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    Pour & Tour – Tour of the BEST Sailboat Interior!! [New Boat]
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    Pour & Tour – Tour of the BEST Sailboat Interior!! [New Boat]

    January 17, 2020

    this is your warning this video contains
    content that might not be appropriate for all audiences it’s finally here the
    tour video we’re about to show you the boat that we just bought and I just want
    to give a little bit of precursor to all of our og fries that just because we
    bought a fancy as fuck yacht doesn’t mean that we’ve changed like the channel is
    still gonna be a dirtbag cruising channel do you want this martini dry, Bee yeah that’s fine I mean, nothing has changed we’re still this mmmmm same channel Welcome to Pickle’s tour and pour, pour yourself a drink and join me for a couple While I do a walk through of our new boat so this is a pilot house I guess, should I say what the boat is? yeah
    okay our new boat is a Rumba 41 it’s a French yard built cruising sloop with
    the keel down and it draws eight feet which it’s currently a suck down, but when that
    bitch comes up we draw two and a half feet and that is pretty slick okay so
    galley You’re just going to have to speak up a little bit because of the waves out here okay galley here we are at the galley part of this little boat I think this is where I do all my good work Breena’s not allowed in here in our galley side-mounted galley portside obviously
    we have a three burner stove, gimbled nice Two basin sink it’s alright we’re still
    working through that We have a fresh water on a 12 volt pump
    system on this boat which is kind of exciting although it already broke once and it and I imagine it will break many many times in future the storage in our boat is
    ridiculous because it’s giant and aluminum with very few bulkhead so anything
    that is hidden behind cabinetry is this open space and thus far we filled up
    with plastic bags and rum What else we got in here Got his cool spice rack Got this
    lovely spice rack where everythings hidden secure and not rocking around no
    clutter Breena doesn’t have to see it which is great I think I don’t have to hear about it
    this is our first boat that came with safety features such as don’t blow your
    boat up propane equipment where it sounds off if your boats going to blow up and it hasn’t sounded off yet and that’s great and you can push buttons and Boop on off
    like that the water tankage in the boat is two sixty gallon tank so you have 120
    gallons total they are filled in the boat not outside the boat
    I think that’s a clever design feature because then it’s like that’s less
    plumbing and less pipes to deal with also I don’t want to install it so I’m
    gonna say it’s a good design you may notice all the windows up in here no, it’s not a greenhouse we’re a pilothouse it does get hot as shit in here though I guess the idea is that at one point we could put a
    steering station in or we could use a little Beep, beep, beep Raymarine thing and drive from in here with our fancy ass cocktails around you poor peons if I put in a steering
    station we’d be destroying Breena’s lovely desk and office which is currently
    a nav station don’t mind the woodwork that’s getting fixed we’re tuning that up here this week nice big nav station lots of electrical
    things you can play with and touch they’re all in French so mostly we don’t
    know what they are but Pompe means pump know that! that’s true things that
    operate these don’t work but this is working which is great we can call our
    friends batteries are toasted our battery bank is 600 amp hours AGM which
    currently we have about maybe 25 amp hours because they’ve been sitting for
    five years and just getting fried by the solar that’s gonna be updated also we’re
    gonna do a lot of update videos oh you may notice this is where all our water storage is which is a nice midship design nice and low everything
    is brand new poly big fan of that no more rotting aluminum
    tanks like flapjack K not flapjack it’s not rotting it’s fine
    inside of this big spot here is in our center board trunk so like I said before
    this boat is a centerboard boat which is great when it works and when it doesn’t work it’s awful currently we’re drawing 8 feet but um so once I get that thing to swing up it will hide in this case I know we draw 8 feet because Breena hit the ground at seven five seven
    six and five feet so at least it bumps up so that’s good if you were to open this you’re going to see a giant aluminum trunk and has a viewing station where you can see if
    the center board is up or down which I think is a very clever design for
    this particular boat the pivot point is above the waterline so there’s no
    leaking concerns maybe you should mention the squeaking floors now what squeaking floors? The boat is currently squeaking a lot and I think that may be due to the thin plywood but we’re gonna remedy that but it’s
    very very nautical maybe that could be like a drinking game for the people at home since it is a tour and pour if you did that every time this fucking thing
    squeaks you would fucking die our boat is set up with dual heads
    which is fancy, I know. there’s an aft, we’re gonna get to the aft
    but there’s an aft living quarters with it’s own head which has the Jabsco that pumps
    directly out there’s no holding tank then to be in compliance with all the
    safety standards and Coast Guard stuff we have a composting toilet right here in
    the middle midship it’s all right, spacious stirrups it’s like you’re at the
    gynecologist we went with the solarium theme again some more poly up here keeps
    light in here which is nice 80s motif with the colors nice nature’s head
    not my favorite toilet if you’ve watched our videos before the whole one go back and do it don’t buy this toilet it’s already here though we’re going to use it pressurized water all
    led, throughout the boat led led led LED batteries dead still let’s go to the dining room, is it called the dining room? Settee? Is that right? I have no idea I think main salon, saloon, salon
    C’mon, Bee! here’s the main this is the action room
    It’s what we call at least right now, this is the main salon of our boat we have this rustic no nautical? Nah, Weathered, yeah this weathered table this is the upgrade to when it was nice lots of seating
    again storage storage storage storage storage
    underfloor storage we could like pack people in here if we had to we’re not a slave ship though we’re not gonna… cut that, cut that This is where we keep our flags
    because we’re gonna be traveling so many goddamn countries
    we have them all available at any time any any moment I can be like I’m in Cuba nope I’m in Mexico now nope, that’s a quarantine flag that’s not gonna work But you’re gonna need that for both
    Cuba and Mexico being a cruising of a fine
    standard that she is she has hand holes everywhere so you can stagger through
    the boat and not look too drunk at all points. See. we’re still gonna Bee don’t worry the hodge podge of cool electronics got an EPRIB it’s pretty slick
    Raymarine system storing all our goodies up here such as spots radios
    flashlights things bearing compasses we don’t use one downside of the boat is
    that it has its original engine which is the Perkins 4108 which is a great
    motor when it was installed in 1983 being 2020 now, is that right? probably due for an update
    you’ll see many videos of me wrestling loving and hating that motor
    moving on. Forward or Back? oh hey I know you’re like this is a
    different boat no this is still the front of my boat this is our lounge area
    right now I think right now it’s technically a seating nook or a reading nook but when
    I get to it we’re gonna put a fuckin sweet LED screen here have a gaming
    station yeah that has more storage more storage tools, spares and other things of the like Breena got this wind scoop at the swap meet and got hustled for 30 bucks
    still kinda mad about it moving on used to be a first-aid kit didn’t have any first aid now we hide our money in it don’t tell anybody when we sold the car we put like
    $3,000 in Quetzales in there. they don’t need to know that. but it’s a good story though, alright fine. Moving on
    Wanna go to the shop first I’m more excited about the shop but the bedrooms pretty cool
    Hey welcome to the bedroom, this is where it all happens This is the first time in our sailing career that we’ve had a door between our bedroom and the
    living quarters actually this is the first time in our relationship, sweetheart first time in our relationship other accommodations besides boats
    it’s pretty nice, I can like sneak out and make some coffee Breena’s got a little space back here a little privacy a nice square bed love that got a library over here got a
    shit ton of fans keep that air moving through here cool down Breena nice I
    installed this fan which is for better or worse I think a good idea for now
    until it goes to shit but I installed it so that it sucks out of the hatch in
    your face but if it gets rained on it’s kind of so I installed it where it’s kind
    of out of the way of the rain but I think worth the potential disaster of it being
    ruined Breena and myself each have our own
    lockers Breena decorated hers like she’s in high school very adorable I think I did
    not do that – just clothes Books
    we don’t read much but you could put books in there I think you put soap and shit in here, I’m not really sure what would you put in that, like spare change don’t bring any spare change on this boat you’ll ruin my boat because our boat is aluminum it has the potential of galvanic corrosion issues
    such as if you bring pennies on the boat and drop one in the bilge
    you will melt my boat about a hole that big and it will be about $4 grand so when you come on the boat you have to put all your change in jar which I spend
    on beer so it’s kind of a dual purpose system you don’t ruin the boat and you buy me beer it’s delightful two sets of hooks we can put bathrobes double bathrobes
    now your fav now my favorite part of the boat should we go to the back first I’ll
    just save that for the end it’s confusing then yeah we’ll go to the front I have a
    shop which is pretty sweet got a full bench vice lots more storage shits keep
    my tools in keep my mess in here which we’re still working on keep all my lines
    over here keep my work shit for when we actually gotta go get paid cuz this doesn’t pay anything put that down here later on we’ll fly out, go get paid, come back
    talk you guys again. chain lockers up front it’s kind of tiny you gotta
    like knock the chain down when we anchor but it’s sufficient but you know you want more
    shop space so that’s understandable it’s great don’t have to clean it up so it’s
    like normally in our tiny boats our other boats or probably your a boat
    like when you want to get to something you have to destroy the whole boat
    but here I can have all my tools and all my toys out and I like here’s a project
    I started today still out I’ll decide when that goes away whenever I want
    I got drawers yeah got slide out things here keep things like this is for my
    kick up rudder we’re gonna talk about later hang out up here I can make it
    like a cocktail shop lounge have friends they can sit here I got full
    120 I got DC I could make a test bench here if I wanna like test a motor in my
    vice because that’s what one does the shop’s essential I think people focus too much on the
    beds in the boat shop first then focus bringing people aboard best room
    room in a boat, do you understand that’s weird okay we should top this off ahhhhh ready? K, here we go moving aft should I show the engine, you wanna meet her yeah show it Since Tarka is a one-off boat meaning she
    was kind of designed and built by a yard for a particular person and what their
    needs are someone took a lot of care and time into making a lot of engine access
    with this decrepit old engine I am appreciating more and more if we had a newer engine I probably wouldn’t give a shit There is our old tractor engine everyone keeps telling me these fucking things are in every tractor in the world and thus far
    I can’t find any parts for it but I’m sure someone will write me saying that you
    can find parts everywhere you can open it here you can open the side you can open . the back gives you great access to get oiley continuing on wait but now we have to get all that shit that’s back there and put it up here Can’t we just have it dirty? I guess so, just precursor it well, they do yeah they do
    remember what Peter Mikenon said backgrounds are one of the easiest
    things to change to manipulate to make your videos look so much better I see a
    lot of people just filming in their kitchens or their living rooms and
    there’s nothing wrong with those specific areas of your home but it’s
    like a lot of those places have junk in the background or like the couch is not
    put together there’s dishes in the sink and sometimes it’s just cleaning those
    things up make your backgrounds so much better he’s not watching this shit Come on. Fine all right here we go
    going back gotta kinda duck so our aft quarters set up with this cute
    little writing nook I assume this boat was made for children to be onboard so this is like a homeschool station you can like write letters to your
    family and things whatever you want to do back here we are storing food
    currently in your closet if you come visit us you don’t get a closet
    inverter AC side breakers for the inverter and other things like that
    solar setup the bed is split up because we don’t want you guys getttin too frisky
    back here so we divide you in two places under me is our battery bank which we
    discuss off the top of my head I think it’s 600 amps, but that could be wrong but
    it’s nothing now because it doesn’t work so once we get new batteries they’ll go back
    in here, AGM so you don’t die there’s no off gassing back there more cabinet
    no if you were to stay you could use those cabinets potentially we’ll discuss the
    terms and conditions of your stay so this trunk here is the skeg that goes
    in front of the rudder and the idea is that it’s protected and then it’s a
    dagger board style where it slides up and so we can kick the rudder up and then
    slide this up and then sneak into a very shallow place where only tiny boats can be but we can have all this dope ass space if you were to enjoy our accommodations
    you’re welcome aboard you got a private head back here well not now that’s
    a communal head now but if we were to use the front head this would be your head
    standard Jabsco head pumps directly out for when offshore or out of
    do not do quotations marks people are gonna get pissed whatever uma did that whole thing no, i know people got pissed its a head it pumps out do what you please
    with that that’s fine I mean the point is two heads pretty dope same motif not
    attractive nice molding though oh you probably know no showers there’s no showers you have to deal with that somewhere else some other direction do I Iook sweaty and hot alright good so it’s accurate anyway if you enjoyed the tour and pour and I hope you joined along and had a good time if we’re gonna throw a number out, say 50 comments fuck it if we get 50 comments I’d love to do another drunken
    tour of the top deck and I can show you all the cool shit up there also the
    cockpit which is very interesting I’d encourage you to put a comment down
    there’s a lot of cool shit show the boat, yeah sounds good
    you say show the boat in a comment or say whatever you want I will be glad to do
    this again and also I enjoy martinis early in the afternoon
    oh if you’re wondering why these assholes got this boat you can check out
    the link I think above or below wherever Breena puts it we have a whole story behind the history of the boat and where it came from and why we love it so much
    check it out yeah also leave a comment there don’t say show the boat do a
    different comment there we’d love to hear from you guys and see what you guys
    think about our new home cheers folks glad you came along I hope you love the boat as much as I do but that’s not true because I love this boat
    a lot and I doubt that but yeah thanks comin along

    The Nude Latitude – Free Range Sailing Ep 31
    Articles, Blog

    The Nude Latitude – Free Range Sailing Ep 31

    January 15, 2020

    – Well if the wind
    generator has got anything to say about it, it says that it’s doing
    about eight to ten knots. – [Pascale] Mm-hmm – So, we’re gonna leave. We’ve got about 300 miles to
    go and we’re gonna go across the Gulf of Carpentaria,
    and end up in Weipa. – And just like that, we
    said goodbye to the Northern Territory, and headed east
    for Weipa in Queensland. (light-hearted music) – So we’ve got our bush walking bag out. Not because we’re going bush walking, but because in here is a PLB. What’s a PLB? A PLB is a Portable Locator Beacon. Or a EPIRB, a little portable EPIRB. We’ve also got a inflating life jacket. And that’s got a built in harness to it. So what’s gonna happen
    is, anyone whenever one of us is asleep or inside
    and not out there watching, whoever’s on watch is
    going to be tied to this. They’re going to be
    clipped on to the yacht so they don’t go overboard. If they do go overboard,
    then I want an EPIRB strapped to that life jacket. All right, and if you end up in the water, and this goes off and
    you’re floating there, especially in the
    tropics, it’s a big place, you want this EPIRB right next to you and you want it going off. So I guess the first thing
    that we should do before we strap it on, give it a test. Yep. – [Pascale] Did it flash? – It works. So I’ve tested it. The batteries are good. It’s running well. It’s in date. I have just made sure that
    it’s, the batteries in date and everything’s tested. We do have a larger EPIRB for the boat, so this is our secondary one. So this is going on to the
    harness, on to the life jacket. And anyone that’s out
    there tonight, Pascale. – [Pascale] I’m safe mom, see? – As safe as she could
    be with this lunatic on the high seas. (Pascale laughing) (peaceful music) – Good morning. I’ve been on my watch
    for about three hours now and it’s been really magic. We’ve had the spinnaker
    up most of the night, all of the morning, I started my watch. We’re not going very fast. We’re going like two
    and a half, three knots. There’s barely any wind. It’d be like eight knots
    with wind or something. We’re just coasting
    along, like walking pace, crossing the gulf. The sun’s been reflecting off
    the water and onto the windows of the boat, it’s just so beautiful. And the spinnaker has this
    amazing, pinky color to it. It’s really beautiful. I just, I feel very, very
    grateful that we’re having a crossing over the gulf and
    we’re not getting flogged. We’re not going head to
    weather, we don’t have big seas, we don’t have big swells. It’s just so awesome. So, so cool. (upbeat music) – [Pascale] Good morning. – Morning, baby. (yawns) Feels like I was awake til 3:00. (Pascale laughing) Might untie that lazy
    rope just ’cause it just keeps just dangling in the sea and– – [Pascale] Oh yeah? – We’re never gonna jibe this thing. Oh good, you switched out the camera, ’cause I got no pants on. – [Pascale] Okay. (laughing) (upbeat music) It’s pretty much windless
    right now and we’re here too. Or we’re just floating, aren’t we doll? – Uh, heave too, we got the sail up. It’s pointing to the wind. – Okay, and we’re gonna go for a swim. Troy’s even going to check
    the prop and see if we need to give it a little bit of a clean. – ‘Cause I’m just a work-a-holic. – He’s a work-a-holic. And I’ll just probably
    gonna check him out good and make sure that no
    sharks sneak up on him. (laughing) – It don’t take long to get a
    shark come up off the water. Give me that scraper and
    we’ll see if it comes back. – [Pascale] Okay. Here ya go. – Usually after a bit of
    scraping on metal, any shark that’s around will come
    back up and investigate. But he’s being pretty boring. Jump on in. – [Pascale] Yep. – Put the camera down, come on. – [Pascale] Shark! There’s sharks down there, there’s lots. Holy shit. I’m gonna get the camera. – [Troy] The spear, head spear. – [Pascale] They just
    came all of a sudden. – [Troy] They love that
    scrape, scrape, scrape, eh? – [Pascale] I was like,
    they’re gone, they’re gone, they’re gone and then whoa! There’s like 20 of them. This has got, the spear’s
    got the thing on it, eh? It’s got the cap on it? Ow. A pretty ordinary occurrence
    in the Gulf of Carpentaria? Did you do this last time you were here? – Well, it’s a lot better
    if you’ve got someone to keep an eye on your back for you. – [Pascale] Because the first
    one before the school came, really like came fast at us. And then– – Well the thing is, like
    you’ll be working away, and no shark, then you
    turn around and there’s 30. – [Pascale] Yeah. They just came out of the blue. – Literally out of the blue. – [Pascale] But it’s so
    cool because I’ve never seen water that clear before. – And that many sharks. – [Pascale] Yeah, and that many sharks. It’s cool out there. – Yeah, it’s a lot of fun. It’s quite cool. If we’re in there and a big
    bully or a big tiger shark showed up, then we’d have
    to be a bit more cautious. Ya know? But those little sharks are fine. – [Pascale] How big are they,
    like five foot or something? – Five, there was a couple of
    six and a half footers there. – [Pascale] Yeah, so they were
    like my size and your size. But they seem smaller. But I guess they’re just a bit,
    they must have been further away than I thought ’cause
    the water’s so clear. – Yeah, there was some, that
    little one that came right up, he was only a four footer. – [Pascale] Yeah. – He’s only just a baby. – [Pascale] That’s why I was cocky. – They cause so much
    trouble, little sharks. – [Pascale] Yeah. – The big old ones are like,
    “Ooohh,” and they stand off, but the little ones are just like, “Oh what’s that, what’s that”‘ – [Pascale] Maybe there’s
    something like near it or that I can– – Yeah but, then they get
    in close, and then they take off, they’re all excited. And everything’s just like,
    oh what just happened? – [Pascale] What’s that? – Then the next thing you know
    all the big ones are excited. And then it just goes to hell. – [Pascale] Well, that didn’t happen. ‘Cause we just had this
    spear pointed at them. And if they came too close,
    you just stare them down and start swimming towards
    them with the spear. – Yep, look like you belong there, and look like you’re hungry. – [Pascale] How deep is it here? – 52 meters. – [Pascale] 52 meters. – I’d say you can’t, you
    can make out a bit of color on the bottom. – [Pascale] It’s pretty good visibility. I’ve never seen visibility
    like this before coming from WA. – Well, we’re going to be doing
    more of that in Queensland. And, we’ll have our
    underwater camera again. – [Pascale] Yay. – A little fun with sharks, Pascale. We’ll probably get another
    couple knots out of that. That propeller had a
    lot of barnacles on it. – [Pascale] Yeah, right. – So we’ll, and that’s why
    the sharks get excited. There’s just a nice trail
    of stuff going down. But, no we’ll do, we’ll do really well. So we’ll check that out. We’ve got the midday doldrums. I’m hoping we’ll get
    some afternoon breeze. We’ll see, ya know? – [Pascale] At least
    we’re a bit cooler now. – Yeah. – [Pascale] And the boat’s
    gonna go faster hopefully. Looks like a shark to me. – [Troy] Oh, it is. – [Troy] That would be
    a tiger, a little tiger. – It’s big, isn’t it? – [Troy] Pascy got a marlin. Oh no, what are we gonna do? (laughing) – Oh it’s hooked in there. That’s where it gets hooked, is it? – [Troy] No wonder it
    ran like fucking crazy. – Oh my god, I caught a marlin. – [Troy] Keep pulling it up. Pull it up. Oh, that’s not a marlin, it’s a sailfish. – A sailfish. – [Troy] It didn’t take
    to the air, though did it? – No. – [Troy] All right,
    we’re gonna have to try and release this. – Yeah. What’s that sticking out of it’s gill? Yeah, it’s recording now. Goodbye sailfish. Wow. – [Troy] So what do you
    think about that, Pascy? – First sailfish. – We’d actually prefer a
    mackerel, that’s the sort of fisherman we are. – Or tuna. – [Troy] And naked fishing
    seems to be working out. – Yes. Just a general naked gulf crossing, it is. – [Troy] It is, isn’t it? Same kind of weather. Well, I’ve been out-fished
    by Pascale, yet again. So there ya go. Good work. Here we’ve got Pascale. She’s nicked the dish washing
    detergent because if you didn’t know, it lathers in salt water. – Yep, and it gets rid of all that grease. – [Troy] So what’s gonna happen is, first after the first clean with salt water and then we’ve got a bit
    of fresh there, Pascale. – Yep, we have the water maker
    running during the morning ’cause we’ve had the, we’ve
    had to motor ’cause there’s no wind in the gulf at the moment. – [Troy] Yeah, oh well,
    there’s always swings and roundabouts, isn’t there? – It’s an added benefit. Get to have a fresh water wash. – [Troy] I think that’s
    second round with that morning fresh that would later a lot more. – K, so rinse it out
    and morning fresh again? Oh hello. – [Troy] So this second round looks a lot more successful, Pascale. – Yeah, I think we’re, I
    think we got rid of that first sorta grease and this is better. After this one I can give
    my hair a fresh water rinse and then use normal shampoo. – [Troy] Yes. – I’m gonna smell delicious. – [Troy] You are gonna
    smell absolutely fantastic, unlike me. – This is one of the reasons
    why we go to water bay here on real. So I can wash my hair. – [Troy] Spoiled she is. So I’ve got the old cut off bottle. When sailing, you come to
    appreciate the little things. – And it’s good to remove
    all the hair out of the cockpit so it doesn’t
    end up inside the boat. – [Troy] That’s how we
    celebrate catching sailfish around here. – Hair washing. It’s awesome that we caught that sailfish. That was cool, but we really want food. We’re gonna make urad dal this afternoon ’cause we’ve run out of meat. – [Troy] Yeah, we’ve just ate the last of the fish just then. Not too many mackerel around here. There’s no structure so
    we’re just hoping for a tuna. A tuna would be good. Not a sailfish, not a marlin. No game fish. – [Pascale] Is it a tuna? It’s a tuna? – Tuna. – [Pascale] Oh yes. That is great news. It’s a shami for dinner. As long as a shark doesn’t come. – Yeah, just pull it out of the – [Pascale] Yeah. – It’s not a bad fish. – [Pascale] What is it? – When you do get a tuna on
    board, no matter what you do, quite a bit of blood comes out of it. They’re a fast moving fish
    they need a lot of oxygen into their tissues. They’ve got a very high blood volume. You want to get that out. I put the gap into it. A lot of blood just
    streamed out of that tuna. So I’ve obviously hit something hard. Normally when you open up
    this side, and in there, an enormous amount of blood
    will come out that tuna really, really quickly. You want to cut down through
    the membrane that joins to the gill there. K, so we’ve cut there. This line here behind
    the fin, a shallow cut. It only needs to be less than
    an inch deep though there on both sides and a slice at the tail. Then you can omit this one. But that one is very important, and cutting on the throat as well. When I brought the fish on
    board, I scraped it’s head. And there you can actually
    see a larger white patch. That’s where the brain is. Right through there. Most fish you can’t scrape it and see it. But with tuna you can. So that will give you an
    instant kill on the tuna. And that means the fish
    is not suffering any more than it has to. If you’ve never seen a tuna before, these things rely on really high speed. And they are voracious. So this fish wanted to eat that lure. It’s a halco laser pro, and
    it’s in that color scheme for it to be interested. That seems to work in the
    gulf, doesn’ it, Pascy? Catches sailfish and tuna. – [Pascale] Sailfish and tuna. – Really large eye, okay. So they’re a sight predator. This fish, when it decided that it was
    gonna take this other thing on, there’s no cutting teeth in here. Tuna just have grabbing teeth. Oh, that’s what they’re eating. – [Pascale] Sardines. – Mmm, they look a little
    bit like little miniature trevally sort of things. – [Pascale] Oh yeah. – They’re not sardines. – [Pascale] Okay. – I’m not sure what they are. So that’s what that fish has been eating. But it decided that, that
    would do just as well. So no teeth in there. That was gonna swallow that whole. Because they rely on
    speed, if you look here, built into the fish is a
    perfect recess that the fin can go down into leaving
    that perfectly smooth. Likewise, these little
    ventral fins, they also fit down into their very own, there’s a little groove in there. So when the fish puts them
    away, they are perfectly smooth and tucked away also. And here, you can’t see it
    at the moment because there’s a groove here, but if we look. – [Pascale] Look at that. – That just slots down perfectly into an actual slot in the body. That is gone. These fins are fixed. But then you have these
    other little fins that can just adjust side to side. Just like that. And the speeds that these
    fish swim at, that is enough for precision control. So when they swim, they
    stop and they’ll glide. They’ll swim up and then down. Up and then down. So during their glide
    pattern, they can make minute adjustments with this as
    well as sticking that out. And look, the angle gives
    it lift like an aero foil. So these things are amazing. They’re delicious, but they’re amazing. So, long tail tuna. Before I process this tuna
    or really any bloody fish, I’ve got this scabby old deck broom. I do like to just clean up as much
    of the slime as I can. And then I’ll clean this and give it a bit of a bleaching afterwards. That will make handling the
    fish a lot easier for you if you do have a bit of
    a scrubbing brush there. ‘Cause all fish have a top of slime which is anti-bacterial, anti-biological. Stops them, it’s their
    antiviral, if you like. It also helps them slip through the water. It’s their first line of defense. Reef fish have it thicker than these ones. But all fish have it. So that is kind of handy
    to give them a wash down. I think Pascale, that this
    is going to be delicious and very welcome. – [Pascale] Yes, definitely. – So that’s us for fishing now. I think this should be
    enough fish to see us through to Weipa. We’ve only got another
    day and a half, I guess. – No time to stop around here. – [Pascale] It’s just a
    little bit hot right now. – It’s gotta be 100% humidity. – [Pascale] You just walk
    around and you’re like dripping with sweat. – Not even a breath of a breeze. – [Pascale] April, April weather. – Unreal. This is what used to kill
    the old mariners though, get stuck in the doldrums, for weeks, throw the horses overboard. Like there’s only me and Pascale, I can’t throw her overboard. (light-hearted music) – We find that long tail tuna
    is at it’s best after it’s rested in the fridge
    for at least 12 hours. (light-hearted music) What’s that noise? – That’s the noise of silence. – [Pascale] Such a relief. Three knots, we are. – Three knots. This is where that wind
    vane modification paid off. ‘Cause there’s no way a
    wind vane would operate now. I can only just feel the breeze. Oh, that’s a nice little breeze there. – [Pascale] I can feel that. – Probably picked up to
    three and a half, eh? Yep, bingo, ba-da-bing. – Ba-da-bing. – [Pascale] Spinnaker is
    getting a pink color again ’cause it’s sunset. – We just wanna keep our
    fingers crossed that this isn’t just the– – [Pascale] The sunset
    breeze, the sea breeze. – We’re a bit far out for
    this to be a true sea breeze. But yeah, as the sun falls
    we get that shift each day. And we can’t guess when
    we sail through the night. We should be getting wind
    now at the end of Wednesday. There’s supposed to be
    lower winds, not no winds. Supposed to be picking itself up now. And then over the next few
    days, an easterly shift. So we should just slip into where we’re just in the nick of time. – It’s our fourth day and the motor’s on here, there’s no wind. I guess we’ve got tuna in the fridge, I might eat sushi for breakfast. – In the sushi rolls
    there’s tuna, mayonnaise, wasabi, and a sprinkling of sesame seeds, and of course sushi rice mixed with vinegar and sugar to give it a delicious flavor. (upbeat music) – I just wanted to increase to about eight knots and just go a little more to the north and then we can use it. We haven’t had any wind. We sailed out into a doldrum, didn’t we? It’s like a great big heady of nothing. I just want to go sailing. – [Pascale] It’s not much to ask. – It’s not, I hate motoring. Maybe if I loved motoring
    more we’d get more sailing. I’ll try that. – [Pascale] Love this. – Boy I sure do love motoring. – [Pascale] You got your wind. – Tropical sailing. Zero to 20 knots, in 15 seconds. – [Pascale] Quickly put a reef in. – Hogged a reef in. Our baggy wrinkle. They chafe, the protection on the stays that people keep asking about. They’re working really well. We’re keeping the battens off the stays so they won’t erode our sails. I had to change the sensitivity
    of the order, I call it. So it will handle it a bit better now. We’re back at with it. What are we doing? Five and a half knots now so that’s getting into Weipa at 2:00. – [Pascale] Nice. – Well, we’ll see. This wind is associated with
    all of this weather ahead. – [Pascale] Storm system, yeah. But it was the north
    westers we were hoping for. Or not, is is more of a– – It’s a straight northerly. – [Pascale] Northerly, right. – Bit of a localized low-pressure
    system just over there. Winds, whew, coming in. It’s all good. (upbeat music) – We just pease this a little. A little catch of the wind on the side. – [Pascale] The steering working? – The steering’s working. But, what happens with
    an electronic auto pilot it averages all of the
    corrections either way and then slowly reduces the
    air out until it’s steering. So in a very rudimentary sense, it learns. So when you’re doing something
    like this, as soon as you make a bit of a change,
    the balance of the boat the autopilot goes, what so it has to relearn again. See how it’s settled in now? – [Pascale] Yeah. – So yeah, basically
    that’s what it’s doing. In it’s little basic brain. It’s adding up all of the corrections taking the average and trying to find that medium path. (upbeat music) – Well is often the case
    with sailing in the tropics, things change fast. That sprang upon us pretty quickly. And it was a whole lot
    of fun surfing before it. But now that wind is shifting
    and it’s gone to the north. So it’s directly in beam of us. So we’ve had to pack all that away. I guess we ran with it
    for about 45 minutes, almost an hour. But now it’s just straight as a beam. So we’re just doing a beam run into Weipa. And it looks like we’ve only
    got about two hours to go. That’s to the outside of the leads, because Weipa’s a pretty major port. So there is shipping
    leads to go through there. We’re not actually gonna get
    to an anchorage in two hours it’s still a bit of time to
    go, they’re very long leads. But that’s a great opportunity
    to catch some more fish just before we go on land. Okay, some of this
    greenish cast in the water visibility is down a bit here. So actually we’ve put the
    lure in about three quarters of a boat length. Just a bit over eight meters out the back. A lot of the yachties
    that I see are fishing and they have poor results. One of the things is I put
    it down to is they’ve got it so far away from the boat, they think the fish
    are scared of the boat. That is not the case. If you’re sailing particularly. Aahhh! If you’re sailing in particular
    with no motor running, fish will come up and check it out. If you ever see whales, or
    whale sharks, or something big in the water, they’re
    usually surrounded by fish. If you are trolling out
    there and you’d like to experiment a bit, try getting that lure a
    bit closer to the boat. ‘Cause trust me, fish will see
    a dark shadow and they’ll go, “what’s that?” Go and have a look, “Oh
    yeah, it’s just a whatever, whether they’re interested or not. But then your lure will
    come immediately after and they’ll get that thing. One of my commercial mates
    Mackerel, he was always two meters down, eight meters back. That was his sort of thing. Everyone’s a bit different. But he was relatively successful. – [Pascale] Saw a wave. – We’re pretty successful. – I don’t think we go
    too many miles without getting something, Pascale. (music drowns out speaker) – [Pascale] No. – [Pascale] Whilst we didn’t
    get the mackerel we were hoping for, we were pretty
    excited to get this beautiful skip jack tuna. You can see this tuna is really red. – [Pascale] Yeah. – That is really, really red tuna. A lot of people don’t like this but, when it’s cooked, it’ll be
    quite firm and it’ll go pale, like chicken. Pollo del mar. We’ll give it a go. I’ve got all the blood out of it. We’ll have a go. It’s still quite warm. But once it’s chilled, I don’t
    know, it might be acceptable. We’ll see what we got, Pascy. – [Pascale] Challenge? Fish tiny gullet. Can’t even filet a tuna when you’re doing seven
    knots across the sea. – [Pascale] That’s why I’m filming. I’m in awe. (light-hearted music) It was amazing to see ships
    after having spent four days in the gulf not seeing a single boat. Arriving at the leads in Weipa
    we had to be very careful because there wasn’t much
    distance between the shoreline and the lead marker. And there was a large
    ship exiting the port. (upbeat music) I’m always amazed at how
    impressively big those ships are up close. (upbeat music) Well, we’ve made it to Weipa. This is my first time in Queensland. – [Troy] First stop in Queensland. – My first stop in Queensland. So we’re here. It’s steamy and cloudy. But we had some great wind
    coming in which you would have seen so that was awesome. – And you’re first fish in
    Queensland waters was a sailfish. – Yep, pretty epic. So we’re gonna put the anchor down soon. We can see anchorage just ahead. There’s a few yachts there
    and a few fishing boats. So it looks good. And I know this is a ramble but anyway. I can’t remember what I was gonna say. We’re definitely gonna sleep
    well tonight, aren’t we doll? – There’s some good coconuts there. – We need a new a pair of binos. It’s busted, look. We have to look through one hole. – That’s okay. – Give ’em some money on
    Paypal so we can get a new pair of binoculars, please. – The poor man’s sexton. I’m taking land shots. – We’re doing sightings with busted binos. We need your help, please. Well folks, I hope you
    enjoyed the crossing. I’m gonna stop rambling now. And, we’ll see you in Weipa. If you enjoyed this video,
    please hit the like button because it makes it more
    likely that YouTube will suggest our video to a broader audience. Also we’d love to hear your feedback. So head over to the
    comments and drop us a line.

    Chania 4K: Top Beaches & Sights of Akrotiri Crete – Travel Guide | Drone Ακρωτήρι
    Articles, Blog

    Chania 4K: Top Beaches & Sights of Akrotiri Crete – Travel Guide | Drone Ακρωτήρι

    January 14, 2020

    This part of greek land will steal your heart. A multicultural crossroad of civilizations. The kingdom of blue skies, shiny rocks, bright sun and crystal water. Akrotiri Chania – Crete. Just beyond the town of Chania, and it’s airport in Akrotiri Peninsula, you will find traditional villages and the famous beaches of Marathi, Seitan limania, Kalathas, Stavros, loutraki & Maherida nearby beaches number one: Marathi beach Marathi a popular resource east of Chania which hosts 2 beautiful beaches with fine sand & shallow calm water. Well protected from the wind and well organized with amenities. number two: Kalathas beach. A beautiful beach in a
    natural Bay at the Cape Akrotiri Windy and ideal for water sports. Opposite Kalathas there is a small island easily reached by swimming Number three: Stavros Beach Stavros is a seaside village with the characteristic steep, camel-shaped Mountain, famous from the film Zorba the Greek, were Anthony Queen dances the famous Syrtaki dance number four: Seitan Limania Beach Seitan Limania is 22 km northeast of Chania, a tiny fantastic beach with deep Azure waters at the wild landscape. Enjoy diving and snorkeling number five: Loutraki beach A very nice quiet beach with clear shallow waters suitable for children. It is well-organized. Number six: Maherida Beach. Stunning little beach with white sand and turquoise water surrounded by sharp rocks. Not organized, the secluded beach of Maherida attracts mainly nudists. number seven: Tersanas beach The calm water combined with the proximity to the touristic facilities makes Tersanas ideal for family holidays Accommodation Skandalis Traditional Suites (chorafakia). The area is quite developed and a popular destination for holidays Creteview Luxury Villas (Loutraki). A variety of accommodation choices will meet all of your criteria, ** Villa Imperial (Marathi) from luxury suites to all-inclusive units or hospitable apartments and rooms ** Casa Manolesos (Kalathas) Chorafakia, Kounoupidiana, Marathi, Tersanas, Loutraki & Stavros are the main villages of Akrotiri Cretan Cuisine The traditional cuisine of Crete is famous worldwide
    ** Almyriki Restaurant (Stavros) Olive oil is the cornerstone of the cretan diet and the secret of the longevity of cretan people ** Skalakia (Kalathas) Artistic creations Like this video. Write a comment. Share! Runnismos Travel Guru
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    Falasarna exotic beach, Crete island – Greece travel guide | Everything you need to know
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    Falasarna exotic beach, Crete island – Greece travel guide | Everything you need to know

    January 13, 2020

    One of the top 5 beaches of Crete island! Falasarna beach, Chania – Greece Exotic Greek summer Free forever! Chania – Falasarna: 58 km and you are in Paradise! This nearby excursion will take you to a tropical destination… Endless Greek blue It’s summer time! Falasarna beach: 3 kilometers long! White sand between your toes, emerald water and magical sunsets. Endless beauty at one of the most stunning beaches of the Mediterranean! Falasarna village: North of the village you can find Ancient Falasarna ruins relaxed summer moments The only trip you will regret is the one you don’t take! Falasarna beach
    Chania – Crete Like this video. Tell us your opinion, write a comment. share! Runnismos Travel Guru
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    🇮🇹 Italian Riviera – Portofino: top beaches and attractions | Italy Guide: cosmopolitan paradise
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    🇮🇹 Italian Riviera – Portofino: top beaches and attractions | Italy Guide: cosmopolitan paradise

    January 12, 2020

    blue romantic and irresistible… this is not south of California… this is not southern France or Spain… this is Italy Portofino, Liguria – Italy. Welcome to the heart of the italian riviera. This fishing port is famous for the
    picturesque harbour and the high-class visitors, like celebrities and artists.
    Dalida was right I found my love in Portofino! Located 45 minutes east of
    Genoa and about two hours south of Milan. During the Roman times the area was
    called Portus Delphini. This splendid A class sea resort has a bright
    mediterranean personality. live your dreams! The Piazzetta, meeting-up point for the international
    jet set, is the symbol of Portofino, while the port is the icon and the pride of
    the locals for their centuries lasting maritime tradition. The charm of the place, the fine Ligurian cuisine and the innumerable cultural and nature itineraries make this corner of Italy an ideal destination any time of year. Top attractions Portofino’s lighthouse. One kilometer
    south of Portofino. Situated on punta del capo, imposing itself over the entire Bay. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy cold and refreshing drinks at the lounge bar La
    Portofinese. The views here will remain unforgettable. San Giorgio church five minutes walking from Portofino. Portofino’s patron, a construction from the 12th century. Inside are relics brought back by sailors after the Crusades. The breathtaking panorama from the churchyard is ideal for photo shooting. Castello Brown. Ten minutes walking from the harbour. The Brown castle is a fortress in the middle of a hanging garden, characterized by partitions with lovely bas-relief, and architectonic embellishments in marble and slate Luxury experience! Christ of the abyss: located between Camogli and Portofino, was placed under water on August 1954 top beaches: Paraggi beach: 1.5 kilometers
    north of Portofino Pedale beach: 3 kilometers north of
    Portofino Rapallo Rapallo is a municipality in the
    metropolitan city of Genoa and has 30,000 inhabitants. This beautiful area
    is part of the regional Natural park of Portofino. Friedrich Nietzsche wrote that the ideas for Zarathustra first came to him while walking on two roads surrounding Rapallo. During the 16th century it was attacked and sacked by the Ottomans and Barbary pirates. To help defend the village against such attacks a castle was built on the seafront. Top attractions Basilica of San Gervasio e Protasio. Consecrated in 1113 and has a leaning bell tower. Torre Civica: marks the skyline of Rapallo. Castello sul Mare: it
    was erected on 1551. Every July, Rapallo holds a magnificent celebration. Besides offering delicious food based on Ligurian traditional and fish dishes, breathtaking views of the stunning Mediterranean Sea while strolling along the promenade from July 1st to 3rd, Rapallo also proposes unique religious traditions accompanied by secular folklore with spectacular fireworks. Santa Margherita
    Liguria – Italy The resort of Santa Margherita Ligure is
    one of the most attractive and charming in the Riviera di Levante, the eastern
    half of the Ligurian Coast in Northwest Italy. Start your visit with a stroll along the promenade pausing for a coffee or an ice cream along the way. The seafront is the main attraction here, with its beach and lively harbour. Useful tips. Do it like the Italians rent a Fiat 500 convertible: small, fast, stylish and convenient. Prefer an accommodation in Rapallo, a cheaper alternative while it’s a fun and vibrant city. elegant Parking in Italy. In portofino’s main
    parking you will pay 11 and a half euro for two hours. In Rapallo there is a free zone parking at the marina otherwise there are plenty of parking meters and private parking spaces. Autostrada toll fees. Using the main motorways means paying toll. From Genoa to Rapallo the cost is about 13E. where to eat Restaurants: Portofino: trattoria Tripoli,
    trattoria Concordia, Paraggi: Capo Nord Rapallo: Oltremare, Sapore di Mare. Santa Margherita: Ristorante Beppe Achilli Portofino a heaven to fall in love with Accommodation Hotels: Portofino Hotel Nazionale, 8 hotel. Paraggi: Hotel Argentina. Rapallo: Hotel Astoria
    Grand Hotel Bristol. Santa Margarita: Hotel Minerva like this video.
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    Peeing Off a Boat … How to Use a Sailboat Toilet /Head (Pro Tips #2/Patrick Childress Sailing 51)

    January 6, 2020

    if you’re ever offshore and you fall
    overboard lesson number one is the first thing you do is zip up your fly that way
    your friends won’t laugh at you at your funeral HI Im Patrick Childress, and we will get back with Hank
    Smith in just a few minutes I wanted to tell you back in 1980 I was crossing the
    Pacific I was into the second year of a three-year solo circumnavigation on a 27
    foot sailboat on a pleasant day with the wind off the port quarter and sailing
    along and I was taking a pee off the back side of the boat which was nothing
    unusual but just as I had been warned the boat took a sudden very unexpected
    lurch and I was on my way over the back it took all of my strength and effort to
    Teeter myself back up onto the cockpit and from that day forward I never peed
    over the side of the boat while at sea again I always used the head and sat down.
    Checking with some other people… I first met John Neal in Papeete Tahiti in 1980
    John was sailing on his 26 foot Mahina it’s been 30 years now that he and his
    wife Amanda have been operating offshore expeditions most recently on their sailboat
    Mahina Tiare and I asked John if it’s addressed in their crew manual about
    peeing over the side he said no but it IS in their crew orientation and nobody
    pees over the side off of his boat while at sea and even men sit down while they
    use the head checking with another source yet was Andrew Burton who lives
    in newport rhode island he has been sailing most of his life professionally
    delivering sail boats across oceans operating private sailboats and charter
    boats worked as a magazine editor and he has the same policy
    nobody pees over the side of the boat while at sea and men sit down using the
    marine head .so this is what the pros do how they approach the safety of keeping
    people on the deck of their boat Hank Schmitt who operates offshore passage
    opportunities it is in his crew manual that nobody pees over the side and men
    sit down on the marine head well let’s get back with hank he’s going to give us a
    little more information and show us how to use a marine head, how to make sure that it’s
    flushed properly so the whole crew comes out smelling good we were having a little fun with you up
    on deck but it is serious business about taking a leak offshore and you really
    want to be careful so we really recommend not to do that offshore and
    again almost kidding aside but you really do want to make sure your your
    fly is zipped up if you do fall overboard but while we’re on the subject we
    thought we would talk about using the marine head it’s a thing that a lot of
    people are reluctant to ask questions on because it seems like such a simple
    thing but so many people do not use a marine head correctly well you have to understand
    about using the head and again some people call it the head I call it the
    gym because that’s where we do get a lot of our exercise. once you put something
    into the toilet we have our bottle to demonstrate it goes in and you’ll see
    that we have on the side just for flush which water goes out it’s actually dry
    Bowl and then there’s another saying for flush so you want to evacuate the bowl
    first with it on dry and then you have to envision what’s going on everything
    is going into the toilet through hoses and it has to go up a hose through what
    they call a vented loop then down to the hose and either into your holding tank
    or offshore we’re going to talk about just using it offshore where we are
    pumping everything over the side so you want to make sure first that everything
    disappears from your bowl so now there’s nothing there it’s empty but then you
    switch it over to the wet side and as you pump you get your exercise and water
    comes in and what we’re doing is that water is forcing everything in the hoses
    several feet into the hose up over the vented loop down and then back over the
    side and then after you’ve pumped it 10-15 times you want to go back to the
    dry Bowl and a marine head. unlike at home, you want to leave it empty so there
    is no water if there is any back flush what happens is because of that hose if
    it does back flush a little bit it’s gonna back flush with clean sea water
    and you’re not going to smell up your head if you don’t pump enough any back
    flush might still be contaminated water and your heads gonna start stinking a
    lot so you really want to make sure you pump a lot so it’s the big hose at the
    bottom which is the evacuation hose so you want to make sure you pump a whole
    lot to move everything the big hose underneath you’ll see it
    goes behind the toilet behind the bulkhead and let it go goes head and
    travels up through the big loop to your Y valve where you set for it to go
    either to a holding tank or overboard dockside of course we’re where we are
    now on holding tank once we get offshore in the ocean switch it over seacock and
    then when it’s seacock of course pump it a whole bunch of times make sure you
    get rid of everything dockside either try and use the facilities at the marina
    or don’t pump as much so you don’t fill up your holding tanks now if you’re
    doing number two of course you don’t want to start with a dry bowl so you
    might want to go to your head put it on wet put some water in there and then
    some boats really don’t like you to throw anything even toilet paper down
    the toilet you can use toilet paper as long as you don’t use too much toilet
    paper I like to say is compromise between poor angelina jolie that got
    vilified for saying that you only needed one piece of toilet paper and then
    that’s a little extreme on one end and on the other end try not to do it my
    oldest daughter did and make a catchers mitt it way too much so as long as you
    use smaller pieces put them in it really isn’t a problem
    you’re not going to clog your toilet but again only toilet paper and then again
    you need to put it on dry first if you keep it on wet you’re just going to keep
    circulating not emptying the bowl but you put it on dry to evacuate once it
    all disappears it’s just sitting right at the beginning of your your hoses so
    you put it on wet and then you get your exercise in the gym pump a good 10-15
    times move everything along the lines gets over that vented loop and down over
    the side and overboard and then back to the dry position and we tried to get rid
    of everything and that’s how you’d leave it in the course of your trip
    if water’s coming back and it’s still smelling you’re not pumping enough so
    you just have to pump more and that again is the nice way to keep your
    marine head not smelling too bad, and not worrying about any clogs and you keep everybody very happy without
    any any problems. there are no plumbers at sea…the captains usually drafted and he doesn’t like
    that! I hope the information in this video was worthwhile for you if so
    please click on the thumbs up button and if you haven’t already on the subscribe
    thanks again for watching and we’ll see you soon


    FIXING a BOAT in PARADISE – Ep 99 Sailing Luckyfish

    December 24, 2019

    Hi everyone and welcome to episode 99 from Luckyfish. This episode is jam packed is we’re busy with the countdown to launch. Next week we celebrate our 100th episode with a very special video for you just in time for Christmas break and straight after that we’re going to go live as we relaunched Luckyfish and put her back in the water where she belongs, so be sure to subscribe and turn notifications on. Bell is important. Make sure ring the bell or even the bow before we get started this week the really great news is that Luckyfish has been syndicated and we’ve got five guys on the wait list for next time. When a share that comes available, we’ll be welcoming the three new Coronas in the coming weeks while we explore the beautiful coastal waters of Belize and right here in Guatemala. This is a really exciting development for the Luckyfish YouTube channel. As we explore yachts, indication for folks who are limited on time or limited on budget like us. If you’re interested in joining us for stage two, the big cats syndicate, then head over to syndicated fill out the form and I’ll send you the info. Don’t leave it too long because that boat’s filling up fast too. And other news, we’ve been really Luckyfish to find this great spot. MAR Marina, the owners have been really helpful to us and we take great pleasure in giving them a shout out in this video. It really is a comfortable spot to base ourselves while we’re working on Luckyfish , apart from this really affordable cabin, they have a swimming pool here, so we’ve been busy drown proofing Leo before he starts sailing on Luckyfish . Let me see. Swimming nappies ain’t bringing back. What do you think? Yeah, it’s nice and warm. All the bread one. Great. Well done. Well done. He’s follows water a couple of times, then learned it quickly. Careful. We’re going for a little walk. Okay. There’s a lot of focus going on. You want to see this? He’s pretty, uh wow. I mean it’s mind blowing to him, isn’t it? Really the biggest bath he’s ever been. 15 wow. He’s a good laugh. This is a lot speaking quite fast. This is very cool. All very new. Someone’s going to have some big dreams. Okay. That’s about enough for now. Let’s get cracking with this week’s video. I’m Stewart and this is Zaja. Normally we are sailing are reasonably priced catamaran Luckyfish across an ocean or around the islands, but this year we stayed in Mongolia to have this little guy subscribe and join Ajit, any. I’m just walking down to the Yamaha place, which is actually next door to my Marines. Makes it pretty handy. We haven’t got reverse gear and the right hand engine, but pushed for time right now with all the jobs, so rather than do it myself, I’m going to engage this gamma heart mechanic come over and have a look at it and see what he can do about it. The tricky thing is said, not many people here speak English. In fact, there’s very little English spoken at all. It’s all Spanish and our Spanish is atrocious. We’d really liked to have taken the time to learn some. There’s some living places and a place called Antigua. They specialize in Spanish lessons. We just didn’t get time to go and spend a week in one of those to even give us the base. Luckily that little booth is on a leash, so just hitting down to the and that guy. Now I’ll be using Google translate to try and get my message across to him. well, it was pretty successful though. Mechanics seems to understand what’s going on and we’re just going back to the Ram right now to meet up with the mechanic who’s already over there. Hopefully you’ll be able to have a quick look at it today. and yeah, just kindly drove me over to meet with Merado here. He’s working on Perra veto, which I understand means feel alive. What are the guys are just taking off the lower league? They’re going to take it over the workshop and have a look at the workings inside. I haven’t had one off. I’m down to the gears before, so my name’s solutely. Sure. What they’re going to see. Yeah, we’ve just seen this problem here. Okay. He’s not not in the lower league at all. It could well be neutral spending free. And then KRAS, which must they reverse Lockton gear back to neutral. And then in reverse gear forward kid, if I’m day you throw forward for woodworking man, just final adjustments I guess to get it in the middle. He’s just adjusting the length of the uh, adjustment rod or the gear shift. Wow. All right, well that was pretty simple. Well, following day in something about that fix is troubling me. Uh, it just seemed too easy. I can recall last year, well Mick and I spend a lot of time working underneath the boat fiddling with that gear shift adjustment rod. We were right at the end of it. So, uh, you know, adjustment range and we couldn’t get reversed to stay in gear. It would engage, but then it would flick out and grind. So I’m just wondering, you know, where we’re testing it with their hands yesterday and it was getting into, it was locking, but I wonder if it was actually stay in gear. Unfortunately the ignition switch was left on while we were away. So the engine start battery has gone completely flat. I don’t know how long it’s been sitting there flat so I’d say it’s probably ruined. I’m just hitting over the bridge to dismay one of the local Marine suppliers to replace the engine start battery for the winless and auxiliary is on the, on the boat well morning here on the Rio doll. See and you can see the lovely panoramic view you get from the top of the bridge here. So that’s the mission this morning replaced the engine star battery, give the engine a start and test that reverse gear. So new house batteries have arrived as to kind gentleman has been helping me getting them up on the boat. Yeah. And many of your viewers are a lot smarter than I am. Would probably have worked out what he was trying to tell me in a couple of minutes ago. But I finally worked out that he would like the old batteries that we’re replacing. I gather they have a value here. God. Excellent. Two number elder. Okay. See anything else out with the old in with the new. Same with the hair aspect trees. If you’re wondering about cost as I’m sure many of you I, these are all lit acids. The Sarco sealed batteries that $1,000 to do the five house batteries and did that one. There was 190 in the United States. Actually this one last year. It was only a year old. I bet the battery charger, since it is NAF, basically it’s set flat for a long time. This new one, same price bought here in Guatemala this morning and these 130 and pay, I have spent trees. All you ordered from a Urus batteries in the United States now you came down by ship from Miami would be in that five grand to do it with Lithium’s a T and I, as I’ve explained before, we decided not to go down that pathway because there’s multiple owners on the boat. Yeah. And they are a of, they to me, they seem to be a little bit of a, you know, science exercise to maintain them and then troubleshoot them when there’s issues. And so for 1000 bucks to do the house batteries, gee, if we have to replace those every five years or so on the boat, not a big deal. So that’s 105 am has being replaced by 130 am so a little bit more weight, but we’ve got another 25 and pounds times five and other 125 an hour total storage, which will be very useful considering we’ve added a lot more load onto the boat, you know, since the house since Cape town. Ooh. Sounds good. Tilt switch. Yeah, I can feel those engines moving bet is good news. What about port? Get the port key in here. That’s kicking till Twitch. Beautiful happy days. I’m just replacing these Ella menu rivets holding the hinge here for the swim ladder. Dinghy rank. Uh, I think Dan used Alan minium because he didn’t want dissimilar needles. This is an L I minium hinge. I reverted into Allen minium box section and uh, the aluminum rivets themselves are starting to corrode so I be replacing them with mine. Meinl and using this stuff here. Do your aleck for bonding dissimilar metals and not having any electrolysis or corrosion. And uh, I ran out of JIRA. Alexa, now I’m using this product. Both of them are really pricey. The year Alexa, about $50 a tube and this TIF gel is $40 for a tiny little syringe for like this. But if it prevents corrosion then I guess it’s worth it. Well they got the new house batteries in the starboard. How? I’ve just tied them down as well. We’ve got the some fire coming a couple of days. One of the insurance requirements is that you have a valid survey. So I’ve got Casey coming on Wednesday and hopefully we’ll go through with flying colors now. I’m kidding. There’s a few things that he will pick. Uh, the ones that are narrow of life raft is due for a service. Uh, flares are out of date. Uh, he put a battery, I have a replacement for that which will be good for another five years. We’ve got hold downs on the gas bottles, hold downs on the batteries that one survivors like to go for and we don’t have a home port labeled on the transom or the back of the house. So uh, we might get picked up for that. I believe they’re pretty tough on that in these parts side from that. If he turns up anything else I might be disappointed, but we’ll see. And this is the battery bank in the port hole. I’ve just replaced the three 105 and pounds with three 130 and pad batteries and put the whole down in and tell you what getting that is ones out. Dan made a lovely snug fit here, but boy I did not to replace batteries. Now it’s just a matter of putting all the wiring back together, the why it was, and we should be good to guy and thanks to the marvels of video entertaining the issue he is or why that only job remaining now is to put a grease on these terminals to stop and karate and put the battery charger on, give it a good all top-up, get it into float state and get these batteries off to a good start is something else. The survivor’s going to be interested in the gas locker and a, he’ll be wanting to check to make sure these bottles are tied down securely. And there’s the a bilge pump hose that reminds me, he will probably want to see that the IME bill, which pump onboard the boat, uh, in operation. So now it’s a good chance to give it a taste. It’s quite an ingenious setup that Dan’s come up with. Uh, just one bilge pump, but it has a roaming hose, which can go to any corner of the two holes. But firstly, let’s make sure this thing’s working. well, the top one, fine. That’s great. Now I’m going to go and check the fringes and lights down in the port. Howl. I just kind of see and everything’s working down there. Okay. Here in the port Holland, the volt meter looks like things are good. Just turn on this fridge. Take a minute for the compressor to kick in. Yeah, that’s running Madison. If the plate gets called, give that one a minute. Okay. Forward fridge running. I can hear the compressor. Give it a second or two. So if we get some cold throat. Nice. That one’s working. Okay. And the forward fridge. Yeah, I can feel cold there too. Wow. Two from two on the fringes lighting. That’s all good. I don’t round ceiling light. Yeah, like in that, well last thing, taste and this, how is the watermaker but that’s going to have to wait until I get out to see and we get some nice clean sea water to give it a taste. Well, have a hearing the stab at Hala and I’m looking at the battery monitor for the, well, the new house bed trees said it’s kind of need to be re sit and recalibrated. So I’m about to do that right now. So I’m going to remove this thin red wire here, which goes off to a shunt down there. That’ll disconnect the gauge and then I’ll reconnect it and which reboots the gauge and then we’ll go in and calibrate for the total capacity of these batteries, which is 260 and pounds. They’ve just been fully charged overnight. I’ve had the challenge of running on them, trickle charging, um, and I, uh, in a float state now, which is the ideal time to sit the maximum charge capacity. Luckily I don’t have to remember all this. Each time I do it, there is a annual onboard for the gauge and it looks like the beam one’s coming to life at last. That took a good probably five or 10 minutes there for it to start to produce a percentage of charge, a state of charge for the batteries. Let’s talk, we’re up to 90 odd percent now should guy right up to a hundred to represent full state of charge with these batteries. Okay. While we’re waiting for the BM one to calibrate itself. I’m going to taste a VHF radio. That’s a good sand. We’ll have a look at that in a minute. And the chart plotter and nav, which I think is on wind instruments or GPS. Oh, I have forgotten. Alright, we’ll got up and have a look. Well this is coming to life really well. I’m sorry Ivy. It’s like with charts of light it. I have a card in here picking up a few signals on the AOS from nearby boats, sea temperature, which is air temperature 26.3 true wind direction, speed over the grand cool side where the ground, well the solar panels are Roland shines because of the colors, but I can put the wind Jenny on and put a bit of charge back into the batteries that releases the electronic braking system. So even when flatbed trees, the default status for the blades to be uh, locked or they spin very slowly, it requires a little bit of charge to release the, it’s like an electric magnetic breaking system on the rotor. So now, just for my own, we’ll be seeing a green light flashing there. So it looks like we may be starting to see at a charge coming in. There is variable gusty winds outside. It was still in now as a puff going through. So looking good. Okay. That’s about it for this week. I hope you enjoy that episode. And before we go, we’d both like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year. As always, if you enjoyed the video, leave your comment below. Give it a like, thank you. And uh, as always, a huge thanks to our patrons who without them, these videos wouldn’t be possible by everyone. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel if you haven’t already, and thank you for watching..

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    December 11, 2019

    We’ve come to see the fort. Didn’t have any luck. There is the HQ of the navy behind this fort, that’s for sure. We can’t go inside. We found a closed gate, we’re gonna see the southern and the southwestern part of this beautiful fortress. Wait a moment, it’s open! It’s open from 2 to 4 pm. on Tuesday. What days is it? It’s Monday. Tuesday! So it will open at 2. What time is it? Don’t you have….? Does this sh*t show the time? N-no. But you ruined it! What?! Now we’re going to the western side of the fort because it’s open from 2-4 pm, but it’s past 2 already and it is not open… so… now we’re gonna find the market! We found these 2 places of interest for now, so… it is all I can do for our big adventure. Do you see the market from up there? No! It says… The bus stop is at the Hotel Village. Bus stop 25, which is clearly not shown here. I’ve just won the video making competition! Because I’ve got a rainbow! Where is this Josi coming to…? Wow… How many are they? It’s a migrant boat. So now we are out, we are the at pier of Saint Pierre. A quick walk in the city to discover it. Obviously it started to rain… Gonna go now, see the main street, and then… that’s it! Let’s go! Thou shalt come and eat Gombos! Shouldn’t I put the GoPro on, then?

    How to Clean a Sailboat : How to Rinse Off a Sailboat
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    How to Clean a Sailboat : How to Rinse Off a Sailboat

    December 9, 2019

    Hi, I’m Ches Rainier, welcome to Expert Village.
    Today we’re going to be talking about some techniques used to clean a fiberglass boat.
    Alright, now that we’ve finished with the scrub down with our soap mixture, we’re going
    to rinse down the boat. It should be pretty basic, just hose it off again just like we
    did in the beginning with our initial rinse down. All the stuff we broke up when we scrubbed
    it down, now we’re going to rinse it off, you can’t leave that on there. The soap residue
    should be pretty minimal since we used minimal soap and we used a biodegradable soap so as
    you can see with the water there’s no slime or anything left over. And the goal in any marine environment is
    just to try to leave as little trace as possible with what you’re doing. We’re trying to conserve
    water, that’s why we’ve got our “on” and “off” hose thing here. If you use as little soap
    as possible, then that’s less soap to get into the water.