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    Fly Fishing for Rainbow Trout on the Deerfield River | S17 E06
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    Fly Fishing for Rainbow Trout on the Deerfield River | S17 E06

    March 13, 2020

    ♪birds chirping Woo hoo wow Boat honk ♪relaxing country music ♪ (VO Chris) For anyone who lives
    in New England. Fall is one of nature’s
    special gifts. Every autumn the rolling hills
    of Western Mass light up with brilliant colors
    saturating the landscape. With a patchwork of amber,
    crimson, and gold. Fall also happens to be
    a spectacular season for fishing the rivers
    and streams. That trace the valleys as they
    flow from the Berkshires to the Connecticut River. With the cooling waters the trout look to take advantage of the final fly hatches as they venture out of their
    pockets and riffles to feed before winter’s bite
    sets in. I had been looking forward to
    once again fishing the Deerfield river. For a fall fly fishing excursion with good friend and guide
    Chris Jackson of Chris Jackson Fly Fishing. I’ve fished and filmed before
    with Chris and we set out after Hurricane
    Irene back in 2012. After Irene, many believed the
    fishing would never be the same again. But nature has a tendency to
    bounce back against all odds. Now 8 years after the hurricane the river has adapted to
    many changes and has left few traces of
    what became known as a hundred year flood. With anticipation growing with
    each glimpse of the river I met up with Chris Jackson
    for another trip down this hidden paradise
    any angler would appreciate. Hey guys welcome to another
    episode of On The Water’s Angling
    Adventure Chris Megan today
    with Chris Jackson, old friend
    of mine. We fished together going back we tried to fish during the
    hurricane and most of this area got
    washed out during the big hurricane back.
    Was that Irene? I’m trying to -That was Irene. Irene came through here A lot of the roads we were
    fishing kind of actually collapsed down
    into the banking. -Oh my god that was the craziest
    thing. I really thought that our
    guiding careers were over on the river. All the guides were concerned
    because we lost all this infrastructure and the river
    dramatically changed. I mean holes we used to fish
    were filled in. New holes were carved and
    we were like. What happened to the fish? (Host) And that wasn’t like a
    50 year high that year. That was like a hundred or
    a hundred and fifty year. It was three feet shy of the
    500 year flood mark. So it was a flood of historic
    proportions. -That way well we got good water
    today I’m back fishing the Deerfield
    River Fall just started. Chris what are we gonna do to
    start out. We’re gonna start out with
    indicators we’ll see how it goes and
    you got to be ready to change tactics as you’re guiding
    through the day. So we’re gonna start out
    with the old reliable indicator fishing and move on from
    there. -Well guys we’ve got the best
    of the best. We’re gonna push off
    right now. We’re gonna start
    heading down river. I know we got a little bit
    of water to cover. ♪ relaxed acoustic music ♪ -This is gonna be I think we did this last time. -I think we did the exact same
    thing. -The exact same thing. -We got a camera guy in the boat
    right now. Fortunately he’s a little
    lighter but I think I might be a little heavier Chris. So Chris when we throw here it’s
    gonna be one of these kind of throwing it back
    here at 10 o’clock. -I’ll give you a quick demo. Absolutely. -So basically we’re gonna
    throw it out there. Kind of high stick it along. And when it gets even to my
    position perpendicular just gonna do a little mend. -A little upstream mend
    and that. I’m just gonna track it. That’s the deal. -Ok perfect. I’ll tell you what that white
    indicator seems to just blend right in
    with the bubbles so. – It blends right in so
    these spooky fish they don’t even mind that
    white indicator. That’s kind of why I put it on. -I’ll tell you what
    when that white indicator gets in with the bubble. -It’s hard to see it. This is a tough time of day with
    the little white indicator. -I’ll tell you what you look
    away from your indicator for a second and. -That’s when you get the bite. First spot zero. -I don’t know if I missed any
    spots or -No no. All the spots that are
    right next to the road get a lot of pressure. ♪uplifting country music ♪ -Coming from Cape Cod it’s just
    such a different scenery. -Yeah. -And I remember the first time
    I came out here your hard pressed to believe
    that this is in New England and Massachusetts. It’s just so different
    the contour. And everything about it. ♪♪♪ -Set! -There he is. -Just like that! Nice Chris! -Two for two. I made the first
    cast in there. I wasn’t ready you were saying
    it was gonna pick up a little bit down here. -Yeah. Oh! Came off! So really stick it to them
    on the hookset. So we’re using barbless hooks. The flies that I tie I
    go barbless and they’re really sharp. But you’ve got to stick them
    on the hookset. ♪♪♪ That’s funny I have a boulder
    coming up I call it the lucky boulder and typically
    from that point down we’re almost to it. It’s usually llike the
    demarcation line for a big pod of fish. I like to have it six inches
    over the bottom. -What’s the name of this fly? -It’s a mop fly. -And it looks like you can
    see it from a country mile. -You can see it from a country
    mile and they go nutty for it. -And throw now? All the way to
    the bank? -All the way to the bank. A little further over? -No that’s perfect! Set! There he is good job! It’s interesting they were more
    upriver the other day but you know different day
    they find a different locale. -I’ve not even been on
    the reel. I’m just gonna keep walking
    them right up to you. -There he is! -Oh look at that! -Nice! -That looks like a wild fish too! -Now do they clip it on the
    stocked? They clip that. – I mean most of the stocked
    fish will be missing some fins. And that’s not always the case
    but this fish. -This fish looks perfect.
    Doesn’t it? -Yeah and the smaller ones tend
    to have smaller mouths than the hatchery fish
    that looks like 100% wild fish. Right there to me. There you go dude. Sweet. Awesome. Good way to
    start Chris. ♪country music ♪♪ We’ve got a beautiful day
    out here on the Deerfield River fishing with guide Chris Jackson and that’s the name of his
    company Chris Jackson Guide Service. I had the opportunity to fish
    with Chris back in 2012. But that’s how long and
    how quick the time goes. -Oh my god. And you know its gone by
    a little bit when Chris is giving me a hand
    getting into the boat. Became a grandfather about
    a year ago and my oldest daughter got
    married about three years ago. We welcomed my first grand child about a year a go and he’s
    just the best. -Congratulations on that. -So throw right in here and
    let it drift down. -Same drift. -And in closer or should I
    go a little bit I would. I think they are a
    little bit further out. I would go another four or five
    feet. And just get it away from the
    boat a little bit. And I think the fish are just
    kind of running a circuit in here. So we don’t have any white
    foam right now so there’s not excuse there’s
    only one thing out there and it’s the indicator. They are definitely biting fast
    this morning though I think they’ve seen this fly
    a couple of times. They’re like I’m not so sure
    Fred got in trouble the other day with that one. I don’t know if I want to do it. It looks good. -It looks so good. -Set there he is! Alright I got to be a little
    quicker on the draw. You’re right around him.
    Set! Nice Chris! -You don’t even have a chance
    to get on the reel. It’s just a matter of like,
    you know? -That looks like a carbon copy
    of the last one. -Aww there it is. -You need to find his
    big brother. Alright dude don’t tell any
    of your friends. -Nothing happened! Chris made an adjustment. He dropped, he moved the
    indicator up a little bit to get us down. Seemed to make a huge
    difference presenting it Just off the bottom. Man there is really no
    time to get on the reel on these fish. I’m fighting them right here. -There’s some big ones in here. There’s some fish over
    20 inches in here. If you hook one of those -You’re gonna get on the
    reel. -You’re gonna get on the reel. -Not gonna go as far as
    we did last time because I feel like. -They’re kinda hanging
    right in that spot. -Hanging right in here. ♪♪♪ Right there. That seems like it’s
    the sweet spot. -Set! Just like you said. That’s a
    better fish. -That’s a better fish. Oh! Mother! I should have whacked them again. -Yeah you’ve got 4x on there
    you can put the boots to them. -Let’s let that one drift out. -That was a better fish. That was a set!
    You got another one. (Chris M. laughs) I was looking
    away! -This guy committed suicide. That is where they
    are hanging out Chris. -They are right there. I looked away to have a
    conversation and my caddy Chris Jackson actually your guide,
    professional guide. Said “set”. Oh man! Right about that last one. The one before this -Was definitely bigger -This guy is actually
    a little bit nicer. But -That last one you hooked was
    a nice one. But you know what Chris they
    are hanging within about a ten foot stretch of
    that whole thing. That’s another pretty rainbow. -Look at the color on this guy. There we go. Gorgeous fish! What’s happening is taking
    the scope out. Chris I’m past kind of verticle
    up and down I’m almost at 11 o’clock
    behind me. And I really even need to be
    back here a little bit. Because the scope in the line
    there. Like sometimes I’ll come up and
    almost have the rod straight up over my head. And you just want to keep going
    until you’re really -Really bury it in there
    that way. Guys fishing the Deerfield
    River it is beautiful We looked at the weather earlier
    and we looked at it we were gonna come out here
    yesterday We decided to put it off a day
    and I think we made a great call. -I’m glad you did I was a
    little nervous with the rain but this
    all worked out. And it’s absolutely a
    gorgeous day. ♪gentle guitar music ♪ (VO Chris) Nestled just on the
    river Shelburne Falls along Mohawk
    Trail is a historic village that is
    actually split by the Deerfield. Although a small community. It’s artistic background and
    unique architecture Harken back to an earlier
    and simpler era When the river was harnassed
    as one of the main sources for energy. Like a draw bridge leading into
    the center of town The bridge of flowers is a well
    known destination That combines turn of the
    century construction. With a reimagined flower garden
    that stretches across the Deerfield. Many of the towns buildings
    in the center are original structures
    and historic landmarks like Baker Pharmacy The pharmacy is a living time
    capsule of a business in the heart of a village that to this day you can
    still pickup an ice cream sundae At their old fashioned
    soda fountain while you wait on your
    prescription as many locals have done
    for over a hundred years. -One of the things I always
    have to remember is to slow down a little bit. -Nice cast Chris. -That’s a little bit of a rocket
    ship, what are we fishing with. -That’s a G.Loomis NRX -Now that’s a really
    sweet rod. Make a mend if you can. -This is a 4 or 5 weight? That’s a 5. 5 weight, beautiful rod. Loads nice. -Uh, set set! -I was a little delayed on that. I was looking down at the line. -That’s a nice fish. -That’s a good fish. -We’re using a Rio
    5wt line. Rio perception. We’ve got a Nautilus reel
    on there. I have not fished the Rio line
    before. It’s my favorite line. I like
    cortland too. -Cortland makes a great line. -Cortland makes a great line.
    Great company but Rio is just so innovative. That just their products are
    super innovative. I do a lot of two handed stuff. And they just have a lot of
    amazing products. This guy is just staying down. I’m gonna try and see if
    I can get on the reel. -That’s a good idea. That last two feet of scope
    of line. When I went to get it on the
    reel and I’m like that’s when you
    usuually lose them you know? You give them that
    much slack. This guy is just staying down.
    Whoa buddy! -It’s another nice fish. -Alright I’m gonna turn him. -He wasn’t having it. -Alright I’m gonna turn his nose
    and see if I can get him coming right to you. -Just like that. -Look at that! -Yeah! -Racking up the numbers Chris -Look at the color on these fish! -Come on dude swim away.
    There he goes! Good job Chris! -Thanks bro. So the line
    and the gear that we’re fishing I know that you said we’re
    fishing a 4X down below right now
    on the tippet. -4X flurocarbon -And the name of the fly
    again was? -It’s a mop fly. -A mop fly. So just a basic
    mop fly? -I put my own little twist
    on it. It’s tied on a barbless jig
    hook so it’s riding hook up.
    Which I feel Just keeps you out of trouble. -It keeps you out of trouble and
    gives you a nice tail waggle -It does it gets the tail
    wiggling and you see that most
    of the time it falls out in the net
    which is awesome. Pretty much every time we caught
    it in those hookless nets. Right out of it you know. It just pops right out.
    So you don’t do a lot of damage to the fish and the fish
    swims away happy. I feel like you don’t beat up on
    the fish physically beat up on them you can come back
    in two days and -Catch that same fish. -Yeah. ♪ gentle acoustic track ♪ (VO) After releasing a dozen
    beautiful trout from the drift boat. It was time to head down
    river to the haul out point
    where we would load up. And head into town for
    a quick bite. Before setting out to a new
    location along the river. Chris new to hold trout. ♪ relaxing acoustic music ♪♪ Now what would this
    be considered this isn’t considered the upper
    part right? Upper is? -No, this is kind of the
    mid section. Yeah. -Upper is real thin right now
    as far as water. Super thin and it has a
    higher gradient and you get more tributaries coming
    in as you move down the river so there is just more water down
    there up by the dam it is bony Yeah I saw that when we
    crossed over there. -It’s unfortunate and that’s
    where all the browns are. -What’s the normal height
    where they keep the water at -The minimum flow is at
    125 CFS Maximum flow usually 900 But it can go up from there You know if we get a lot of rain
    it could go up to 2000. -Alright so we’re gonna
    push on it looks like its snowing out
    here with the amount of leaves that are coming down off
    of these trees. Now do the leaves ever add
    an element to the fishing. It’s a negative element honestly We call it the leaf hatch
    and there are days where you can get leafed out. Right now they’re on the surface
    and this isn’t bad but. If you get a couple days of this
    they’ll start -Sinking down below? -Yeah and the whole water
    column will just be filled with leaves so. -And so now we’re gonna head
    upstream a little bit here. Work this stretch to just below
    this rapids here and see what we get. What do you say Chris you want
    to get after it? We’re gonna do it. I’m just
    gonna push off a little bit Get in the boat. And go ahead Perfect Alright everyone’s in. ♪ relaxed guitar music ♪♪ Same sort of deal as before
    we’re gonna be casting across and make a little mend.
    More of the same. Whenever you’re ready. ♪ gentle piano music ♪♪ -I want to wait for this gust
    to pass and I’ll throw it right
    in between that 2nd seam. -I think that’s a good idea. Nice shot. Is that a fish? -Got him! -Nice Chris! Good job man! Right behind that rock. I don’t even know
    if he knows hes hooked. Challenging conditions and you
    got it done. -Good job! -Woo hoo! -I’ll tell you what
    that was coming straight at us. -Gale force winds made the cast
    good for you. Come on dude it’s not gonna come
    undone until you stop that. He landed so quick he kind of
    came back towards the boat and you reached out and
    grabbed him. -He’s still hot. -That’s what it is he’s still
    so hot. Oh he’s off now. I think he’s out. I think
    we’re good Look at this guy huh? -Come on dude you want to go
    back home or what? You want to hang out
    with the On The Water crew? Of course you do! He’s like I want and italian
    sub. Because I heard you got
    an extra one. -This fish was holding
    right behind a boulder. You know I try to throw it
    up in that wind and the wind kind of
    knocked it down I was ok with it because
    it was right behind that rock. -Perfect Actually started drifting back
    down towards us. That was one of those ones where. For me usually I don’t setup
    on them but I try to get back as far
    as I could. That was a great cast
    challenging conditions you put it right on the money. -Chris what are we about 2
    2.5 hours out of Boston? -2.5 hours out of Boston. This is a quick drive you can
    come out here and fish a day and be back home in the
    comfort of your house by the evening. I’ll tell you what guys
    anyone living in the metrowest Boston. Not just
    metrowest Boston but Anywhere in that 2.5
    3 hour drive it’s an easy run and its a
    different world out here. Folks who want to get in touch
    with you what’s your website? It’s I’ll tell you what
    2.5 hours out of Boston you get on the Mass Pike it’s
    more or less a straight shot Hit Springfield get on 91
    just head north until you hit Rt 2 and you’re here and it’s a
    different world. -We’ve got great restaurants
    out here. Lots of places to stay
    and there’s other things to do aside from fishing. ♪ deep and dramatic synth ♪♪ (Chris VO) Over the 17 seasons
    of On The Water’s
    Angling Adventures I’ve been blessed to fish many
    beautiful locations from Cape May NJ to Prince Edward Island
    in Canada. To even getting a chance to
    cross the pond to fish for salmon
    in Ireland. I’ve met wonderful folks
    along the way. And been awe struck by the
    breathtaking beauty of these locations. But having been born and raised
    in Massachusetts. I will forever hold a special
    place in my heart for the fall in the Berkshires just fly-fishing on the
    Deerfield River with a good friend like
    Chris Jackson. ♪♪♪

    ಹಳ್ಳಿಗಳಲ್ಲಿ ಮಾಡುವ ಬೂತಾಯಿ ಮೀನು ಸಾರು | Village style bhutai Fish curry | Fish Recipe in kannada
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    ಹಳ್ಳಿಗಳಲ್ಲಿ ಮಾಡುವ ಬೂತಾಯಿ ಮೀನು ಸಾರು | Village style bhutai Fish curry | Fish Recipe in kannada

    March 13, 2020

    Hello everyone to my channel Today’s recipe came and left It’s called fish broth Fish Curry Let me see how to do this Come on take care of the materials First of all, I have 15 pieces of chilli, seven to eight garlic So I cut the half bluegrass A tamarind is about the size of a lemon Take a bit of coconut grate Coconut grate and turmeric powder Dhaniya seed cumin and anise as well There is even two-and-a-half tablespoons You can skip the anise turkey So here I am, taking a tsunami It gets in our villages Very nice You also try and make friends once and for all I skip the pepper The pepper is delicious so I didn’t pick up the pepper I cut and washed the fish well I love it Now I am seasoning a dish See how much water you need and do not put it down at once Too thin but not very well The fish broth should be at 1 medium tikness Now I’m watching and adding water If it gets hard enough, I don’t feel like it Now I have enough salt to taste I am a battered jumbo I washed it and put it on There are ten to fifteen Very well done is the fish sambar The tuna is very tasty The tamarind leaves its flavor with a sour taste Very tasty I washed the fish It is available at all stores in our market Available for sale and available in stores Give a tsummer but give it Grow it in the village side and get it at our mom’s house Friends I don’t know if it’s getting everywhere That means you don’t have a tsunami near you You have onions Putting the sambar It would also be nice to add onions to a small sauce Now put all the fish one by one Now it does not need to be brewed like this If you spoon or spawn, the fish will become a snack So once you have brewed, I show you the origin The fish are well fed I have shown you how to fish That’s fine I’ll show you once Don’t be born again and again You will not get to eat Speaking of that Well boiled Now at the end, I am putting wheat flour So I turned off the gas We have friends who like to fish a sambar If you don’t like today’s recipe, please like and share it.

    2020 Corpsmember of the Year Ryan Shelton, Conservation Corps of Long Beach (CA)
    Articles, Blog

    2020 Corpsmember of the Year Ryan Shelton, Conservation Corps of Long Beach (CA)

    March 13, 2020

    [clapping] How you guys doing today? I’m glad you
    guys are doing well. I’m a little bit nervous, but that’s okay.
    So I’m going to tell you guys a little bit about my story. Basically, my name is Ryan
    Shelton I’m 23 years old. I didn’t have the greatest start in life. I was in a
    foster care group home when I was younger and due to that I kind of was
    propelled into the streets and the negative influences that were in my
    community, and by age 19 I was incarcerated for the second time, but
    this time I was facing six years. Luckily, God had other plans for me and I
    ended up getting sentenced to about a year. The time I spent incarcerated was
    extremely hard. I had to resist my environment every day.The violence, the
    racial riots, the feelings of hopelessness, all I could really do was
    focus on what I was gonna do when I got out. So I remember one day a little bit
    after I got sentenced, I was in my cell and I was just feeling really down and
    another one of the inmates was like, “You know hey what’s going on man, how you
    feeling?” And I didn’t usually open up too much but for some reason that day I
    opened up, and I said you know I’m just kind of feeling lost. I don’t know
    what I’m gonna do when I get out. You know I have all these felonies on my
    record and I just don’t know. You know what kind of job is going to take me?
    What kind of career type job is going to take me? And then you know my fellow
    inmate, he said “Don’t worry so much about the job. Focus on what kind of man you
    want to be when you get out.” And those words really resonated with me because I
    knew I wasn’t a bad person. I knew I had made a mistake and I knew I kind of had
    a rough start, but I knew the kind of man that I wanted to be. So I took those
    words in mind and I began taking some classes while I was still incarcerated.
    And one of those classes that I took was called Back On Track. And that class Back
    On Track basically taught inmates how to navigate the employment field with
    felonies on your record. So basically they told us you know the
    kind of jobs to go for more manual labor type jobs. You know certain programs and
    certain you know jobs who are more felon friendly and things of that nature. So I
    remember that class as really a light in the dark tunnel for me. I remember I would come back from the class. I’ll walk back to my
    cell and I would lay on my steel bunk, and I had this little piece of paper up
    top. And that piece of paper, it was a small piece of paper and it had a bunch of
    goals I had written down on it. And to everybody else you know that was just a
    piece of paper, but to me that was me reminding myself of who I was and the
    man that I wanted to be when I got out. So I stayed focused and I really you
    know listened entailing to the things they had in the class, and I tried my
    best to resist all the negative things going on while I was incarcerated. And it
    was probably about 2 or 3 weeks before I was about to get released, and I remember
    my instructor telling me she was like, “Hey you know these are a couple of
    agencies, temp agencies I think you should check out and you know
    Conservation Corps is something I think you should also check out as well.” And I
    took her advice in mind and I remember got out and the first thing I did was, I
    went to the temp agencies first. And the thing I realized first when I went to
    the temp agencies was for a felon it’s pretty much a vicious cycle. I would go
    to one temp agency, I’ll have about maybe 4 or 6 weeks worth of work and then once
    that work was over they didn’t have anymore contract at work for felons, and
    they didn’t know when they were gonna get more. So I’m off to the next temp
    agency trying to find work and it really affected me as a man because I felt like, part of a man is you know coming home and bringing that paycheck home. And I
    felt like dang I did my time in that I can barely bring that paycheck home.
    I was still on probation, so I still had to make probation payments and one of the
    terms of being on probation is you had to have steady employment. So I just felt
    a constant anxiety and a pressure and I just felt like yeah I’m free but I don’t
    feel all the way free yet. And I remember, one day I was really up to my nose and I was just stressed out. I was about to go cash another small check I had from a
    temp agency, and for some reason I just remembered what my instructor said. She
    said Conservation Corps, so I’m like okay you know I was like I think that’s what
    imma do. So I remember I put my application in and within about two
    weeks I was working and everything. So I was really excited and the thing for me,
    that really changed for me when I got to Conservation Corps was, I was no
    longer in the situation where I had to hide the fact that I had a felony or you know, I couldn’t talk about it or anything.
    I was actually around people who were supportive or like oh hey you got you
    got felonies don’t worry about it you know. This is the stepping stone.
    We’re gonna get you to the job you want to get to, and honestly all that
    positivity within that community broke down the walls that I had within myself.
    I had all these walls that I thought that all you know I have the felonies.
    You know I can’t do that you know I can’t do this. And eventually going to
    work every day and sitting down with my supervisors at lunch, and having those
    conversations about hey you know what what do you think I can do about these
    felonies? And you know what do you think my options are? It really gave me the
    opportunity to break down those walls and then become to open up. So as I
    opened up emotionally and I started realizing these are things that I
    actually could do, I started doing more research. I started doing more research
    about my case, and I realized that hey you know I haven’t been doing anything
    bad at all. If I make all these probation payments I think I can probably get off
    probation. I think this is something I can do. So I got really excited about it
    and that was my primary focus. Hey, I’m going to get all these payments paid down and you know I’m gonna try my best to get off probation. While I was getting ready
    and prep to do all that. They had a solar training program that popped up while I
    was working at Conservation Corps. Didn’t know anything about solar, but I
    knew that I wanted to get into a career. I didn’t know if I was gonna get off
    probation. I didn’t know if they’re gonna expunge my record, but I knew that I had
    to prepare myself anyway. I had to believe it before I saw it. So I started
    doing a solar training program and everything was going perfect. I really
    fell in love with it. I really was doing work that I really loved. I was doing
    construction. I loved being outside, everything was great. More than anything,
    I was doing work for the environment, that I was also doing with Conservation
    Corps, but this was more of a skilled work. I felt like wow this is really
    a career I’m really getting into this. You know I felt like hey I’m in a career
    and I have these felonies right now, but maybe they’ll be off you know when I
    when I go to court. So a couple months later I had my court date coming up, I
    still remember the date, March 27, 2018. I went to court and I remember when I
    went to court, I had a packet about this thick of letters. You know I
    had some letters from my sister saying all the support they have from me. But more than anything, I had letters from our supervisor to Conservation Corps of Long Beach. I had letters from Kedrin. You know I had
    to have support and I remember the Judge looking through the packet reading
    everything and he looked up, he said “You know I’m proud of you. You’ve really turned
    your life around you’ve really did a whole lot.” I remember they expunged my
    record and they let me off probation. [clapping] It was. It was at that point in time
    where I really felt like I can really take a full turnaround with my life.
    It was really when I feel like I can make a complete 360. The walls that I had that
    were that were holding me in, I could really start breaking down. So now I had
    my career, my record was expunged, I wasn’t on probation anymore, and I was
    truly free. So with that in mind, while I was still doing the solar training at
    GRID Alternatives, which was the partner that linked up with Conservation Corps.
    I started to also think about, hey you know maybe maybe I can get in school. You know I think I think that’s something I can do as well. So I also got in school.
    So now I’m in school at La Trade Tech. I’m studying for electrical construction
    and maintenance. I’ll be graduated in 2021 in the Spring, about 68 percent done
    for school. So I’ll be done with that pretty soon. And a really great thing
    that I got to do while I was doing my solar training, was while I’m doing my
    solar training there were still other people from Conservation Corps in Long
    Beach who were still getting our solar training as well. So I was able to be on
    the roof working for GRID Alternatives, but still right there with my people
    from Conservation Corps in Long Beach. I tell them hey, this is the way I went.
    Everything’s going great for me. You can do this too. So honestly you know it was
    the positive community that really fueled me to reach the dreams and
    destinations that I thought were so far. So more than anything it was just coming
    to Conservation Corps and having that positive community that inspired me to
    say hey you know what I can do these things. People have told me no. They told
    me I can’t do that. I’ve told myself no, but these people are telling me yes. So I
    think I can do it and that was the major turnaround for me. So you know I really
    appreciate you guys listening to me and I really appreciate the Corps for
    everything they’ve done. One last thing, I have to say now I am an Electrical
    Apprentice and I work for Zero Solar now I make about $20 an hour, and I’ll be
    done with school. So everything’s great, and I really appreciate everything. [clapping]

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    March 13, 2020

    What is this Tommy? I can’t take this! I can not take this! I can’t! I need to do something about this! Check this out! Check what happened previously on Green Aqua! Is this really yours? Today we’re gonna do something else. Today, we’re gonna scape this Styline set from Oase, the Green Aqua way. Welcome to the beautiful world of aquascaping! And what is the Green Aqua way? It’s the CO2, strong lighting, perfect hardscape. I started gluing together wood. Which I’ve never done before, but it works like magic. What I did is I glued these two pieces together, with the Impa Ancora glue. So what I’m trying to do, is to have a very complicated tree scape in this 70 liter tank. And by the end of this video, you guys are gonna see this one fully planted, the other one… You know, how it was. And you’re gonna decide, which one you like best. I already know the answer! So this is easy! I’m planning to put this in the background, behind the centerpiece, but the problem is that this branch is too long. Also, I need to cut the top, because this is a closed-top tank. We’re gonna glue this, and let’s see where it takes us! And everything goes back into its place. You can see that I’m fitting the light, every time that I place the wood back. Because I really wanna see the shadows and the highlights in the tank. We didn’t wash the hardscape. I think we should have washed the hardscape. But we’re gonna fill up the tank with water and we’re gonna drain it at the same time and we’re gonna wash everything through. It’s like a sculpture, I quite like it. I would encourage everybody, to buy a lot of small pieces and then tie them together, or apply glue, or whatever your style is. You can build really cool structures with that. Check this out! Would you be able to do this, just by using one wood? So what we have to do now is to find proper Red Moor wood branches and start to apply them onto the scape itself. I really need to add a lot of detail, using these Red Moor wood pieces for this, because it’s gonna have a sophisticated, very detailed look, end result! So I’m gonna glue the Red Moor wood onto the Iron wood now. I’m just gonna find a proper angle for that. The Red Moor wood and the Iron wood will be the same color. So with time, all of them are gonna be dark brown in color. We use the black glue here, because I think that the Red Moor wood and also the Iron wood will get brownish in color, almost dark brown. So actually the glue itself will disappear much better, if I use a darker glue. Pick up small pieces, apply them together. Use them like bricks, to build a house. This is the structure! You need to build it! You cannot buy it ready. For me, this was probably the most important element, in what Josh Sim said in his tutorial video. [Josh Sim] Ladies and gentlemen! Four pieces of Lego, to create this thing? You will know by now, it is impossible! To create the thing, that we are trying to do just now, you need a full set of Lego. Did you like the sound? Alright! I think the bulk of the hardscape construction work is ready, if not all of it! I’m quite happy with how it turned out to be! I already can tell you, that this is gonna be a maintenance nightmare! But anyways, we’re gonna take all the wood pieces out, we’ve got three of them. I’m gonna start to plant them outside the tank. First, I’m gonna just pinch these edges, tips down a little bit, because I said that I want to have a nice and natural look to the end of the wood. I’m going to start to add the moss first, because I need to tie the moss on the branches. I’m gonna use the ADA Terra Line. Okay, two are ready! A hundred to go! This is probably seven pieces of wood. Alright! I don’t think, that we need more. I’m gonna introduce the Anubias now. I will go with the Bucephalandra sintang and I’m gonna use my ADA small tweezers and add these into the cracks. So the whole thing will be green. I’m not using red plants at all! So what you can do is actually introduce the mat there, together with the moss. See? This is empty here. This was probably the total of what we used in the previous video for the whole tank. This I need to be very careful with, because this is gonna be in the foreground. I’m gonna leave the legs as they are, I’m gonna apply some moss between the legs. ’60s style! So let’s continue with the third and the last wood! And what I’m gonna do is the same like I did before. I don’t want uniform, big patches of something, on the wood. The more detail you have, the more variety you have, the better. I’m trying to use the moss in dark places. Below branches and stuff. That will look more natural, because moss usually grows on the northern side of trees. So this is a smaller plant. It can go into small cracks. I’m gonna start from the top. Because that’s more important, to be filled with plants. I’m just trying to find any spots that I’m missing. Okay! This is ready! So let’s introduce everything into the tank! We’ve been working for four hours and the tank is still empty. Oh no, I broke it, just as I introduced it! And I also introduced it upside down! Power Sand Advance S! This is the Base Layer Fertilizing Substrate, it’s absolutely needed. It’s a good quality substrate. It already has all the nutrients, that are needed for the plants. You can actually have it all the way to the front glass. No problem, because the soil will cover it anyway. And it’s not visible because of Oase’s black tape. I really like this set. It’s quite cool, it covers the bottom. I think Oase has made a good job with this. Except for the open top, but that’s my personal preference. General plant subtrate! We’re gonna have the ADA Amazonia. So I’m gonna put a screw on! This whole thing just became very hectic! Maybe I can drill it. I can feel that we are winning! Then finally we go to the Amazonia powder, which goes on top. I think I’m going to use some Frodo stones in the foreground. Okay, let’s add the sand! Oops! A total of four lights will go into it. Remember that the tank that we used before, only had two lights. But we’re gonna have CO2 injection, pressurized CO2 in this tank, so it’s much better, to have a vibrant and cool lighting. And we can do that, because we have CO2. I’ve got some Fissidens fontanus, which is a beautiful, beautiful moss. I’m gonna use this everywhere in the tank. We’re going with the Micranthemum Sp., which is basically Monte Carlo. I’m going to put Monte Carlo in the front. Staurogyne repens at the back. So I’m gonna start adding Monte Carlo in the background as well, along the path to the right side of the path. Three pots of Cyperus helferi to the background. I need more Anubias to the bottom of the trees. Okay, I’m gonna start to add the grass here, in the sand. I will just let it go. I don’t want the sand to be very sterile. Don’t forget, that we have substrate, clay-based substrate beneath. Beautiful Crypto parva! It will go here. See how cool it is? It adds a lot of nice detail now. Alright! We are done with the planting! We are done with the hardscape. 20:45, it took us seven hours to build this tank, versus two hours. I’m gonna fill it up with water now, because tomorrow I wanna show that to Viktor and Tommy. They want to see what I did and you guys are gonna hear their verdict. So here it is! Oh, hi there! Oh! I was supposed to do it with Viktor, but I don’t know where he is, but you’re here. [Tommy] So please, come with me!
    [Steven] Okay, sure! Huge improvement, I think! What do you think? Very natural! So with the low-tech tank I think Balazs did his best. And I’m actually surprised, how well the plants grew in, considering there’s no CO2. You look at it, right away you can tell what it is. Right? Right away, you know what he was trying to do. It’s a forest! He had enough Lego pieces, to build the forest! Exactly! Very good sense of nature! I see good shadows and lights, nice highlights! There’s detailed pieces, but there’s also big, strong pieces. It feels very natural. I think that if Balazs wants to increase the level of this tank even more, one thing I would do is finish my trees. [Tommy] Okay! He actually has a YouTube channel, where he does these detailed explanations of aquascapes, so if you want more… SteveScapes, please check it out! Check him out! And for this video, well, it’s a huge improvement. So yeah, kudos Balazs! Yeah, it’s a forest! This is your work! That’s… Forget about it! Okay, so which one do you like better? The low-tech budget version, or the high-tech Green Aqua version? This is why we did these two videos for you guys, to see the difference between highlighting, CO2 injection, lush plants, versus maybe six months for the low-tech version. Feel free, to copy anything, that you like. You wanna see the original idea that I had? Here it is! This is a tank made by our Polish friends. I really like that tank. But you can see now, that there’s a big difference between that tank and this tank. So copying a tank is not a problem at all! Alright, so I hope that you guys liked this video. If you did, please do not forget to subscribe, hit that like button if you liked this work and if you liked this work better, than the other one! Don’t hit the dislike button, if you don’t! Anyways, we’ll see you next week! Goodbye!

    This Catfish Was Out For REVENGE 😈 Catfish: The TV Show
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    This Catfish Was Out For REVENGE 😈 Catfish: The TV Show

    March 12, 2020

    – [Nev] There she is. Time to confess. (tense music) – [Angel] Hey, you guys. – What’s up? – [Angel] What is
    Cece doing here? – Well, okay. So yesterday we did
    some investigation, we found some things, we wanna
    go through all that with you. But this morning,
    Cece called us back, and then she asked to come
    over here and talk to you. – Okay. – [Cece] So, you
    know that guy Jordan you’ve been talking to? – [Angel] Yes. What about him? – I’ve been talking to him. (dramatic music)
    – What? – Yeah. – When did you even
    start talking to Jordan? – Like, a few weeks ago. We’ve been texting, he calls me. (dramatic music) – He calls you? – Yeah. – Like a relationship, talking? – Yeah. You don’t even seem
    that serious about him. – What are you talking about? What do you mean,
    I’m not serious? – You have Brendan. – Why the (beep) would you, oh
    my God, I cannot, (stutters) I can’t even talk right
    now, this is just, this is so messed up. – Whatever. – Doesn’t make any sense. – It don’t make sense that
    you was talking to two dudes at the same time. – It doesn’t matter–
    – It do matter. – No, that’s my situation.
    – It don’t matter. – You know that I’m with Jordan. Why would you talk to him?
    – Well, me talking to Jordan is my situation. – I don’t have anything
    to say to you, so. – You told her the truth, now let’s move on
    to the next issue, which is who the hell
    this guy is, anyway. But we can do that
    with just you. – I don’t want her, no. I don’t want her here. – I think that’s understandable. And we can call you later
    and sort of fill you in, but I think maybe that’s
    a good place to leave it for the moment. Lot of roads end here. (tense music) – I didn’t even know there
    was a fountain over here. Watch out. – We’re just meeting
    him at this fountain? – He said, yeah, he
    said the fountain. Just chill here then, I guess, so we can see when
    they get here? Establish as wide a
    perimeter as we can. – I feel like someone’s
    going to, like, roll up on us right now. – It was always that
    sort of weirdness. Here comes a guy on a bike. – [Laura] There he is. – He sort of looked like
    he was coming over here, but I don’t think so. Where is Angel? – She’s taking forever. Maybe she’s here with him. – I had a crazy thought
    that maybe it is Angel. – Texting herself?
    – And then she made this whole thing, I don’t know. And then she just made
    the whole thing up. – Oh, uh-uh. – [Nev] Is that her? – [Cece] Mm-hmm. – [Laura] That’s Angel, right? – And then maybe she’s
    in love with you. – [Cece] That’d be crazy. – [Laura] That’s Angel, right? – Mm-hmm. (tense music) – [Nav] Hey. – [Laura] Hi. – [Cece] Hi. – How you doing? – I’m doing all right. Kind of. Feeling nervous. Good to see you, too. – [Nev] So we’re just waiting. – Yeah.
    – Trying to figure out what the heck is going on here. It’s not you, is it? – No! – [Laura] You’re not Jordan? – No, I’m not Jordan. – [Laura] You’re not Jordan. (tense music) – It’s 2:30. – You ain’t heard from him? – No. – You wanna know why you
    ain’t heard from him? (tense music) ‘Cause I’m Jordan. Stupid bitch.
    (dramatic music) – [Nev] What? – [Cece] Yeah. – Are you serious?
    – Yeah. Yeah. – [Nev] I don’t understand. So you made the profile,
    it’s been you the whole time. – Yup. – Why would you do
    this for this long? – It don’t matter how
    long I been doing it. You had it coming. (tense music) – What did she have coming? – This girl been stealing
    dudes from me for years. How does it feel, ’cause
    it don’t feel good, right? It don’t feel good. – [Angel] What is this? – So you created the profile– – [Cece] Yes I did. – To match with her, ’cause
    you knew she was on Tinder. – Mm-hmm. I was eventually gon’ tell her, but she wants to meet Jordan. So here I am. – [Nev] What are these
    guys that you stole, is that true, or? – I don’t know what
    she’s talking about?. – You don’t? Use your brain. You don’t know? You stole three
    dudes from me, Angel! – I didn’t steal
    anybody from you. – Roy, Troy, and Chris. – What? – I guess this
    would’ve been, like, years ago? – Yes. – There were some guys that
    you started talking to, relationships, or these
    were guys that you– – I wasn’t in a relationship. But we were talking, in
    the midst of talking. These were people that
    could’ve been potential for me. Oh, oh, I’m drunk, I’m drunk, I was sitting on his lap. That’s (beep) you don’t do. Once she was at a party, she magically
    appeared on his lap, it didn’t feel good. (stutters)

    WE SHIP THEM: Michelle and Barack Obama
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    WE SHIP THEM: Michelle and Barack Obama

    March 12, 2020

    [MUSIC PLAYING] You seem like a wonderful
    romantic couple. I’m a very romantic guy. And you’re about to
    celebrate your 20th wedding anniversary this year. Oh, yeah, October. 20 years. 20 years together. Wow. Yay for us! Yay! What’s the most romantic
    thing you’ve ever done? The way we met was,
    she was a first year associate at a law firm. She was my advisor, so
    she would not date me. And I kept on
    begging and pleading, which is usually
    how you get dates. Finally I offered to
    buy her ice cream, and we set out on the curb
    and ate ice cream cones. And then I kissed
    her, and that’s when I figured I
    sealed the deal. Yeah. Love at first sight, that
    stuff is good for a second. But you really have to like
    and respect the person, because that gets you
    through the ups and downs. What do you and
    Michelle disagree on? Like what do you fight about? After about 15 years,
    I finally figured out that she’s always right. So then surprisingly, we just
    stopped fighting after that. There’s no more fighting. Does he pick up his socks? That’s the question. No. No, no he doesn’t. He doesn’t pick up his socks? Now, you know, he
    thinks he’s neat. His idea of putting
    his suit away was hanging it on
    the edge of the door. It’s like, there’s a hanger. Mr. President, Michelle
    said she’s out of town and she wanted to know, did
    you make your bed this morning? That would be no. What I’ve come to
    find out is that you don’t sweat the small stuff. The journey that we’ve taken
    together, the fun we’ve had, the challenges we faced, the two
    beautiful girls that we raised. I give him a pass now when he
    leaves his socks on the floor or tells that story for
    the one hundredth time. I love your husband, I
    do, but he’s not as good a dancer as you are. [MUSIC PLAYING] Somebody call the situation
    room, because things are about to get hot. Because I love you so much. I Obamacare about you
    more than you even know. Michelle, I’ve made a lot of
    great decisions as president. The best decision I ever
    made was choosing you. Roses are red, violets are
    blue, you are the president, and I am your boo. And Barack, I know there
    is a See’s candy out there, so bring me something
    chocolatey back. You know what you need to do. Love to you both. Bye-bye.

    Ocean acrylic painting tutorial || Ocean Waves Using Palette Knife || Seascape Beach Painting
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    Ocean acrylic painting tutorial || Ocean Waves Using Palette Knife || Seascape Beach Painting

    March 12, 2020

    Ocean acrylic painting tutorial Ocean Waves Using Platte Knife Seascape Beach Painting Hello everyone, so welcome to innovativepriya I hope you enjoyed the tutorial I hope you enjoyed the tutorial Its ocean seaside acrylic painting As you can see the texture of the sand and the waves its looking pretty real and i have tried to explain the acrylic painting tutorial very step wise so that any beginner can enjoy and make it their own So you can see the clouds also i have tried to explain very well that how easily you can make these kind of clouds using a sponge It is very important to use Palette Knife in order to make the structure of sand and the waves, so it was very simple beach or you can say seaside acrylic painting tutorial and i hope you enjoyed it and don’t forget to subscribe

    Tessa Thompson & Stylists Micah McDonald & Wayman Bannerman Play ‘Fishing for Answers’ | THR
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    Tessa Thompson & Stylists Micah McDonald & Wayman Bannerman Play ‘Fishing for Answers’ | THR

    March 12, 2020

    – Can I just say that you guys both look like black Bond. – Good! – In case the world never gets it. You’re giving it to them right here. – Good, selling the velour. (energetic music) – What is your personal style items that you would lend me to wear? I like this question. ‘Cause I’m gonna make you eat your words. (laughs) – I have this denim
    oversize kind of long coat. – Gimme, gimme. – And it has some Dolan sleeves on it. – Uh huh. – And I think you will
    pull it off effortlessly. Of course. – Bring it tomorrow to that fitting. (laughs) – [Wayman] Looking back
    on your career as a duo, describe the moment you
    felt like you made it. – I was at the Beverly Center and a group of kids came up to me and asked me to take a photo. (laughs) – (sharp inhale) Oh my God how cute! (laughs) – You never told me. – I’m like, no I don’t have a haircut. (laughs) – [Micah] Worst wardrobe
    disaster before a red carpet? – Something happened before The Met. – [Micah] Yeah. ‘Cause we switched out the choker we switched it to the black and white at the last minute and
    the guy was there sewing on the snaps. – [Tessa] Yeah. – And he was like sewing fast, he’s like yeah these will be perfect. She gets in the car, leaves all of us from the hotel. – Yeah. – And then like, hey
    my choker’s in my lap. So, they had to… – And then he rushed, and
    then we picked him up, right? – Yes, yes. – In the Sprinter. – Yes. – That’s right. – And then he sewed it on me in the car. – [Micah] What’s the most
    questionable clothing choice you’ve ever made? – Oh. – Oh wow. – Oof. – For me, mauvey jeans. (laughs) – [Tessa] I feel like I’m always making questionable choices. (high energy music) – [Tessa] This one’s good, okay. What fictional character
    is your style icon? – [Micah] The Kingsmen. Mixed with Tupac in “Juice”. – [Wayman] Yes. – [Tessa] Whoa. Diane Keaton. You know, some early Diane Keaton movie. Mixed with like, Bianca Jagger. Who’s not a fictional character, but like, I’m someone
    who’s just at Studio 54. – [Micah] Last one you guys. Which era of fashion
    do you hope comes back? – The ’20’s were such a cool time. Because you had like, real structure. Also people got dressed from head to toe and glove and a hat. But also you have these fantastic garments in the ’20’s that were
    super loose-fitting. – Effortless. – Like some of the sexiest, you know, things from the Roaring Twenties where a flapper girl was
    just like comfortable. They wore dresses you
    could actually go out and dance and live in. – I love the ’40’s. I love the length of the skirts, I love the waist, like
    they really paid attention to figure but I love the tapestry and the opulence of the ’20’s. Like give me velvet. (laughs) Give me you know, a velvet, chiffon, sequins on top of it. – I would’ve got a headpiece, a feather, a boa. – Two sets of lashes, contour. Gettin’ the brow, whiten the cheek. – Oh yeah you would’ve been so fabulous. – Fab. Fab. – Okay now, bye bye. – Bye guys. – Let’s bring ’em back.

    Airplane Beach: We Tried to Touch Flying Plane in Phuket ✈️
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    Airplane Beach: We Tried to Touch Flying Plane in Phuket ✈️

    March 12, 2020

    Hello guys, welcome to Love Live
    Discover Channel. My name is Jay Jay in this video we will explore Mai Khao beach in
    Phuket so without further ado let’s start the video with Thailand intro.
    Welcome to Love Live Discover Thailand series. I have traveled all over Thailand for
    12 months and in this Thailand Travel Guide series we will feed monkeys,
    swim with sharks and of course will get to know the elephants, enjoy the beaches,
    hike mountains we will also join the biggest water fight in the world. if you
    want to see all these and more make sure you subscribe now and ring the bell
    to discover all about Thailand for free We’re on the way to Mai Khao Beach to
    check out the planes arriving to the airport apparently, they pass
    really close but on the way there we see this river. we decide to stop and
    take some pictures and check out around What do you think about the river Julia? it’s nice but a bit dirty Right now we arrived to Mai Khao Beach.
    Mai Khao is a beautiful long beach and it’s locates right next to the Phuket
    Airport planes passes so close to the beach here so we’ve come
    to record this and share it with you that’s incredible guys, airplanes passes so close you can even feel the vibration with your body Mai Khao Beach is 11 kilometers long
    which makes it the longest beach in Phuket while we were waiting for the next
    airplane we decided to relax on the sand on the way here we bought a kite
    so now it’s time to try it out right now the Sun is setting
    so I’m going to finish the video here I hope you guys enjoy this vlog if you are new
    to my channel make sure you subscribe and hope to see in next video bye bye

    Nicole’s Truth Revealed To Ashley Via Lie Detector 😱 Ex on the Beach: Peak of Love
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    Nicole’s Truth Revealed To Ashley Via Lie Detector 😱 Ex on the Beach: Peak of Love

    March 12, 2020

    – Adore and Tyler, you’re up next. (boom)
    Please come and join me at the Truth Ceremony. – Emotions are heightened in here. We’re all paranoid. We all have trust issues. Demi’s not comfortable
    with me pursuing Tyler, and there’s part of me
    that wants to pursue (boom)
    Tyler still. So I don’t know where I’m at. I’m a mess, I’m all over the place. I just don’t wanna hurt her feelings. – Tyler, you were asked, “Do you still “have romantic feelings for Adore?” You said yes, and the lie detector says… (dramatic music builds) (boom) – Yes, 100%. 100%. 1,000%. – Adore, you were asked, “Do you still “have romantic feelings for Tyler?” – Okay. – [Romeo] You said no. – Uh-huh. – And the lie detector says… (dramatic music builds) (boom) (cymbal shimmer)
    That was true. – Mm-hm. – You were also asked,
    “Would you date Tyler “if La Demi wasn’t in the picture?” – Mm-hm. – You said no. – She’s told me yes before. – And the lie detector says… (dramatic music builds) (boom) (slowing bongo drum music) – Uh, no.
    – That’s false. – She’s told me before that
    it makes it harder with me in the equation. – Maybe that is–
    – Of course, because that’s your friend.
    – Yeah. – Maybe there is something there? – He’s a cool human,
    but I was kinda awkward in front of Dems, like
    I just didn’t want her to see us making out
    beside her the whole time, but maybe that’s why I didn’t get blackout and just make out with
    you, ’cause I didn’t want her to feel awkward, even
    if she said that she wasn’t. But that’s in the back of my brain.
    – Right. – Yeah, for sure. – All right, y’all enjoy
    the rest of the night. – Party on. (boom)
    (dramatic music) – [Romeo] Nicole and Ashley,
    come join me outside. (boom)
    (dramatic music) – Aah, I’m feeling nervous. I want to believe I
    answered every question truthfully, I really, truly do. However, I don’t know, maybe one question as far as being faithful in the future, it might be a possibility
    that lie detector could come up that I was lying. However, I know, from being a cop, polygraph tests are not
    used in the court of law. You know what that means? It may not be 100% accurate. – All right, Nicole, you were asked, “Will you be faithful to Ashley?” You answered yes. – Oh my (beep) God! (dramatic music builds) – And the lie detector said… (boom) – [Cast Members] Oh! Oh! (beep) Oh! – That was false. – You know how I feel. – Actions speak louder than words. – All right, Ashley, you were asked if Nicole is the person,
    and the only person, that you’re romantically in love with. (dramatic music) – [Man] Ugh. – [Man] These are deep, damn!
    – It’s dog (beep). – And the lie detector says… (dramatic music builds) – [Cast Members] Oh, oh! – All right, Ashley,
    you were asked if Nicole is the only person that you’re
    romantically in love with. And the lie detector says… (dramatic music builds) (boom) – [Cast Members] Oh, oh! (beep obscures Niall’s statement) – You know I’m not talking
    to anybody else, at all. You know that. I work in nightlife, so people have definitely tried to flirt with me. I just did not bring up the fact that people have flirted
    with me to Nicole. And that’s stressing me out, because I think I’m ready to marry Nicole. – Nicole can’t kick her! You don’t have a leg to stand on! – Hey, Kettle, this is my friend, Pot. Nicole’s pissed. It’s a taste of your own medicine, Nicole. Fuhgeddaboutit! – That’s the end. You can head back to the house. – I’m definitely hurt, because
    I’ve been all-in with you, and you may not have been all-in with me, so it means I’m probably gonna take a step back and think about this.