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    SHIP Interview Eloise Dennis
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    SHIP Interview Eloise Dennis

    January 19, 2020

    I had seen SHIP offering this service
    and I thought I think that’s the way to go so I called them and I was on board Being an octogenarian and not receptive to change We just stayed with the current carrier we had for our Medicare supplement and soon found out that after a year there were many differences in the premiums so I thought well this is worth
    a little comparative shopping I was not too adept at navigating the
    government website but I had seen SHIP
    offering this service and I thought I think that’s the way to go and there was
    an office right at the hospital so I called them and I was on board
    and I had my first appointment and oh what a neat experience to walk in and find that my counselor was going to be
    a former fourth-grade student but she soon was very efficient
    at making a comparison of the different premiums out there
    for the prescription insurance and it didn’t take long to decide that I could
    certainly be having a benefit to change the carrier One year a drug was $41 the next year it was $3 with another company This doesn’t seem right but it’s so and so it was to our benefit that the Medicare counselor was able to head us in the right direction but what was interesting was every year
    I went back and almost every year it was
    to our benefit to change carriers and I know there are a lot of people out there who say well I have to choose between
    food and my prescription and I think these
    past two years the other prescriptions are never more than $2 or $3 and had it not been for the counselor
    we would not been aware of that I think unfortunately there’s things out there
    that elderly do not understand and we often discuss how difficult
    it must be for some of the retirees to understand these programs
    and they never knew how much benefit they could have if they had used the
    Medicare counselor and found out that there was
    considerable savings there to be had State health insurance assistance programs Available in your area Local, unbiased, and trusted Medicare help visit
    for more information Depending on your area the SHIP program may also be known
    by one of these names

    Kalamaraton 2018 | Fishing Competition Kalamaraton
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    Kalamaraton 2018 | Fishing Competition Kalamaraton

    January 18, 2020

    I will poison this sea…. 18 hours ago.. A fishing competition kalamaraton 2018 One of our favorite competition was about to start 24 hours fishing, and size doesn’t matter Goal is to catch as many different species as possible in Helsinki Very warm spring might show some difficulties And it’s gonna be tight race between top teams h Jani: Here we go, goob luck guys. Pauli: Good luck! Jani: Do you remember the heights and depths, where the fish were in training? Pauli: Here I got them Jani: Opening fish was caught next to us….. (thanks!) Pauli: This first spot didn’t deliver as thought, we just need to continue to the next swim. Plan A got destroyed, so we will move on to plan B. We must hurry to the next spot Teo: First fish, WHITE BREAM THREE SPINED THICKLEBACK Teo: Here we go mates Jani: Here we have.. ahh..I think it is BLEAK. Quite a beast Jani: All of us have caught one species Jani: Then we have to get those important species, we are little bit behind schedule. First spot was quite frankly a fiasco. We were wondering, why no one was coming there. They probably knew that the spot was empty. But anyway, no panic yet, Urpo’s will prevail. We are at our best, when back against a wall. Olavi: We caught a bream. How many species we had so far? Teo: Four Olavi: Fourth species Jani: We are making Kalamaraton film, which means we also catch film Teo: I think that film got ruined when you took it into the light Jani: Do you want to see, how I cut the film? Cut! ROACH by Pauli Pauli: We have a new roach king Teo: Not really, you know that you can not say that. Teo: What was it? Jani: ROUND GOBY Pauli: We must first got through that salakka layer, to the bottom Olavi: ROUND GOBY, then we should still catch perch and kiiski before moving to the next spot Jani: We have six species, not a magical performance, considering that we will going to get few species from elsewhere Cant do anything about it, the bites are rare elsewhere also. It is so hot, it could be one of the reasons. We must just keep on fishing. Tactics didn’t go as planned But we still have hope If SUNBLEAK doesn’t give us any problems Teo: Jani, don’t you have also similar shocks somewhere? Teo: You are partners in kind Jani: I don’t have them with me unfortunately Pauli: Here we are, fishing RUFFE, it is quite frustrating fishing. When you try it, you don’t get it, and when you don’t try it, you get it. Typical. Jani: Gandalf is coming Teo: Jani caught SORVA. Species number eight. Pauli: We tried this fellow for some time. I cant remember the last time, when I was so happy to catch them Jani: What the hell, how can this be so difficult? Jani: Last time I wanted to poison the pond, when we had 26 species now we have 9 species and I am just about to get those poisons. People are hoping that I will lose my mind this night, but apparently is already happening. Olavi: I got SUNBLEAK already biting, but it dropped 20 cm from the shore. We could have leaved here, 10 species in pocket, 45 minutes ago. It is too easy, I must say. Jani: The fish came off! Cloud is blocking the vision SAND GOBY COMMON GOBY Pauli: Now we are going back to competition center to identify our species. We should now have all the basic species and COMMON GOBY, maybe SAND GOBY also. It is important to get time from the 10 species, even if it is quite bad. We want to make sure that we have COMMON GOBY We will turn this around, so no worries. All the other teams are also struggling. Even though, our rivals have already way ahead. But the time for 10 species isn’t going to determine the winner. Judge: Yea, it was a COMMON GOBY Jani: Good job Pauli. Pauli: We got one, and it was enough. Jani: What is our next strategy fish, GUDGEON or PIKE? Pauli: Maybe pike? Jani: Pike first then GUDGEON Olavii: Then one swordfish Jani: Then one beer Pauli: Then into local bar Teo: Great job guys! Jani: I would say, change of plans.. – GUDGEON time! How is it going? Is it hard? Pauli: We just got here, cant tell yet What is so that under brindge was still allowed? But not the other side? Teo: Yep, here it is OK. Pauli: Look at that beaty! One of my favorite species Put it in the bag and lets go Jani: GUDGEON was the first good achievement, we got it quite fast. Now we trying CHUB with the sausage as the bait. It will be hard to get it, but at least we can say that we tried it. Olavi: This place is great, we have had one bite in the last half an hour, it is in a matter seconds, I hope. Jani: Dip species. Mc Donalds is close, so you get nuggets and dip easily. Jani: clock is 19:20 and we have 12 species. Lets check how the previous years have gone. Two years ago, 17 species. Almost same results, BLACK GOBY was caught at this moment. Last year, we had 18 species. Arggh, we have to put second gear on, boys. Jani: Incredible race, what a farce so far, this could be one of the hardest year in every way. All the teams are struggling. Now we are fishing for VIMBA BREAM. This should also be easy Just put float in the water, and lift it, and bag the fish. Another team “kalapuikot” was here two hours, but didn’t catch and didn’t see anyone else catching so. And to be exact, the isn’t other teams here now, normally there are. Sick We won’t break records in this Kalamaraton, but I think that it will be hard for other teams as well. Teo: You cant know that. If we get lucky. Jani: We get lucky? No, we used it all in the first year. When things won’t go as planned, it is mentaly hard At least one success would be more than welcome Many teams struggled with GIBEL CARP But it was our first “quick-stop” And that success gave us more hope Where?? Where are the other teams? This is the fourth place in a row, we there are no one here. This is normally crowded place. This is so difficult race that I think everyone has given up and went to the bar. Do you have maggot or worm as a bait? Teo: Show it to the camera. Speciesmaster. BROWN BULLHEAD Teo: It is beautiful Pauli: Yea it is. I am not as pretty as this. Teo: Almost Sun was setting fast It was time to head to the places for “night species” But before that.. ..we wanted to fill our list with HERRING. HERRING Olavi: I have trim this maggot to get it smaller. Jani: If we manage to get this, then we are really back in the game. ROUND GOBY is foreign species, that is harmful for BLACK GOBY That’s why, BLACK GOBYs aren’t that common anymore And only few teams manage to find this rare fish. We didn’t.. Jani: How shy are these? If you lift rocks, the say you find these, but I would imagine that the run as soon as you do that. Olli: First one I caught, was in one lake at the day light, when I turned rock just for fun. Olli: I was walking at the bank and fell down until my knee sunk in the water. Jani: I was losing my mind. I get almost ten changes, STONE LOACH just wasn’t interested at my bait at all. Teo: There it is. MINNOW Jani: Should we go more to the left, there isn’t anyone there. Teo: There in the hole. Between that grey rock, there. This way, There There There Jani: This hole? yep BULLHEAD Jani: BULLHEAD, MINNOW and.. yeah, that was all. But it is okey, we only need EELPOUT and possibly FIFTEEN-SPINE STICKLEBACK Teo: Searching for FIFTEEN-SPINED STICKLEBACK, part 443 Jani: Damm, I lost one. Teo: Is it still there? Teo: Change the bait? Jani: I just cut the maggot, hopefully it is enough Jani: Damm it tried it a long time! I am shaking, I am shaking Jani: This fish came from some push, I was trying another one almost an hour. Then this fellow appears from nowhere, trying to get the bait. First I only spooked that one I was furious. Then I was like, give me another change and then I caught it. Pauli: Daam, that is small. I have never seen so small EELPOUT Jani: Pauli, can that be some else species? Pauli: I just slipped. I love this kind of small confusion. Teo: Chaos maximus. The sun is rising from the horizon. Pauli: Nottt yet. Don’t trop it. Be careful After “night species” Sun wasn’t rising yet So we decided to try BURBOUR Few moments later, we found out that many teams had just caught ZANDER it was time to go! Teo: Too small – yeah, size of dick Teo: 40 cm zander, just lacking few centimeters Pauli: Fourth fish Teo: It isn’t enough Teo: BROWN BULLHEAD-frustration has changed to ZANDER-frustration Jani: I will poison this sea.. Olavi: This is why we don’t have zander episode yet. We just don’t know how to fish it. Jani: Why are you smiling, you have to show the real feelings not a fake smile like hellou camera I show that I have fun But reality Pauli: That is how you do it TENCH Pauli: CRUCIAN CARP You got it? So we are done here Looks like a MINNOW BUT.. Does it have peaks? Yep it has TEN-SPINED STICKLEBACK Eventhough we were tired, we caught many fishes after sun rise But we knew it was time.. To take revenge with SUN BLEAK Jani: Now we take this small m**** f*** up Pauli: Think about the satisfaction, if we get this up Pauli: I think, I lifted at the right time. Third time is the charm. Jani: I was so upset for this pike fishing, so I casted one really high cast and I just let it sank all the way to the bottom Then I just stated reeling and daam I got it. PIKE! Pauli: Luck, First real lucky during this competition Jani: What we are doing next? should we just leave here, and start fighting for the victory? We are gonna get VIMBA BREAM And then everything rest.. and let’s win this s*** Olavi: What is our rank at the moment? Have anyone checked? Jani: The leading team has 27 species. Teo: Vanhankaupunginkoski, we are trying to get VIMBA, and what else? ZANDER, ASP.. if we get lucky There it is! Pauli: We caught it, that was a great win for us. VIMBABREAM Teo: Yep, it seemed that way. You guys seemed that you were sleeping there. Pauli: Did you see how I net it? I just borrowed a net Jani: We were chilling with Pauli and then the guys with jigging rods, changed the colour of the jig and we decided to put our poles where they were. It didn’t take too long.. ..when we had to go back.. Pauli: One SUN BLEAK is making love to that straw. It has been eating that same straw over 15 minutes. Sometimes it disappears and then comes back. It nipples our bait Teo: It has been here all day. I’m sure it is the same individual Olavi: Jani and Pauli were fishing for SUN BLEAK and at the same time I found my inner jigmaster spirit. They have caught a quite many zander there, and now we got one over 42cm. 26 species for us. We are still back in the game, hopefully we still get few fish more. Lets keep on fishing for SUN BLEAK There it comes! So close.. Pauli: Times is running out. We are still trying to catch SUN BLEAK Couple of them have been hooked, but no luck. But lets see, if we get this, we are probably in the place for medal. We have maybe 5 minutes left. 55 seconds It was biting again.. 45 seconds Teo: This was it, rod off. No luck. Pauli: Olavi we just talked how expensive it was to miss this fish. It was expensive. Teo: Could we have done something differently? Pauli: We can always do something better Olavi: It was 22 hours ago, when I lost the fish 30 cm from the shore. It was really expensive loss. Pauli: After that 10 hours ago, I also missed one. Im out of energy Pauli: I haven’t looked the results but there was a change to be in medal place. Jani: But this was still great results, same results as the last year with these conditions. Pauli: Are we at 26 species? Jani: Yep, it is still excellent result. Think about the start we had Teo: What was our time for 10 species? Jani: I don’t even know. I cant calculate that far. Teo: 4 hours and something. Jani: I’m so broken Teo: Get your thinks and lets head back to starting area. Jani: 7th place. 26 species. I am not disappointed. Pauli: Yep, you can’t be disappointed. We fought hard. Olavi: Good ending, bad start. Great feeling Jani: This was better race than last time. We didn’t have to spend 8 hours fishing BULLHEAD. Pauli: Our strategy was way better than years before. We had many hours more extra time to fish. Teo: Pros and cons? Jani: Pros: Good weather. Cons: Bad weather. Pauli: That was deep! Teo: The most important team member. Caretaker.


    ep 1 – Moving Aboard My First Sailboat

    January 17, 2020

    TRAVELING WITH THE WIND – The Series Moving Aboard My First Sailboat There is nothing better than having
    dreams and trying to make them happen. And I remember I was 6 or 7 years old when I’ve seen the first movie about sailing. And since then, I’ve always wanted to sail on the blue ocean. Well after 25 years, I kind of forgot about my dream and most of the times… when is the right time, when you forget about your dreams, the dreams are coming back to you. And it just happened, that when I less expected it, I ended up buying a sailboat. There is no way I can describe the feeling when I’ve seen the sailboat coming towards me, Thinking that I’m gonna see her in the water, and I get to sail her. And of course there’s no way I can describe the feeling when I was on the boat, and the boat was in the water, and the only thing that I had in my mind was… How I’m gonna get her back to Miami ? Because I never sailed in my life, I had never been on a sailboat either. At least not by myself. I spent a week now, onboard the sailboat… I came to Glades Boat Yard, I put her down in the water, It was a lot of cleaning to do, since it was stored for one year so… I’m still going to work a lot on her because I want to do some changes so she’s going to fit me The way the way I need everything. But it’s really fun. And a few days ago, I actually went out sailing. I was actually waiting for my registration paperwork to be finished, And because I was not really supposed to have the boat in the water… I just went for a little bit, down here on the canal. And I came back close to the dock sailing… and it was such an amazing feeling to put the sails up… I just wanted to make sure everything works fine, and trying to figure out how to set everything. Because I had no idea, I’ve never sailed in my life. But the guys from here, my my two friends Scott and and Jacob… One day they just told me “man just go out and put the sails up and see how it works for you”. I was a little bit afraid on the beginning, thinking that oh my God how I’m gonna do it ? I’ve never done this before, so I was just sitting here outside drinking water, looking at the water. And it was a really nice sunny day, I saw the wind it’s getting stronger. So I’m like, that’s it I’m going out sailing. So I just untied the boat from the dock and I went down with the motor and on the way back I put the mainsail. And… God it was such an amazing feeling. And now I’m really excited about the trip back to Miami. Because I’m really tight on money and tight on the gas, as I didn’t bring too much with me. So I have do everything very limited, but I have to get there fast. Because I got a lot of other stuff to do as well so… But now let me show you the boat a little bit. The sailboat was a 26 feet Grampian Marine built in Canada in 1970. GLADES BOAT STORAGE So it’s about 11 in the evening, getting ready for the tomorrow’s trip… I’m gonna have to wake up in a little bit, at about 4 in the morning. It’s gonna be a big adventure, we’re gonna wake up at 4 and get ready. We’re first sailing to West Palm Beach. I have two more other sailboats and we live all together. There are my friends that I met here at the boatyard in Glades. And they’ve been helping me out to learn how to sail the the sailboat… And fix and put everything back together the way it should be. Well… slowly slowly we’re getting some distance from the Glades Boat Yard ( storage )… Slow… We want to go together… Because my friend Scott, his engine doesn’t work, so he is tied up to my other friend…. Jacob. The one with the bigger boat. So we gotta go slow. I don’t know how long my engine it’s going to work because it’s overheating. But until now, everything seems to be fine, I don’t know for how long. Well… I guess someone forgot about their boat. Well from time to time I gotta stop and turn off the engine and cool it down a little bit, because it keeps
    overheating. I took a one hour break earlier, and now it’s time to go again. It’s time to catch from behind my friends Jacob and Scott. They’re really slow because both of their boats are tied together. Scott’s engine doesn’t work so… We thought if mine will create any problems, I will have to tie my boat to Jacob’s boat as well. For now everything seems to be fine… for now. And pretty soon we’re gonna go under the More Haven’s bridge. I’m using my legs to drag the boat by the way… This is exciting… My phone battery dies, so I will not film too much. I’m a little strict because the USB charger on the boat doesn’t really work. And it doesn’t want to charge my iPhone for some reason. But I’ll try to film as much as I can. And let’s see what we’re going to have at the end. Wow…. perfect fit. Allright… now it’s time to take care of the business. And get ready for the locks. I was looking now again on the video while I was editing, And I remember how beautiful it was sailing on the canals, and what a quiet place… And the beauty of the sunset, or the beauty of the sunrise, all the birds and… such a quiet place. I was motoring actually, so it was really noisy, but still that peace that gives you inside… It was absolutely amazing. ( Jacob and Scott talking in the background ) So I remember those two weeks that I stayed in the boat yard, Because the old owner told me that the engine is overheating, I ended up cleaning the engine a little bit, and checking the oil, cleaning up the carburetor… And I had a quick look on the thermostat of the engine, and everything seemed to be fine. But I did a few runs up and down the canal with the boat running the engine. And once in a while it was turning off. So I was thinking it’s overheating ( as I was told it does ) Then later on to realize that the problem was actually the hose that goes to the gas pump. And somewhere I was actually getting air, and the gas was not going to the engine. And that was what was making the engine stop. So we actually end up going coming all the way to Miami without any problems after that, after I fixed that little problem. ( guitar playing in the background ) So we made it to West Palm Beach, we’ve been to many other beautiful places but… I couldn’t really record anything because the battery from my DSLR was absolutely dead. And I think I managed to take some pictures here and there, That I will probably post them on on the blog. But I used the phone with the Google Maps, just so I can see exactly where we’re going. And I didn’t really recorded anything with the phone because I was trying to save battery as well. And I remember I got really excited when we started coming down the ICW, And it was a bit dangerous too because we had a few spots where we actually grounded. And imagine that I was actually towing two more boats behind me so… So when we made it to Fort Lauderdale it was an absolutely amazing feeling because I was tired… I was exhausted, I just wanted to come closer to Miami. ( radio noise in the background ) So finally after 25 years, I managed to get a sailboat. It’s absolutely amazing, the feeling that you have when… When something you used to dream about, it happens to become a real thing. So I had to leave the sailboat for seven months after that, and I left her anchored at the Miami Yacht Club. And I was working on one of the cruise ships that comes to Miami. And I used to come once in a while, probably like once every two three weeks… And have a look on the boat, take out the bilge water, but it just happened that… I got busier and busier and I used to come less and less to the boat, because I didn’t had the time. Until at some point when we actually moved with the cruise ship to Charleston so… So after that the boat was absolutely alone, with no one to take care of her for about two more months.

    A long time ago – WW2 ship – war ship wwii – Photos World War 2
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    A long time ago – WW2 ship – war ship wwii – Photos World War 2

    January 14, 2020

    Once upon a time there was a war, Once upon a time it was held. For those who are still alive, it was once. But remember, we were both in flames And as a country for us saved Soldiers, soldiers, soldiers. Year after year, knocking on the window … It was the war a long time ago, Long ago, the reserve soldiers are gone. But profit is it always necessary, About what was the war Once upon a time, once, once …

    High-tech ship en route to resume hunt for MH370
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    High-tech ship en route to resume hunt for MH370

    January 14, 2020

    High-tech ship en route to resume hunt for MH370 The Malaysia Airlines jet disappeared in March 2014 with 239 people — mostly from China — on board en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing after diverting from its flight path. No sign of the plane was found in a 120,000 square kilometre (46,000 square mile) search zone selected by satellite analysis of the jets likely trajectory. The sea search — the largest in aviation history — was called off in January last year but looks set to resume soon. Exploration firm Ocean Infinity said it was sending a research vessel to the zone in the southern Indian Ocean and hopes to finalise a deal with the Malaysian government to restart the hunt in the coming days. We are moving the vessel, Seabed Constructor, towards the vicinity of the possible search zone, a spokesman for the company told AFP. This is designed to save time should the contract award be forthcoming, as hoped. The Norwegian research vessel being leased by Ocean Infinity set off from South Africa and was aiming to arrive in the search area by mid-January. The firm wants to start the hunt, which will be on a no find, no fee basis, during a period of good weather expected in January and February. The vessel is carrying several autonomous submarines which can be launched from the ship to scour the seabed for the jet. Malaysias Deputy Transport Minister Aziz Kaprawi confirmed negotiations with Ocean Infinity were in the final stages: They know we are very serious in taking their offer. Ocean Infinity was one of three companies which had bid to resume the hunt. Australias national science body CSIRO released a report in April suggesting the doomed plane was most likely north of the former search zone in an area of approximately 25,000 square kilometres. Only three confirmed fragments of MH370 have been found, all of them on western Indian Ocean shores, including a two-metre wing part known as a flaperon.

    The Entire C-3PO And R2-D2 Story Finally Explained
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    The Entire C-3PO And R2-D2 Story Finally Explained

    January 13, 2020

    If you’re looking for the true lead characters
    of Star Wars, look no further than C-3PO and R2-D2. Together they’re one of fiction’s greatest
    duos, and the real POV characters of the franchise. Let’s take a look at the saga from their point
    of view. R2-D2 came from the planet Naboo, where he
    was one of several nearly identical astromech droids stationed on Queen Padmé Amidala’s
    royal starship. When the Jedi Qui-Gon Jinn and his apprentice
    Obi-Wan Kenobi helped the Queen escape from captivity during a blockade by the Trade Federation,
    the starship was fired upon by ships hoping to recapture Amidala. A bunch of droids, including R2-D2, exited
    the ship to make repairs from the outside. While several other droids were blown off
    the ship and destroyed, R2 survived and made the repairs that enabled the ship to escape. He was personally thanked by the Queen, and
    from that point on served her more directly. When Amidala’s ship stopped on the planet
    Tatooine, they met C-3PO, a protocol droid that lacked his outer casing, which made him
    look like a metal skeleton covered in wire. Young Anakin Skywalker claimed that he had
    built C-3PO himself, although C-3PO’s databanks had already existed, and his body was a wreck
    until Anakin reconstructed him from spare parts. When Qui-Gon saw Anakin’s potential to become
    a Jedi, he won the boy’s freedom from the junk dealer named Watto who had enslaved him
    and his mother, Shmi, but she and C-3PO were forced to stay behind. When Padmé Amidala’s term as Queen of Naboo
    ended, she became a Senator. R2-D2 joined her on Coruscant, the Galactic
    Capital, where the droid helped Obi-Wan Kenobi and a grown-up Anakin Skywalker foil an assassination
    attempt on Padmé’s life. This led Anakin to take her into hiding off-planet,
    bringing R2-D2 along, but when Anakin began having visions of his mother in peril, the
    trio returned to Tatooine. There, they were reunited with C-3PO, who
    now had a rusty metal covering that made him look more like a typical protocol droid. They also learned that Shmi Skywalker had
    been freed from slavery by a man named Cliegg Lars, who became her husband. After being freed, Shmi and C-3PO moved to
    the Lars moisture farm, but Shmi was captured by Tusken Raiders, and died just as Anakin
    arrived to save her. C-3PO departed the Lars farm with Anakin and
    Padmé, and he and R2-D2 accompanied them to Geonosis. There, they found their way into the foundry
    where Battle Droids were built, and C-3PO’s head was swapped with a Battle Droid head,
    much to his confusion. Fortunately, R2-D2 was able to reunite his
    friend’s head with his body. R2 and 3PO escaped with their allies, but
    the Clone Wars had begun. The two droids then attended the secret wedding
    of Anakin and Padmé on Naboo. After six seasons of the animated series Star
    Wars: The Clone Wars, R2-D2 and C-3PO have had far too many adventures to recount them
    all here. Suffice it to say that R2-D2 usually accompanied
    Anakin Skywalker on missions, while C-3PO was more often the companion of Senator Padmé
    Amidala. They did have a few adventures together, however,
    such as when they accompanied Anakin and Padmé to Cato Neimoidia as part of a plan to expose
    Rush Clovis as a Separatist spy. While there, Padmé was poisoned and 3PO helped
    a medical droid see to her recovery. The droids were heroes in their own right
    when they were sent to the quake-ridden planet Aleen as a part of a relief effort. When R2 and 3PO found themselves trapped beneath
    the planet’s surface, they discovered a way to stop the quakes, earning the eternal gratitude
    of the Aleena people. In one of their strangest adventures, R2-D2
    and C-3PO made an emergency landing on a planet where they were tied up by the miniature inhabitants. “May I say that this is no way to treat friendly
    visitors to your planet.” The tiny people brought them before their
    dictator, Hay-Zu, but R2-D2 accidentally squashed him, to the delight of the other citizens,
    who then helped the droids repair their ship. C-3PO introduced them to the concept of democracy,
    but it only led to more fighting as the droids made their escape. Then R2 and 3PO landed on the planet Balnab,
    which was also ruled by a dictator. This one turned out to be a hologram operated
    by a group of Pit Droids who were secretly running the planet themselves. By the closing days of the Clone Wars, R2-D2
    was Anakin’s full-time co-pilot, while C-3PO stayed with Padmé on Coruscant. R2 accompanied Anakin and Obi-Wan Kenobi when
    they boarded the flagship of Separatist military commander General Grievous, to rescue the
    kidnapped Chancellor Palpatine, who was secretly a Sith Lord. R2 even fought off some Super Battle Droids
    on his own, showing how much his abilities and personality had outstripped his programming. He joined Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Palpatine on
    the bridge as Anakin crash-landed the flagship on Coruscant. C-3PO met up with R2-D2 soon thereafter, and
    the two caught up on what they’d missed while they were apart. “Well, it couldn’t possibly be as bad as all
    that.” Anakin Skywalker soon fell under the sway
    of Palpatine, and R2-D2 was noticeably unsettled by his master’s changing behavior, but still
    accompanied him to the lava-strewn planet Mustafar, where Palpatine had sent him to
    kill the Separatist leaders. When a distraught Padmé followed Anakin to
    Mustafar, C-3PO piloted her ship himself, showing that he had gained new skills as well. While Obi-Wan and Anakin fought their fateful
    duel, the droids helped an injured and very pregnant Padmé back onto her ship. Both droids left Mustafar with Obi-Wan and
    rendezvoused with Bail Organa of Alderaan . After Padmé died and her twin children,
    Luke and Leia, were placed in hiding, Organa gave the droids to Captain Raymus Antilles,
    who commanded his flagship. To protect the twins from Emperor Palpatine
    and Anakin, who had now fully become Darth Vader, Organa told Antilles to have C-3PO’s
    memory erased. C-3PO and R2-D2 spent most of the time between
    the end of the Clone Wars and the Battle of Yavin serving Captain Antilles on board his
    ship, the Tantive Four, which served as transport for Alderaan’s royal family and also flew
    missions for the burgeoning Rebel Alliance. They occasionally had other duties, however,
    such as when Bail Organa sent them to escort Imperial Minister Tua and an Aqualish arms
    dealer named Amda Wabo on a mission to the planet Garel. Officially, C-3PO was there to translate between
    Tua and Wabo, who lacked a shared language, but R2-D2 knew their true mission, which was
    to prevent Tua and the Empire from getting their hands on a shipment of powerful weapons. The two droids were also at the Rebel Alliance
    base on Yavin Four in the lead-up to the Battle of Scarif, where a suicide mission by a ragtag
    group of rebels enabled the Alliance to obtain the schematics to the planet-destroying Imperial
    space station known as the Death Star. Unbeknownst to the Empire, the Imperial engineer
    who had designed the moon-sized weapon had included a weakness that would enable its
    destruction. Ultimately the plans for the Death Star ended
    up on the Tantive Four with R2 and 3PO aboard, which would lead to their biggest adventure
    yet. Princess Leia Organa was fleeing from Scarif
    to Tatooine with the Death Star schematics when Darth Vader’s forces attacked and boarded
    the ship. C-3PO and R2-D2 became the most important
    droids in the galaxy when Leia hid the Death Star files in R2’s memory banks. C-3PO didn’t know about the mission she’d
    given R2, but still followed his friend to the surface of Tatooine. “How did we get into this mess? I really don’t know how. We seem to be made to suffer. It’s our lot in life.” On the desert planet once again, the droids
    were captured by Jawas and sold to Owen Lars and his nephew, Luke Skywalker. R2-D2, however, was determined to fulfill
    his mission for Princess Leia by finding the exiled Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi. He succeeded, along with 3PO and Luke, but
    the Imperial search for the droids led to the murder of Luke’s aunt and uncle. Soon after, the droids, Luke, and Obi-Wan
    escaped Tatooine on board Han Solo’s ship, the Millennium Falcon. After rescuing Leia from the Death Star, the
    whole group arrived at Rebel Alliance headquarters on Yavin Four. When Luke volunteered to fly an X-Wing fighter
    in the attack on the Death Star, R2-D2 performed the same function for him that he had for
    his father, interfacing with the X-Wing’s astromech slot to help the ship fly. He took serious damage in that battle, and
    C-3PO even volunteered to donate parts for his repair, but the Rebels, grateful to Luke
    for destroying the Death Star, did an exceptional job of repairing R2 on their own. When the Rebels were forced to flee Yavin
    for the ice planet Hoth, R2-D2 and C-3PO naturally came along. After assisting in the effort to locate Luke
    and Han when they went missing, R2 and 3PO were forced to abandon the Hoth base along
    with the rest of the Rebels when Imperial forces arrived. C-3PO left with Han and Leia on the Millennium
    Falcon, while R2-D2 left with Luke in his X-Wing. When the Millenium Falcon arrived in Cloud
    City on the planet Bespin, 3PO wandered away from his friends and was blasted to pieces
    by Stormtroopers. Fortunately, those pieces were found by Chewbacca,
    the tech-savvy Wookiee copilot of the Falcon, who was able to restore 3PO to consciousness
    but didn’t have a chance to fully reassemble him. Meanwhile, R2-D2 went with Luke Skywalker
    to the swamp planet Dagobah, so Luke could train with the Jedi Master Yoda. R2’s only role in Luke’s Jedi training was
    as a weight to be lifted with the Force, and he spent a lot of time sitting around waiting. Eventually, Luke had a vision of his friends
    in peril on Bespin, and he and R2 left to save them. There, R2 and the disassembled C-3PO were
    reunited once again, and as they escaped on the Falcon, R2 helped put his friend back
    together. Unfortunately, Han Solo had been captured
    on Bespin and taken to the gangster known as Jabba the Hutt. C-3PO and R2-D2 were part of the mission to
    rescue Han Solo from Jabba the Hutt, although as usual, 3PO wasn’t nearly as informed about
    the plan as R2. “We bring a message to your master, Jabba
    the Hutt, and a gift — gift, what gift?” They arrived in Jabba’s palace on Tatooine,
    and R2 played a message from Luke Skywalker saying that both droids were gifts for the
    Hutt. 3PO was horrified, but he served as Jabba’s new translator, while R2 carried a
    drink tray on the Hutt’s sail barge. Eventually the plan came together, and when
    Luke needed his lightsaber for the rescue, it turned out R2-D2 had been secretly carrying
    it in a hidden compartment all along. C-3PO was much less help, and had one of his
    eyes pulled out by Jabba’s monkey-like companion, Salacious Crumb. 3PO was lucky that R2 shoved him off the sail
    barge before it exploded, and their friends plucked them out of the sand before leaving
    Tatooine. R2-D2 took a brief detour with Luke to return
    to Dagobah for one last visit with Yoda before he died of old age. Then both droids accompanied the Rebels on
    a mission to the forest moon of Endor. When they encountered the native population
    a bunch of teddy bear-like creatures called Ewoks the creatures mistook C-3PO for a god. With the help of Luke’s Force abilities, 3PO
    was able to prevent the surprisingly vicious Ewoks from cooking and eating the Rebels,
    and their cooperation helped the Rebels defeat the Empire. After the victory at Endor, C-3PO continued
    to serve Princess Leia and Han Solo as they rooted out Imperial holdouts and restored
    the Republic. When the First Order arose to attempt to reinstate
    a Galactic Empire, Leia became the General of the Resistance that opposed them, and 3PO
    followed her. On a mission for the Resistance, C-3PO formed
    an unlikely friendship with a captured First Order protocol droid named O-MR1. When the droids were trapped on a dangerous
    planet, a tentacled creature ripped off 3PO’s left arm. O-MR1 ultimately sacrificed himself to save
    C-3PO, and 3PO wore his red arm for a time in memory of his friend. “You probably don’t recognize me because of
    the red arm.” As for R2-D2, he stuck by Luke Skywalker’s
    side as Luke built a new Jedi Temple and attempted to train a new generation of Jedi. Unfortunately, all of that was undone by Luke’s
    own nephew, Ben Solo, who led the mysterious Knights of Ren in slaughtering the other trainees
    and destroying the temple. R2 stood with his master as they watched the
    Temple burn. Afterward, Luke left R2-D2 behind when he
    went into hiding, and the exhausted droid entered a low-power mode that he would maintain
    for years. Still wearing O-MR1’s red arm, C-3PO accompanied
    General Leia Organa on a rescue mission to the planet Takodana. Back at the Resistance headquarters on D’Qar,
    R2-D2 was still in hibernation mode when the Force prodigy Rey arrived and said that the
    First Order already had found most of the map to Luke Skywalker’s hiding place except
    for the part that had been hidden in young droid BB-8. Some part of R2 heard what Rey said, which
    brought him out of his low-power coma. R2-D2 then helped BB-8 assemble the map to
    Luke’s hiding place on the planet Ahch-To. Leaving C-3PO on D’Qar, R2 accompanied Rey
    and Chewbacca on the Millennium Falcon to find Luke. When the First Order uncovered the location
    of the Resistance base on D’Qar, it was C-3PO who received the transmission and informed
    Leia that they would have to evacuate. He and Leia and most of the rest of the Resistance
    leadership escaped aboard the starship Raddus. As the Raddus was pursued by the First Order,
    the bridge was destroyed by TIE fighters, leaving Leia badly injured. C-3PO wanted nothing more than to stay by
    her side while she recovered, but he found himself unwillingly involved in a mutiny led
    by Poe Dameron against acting Resistance leader Admiral Holdo. When Leia woke up and stopped the mutiny,
    3PO immediately surrendered. Meanwhile, R2-D2 was on the distant planet
    of Ahch-To, where Rey was doing a poor job of convincing Luke Skywalker to train her
    as a Jedi. Luke wanted nothing to do with teaching, but
    R2-D2 changed his mind by playing the original recording of Leia that he’d delivered to Obi-Wan
    Kenobi decades earlier. But before Rey’s training was complete, she,
    R2, and Chewbacca headed back to the Resistance. After Admiral Holdo sacrificed herself and
    the Raddus to enable the other Resistance survivors to escape, C-3PO fled with Leia
    and the others to the salty planet of Crait. In the midst of a devastating attack from
    the First Order, Luke Skywalker surprised everyone by arriving just in time to engage
    his former protege Kylo Ren in combat. C-3PO seemed like he might have noticed something
    askew about Luke, but he shut up about it when Luke winked at him. Sure enough, Luke turned out to only be a
    Force projection, and not really on Crait at all. He was merely a distraction to give the Resistance
    enough time to escape. “This facility is such a maze of endless tunnels
    that the odds of finding an exit are 15,428 –” “Shut up!” “…to one.” Nevertheless, Luke’s gambit paid off, and
    C-3PO was reunited with R2-D2 aboard the Millennium Falcon when Rey and Chewbacca arrived to help
    with the evacuation. In the final days of the war, as the First Order became the Final Order and Emperor Palpatine rose again, R2-D2 remained at Resistance HQ while C-3PO went on a mission with the galaxy’s greatest heroes to find the hidden Sith planet of Exegol. Along the way, they found a dagger that contained Sith runes that would show the way. 3PO was able to read the runes, but because they were Sith writing, his programming prevented him from translating them for his friends. In order to complete the mission, they had to go to a tiny droidsmith named Babu Frik, who was able to override the programming in C-3PO’s electronic brain, but at the cost of his memory. Understanding the odds well enough to know that his sacrifice was necessary, C-3PO said goodbye to his friends and allowed his memory to be wiped for at least the second time. When he returned to the Resistance base, R2-D2 was surprised that his best friend didn’t remember him. Although the amnesiac 3PO was reluctant at first to let the pushy Astromech droid mess with his head, R2 was able to restore his memory. Together, they celebrated the final defeat of Palpatine and the First Order. Just as they were there for Palpatine’s rise, they were around for his fall. After all, aren’t they the real stars of the saga? Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Looper videos about Star Wars
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    MY SPIRITUAL BALI TRIP | Sacred Monkey Forest | Water Cleansing Ritual | Uluwatu Beach | Ubud 2020
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    MY SPIRITUAL BALI TRIP | Sacred Monkey Forest | Water Cleansing Ritual | Uluwatu Beach | Ubud 2020

    January 10, 2020

    Hey guys, what’s up? Welcome back to my channel. It’s your girl, Anh. I just got back from Bali a few weeks ago and had the best time in my life. Bali has always been on the top of my bucket list of places to travel. My soul feels content after being there. I’m still riding on this energetic high for my trip. I’m still feeling cute for my island tan. Hmm I took a solo trip because I wanted my own space and alone time Where I definitely feel like I evolved and elevated into a brand new person I took a 2 am flight to Bali where I didn’t get any sleep on the plane I was quite restless, but once I got off the plane… I immediately had so much energy and I felt alive because the air was so refreshing and clean there. There was this floral fragrance scent in the air that you can smell all throughout the island. It’s actually their island flower, Jepun I think as you call it, but It smelt so nice there What I was thinking in Bali was trying out a bunch of yoga studios to see which I like best because I do plan on doing a yoga teacher training there I also wanted to experience their culture and spirituality, as well as see a Balinese healer do a water cleansing ritual retreat back to nature and actually be able to see the stars at night You know…. do simple nature stuff go to a bunch of temples and hopefully find a moon ceremony I can attend. Overall, I was seeking spirituality and wanted to unplug from my life. Originally, I was going to plan out everything and book all my accommodations for my whole trip But this thought kept popping up in my mind Travel with a childlike spirit which I think it was my intuition telling me to be in the present moment because I’m so used to over planning and over thinking, which kind of sometimes gets in the way of everything What I did was I booked my first few nights then I would let my heart guide me to where I wanted to go next. Which means Be in the moment and go where it felt right then and there. I’m gonna talk about my spiritual experience in Bali and with that in mind I’m really excited to share my adventure with you guys It was just me, my phone, my gimbal that I’m still trying to get used to, and my experience. Let’s get started. Shall we? Before I dabble into my spiritual experience I do want to give a little background on Balinese culture just to give you guys some reference Balinese people are mainly Hindu. They have daily rituals, where they give offering three times a day. In the morning, afternoon, and evening. They make these offerings out of coconut leaves They put their offerings on their altar, shrines, in front of their homes, their neighbor shrines, in front of their business, in the middle of the sidewalk, at the cash register at work… pretty much everywhere They do this as a way to show their daily gratitude for what they already have such as their family work, good health, having a roof above their head, and so on and so forth When you’re walking down the street you have to be mindful not to step on the offerings especially the ones with an incense burning as it’s considered not respecting that tradition and culture Besides They also believe when the incense is still burning It means their wishes are still there. Their creator will hear it because it will go to the universe I personally think it’s really nice to be in an environment where people aren’t constantly glued to their phone It makes you be in the present moment and appreciate what’s around My first few days, I stayed in a traditional family compound in Ubud. I was in kind of a guest house But there is many of them on the same compound It’s a common housing structure in Bali I wanted to experience a traditional Balinese home. Every morning The family would prepare their offerings and go around and give an offering at each shrine. I would wake up to the sounds of birds chirping and a rooster early morning and the family would place an offering on my shrine. Good morning. I just woke up. Well, not really… I finished my morning meditation but I woke up to the sounds of roosters. I had a really nice sleep I just felt alive. One of the things I noticed is there’s a shrine outside my room They lit incense for it and have offerings Isn’t that nice? And I could smell the incense still burning. It was really sweet to wake up to The statues for the temples and holy sites are distinct. There are two statues in front of the entrance Representing good and evil, having a balance between the two. They can range from a variety of different statues such as an elephant demon with long things to scare off evil and some more elaborate ones, such as tigers You must wear a sarong before entering as a sign of respect. It’s temple etiquette. There are two triangle pillars as the entrance that look split in half The split triangle represent an opening into the spirit world. When you’re walking through the triangle, you’re entering a holy spiritual world. When my tour hosts first told me this, I literally felt I was having a Zelda moment in a real life scenario Unlocking a whole new level. This is the gateway to the spirit world I spent a day for spirituality and booked a tour host to take me to see a Balinese healer and experience a water cleansing ritual. I wanted to experience Balinese spirituality and rituals Luckily, I was the only one booked It was just me, my guide, and our driver My tour host picked me up early morning and we went straight to the healer at his family compound When we arrived, She dressed me in a sarong before entering his home The reading was done in a separate room, and it was just me and the healer I was allowed to voice record reading, which I like because I like listening to it later It was done in a small room with a huge altar covering a whole side of a wall The healer prepped the session by burning incenses and performed a prayer to open up the reading We sat across from each other on the floor He began meditating on my energy to check if there’s any major health issues I should be concerned about He then checked my chakras, which are the spiritual energy centers in our bodies After scanning my body and checking my energy levels and chakras Overall, I’m in physical good health He didn’t detect any cancer or illness in my body He did push me to do more exercise or yoga for more energy Because I’m around people so much There are negative people around me who drained my energy Where I can’t tie it in easily. I like to call them energy vampires. He did a palm reading He did recommend some career paths based on my palm reading and the visions he saw The first he mentioned was he noticed while reading my hand was that I’m a good writer and that I could write a book which is spot-on when he said that because I’ve been reading a lot of self-help books the past year which have really transformed and motivated me It has sparked my interest of writing a book to help others like how it helps me He pretty much hit the nail on the head with that one Another career path He said was if I were to pursue yoga he promised I will be a yoga teacher with my own yoga studio or yoga center Which is interesting because Yoga is one of the reason why I’m in Bali I’ve always had visions of having my own yoga studio space overlooking the mountains or ocean where I could also hold moon rituals there I already knew I wanted to write a book and become a yoga teacher I didn’t tell him anything about me before the reading. He pretty much confirmed it. He spoke more about the visions he saw focusing on my love life career, family, the blessings of my life and what my area of strengths are then gave suggestions The reading lasted for about 20 minutes. This was the beginning of my spiritual journey for my trip My host took me to a spring water temple in the jungle to experience a holy bathing ritual which is meant to clean our body, mind, and soul The spring waters are believed to have magical powers for healing and spiritual purposes People come from all over the island to purify themselves in these crystal clear pools My host dressed me in a special sarong for the water ritual and gave me an offering to give in the pool before the water cleansing. I sat in the pool for a moment thinking about my intentions while meditating I could feel the little fishes touching and tickling my feet When I was finished with my wishes I slowly walked over to the rock altar in front of the fountain gave my prayer and placed my offering on top of the rocks Amongst the other offerings from previous seekers I held my hand in prayer on my forehead and proceeded to dunk my head under the fountain and bathe myself in the running waters There, I thought of my intentions what I’m grateful for and drank the holy water coming out of the walls I continued the process under each water way I imagined the water washing away what I intended to release while cleansing me. I felt clean, crisp, and refresh I swam around in the pool for a while and occasionally dunked my head back under each water way I floated in the pool without thoughts felt free and elevated After time spent in the clear waters, I went out and changed Afterwards, I saw a butterfly fluttering by me which caught my attention As we walked back up the stairs I saw a couple more butterflies towards the exit I pointed them out to my host who said seeing butterflies means there’s a spirit around She mentioned she has never seen butterflies here in the jungle especially in this temple before It’s rare and it was her first time seeing them here For me, seeing butterflies at the temple was just the beginning of seeing them as signs from spirit Signaling good signs and pointing me in the right direction here Bali Bali has some of the most beautiful and best yoga studios I really love practicing in the open air listening to the birds chirping and feeling the outside breeze I tried different types of yoga where I fell in love with hatha yoga Which focuses on breath work I’ve got a greater stretch for my body where it was more challenging for me I do like a challenge. I tried a handful of studios in the jungle & near the ocean Going back to seeing butterflies at the water temple. I now started seeing butterflies during yoga classes I saw butterflies outside the window during my hatha yoga class also during shavasana You know the part where you lay down in the end with your eyes closed Chill out and sink your body into the earth In my Kundalini class, I started seeing visions sort of like a picturesque old film I remember seeing a huge cliff in the ocean during the sunset. The sunset was a vibrant warm orangey red color Then I saw my great-grandparents faces in a indigo color One of them had the arms wrapped around the other both embracing and smiling at me They were supporting me from the other side and it felt good to know that I am loved and not alone After the class was over, a huge butterfly flew through the window and started circling the middle of the room I was the only one who noticed and pointed it out to the yoga teacher who then noticed himself Then the butterfly flew out the window After seeing butterflies during yoga classes several times in different classes It’s a sign from spirit to pursue my yogic path. I absolutely loved trying the different yoga studios I practiced at Yoga Barn, Radiantly Alive, Body Works Which is also a healing center why I had the best deep tissue massage in my life. I also went to Sannya Yoga Studio on my last night in Bali but not for yoga but joined them on new moon ceremony Which I was hoping to attend during my trip. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to try these different yoga studios I definitely feel doing my yoga teacher training in the jungle feels best for me One of the things I look forward to was retreating back to nature and having time to myself I just wanted to unplug and detox myself from my regular life Staying in the jungle has been one of the best experience in my life I love waking up early morning Feeling refreshed by the sounds of birds chirping and a rooster being welcomed each morning by the locals with a daily offering on my altar I was surrounded by good energy One of my favorite places was the Sacred Monkey Forest The monkeys roamed openly in the forest It’s their native home, their land. It’s not a zoo where there’s a glass barrier separating us and the monkeys Of course, there are some rules and guidelines to follow such as don’t look them straight in the eye because they are still wild animals Be wary of your belongings Especially if you have a big backpack Wearing sunglasses and a hat because I did see a monkey hop on a human trying to unzip his backpack. They don’t play around It was really fascinating to see them up close and personal seeing them be their true selves I also stayed in a hut in a rural part of town in the middle of a rice field There was a path in the rice field that I walked down The rice workers smiled and greeted me, which was genuinely nice There were ducks swimming in a stream of water Getting all muddy Running around like a gang and all running away from me. Also, I saw a bunch of butterflies on the path. What a coincidence Okay, so I’ve been seeing a lot of butterflies just walking through the rice field I guess butterflies are my thing here Speaking of butterflies The door handle to my hut is a butterfly Nighttime was beautiful Being able to actually see the stars at night and hear the soothing sounds of nature It was definitely a scenic nature experience being able to stay in a beautiful rice field Watching how rice is tended daily and seeing the rice workers. It made me appreciate rice even more staying there. I really felt a peace being there Of course, being in Bali I have to see the ocean, beach, and sunset I stayed in Uluwatu my last couple nights which is the southern part of Bali known as the “Island of the Gods” It’s known for having the best surf spots in the world for its surf breaks When I saw the image of a cliff during sunset and yoga I knew I had to go to Uluwatu It has epic cliffs on the ocean and the best beaches I went to this beach where you have to enter a cave to access the beach Also, depending if the tides are low you can enter a secluded part of the beach when the ocean water levels are low It’s truly a hidden gem The ocean water is crystal clear I remember chatting with a new friend in the ocean during low tide and seen little tropical fishes swimming around us Of course, I worked on my Island tan there The water feels really nice It’s a bit warm. not too cold. I’m gonna go take a dip in the ocean and one more thing…. once I get my island tan it’s over for all you hoes. Life in Bali is a straight up dream There’s something about the island that is really magical The hospitality of Balinese people are genuinely friendly and welcoming I really admire how they practice gratitude with their daily offering for themselves and others I also worked on my spirituality I would do morning readings with my oracle cards on what my spirit guides had for me for the day I would pull the right cards that confirmed what’s been on my mind as if it’s the right place and time to hear the messages My ascended master deck acted as my spiritual cheerleader Whatever I’ve been thinking a lot about I pulled the exact car that translated my thought What I came to realize was I trust myself and I was able to actually say that to myself where I never did before That was a lightbulb moment for me Also, I fell in love with riding on a motorbike in Indonesia. I felt free and open and loved the fast speed and thrill on riding on a motorbike It’s kind of like a real-life action game This makes me want to learn how to ride one I mean, how hard could it be? There’s some traffic right now *beep beep* Thank you guys so much for watching my video I hope you guys enjoyed it and learned a thing or two about Bali Let me know what you guys think or if you guys have any questions, let me know down in the comments So even though my trip was short and sweet I did experience a lot during my stay I have definitely spiritually grown in Bali There’s something really magical about Bali that has really elevated me from the inside out. Even when I got off the plane I instantly felt at peace Overall what I discovered was trusting myself even by traveling solo I learned so much about myself And also letting my heart guide the way and following my heart as well as letting the universe present gifts to me through synchronicities Such as butterflies Butterflies are my signs in Bali I also fell in love with spending quality time in nature and riding on a motorbike It’s so fun Who knew? I’m gonna learn to ride a motorbike Trust After exploring Bali and their culture it has definitely sparked an interest traveling to other countries and learning about the other cultures because I am curious and I love learning about other people’s culture and meeting new people making new friends I’ve definitely met and learned other people’s point of view and how it relates to me I would say Bali is my heaven on earth It definitely holds a special place in my heart and soul I will definitely be back in Bali And I’ll talk to you guys later Ciao

    Naval Legends: Yamato | World of Warships
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    Naval Legends: Yamato | World of Warships

    January 10, 2020

    They were designed to be the best… they met enemies face to face, endured tragedies and enjoyed victories… they went down in history due to the bravery of their crews… they are the ships that deserve to be called “Naval Legends!” In this episode, watch Yamato Life and Death of the Legendary Battleship. By spring 1945, it became clear that only a miracle
    could save Japan from defeat in World War II. The Land of the Rising Sun had lost
    virtually all its naval and air forces, and US troops were already landing on the Japanese islands. On the morning of April 6, Japan’s legendary
    battleship Yamato sailed off to fight her last battle. The last bit of hope the Japanese possessed rested with this steel giant – the largest
    and most powerful battleship of the time. That naval operation in the Pacific,
    dubbed Ten-ichi-go (Heaven One), was a dangerous mission.
    But the faith in Yamato was almost religious, and the Japanese believed luck would
    go hand in hand with the ship. The history of battleship Yamato
    began 10 years before the ship’s legendary last mission. In October 1935, Japanese engineers put together
    a first draft of the famous naval giant. Unlike the Americans, whose ships were limited
    to a size that could pass through the Panama Canal nothing restricted the Japanese from
    building ships of a large size and displacement and arming them as heavily as possible. Japanese designers set out to make battleships powerful
    enough to outmatch all existing foreign counterparts and any ships that would be built in the upcoming years. The production facilities behind me were the Kure
    Naval Arsenal in those days. Its dockyard saw the birth of battleship Yamato . Her keel was laid in 1937, and the ship was completed 1941. Yamato was the heaviest battleship in the world. Back then,
    the total construction expenses amounted to 130 million yen. That would be over 1 trillion yen
    ($8 billion) in today’s prices. Initially Japan planned to build
    a total of four Yamato-class ships. However, the Pacific War began,
    and after completing the second ship, Musashi, Japan stopped building the third ship, Shinano, and never started the fourth one. Eventually, Shinano was converted to an aircraft carrier. Yamato is the ancient name for Japan,
    meaning “great harmony.” Strict secrecy was maintained throughout her construction:
    a high fence of mats surrounded the dockyard, all engineers swore a solemn oath of non-disclosure, and the workers going in and out were compared
    with their photos. Japanese shipbuilders certainly had something big to hide… Total displacement: 72,808 t Length: 263 m Beam: 38.9 m Draft: 10.8 m Armament
    Main battery Three turrets each having three 40-SK Mod. 94 guns Caliber: 460 mm Secondary battery Two turrets each having three Type 3 guns
    Caliber: 155 mm Anti-aircraft artillery Twelve coaxial Type 89 guns
    Caliber: 127 mm Fifty triple-barrel and two single-barrel
    Type 96 automatic cannons. Caliber: 25 mm Air group
    7 seaplanes (reconnaissance planes and spotting aircraft). Armor
    Main belt: 270–410 mm Main turrets: 190–650 mm Conning tower: 300–500 mm Power plant 4 Kampon turbines and 12 Kampon RO boilers Power: 154,000 shp Maximum speed: over 27 knots Operational range: 7,200 nautical miles at 16 knots Yamato’s key features are her main turrets,
    each having three 460-mm guns. The guns could fire shells weighing almost 1.5 tons
    with a muzzle speed of 790 meters per second. A gun turret, including the barbette, weighed 3,000 tons.
    It could contain over 150 men. Yamato’s main turrets were guided by a fire control system,
    consisting of a director that provided parameters of fire, range-finders, and electromechanical calculators
    (a form of early computers). It was a state-of-the-art system for the time: lack of fire control radars for engaging surface targets
    was compensated for by top-notch grouping of salvoes. This gave the Japanese firing capability
    on par with that of the world’s leading navies. The ship’s secondary battery consisted of two turrets,
    each having three 155-mm guns. The guns featured excellent ballistic characteristics
    and could penetrate the armor of a typical cruiser; however, their rate of fire was pretty low. When commissioned, Yamato had six coaxial
    127-mm anti-aircraft guns for long-range engagement, plus short-range anti-aircraft artillery
    consisted of eight triple-barrel 25-mm cannons. The number of AA guns was constantly
    built up during the war. The 127-mm anti-aircraft guns
    and the 25-mm guns had different ranges of fire. So if an enemy aircraft flew into this gap,
    neither of the guns was able to effectively intercept it. Furthermore, the 127-mm guns had relatively low traverse
    speed and poor elevation and depression characteristics. They also failed to fire at the declared rate
    of 14 rounds per minute if the elevation was high or low. Yamato enjoyed the heaviest armor
    in shipbuilding history – its US analog, battleship Iowa had armor that was on average 100 mm thinner. The armor belt of the Japanese giant formed a citadel
    that covered slightly over half of her waterline length. The most protected part was the ship’s conning tower… The weapon systems became literally giant. The Japanese built a superbattleship
    that was like 10 or 15 others put together. But the problem was that it did not pay off. You can build one Yamato-class battleship, but she would still be destroyed
    when facing 2, 3, or 10 US battleships. There are still such characteristics as mobility,
    quantity, quality, salvoes per side… Yamato was commissioned in late 1941. In her first mission, the Battle of Midway, Yamato served
    as the flagship of the Japanese Combined Fleet. During the battle, on June 4 through 6, 1942, Yamato did not fire a single shot
    and was used only as an HQ ship. The Japanese military command was definitely
    saving their two best battleships for an upcoming major battle against the US fleet. As a result, Japanese seamen
    started to feel disappointed with their flagship. They even made up a saying that the world’s three
    most useless things were China’s Great Wall, the Egyptian pyramids,
    and battleship Yamato . It was not until autumn 1944
    that the Japanese naval giant fought its first real battle. Together with her sister ship Musashi, Yamato attacked
    US landing craft near the island of Leyte. In that battle, Yamato was only slightly damaged, demonstrated her power, and recovered the status
    of an unsinkable giant. However, the situation in the Pacific theater
    had changed by that time… Progress in military technology basically
    follows the laws of philosophy. When making a new weapon system, designers
    and the military usually seek to enhance its specifications: bigger caliber, thicker armor, etc. Then they come to a dead end,
    where they are no longer developing the navy, but improving a separate weapon type
    within the existing limits. A radical change is carrier-borne aviation and,
    later, missile systems. Yamato is the peak,
    the peak in the construction of battleships. It is not about progress, it is about reaching the peak. In 1945, World War II reached Japan’s home islands. The command of the Japanese Combined Fleet
    made a Bushido-style decision: Yamato, with the help of a light cruiser
    and eight destroyers, was to defend the island of Okinawa
    and prevent the US troops from getting any further inland, or fight to the end and finish her journey gloriously. Executing this order, on April 6, 1945, the legendary Japanese battleship
    sailed off to fight her last battle…. The United States sent its Task Force 58
    to intercept the flagship of the Japanese Combined Fleet. The Americans would not miss the chance
    to destroy the symbol of Japan’s naval power. As early as at 10 a.m., the first US squadrons took off
    from five heavy and four light aircraft carriers, located about 300 miles away from Yamato. A total of 227 aircraft took part
    in the destruction of the Japanese force. The battle began at 12:34. Four aerial bombs hit Yamato, taking out a 127-mm gun and several automatic cannons. In just 20 minutes, two more bombs struck the battleship,
    and a torpedo hit her port side. In response, Yamato fired her anti-aircraft weapons. At 14:02, the Americans launched the last attack
    on the wounded, but still combat capable, Yamato… It was a demonstrative execution: four torpedoes
    (three to the port side and one to the starboard side) destroyed the ship’s damage control center. Yamato stopped moving and started listing
    to port more and more every minute… and when this huge ship capsized,
    a monstrous explosion erupted. The pride and hope of the Japanese fleet went under. Together with the ship, 3,000 crew members were lost, including the commanders of the Japanese force and the ship. For the Japanese, Yamato still remains a symbol of the nation’s might
    that fell in battle like a true samurai. The city where the legendary battleship was built
    opened a museum, whose centerpiece is an 26-meter model of Yamato . The Kure Municipal Museum of Naval History
    and Science was built 10 years ago to preserve the rich naval tradition of the city. Now it is known as the Yamato Museum. The exhibits reflect the naval history of Kure; in other words, the history
    of naval affairs and technologies. The museum has become quite popular. Fans of battleships come here from all over the country. However, we should remember that it was originally dedicated
    to all kinds of shipbuilding. The violent explosion that finished the
    destruction of Yamato was caused by the detonation of her main battery magazines. However, there is plenty of debate about
    the reason for that tremendous explosion. The answer is probably hidden on the bottom of the ocean: so far researchers have been unable
    to lift what is left from the giant battleship… It is true that Yamato had a number of drawbacks. Like her sister ship, Musashi,
    the battleship was sunk as a result of air strikes. The key reason for that was the ships’ fundamental lack
    of ability to resist massive air attacks. Yamato remains the largest and
    most powerful battleship in history. For every person who takes interest
    in the history of military ships, Yamato embodies military might. Born to terrify and crush enemies, this formidable steel giant managed to glorify
    her name even as she was defeated. She represented a pinnacle in large battleship design,
    one that will probably never be surpassed, and in that sense, Yamato will always remain a symbol and a legend.

    SACANDAGA RIVER ~ SurPRisE ~ Travel & FISHING ~ NEW YORK State ~ Adirondacks CC Closed Caption
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    SACANDAGA RIVER ~ SurPRisE ~ Travel & FISHING ~ NEW YORK State ~ Adirondacks CC Closed Caption

    January 9, 2020

    Chris is gonna try it…. Where are we?
    South of Wells…
    (Deirdre) Just south of wells…NEW YORK
    in The RIVER… Sacandaga River He, doesn’t think he’s catching something…..But, I think… He WILL! (chris)
    Seems I would have caught something on the 1st throw…That’s one!…
    (sound of river water flowing across rocks) (Chris)
    Oh! I got one! ~ I GOT ONE! ~
    Whoo hoo! (Chris) Oh! Its a good one! (Deirdre) whoo -WHO! (Deirdre) Yeh man! WOW! Oh SHiiT!!….. Daaam!….
    I’m so glad that didn’t hit you.
    (Chris) It was a Smallie! (Deirdre)That was on there!
    I’m Glad that didnt hit you. (Chris)
    Was pullin to hard, I was excited! (Deirdre)
    ahah ha ha ha!
    there ‘s another one in there! Means it’s chaulk full of them! (Chris) Did you see that? (Deirdre) I did! hee! hee! (Chris) Might of been a brown trout but, I don’t think so…
    I saw the fish, I saw him
    jump out, and let go.
    (Chris) AWESOME!…… TOP KNOCKER!!