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    ACE Adventure Resort | What Is A Video Boater?
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    ACE Adventure Resort | What Is A Video Boater?

    August 23, 2019

    (West Virginia whitewater video boaters make your New River Gorge rafting experience one-of-a-kind.) (This video explains why most video boaters are one-of-a-kind too.) (all)
    – What is a video boater? – What is video boating? – We are directors, we are documentarians, we are producers. – It’s a river person that is not quite socially acceptable enough to be a raft guide. – We are stars. – Not quite socially acceptable enough to hold a real job. – We’re trying to make you guys the stars! – It’s someone who is not scared to paddle class V by themselves to make y’all look great out here. – Video boaters are the unsung heroes of the whitewater world. – I don’t really know what a video boater is. – They make a fool out of themselves
    and everyone in front of the camera. – Video boaters are silly, they’re fun, and they’re a little crazy. – This could be the one of the best jobs in the known universe. – A video boater is like a wreath of pretty flowers in a field that smell awful. that smell awful. – It’s coming out in the outdoors and getting out on the river. and getting paid to play. – You guys come here, all the way to West Virginia, just to provide us with entertainment. What a lot of fun! – It’s someone who is willing to go out there in the whitewater because we have to video these trips at whatever level it is possible. – This is my job. This is
    the fifth time I’ve done this today. I had to race my trip to get here before them.
    Then get out on this rock and set up. And now I’ve got to film them coming through these rapids. Then I put my camera away and beat them down
    to the next rapid and do it all again. – Without video, would anyone even know what
    we’re doing down here in the holler? – I think we love bringing that enjoyment
    back to people over and over again. That’s part of the filming and showing it to people and above all we’re entertainers. – Us video boaters think it’s pretty important to document all the action and let the world really see what’s going down here in West Virginia. – I’m Abe. I’m from Ecuador originally. Being a video boater has been a great opportunity – I am introducing the crews and trying to
    get some context to what we’re doing today. So basically we’re going to introduce them and find out where they’re from. Find out if they have some whitewater experience before
    we jump on down and document the trip. – Part of the job, here at ACE, is
    filming people jumping off this lovely rock. Sometime they’re a little reluctant and they need a little bit of encouragement. – We leap frog in front of the trip, video the trip coming through, jump back in the kayak and do a little
    bit of surfing on the job, maybe. Maybe just throw a loop or a big blunt. – Oh. Oh yes! It’s a twelve-footer. Coming in on the left-hand line. This is some good fun here. – Not everyone can do this job. If you think you can, you should maybe think twice. – It’s tough. It’s tough out there on the rocks. – We run ahead of the trips by ourselves. No safety! Simply to make you look good and feed your ego. – Sometimes it gets lonely. Sometimes we don’t know if we have any friends
    on the other side of the camera. You’ve got to tell yourself that you do and you’ve got to
    treat the camera as a friend, as a video boater. – We show them a one day adventure. These people come out here for the big ride and
    I feel like we give it to them. I like coming out here. We get to hang out with all
    of our friends on the rocks and surf the big waves. – I love video boating. To me there’s nothing else like this feeling in the whole world. – And at the end of the day we’ll have a movie. – And see how dang cool you are. – You put it into a video and you show it to these people. There’s nothing like that either. Showing these people this video of them excited and scared and having a great time and they love it. To me, that feeling. There’s nothing else like it. – Video boaters. We get paid to play! – It’s my best friend. – It’s just good fun! – Solidarity!