kill somebody? Pao : May the IT force be with you Ben : Oh shit you can separate the bed with that!! Tam : Nah , it’s not
    Ben : Oh Really Ben : Ok it’s time to go , Marina cruise center Ben : We reach already same place Ben : and event happen again!! Ben : Ok event it’s happen with everyone in our team already
    Tam : Almost fuck dup with that!! Ben : This is first year of Tam
    Pao : and Pao
    Ben : Yes, you too Ben :Shall I take you tour a bit
    This is canteen that we come to eat everyday “Windjammer” Ben : Damnnn My High school friend : How come , why we meet here?
    Ben : Hahaha Ben : My friend again hahaha Ben : It’s really feel like come back home !!, I meet a lot of friend!!! Ben : I need to put my audience in this vlog Ben : and this is Thai people who watch my Vlog!! Yes I do!! Ben : I need to tell you first it’s not advertising or review , It’s my life!!! Ben : And now this sound call us to go to meeting Ben : Mama I’m so sorry , I’m still a man don’t piss off me with this hahaha Peach : Why I need to join this? Ben : So our costume look like Sailorman right? Ben : but you need to see it clearly what this be like Ben : Peach please act like a girl

    Leblon & Ipanema beach | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Travel Vlog)
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    Leblon & Ipanema beach | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Travel Vlog)

    January 25, 2020

    I’m in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil And now I’m going to show you guys
    what’s the best in town I lived here for close to 10 years so I know this city pretty well Good morning! We’re coming for breakfast
    today in a place I really like It’s a park in the neighborhood of Jardim Botanico
    called Parque Lage Here you have this contact with nature and it’s
    also a really beautiful place Christ the Redeemer! This place here was a sugarcane farm
    when the Portuguese first came to Brazil in the 16th century until in the
    beginning of the 20th century this mansion was built. Yes, this was a house! It was built by the family Lage hence the name And then in the second half of the
    20th century it became the Visual Arts School The most important art school in
    Brazil, and it was also like a political and cultural center for resistance during
    the dictatorship, the military dictatorship here in Brazil Here’s the beginning of the trail to Corcovado.
    Next time! Today I’d rather go to the beach This beach here is Leblon,
    it’s my favorite! It’s a very quiet beach Normally only those who live here in the
    neighborhood come here Cariocas from other regions or also tourists prefer
    going to Ipanema or Copacabana because of the hustle and bustle!
    Today I’m going to walk all this here, from one end to the other Over there there’s a canal which is the
    exact border between Leblon, back there and Ipanema here.
    Welcome to Ipanema! Today it was really hot! It was close to 100 degrees F So we stayed the whole afternoon at the beach,
    the water was perfect! So here to finish the day we came to Arpoador It’s right at the end of Ipanema We came here for the sunset and look at how many people had the same idea In the next videos: Sugarloaf, Christ the Redeemer, Barra da Tijuca, Copacabana, Maracana and much more!

    ABANDONED BEACH MANSION | Exploring El Partenon de NEGRO DURAZO Mexico 2018
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    ABANDONED BEACH MANSION | Exploring El Partenon de NEGRO DURAZO Mexico 2018

    January 24, 2020

    Man it’s beautiful! We made it…
    I can’t believe if we finally made it. Alright a little crash course in the
    history of this place as we walk on the outside. It was owned by a guy named
    Negro Durazo. Negro means black, and it was his nickname because he was
    extremely corrupt. He was working together with one of the
    presidents who was also known to be corrupt, and when the president switched
    he got thrown in jail for almost a decade He used taxpayers money to pay for things like this… which is generally
    pretty illegal, and so he spent ten years in jail for that. This property went to
    ruin. It was built in 1979, then it was abandoned in 1984, so it was only really
    active as a his party house basically on the coast for about 5 years. So it’s been abandoned for over 30, and Cody and I are pretty excited to finally be here. – It’s been a long time coming
    – Yeah man, and it was worth the wait.
    This place is amazing. – These statues are amazing right?
    – I think it’s my favorite part of this place One two three four five some missing heads but they’re actually real carved stone… because remember when he
    went to the Acropolis in Mexico City? – Ah yeah it was all like styrofoam? and it was all styrofoam statues… This… This is not Rock This is styrofoam… or asbestos I
    don’t know which one yet… – Styrofoam it’s not rock…
    So we’re stepping on these styrofoam pillars… Great… It’s probably hard to show on
    camera, but the size of these gates is enormous. I don’t know why you would need gates this size other than to prove a point… or
    to actually keep out a horde of enemies. Hold the camera? Actually here… take
    a run back so I can show… This is me. I am 2 and a half blocks… Look how tall this is! So the location itself was inspired by the architecture you see in
    Greece. It’s called the Partenon because there’s also Parthenon in Athens, in the
    Acropolis there. So when he built this place he decided to build it
    inspired by the actual Parthenon hence the name of the location. Wow, as we walk through the main entrance
    it’s all pretty much open-air it looks directly out into the Pacific Ocean. This
    is old Zihuatanejo here it’s a very beautiful part of town. The sun sets right
    down the middle so it’s basically all open-air. This was his summer home so, he’d come here to enjoy the beautiful weather and the Sun.
    All these pillars hold up a giant beautiful roof. There’s a second floor
    actually that I think has bedrooms? But if you look… this is where there was
    dinner parties. There’s the original table a little bit crack, but beautiful green marble. The ocean air would just sweep in through the pillars. People here would be dancing, having fun, maybe playing music and enjoying themselves. This is all original, nothing’s been restored. I’m assuming this is the fountain
    originally. Right yeah? It looks like water would come out of the top. How beautiful would that be though… You’re here, you’re having dinner at the table over there fountain going people playing music, ocean air like this…
    – it’s a perfect vacation home.
    – I think so! So, for Negro Durazo’s big dinner parties, this is where the food was made. They would whisk it out on a tray. The people would be
    enjoying themselves here at the table, and watching the sunset. You can see in the roof… I’m assuming these are where the chandeliers were hanging in the past but things like that wouldn’t withstand the time, and the wind
    and the weather as well as the stone would. These are the only stairs…
    – The only stairs… super weird.
    – Have you been up to the second floor yet? – No let’s go
    – Me neither. I was waiting for you actually See… interestingly enough,
    there’s a lot of beautifully sculpted stone. Like the pillars out there… and the
    statues… and there is stuff like this which I think was done as a design choice,
    because these are chisel marks right? Look at this. This isn’t natural. It’s natural it’s in the fact that it’s not painted, but it looks like they
    they did that on purpose to make it look like it’s older than it actually was and
    this is over the entire building… this kind of like patina we would call it.
    The way the wear and tear looks all cracked and destroyed, but it’s actually made
    that way to look like it’s old. But then you have stuff like this. These kind of
    unnecessary designs. This is really beautiful and not really necessary for
    any reason other than just making it look nice All these these carved ropes in the way up Alright so second floor… There’s
    mirrors on the ceilings? There’s only generally one reason why you have
    mirrors on the ceilings… Wow actually I’m really impressed with how
    how well this this has lasted, this is all wood right? Carved wood. Wooden closets… still some cabinets… still look the mirrors are still intact. You know
    how rare it is to go to abandoned places with still with no graffiti and still
    having a lot of glass? Look at this amazing entrance to the bathroom.
    Oh! I heard a bat… yeah. Look at this! I didn’t even see this when I walked in. Yeah this looking so good for being abandoned for
    so long I walked in this room and I heard “Squeak Squeak” Oh! Hear it? Probably up in the light socket. A cute little one? – Yeah a cute little one
    – Let’s keep it as a puppet!
    – Haha a pet *Scream*
    *Laughing* Is he still cute? Yes – Centauro
    – He is right? He’s half horse. I wonder if this is his depiction
    of himself I wonder if this is Negro Durazo and he had himself painted
    as a horse. – It’s the motor there right? And the beam.
    It probably wrapped up there…
    – Oh, you’re right! Jordan was looking up inside these
    little fixtures there’s a pole, and you can see the gears and the chain. That’s
    totally what it was though. If you look inside there’s the beam,
    there’s the gears and they were for sun shades to protect from the setting
    sun. It’s a pretty simple property though, right? So there’s the upstairs which we’re assuming is these beautiful bedrooms, there’s only 4. Only one staircase and in this giant open area, which was for parties. The pool.
    I mean it’s a party home really, what more do you need? I like it. I like it alot. – It’s a mansion but it’s not super complicated.
    – No, there’s no way you get lost. It’s very open concept Except for this weird shrine thing here, over to the right… Yeah I still have yet to figure out
    what that is. Actually, I think going behind it… There’s two staircases down?
    There’s no bathroom’s I’ve seen. (from afar) It’s a discotheque.
    That’s where the DJ was? Yes because in the 80s and 70s, people used to dance on dance floors with lights… so it’s a discotheque. You can see in
    the roof… Let’s go. Let’s go explore. It should be exploring with Mariannela, she’s been all through this
    place and meanwhile we’ve been talking to cameras. So when you look out here what
    do you think? What do you see? What do you think of this place? My empire! Imagine a party here… Imagine a party here! Let’s see if we can rent it. Subscriber meet up. 2018. Kick the Grind. Abandoned mansion in Zihuatanejo
    Mexico. Be there. – Oh! A frog!
    – A Frog?
    – Or something… There is fish in there, there is fish! – Do you see them?
    – I can see them From out here you can see it is truly inspired by the Greeks. It really looks like the Parthenon out here. So why do you think this is the dance floor? Oh yeah, you can see lights. You can definitely see there were light fixtures. The dancefloor here, which should be with the crystals, you know the squares? They light up. because it was the 80s right? The 70s, 80s… You think this is where the DJ was? Or the bartenders? So there’s all these holes that were… the plumbing for the swimming pool.
    One, two, there’s a hot tub here. – Do you want to go down?
    – Can you go down? You could but it’s just water Can you film? Mike Corey… Dirty Jobs. He’s going into the sewer system Ok… There might be bats, there might be bees… Probably no snakes. Maybe the Chupacapbra – Give me the lens? – I hope the Chupacabra is down there…
    – Don’t say that! I will go down and report back!
    How’s my butt look… good? Okay. – The Chupacabra is down there
    – There’s no Chupacabra! It smells so bad It’s Mike reporting in from the very echoey sub pump for the pool it is very dark There is very black water below me, and there’s not really much else to see to tell you the truth. – Close him in!
    – Don’t close the door! I don’t want to die down here It’s just deep dark water Do you want to feel Batman? Oh I didn’t even see this! Do you want to see, ah feel, um, Batman? Do I want to Feelsbadman? Do you want to feel like Batman? Do I want to feel like Batman? Why? Go there… Go explore Okay let me take off my circular
    polarizer. Night mode. hold on. Let me take this off. Why guys? Who’s been down there already? You? You? Why? Is it really that scary? little bit freaked out
    by you don’t make the merio music not the scariest of all music wow this is
    this is horror movie stuffed in here guys no don’t joke about the curse too soon
    guys too soon whoa so this is below I didn’t even know
    there was a a basement level to the Parthenon I hear the bats I don’t see the bat and
    I this was probably for storage you’re gonna see a bunch of earth and there’s a
    hole going down even deeper that’s the thing right we can only come and we can
    only speculate because the owner is now passed away this place has been
    forgotten about for a long time now you have this basement filled bats oh man
    one two three four five six seven over twenty in the corner and this giant hole
    dug in the very middle why oh man it’s like a tunnel man you come to places
    like this and you feel the heaviness of the history the heaviness of the air
    from the humidity the squeak of bats you really feel like you’re traveling
    really feel like you’re exploring you might not know every little detail about
    the place there might not be all the information online half it we don’t even
    know if it’s true I think all of us urbex exploring type people get that
    same feeling that the old explorers must have had which is a taste of adventure
    when you don’t exactly know what you’re getting yourself into this day and age
    it’s hard to explore something it hasn’t been explored before but through
    abandoned you can have something have a taste of it at least all right sweets left the basement and
    that doorway passageway leads us back up to where the pool is sounds getting a
    little bit low the shots gonna be beautiful I put down
    the vlogging camera get something nice all right I’ve got a question would you
    party in the Parthenon tenango door ah so this particular abandoned spot lived
    up to all of the hype of being Mexico’s top spot to see as far as abandoned goes
    Ixtapa in Zihuatanejo those cities on the coast where the mansion is are both
    beautiful places we spent about a week there exploring around the city and you
    see that video as well cos there’s some pretty interesting things to see there
    that are nowhere else Cody and I were super excited to finally
    get to this location we tried last time but we couldn’t actually make it Jordan
    and Marianela joined us both Cody and Marianela have channels the links for
    those are below and let me know your thoughts on this abandoned place it was
    super cool to share with you guys this unfortunately will be my last piece of
    Mexico content just for a little while guys just for a little while I know I’ve
    got a lot of Mexican subscribers and I will be coming back Mexico has my heart
    I will return but for now I’m gonna be flirting with the Philippines and
    Southeast Asia just for a little bit I promise and coming back experiences or
    possessions kick the grind I’ll catch you guys in the next video peace

    Playing Spyglass At Pebble Beach | Bucket List Course Vlog
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    Playing Spyglass At Pebble Beach | Bucket List Course Vlog

    January 23, 2020

    all handed right what is up y’all hope
    y’all having a great day I’m out here at spyglass in Pebble Beach California this
    is incredible this is a bucket list course for me can’t believe I have the
    opportunity to tee it up here today and wanted to bring y’all along
    let’s go number one par-5 595 yards pretty much straight down the hills
    gonna be our end point I thought that was a pretty good line
    there’s four lit up we are in the straw but not too bad when you’re gonna be
    laying up here 285 yards left wanted to show y’all something on these fairways
    look at this this is the middle of the fairway they cut it two different
    directions to divide the fairway in half I thought that was pretty cool good
    shape right here 125 yards left to a middle pen well we hit our first green
    long ways the left need to account for the wind a bit more not wind definitely
    is no joke out here push it a lot more right than I thought and might have been
    hurting just a little bit but we’ve got a putt for Burton first unfortunately I
    wasn’t able to capture every single shot or even every single hole from the round
    at spyglass but wanted to bring you along for as much the round as possible
    onto number two number two par 4 349 yards our aiming points gonna be kind of
    right in there we want to dodge that little mogul little slope there oh nice well with the stinger right
    there that’s how we want to execute that shot it’s a little breezy out here so I
    apologize from time to time with the audio and try my best to block the wind
    but just wanted to be able to share this adventure with y’all this is definitely
    a bucket list course for me spyglass grew up playing this on Tiger
    Woods on Xbox and this is just incredible to be out here right now
    great shape right there stinger off the tee 105 yards left
    however it’s uphill into the wind gonna go with a gap wedge looks like my ball landed right about
    there spun back will chip ahead number three
    part three super cool part three down the hill 156 yards
    keep it down below the wind let’s not close thankfully the nine iron sat down
    held on to the back corner roughly 25 feet here left for birdie gave it a good
    roll it’s tracking it’s tracking Owen just a bit short our here on three I
    gotta show you this one is no joke here today should have been played further
    right and not exactly sure what we got up there we have to go find this thing
    all right there’s her we are in the rough there look at this green it is
    like ten feet wide it looks like this is pretty cool have 65 yards left all right sorry I just made that right
    there hands it short kick forward this is the craziest screen
    I’ve got to show you where this ball ended up this is ridiculous
    my ball landed right there I think right in front of the hole and look where it
    ended up y’all that’s Brian’s right there mine is all the way back there I
    think I have like 70 feet left number five par-3 185 yards a little
    down breeze but also a little left to right pins on the left I’m gonna hit a
    big 8-iron here just a little short roughly 25 feet back up the hill let’s
    roll the rock 530 yards little dogleg to the right
    green sits off back in there okay I let it fly maybe right about in there perfect shape right here 210 yards left
    downwind 6-iron one hand tap this and did have a little
    assist to camera right there to keep pace when head just opted in from there
    this whole kind of bins off back up to the left up the hill 399 yards its
    stinger time if that one good
    152 yards back up the hill pins kind of on the right side of the
    grain wanna win straight into I’ve got a 7-iron here I’m gonna try to fight it
    low whoo that is a lot a lot of wind right
    there walking up here I’m Paul landed like up in there rolled down to there so
    we got laughs need to get this up and down big up-and-down for par right there
    number 11 par 5 528 yards dogleg to the right we’re gonna try to hit a little
    cut off that tree right there pretty sure that one should be pretty
    good obviously having played here only played here on Tiger Woods the golf game
    on xbox but I feel like you wanted to hit that a ways to the right so that’s
    what we did just go up there and see if you find it
    found the rough here 205 yards left to a left middle pin 7-iron in hand got to take into account when the balls
    above my feet and I’m in the rough this rough really grabs the ball so adjust
    the target line that’s what I need to do because that rough is grabbing that
    closing the clubface walking up here right there
    roughly pin-high got a little tree trouble and have to play this low par-3
    down the hill I am gonna play one tee box up here so you can see the surface
    of the green supercool par-3 160 down the hill then hi hit the green not in the water
    this wind sure has made this course tough this is quite the test I’m hoping
    for a pin slammer here on the back nine found the green right there this green
    is super cool I mean look at that about as pristine as it gets right there
    this round has been amazing so thankful to be out here are here on 12 just in case y’all won
    and we do have spectators out here there are deer everywhere all right right here
    in the rough 125 yards left to a back left hole location
    I’ve got gap wedge here so this is all roped off here I’m
    actually just gonna pull it right here to stay out of there all right that is a par here on 14 onto
    15 look at this par 3 down the hill I’m
    gonna play it a little forward not too much just the front of the back box 125
    yards to a back pin someone’s excited about a shot back there place down hill
    I’ve got sand wedge here so I don’t really want to hit this full maybe 3/4
    oh I thought that was so good oh just a little long definitely excited with that
    swing right there however it hopped a little long a ball did land just a
    little long and hot just over the green not too bad still a decent look for a
    pin slammer alright that is the three here on 15
    that had to be one of the most picturesque par threes I’ve ever played
    what a par-3 funnel wedge shot down the hill what a love tomato Penn slammer
    they’re chipped it up they’re made to putt number 16 par-4 472 yards dogleg to
    the right like a big dog leg kind of want to hit a stinger starting there
    cutting around the corner all righty 200 yards down the hill let’s
    knock it close we’ll ride the green should be okay and that was the best tip of the day
    we’ll tap this in for par all right and it’s a par here having fun even though
    we don’t have a pin slammer yet I’m really hoping on a bucket list
    course to get a pin slammer here on one of these last two holes 17 par 4 325
    yards kind of bends back into there so probably just gonna hit a stinger maybe
    a little stinger draw right there great shape right there 98 yards left
    with the wind right into my face I want to flight this down gap wedge in hand that’s what I did right there just a
    little right so I guess my ball laying it back in there on the fringe spun back
    a little bit roughly 30 feet left for birdie hope y’all enjoy coming along getting to
    see such an awesome course amazing experience and so thankful to be out
    here 18 par 4 pretty much straightaway probably going to be aiming at that
    bunker right there 408 yards its stinger time and that’s how we won – Enright
    they are hit down well know a fair way let’s go right here 158 yards to a
    middle back 10 going with an 8-iron I thought I was gonna break just a bit
    more hope y’all enjoy coming along that was so much fun what an amazing day
    didn’t have our best I know I’ve got better in the bag here at spyglass that
    would love to come back again give it another go had so many epic views out
    there it was incredible this course is so pure
    definitely a bucket list played it so many times on Tiger Woods if y’all enjoy
    coming along drop a like down below that would be greatly appreciated
    and y’all until next time we’ll see you when we see you

    The Nude Latitude – Free Range Sailing Ep 31
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    The Nude Latitude – Free Range Sailing Ep 31

    January 15, 2020

    – Well if the wind
    generator has got anything to say about it, it says that it’s doing
    about eight to ten knots. – [Pascale] Mm-hmm – So, we’re gonna leave. We’ve got about 300 miles to
    go and we’re gonna go across the Gulf of Carpentaria,
    and end up in Weipa. – And just like that, we
    said goodbye to the Northern Territory, and headed east
    for Weipa in Queensland. (light-hearted music) – So we’ve got our bush walking bag out. Not because we’re going bush walking, but because in here is a PLB. What’s a PLB? A PLB is a Portable Locator Beacon. Or a EPIRB, a little portable EPIRB. We’ve also got a inflating life jacket. And that’s got a built in harness to it. So what’s gonna happen
    is, anyone whenever one of us is asleep or inside
    and not out there watching, whoever’s on watch is
    going to be tied to this. They’re going to be
    clipped on to the yacht so they don’t go overboard. If they do go overboard,
    then I want an EPIRB strapped to that life jacket. All right, and if you end up in the water, and this goes off and
    you’re floating there, especially in the
    tropics, it’s a big place, you want this EPIRB right next to you and you want it going off. So I guess the first thing
    that we should do before we strap it on, give it a test. Yep. – [Pascale] Did it flash? – It works. So I’ve tested it. The batteries are good. It’s running well. It’s in date. I have just made sure that
    it’s, the batteries in date and everything’s tested. We do have a larger EPIRB for the boat, so this is our secondary one. So this is going on to the
    harness, on to the life jacket. And anyone that’s out
    there tonight, Pascale. – [Pascale] I’m safe mom, see? – As safe as she could
    be with this lunatic on the high seas. (Pascale laughing) (peaceful music) – Good morning. I’ve been on my watch
    for about three hours now and it’s been really magic. We’ve had the spinnaker
    up most of the night, all of the morning, I started my watch. We’re not going very fast. We’re going like two
    and a half, three knots. There’s barely any wind. It’d be like eight knots
    with wind or something. We’re just coasting
    along, like walking pace, crossing the gulf. The sun’s been reflecting off
    the water and onto the windows of the boat, it’s just so beautiful. And the spinnaker has this
    amazing, pinky color to it. It’s really beautiful. I just, I feel very, very
    grateful that we’re having a crossing over the gulf and
    we’re not getting flogged. We’re not going head to
    weather, we don’t have big seas, we don’t have big swells. It’s just so awesome. So, so cool. (upbeat music) – [Pascale] Good morning. – Morning, baby. (yawns) Feels like I was awake til 3:00. (Pascale laughing) Might untie that lazy
    rope just ’cause it just keeps just dangling in the sea and– – [Pascale] Oh yeah? – We’re never gonna jibe this thing. Oh good, you switched out the camera, ’cause I got no pants on. – [Pascale] Okay. (laughing) (upbeat music) It’s pretty much windless
    right now and we’re here too. Or we’re just floating, aren’t we doll? – Uh, heave too, we got the sail up. It’s pointing to the wind. – Okay, and we’re gonna go for a swim. Troy’s even going to check
    the prop and see if we need to give it a little bit of a clean. – ‘Cause I’m just a work-a-holic. – He’s a work-a-holic. And I’ll just probably
    gonna check him out good and make sure that no
    sharks sneak up on him. (laughing) – It don’t take long to get a
    shark come up off the water. Give me that scraper and
    we’ll see if it comes back. – [Pascale] Okay. Here ya go. – Usually after a bit of
    scraping on metal, any shark that’s around will come
    back up and investigate. But he’s being pretty boring. Jump on in. – [Pascale] Yep. – Put the camera down, come on. – [Pascale] Shark! There’s sharks down there, there’s lots. Holy shit. I’m gonna get the camera. – [Troy] The spear, head spear. – [Pascale] They just
    came all of a sudden. – [Troy] They love that
    scrape, scrape, scrape, eh? – [Pascale] I was like,
    they’re gone, they’re gone, they’re gone and then whoa! There’s like 20 of them. This has got, the spear’s
    got the thing on it, eh? It’s got the cap on it? Ow. A pretty ordinary occurrence
    in the Gulf of Carpentaria? Did you do this last time you were here? – Well, it’s a lot better
    if you’ve got someone to keep an eye on your back for you. – [Pascale] Because the first
    one before the school came, really like came fast at us. And then– – Well the thing is, like
    you’ll be working away, and no shark, then you
    turn around and there’s 30. – [Pascale] Yeah. They just came out of the blue. – Literally out of the blue. – [Pascale] But it’s so
    cool because I’ve never seen water that clear before. – And that many sharks. – [Pascale] Yeah, and that many sharks. It’s cool out there. – Yeah, it’s a lot of fun. It’s quite cool. If we’re in there and a big
    bully or a big tiger shark showed up, then we’d have
    to be a bit more cautious. Ya know? But those little sharks are fine. – [Pascale] How big are they,
    like five foot or something? – Five, there was a couple of
    six and a half footers there. – [Pascale] Yeah, so they were
    like my size and your size. But they seem smaller. But I guess they’re just a bit,
    they must have been further away than I thought ’cause
    the water’s so clear. – Yeah, there was some, that
    little one that came right up, he was only a four footer. – [Pascale] Yeah. – He’s only just a baby. – [Pascale] That’s why I was cocky. – They cause so much
    trouble, little sharks. – [Pascale] Yeah. – The big old ones are like,
    “Ooohh,” and they stand off, but the little ones are just like, “Oh what’s that, what’s that”‘ – [Pascale] Maybe there’s
    something like near it or that I can– – Yeah but, then they get
    in close, and then they take off, they’re all excited. And everything’s just like,
    oh what just happened? – [Pascale] What’s that? – Then the next thing you know
    all the big ones are excited. And then it just goes to hell. – [Pascale] Well, that didn’t happen. ‘Cause we just had this
    spear pointed at them. And if they came too close,
    you just stare them down and start swimming towards
    them with the spear. – Yep, look like you belong there, and look like you’re hungry. – [Pascale] How deep is it here? – 52 meters. – [Pascale] 52 meters. – I’d say you can’t, you
    can make out a bit of color on the bottom. – [Pascale] It’s pretty good visibility. I’ve never seen visibility
    like this before coming from WA. – Well, we’re going to be doing
    more of that in Queensland. And, we’ll have our
    underwater camera again. – [Pascale] Yay. – A little fun with sharks, Pascale. We’ll probably get another
    couple knots out of that. That propeller had a
    lot of barnacles on it. – [Pascale] Yeah, right. – So we’ll, and that’s why
    the sharks get excited. There’s just a nice trail
    of stuff going down. But, no we’ll do, we’ll do really well. So we’ll check that out. We’ve got the midday doldrums. I’m hoping we’ll get
    some afternoon breeze. We’ll see, ya know? – [Pascale] At least
    we’re a bit cooler now. – Yeah. – [Pascale] And the boat’s
    gonna go faster hopefully. Looks like a shark to me. – [Troy] Oh, it is. – [Troy] That would be
    a tiger, a little tiger. – It’s big, isn’t it? – [Troy] Pascy got a marlin. Oh no, what are we gonna do? (laughing) – Oh it’s hooked in there. That’s where it gets hooked, is it? – [Troy] No wonder it
    ran like fucking crazy. – Oh my god, I caught a marlin. – [Troy] Keep pulling it up. Pull it up. Oh, that’s not a marlin, it’s a sailfish. – A sailfish. – [Troy] It didn’t take
    to the air, though did it? – No. – [Troy] All right,
    we’re gonna have to try and release this. – Yeah. What’s that sticking out of it’s gill? Yeah, it’s recording now. Goodbye sailfish. Wow. – [Troy] So what do you
    think about that, Pascy? – First sailfish. – We’d actually prefer a
    mackerel, that’s the sort of fisherman we are. – Or tuna. – [Troy] And naked fishing
    seems to be working out. – Yes. Just a general naked gulf crossing, it is. – [Troy] It is, isn’t it? Same kind of weather. Well, I’ve been out-fished
    by Pascale, yet again. So there ya go. Good work. Here we’ve got Pascale. She’s nicked the dish washing
    detergent because if you didn’t know, it lathers in salt water. – Yep, and it gets rid of all that grease. – [Troy] So what’s gonna happen is, first after the first clean with salt water and then we’ve got a bit
    of fresh there, Pascale. – Yep, we have the water maker
    running during the morning ’cause we’ve had the, we’ve
    had to motor ’cause there’s no wind in the gulf at the moment. – [Troy] Yeah, oh well,
    there’s always swings and roundabouts, isn’t there? – It’s an added benefit. Get to have a fresh water wash. – [Troy] I think that’s
    second round with that morning fresh that would later a lot more. – K, so rinse it out
    and morning fresh again? Oh hello. – [Troy] So this second round looks a lot more successful, Pascale. – Yeah, I think we’re, I
    think we got rid of that first sorta grease and this is better. After this one I can give
    my hair a fresh water rinse and then use normal shampoo. – [Troy] Yes. – I’m gonna smell delicious. – [Troy] You are gonna
    smell absolutely fantastic, unlike me. – This is one of the reasons
    why we go to water bay here on real. So I can wash my hair. – [Troy] Spoiled she is. So I’ve got the old cut off bottle. When sailing, you come to
    appreciate the little things. – And it’s good to remove
    all the hair out of the cockpit so it doesn’t
    end up inside the boat. – [Troy] That’s how we
    celebrate catching sailfish around here. – Hair washing. It’s awesome that we caught that sailfish. That was cool, but we really want food. We’re gonna make urad dal this afternoon ’cause we’ve run out of meat. – [Troy] Yeah, we’ve just ate the last of the fish just then. Not too many mackerel around here. There’s no structure so
    we’re just hoping for a tuna. A tuna would be good. Not a sailfish, not a marlin. No game fish. – [Pascale] Is it a tuna? It’s a tuna? – Tuna. – [Pascale] Oh yes. That is great news. It’s a shami for dinner. As long as a shark doesn’t come. – Yeah, just pull it out of the – [Pascale] Yeah. – It’s not a bad fish. – [Pascale] What is it? – When you do get a tuna on
    board, no matter what you do, quite a bit of blood comes out of it. They’re a fast moving fish
    they need a lot of oxygen into their tissues. They’ve got a very high blood volume. You want to get that out. I put the gap into it. A lot of blood just
    streamed out of that tuna. So I’ve obviously hit something hard. Normally when you open up
    this side, and in there, an enormous amount of blood
    will come out that tuna really, really quickly. You want to cut down through
    the membrane that joins to the gill there. K, so we’ve cut there. This line here behind
    the fin, a shallow cut. It only needs to be less than
    an inch deep though there on both sides and a slice at the tail. Then you can omit this one. But that one is very important, and cutting on the throat as well. When I brought the fish on
    board, I scraped it’s head. And there you can actually
    see a larger white patch. That’s where the brain is. Right through there. Most fish you can’t scrape it and see it. But with tuna you can. So that will give you an
    instant kill on the tuna. And that means the fish
    is not suffering any more than it has to. If you’ve never seen a tuna before, these things rely on really high speed. And they are voracious. So this fish wanted to eat that lure. It’s a halco laser pro, and
    it’s in that color scheme for it to be interested. That seems to work in the
    gulf, doesn’ it, Pascy? Catches sailfish and tuna. – [Pascale] Sailfish and tuna. – Really large eye, okay. So they’re a sight predator. This fish, when it decided that it was
    gonna take this other thing on, there’s no cutting teeth in here. Tuna just have grabbing teeth. Oh, that’s what they’re eating. – [Pascale] Sardines. – Mmm, they look a little
    bit like little miniature trevally sort of things. – [Pascale] Oh yeah. – They’re not sardines. – [Pascale] Okay. – I’m not sure what they are. So that’s what that fish has been eating. But it decided that, that
    would do just as well. So no teeth in there. That was gonna swallow that whole. Because they rely on
    speed, if you look here, built into the fish is a
    perfect recess that the fin can go down into leaving
    that perfectly smooth. Likewise, these little
    ventral fins, they also fit down into their very own, there’s a little groove in there. So when the fish puts them
    away, they are perfectly smooth and tucked away also. And here, you can’t see it
    at the moment because there’s a groove here, but if we look. – [Pascale] Look at that. – That just slots down perfectly into an actual slot in the body. That is gone. These fins are fixed. But then you have these
    other little fins that can just adjust side to side. Just like that. And the speeds that these
    fish swim at, that is enough for precision control. So when they swim, they
    stop and they’ll glide. They’ll swim up and then down. Up and then down. So during their glide
    pattern, they can make minute adjustments with this as
    well as sticking that out. And look, the angle gives
    it lift like an aero foil. So these things are amazing. They’re delicious, but they’re amazing. So, long tail tuna. Before I process this tuna
    or really any bloody fish, I’ve got this scabby old deck broom. I do like to just clean up as much
    of the slime as I can. And then I’ll clean this and give it a bit of a bleaching afterwards. That will make handling the
    fish a lot easier for you if you do have a bit of
    a scrubbing brush there. ‘Cause all fish have a top of slime which is anti-bacterial, anti-biological. Stops them, it’s their
    antiviral, if you like. It also helps them slip through the water. It’s their first line of defense. Reef fish have it thicker than these ones. But all fish have it. So that is kind of handy
    to give them a wash down. I think Pascale, that this
    is going to be delicious and very welcome. – [Pascale] Yes, definitely. – So that’s us for fishing now. I think this should be
    enough fish to see us through to Weipa. We’ve only got another
    day and a half, I guess. – No time to stop around here. – [Pascale] It’s just a
    little bit hot right now. – It’s gotta be 100% humidity. – [Pascale] You just walk
    around and you’re like dripping with sweat. – Not even a breath of a breeze. – [Pascale] April, April weather. – Unreal. This is what used to kill
    the old mariners though, get stuck in the doldrums, for weeks, throw the horses overboard. Like there’s only me and Pascale, I can’t throw her overboard. (light-hearted music) – We find that long tail tuna
    is at it’s best after it’s rested in the fridge
    for at least 12 hours. (light-hearted music) What’s that noise? – That’s the noise of silence. – [Pascale] Such a relief. Three knots, we are. – Three knots. This is where that wind
    vane modification paid off. ‘Cause there’s no way a
    wind vane would operate now. I can only just feel the breeze. Oh, that’s a nice little breeze there. – [Pascale] I can feel that. – Probably picked up to
    three and a half, eh? Yep, bingo, ba-da-bing. – Ba-da-bing. – [Pascale] Spinnaker is
    getting a pink color again ’cause it’s sunset. – We just wanna keep our
    fingers crossed that this isn’t just the– – [Pascale] The sunset
    breeze, the sea breeze. – We’re a bit far out for
    this to be a true sea breeze. But yeah, as the sun falls
    we get that shift each day. And we can’t guess when
    we sail through the night. We should be getting wind
    now at the end of Wednesday. There’s supposed to be
    lower winds, not no winds. Supposed to be picking itself up now. And then over the next few
    days, an easterly shift. So we should just slip into where we’re just in the nick of time. – It’s our fourth day and the motor’s on here, there’s no wind. I guess we’ve got tuna in the fridge, I might eat sushi for breakfast. – In the sushi rolls
    there’s tuna, mayonnaise, wasabi, and a sprinkling of sesame seeds, and of course sushi rice mixed with vinegar and sugar to give it a delicious flavor. (upbeat music) – I just wanted to increase to about eight knots and just go a little more to the north and then we can use it. We haven’t had any wind. We sailed out into a doldrum, didn’t we? It’s like a great big heady of nothing. I just want to go sailing. – [Pascale] It’s not much to ask. – It’s not, I hate motoring. Maybe if I loved motoring
    more we’d get more sailing. I’ll try that. – [Pascale] Love this. – Boy I sure do love motoring. – [Pascale] You got your wind. – Tropical sailing. Zero to 20 knots, in 15 seconds. – [Pascale] Quickly put a reef in. – Hogged a reef in. Our baggy wrinkle. They chafe, the protection on the stays that people keep asking about. They’re working really well. We’re keeping the battens off the stays so they won’t erode our sails. I had to change the sensitivity
    of the order, I call it. So it will handle it a bit better now. We’re back at with it. What are we doing? Five and a half knots now so that’s getting into Weipa at 2:00. – [Pascale] Nice. – Well, we’ll see. This wind is associated with
    all of this weather ahead. – [Pascale] Storm system, yeah. But it was the north
    westers we were hoping for. Or not, is is more of a– – It’s a straight northerly. – [Pascale] Northerly, right. – Bit of a localized low-pressure
    system just over there. Winds, whew, coming in. It’s all good. (upbeat music) – We just pease this a little. A little catch of the wind on the side. – [Pascale] The steering working? – The steering’s working. But, what happens with
    an electronic auto pilot it averages all of the
    corrections either way and then slowly reduces the
    air out until it’s steering. So in a very rudimentary sense, it learns. So when you’re doing something
    like this, as soon as you make a bit of a change,
    the balance of the boat the autopilot goes, what so it has to relearn again. See how it’s settled in now? – [Pascale] Yeah. – So yeah, basically
    that’s what it’s doing. In it’s little basic brain. It’s adding up all of the corrections taking the average and trying to find that medium path. (upbeat music) – Well is often the case
    with sailing in the tropics, things change fast. That sprang upon us pretty quickly. And it was a whole lot
    of fun surfing before it. But now that wind is shifting
    and it’s gone to the north. So it’s directly in beam of us. So we’ve had to pack all that away. I guess we ran with it
    for about 45 minutes, almost an hour. But now it’s just straight as a beam. So we’re just doing a beam run into Weipa. And it looks like we’ve only
    got about two hours to go. That’s to the outside of the leads, because Weipa’s a pretty major port. So there is shipping
    leads to go through there. We’re not actually gonna get
    to an anchorage in two hours it’s still a bit of time to
    go, they’re very long leads. But that’s a great opportunity
    to catch some more fish just before we go on land. Okay, some of this
    greenish cast in the water visibility is down a bit here. So actually we’ve put the
    lure in about three quarters of a boat length. Just a bit over eight meters out the back. A lot of the yachties
    that I see are fishing and they have poor results. One of the things is I put
    it down to is they’ve got it so far away from the boat, they think the fish
    are scared of the boat. That is not the case. If you’re sailing particularly. Aahhh! If you’re sailing in particular
    with no motor running, fish will come up and check it out. If you ever see whales, or
    whale sharks, or something big in the water, they’re
    usually surrounded by fish. If you are trolling out
    there and you’d like to experiment a bit, try getting that lure a
    bit closer to the boat. ‘Cause trust me, fish will see
    a dark shadow and they’ll go, “what’s that?” Go and have a look, “Oh
    yeah, it’s just a whatever, whether they’re interested or not. But then your lure will
    come immediately after and they’ll get that thing. One of my commercial mates
    Mackerel, he was always two meters down, eight meters back. That was his sort of thing. Everyone’s a bit different. But he was relatively successful. – [Pascale] Saw a wave. – We’re pretty successful. – I don’t think we go
    too many miles without getting something, Pascale. (music drowns out speaker) – [Pascale] No. – [Pascale] Whilst we didn’t
    get the mackerel we were hoping for, we were pretty
    excited to get this beautiful skip jack tuna. You can see this tuna is really red. – [Pascale] Yeah. – That is really, really red tuna. A lot of people don’t like this but, when it’s cooked, it’ll be
    quite firm and it’ll go pale, like chicken. Pollo del mar. We’ll give it a go. I’ve got all the blood out of it. We’ll have a go. It’s still quite warm. But once it’s chilled, I don’t
    know, it might be acceptable. We’ll see what we got, Pascy. – [Pascale] Challenge? Fish tiny gullet. Can’t even filet a tuna when you’re doing seven
    knots across the sea. – [Pascale] That’s why I’m filming. I’m in awe. (light-hearted music) It was amazing to see ships
    after having spent four days in the gulf not seeing a single boat. Arriving at the leads in Weipa
    we had to be very careful because there wasn’t much
    distance between the shoreline and the lead marker. And there was a large
    ship exiting the port. (upbeat music) I’m always amazed at how
    impressively big those ships are up close. (upbeat music) Well, we’ve made it to Weipa. This is my first time in Queensland. – [Troy] First stop in Queensland. – My first stop in Queensland. So we’re here. It’s steamy and cloudy. But we had some great wind
    coming in which you would have seen so that was awesome. – And you’re first fish in
    Queensland waters was a sailfish. – Yep, pretty epic. So we’re gonna put the anchor down soon. We can see anchorage just ahead. There’s a few yachts there
    and a few fishing boats. So it looks good. And I know this is a ramble but anyway. I can’t remember what I was gonna say. We’re definitely gonna sleep
    well tonight, aren’t we doll? – There’s some good coconuts there. – We need a new a pair of binos. It’s busted, look. We have to look through one hole. – That’s okay. – Give ’em some money on
    Paypal so we can get a new pair of binoculars, please. – The poor man’s sexton. I’m taking land shots. – We’re doing sightings with busted binos. We need your help, please. Well folks, I hope you
    enjoyed the crossing. I’m gonna stop rambling now. And, we’ll see you in Weipa. If you enjoyed this video,
    please hit the like button because it makes it more
    likely that YouTube will suggest our video to a broader audience. Also we’d love to hear your feedback. So head over to the
    comments and drop us a line.

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    January 8, 2020

    Alright we gotta walk down here It’s like a 10 minute drive Hey could you carry the yoga mat Janey? Gray Toyota Corolla We’re standing on the lower level You will see us with our luggage out front How was the trip? Ah it was good man. Coming where.. from New York? Uh, from Richmond. Virginia? Yup. becuase you were like I’m here… Y’all pretty busy down here on uhh.. on the weekends? Oh you’re gonna back in… Ok! alright! I see you.. Yeah you as well. Thank you. Thanks. Alright goodnight. The one in between the two really nice ones. I don’t have that boat… I don’t have this one I have the middle one right here! Alright. I take that back it’s not ready to go. This one me? Neighbors? You want the back one right? I can do this. Do you have it on your phone Tan? I have 4%. 4%? Yeah. Are we gonna make it… to Walmart? It’s gonna die at Walmart. Can you put in Bank of America ATM? Haha To Walmart… Hahaha fTommy calls me….”Yo, we got a budget for all of this food we are going to be living large… Then we get here and he is like lets not. Let’s not buy anything. Oooo chocolate… I need chocolate. Tommy! Why the one thing that I want? Don’t touch the carrots… No carrots for Tommy. F*ck! Every time… Maybe it will work… Do you want me to take this line off? Uh, yes please. Alright Captain where are we? Uh, about the middle of bumbf**k nowhere. Yeah so we are 30-35 miles from Great Stirrup Cay. Honing in. Refuel. Then Virgin Islands. To Mexico! You’re so weird. Haha. The GenSet, you can turn it on and off. It’s like a hurricane hole. Fuel docks here. Okay… haha Stop. I’m not connected to wifi.

    Sunset at HYEOPJAE BEACH | AforAlyce
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    Sunset at HYEOPJAE BEACH | AforAlyce

    January 6, 2020

    Do I act normal? Do I look around? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Just like we’re walking. Make sure we don’t get run over. Careful, there’s a bike… Let’s leg it. So we don’t get run over. (LOL) We’re like we’re running away from something. Hey, Helen! Hi Where are we? We’re at a beach called Hyeopjae? I’m probably pronouncing it really wrong. But we are watching the sunset! Have a look! Waaaaaaaa! Waaaaaaaaaaaaa! We’re at the Hyeopjae beach on the west side of Jeju. It’s so much easier to drive around the island so we rented a car. Weeeee! This stunning beach is famous for its breathtaking scenery volcanic rock formations. These black rocks were formed from lava, and you can easily find them across the beach. If you look carefully, you can even find signs of life! Air definitely is really nice. I really like the air here. I don’t think anyone’s ever commented “I really like the air.” This beach has very nice air. XD Helen’s over here! Hi Hi! Any thoughts? Yeah, it’s really nice and relaxing watching the sunset. Mmhmm! Watching the sunset on this beach is ever so romantic. It’s understandable why many choose to get their wedding photos taken here. This beach is amazing!