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    [Saxxy 2016] The Ship Heist – #Payday2
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    [Saxxy 2016] The Ship Heist – #Payday2

    November 19, 2019

    Bain: Listen up, clowns! Bain: Today you’re stealing stuff from a cargo ship. Bain: Let me put on our client, he’ll tell you the details about this job. Patrick: Alright, gang. This ship
    you’re boarding right now has a really important cargo container i need
    you to identify and steal for me. Patrick: My sources indicate that the
    container has an “Infotec” label on it. Patrick: Your job is pretty simple: find the
    container, signal to me and i’ll send a helicopter. Patrick: One of you will have to attach
    the container to the grappling hook. Patrick: And after that, all of us will go home. Patrick: Stealth is optional,
    but i need you to act quickly, because the helicopter obviously
    has a limited amount of fuel. Dallas: Let’s go! Patrick: I will try to help you as much as i can. Patrick: I’ve got an eye in the sky on you. Wolf: Get down on the ground! Wolf: And don’t get up! Patrick: As i can see you have found the container, but it’s on the bottom… Patrick: Hmm… Okay, i’m calling the pilot, we’re going to sort this out. Patrick: Here goes the alarm! I need one of you to climb up the containers. Patrick: There was a ladder somewhere nearby. Security Guard: Hey, you! Stop right there or i’ll shoot you! Chains: Light ’em up! Angel: The Big Bird has arrived, guys! Angel: Whoever’s running on top, i
    need you to attach the grappling hook. Angel: I’ll get rid of the obstructing containers. Angel: Ah! Can somebody please kill that idiot? Angel: Get clear! I’m lifting this thing. Angel: Hold on, i’m turning around! Patrick: Hurry up, people! If these guys call for backup, we’re [email protected]#$%d. Angel: Okay, screw this, i’ll drop it wherever. Angel: I’m picking up the required container. Be ready to disembark! Bain: Wait, what?! I thought they were gonna use the helicopter as well! Patrick: No time. Patrick: Their masks, however, are modified for underwater action. Angel: See you at the shore, you amphibious bastards! Hoxton: Sweet Jesus! Patrick: Uhmm… Patrick: I think my sister will take care of all this…

    300HP Fishing Boat!  Plus NEW outboards on our 3.7m & 4.2m tinnies! [4 OF 9]
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    300HP Fishing Boat! Plus NEW outboards on our 3.7m & 4.2m tinnies! [4 OF 9]

    November 19, 2019

    So I’ve rocked up at Brisbane Marine, because
    they’re the Mercury dealer here in Brisbane. Today’s exciting because what’s gonna happen
    is we’re gonna get a whole new range of outboards to go right through our fleet. Now we’ve got a big fleet these days when
    it comes to outboards. Because we’ve got the little tinnies. I’ve got a medium-sized tinny now that we’re
    gonna be taking away. And I’ve got the big boat. Oh this looks exciting. How youse all going? Come down and check your boats out. Troy here from Brisbane Marine. We’re very excited to be installing the Mercury
    outboards on the All 4 Adventure boat for Series 11. I’m keen. I just noticed the big sign up on your front
    gate there. The revolutionary new 4-stroke, 15-, and 20-
    in the Mercury. We’ve got a pair of those inside for you. Just inside on the rack. Yeah, wow. What size is this one here? That’s the 20 as well. That’s the same as what you’re collecting
    today. Yeah, bloody good. Now the Nomads, the 3.7 Sea Jay Nomads, we’re
    using the high-sides this year. So we’re gonna put the 20s on the back of
    that. You know how tillers are always on this side
    of the boat? Yeah. If you’re right-handed, and you’re goofy and
    you see a lot of people sit in between the tiller and the side, and they can’t drive. You can point it the other direction. Oh so you undo that, and it goes–it pivots. See at the moment, these are set in the centre. Oh yeah, there’s the little notches. Cool. Very cool. The 20, it’s battery-less EFI fuel-injected
    4-stroke. Very, very fuel efficient. And obviously the weight, because you’re removing
    them off the transom all the time for travelling, so that lightweight 20 plays a big key in
    that game. Oh we’ll whack it on here. You’re gonna lift it by yourself. I’m gonna have to on the job. Oh, it’s light. That’s light as. Heaps lighter. Quite a bit lighter, huh? That’s gold. Mate, nothing worse than doing your back in
    out on the job. Ruin your whole holiday. Oh, well, we’ll get her in the back, because
    I’ve got a little outboard slide. Yeah, there’s a little outboard slide in the
    back of my canopy. If you don’t know too much about the smaller
    engines, generally, they’re not fuel-injected, because you’ve gotta have it connected to
    a battery. So this is a battery-less fuel injection system. So no more carbourator, it’s now fuel-injected. Which again, makes it more efficient. So it’s gonna have better fuel economy and
    all those extra features. Now lightweight is the big thing when it comes
    to car topping tinnies. Because yes, you can get the tinny on the
    roof of your truck, but where are you going to put the outboard? And you don’t want to be busting something
    when you’re loading it in the back of the truck. So we’re gonna put that to the test as well. That’s not too bad. It’s always been a dilemma when I’ve set up
    touring rigs–it’s where do you put the outboard. That’s always the thing. Like camper trailers. You tow the camper trailer, you’ve got the
    boat, where do you put the outboard. They’ve got weight to them, and they’ve got
    size to them, so you’ve gotta deal with that issue. And you can’t just get away with having a
    little 5hp that’s nice and light, because you’re not going to get far. The current’s too strong. So yeah. It’s been an ideal setup. So boatloader on the roof and a 20 in the
    back. That fits in there perfect. It does. It’s bloody awesome. I like it. Now because we’re gonna get Mercurys across
    the whole fleet, the middle boat, which is not something that we’ve used in recent years…
    we’ve got a 4.2 Sea Jay Avenger, and we’re gonna stick a 50hp tiller-steer on the back
    of that. Now the reason why I’ve gone to that is because
    I just want to carry that little bit more load. I want a little bit better sea-going ability. The tinnies are great in the creeks, but sometimes
    when you go offshore, you just want a little bit bigger boat. So I’ve designed, not only a trailer, but
    we’ve decided to– there’s a trailer for the boat, and there’s a trailer to carry the boat,
    if that makes sense. So 2 trailers. And you’ll see that set-up soon. And it’s going to be something new to All
    4 Adventure. I reckon I could see myself in this. Well, we hope so. That’s why it’s on there. With the tiller-steer, you’ve got a more functional
    boat. You’ve got a lot more room in the boat. All your controls are down at the back at
    the engine. So it’s just ease of operation really. There’s the thumb controll for the trim and
    till. There’s a throttle-locking mechanism. The tiller can be adjusted to suit my driving
    style. See because then, once you travel, see how
    it’s locked there? Yeah, gotcha. So let’s just say you’re happy at that, then
    we set it at that. Or say, Simon drives it, it can be adjusted
    to suit his driving style. So it’s pretty cool. Having a tiller in a boat this size is something
    I’ve always wanted to do. I’m a big fan of tiller-steer motors. We’ve been using them for years now. So I’m looking forward to getting that tiller-steer
    out on the 4.2. That feels good. So gear-shifting going on here. Starter down here. It’s all at your fingertips. It’s got lots of features, I know that. Very cool. Let’s go and check out the big boat, hey? Why not? Now the big boat has a set of 150s on the
    back of it. These are the lightest 150hp on the market. The biggest capacity. And one of the most fuel-efficient. So I’ve just ticked all 3 of my boxes. Ready to roll. So yeah, we’re just going with that black
    look this year. New look. So the big boat’s getting a bit of Back in
    Black action. We also added the 7-inch screen, so now you’ve
    got another sounder as well. So it’s got now another screen. So you can use it as the engine screen, or
    you can use it as a second chart or second depth screen. It’s all backbone through all the other ones,
    so it’s whatever screen you want to select. There’s that many screens going in this boat. There’ll be a screen on the passenger side
    for Simon as well. Here’s a cool little feature here apparently. So on the side here of your throttle controllers,
    you’ve got a power-trim button here, up and down. Now this one will control both engines, and
    then when you individually want to control the trim on each engine separately, which
    is something that you do depending on the sea conditions, you can control them here
    indivudually, so up and down there. Sea Jay have built a wonderful boat for these
    guys. It’s been very nice to work on. You get inside and you see the good quality
    of the boat. It’s on a tank of a trailer, but you see where
    they tow the boat, so you understand that. And honestly, it’s a great boat. I can’t wait to get out on the water and test
    it to see what it’s all about. So excited about getting these engines on all
    our fleet this year. Keen to try out new and different technology. The first time I launch the big boat, it’s
    going to be in the Gulf of Carpentaria, and I cannot wait.

    LEGO Steampunk Walking Ship (Strandbeest)
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    LEGO Steampunk Walking Ship (Strandbeest)

    November 19, 2019

    [walking noise] Hey everyone. Today I’m going to show you my latest LEGO
    creation, which is this walking machine. As you saw in the intro it is motorized, using
    the Power Functions system. Here’s the remote control. And, if we take a closer look you can see the infrared receiver here, the
    battery box here if we look underneath, you can see two M motors,
    one on either side. The wiring for the motors runs up through
    the frame, underneath the deck to connect to the infrared receiver here. Right now I have this resting on these two
    stands here just so I can more easily show you what’s
    going on but when it’s in action the entire weight
    is supported on these legs. The walking mechanism is basically the same
    as that developed by Theo Jansen If you’re not familiar with his incredible
    kinetic sculptures, you should really check them out. Um, I’ll put a link in the description for
    that. I can show you the legs in action while it’s
    on the stand here I’ll just turn the battery box on And now using the remote control, I can either
    control the right hand motor Forwards and backwards And also the left one [motor noise] So lets take a closer look at the legs So here I have a standalone model of one pair
    of legs So they’re connected in the middle to this
    central crank shaft which drives all the motion And as you can see the tip of each leg basically
    drags along the ground then lifts up and goes to it’s original point
    on the ground again Again, this is all based on the walking mechanism
    developed by Theo Jansen. The proportions of each segment in the leg
    are not exact to what he developed but I think this is about as close as you
    can get at this scale using what’s available in the LEGO system. I’ve also created step by step building instructions
    for how to build the walking frame If you want to check those out just to have
    a closer look at how it’s built or even try to build it yourself you can find those on
    my website. As you can see I’ve also themed this as a post apocalytic or retro future trading ship The cargo crane is fully functional It can rotate and slide along it’s base Each segment of the crane as well as the towball,
    can be independantly raised and lowered using the controls at the base That way you can load, unload or move cargo
    around on the ship On this side I have a cabin, for the captain. The roof can just come off The door opens and closes, as do the windows And there’s some stuff inside, which you’ll
    just have to imagine. The ladder also lowers and raises so people
    can get on and off the ship So that’s about it. I had a lot of fun building this model and
    I hope you enjoyed watching the video. Thanks again and we’ll see you next time. [walking noise]

    The 10 Things Cruise Ship Butlers Do. And 4 Things They Absolutely Won’t Do!
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    The 10 Things Cruise Ship Butlers Do. And 4 Things They Absolutely Won’t Do!

    November 19, 2019

    I’m Gary Bembridge and this is another
    of my tips for travellers. We’re about to explore the world of butlers on cruise
    ships, and find out the 10 things that they will do and the four things they
    will say absolutely no way will they do. I’ve built this based on my own
    experiences and also talking to and interviewing a number of Butlers
    around the different cruise lines that I’ve cruised with. First of all, let’s
    find a little bit about the myths and realities of exactly what is a butler on
    a cruise ship. Not all cruise ships offer Butlers, but
    many of the cruise lines will offer a butler for those passengers travelling in
    a suite. It’s quite interesting because Butlers aren’t necessarily all
    on one particular grade or type of cruise line, for example there are a
    number of mass-market cruise lines that will offer their passengers a
    butler. For example, Norwegian Cruise Line, Costa and MSC Cruises in the mass category, in the
    premium category you do see many more cruise lines offering Butler service, for
    example Cunard, Celebrity, Oceania, Azamara and P&O Cruises – and all those cruise
    lines is for passengers in their Suites. In the Ultra-luxury segment you would
    expect most of the cruise lines to have Butlers, however that’s not true.
    You find Butlers on board Silversea, Regent Seven Sea and Crystal. Silversea, as far as I can tell, is the only cruise line that offers a butler to
    every single cabin or suite on board their ship and everyone has a butler. The
    second important thing to understand about Butlers is forget Downton Abbey,
    forget Carson, forget all the imagery of the posh English Butler. You’ll find the
    Butlers are both male and female, you’ll find that they come from all around the
    world. I’ve had Butlers from Italy. the Philippines, from
    Indonesia and from India. The other kind of myth about Butlers is, unlike
    again like Downton Abbey, unfortunately your Butler will be
    looking after a number of people. They don’t just look after you. It’s not a
    one-on-one relationship with your Butler. Let’s take a look at the 10 things
    that you can reasonably expect a butler to do for you. On many cruise lines the
    Butlers will actually meet and greet you at the check-in desk or when you
    board the ship. They will then introduce themselves
    obviously and show you through the ship and to your suite. Right from the very
    beginning you have a sense of feeling really important because you have a
    meet-and-greet service. That happened, for example, on MSC where a
    butler met me when I checked in if you were in the Yacht Club.
    However, on other cruise lines, so for example on Cunard, the Butlers doesn’t
    meet you and just introduce themselves later in the suite. The other thing that
    the Butlers will do is they will spend some time explaining to you the
    facilities and how the ship works. They will give you a personal one time
    briefing about the ship and where to find the facilities and how things
    operate. They also explain how you access certain parts of the ship so, for
    example, on some of the ships like on MSC Cruises where the Suites and the
    Butlers are in a very distinct area, they also tell you how your access that
    area and what facilities are within that whole ship within a ship. The next thing
    they will do for you is set up and manage your room. For example in most
    Suites they will explain to you the pillow concierge service or the pillow menu and
    they’ll help you choose the right pillows for you. They’ll also set up your
    minibar and agree what you want in your minibar, and they will keep replenishing
    that. They’ll perhaps check what snacks or fruit you want, and they’ll make sure
    that’s then set up and constantly replenished. If you want they’ll also
    occasionally run a bath for you if you want a particular bath set up or when
    you’re coming back from a big day out on excursions they can set up a nice
    scented bath. Also if you want perhaps DVDs or CDs or books brought to the
    cabin they also make sure that your cabin is stocked with those. They’ll bring you daily canapes every evening just before
    dinner. Of course what they’ll also do is
    they’ll supervise and make sure that your cabin is kept fresh and they’ll make
    sure that it’s reset whenever you go out. They will do the nightly turndown
    service and they normally partner with a cabin steward who will do some of the
    more heavy duty cleaning. They basically set up and maintain the suite
    with what you want in it and how you want it run. The other thing they will do
    for you is pack and unpack. On some Cruise Lines I found the Butlers will
    actually offer to do that, in others they wait to be asked because, of course, in
    many cases a lot of people want to unpack themselves because they know
    exactly where they want to put things. But certainly a key part of a butler
    service is unpacking, putting everything away and when you’re
    ready to pack instead of that awful evening or day before you leave they
    will pack it all up again for you. The fifth thing that a Butlers will do is
    look after all your grooming needs. They’ll make sure that your
    shoes are polished if you need them, they will also handle all your laundry and
    dry cleaning requirements. So, anything to do with looking after your
    clothes and looking after your shoes, including if you perhaps have broken a
    heel they also make sure that things like your shoes are fixed up. Also
    if you want a dress or a shirt freshly pressed ready for perhaps
    a big night out or gala evening, they’ll also do that for you. One of the
    most popular things that people get Butlers to do is bring meals to them. They will also organize with you for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Normally in
    a normal cabin you just phone room service, you order room service and
    someone from the room service department will come in dump a tray and they might
    a little set up and go. A butler will actually do much more of a full-on meal
    service and they’ll lay a nice table, they’ll serve the meal very nicely and
    if you having dinner in your cabin they serve it
    course-by-course, so bring each course individually and serve that for you.
    Perhaps you wanted a nice cappuccino or a nice coffee,
    they will also organize that and bring that to you. If you have
    any dietary requirements or needs they will also, if you want, deal with the
    restaurant and the chef on your behalf. Another great service that Butlers
    will provide, and one that I probably haven’t taken enough advantage of when
    I’ve had a butler, is they will act as a concierge. They will make all the
    arrangements if you want like specialty dining bookings, they can also book
    appointments for things like gym classes, personal training or reservations at the
    spa. They will also book and arrange for you the excursions you want or they will
    take on your behalf to work with the excursions department to arrange a
    private tour. They can also, if you want, give you advice and tips and even
    make reservations off the ship. They have a huge amount of experience of the ship
    and the ports and they are a mine of information. Take a look at your Butlers
    as providing a kind of a concierge and booking service. Another thing that
    people use Butlers for very frequently is to arrange parties or events within
    the suite. They will set up an arrange for you to have a cocktail party or some
    kind of event within your suite. They will reorganize the furniture,
    arrange the canapes and arrange the drink. If perhaps it’s your partner or
    travel companions birthday or some special event, they will also (if you ask
    them) decorate the cabin, arrange a cake. So, any event or activity
    that you want within your suite they will also arrange. Another thing the
    Butlers will do is escort you around the ship, to certain events or
    activities or places that you want to go. Particularly at the beginning of a
    cruise if you’re on a ship that you’re not familiar with, they will
    take you if you want to to the dining room or they’ll take you to where a
    particular event or activities going on, for example a cocktail party. They
    take you where you want to go. Another great thing that Butlers
    do is problem solving, and the great thing about having a Butlers is if you
    have any issues you have someone you can turn to and they will sort it out. For
    example, I was traveling with someone and they were in a suite and a suitcase had
    a broken handle and the butler took the suitcase away
    and I guess worked with some workmen down somewhere in the depths of the ship
    and fixed the suitcase up. It was ready to use again. If you have any
    problems or issues Butlers are great at helping solve problems. We’ve taken a
    look at what butters will do, but what will they refuse to do? What will they
    not do for you? There’s four key things that fall into this category. The first
    thing that a butler will refuse to do is babysitting. They will not look after
    your children. If you want to go out and do anything you have to make other
    arrangements, the butler will not do that partly because they don’t have time, but
    also they don’t have the expertise the skill and I guess the clearances to do
    that. They will not babysit. Secondly they won’t act as carers or support
    people. So won’t for example travel with you on excursions if you have limited
    mobility. They will not help you if you need caring activity in terms of getting
    out of the bath or around your suite. Any of those sort of activities which are
    Carer activities they will not provide those for you. If you do have any of
    those needs you have to be travelling with someone who can provide that
    service for you. Thirdly, they will not act as your
    personal companion. Although they might take you places or escort you
    places, they will not come along and sit with you at dinner or come to the show with you. They won’t go out on tours with you.
    They’re not any kind of a companion. Of course they can’t solve all problems.
    They will do their damned best and actual what I found is they sometimes
    like a challenge, because if it shakes things up and gives them something
    different to do from the normal and the routine. But a butler will
    not be able to solve everything for you. If you’re lucky enough to be travelling
    in a suite, or you’re in one of those ultra luxury lines that have Butlers,
    hopefully this has given you a better sense about what you can actually expect.
    I do really wish I’d had this advice before I went on a cruise
    and had a butler. I was kind of embarrassed about it because I thought
    “Well I’m paying for this. I have a butler and I don’t really know what I
    should be asking them to do and I don’t want to embarrass myself by
    asking to do things that are way out of the scope”. Hopefully this has given
    you a good sense about what a butler is and isn’t for. If you enjoyed this video,
    I’d love it if you watched many more of my Tips For Travellers videos because
    they’re designed to help you make much more of your precious travel time and
    money on both land and at sea.

    How To De-Skin A Fish Fillet | 1 Minute Tips | Bart’s Fish Tales
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    How To De-Skin A Fish Fillet | 1 Minute Tips | Bart’s Fish Tales

    November 18, 2019

    Hi Guys today I’m going to show you how to
    de-skin a fish fillet so here I’ve got two beautiful salmon steaks and a hake fillet
    skin on, to skin your fish use a large flexible knife so now at the end part of the salmon
    you cut into the salmon and twist your knife horizontally if you use a bit of salt on your
    fingers you could hold it more firmly so now you move your knife backwards and forwards
    and let the knife do the work for you and guys as you can see a beautiful skinned fillet
    of salmon so guys this is a hake fillet skin on, we start at the tail side cut it in move
    your knife horizontally take some water take some salt hold the skin backwards and forwards
    hold the skin like this more firmly move your knife towards the head side, this is the skin
    and this is the fillet so this was how to de-skin a fish fillet to see more tips click
    on the link!

    Caribbean Princess Cruise Ship Tour And Review (Princess Cruises)
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    Caribbean Princess Cruise Ship Tour And Review (Princess Cruises)

    November 18, 2019

    Hi I’m Gary Bembridge of Tips For Travellers and today I’m taking you on a tour of the Caribbean Princess. It’s a ship from Princess Cruises. It has 3,140 guests, 1,200 crew, 19 decks, 1556 cabins and in this video I’m going to take you on a tour of everything you need to know. Let’s start the tour by first of all taking a look at the magnificent atrium which is spread across three floors. The Caribbean Princess was originally built in 2004, but went through a major revamp in 2017. As food and dining is really important on a cruise, I thought we’d start by looking at that. First there are three main dining rooms and the choice that you have is between Traditional Fixed Time dining or Anytime dining. So basically you have traditional fixed dining which on my cruise was at 5:45 p.m. first sitting and 8pm for second sitting, and the Palm Restaurant was used for fixed time dining. Anytime dining was available in two other restaurants: the Island Restaurant and the Coral dining rooms and Anytime dining was available from 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Now also included within the fare is the very large buffet restaurant, and the buffet restaurant is called the World Fresh Marketplace. It’s been completely revamped in the refit and it’s bright, its airy and there’s all these different stations where you can choose all sorts of fresh food. In terms of more informal dining, there’s the Salty Dog Grill which serves burgers hot dogs and street tacos. There’s also the Slice Pizzeria which is by the poolside and of course they serve delicious pizzas. Down in the atrium is the 24-hour International Cafe. This is in the Piazza area and serves coffees, snacks, light meals and desserts. Also outside by the pool is the Coffee & Cones, which is another place that you can have coffee and also serves ice creams. It’s very very popular. And of course there’s also 24-hour room service where you can either choose from a limited menu or they have another thing which is a Deluxe Breakfast, which does cost $45 per couple. And that includes champagne. Now in terms of specialty dining there’s a lot of choice as well. And the actual surcharge for these varies based on the restaurant. In terms of slightly more informal dining there is the Steamers Seafood. Here you can choose from black and blue mussels or you can have classic clam steamers or a seafood platter – but basically it’s delicious seafood. The other thing they have is a restaurant called Planks BBQ and this is sort of an American-style diner, but it has a very interesting setup where basically you choose from six different meats and your plank is loaded with four different meats. It really was quite a magnificent restaurant. Both of those cost about $12 per person. Now a very popular standard onboard Princess Cruises is Sabatini’s. This is an Italian restaurant which serves delicious pastas and traditional Italian dishes. At the time of recording Sabatini’s cost $25 per person. The most expensive specialty restaurant is Crown Grill. This is a steakhouse restaurant but it also serves seafood. The other option is Vines which is a wine bar and they serve tapas type food or sushi. So as you can see there’s a lot of choices in terms of informal dining, more formal dining either included or excluded from the fare. So let’s talk about bars and lounges. There’s a lot of choice on board the Caribbean Princess. Again the great advantage of traveling on a big ship. I want to start with one of the most spectacular venues, and this is called the Skywalker’s nightclub. It has magnificent views up here and is a very popular venue to late into the evening – especially when you’re cruising in places that have great scenery. Club Fusion is another great venue. It’s at the rear of the ship on deck 7, and here during the day they will often show various concerts by various artists – and at night it’s a very popular music venue. The Wheelhouse bar is very nautical themed is a great bar. Again music in the evenings and a very popular meeting place before and after dinner. The Explorers lounge, again another music venue, themed around exploration and Egypt is another popular venue and that’s also on deck 7. Crooners bar is a great place to go in the evening – again more music. The Piazza and the lobby bar are also a popular place where people will go in the evenings before and after dinner and to people-watch. Of course like most cruise ships, smoking is not allowed on your balconies or in your staterooms and is restricted in most areas of the ship. There is however a very specific bar which is called the Churchill lounge where you can go and smoke cigarettes and also pipes and cigars. So let’s talk about outdoor activities. There are actually across the whole of the ship five different pool areas. The Calypso reef and pool is actually where “Movies under the Stars” is held where during the day and into the evening you can watch movies on the big screen. Further on from that, also on deck 15, is Neptune’s reef and pool. Again a very popular swimming pool. Up on deck 17 is the Sanctuary. Now this you do have to pay to go to use, buying a half day pass or a full day pass or a pass right across the whole of a cruise. It’s a beautiful and secluded venue right at the back of the ship. You have the Pirate View and hot tub up on the Sports deck on deck 17, and then down on deck 14 right the back is another pool on the Riviera deck. In terms of fitness there is a very large of fitness centre, which is in the Lotus Spa. And the Lotus Spa has hairdressing, barbers and of course the usual spa treatments as you would expect. So what about entertainment? Well there’s a lot of things to do on board the ship. The production shows and guest artists perform in the Princess Theater. It’s a vast venue. There are actually three different show times every evening, which means that everybody has a chance to come and see the show. There is a very large casino, which has a lot of machines. Quite modern machines, and also has all the usual games that you expect: blackjack, poker, roulette – everything that you could possibly want to play. There are three Kids’ clubs targeted at younger kids, sort of preteens and teenagers. There’s a lot of shopping opportunities on board the ship, and most of these are around the Atrium area. All the usual things you would expect: jewellery, watches, booze, branded merchandise and clothing. Of course as you expect, there are the usual facilities like obviously the Reception and Guest Services. There is also a very large Shore Excursions Desk. The great thing with shore excursions is you can book those through your phone as there’s a free App, or you can go down to the Shore Excursions Desk and use some iPads to book – or of course you can go in person and book. There is also a Future Cruise Sales and then there is an office which looks after the loyalty – the Captain’s Circle loyalty Club members. Another great feature on board the Caribbean Princess is there is a Wedding Chapel. So if you want to either renew your vows or have a wedding, you can actually have that done in this small wedding chapel. So there you have it, that is my tour of the Caribbean Princess. So if you found that helpful and it’s given you an insight into cruising on the Caribbean Princess, if you like the video I’d love it if you gave it a like – but even more importantly please subscribe to the Tips For Travellers YouTube channel to get more travel inspiration, advice and tips. So please subscribe to the channel right now!

    Gordon Ramsay Being Served The Worst Fish Dishes On Kitchen Nightmares
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    Gordon Ramsay Being Served The Worst Fish Dishes On Kitchen Nightmares

    November 18, 2019

    Right nice it’s really important me to see as much as possible. I would try this omelette here display with a Carol deputy table the KE on this and I’m gonna go after that for the Honey, pecan salmon, okay, and then good old-fashioned fish and chips. Oh, yeah. Thanks excellent You just have been staring at me nice, um big muscle head meatball It’s not my crab meat how do you want anybody to get the misconception not official Here’s a pretty bold statement Thank you my darling Wow the size of that that’s a lot of crap and you haven’t told me about decay yet Oh, he said he wanted everybody to know that it wasn’t real kravitz artificial crap So he spelled it with a k’ so there was no misconception. So it’s fake crab meat in a seafood restaurant on the water Holy crap brother takes this does go straight to the trash Table didn’t go over. Well, he doesn’t like the crab in there. I-i’ve never that was already here. I didn’t buy that stuff I don’t want to use frozen fish it’s not product that I’m absolutely Overly proud of but at the same point I’m held accountable for all the inventory that the owners have paid for the food so far Why we serving fake crab in our own way. I don’t get it that you’re the general manager Why are you off I give the choice have you been drinking? No? The crab was shocking embarrassing and fake. It tastes disgusting. Have you tasted that crap? No, I’m extremely allergic to Crab shrimp, so I can’t mean there’s no crab in there. I Understand it’s my fish. Oh my gosh I’ll let you finish early General manager my ass And we live he things that actually allowed him to do that poor letting him serve those types of a ration Let’s take them AJ is the general manager. He’s supposed to oversee the food And now I’m hoping and praying that Gordon says AJ’s the one that’s bleeding this business, okay Suddenly the best-looking thing I’ve seen Some really rubbery is a frozen the fish I believe it’s wrong, okay When you take it by to that card, it’s almost like you’ve got a breaded condom in your mouth He said it was rubbery Too greasy and just that it tasted like a frozen Cod and obviously hit it right on the buttons This is the same recipe that we’ve used here forever. So I’m for change. I want to change good wow, this one is the semolina dad Thank you. Three. I Think just so sweet the Dressing is like honey. That’s so much of it Absolutely disgusting quite possibly one of the worst salmon dishes I’ve ever eaten It’s a pretty successful opinion though tower of seafood a big big club What’s in there? This is a layer of shrimp salad the later Vaughn crab cakes bacon and lettuce and tomato. Thank you How to start easy sandwich this wire I mean honestly it’s cautionary death I Surrender to break it down Deconstructed Wow the crab delicious It’s a very pleasant surprise. Let me tell you It’s nice layer of crap and then he’s stone-cold shrimp Underneath manda Works this bit here. I mean then the text either week-old you might Got their ghastly To the fridge Just have a word after this. It’s all about sex. He almost takes by the Tainted yeah Just a mess. I’ll leave that one done So the shrimp tastes like that the head like a weird aftertaste her like I’m Lucy’s play really the refrigerator He’s gonna taste like their old a lot of the menu items are Crap, it’s Denise’s recipes. It’s the way she wants it done. I Don’t understand. This is perfect Denise never think she’s wrong. This is burger stand. That’s her biggest downfall It’s good enough are we happy with this? I’m taking a sleaze stick it Denise does what Denise wants to do and she won’t listen to me. She won’t listen to anyone else It’s aggravating English-style fish and chips. Well English style for me macro House cut fries from fresh potatoes And what kind of fish is it cod fish cod fish? Okay. Well Simply use everything just greasy No Okay, great, thank you. Thank you Sighs the nightosphere this trans fat to the batter soggy does even stick to the fish Stressful mache when it’s dry. Let’s just drive. Well the whole batter just sort of almost like peels away from it Those fries or shame? Was just so soggy with my fingers. Yeah, we have 50 tips. And the tastiest thing on the plate is the tartar sauce It’s a big disappointment. I love fish and chips shame The cooks are doing the best that they can with the way they’ve been told to do things So it’s nice this fall over all greasy fish fry the batter is just falling off of it And I said the fries they were much changed really that’s weird when he squeezed it and all this like grease all over him French fries, you know You get some potatoes that are one way and potatoes are another way and they’re having a problem with a consistency of the potato I mean, it’s just making me crazy First name is Catalina Catalina place me You’re the I’m one of the owners latch chest Okay, I have a partner Marcelo is a man what we used to be married We’ve been separated for two years. You used to be married to my partner. Oh Jesus. This is like water and oil We just don’t mix it’s just like conflict all the time. Well, it’s all about the food. I’ll look through the menu Nice to meet you. Oh My god real interesting bit cool. Yeah, this is like a song How are you sir? Yeah, how are you yeah rowdy. Thank you. Let’s start off with Chicken classic soup. Let’s go for the pescado Mona or the Italia. Yeah. Absolutely. I really believe to check rice You’re gonna gonna like the food. I think that 97 percent of my food will be great Thank you very much. And that’s very fast. Very fast. Indeed. Let’s hope it’s good That would be a pain in the ass because I the superficial it’s co hot. It’s cold. Let me get that for you. Okay, absolutely He would like a hot soup not cold will say that Ramsay said What happened with the school I Have a thermometer here boiling hot. You wanna check? To me it wasn’t boiling up and now it’s boiling hot this varies But when we’re know if it was before you guys send something out, please check double check triple check Yes, yes listen go to the bar I’m sorry about that. My just when I went to taste these these are Salty, I mean you’d need six mojitos before you start eating 6 spoons of that mate They’re disgusting. Excuse me. Let me take this back shame the basics I’ll Try that means Oh God there’s definitely definitely a lack of harmony in the kitchen 1 DS 1 light light now There’s gonna be a complete disaster How you doing yeah fine Angie I’ll find can I get you anything else while you wait? No, no, wait for the clap. Yeah. Okay. Thank you. All right Thank you very much Wow, I know I can’t believe it it beats the basing of us I Hope you enjoy cuz it’s actually my favorite dish. Thank you Delicious well, yeah The fish is not cooked. Oh It’s really not that Is a shame I’m gonna bring it back. That’s a very big mistake on behalf of the kitchen Okay possible not cooked Raw fish wrong with you guys is wrong cook. I put the tester that the open this is This mannequins wrong, what’s wrong Excuse me Santa Catalina, please Chris. Hello, Canada pressure heat should not be on the kitchen at all Listen and no playing around right now. I don’t worry about we’re gonna know this put your phone away Are you all ready? Oh yes, let’s start off with lobster bisque. Okay, sir, I’ll get for the Marinara, he’s one of the house specialties wonderful another leech. The people akari’s worth chicken and garlic sauce on the bone Love it beginning I walked in I thought was a phenol now i’m is finally got me back. Okay. Brilliant I hope who’s doing everything? Yeah, I can’t wait What makes you got nothing to do with this order? Iein, hang on my boys the drive But I’m so confident overseeing my guys that I got nothing to worry about these guys been by my side 15 years Now go go go go. Let’s see what he thinks They just looks disgusting My queen is always a scream. Yes. You’re a queen like It just looks like loves was dead before they killed him. They’re from a lot of fun to tank You want to take a look? Okay? See that No, I think they’re just sleeping You must be dead. We keep a good eye on this. They keep a good eye on them surely not Bass parts of dirt a dead Lobster now, he’s gone. Okay What I’m concerned about is everything else in there they’ve been feeding off that lobster yes and they become full of bacteria Look, that is extremely Unacceptable dangerous people could get extremely sick with that. I’ll get rid of this right now. Okay, please Love you. Bye Don’t smell that lobsters fresh even though it died it’s good

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    November 18, 2019

    Can I leave the board here? I just need to go to the bathroom Please! Yes, you can Thank you! I will come back fast I need to pee Thank you

    Sonic Zombie Doom Ship The Movie
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    Sonic Zombie Doom Ship The Movie

    November 18, 2019

    Sonic Zombie Doom Ship! the movie Mm-Hmm So we start off on the ocean of the ocean? And on the Horizon our heroes arrive riding in Sonic’s Brand-new Sea hummer isn’t it awesome i love it aw No Anyway, so sonic is driving the gang along, and they’ve been out of the ocean for so long. They’re getting tired man We’ve been out here for so long. I’m getting tired Yeah, man, that island was nice Maybe we could live down there if somebody didn’t screw with the natives a man. Hey man she wanted me to take her virginity, okay? She’s going to give me a taco for it Well, I’m more concerned about the fact that we are going to eventually run out of gas Sonic are you sure we’re going to be okay? Hey, don’t worry about it guys hummers are the most fuel-efficient vehicles ever especially compared to like um a semi truck or a leaky lawnmower And then they ran out of gas Oh no we ran out of gas.Oh what we gonna do were stuck out here Hey Sonic Sonic get off my d(1$)k Yeah, man. We’re stuck out here now Yeah, I don’t know if I could do this anymore like I’m getting a little claustrophobic. I’m getting Cabin fever somebody do something I’m gonna die Rouge calm your tits, we’re going to be a-oK Everyone just relax and be calm. Man, it’s wet out here So they waited for nothing because there’s no gas out there hooba-Dooba uh no no yeah. I’m kind of a douchebag BmW Me precious taco Chipotle oh uh i wasn’t doing anything so uh what was that noise (chuckles) It was an amazing ship. yo, man, that’s a big motherfu$%in boat. actually knuckles its a ship. Don’t correct me motherfu$%er Hey you down there pull up your little car into the side of the ship we’ll help you out That’s right. Steady steady Well ahoy you landlubbers I’m glad to see that you’re all okay must have been heck to try to be out there in the middle of the Ocean Oh my goodness. Yes, what where are we? Welcome aboard the SS Ikea. I am captain vector. Here is my little ship crew. Charmy the bee (incomprehensible gibberish) And of course my first mate Espio. Hello everybody and welcome to our humble little ship oooh oh hey oooh oh that,that, that horn! Oh mama hey hey hey! Excuse me But you supposed to only zoom in my face Captain everything is in order the hummer is secured under the ship very good Let’s have a feast for our new guests, whoo-hoo. I Hope you’re all hungry. I’m preparing this special swedish meatballs. It’s a real delicious dessert What about you guys? What is your story? Well it takes about six videos to tell it But basically I grabbed the bats boobs and turned to a horn hog and raped everybody it was awesome Yeah, that must have been very terrifying for you uuuh Yeah, it was it was uh exciting Yeah, it was exciting yeah. Mm-hmm. Yeah Well, what about you? What’s the story with this ship? Where the ship was delivering to ikea and the zombies happened and well we kinda gave up, but the ship is still intact Yeah, you think this big ship could carry all of my Mexican family? i mean uh nevermind going to take a nap now (so much fricken gibberish) Excellent work charmy good job. I can’t wait to eat these meatballs and yeah oh oh oh rouges boobs ooooh ALL RIGHT FOOD (wtf is she a PIG?!?!) hey do you think we can like live here You guys are more than welcome to stay there’s plenty of room and lots to eat. You mean like stay here forever Yeah, I definitely think I could do that. Well. It looks like all of our problems are gone. We have a home but they Didn’t know it, but trouble was definitely coming there he is It was doctor ol fat fat fat fat fat fat [email protected] haha Im finally, I’m going to be able to stop them and I’m going to kill them Who is your daddy? And what does he do get out? Oh? Well these are your saferooms? They should be comfortable plenty of room aw no ah gliches oh I hope you’ll find it very comfortable pick any room you like yes this should do finely all of us You’re going to fit all six of you into this tiny room No, silly not for the gringos for me and my tacos okay, everybody get some sleep We have to go to Home Depot tomorrow Well, I hope you all find it comfortable if you need me I’ll be up on the deck take care Meanwhile Knuckles was pondering his new sexuality Hmm What’s wrong with me man, and why do I want this horn? This is just silly, I don’t want that horn What am I talking about? But you know, what would be wrong with being a little fruity Knuckles, you are not fruity you is a man. You’s a big strong man No, what am I gonna do? oh hello knuckles I did not see you. How are you doing today? Is everything okay? Yeah, yeah, everything’s fine. Hey, nothing wrong here Well, you know if you’re still hungry? I could always microwave you some more of those swedish meatballs I mean, they are pretty good, but you know hey. I don’t know maybe you just haven’t eaten knuckles, knuckles Hmm. Oh no, man. I’m good. I’m not really hungry. I didn’t eat anything meatballs anyway. No, thank you Well if you need me, I will be around take care. Man, I want that horn more than ever What’s wrong with you knuckles somthin wrong with you man, oh? I’m just so confused No, you don’t like that stuff. No, that’s wrong Wait a second. Why would it be wrong? What’s wrong with giving in to temptation? No knuckles. You like titties. You like titties knuckles. Oh Man, I don’t know what I like anymore. I just want that horn. Oh, I’m so confused Goodness my goodness, I think im in love Yeah, I think so, huh, it’s kind of silly not sure goodness my gracious i Really want that horn yeah I just want to sit on his head Goodness my whatness. I can’t control myself i just want(x2) to sit on his i just want to sit upon… that lovely horn yeah i just want to be…in love Lonely So lonely I just want to hold him snuggle and play and make sweet sweet love now i see what i Must go and do i must go and confess my love to him My only wish is that he will say that he loves me to i Don’t know yo man And maybe I can sit on his hheeeeaaaaad goodness My goodness. I’ve never felt this way before I’m in love now i hope that he loves me he Wants me he’ll offer to stick it in my butt but only if he Loves me to baby, oh maybe I must go and find him and find out if loves me as well but I do but I do, I also love you very much I’d love to stick it right in your buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuttt If you love me, you should have just told me come on Let me go and take you to the bedroom and show you what the horn works. Oh, yeah Well knuckles and Espio went off to go have hot gay sex Took up four parking spots with my hummer. Yeah, i smoke cigarettes even though we have passengers in the car I’ve got to (blank) oh man i got to go poop Sonic: Oh get out of they way Shadow: No Sonic i was here first Sonic: No i was here first,hey im the douche bag i get to go first no Sonic get out of the way yeah get out of my way i got to go pooopyyyyyyyyyy Who’s ever in that bathroom better get out i got to poop Amy is in there i been waiting i got to poop so bad Only at your Poopy Hut eh yeah isn’t poop a funny word its my favorite word oh get out of the way i got to lay an enchilada in the toilet now Amy you better get out of there i really got to go (muffled) No im not coming out I think it was those swedish meatboalls oh this would never had happened if we just had tacos what are you (blank) kidding me you never had Taco Bell before? Taco Bell does not serve tacos they serve dog food (so much (blank)ing gibberish) aoh tacos i love tacos i think i am gonna have one of these tacos well here we go uh oh what uuh (OOOOOOhHHH FU$K!! WHAT THE (blank) IS HAPPENING!!! RRRRAAAAAPPPPPEEE!!!) (HOLY SH!T EXPLOSIVE DIARRHEA NOW I GOT TO (BLANK) Now I feel much better (YEAH NO (bland) Hold still clone im almost over the side We have made it clone, and we are now on the ship. It’s going to be fabulous I want to be on the boat Shh, we have to be quiet clone The only reason why I kept you is because everybody who watches these videos likes you so much, so be careful to Shh, oh, I’ve never be on such a big boat. Oh, but daddy. What about all the clones down there? There are no concern of yours their usefulness is gone now shussh, we have to find the Captain and take him out But what Eggman didn’t know is that the clones started to sink into the bottom of the Ocean and that’s a plot point. That’s gonna come up very soon. Oh. Come on man. Come out. no i am embarrassed i dont want to come out Come on. I’m sure you look fine man. Okay, but only because I love you so much Well big boy, what do you think can you handle me yo man that is so racist? I love it man You better get in this bed right now mother(blank)er (FLUFFING SOUNDS) Shrek: YOU GO AND MAKE SWEET SWEET LOVE DONKEY!!! and so the ship sailed on and Everybody was having a good time. Well except for everybody with diarrhea. Oh Ho yo, ho we this life for me we eats meatballs We poop everywhere drink up me hearties a hinga Dinga Dergen. Oh. Yeah, you are under arrest The chopper I did it daddy. I did exactly what you wanted good jab clone now We must hey hey, we must put pink And Robotnik released the anchor and it sank to the abyss where all the dead clones were And those dead clones had tracked an army up seize Those zombies have been tracking sonic and cold for a while And now they finally have a way to get up on top of the ship oh Man that was one rough poopy. I think there were some corn in there I remember eating that wow you guys don’t know nothin you can’t even drink the water in Mexico without that happening Yeah, it was a good thing you had some imodium Sonic Well when your diet is Starbucks and chipotle and greasy pizza hut you tend to get the sheets Somebody’s in trouble plunder the way you could say excuse me next time fuck who’s in trouble out here Every video you show up. Now, you killed the be not to be Be is there anything we can get you? Well, I’ve tried them gay. I’ve tried your instincts. No. I’m just gonna say it you’re not sleeping with you ooba-dooba Shadow why do you think there are zombies they out here? I don’t know. We’re in the middle of the ocean why on Earth would there be Tommy’s well these videos sonic zombies and sometimes monsters and a lot of sex We have to find captain crocodile and get out of here. Let’s go. Oh that Was very good was it good for you? It was amazing man. The n-Double-A-Cp is gonna. Have a fit. I don’t ever want to move from this spot Well, you’re going to have to sweetie. I have to tinkle and maybe I’ll get us a snack Yo, man, I like collard greens. I hope you got some ham hoo, ha no zombie Baby, okay, everybody come down here and say that’s so Lease pick me back and now I am hip twixtor Extract your revenge on my shotgun, ha ha oh, no. It is jammed from shooting off zombies Sam B’s there are no zambese, but now there will be because this is rocket is going to turn all of you into Sandy’s Yeah, me too. Is it Daddy so smart oh, shut up clone? But eggman look right behind you there’s a zombie. Oh, no, that’s – Ms. Going to me down oh zombies Decision I am now on your side, please don’t let them bite Okay, everybody. What was the way we were going. Thank you fat man for leading the zombies here Okay, let’s go this way instead. Oh, no, no like a frame rate not the frame rate. Oh, oh Knuckles. Oh thank goodness. I have found you everybody nervous isn’t here. I mean hey wait a second What are you doing in this bedroom? Oh? Nothing something’s wrong. There are something here nothing Well there are zombies out here knuckles, and we’ve got to go Zombies how their mother just get here, okay? Well let’s go find that spirit. Hey, what’s this family new name? Help help me. I’m trapped in my own shape. I been tighter by a fat egg main Help me help help help I care oh No, help me help. I don’t manage to be turned into Sandy I’m coming Crocodiles, oh No pocket. I am I am here to save you oh Thank goodness. You saved my life Yo, man. Do you know what Spo is no? I haven’t seen him he could be still in the ship hopefully a zombie hasn’t got him Oh, no, man listen sonic you guys go on ahead. I’ll catch up. I gotta find Spo Come on. Everybody this way. This is the right way through the hammer. Oh No more zombies. This is not good. Oh Let me care about only thing life you care about but Sonic don’t you care about me no? I don’t want to be beaten by say me. I don’t want good guys. Oh Don’t cry daddy it make me sad when you cry. I’ll tell you what daddy; What if I went and kill the zombies for you? Come on, Everybody! Watch as I perform The Schwarzenegger!!! kill me NOW (chuckles) *Prepares to make zombie Swiss cheese * Come to me! Come kill me! I’m right here do it! Come to daddy with the machine gun

    Plastic pollution: ‘We’ve lost the battle on the beaches’
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    Plastic pollution: ‘We’ve lost the battle on the beaches’

    November 18, 2019

    I found this on the
    beach the other week. So that’s an insulin jab,
    insulin jab, God know what that is. I’m stopping beach
    cleaning today. This is my last
    beach clean ever. How come? Because I’ve spent
    four years losing. Let’s have a look. A wet wipe,
    a nightmare. I only started
    cleaning beaches in 2014. There was five trillion
    pieces of plastic in the ocean. As I finish beach cleaning
    in 2019, them numbers have increased
    to 15 trillion pieces of plastic in the ocean. We are trying to mop up
    a flood and the tap’s still running. And your instincts there wouldn’t be
    to just get the mop out, it would be to turn the tap off. If I just pointed out stuff
    that come from the beach … Toy soldiers are always
    valued by beach cleaners. A Lego brick. This one is full of plastic bottles. I would imagine. Mainly single-use
    plastic bottles. And my kids’ swing
    which is a huge buoy. And this was collected in
    an hour and a half on North Beach, Aberystwyth. There’s 1,731
    cigarette butts in there. This is another sort of reason
    for me stopping as well, is I’ve spent far too many weekends
    away from my kids. And my three … you know,
    walking through Aberystwyth, they … They are not the only kids
    in the world to do it but they will just stop and pick up
    a plastic bottle out of the gutter and take it to a bin. You do that, don’t you Cal? Would you buy one? With me? Do you buy
    when you’re not with me? When you’re with who? All right, are we ready? Come on, then. We are off to
    Aberystwyth University, so when we get there,
    there will be maybe 30-40 teenagers from Shrewsbury. And we’ll be doing
    an urban litter pick and then a beach clean. To be honest it feels a little
    bit like a relief to finish losing
    actually feels quite nice, and to not let it all go because
    it’s not a case of letting it all go, it’s a case of finding
    real environmental actions that actually make an impact. Hello. Hello. You all right? It’s not that it’s not worth it,
    it’s not that it’s not noble … You all right?
    Come in, come in. You guys might not know this
    but you are generation plastic. Can you hold up
    your bottle, please? So this, guys, Coca-Cola make 110 billion
    plastic bottles every year. They take no responsibility for that. In scale, charities are already … They are not on the back foot,
    they are not even in the ring, to be honest with you, you know. WWF, you know, you want
    to sponsor a panda everything is going
    extinct. Surfers Against Sewage
    plastic-free communities … It’s just more plastic
    being made than ever. But they are up against
    the impossible task that’s my point and isn’t it time
    that the third sector sort of sat back
    and asked themselves some really hard questions
    about, are we successful? There you go.
    There’s your plastic-free Aberystwyth. She has a plastic cup,
    with a plastic lid and a plastic straw. Underneath the flag. No, it means,
    to the people that are involved and the people that
    support it, it means a lot. Because it means that they
    are doing their best. But when you’re talking about
    1% of the population and the other 99% are
    carrying on, like, nothing has happened. Do you know what that is? Yes, it’s a tampon
    applicator. It actually is, yeah. Picking it up isn’t
    really the answer this is to show you guys
    the problem. What the answer
    to that problem is, is the end of producing plastic which is ultimately a fossil fuel. if you want to do something
    which is super, super positive, plant a tree. For the environment that
    would be my number one thing to do. Outside of going into a shop
    and opening every single Coca-Cola
    bottle in there and not buying any of them. I would love to go back
    to beach cleaning in five years time, knowing that the action
    that I’m taking, the energy I’m putting into it, and everybody else
    that comes out and volunteers, is cleaning the sea. But plastic production
    and the lack of recycling is so broken that it’s like trying to stop
    a tsunami with your hand up. It’s just not going to happen.