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    2014 G3 Angler V 185 SF
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    2014 G3 Angler V 185 SF

    September 20, 2019

    G3’s Angler V series is their deep V, durable and dependable line of boats
    that are built to take whatever you can throw at it. That and
    they’re filled with fishing features. The lineup features 13
    models ranging from over sixteen feet to over 18 like tomorrow we’re in
    so in this Power Profile we’re gonna take a look at the Angler V 185 SF the folks at G3 headquarters in Lebanon
    Missouri must have their ears to the pavement
    because the Angler V 185 SF fits every need a Canadian might have.
    It starts with that 96 inch beam a great sized platform to work with, then
    you surround that beam with exceptionally high freeboards to provide safety and a nice dry ride.
    That means inside you can pack the boat with whatever
    fishing features you need I like to start with the casting decks on
    fishing boats the 185 SF has a good one with the
    sporty flip up jump seats built in these are sturdy and durable and really
    quite handy Centering these is hinged access to the bilge
    should you need to perform any maintenance. Naturally there’s a seat base where
    you can put in the optional bike seat or the high-backed fishing seats. There are even
    creature comforts like these nifty cupholders the gunnels provide more than just
    stability top-loading storage can hold gear on the
    starboard side, and to port there’s storage for six 7 foot rods. Rod storage continues in
    the walkthrough where there’s room for six more rods,
    because tournament anglers can never have too many rod combos I like his boat because even with the
    four seats in place there’s still plenty of leg room and you’re able to move around. It feels
    much bigger than its eighteen-foot five length would leave you to
    believe. The helm on the 185 is cool and casual with a four gauge package,
    rocker switches, and tilt steering. The bow deck is extremely
    spacious enough for two anglers. To the right of
    the seat base is locking storage and to the left is a 15 gallon
    lighted live well but a big feature on this boat is the all new
    Yamaha F 200 that’s sitting on the transom and
    that’s a feature you need to see in action something I’ve always admired about G3 is how
    much research and design they put into their hulls they want to give you a boat that’s gonna ride as well this boat
    fishes and when you put on the F200 you now have a package so whether you’re a casual angler, a weekend warrior, or
    you just wanna durable aluminum boat for the cottage, 185
    can fit any of those roles. The 185 sports G3’s GX2 hull that gives you
    double 100 gauge aluminum plating on the bow and bottom. This not only
    provides durability but just an overall stable ride with
    little flecks something I’ve come to expect from G3.
    This hull easily handled the new F200 engine, which is
    the max was horsepower rating this new four stroke from Yamaha
    provides big power in a small package. It’s a 2.8 liter block
    with a sophisticated valve train design and since it’s a Yamaha you know it’s
    been tested over and over again Classic two-stroke versus four-stroke debate, something that typically two-strokes had was light-weight and power but this new F200 is only slightly heavier than the old VZ200, the old two-stroke, and power, well, you put the throttle down and you get nothing but power Power comes in the form of variable
    camshaft timing that launched this package on to plane in three seconds. At 487
    pounds dry you’d find it hard to believe it’s a
    four-stroke that is until you see your fuel bill at the end of the
    summer. You know when you’re building something it all starts with the foundation and on the
    185 SF it’s the ninety-six inch beam this gives you the platform to load
    with all the features that we’ve seen today So whether its skiing, fishing, or a little bit of
    both the Angler V 185 SF can handle it all


    How to Sail a Sailboat : How to Coil Rope for Sailing

    September 18, 2019

    There’s a proper way to coil lines on a boat.
    Most of the lines on the boat are braided lines, and they’re–you want to coil them
    up in a specific way. Not like a cowboy would, by putting a twist in it and forming loops,
    because if you do that, what will happen is–see how I’m twisting it now, the improper way;
    don’t do it this way. When you take it apart, you end up with what they call knuckles in
    the line. Of course it doesn’t do it with me. You end up with knuckles, which are these
    little things like this, and they get caught up in the blocks when we’re trying to let
    them out. So on a braided line, when you coil it up, you actually want to just pull–bring
    the line in and let it lay naturally. And what it will do is form a figure eight naturally,
    and you lay it the same direction each time. And it forms a figure eight. And then when
    you drop the line down onto the deck, you won’t get knuckles, and it won’t get locked
    up in the blocks. So once you get to the end of this line, if you don’t have these nice,
    fancy clips to hang your lines, what you can do is reach through this line, grab the working
    end, put a twist or two in it, and hang it over a winch. Now you can pull it down, and
    it hangs nice and neatly. Now when it’s read–you’re ready to use it, you can lift it off and drop
    it down, and everything comes off nice and easy. Nothing comes out in knots. So that’s
    the way to properly–that’s one way of properly coiling up a braided line.


    Lake Neshonoc back open for boating

    September 18, 2019

    Meanwhile . boat traffic on West Salem’s Lake Neshonoc is back open now that water levels have receded after last week’s flooding. High water on the La Crosse River caused the lake to come over its banks . forcing the La Crosse
    County Sheriff’s office to temporarily close the lake to boat traffic last week. Now water levels on the lake are actually lower than normal . and officials are warning boaters that the lake bottom may have changed due to the flooding.

    HOW TO MAKE – Sailboat out of bottles
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    HOW TO MAKE – Sailboat out of bottles

    September 15, 2019

    Hi guys! The construction of the Ficusland continues, but in the meantime we decided to sail a bit by making a sailboat out of bottles. So, we brought the bottles to the place of filming, these are 6 liter bottles. We calculated that our entire sailboat will occupy 2 cubic meters as a whole, which is 2000 liters in volume. And now we’re starting to build our sailboat first we make such small blocks of 2 bottles and join them together using tape then we connect these blocks of 2 into blocks of 4 so, we have a ready bottom part, and we started to build the sides. Let’s check how heavy it is at the moment. can you lift? It’s quite light can you lift the whole structure? Wow! Rambo Tell us what will it be? it will be such a structure that will be attached to these bottles. I mean it’s something like, how’s that thing called which carries sails in a boat, the mast right? Yes, mast Basically it’s the stick on which our sailboat will be placed. Why do we need the wooden construction? Well, it’s because if we attach this thing to the bottles, it will simply not hold, so we need a more reliable construction and for this we make such a wooden frame. but the main part will be located at the bottom of our sailboat, so it shouldn’t be visible. so, we made this simple construction, with the help of which the canvas, which will be here later, can be rotated. To do this, we attached ropes here so that from any end of our sailboat it could be controlled. By the way, the quadrature of this canvas turned out to be 4 square meters. According to Wikipedia, there shouldn’t be more than 5 or 8 square meters per person, because if there is more, then the person simply can’t cope with it. I think we can handle it I think our sail will be enough for this sailboat and for the two of us. Well, our sail will be also from such improvised means. It will be a stretch film of blue color to make it beautiful Let’s put it guys! By the way, it’s relatively light. Yeah, light! So, we have already arrived at this amazingly wonderful place. Look how beautiful it is! Here we’ll check our sailing boat. But there is a small problem. The wind is blowing from that shore towards us. Therefore, it’s likely that won’t not be able to sail. So, we’ll attach our motor here, cross to the other side, and from there we’ll sail along the lake on our sailboat. come on, come on, come on! Well, we attached the motor, took the battery, camera and me and we’re ready to go! because the sail canvas is ready as well. yes, just check out how cool it looks! : but there’s a problem, we don’t know how to control the sail. Once we were on a yacht and this sail almost threw me overboard it was a real yacht, yeah? yes, it was a real yacht but we will try to cope with this sail, which we made ourselves. you see, the wind is blowing in this direction, like that. We need to get there first. Right? Let’s try! we are sailing. Friends we’re sailing. I want to sail at full speed. we’re sailing with a sail we are sailing against the tide and we haven’t started the motor We’re trying to keep the sail along the wind so that it does not interfere with sailing to that shore, now we are sailing with the motor on. : we planned to sail there, but the wind changed its direction, and now we are sailing in the opposite direction that Did you see? Yes against the current we are sailing against the tide and see how fast we’re moving to the shore? Yes, we’re heading to the shore. we are mooring up. Our driver Ficus can apply for the driving license. I wonder what is the driving license for ship is called. There’s a strong wind now but I want to check how the yacht will sail in such wind The sailing was incredibly cool we got a cool idea. If we get a lot of likes for this video, then we’ll make a sailboat on wheels amphibious sailboat. we will ride on the field with the help of the wind. If you like the idea, be sure to hit the thumbs up so that we know that you want to film us that video : also write in the comments what you want to see in our next video, what do you want us to build? Write everything below Are you waiting for the ficus land? subscribe to the channel, click on the bell so as not to miss the n Thanks for being with us till next time bye

    What’s Your Favorite Place To Go Boating In The Hamptons?
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    What’s Your Favorite Place To Go Boating In The Hamptons?

    September 14, 2019

    My favorite place to go boating in the Hamptons
    is around the Shelter Island area. There are many little nooks and crannies and harbors.
    I love Majors Harbor. I love Cockles Harbor. Just go there, drop anchor, have a picnic,
    pop a bottle of wine open and just chill and swim and relax. Another favorite thing to
    do is take the boat around to Sunset Beach which is a very popular restaurant over on
    Shelter Island, you may have heard of it. It’s fantastic. Drop anchor at Sunset Beach,
    bob around a little bit. Swim in and go in in your bathing suit with a little cover-up
    that you have held in a baggie as you swim. You can do that or you can get the dinghy
    service to take you in and have a beautiful lunch at Sunset Beach and then do a sunset
    cruise back home.


    How to Sail a Sailboat : How to Judge Point of Sail on a Boat

    September 12, 2019

    We’re going to take the boat slowly up through
    the wind, our jib sail, our main sail will start luffing, and the boat will sail flat.
    Bring the main in center. The next point of sail, we’re going to fall off, we’re going
    to go away from the wind. Keep an eye on our jib. Our jib will just fill up. Jib fills
    up we’re on a close haul. We’re not exactly keeled over right now then, just on the verge
    of it. The next point of sail will be close reach. The boat will start heeling and we’ll
    accelerate in speed. Ease the sails up. There she goes. That’s a close reach. See how the
    red ones are kind of jiggy. I call it. I’m going to let the sail out until they flow
    back. That will be our good trim. They used, you can see how just before they go backwards
    they go forwards. Now let it, right there is our good sail trim for this point of sail.


    How to build a pond – fish pond uk – how to make a pond

    September 12, 2019

    Chances are you found this
    video because you’re looking for some help with building a fish pond. Well in this video, How
    To Build a Fish Pond, we go into specific details of
    why we’re upgrading this old, traditional fish pond with
    high maintenance issues. So grab yourself a drink, and
    sit back and enjoy the video. Hi, guys, it’s Mark from, you’re trusted resource in the UK for ponds and water features. And what we’ve got here is we’ve got an eight foot by eight foot
    round, traditional fish pond. There’s a lot of fish
    in this particular pond, and they’ve been in there for
    a long time, about 15 years. And we’ve got a very
    small filtration system keeping the pond looking good, but it needs weekly maintenance. How crazy is that? Weekly maintenance to me is far too much. You should be cleaning
    your filters out every four to six weeks to allow the
    beneficial bacteria to colonize. Otherwise, what you’re doing is basically you’re flushing out any
    feces on a regular basis, so as soon as the fish defecate
    it’s out of the system. So a lot of work, it’s a lot of attention. So what we’re gonna do
    is we’re gonna upgrade this particular pond to a
    10 foot by eight foot pond. Two foot deep, we’re still
    gonna be two foot deep. We’re gonna put rocks and
    gravel all around the outside, and also we’re gonna put in
    a wetland filtration system that only really needs
    cleaning out once a season, or once a year, depending
    on the size of the fish, depending on the size of the pond, depending on what you’re
    gonna keep in the pond. So what we’re doing today is we’re building a
    lovely natural fish pond. Stay tuned for the Any Pond showcase. (slow synthesized music) So before we actually
    start digging the pond, what I’m doing is I’m
    plumbing in the biofalls so we can actually bury the
    pipe underneath the ground. So what I’ve got is I’ve got a 63 mil pipe coming from the skimmer
    that I’m gonna tee off. One’s gonna go to the wetland, and one’s gonna go to the biofalls. And what I’m doing is I’m
    reducing it down to 50 mil, so the 63 to the 50,
    and then basically 1x 50mm goes to the biofalls, and
    1x 50mm goes to the wetland. And also, we’re gonna
    put on these gate valves so I can regulate the flow, how much water goes down
    the (biofalls) waterfall filter, and how much water goes into
    the wetland filtration system. So, let’s crack on. (slow synthesized music) So now we’ve got a plan. We’re gonna basically extend
    the fish pond two foot that way. As you can see the skimmer
    box is gonna go down in there. This is what the skimmer box looks like. We’re gonna turn it around. So we’re gonna have the skimmer here. And we’re gonna have a
    waterfall at the back, so that flows down a five-foot stream. And also these. So this is gonna go into the ground and water’s gonna percolate
    up through the gravel. We’re gonna put a skimmer box on that side and we’re gonna extend the
    pond two foot that way. (slow synthesized music) So now we’ve got all the groundwork done. We’ve gone down to two feet in the middle, we’ve extended the fish pond by two feet. We’ve also excavated around
    for this surface skimmer, and also we’ve got the
    Wetland filtration system down underneath the ground, and we’re gonna have
    gravel on top of there. We’re gonna have a five-foot stream. Wetland filtration. We’ve got the surface fish pond skimmer. So let’s get the underlaying
    liner, than the overlay, and then we can start rocking. And what we’re gonna do today
    is we’re gonna actually stack a lot of stones around the bottom, to make it look a little
    bit more interesting, and also we’re gonna build a big fish cave out of the glass tabletop
    that came out of the last one. Now normally, I wouldn’t
    use a glass tabletop, but the client wants a big fish cave because the fish are used
    to having a big fish cave. So we’re gonna put in a
    five foot by three foot piece of glass, and we’re
    gonna rock over the top of it, and make it all look nice. So you won’t actually
    see it apart from unless you’re actually
    specifically looking for it. So carry on watching, appreciate it. (slow synthesized music) As you can see, the
    fish pond’s taking shape now. We’ve still got quite a bit of work to do, but as you can see, we’ve
    started rocking in the pond. We’ve got pebbles in the bottom. We’ve even put the fish cave in. And today, it’s all about the stream and building the waterfall, and carrying on the creative process. (slow synthesized music) – [Computerized Voice] I am
    very impressed with my new pond that Mark has just finished. He listened to my brief and
    interpreted it very well. He answered all my questions honestly and understood when I was anxious, and never made me feel silly. I would thoroughly recommend them. (slow synthesized music)

    My boating gear and modifications
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    My boating gear and modifications

    September 9, 2019

    So, this is the boat. And I have a system for the… …for my equipment here. This bag… …is water,… …and food and a cooking set. So, the bag itself… …clips on to the boat. I have attachment points like this. On both ends. Here you can see the boat set-up… …in a better light. Under the seat there… …I have a bag… …with emergency stuff like: First aid kit Anchor “A bag-kind of anchor” (=a sea anchor) More rope “A fire extinguishing sheet” (=a fire blanket) And so on. I think also a flare, emergency flare (and also a signal rocket) Then I have the map and… …two bags; there is binoculars… …safety…erm…goggles for… …water spray… …sunglasses and so on. Compass as well. On the other side I have more clothes, like… …spare gloves,… …hat,… …in a waterproof bag. Then there is the seat, front seat and a… …yeah, I have a… …pad. It’s a Samsung. Garmin GPS. And my gloves. Then I… Underneath that… That’s actually the gas tank The internal gas/fuel tank is not in use, I disabled that and… …rerouted it That means it is not even possible to use at the moment. Because it started to leak… …The leads started to leak, the pipes… On top of that I have the food bag I showed you yesterday And on top of this I have the… …Gorillapod with… …Slik ballhead… …for this camera. Then there is the extra… …fuel tank, canister… …Sometimes there is (are) two of those Depending on the length of the journey. This big, green bag in the bottom, that’s… …a boat repair kit… …and more emergency kit. There’s a… ..yeah, there’s basically… Warm clothes, Erm yeah, for freezing temperatures, actually. And a, space blanket and… a tarp,… …a small… …sleeping pad… …some food, cooking kit,… And, of course, the engine repair shop. Heh, yeah… There are tools and spare parts and a spare propeller and stuff like that. On top of that, this… …smaller green bag… …is my camera bag. …there, there are the real cameras, the SLRs. Two of them. And extra power packs and cables and SD memory cards and so on. In the front… The big, green bag in the bottom. That is… …the camping kit. Yeah, I take that bag and go camping. There is the tarp and a hammock and a… …second set of clothes and stuff. This… …on top of that is the water bag. In the bow, Inside, you cannot see it, but there is two camera tripods… And a… …pump for the boat and a… …yeah, the hose for the pump. Yep, what else? Yeah, I have a… …this two…or kayak type paddle. Over there,… …soon I will take that, there is the… ..the second paddle, I have two. Sometimes I also have oars… They are… I… This can be rowed…. …with… …the traditional oars. I also modif… There is two sets of them. I am alone so I can only use one set,… …one pair of oars. And I modified them so that… …they actually, they can be combined to a second… …kayak-style paddle if necessary, because the rowing is not so good on this,… …the ergonomics are not so good. I have not yet foud the perfect way to row. And, finally in the end, there’s a… …the…lamp. Light. In the bottom I have a… …it’s ment for garage…floors… …a rubber… …sheet…mat… …protecting the bottom, because the bottom is also inflated. And then I have two ropes; Front with the carabiners and in the back a second rope. They are a bit flexible so the boat… …I hope it doesn’t tear itself apart… …ever. Yeah, that’s about it.


    Guided tour on the sailboat – Ep. 4 BÁTOR ADVENTURES

    September 9, 2019

    Hey my name is Botond Bátor Bencsik
    from Hungary. I live the life fully. I’m a backpacker So guys, here I’m again. Yesterday I met
    my Hungarian friend, Laszlo and we gonna play some basketball,
    because he was also a basketball player in Hungary. The good thing in this gym.. I payed
    only one Euro for one our, for the whole area for playing basketball.
    And they have a shower! I can wash my clothes as well as you see, and get some
    warm shower. Hey guys! It’s the 7th of March today. I
    didn’t have any power to swim to the land so I was staying in the boat whole
    day. I’m preparing the dinner now listening the Odyssey of Homer.
    That’s gonna be a pasta and this is Homer. The food is ready I’m from Hungary near the Austrian border, the town called Sopron. It’s a lovely town and this
    is my street. Bátor in Hungary means brave, completely. I was always like a crazy kid, so my
    father and mother was always freaked out like I was just climbing to the biggest
    tree and I always wanted to do something else than others. We have a huge house as you see. I grew up with my great-grandpa
    grandma, my grandfather, my grandmother.
    So three generation was there when I was born. My great-grandpa had a farm in another
    part of Hungary. In that time the communism take everything from from
    people. So they took the house and the land My father got it back after the system
    changed. That was a nice place to grow up, close to the nature. Well, we did hiking a
    lot with my family. So it was really good to be in the nature and I love to stay
    in the forest Hey guys! Today is 8th of March and
    I’m the second day on the boat without touching the land. And outside… 30 knots
    wind. It’s gonna be like this all night and tomorrow afternoon… Storm Hey guys! It’s a new day. Yesterday I
    met to Hungarian surfer who lives here Bodi and Susie. I have to swim to the land
    now with the surf and with my backpack. And we’re gonna have fun Lovely! I’m going to swim every night here,
    in this water. Today morning when I left my boat I was
    in a hurry so I forget to bring my shirt and my
    coat with me and tonight we’re going to have a dinner with my Hungarian friends
    and Estella (Hungarian) Episode 2: Me and Jordin! The best person in the world. Bravo Bátor! The world need a person like you! Hey guys! Good morning! What a lovely day.
    The wind just stopped. It just slightly move a little bit. (Singing in Hungarian) Now I decide to
    pull up my sail again and heading south. But the wind is almost nothing, and
    the Sun is going down, so I decided to stay in Lobos. Maybe just stay on
    anchor and tomorrow: Follow my journey. Sun is setting! Let me show you guys my
    breakfast, what I use to eat when I am on the boat. This is Gofio, what is a
    kind of like corn (Canarian flour) So I just put it inside a water what is already boiling
    I’m making porridge now. And this like have highly protein inside and a lot of
    vitamins a d c b b b and now i add some salt and some…. serious, what is always
    good, lot of fibre, lot of… yeah… See! I don’t eat a small portion
    because I don’t know when I’m gonna eat next time so….
    In the morning after my exercises… I’m gonna put a banana inside as well.
    Yesterday I had three bananas, so one is gonna be inside a porridge.
    Let’s keep boiling – five minutes. So “blom, blom” porridge. Let’s put some peanut butter
    inside. From Norway “Kanel” so lovely and love cinnamon. Cinnamon is in. Next, a little chocolate. I like sweet. A mandarin! It’s gonna be nice with honey
    what I love – boom Porridge ready! Let’s go enjoy the Sun,
    enjoy the mantras of this beautiful day (Singing) Namah Shivaya namah shivaya namah
    shivay Life is good, especially today. Without the engine! I don’t even touch it.
    Okay guys wind is not so big. It’s a lovely day, so I decide I will do a bit
    of snorkeling. I saw a reef under, so I want to see some
    animals. There is plenty of sharks around. If I’m ending up somewhere, where I
    never been before, that’s also cool feeling. You can discover you can go
    around with your boat. And you have your home. You live on the boat, you you
    have your own home and and they can make it cozy. Let me show you my boat. This is
    the front cabin where I used to sleep Here I have a toilet what is really good.
    First aid for some cream, my longboard here. Underneath there is some storage
    and a lot of sailing stuff. Here is my gas. So this is the saloon. I have the kitchen
    on the right side. This is the electricity. I have a big battery here,
    another battery here, and another here. And I have a lot of food just here.
    There’s also a lot of things here. (playing harmonica) and this is some fishing equipments and
    diving equipment, some shampoo, some you know, some basic shit. The electric box, boom… looks like a mess I don’t like open this, and this is a old
    lamp, but it looks very cool I have a lot of books here. So I have these adventures
    books: Thor Heyerdahl you know is from Norway. This Hungarian guy: Aron, sailed
    around the world on six meters boat. Bhagavad-gita for the spiritual. I have
    DVDs because I have a television here. Underneath the cockpit I have the
    autopilot, a suitcase for the tools, some ropes here, there is a second sail. The
    petrol fuel, engine, the table and… Yeah, this rope is pulling the main sail,
    this rope is pulling genoa… That’s it! The boat is really dirty under, you’ll see. For me it’s a big struggle to live on
    the boat, because it’s kind of falling apart and the ocean wanna destroy it all the
    time, because you force the nature elements. Hey guys! It’s a new day and
    guess what? We are sailing! Leaving the island Corralejo and heading to south to
    find a dinghy Dinghy is my mission since two weeks such a nice speed, seven knots brilliant Wow! Today is the meal… it looks beautiful Some tomato, couscous ,veggies, right, booom! So, look where I am now. I am in Gran Tarajal, south of Port Aventura and I have this
    mission to find the dinghy so I am an anchor now as you see and there is a
    port just nearby. But they didn’t answer to my message. My plan is that: I will
    swim to the land and uploading the videos to you guys. And next episode I
    hope I will fix this dinghy issue. Don’t forget to subscribe! Like the video if
    you like it. If you don’t like it put the thumbs down, but if you like put a thumbs
    up! And follow my journey! Bye guys!