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    Cruise Ship Gets An Awesome New Kind Of Water Slide
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    Cruise Ship Gets An Awesome New Kind Of Water Slide

    November 18, 2019

    (Laughing) (Screams) I’m in Galveston Texas this morning
    and it is hotter than blazes! I’ll tell you what…
    a waterslide would feel really good right now and that is what has brought me to Galveston. One of these cruise ships behind me
    has a brand new type of water slide on it that no other cruise ship has. We’re going to take a look at it. It’s Royal Caribbean’s Liberty Of The Seas. (Woo Hoo!) The ride starts to get really crazy
    when you hit that first downhill section. It’s really steep
    and you get some serious speed going… and that takes you all the way up
    the uphill section right there. Just like that! You almost hit the wall at the top
    and then gravity takes over… and pulls you backwards to the end of the ride. It is SO much fun!
    We went four times in a row. It was so fun! (Woo hoo!) (Woo!) (Screams) (Huge screams) (Woo!) (Screams) (Screams) Now be aware that there are some very restrictive rules
    regarding riding the Tidal Wave slide. You have to weigh at least a hundred pounds
    and be at least 52 inches tall to ride… and you can’t weigh more than 280 pounds… and if it looks like you’re even close
    to not meeting those limits… there is a scale there
    and they will put you on it and weigh you before you’re allowed to get on the ride. The other thing is that
    you can’t take anything on the ride with you. No GoPro…
    so unfortunately I was not able to get
    any point of view video going down the slide. And you also can’t wear a watch
    or even a wedding ring. I had to take all that off to go on the ride. Just a swimsuit and that’s it.
    Just for safety reasons. Now, as a public service,
    here is a perfect example of
    how NOT to exit the raft! I would say it’s probably one of the
    three best water slides on cruise ships. Disney’s got the “Aqua Duck” slide. Carnival’s got the “Green Thunder” slide
    on a couple of their ships. And then here the “Tidal Wave” slide
    on Royal Caribbean’s Liberty Of The Seas. Listen to what some of the passengers
    had to say about it: It’s probably the fastest, funnest ride. It doesn’t last very long…
    but if you scream it makes it like 10 times better! (Off Camera Voice)
    I think so!!! It feels like a 90-degree drop…
    straight down, straight up, straight back down! It is great!
    And this is from someone who hates roller coasters! The tidal wave is so much fun!
    You go so high. It’s awesome.
    It’s like a thrill… like excitement. I love it so much! Nice little jump at the beginning and it looks like you’re about to fly off the top
    once you go down before you’re swung around. It gives you a little rush! It’s interesting that a lot of the
    people that ride the Tidal Wave slide don’t know the history of the slide. Things got off to a rocky start after the slide
    was installed on the ship about five months ago. There was some kind of design problem. I took them a few months to re-engineer things
    and make it all safe and get it right. But it’s great now… no problem now…
    and it opened up about three weeks ago and people are really enjoying it. (Scream) (Woo!) (Scream) I’ll tell you what…
    between the Tidal Wave slide… The Flowrider… The twisty water slide… The ice skating rink… The rock climbing wall… There is a lot of fun to be had on
    Royal Caribbean’s Liberty Of The Seas. I’m Jim Zim.
    Thank you for watching. If you subscribe to my YouTube channel
    you’ll be notified any time I post new videos about water slides and model trains
    and all the things that interest me.

    Be Water Smart at the Beach
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    Be Water Smart at the Beach

    November 18, 2019

    Hi I’m Eamon Sullivan, and this is my mate Lockie the Lifeguard. Hi gang! Today we are going to learn about being water smart at the beach. Aussies love spending time at the beach in the sun whether it’s building sandcastles,
    jumping over the waves, or surfing. Beach conditions can change every day
    making the environment dangerous let’s watch what happens when people aren’t aware of the dangers and don’t follow a simple safety rules. Hey kids, every time you see unsafe behavior, clap
    your hands like this! Slow down mate! Sam where are you? Gee Lockie, that was really unsafe. Yeah sure was! Let’s take a look and see
    what should have happened Hey check out the sign Sam. Yeah Dangerous current, we can’t swim here. We should swim down between the flags. Alright, let’s go. Here’s a safety tip, swim between the flags
    and obey the warning signs Remember kids, be water smart! Hey mate whats up? Hey I got a new board, I was going to go test it out. Mate looks pretty rough out there. You sure you can handle it? The waves don’t look that big. Mate I wouldn’t go out there especially if you dont have any experience. I can handle it. Alright Gee Lockie that was really unsafe. Yeah sure was! Let’s take a look and see
    what should have happened. Hey mate whats up? Hey I got a new board I’m going to go test it out. Mate looks pretty rough out there you sure you can handle it?
    The waves don’t look that big. Mate I wouldn’t go out there, especially if you don’t have any experience. Do you think it’s too dangerous out there? Didn’t you check the conditions signs? I wouldn’t go out there unless I’m an experienced board rider and a strong swimmer. Oh thanks for that mate I’ll come back tomorrow. No problem mate. Here’s a safety tip. Check the conditions and swim within your limitations. Remember kids be water smart! Kids do you need any sunscreen? This suns great, I’m going to have the best tan by the end of summer. I’m thirsty Nah it’s not that hot Gee Lockie, that was really unsafe. Yeah sure was! let’s take a look and see what should
    have happened. Should I build a sand castle? Hey, lets make sure you get some sunscreen on first little guy. Face is good, let’s do arms. OK! Remember to keep your hats on. Don’t forget your hat too dad. Thanks mate. Yay! Here you go guys. Glad you brought lots of water mum! Well its a hot day darling, you don’t want to get dehydrated that looks fantastic! What are you putting on there little man? An octopus. An octopus? Nothing like an octopus at the beach. Here’s a safety tip. Be sun smart, slip on a shirt, slop on some sunscreen and slap on a hat . Remember kids, be water smart! Hey Angus do you still want to go to the rock pool? Yeah Ok So what do you think we’ll find in the rock pool? I don’t really want to go to the rock pool now I would rather go for a swim. Hey mum is Angus with you? No, you two were playing together. Where is he? I don’t know he must have disappeared. Well when was the last time you saw him? I don’t know I turned around and he was gone. Oh my goodness, somethings happened! Gee Lockie, that was really unsafe. Yeah sure was! Let’s take a look and see
    what should have happened. Hey Angus do you want to go to the rock pool? Yeah OK I don’t want to go the rock pools anymore. Ok well we have to stay together. So I’ll go for a swim with you now and we’ll go to the rock pools later with mum. Alright Here’s a safety tip. Swim with a buddy and look after eachother. Remember kids, be water smart! Come on Lockie, I think our work here is done thanks for your help. Bye everyone!

    What Happens After You Flush on a Cruise Ship
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    What Happens After You Flush on a Cruise Ship

    November 18, 2019

    These days, any cruise ship is like a huge
    city, where every detail is thought out so that passengers feel just as comfortable as
    on land, only better. You can take a shower, do the laundry, or
    swim in a pool. But where does all the dirty water go? Like any city, cruise ships produce tons of
    waste and sewage. And no, they don’t throw it into the seawater
    – those islands of plastic get into the oceans from the land. First, even though the passengers don’t
    notice, the water supply system onboard the ship is designed to use the water sparingly. Aeration mechanisms fill the water coming
    out of the faucets and showers with air, and as a result, less water is flowing out. Even a gallon saved per person saves thousands
    of gallons a day! And still, the average ship spends about 40-50
    gallons of water per passenger every day. It makes tons of wastewater that needs to
    be utilized. Say, the world’s biggest cruise ship, Harmony
    of the Seas, can carry about 5,500 passengers together with 2,300 crew members. They produce about 312,000 gallons of wastewater
    daily, and it all goes to the sewage system. There are two categories for the wastewater
    on cruise ships: “grey” and “black”. Greywater comes from laundry, showers, baths,
    and kitchens. Blackwater comes from bathrooms. The highest volume of wastewater comes from
    greywater. It gets mixed with some of the blackwater
    and is sent to the bio-reactor. First, all the solids are filtered out, and
    after that it goes to another tank where bacteria are added. They do their job by eating small waste particles
    and cleaning the water. After they’re done, the liquid in the tank
    is already pure enough. But it also gets cleaned with ultraviolet
    light. Chlorine and other chemicals aren’t used
    since they’re bad for the sea’s eco system. At the final stage, the water is analyzed
    for its bacteria content, and in case any harmful microorganisms are still found, it’s
    sent for extra cleaning. They say that the water that gets thrown overboard
    after all these procedures is still cleaner than the ocean water. That’s why some harbors allow its disposal
    into the sea within the 12-mile sanitary zone. The solid waste that was filtered at the first
    stage is kept in special tanks until the ship arrives at the harbor where it’ll be utilized. All the ships have special tanks called “ballast
    tanks” that are full of water and kept down in the ship to keep it stable. They have to fill these tanks with seawater
    anyway, so why not use waste instead? Scientists have noticed that ballast water
    taken from one ocean and thrown into another is bad for the ecosystem. The species of plankton and other sea inhabitants
    vary in different oceans, and the “strangers” can start destroying the “natives”. That’s why modern ships have special filters
    that clean out the plankton and fish from the ballast water; they’re sent back to
    the sea, and the water is purified with antibacterial lamps. After that, it can be poured into another
    ocean without doing any harm to the ecosystem. There’s also water on every ship that’s
    referred to as “technical water”, which includes condensed water, cooling water, and
    boiler water. It contains oil, and if it’s just thrown
    into the sea, it’d be no good for the eco system. That’s why it’s sent to the separator
    which purifies the technical water from the oil. The rule has it that technical water thrown
    into the ocean shouldn’t contain more than 0.000015 parts of oil products. Doesn’t sound like that much, right? Sensitive detectors measure the level of oil
    in the water, and if it’s even a bit higher than what’s allowed, the water is sent for
    cleaning again. After that, it can be poured into the sea. What about other kinds of waste? The International Maritime Organization has
    strict laws about utilizing waste, and they’re perfectly eco-friendly. There’s special staff on board every ship
    who sort out the garbage into 4 categories – food waste, paper, metal and glass, and
    plastic. So, a tea bag should be divided into 3 waste
    categories: the bag itself and the string would go to the paper, tea leaves are food
    waste, the staple holding the string to the bag – to metal. Imagine how many tea bags they have to sort
    out on the Harmony of the Seas! 5,500 passengers can have tea once or twice
    daily. Now you know who real superheroes are! Most of the food waste is considered natural:
    it doesn’t do any harm to the sea’s ecosystem. Marine inhabitants are happy to finish up
    what passengers have thrown out. Big food waste is chopped into small pieces
    in a special machine. Say, if you fill the 6.5 gallon container
    with chicken bones, bread loaves and tangerine peels, you’ll get less than 1 gallon of
    dry, small chips that your aquarium fish would eat with pleasure. The only rule about food waste refers to the
    distance from the land where the ship can throw it into water. It can be thrown overboard beyond a 12-mile
    sanitary zone. Household waste, cooking grease, and solid
    waste are kept on board until the ship arrives at the harbor and is utilized there. Paper waste goes to a special stove where
    it gets burned. Metal and glass are just thrown overboard. Surprised? These two just drop to the bottom and do no
    harm to the sea. They get polished by the water for years and
    then turn into the beautiful smooth pieces that you sometimes find on the shore. The rules about the distance from the land
    where metal and glass can be thrown are stricter though. In the Mediterranean Sea, it’s not allowed
    to throw them overboard at all. All the plastic used onboard during the cruise
    is kept there until the ship arrives at a harbor. To make the process of disposal faster and
    easier they use a special machine that presses all the plastic waste into blocks. Strict rules also apply to the passengers
    themselves. On every deck of a cruise ship, there are
    usually special instructions that forbid them from throwing anything overboard themselves. And by the way, where does all the water on
    the ship come from? They can’t take along all the freshwater
    used for drinking, cooking, and washing before departure, right? Turns out, all cruise ships have desalinating
    plants. When the ship goes farther than 25 miles from
    the land, they take seawater, which goes through a many-layered filter, a powerful ultra-violet
    lamp, and a desalinator. The final step is the mineralizer – a huge
    tank filled with all the useful minerals that freshwater usually contains. After that, it goes under the ultraviolet
    lamp again and – presto! It can be used for drinking. The desalinating plant is the size of a room
    and gives enough fresh water for all the passengers and crew. That’s about 40-50 gallons per person a
    day, remember? Do you know any other interesting facts about
    cruise ships? Let me know down in the comments! Hey, if you learned something new today, then
    give the video a like and share it with a friend! And here are some other cool videos I think
    you’ll enjoy. Just click to the left or right, and stay
    on the Bright Side of life!

    Fish Drowning in Water? RIF 10
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    Fish Drowning in Water? RIF 10

    November 18, 2019

    Hey Thoughty2 here.
    Yellowstone park experiences between 1,000 to 3,000 earthquakes every year. Welcome to
    RIF There is a basketball court on the top floor
    of the U.S. Supreme Court Building. It is known as “the highest court in the land.” During the first two years of a baby’s life,
    new parents will miss six months of sleep on average. A fish can drown in water. Just like humans,
    fish need oxygen to survive, so if there isn’t enough oxygen in the water, they will suffocate. Humans can survive longer without food than
    they can without sleep. In 2010 there there were more farm animals
    living in the U.S. than there were humans on earth. Tea is the most widely consumed beverage in
    the world, after water. The word decimate doesn’t mean to completely
    destroy, it actually means to remove 1/10th of something. It comes from the Latin “Decimare”,
    which was the practice of killing every 10th Roman soldier if they tried to mutiny. Research shows that men know they’re falling
    in love after just three dates, but on average women don’t fall in love until date number
    14. And finally, there is a condition called Koro
    or “penis panic” it’s a type of mass hysteria in which men believe their penises are vanishing.

    12 Most DANGEROUS Beaches Ever!
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    12 Most DANGEROUS Beaches Ever!

    November 17, 2019

    12 Most Dangerous Beaches Ever 12. Playa Zipolite, Mexico- A nudist beach, mostly
    flocked by hippies and backpackers from around the world. Located on the southern coast of the Mexican
    state of Oaxaca, Playa Zipolite has also been called “The beach of the dead,” and for
    a good reason. The beach has very powerful undercurrents
    that have supposedly used to claim about 50 human lives each year, and because of that,
    it’s known as one of the deadliest beaches in the world. There’s currently an entire lifeguard team
    stationed on the beach to reduce drownings, and luckily, the numbers have declined. 11. Gansbaai Beach, South Africa- This part of
    South Africa is mainly for adventure seekers who don’t have a fear of the deep sea and
    want to come face to face with Great White Sharks. A very trendy tourist spot on the southern
    coast of South Africa, Gansbaai is considered the “Great White Shark Capital of the World.” Between April and September, thousands of
    Great White Sharks gather along Gansbaai’s beaches. During this time, there is a 99% chance of
    a tourist seeing a shark right from the beach without even having to go in the ocean! Gansbaai has so many white sharks that it’s
    become an attraction for the adventure seeking tourists. You can feed them from a boat, and if you’re
    brave enough, you can swim with them in a shark proof cage. 10. Kilauea Beach, Hawaii- Kilauea Beach is one
    of the many beautiful and tropical beaches found in Hawaii; However, this one is also
    one of the most dangerous beaches in the world because the danger is hidden behind the beauty. The beach is located right next to an active
    volcano. The volcano has been active and constantly
    erupting since January 3rd, 1983. The lava forms new land as it cools and hardens
    in the ocean, so there’s a high chance you’ll experience this beautiful but dangerous scene
    if you decide to visit. 9. Bikini Atoll Beach, Marshall Islands- This
    beach is located near the equator in the Pacific Ocean, the Bikini Atoll has fabulous beaches
    and diverse marine wildlife, making it a great place to dive, but there are also dangers,
    there have been shark sightings at Atoll beach, but surprisingly it’s not considered dangerous
    because of sharks or other scary ocean creatures. Instead, it was the site of 23 nuclear tests
    performed by the US military between 1946 and 1958. Even though it’s been more than five decades
    since any bombs were dropped on the atoll, the radiation levels remain and are dangerously
    high. The government has declared the area safe,
    but you still might want to stay away from this beach. 8. North Sentinel Island Beach, India- The North
    Sentinel Island has exquisite beaches and stunning nature, you might mistake it for
    a painting, but the natives are extremely rude and even violent toward any tourists
    or outsiders. They’ve been known to reject any contact with
    other people and have been known to kill several intruders in the past. There’s been an incident in the past where
    India tried to make contact, and it ended with the natives taking down their plane with
    flaming arrows. So sometimes when you discover a beautiful
    remote island, there might be a good reason why it’s remote! 7. Manaus Beach, Brazil- Manaus is a large city
    in Brazil, mostly known for its beaches and adventure tours. Manaus is a pretty famous Amazon beach, the
    beaches in Manaus are mostly dangerous because of the creatures that live in the river. These creatures aren’t your typical Great
    White sharks or jellyfish. If you were to swim in the river, you would
    be sharing the water with electric eels, piranhas, and even anacondas. It’s recommended to make a doctors appointment
    to get booster vaccinations to help avoid catching malaria. This disease can be spread by mosquitos in
    the area and should be taken before, during, and after your trip. Infections can spread fast in tropical climates. Pick Pocketing and robberies have also been
    known to happen often in Manaus, so stay alert of your surroundings and keep your purses
    and wallets close to your body. 6. Lamu Island Beach, Kenya- This beach has beautiful
    turquoise waters and soft white sand. It once used to be one of the most visited
    beach resorts in the area. But unfortunately, these days not many tourists
    dare to visit this beautiful place because of threats made by the Islamic terrorist groups. They have already taken several visitors from
    local resorts around the area. A lot of locals make a living from tourism,
    and because of these incidents it has left locals without work and struggling to support
    their families because many tourists have been scared off from visiting Lamu. 5. Dumas Beach, India- An urban beach along the
    Arabian Sea in the Indian of Gujarat, for awhile now the Dumas Beach has always been
    shrouded in mystery. The beach has black sand and formerly used
    to be a cremation and burial ground. Although it is a popular tourist spot, Dumas
    Beach is also famous for being in the top 35 haunted places in India. The beach is considered one of the most haunted
    and deadliest beaches in India. There have been several disappearances here,
    and this time sharks aren’t doing the taking, there hasn’t been any trace or reason why
    these people mysteriously disappeared. People have gone to the beach at night to
    take photos and capture any paranormal activity they can, and have seen orbs appear in the
    photos they’ve taken and claimed the ghost stories are true. 4. New Smyrna Beach, Florida- The beach is known
    as one of the top ten beaches in Florida, but it has a far from perfect reputation. In 2007 there were 112 shark attacks recorded
    worldwide. Seventeen of them occurred at the New Smyrna
    Beach. The three most common sharks seen here are
    the spinner, blacktip, and bull sharks. Surfers and swimmers can quickly become accidental
    targets for these predators. The beach now has its place in the “Guinness
    Book Of Records” as “The Shark Capital Of The World.” 3. Chowpatty Beach, India- Chowpatty Beach in
    India is both notorious and famous. It’s famous because it is the venue for
    the Hindu festival, a celebration where hundreds of Mumbai residents flock the beach. But the water is notorious for being one of
    the most polluted in the entire world and deemed not swimmable by many people. So as you can tell, this beach is known for
    many things, but beautiful isn’t one of them. The beach is located in Mumbai, India. This beach is so polluted with waste and unclear
    water that it’s extremely uneasy on the eyes. The one time of day that Chowpatty Beach is
    beautiful is right at sunset when the bright colors of pinks and oranges distract you from
    the garbage floating around in the water but avoid going in; even many locals avoid getting
    in this water to avoid catching anything and becoming ill. 2. Cape Tribulation Beaches, Queensland, Australia-
    This beautiful place is home to the Box Jellyfish; it’s one of the most poisonous creatures in
    the world. Cape Tribulation beaches are shut down every
    year between October and April. The beach even has warning signs throughout
    the beach to warn swimmers of the risk. Since 1883 there have been more than 70 fatalities
    due to the Box jellyfish’s sting. The venom is so toxic, that if the victim
    is not treated immediately, the result can be fatal. Jellyfish aren’t the only creature you’ll
    find here; it’s also home to crocodiles and venomous snakes as well. 1. Heard Island, Antarctica- Unlike most beaches,
    this one has extremely icy water. This island is among the most remote places
    on earth, southeast of Madagascar. In fact, it’s so remote that the population
    on this island is zero. And for a good reason, because the Island
    is made up of giant volcano known as Big Ben. The island is permanently covered by ice year
    round, so it never becomes a typical summertime beach. The Heard island is owned by Australia but
    is closest to Antarctica. The water temperatures at Heard Island are
    so icy cold that a countless number of surfers have gotten hypothermia from being in the
    water too long. If you survive the cold, this would be an
    extreme surfing experience.

    Boom Beach: Heroes Tutorial
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    Boom Beach: Heroes Tutorial

    November 17, 2019

    Commander, have you heard rumors about powerful Individuals hiding out in the Archipelago? Rumors no more! The Heroes are here! With your HQ at level 4 and above The first Hero, appears by fixing the run-down shack That is situated next to your island’s shore. Sergeant Brick, has been hiding on your island All this time and is now willing to put her distinguished Combat skills to use at your command! An experienced leader Brick pushes your troops towards victory To defeat the many enemies of the Archipelago! Enter the Hut to open Hero profiles And view their abilities. There are more out Heroes out there. But we’ll get to that soon. Tap on Sgt. Brick to open up her stats. Here you can find out more about her skills, As well as, upgrade her to Increase her strength on the battlefield. Heroes come with Hero Perks That are unique for each Hero. Throwing grenades before shooting at defenses, Sgt. Bricks Hero Perk helps her add a kick And a punch against every new target she engages. These are Sgt. Bricks Hero Abilities. You will get one ability to begin with And the rest will unlock as you keep upgrading the Hero. Sgt. Bricks first unlocked Hero Ability Is the Cluster Grenade. She’s a sucker for explosions, So nothing makes her happier than damaging Enemy territory with a Cluster Grenade that upon impact, Releases explosive shrapnel upon contact with enemy defenses. Iron Will. Sgt. Brick’s second ability allows her to Reduce the damage troops around her take For a limited time. This time increases as you upgrade the ability. While Medics and Med Kits counter damage With science, Sgt. Brick just tells your troops not to die. Apparently it works, too! Sgt. Bricks last ability is Battle Orders. This is where her motivational speaking skills come in handy. With this ability, she can boost damage And movement speed of troops again for limited time. Her verbal encouragement and angry glares Really get the troops moving. One thing to note: You can only take one Hero And choose one ability to take into battle with you. The second Hero is unlocked after freeing her from Colonel Gearheart’s captivity. Defeat Gearheart’s War Factory and you will free Everspark! That’s Captain Everspark to you! It is said she grew up in the War Factory Others say she has been kept there against her will. Either way she’s ready to join your ranks! A genius mastermind behind Some technologically advanced war weapons, Cpt. Everspark, brings her gadgets To help turn the tide of the battle in your favor! Tap on Everspark to find out more about her skills. Like Sgt. Brick, Cpt. Everspark can also be upgraded To increase her prowess on the battlefield. Captain Everspark’s Hero Perk is spawning Critters From her backpack every few seconds while in battle. These Critters help distract enemy defenses While Everspark and your troops Really deal damage where it counts. Her first unlocked Hero Ability is Critter Swarm! What’s a better distraction than a few Critters? More Critters! Invading any beach with a ton of Critters Will surely guarantee a win, right? Explosive Charges are Everspark’s second ability. These timed bombs deal heavy damage! The bigger the explosion The bigger her smirk gets! Captain Everspark puts her hacking skills to use With her Universal Remote. Hack into the enemy’s defenses with this ability To turn their weapons against themselves. This device will turn the nearest defense building Against other defenses for a certain amount of time. Upgrading this ability Will increase the capture time and damage. With one push of a button, Cpt. Everspark can sit back And watch enemy defenses take each other out! You may have noticed these two new icons. Trader Tickets and Hero Tokens Are new currencies specifically needed for the Heroes. Trader Tickets can be collected as rewards From Daily Rewards or found in the Supply Chests. Trader Tickets are needed to buy the Trader Crate From the Trader. Trader Crates contain Hero Tokens and other resource types. Hero Tokens, needed to upgrade Hero Abilities, Can only be bought from the Trader. This is the Trader’s submarine. Keeping her identity on the down low, This sly lady makes weekly trade visits to your base In her big red submarine. Buy her Trader Crates with Trader Tickets To see what’s inside. Most importantly, buy Trader Crates To collect Hero Tokens for Hero Ability upgrades. In addition to purchasing Trader Crates, The Trader offers a few more resource trade-ins every week. You can trade one, some or all of the offers shown. You can also see how many times you can buy that item With the number of availability shown under each offer. The trader’s submarine will dock by your base Available for trading for a limited amount of time Every time she comes by. So go on and beat down the Blackguard Like never before with the new Heroes Commander!

    How to Sail a Sailboat : How to Use a Jackline on a Boat
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    How to Sail a Sailboat : How to Use a Jackline on a Boat

    November 17, 2019

    Tonight we are going to do what we call a
    Pack Cup. It’s a race to Hawaii. We have to abide by the offshore racing rules. The boats
    set-up here in the bay pretty much sail anywhere. Up and down the coast and such here, out over
    in the bay there, but once you hit the open ocean there you make some long distance passages
    out there. There are different rules you have to abide by and one of them is such as our
    life lines. They are coated with a vinyl. With the offshore racing rules they want you
    to run their stainless steel wire up along side there so you can see if there’s any indication
    of rust or any weak spots on the line. Another thing that they want for you to do out there
    is to run a jack line. The jack line is attached anywhere in the cockpit or stern of the boat
    and it runs forward to another attachment in front, possibly a cleat or another paddi.
    What that is; is a line that you attach your tether to. Most of the time you have a tether
    out there and you attach it to the D rings on your vest out here and the line. Your tether
    will have a six foot line and a three foot line and as you go forward there you’re just
    hooking yourself to that line to keep yourself from being knocked or washed overboard. This
    is a tether to connect this tether to your harness. This particular life jacket I have
    on has a built in harness and you would connect the tether to the D rings. You want to make
    sure you get the quick release in on the life jacket or the harness so that you can pull
    on it and escape from the tether because if the boat goes down too quickly the boat can
    take you with it if you don’t have this quick release located here. This will slip onto
    your jack line. The jack line is the line that runs from the stern of the boat to the
    bow. You would hook this on there. The jack line would be run so that you could walk from
    the stern of the boat to the bow without disconnecting, because if you have to disconnect it then
    there is a good chance that a wave would throw you overboard at that time.

    The Beach Song | Original Songs for Kids | Original Song By LBB Junior
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    The Beach Song | Original Songs for Kids | Original Song By LBB Junior

    November 16, 2019

    The beach, the beach, the beach, yeah yeah
    The beach, the beach, the beach, ooh yeah! Grab your towel, bucket and spade
    Swimming gear too cos today’s the day We’re off to the beach! Hip hip hooray
    Come on everyone let’s be on our way! The beach, the beach, the beach, yeah yeah
    The beach, the beach, the beach, ooh yeah! Look at the beach. Check out the sea!
    They’re so beautiful and so pretty Lay our beach towels out on the sand
    Soak up the sun and get a suntan! But please have on lots of sunscreen
    To protect your skin you need this cream Or you might end up a bit sunburnt
    Which can actually really hurt! The beach, the beach, the beach, yeah yeah
    The beach, the beach, the beach, ooh yeah! Play lots of games then go for a swim
    Next, how about sandcastle building?! Time for an ice cream before we go
    We love the beach, don’t you know! The beach, the beach, the beach, yeah yeah
    The beach, the beach, the beach, ooh yeah!