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    How to do an options trading in India.
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    How to do an options trading in India.

    August 18, 2019

    markets are unpredictable and wonder
    died by their very nature represent what inherent risks as well as the
    possibility of making records benefit of instruments such as futures
    and options allow us to madonna’s white investing hope i’m bored of and i will take you
    through the process of legal options trade what icy icy i predict or call if you want your book since trading
    lettuce post-game a quick understanding ought to be six the terminology in options can be a bit
    confusing so let’s go step by step and options product essentially comes in
    the form awful contract the contract has an underlying acid and
    the contract has a strike price simply put the price of the options options are from types autopsy
    applicable to the and we can take a bite out of
    circulation in the database here are the rules of the game the bio football has the right but not
    the obligation to buy the underlying asset at the specified striped bass whereas the center of the corn as the
    obligation offsetting the underlying asset at the specified strike price in contrast of this the bottle for port
    has the right but not the obligation to send the underlying asset at the specified straight face whereas the sale of support has the obligation of buying the
    underlying asset at the specified strike price let me explain to you the mechanics of
    not it is quite simple let’s say they wish to take a by
    position on the poor option in that case you don’t have the right foot problem
    obligation to buy the underlying assets the price of the contract moves against
    us begins some gay people or refuse to buy it that’s what the lord options comes from this option comes at a price which is
    for the premium premium is awesome on fractions of the
    price will be on the plane typing speed of leaked out of the
    goddess another vote speaking in options by being a premium in shows us against a
    catastrophic loss let’s look at a quick examples let’s go to the defeat to fifty five
    hundred call options which has a lot size of fifty two led to the premium is a b_-seventeen if
    they want to buy the sport option people need to be a p seventy multiplied by
    fifty that is of the thirty five hundred as the payment but now if the price moves up it will stay for
    us do you need not be i think that loss i’m lost is limited to be thirty five
    hundred sold about size is limited and upside as
    uncommitted it looks similar delighted buying absorption if a slightly different accused of
    beating a set of optional and even thoughtful option in the senate lucien there’s an all big issue for you to buy
    or sell therefore the premium is not involved however in this case homogeneous and
    board and the metabolism is quite like it
    margin trading when options trade hands on and you will
    understand if they deviate easy on the sums complex poignantly day-to-day that’s what this
    we do is on the boat they can begin to an options freedom i
    see a said today it got bought by two p but with the login but that i see a said
    that it gives the name and password v will be taken to the retreating rage pick what happened what and the articles c making anything when treating with the
    margin reports that is to select the product a pre-dawn i see a said that it can be able to
    selective contracts and the reviews underlines for treating the options
    segment weed those contracts which meet the
    criteria on liquidity and what you mean are considered for options trading you can take or the anybody contract by
    clicking stopped four hundred ethanol accusing options part of the products
    broke down let’s also make a operate with regards mum’s the word that the north and pick
    he’s ordered interpersonal will host and if you do
    what was talked for today for the starkness uptight the postage absolutes
    and choose from the drop-down menu select options under the product dropout then you need to select the option site
    which is viewed warned passport as explained earlier the decision what would assume emphasis
    and what the by upon option selected empty a list of contracts for emphasises
    different state places and explain what that decision what to buy necklaces on
    option the strike price of four thousand eight hundred and fifty antiques by t_v_
    of prepared and ready to positive but you can see the lot size of one twenty
    five forty p and the last greeted place these forty one point five
    zero but the stock options not be by from people to the latest abide or disagreement with the
    uniqueness of some insulated wanted a picture of the candy multiple lot size
    off the options lexi you want to play one twenty five
    forty now individuals unlimited auto market
    order rituals exactly lekin shared reading let’s look at the scene of market order
    for this exam before placing a market order you should
    take the best bid or off work for the contract big or all for for this contract can be
    checked by clicking on best fight bid or offer link for white
    dude on the right side of the order form best bid is thirty nine point five and the best all for this forty two
    point t if you want the single market order that
    they need to be secured at the best offer price bid to boost at market isn’t
    this what people point pc just now i’d look at funds for the
    street options trading have a margin
    requirements is delivery of actual acid is not beacon then you take a by
    position you will pay a premium so the margin is limited to the people however in the case of a simple version there is no premium pencil icy icy
    idyllic specifies the margins was impeached let’s say you want to know the margin
    reflective says instead call options now vehicle on margin calculate the and
    diet inspect forestalled citicorp since under the product of dumb
    and click on select one packed baby need to take the quantity and the understand or deployment what is this fight contract he’ll get that we’ve been corporate gift
    jet two thousand eight hundred and fifty
    strike call option for one twenty five or did he at the price of forty five and then six months of the department
    just delighted at the bottom of the contact list mod to require the use of
    these forty six thousand one hundred and eighty four point two five what this example let’s take a by
    position for the market order on the inferences on auction discussed earlier the best offer price will be a bullet
    was what he can point gate and the law psyches was one twenty five do you need to allocate one twenty-five
    multiplies by forty two point eight that is these five thousand three
    hundred and fifty multiple would that have been worked out makes too big to keep that and keep
    modify and featured dick actor futures and options and into the amount of thank you attending the among stick something the money for transfer from the
    native-born violence for the future that options segment placing the order is quite simply select the product what do they live in two days and will deal with it you will be taken to the or department
    screening for treatment for the auto these by you the execution price can be checked industry as usual up to three singular there you
    can check the status of your order in the order book you can also modify the contents of the
    orders which have not been executed him cedillo we have selected the product the bio said position allocated funds place the order and finally the order is executed d’estaing bc hulking squared off my
    position lekin margin treating you do not speak
    activity appeal to security options feeding tubes one other worlds includes uh… we position by simply
    facing the squared off order has all you do that you get business go ahead of order
    either through the moment by says beach or to a hyperlink squared off on the
    open position peaches it is advisable to please cover order
    from one position speech for the squared off link the quantity of readable is possible for
    me too and you won’t talk about the quantity
    original obvious in the squared off also looked at pendleton export the
    positions city option from the book gotshall let’s say you want to spread this
    position of expect we fight scenes fourteen seized at least forty six now we can meet viewpoints plan twelfth
    blvd and well each where you can be difficult to do you want we think the
    tools wanting by celtic unlimited and end up in the
    mcveigh’s as forty-six anti on something repeatedly the auto companies compete deadly need to pick on proceed as usual you can view this order can be audible including i’d suggest you must keep a
    close watch on your portfolio as frequently as you can what would you be in speech provides you
    the snapshot author profitability indefinite segment to speech track still underlies profit or lost on open positions as well as
    bayliss proffered on the loss what positions which of course all squared
    off multiple different or complete were dvds in options abide appears that the new
    incidences that people physical buying an option then it would affect the negative cash
    flow under dialyzed c_n_n_ because you are being paid the amount invested in auctions and
    reflect under open position value and that any point of time but i’m glad you
    asked for last traded price and reflect on the profit loss underlies the difference of these two amongst is
    the underlies proper close combat position kidney failure with an example let’s say you have what one twenty-five
    want to be off opt in fake with highs in the june at least thirty-five and you
    are holding disposition you alter or would-be rupees four
    thousand three hundred and seventy-five as you have devised a hopeful for peace
    four thousand three hundred and seventy-five this very beautifully acted improper
    closely ella’s under options the open pollution value with what sort
    of picked this amount of for peace four thousand three hundred and seventy-five so the price of this contract was often
    restricted dispositions to four point the garment
    value alter position which is roughly six thousand two hundred and fifty will be reflected on the property loss
    underlies let’s say you have squared off throws
    the pollution at fifty then there will be out of control for p six thousand two
    hundred and fifty property lost and realized one of the
    district property off six thousand two hundred
    and fifty minus four thousand three hundred and
    seventy-five riches equipment these one thousand eight hundred and seventy-five before we leave you i’d wish to make a
    quick suggestions these users search tools and make
    informed decisions you can use the talks markets fingertips and other such peachtree got the biggest
    in the back and in the market mostly ethanol empty exploit if they do
    at fingertips if it’ll help being that this is
    designed for or put it in integrated platform consisting of or weeds
    information inputs needed by intact that day to be just read it at present your contract most active cancers property strikes nobody nifty strikes
    active stock options height was stocks apart from these you can also tracks talks which have
    wind gap up and how creating about p_b_s_ these high stocks which i will point gap down penetrating brutal peters diesel stocks
    at fifty two weeks high and low and spokesman wouldn’t be
    like big butts big sector you could also go i think that we did
    this first recommendation to similarly calculate index and no real margins are
    cool to help you end up needing a margin requirements and also the index and stop price
    movements i hope you have fallen options trading
    quite like any other three it is simple and easy writing to us at
    gmail i did mention of your screen that your feedback and suggestions we look
    forward to hearing from you at

    Message to Queen Najia and Her Mother | Trader Joe’s Salad & Chicken Breast Mukbang
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    Message to Queen Najia and Her Mother | Trader Joe’s Salad & Chicken Breast Mukbang

    August 18, 2019

    if you have somebody living with you and
    they’re your child even if they’re grown even if they’re grown and they still
    live with you I don’t care how child you’re growing your hot grown your child
    if their child still live with you you got the right to tell them what they can
    and cannot do in your house the minute they don’t want to listen to you they
    get out and that’s the end of the story ain’t no child too long to still be
    living with a parent and a parent can’t tell them what to do hi everybody and
    welcome to tasty mud mine tasty mukbang tasty mukbang tasty muck back tasty must
    bad baby see y’all hi everybody and welcome welcome welcome
    to tasty mukbang tasty McBaine tasting my thing tasting one thing tasty
    look Bane eats yeah I am here today with a food fridge with a fridge freezer and
    pantry mukbang video and also this is a Trader Joe’s video everything in this
    this is a Trader Joe’s my thing everything in this meal is from Trader
    Joe’s this is one of their pre packaged salads this is like a beet or Apple and
    kale and carrot salad I got some broccoli and I have their lemon chicken
    that is already precooked let me give you guys a close-up of this and if it’s
    anything you see on this plate that you won’t yeah better get it right now cuz
    you know I don’t be feeding ya so anyway you guys let me say my grace before we
    get started Christmas Heavenly Father I thank you
    for this food we’re about to receive but thank you for your blessings your love
    your kindness your mercy and your grace thank you for your protection over our
    lives and your provisions that you have made for us in Jesus name we pray a man
    so today how I got my water this is I’m doing the gallon of water challenge
    30-day gallon of water challenge and beyond to try to drink a gallon of water
    a day don’t be defeated by trying to think you
    could drink a gallon of water a day it’s the challenge is actually to drink more
    water than what you’re drinking now by giving yourself the challenge of
    drinking a gallon of water a day you will probably end up drinking more water
    than you then you normally do so you guys today I don’t know if like any of
    my subscribers or aware of Queen 9 and her mother and her sister and her
    brother maybe you’re not but I want to talk about Queen Naja and the stuff
    that’s going on with her family today Queen Naja actually put out a video the
    other day in response to some things that have been said in the media about
    her from her family and just to give you a background story of who Queen Naja is
    if you do not know she is a youtuber that started YouTube sort of like a rags
    to riches story start at YouTube with her boyfriend husband Chris sales they
    started YouTube together and they both got very successful YouTube channels and
    eventually they end up moving to here to Houston and then Chris sales cheated on
    her a whole bunch of times and she left him and then she wrote the song medicine
    in retaliation to her relationship and with Christie your hair dear to her so I think Queen Naja has over like
    three million followers right now and any channel that she’s associated or
    affiliated with gangs followers and popularity really fast so right now I’m
    just giving out the background story so after her and Chris sale broke up not
    only do they go they both separate ways but because YouTube is how they maintain
    money they both have their separate channels now and the bulk of the
    material that they did on their channels worth was with each other so now so Chris Sale got a little crew
    he got a little crew that he can continue to film with and make youtube
    videos I want to use my fuck for this but it’s gonna be unstable on the
    surface that I’m on so actually when Queen nauseum splits up with him even
    though she got friends she still don’t have like the crew like she had before
    so I guess she’s in a search which is gonna call it a replacement see see in search of a replacement in
    reference to someone to record within family she had millions of followers on
    Instagram and YouTube so she can pretty much pick let me tell you something a
    woman that’s gone you don’t want this with her so like she said in her video
    medicine she gonna give him a taste of his own medicine and a woman that’s gone whatever a man could do she could do it
    better so Chris was not faithful to her in their relationship he wasn’t
    appreciating her or treating her right but when she got out their relationship
    with him she could show him better than she could tell him he thought he was
    getting upgrade but she decided to get upgrade phone she contacted clearance NYC who she had
    a crush on to stop collabing with him I mind you when a woman got a crush on the
    man and plus she got a little success fame and fortune
    she’ll make whatever suit won’t happen and a lot of people think that Clarence
    is using Queen a lot of people think that Clarence is using Queen but I think their queen is a very smart
    woman even though I do think queen is still young and naive what you guys need
    to look at is the Queen and clamorous relationship started off as a business
    venture and I can’t say if Queen did this or not but if she didn’t do it she
    should have did it any channel that she appears on I’ll
    collab with it’s gonna get it on the popper so
    automatically upfront from a business perspective she should be charging fees
    for the potential grope that she’s gonna get from that channel or enter into a
    contract agreement with their channel for a certain amount of time to receive
    a percentage of the portions of the income from the channel based on her
    collabing with the channel so you guys are looking at Queen Nigel’s
    relationship with clowns and saying he’s just using her well actually I hate to
    use the word use it wasn’t climates using queen or queen
    using clambulance it was a benefit to them both when they collab together because now she has someone to see him
    with and not only do she have somebody to film with that person didn’t seek her
    out she sought them out and from a business perspective both parties needed
    to sit down from the beginning which they probably did and see how they could
    capitalize monetarily speaking from their collaboration and that’s what they
    did they milk the Carl his channel groom Patti’s tranel groom her channel group
    and then from there they opened up a new channel that has over a million
    followers almost in less than a month I can’t remember how quick they did it but
    it was astonishing so right now I’m just speaking from a
    business perspective from a business perspective Queen Nasser and Clarence
    boat capitalized on what you guys wanted to see because of what cruise sales had
    did to her I cheated on her everybody went to see her with another
    man everybody wants to see her be happy everybody wants to see her get either
    she selected I could say more than what I’m saying because I see farther than
    the average I could see Queen Niger selected the next man that she wants to
    move on with she’s infatuated with Clarence she finds him attractive and from the get-go she know what she
    wanted from there man so moving forward they eventually gets into a relationship
    with each other she eventually gets pregnant they recently had a baby
    together and then like I said they chopped they started the channel royal
    family so yeah Kassim all of them together so from a business perspective still I’m
    talking from a business perspective what woman that has the power excuse me to make her man’s life and his
    family life better not gonna do that and help put him in the position what he
    will never owe anybody anything well he will have all the financial success that
    he ever dreamed up what woman wouldn’t make that possible for her mania if she
    tenure because if she truly see a fruit of future with him whatever she does to
    help him she’s helping herself so when y’all say that Clarence is using
    clinging like they don’t even make sense because they’re gonna be together in the
    future and they’re building a future together
    and y’all don’t know everything to go on behind the scenes maybe they’re married
    already or maybe they plan to get married so
    whatever is he is this hers and whatever is hers is he is and when a woman comes into a
    relationship with more than a man usually that can be an intimidation so
    why wouldn’t a woman help Hermia become just as successful as she is or more so
    that way they can be equal okay it’s not that you know maybe before Queen mitten
    Clarence he had a goal that he wanted to reach by the time he was 25 or 30 in
    order for him to venture out on his own and be ready to get married and start a
    family when he met Queen maybe Queen helped him to accomplish what it would
    have took him five to ten years to accomplish financially
    maybe she helped him accomplish that in less than a year and so now he’s able to
    take care of his family help his mom with what he wanted to help her with and
    do for his family so that now he can move forward in the relationship with
    her because that’s what she wants so the more successful she helps him to
    become the sooner she can get what she wants and what she wants is Clarence
    she won Clarence queen won it Clarence she went after what she want she seemed
    a nice little snack and a nice little treat she had the money to go get that
    snack in that tree and that’s what she did now obviously she didn’t do everything
    on her own Clemens had to participate in that and he had to reciprocate what she
    wanted and he did because now they’re together and they got a baby she didn’t
    make no baby about herself y’all so another thing I want to talk about with
    clean najuk that I see that most people are probably overlooking Queen Nasser is
    a very beautiful person I think like most young women her age that she has
    been trying to fill the void and you can’t just look at the situation and say
    this is what I think about this situation without looking at everything
    there are things that are gonna make a person do this and that
    and if you don’t acknowledge that then you’re not gonna understand why they’re
    doing what they’re doing there are things about this situation
    that I see that maybe even Queen don’t even realize that she’s doing but I see
    the Queen is searching for something that has been a void in her life her
    whole life and that’s her father even though her mother did the best that she
    could and when you are mother and you are a daughter and you were a daughter
    and you’re older and you’re in the age that Queen’s mother is you have more
    experience and more knowledge Queen’s mother have more experience and more
    knowledge based on her experiences through life but at the same time her
    daughter’s experience is different than her experience so even though she wants
    to protect her daughter from this and that only a good mother would want to do
    that and that’s what she wants to do she can’t really live her mistakes through
    her daughter’s life so you have to let her daughter make her
    own mistakes because their situations are totally different Queen is searching
    for something and she’s been searching for it for a very long time she was
    searching for her dad and that was a void and emptiness in her life not
    knowing who he was not having him there for her to teach
    her anything wondering how does he look do I look like him wanting to be close to his family and
    even though she had her mom’s family she still didn’t have her dad’s family so
    there was a void and queen is looking to feel their whole way and when you guys
    say she’s disrespecting her mother and her sisters and brothers and her family
    members and making Clarence’s family be her everything that’s because Clarence
    represents in this story Clarence represents the father and the
    family that Queen Naja has never had because he is close to his family she
    gets an automatic family that she never had and why you guys are beating
    Clarence and his family up for being there for Queen because I think there’s
    some good people too I think they are good people I think Clarence and his family
    represents the family the Queen always wanted from her dad and because his
    family does embrace her and is getting involved in what you got to realize is
    that stay brother they don’t want the best for him
    and if they want the best for him the best for him is wanting the best for her so you should actually be happy that she
    have a man by his family that is embracing her because what you got to
    realize is it don’t matter that she’s with Clarence or with somebody else she’s gonna steal because she want that
    family niche that she never had with her dad she’s gonna still give that man and
    his family the majority of her time and her attention so what you rather for her
    to be with someone like Chris Sales who was mistreating her
    and abusing her but what you rather her be with somebody like Clarence who is
    putting her first and his family is doing the same to help her accomplish
    and succeed at the things that she is trying to accomplish isn’t it every
    woman’s dream and every mother’s dream for her daughters to have a me and that
    is gonna be there and support her like everything that y’all are complaining
    about it’s like it’s like so mister because first of all the woman was
    pregnant and going on tour he’s the father other child why would you have a
    problem with him being everywhere she went she was pregnant and didn’t even
    let anybody know so what y’all see is him following her around she was
    pregnant she wanted the man that fathered her child to be there because
    of what they do and the type of business that they do it has a forth in the
    lifestyle where he can travel with her and she could travel with him wherever
    they need to go so if they want to be together 24 hours a day what is wrong
    with that absolutely nothing y’all make problems
    where there’s no problems and y’all see things as being a problem when there’s
    not a problem it’s nothing wrong with him being there his sister was his manager and then he
    became her manager she became her manager now is that a mistake probably
    so because there is a conflict of interest whether she wants to see it or
    not especially before they became a couple it was a conflict of interest for Clarence’s sister to be her manager
    because Clarence’s sister is his manager and ultimately we all want to think when
    it comes to business businesses business but that’s not necessarily true when you
    mix business with pleasure and from my personal perspective even
    though I like Clarence’s sister even though I like Lannister sister and
    I know the Queen said the Clarence’s sister helped her out with some things
    in the beginning that she really needed help with but to Queen you could have
    paid anybody to do that and because you are paying someone it’s better for you
    to pay someone that it’s not a conflict of interest it’s better for you to pay
    someone there even though we would love to hire our family members and our
    friends when we become successful that is one of the biggest mistakes that we
    can make because when you hire people as your employer you’re the employee and
    they’re the employer I mean you’re the employee employer and they’re the
    employee for both of you you might feel like you can talk to them in kind of way
    because you’re their friend or their family member first way is if you just
    have somebody straight up working for you you wouldn’t take things personal
    and you wouldn’t say anything personal to them it would be strictly business so
    from that perspective it’s not good to help our family members and friends because sometimes just the thin line
    between love and hate when your family member or your friend do something that
    you would have fired a regular person for you don’t want to fire them because
    they’re related to you Oh they think they can do certain things
    and get away with it because they are related to you so there’s never gonna be
    no matter how you try to tell yourself from the beginning we’re gonna be able
    to separate friendship from business you’re not gonna be able to so it’s
    really not good unless there are some relationships that you can hire a friend
    or family member because that person really has their head all the way
    straight on the shoulder but they’re – like when you get ready to go off on him
    as a boss they’re gonna take it personal so it’s better to just hire somebody
    from the outside like I said I like Clarence’s sister but as far as be her
    being queen Naja’s manager I think it’s a conflict of interest and I don’t think
    that she should have hired her as her manager and even now that she signed a
    contract to a major record label I think she should consider getting another
    manager because that too brings problems into the relationship with her family
    because you do have Clarence’s sister and family being everything to you let
    them just be see people have too many titles and when people have too many
    titles that brings about committee that’s
    Clarence’s sister and that’s Clarence’s manager and that’s your manager so from
    your mom’s perspective and your other family members perspective they are too
    involved whereas if you had a separate manager there wasn’t Clarence’s sister the your mama wouldn’t be calling your
    manager because she would have no business with your manager but because
    Clarence’s sister is his sister and your manager she had business with her as him
    being as she being his sister and the lines get crossed over and get blurry
    because she’s your manager as well so to avoid all of that you need another
    manager and you need another bodyguard even though you think it’s a good thing
    to keep the money in the family and hire someone that you know already that’s
    capable of the job it’s really really really not a good idea it’s really not a
    good idea that’s my personal opinion and perspective disclaimer and again I’m not
    coming from it coming for anybody I’m just from a business perspective I’m
    speaking my opinion now let’s talk about all this stuff it’s
    gonna be a part 1 and part 2 yo talk about all this stuff going on let’s talk
    about the video that Queen Ida made the other day I seen in that video someone
    who was nervous I seen in that video someone who was hurt
    I seen in that video someone who was being pulled a tug of war and because
    that person is being pulled when you pull when you play tug of war eventually
    someone is going to win because that person can’t be torn into two pieces and
    make both parties happy that person it the stronger person that is pulling that
    person is the one that is going to end up winning that person so it’s not good when family members and lovers and
    boyfriends and husbands play tug of war with one person that’s not good
    because one person it’s gonna seem like they’re they’ve won and one person
    that’s gonna seem like they lost but if both of you love that person neither one
    of you should put that person in the middle to have to choose and see
    a part of that has to do with respect if you respect a person and you truly love
    a person even if you disagree with their opinion or their choices because you
    love them and you don’t want to lose them at some
    point you’re gonna let the Rope go and stop playing tug of war with them
    because you don’t want to split them in half you don’t want to cause more chaos
    in their life and because this has happened to me before
    I have been tact attacked before on social media by family member and that’s
    not a good feeling and were queen najin’s sisters and
    brothers and family member and mother need to realize is queen Naja is not the
    little girl she’s not a regular person anymore number one she’s an adult number
    two whether you see her as dead or not she’s a public figure now she’s a role
    model she’s semi-famous and she has different
    obligations than a queen Naja that you knew just a year ago not only did she
    have obligations to her first child firstborn CJ she also have obligations
    to her newborn she also had obligations to the relationship that she’s trying to
    build and establish and you guys don’t know if marriage is in the future for
    Queen and Clarence but the Bible says for this reason you leave your mother
    and father and you shall cleave to one another and so you cannot be mad at a
    woman and you should not put her in a position where she’s already if you
    believe in the Bible and you believe in the Word of God then you should already
    respect the fact even though they may have not done everything in the order
    that you want them to do it in they have a child now and they are planning a
    future together and you can’t expect that woman to choose between you and the
    man that she just had a baby for because if you put her in that position you’re
    gonna make her cleave to you I feel bad that she’s making that
    decision but even the Bible tells her if that is going to be a husband
    the Bible says cleave to one another and that is what they are supposed to be
    doing they’re supposed to be cleaving what
    mother would want her child to be married to a man that doesn’t defend her
    and take up for her even against you if he sees another thing people don’t
    realize he is people I heard some people saying well Clarence should have never
    said anything to her mother I disagree because you don’t know the relationship
    between Queen and Clarence there are things that queen is gonna tell Clarence
    about the way that she feels that she’s not telling anyone else so when she
    tells Clarence how the situation with her mother and her sisters and her
    brothers make her feel he is privy to knowledge that you don’t have and nobody
    else has he is sitting there at home with her crying with her when she cries
    when she expresses her feelings about how they hurt her no one else knows that
    but him so when he sees someone doing something to her
    that he already knows is hurtful to her because she has already told him that
    then it’s his job and his responsibility to protect her from continuing to be
    hurt even if it’s her mama that’s my opinion even if it’s her mother that is
    doing something to hurt her that she has expressed to him that is hurting her and
    because she has expressed it to him and haven’t talked to her mother about it
    means that she don’t feel that she can so he gets in defense mode and
    protecting his woman because he is a lion of his family that’s his job that
    is his job so when you say well it wasn’t his place to speak to her mother
    yes it was his place it was his place if she relinquished that responsibility to
    her man because she wants a man to speak up for her and protect her because again
    she’s looking for that emptiness that she had with her dad she didn’t have a
    man in her life to protect her so now she wants one so Clarence is the is
    being exactly who Queen wants him to be so didn’t you didn’t say well how do you
    remedy this situation number one I see things from both perspectives
    I see things from the perspective of her mother and I see things from her
    perspective Queen’s mother loves her Queen Queen’s mother loved her and of
    course she has expectations of her daughter because she’s her mom what mom
    wouldn’t want the best for her daughter but high insight again is 20/20 and we
    cannot keep our children from making the same mistakes that we made even though
    we want to we can give them a knowledge in their wisdom but ultimately it’s
    their choice to use it and Queen’s mother see things that Queen Casey
    Queen’s mother has desires for Queen that Queen don’t have for herself and
    because queen mother lived a life of not being a Christian and now she is a
    Christian she sees things from a different perspective then you are gonna
    see it and then Queen is gonna see it and but at the same time in that she
    cannot force what she foresees as being mistakes on Queen because I for see I
    for seen stuff from the beginning that I knew it was gonna happen based on Queens
    actions I knew what’s gonna happen in the end of happening but at the same
    time if anybody would have told her that she still probably would have made the
    same decisions so that’s for her to make and the only thing a mother can do for
    her child after their child wants to be rebellious is to keep them uplifted in
    prayer and to get back on social media theme as far as her sister is concerned
    going to social media and in sports her mom is concerned making videos with her
    name in it I know I heard her mom say that’s my child and I could speak on my
    child if I want to yes you can but at the same time you have to realize is
    your daughter is not an average person anymore
    and anything that you do say any any even if you’re defending yourself or
    explaining yourself you’re adding fuel to the fire for people like myself who
    are gonna make a video about it and there are other people out there who are
    greedy for attention and they’re not gonna make a video a positive video an
    encouraging video or a motivational video concerning your daughter so the
    more things that you guys put out there as a family the more initiative you give
    other people to continue to slander lies the name of your daughter and that is
    the most hurtful thing because it has happened to me before
    somebody kept my name in their mouth on social media and I asked them not to do
    it and they kept doing it and they kept doing it and they kept doing it but if
    that person actually loved me ultimately they wouldn’t had minded my name in your
    mouth period and even after I asked them to take my name out of their mouth they
    still had my name in their mouth so when you as a mother and as a sister to her
    sister when you choose to make a video about your sister it doesn’t matter it
    wasn’t a video about congratulations it wasn’t a video about I love my sister it
    was a video that could be construed in a negative light and when you choose to
    make a video like that about your sister and about your daughter you are driving
    a wedge in between you and her so when you say that someone is taking your
    sister or your daughter away from you that’s actually not true you’re still
    playing tug-of-war with that person by continuing to put content out there
    about them and using their name and you’re actually losing the tug-of-war
    because you’re driving that person closer and you’re not only just pulling
    at them now but you’re pushing him you’re pushing them into the direction
    that you don’t want them to go and now you’re putting a wall up if you already
    thought it was a wall of communication now it’s gonna be a bigger wall up if
    people were saying that uh Tina Queen mentioned in her video to her sister
    asked her to host a party or something for her and she wasn’t able to do it and
    my whole thing about that is you made a video about your sister talking about
    her attacking what she loves right now you guys need to respect the fact that
    she loves Clarence and you cannot attack what she love
    because when you take what she loves you’re drawing a wedge between you and
    her and so when you go make a video about
    her and then you turn around and ask her to do something for you it’s gonna be
    your no go it’s gonna be a no go like you just got to making a video about me
    five minutes ago and then you’re gonna turn around and ask me to do something
    for you uh dancer is no no and like Queen said she has given her mother and
    her sisters and brothers a platform to get paid it is what you know how many
    people would kill for somebody to just be able to give them an automatic
    hundred thousand subscribers Queen can you please collab with me honey girl cuz
    I will take whatever comes from that collaboration I will be so grateful and
    appreciative if a person gives you that kind of start the rest you have a bigger
    start than most people have the rest is gonna come from dedication and hard work
    what Queen has accomplished in a short amount of time that she’s has
    accomplished on YouTube to open up doors for her to be able to have a music
    career it took dedication and hard work for her
    to do that no one handed her that and for her to be able to hand off to you
    automatic benefit from her success to be able to help you to establish a channel
    that can take you just as far as it took her and now you think you continue to
    continually need to have her opinion videos for you that’s not showing that
    you have any dedication to it yourself like you got to make the risk that this
    happened for yourself okay you can’t ride on the kotel or your
    sister you got to make the Rashid did her part and she didn’t have to just cuz
    she is your sister she didn’t have to do that
    she didn’t have to do anything but she did which shows you her heart towards
    you she tried to set you up for success and not failure but she really don’t owe
    you that and for you to make video slander slandering her and talking about
    her and leaving accusations toward her shows that you’re a very bitter you’re
    very angry and you don’t even care anything about her my opinion once again
    and for her mother who may feel like she don’t have control over what her
    daughter does Tina does I disagree with that because not only is Queen put you
    in the house it might not have been house you wanted in the neighborhood she
    wanted and the car might not be what you want it but again she did more for you
    than most people are able most children are able to do for their kids I mean
    their parents so whatever she gave you a deal for you I will be 100% grateful who
    cares about the name-brand of a car your child bought you a car who cares about
    your child puts you in the house and not only is that house housing you that
    house is housing her sisters and brothers that are attacking her and so
    yes you have control over whether or not that child if you have somebody living
    with you and they’re your child even if they’re grown even if they’re grown and
    they still live with you I don’t care how high you’re growing your high ground
    your child if their child still live with you you got the right to tell them
    what they can and cannot do in your house the minute they don’t want to
    listen to you they get out and that’s the end of the story ain’t no child too
    grown to still be living with a parent and a parent can’t tell them what to do
    so – miss Tina that’s living in the house where Queen night
    is paying the bills how dare you attack your own sister that’s providing the
    roof over your head and you’re riding in the very car that she is providing
    transportation to her mother that is very disrespectful like she doesn’t owe
    you anything she’s done like she said if she don’t do nothing else for y’all ever
    again in life she has helped you on a platform to be able to provide for
    yourself just like she got over three million subscribers you can continue to
    get over three million subscribers why use your sister’s name in a bad light to
    give other people fuel to attack her like why would you want to add the
    Indian on top of that you’re attacking her and giving other people fuel to
    attack her but then you wanna talk you want her to turn around and do something
    for you and help you like I said before that’s a no-go you can’t attack me and
    then expect for me to help you with nothing like the minute you’ve made up
    your mind that you wanted to attack me was the minute you was on your own
    forever henceforth and forevermore end the story
    because you have shown me your character and you show me that you will do it
    again any time you don’t get what you want now
    you’re going to attack me no I can’t host no birthday party for you I can’t
    do nothing for you okay so I just think that there are different perspectives in
    different sides of the story who’s right and who’s wrong at this point if I had
    to pick a side even though I know Queens mother Queens mother loved her
    and I know she wants the best for her child and I know from a mother’s
    perspective that she sees and foresees things that Queen is not able to foresee
    but at the same time Queen is a grown woman cream has more
    obligations and responsibilities now that she has a record deal and she’s
    gonna be in the public eye she has more responsibilities than she just had
    before when she was just your regular daughter doing YouTube she has more
    responsibilities now and now in addition to having those more responsibilities
    she has more responsibilities to her new child and if she gets married then she’s
    gonna have more responsibilities to her new husband and she’s still trying to
    step up to the plate to be a mother to CJ she has a lot a lot on her plate and
    anybody that is not helping her with all of that stuff on her plate is causing
    her more frustration more burdens more insanity to go on in her life like if
    you are a family member or friend close to her you would not even want to ever
    put on a topic of conversation where another media source can go out there
    and blast her like she don’t need that she don’t need that additional publicity
    to her career like don’t you want her to be successful because the more
    successful she becomes the more she’s going to be able to help you with you
    already see her heart you already see that she’s a giver and
    that she’s going to give to you and take care of you so you would want her to be
    successful and I put any stumbling blocks or hinders in her way
    like that’s my thought on the Queen Nigel situation if I had to pick a side
    right now I would pick Queen I decide because I see things from her
    perspective even though I think that she has made a few mistakes but we all have
    we all have made mistakes and we all live and learn from our mistakes and she
    has to be allowed the freedom to make her own mistakes unfortunately
    we can’t live our children’s lives for them we have to let them make their own
    mistakes and if we love them we’re just gonna uphold them and keep them up in
    prayer so basically my remedy to this situation ending is Queen I love you
    girl I’m constantly praying for you and your family and I don’t think you should
    make another video in response to anyone don’t do it that’s beneath you and you
    were better than that and to Queen dowager’s mother and her sister and her
    friends I would not make another video about Queen Nyjah unless it was a good
    positive video thanking her encouraging her I would make another video to give
    anybody else anything to say or to attack her or to cause her any
    additional stress in her life I just wouldn’t do it so you guys that is my
    video for today I hope you enjoyed this video don’t forget to give this video a
    thumbs up don’t forget to leave lots of comments down below don’t forget though
    press the subscribe button turn on notification build and Bo so you can see
    more of tasty mukbang tasty mukbang tasty mukbang tasty my play tasty Luke
    banger look a bang one of my subscribers saying my Cobain taste my Cobain eats
    y’all thanks for watching bye now

    Boating Safety – Non Drinking Captain
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    Boating Safety – Non Drinking Captain

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    [theme music] Sure love a day on the water. Looking forward to getting the crew back together though. How about you. I yeah should be a
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    The Year of the Golden Fish. Russian Movie. StarMedia. Melodrama. English Subtitles
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    The Year of the Golden Fish. Russian Movie. StarMedia. Melodrama. English Subtitles

    August 18, 2019

    So you think these are better? Let me see… What do you think, which are better —
    these ones… You should try them on. I like it! Oh, don’t look, turn away! No, no, I’m not looking! – You’ll see everything tomorrow!
    – I’m not looking! Tomorrow is tomorrow. That’s that! Turn away! Ok, I have turned away. Did they call you
    Are you having a shoot? Yes, I’m having a shoot today. And what are you doing in the evening? And in the evening
    I’m having a hen-party. What are you having tonight? I’m seeing my girls. I see. Will you pick me up then
    I want them to look at you. – I want them to see how handsome you are!
    – Of course, I will! Don’t look at me, Vadik! I’m not looking! I can see that you’re looking! No, no, I’m not! – Oh, please, stop looking at me!
    – OK, OK, I won’t! Goldfish Year Here you are. Can you please check over if
    there are those guys with cameras? Oh, don’t emote —there is no one there!
    Moreover, we are blacked out here. – Really?
    – Of course, don’t worry! Still, could you leave in a
    couple of minutes after me… Why? I don’t want them to know
    everything before the time comes. After all, there are my fans… But you’re getting
    married to me, not to them. But still… Well, OK. OK? OK, OK, OK… Look, let’s go somewhere! To some kind of the island.
    A deserted island. We could spend there at least a week.
    There would be no fans, no one. Of course, I’ll drop everything now
    and will go to a deserted island! After the concert, OK’? Thank you! Excuse me! Yes, I excuse you. I just wanted to say that
    I also sing in this show… And I wanted to tell you
    that I admire you so much! You’ve always been for me… Please, just tell me
    what you want from me! You see, everybody says
    that I need a good composer. Someone like your composer. And I thought that you
    could give me an advice… What is your name? Zina. But in the show I’m Aelita. It was the producer’s idea.
    And I hoped that you could… I have a very expensive composer, Zina. And if your producer is unable
    to buy you a knobby song, change your lover and that’s all. But I don’t mean that… And I mean that. If you don’t
    understand that you’re just stupid. Hurry, hurry! Come on! What’s up Lada, honey, it’s
    high time for you to be here! What’s happened? Why, is it my turn? No, it’s what’s his name lsidor.
    And you’re after him. Everybody, cameras are
    on, hands up! Hands up! Don’t shirk, work, please! Come on, come on! Oh, my girls! Good girls! – Vlad!
    – Oh, Lada… Can I go onstage now instead of lsidor? – What’s up with you Of course you can’t!
    – Why not? What do you mean? The dancers are onstage,
    lsidor’s track is loaded… But it is very important for me!
    I implore you! Nothing will happen. Let
    him work, and then you will. – Please, tell them that I will go first!
    – Me? Please, please, tell
    them that I will sing now! No, I won’t.
    If you want, tell them yourself. Ok, I will!! Lada, what’s wrong with you? Look, lsidor, hi! May I go first?
    And you’ll sing after me, Ok? Are you nuts? No, not at all. I just won’t tell you wife
    who I saw you in the make-up room with. OK’? Deal. You’re such a bitch! All right! I love you, my dear! Let’s go, girls… I will be the next. Ok… Look, these are nice as for me…
    Will they do? Yes, thank you. – Will you take them?
    – Yes. Look at that! It’s Goldfish! What fish? Goldfish, the singer! Look at her! Here she goes! Hi, Girls! – Hi!
    – Hello! You’re so beautiful! Why are you wearing sun-glasses? Oh my God! Look at this! What is it there? I’ll show you now! Wow, very spicy Here you are. Lada, how did you manage
    to take him to the marriage office? The main thing is to prove the man
    that he is serious in his intentions. Other things are simple to accomplish. Yeah, your fans will bewail your wedding. Oh, girls, if you could
    only imagine how tired I am! – Don’t change your last name!
    – Of course, I won’t! Goldfish is one thing,
    Ivan ova is an other. Right… – Is he lvanov?
    – Yes, he is. Is he handsome? He is tall. Oh, girls, I missed you so much!
    How are you? Not that perfect! Asia, do you have any problems? No, I don’t. Why
    Masha’s life is harder. Asia! Why? What about me? I mean, it’s hard when
    you’re an single mother. I’m fine. I have my son and my job… Your problem, Asia,
    lies in your laziness. You don’t want at least to
    try and leave your teaching! What for I can leave
    teaching and then what? You have changed you job and now what? You’re rich, you have all those
    massages and swimming pools. Does it make you happier? Jealousy is the worst feeling. It has harmed the most
    of the world’s population. I don’t mean that! Girls, don’t quarrel! It’s senseless. I’m fine
    and I don’t need anybody! I’m quite independent.
    I entered the university myself. And I helped the workers
    at the building yard to carry bricks. And the fact that I own the company,
    Asia, means that I created it myself! – And you’re complaining.
    – I’m not complaining! – You do, my dear.
    – Who told you that I’m complaining? I have dozens of admirers! You see, they are all
    handsome, tall and married. Here she goes again… I would marry even an elderly man! A foreigner. And I would go abroad.
    But for my mother… I have only one dream —
    I want to marry! Like her! You just have to know
    exactly what you want. And then you will certainly get it. If it is meant for you, you
    will have it sooner or later. So, what is there? I couldn’t see anything!
    There are curtains on the windows. Girls! Each of you will write about her
    ideal man on a piece of paper. Wait a second, I don’t get
    it! You mean, point by point? What he is supposed to be like… Exactly! I will take
    these notes with me. And I promise that in a year
    you’ll have your dreams come true. I bring luck. Why in a year Why not straightaway? Because you can’t have
    everything straightaway! Do you have a piece of paper? I don’t. Are you serious? Come on.
    It’s clear that it is not serious… It IS serious! And I will write. Give
    me a piece of paper. – What? Masha!
    – Give me the paper! – Have you grudged the paper?
    – Give me the paper! – I won’t stint a piece of paper!
    – What’s the odds She wants to write! I can donate a page from
    my appointments book. Here you are!
    Do you need a pen, too Write! OK. I want to marry an artist. Masha! Look, what is his name This one? Oh my God… What is his name? lsidor. lsidor. Is he adequate? Yes, he is… he’s just… Well, I want to marry lsidor. Here, I have written that — you saw it! Where will I find him I don’t
    visit those bohemian parties! It’s not your concern!
    Asia! Write down your wish! – I will write!
    – Come on! I will! Asia. I want to meet an intelligent
    foreigner, who’s about 45. That’s a raving! Yes, it is! Here you are! What is it? Nina doesn’t write — she’s afraid
    that we’ll see that she dreams of a prince. No, a prince would be too
    young for me. I need a king. None the worse.
    I want him to be my equal. Rich! Why rich, Asia It’s all apple sauce! I want to be happy. I want to
    be love, and to love myself. Where can you find such a man? What do you mean? Where can you find him? I don’t know. You have found your Vadim! Oh, girls, Vadim is the only one! – Write, please, don’t be afraid!
    – What should I write? What if it comes true
    After all, she owes you. Who introduced Vadim
    to her Come on, write! – What would I write?
    – Write: I need a king… Write the way you said
    it yourself — a king. But it’s a raving! All right, let it be.
    A king. Is that all And write your name — Nina. Oh, yes, Nina. What a nocturnal! Here, get your paper! What a nonsense! Well, girls, I’ve got to go! I’m waiting for you tomorrow at my wedding. Don’t forget your passports, OK’? Why ls everything that serious? Yes, it’s because I’m afraid
    of paparazzi and strangers. Ok, girls, I love you! Bye! Bye-bye! See you tomorrow! Oh! – You’d better wear your glasses.
    – No, my eyes have got tired. I should have written “at the age of 40″… Lada Vladimirovna,
    wait a second, I’ll get the car! What car Vadim is waiting for me! Why are you sitting here Go outside! Mother… But you’re… No! No! It can’t be true…it can’t be true… Calm down, Lada, calm down… Mother… It’s not fair! Why me? Oh, my girl… Tell me, why me, mother? Calm down, Lada, my girl, calm down! I haven’t done it, mother! What could you do? I wanted to manage so much… What did you want to manage? I wanted to do so much,
    I wanted to manage so much, Mother! Mommy! What are you holding? And I will write!… …I will!… …I want to marry… an artiste… …In a year everything
    will come true… …What should I write?… …Write…a king… Nina, do you still work
    with Lada’s fiance, Vadim Yeas, we do. How is he? He seems to keep up but nobody
    knows how he really feels. It was so absurd… I can’t believe that
    it happened a year ago. A year Can it be true? Yeah… OK, thanks for a lift. – Oh, come on!
    – Bye! Bye-bye! – Hi!
    – Here you are! Hi! How are you here? Everything is fine. He’s sleeping. I put him in bed at
    8.30 PM. He’s sleeping. Great! What did you have to eat? Sasha didn’t want to eat borsch
    so I made some porridge for him. Great! What would I do without you! It’s OK! Sweet dreams, my baby. Sleep. Did you have supper? Sure! Borsch and sandwiches. Thank you! Go home now. Ok. Get enough sleep today! Oh, it’s not a problem! We’ve learned the tale
    “The Buzzy Bee” by heart. What do you mean All the lines? No, until the place when
    the mosquito comes to her. Good boys! Let me help you. Sorry for keeping you so long here! Oh, it’s OK! Well, thank you! I shall go. Bye! Bye. good night! – See you!
    – See you tomorrow! Bye! – Bye-bye!
    – Good bye! Misha is a good guy. I see. He’s not a good match. You need lsidor. Yeah, nobody knows what it is.
    Go and ask her. Maybe. Maybe.
    Look what a cat dragged in! Do you know what time it is? – I’m telling her about the time…
    – Oh my God! It’s five o’clock in the morning. Yes, I’m telling her what time it is. Albina Mikhailovna is the same.
    Why don’t you say anything? I’m 35, mother! Already. Did you hear that She’s a big girl now. When you get married, you can…
    But now… I don’t know. Yeah, how can I get
    married with your control? I don’t even have any
    place to date anyone! And I don’t have anyone to date… It seems hopeless. – It’s a nightmare.
    – It’s a dread. Who did you want to meet
    a year ago Did you forget it? Well, who was that A foreigner. 45 years old. Intelligent. Have you changed your mind? Oh, God! If I could only escape
    from you I’d even go abroad! Oh, don’t cry! I’ll take care about it! The New Year is coming… Oh, mom, the New Year is coming! I know… The New Year is coming. A Christmas Tree Artificial, of course. And we’ll invite Father Frost! Lady! Oh,thank you! My pleasure, lady! Lady! Maybe the lady could tell
    where this address is? Can you hold it? It’s so far from here!
    What are you doing here? But I was told that
    Pshorkin street is here… Yes, Pshorkin street is here.
    And you need Proshkin street. The phone number is also
    strange. It’s not our district. Major Proshkin street
    is a suburb. It’s far! Oh, it’s a pity! My teacher lives there! I’m a teacher, too! I compassionate you. OK, I’ll try to get a taxi. Good luck! Happy New Year! Happy New Happiness! Asia! Asia, are you nuts? Lady! Lady! Come on, hurry up! Asia! This is my mother. Mother, this is Valdek.
    He saved me and the cake. My pleasure. Where are your wineglasses? I’ll do it myself! Happy New Year! Happy New Happiness! Valdek Have I said it right? Asia! Here you are! Our beautiful girl! We are lucky to have managed it! Happy New Year! Happy New Year! Oh, good, good! Valdek, take off your coat! Take it off! Valdek! They made it! He’s not Valdis, he’s Valdek!
    Is he from Poland? Poland. People’s friendship! Pour the champagne! Where exactly do you live in Poland? Where do you live? In Warsaw. And I’ll have vodka… I heard that Krakov is
    a very beautiful city! Would you like to sit next
    to my mother! Over here! OK, I will! Oops! Oh, don’t worry, it’s for luck! Everything is fine! Wonderful! It’s nothing! It could be worse! Shall we eat or drink now? Ladies, why are you so shy today? Would you like some mineral water? Oh, Valdek, what is the life like there? Do you still have collective farms? Are you crazy? Why? And what is his name? We farms here now! What about you? It’s Asia’s piano. She has been
    doing music since she was four. She’s got an absolute hearing! Oh, mother! I see. Asia, don’t be so shy! I can’t, what are you… She also writes poems! Right! She’s such a smart girl! And so beautiful! Yes, a little! I’m very sorry for my
    intrusion. But I’m ready to… Always prepared? …to rehabilitate! Lady, will you allow me? Of course, of course! Valdek, it’s Asia’s piano! Mother, everybody has heard about it! Would you like to have another
    drink? Who will join me? Sit down. Here is a chair. Can you pour me more champagne? Sure! With pleasure!
    Give me your wineglasses! Where did she get him? I don’t know! It’s interesting! He’s quite bold but he’s
    intelligent and he’s a foreigner. Who is he? I don’t know! He plays well! Where did you get him? I found him in the street!
    Does it serve your turn? She found him in the street! Hi, guys! Let me kiss you! Oh. my girls! Oops! Oh, I’m sorry! Maybe it’s enough? Why did you get loaded again? You’re a freak. Nobody will need you. And where is your voice? Where is it? My voice is within me Got it? I must have missed something! Look, Varvara, what are you striving for? Do you want me to leave now? Who will you stay with? How old are you if not
    to think of your uplifts? And who did this ble… -blefaroplastica-
    mblefaroplastica surgery? You said you uplifted your eyelids only. You can tell this to your
    housemaids You got it? You have uplifted all
    your face a hundred times! How rude… How rude… You can’t even shut your mouth! Why are you smiling?
    Why are you grinning? Do you think I’m a child?
    Do you think I’m your puppy? I’ll stand up and leave now. Got it? Someone will be there for me. So? So, what are you waiting for? Go away! Come on! Come on, stand up! OK, I will! – And…
    – What? Get champagne. Can I have it Keep your hair on! Excuse me. Happy New Year, Varvara! Happy holiday, mister officer! Take it! Happy holiday. Why did you let him in? Let him celebrate the
    holiday in a warm place! You’re Mother Theresa! But it’s a holiday! Right, it’s a holiday! And as it’s a New Year holiday… – What is wrong with you?
    – What? What is wrong Has my mascara spread? No… What is it then? – I don’t know.
    – The hairdo is new. Right? No, I have noticed the hairdo. Misha! Oh, I have got my ears pierced. You see? Oh, and I thought you
    had plucked your eyebrows! Are you a fool? Ok, let’s have a drink yo New Year. And I wish you that all your
    wishes in the New Year… Get your hands off me… Move on. Oh my God! Come on, slowly! Very well! Happy New Year! Get your present! Couldn’t you take him to the
    nearest sobering-up station? It’s too far! We’d have to walk 15 minutes! And we also want to stay in
    a warm place with some champagne! So let this prince sleep here. Register him quickly and
    put him into the lockup. Where did you find him? We didn’t. Traffic police officers did. He was fighting and cursing.
    And he doesn’t have any documents. Let’s go, stranger! OK! Let him sleep sober, we’ll
    take care of him tomorrow! I’ve warmed and refreshed myself.
    Thanks, I’ll go and help him! I don’t understand you, my dear! I did my best! Don’t you see whom I have brought to you? Open your eyes! Don’t back off as Asia does. You don’t know who I am!
    You just don’t know me! All of you are the common ruck. You’ve not deserved to
    wipe dust from my boots! …and shoes! Look, it’s him… Who? My wife adores him… I don’t know him. You don’t even realize who I am! Maybe I should ask for an autograph? Where should we put
    him Into the lockup? Let him sleep sober! OK, get him here. To the couch. This is me! Well, let’s go to the couch. Shut up, Popov! Shut your mouth! Yes, over there. Carefully. It’s yours. Thanks! You’re welcome! This is our family business. My father established it.
    We work globally. Through Moscow and Belgrad offices. Mister Vilyanovich, we
    certainly will co-operate! I don’t even doubt that! Family is the symbol of
    traditions and decency. We are a vivid example of family business. By the way, my older brother
    is in charge of Belgrad office. And I run the Moscow one. I think that is exactly who you need. He is the one you wanted! Equal to you, and the most
    important is that he likes you! It’s a wonderful evening, isn’t it’? Yeah… You look great today! Thank you! – Where were you?
    – She’s coming! – Here she is! Happy New Year!
    – I’ve been waiting for you here! Happy New Year! – Hi!
    – Hi! I heard you have problems
    with the Security Service. I can help you if you want. Oh no, it doesn’t matter! I’ll solve my problems
    myself! Thank you! Whatever. Look, I have an original offer to you —
    would you like to dance? I haven’t danced for ages. I see. Maybe you’d like to go to a restaurant? We are in the restaurant. Right. Then maybe… To the Zoo? To the Zoo. It’s funny. So, I will go. Go. Bye. Bye-bye. Nina, Happy New Year. Happy New Year. I’m such a fool! No, you’re not a fool. Yes, this is police…
    Hello, lady, I can’t hear you. Popov, will you stop singing? Shut up now otherwise you’ll
    be free in a second! Got it’? And who will wash the floors Pushkin? Yes, Pushkin. Bring the case before the
    court. You will get the divorce. What does he overwhelm you with? He overwhelms you with flowers? Oh God, who would ever
    overwhelm me with flowers? And what flowers do you like the most? What? What… What flowers do you like? Orchids! Orchids… Wow, give me a pinch! Hello! And where is… Oh, good afternoon, Maria! I’m here to thank you
    that you haven’t left me for the mercy of fate
    on the New Year day. And helped me… It wasn’t me, our guys helped you. But you didn’t let me plank
    dishonorably in such an evening. Her eyes, her kindness are
    the brightest memories I have. And I decided to…
    How can I give them to you? Can I come in there? Can I? You see, you can’t go in there. It’s not allowed. It’s prohibited. Can I have your autograph? Of course, you can! Can you hold it? And an autograph for me? Thanks a lot! Can I talk to the lady, please? Give me the bouquet. I have brought for you. Yeah… Wait a second! Open the gate! I have opened it. This is for you. Thank you! I’ve come to talk to you. I thought that you’re a police officer and you know about the
    accommodation market. What do you mean? You see, I have some circumstances.
    I have nowhere to live. I need an apartment and I
    thought you could rent it to me. But I don’t have a spare flat. I’ll be satisfied with
    a room or a corner. I live not alone. Oh, is that man your husband, right? What husband? Well… Oh, Misha! No! He’s not my husband! So, he’s not your husband? I don’t have a husband. And maybe we’ll marry in that case? – Masha!
    – What? Masha! What is it? Did you say “Yes”? Not yet. I said that I had to think it over. I just don’t understand! She’s going to marry nobody knows who! What does it mean “nobody knows who”? What do you mean? Everyone in our country knows him! Bohemian. Masha, and have you had? Well Oh, no. Oh, come on! Look, girls, wait a minute! He must be married! Isn’t he? Oh no, not anymore. He left his wife. Left her Are you sure? Of course! Do you think he’s lying? And what is that to you? Oh, Masha! Doesn’t
    your artist juggle you? Lada! What? Do you remember our wishes
    we wrote on a piece of paper? What did we write? We all made our wishes —
    you and I… and Asia. Oh, come on, girls! Asia! Lenya, bring us some vodka, please! I made a wish to meet a foreigner! Who? Valdek! His name is Valdek. He is a composer from Poland. Hallo. Hi, Vadim. Look, I’ll call you later, OK’? Thanks, bye. Who is this Vadim? Just Vadim! This is it that Vadim? Yes, this is that Vadim! Asia, tell her! – Oh, Nina!
    – Leave me alone! Here you are. But there are three of us… Hi! Your punctuality, Mrs… U Miss! Oh,thank you! Not at all! You can make
    fun of me as much as you can! Why, have you been waiting for long? Have you been waiting for long? I’ve almost become an iceberg! Poor thing! But it’s not my fault! What time is it at your watch? And mine shows this! Asia, this is like a kinder orchard! Kindergarten! Right! You behave like a little girl! Why do I have to apologize all the time? Oh, Valdek, don’t be offended, please! I had an extra class with my children,
    and after that a prosody coterie. What coterie? We write poems! What poems? Good ones! About nature,
    about weather, about love! Something like this: “I will weave the pattern of my road, Oh God, I can feel no distance any more,
    My towns disappear, My desire is a shadow of silk, I can rent the sky and say good bye to all, Only the winds whisper endlessly.” Who wrote that? A little girl. We have to go to you home. Now. What do you mean, Valdek? Hurry, hurry! Wait a bit, I can’t, it’s too fast! You will have to learn. What for? You will have to fit me. Why do I have to fit you? Oh, God, what is it? Because because we’re getting married! And you’re leaving! With me. How did you say? What exactly? The poem about love! “I will weave the pattern of my road” “I will weave the pattern of
    my road”. Why do you need it? Valdek, Valdek!
    Why didn’t you come earlier? This is what I’ve been looking for. Asia. Who wrote it? I did. Me. I mean, I. Honestly. Will you marry me? Mother hasn’t changed. Good evening, Mrs. Albina! Hello! Mummy, Valdek proposed to me. It’s nice. Excuse me. Mummy! Mummy! It’s OK, they will make it out! Yeah… They will make it out. “I will weave the pattern of my road, Oh God, I can feel no distance any more, My towns disappear, My desire is a shadow of silk, I can rent the sky and
    say good bye to all, Only the winds whisper endlessly. I hear the voices singing, A crystal world, My heart is like ether. A crystal world, My heart is like ether. There are so many clouds, I can’t hear you coming, The sun is rising, A dove will fly away, We’ll never come back, never! A crystal world, My heart is like ether. A crystal world, My heart is like ether.” Hello! I have always admired your punctuality. Thank you! Please! Thanks! Do you like this place? It’s quite cozy. I’m glad to hear that. Your invitation was unexpected.
    Why did you invite me? We are partners, Nina Vitalyevna! Isn’t it possible for us to meet
    and spend some time together? Of course, it is but… I thought that… Yes. You understood everything correctly. I have an offer to you. I am all attention. Sorry. Did I understand you right? We are people of business, Miss Pavlova. Our marriage and the
    merger of our companies will leave no possibilities
    for our competitors. You will have everything. And what do you think, I don’t have? Power. We’ll have absolute power and priority at the real estate
    market in your country. This is a good speech for the press. Do you want me to make it simpler? I do. But why? I don’t love you. And you don’t love me. But it’s not a good reason
    to decline my offer. Unions of hearts are made in heaven, and marriages of convenience
    are made at the notary’s offices. This is the difference. Then I will be more specific. I’m in love. But not with you. Can it be the reason? I won’t give him to you, got it? I don’t know what I’ll do,
    but you won’t be with him! Well, I’m very sorry. Really. My heart is broken. I’m sure that you will be able to cure it soon. Keep it. It’s a present. But it’s a very expensive present. I’m not that meticulous.
    Let it be a little souvenir. And I beg you to keep
    it as we are partners. Well, only if this is a
    present from a business partner. Great. I have another offer to you. There is a plot available. And you may buy it. Why don’t you buy it yourself? I’m a foreigner. lsidor! Stop everyone! Police! Don’t move or I’ll
    shoot! Get into the car, quickly! You amaze me! They are my fans! Are you a fool? Pull over the car! Oh, wait, I didn’t mean to say that! Masha, you see, people don’t dangle a gun before my eyes every day! I was scared! I don’t have a gun! Really? I must have
    got the wrong impression. And these fans could tread
    you and your guards to pieces! Oh, come on! Or tear you apart! Tell me, please, why do you
    always go out the service entrance? And how should I go out? How In some other way. As all people do. They come and go through the front door! And wear something more decent! Is there any problem with my clothes? And use some make up, disguise
    yourself with false mustaches and a hat… I don’t know. Oh, come on.
    You wear a uniform all the time! I have just finished my work. Yeah, sure! I didn’t have anytime to change. Come off it! And it’s my birthday today! Really? Why didn’t you say anything? Happy birthday to
    You! Happy birthday Hey, drive us to my favorite! Happy birthday, Masha! Champagne! Look, Masha, I’ve got an idea! What do you think about working for me? Doing what Being a dresser? Why a dresser? Don’t offend me!
    You can be a security officer! Why, it’s funny — a chick is my bodyguard! Oops, sorry. A lady-guard. It sounds funny! Yes, right… And when
    will I bring up my son? Is that a big deal?
    There are plenty of nannies! Hi! Hello. Did I wake you up? Oh, no, don’t worry! I’m driving. Did you want anything? I just was thinking… What were you thinking? I was thinking that
    maybe I could come to you. Just for a little while. In ten minutes I will be at home. OK. Bye. Thanks. Sorry, I… I want to get drunk but I can’t. Maybe it’s time to recall
    that you’re still alive? What did you say about some plots? It doesn’t matter. Yes, there is a plot, a good plot. It belongs to some Mashkovich. I’m planning to build three houses there. Why doesn’t he build there himself? Who Oh, he’s getting married. To a model. And it looks as if he is going abroad. It’s a strange story.
    And it’s a strange gift. You should check him up.
    I can do it if you want. No, don’t. I’ll take care of it myself. Just don’t get offended,
    OK’? This is my business. What ever. Vadim! Let’s go home. What did you forget here? I’d rather go home. Did you forget anything? I don’t want to leave. Nobody asks you to. You may stay if you want. I’ll make a bed here for you. Why does it hurt so much, mummy? Why does it hurt that much’? You love him, my girl. I hate them. I hate my alive and happy girlfriends! I can’t do anything! Nothing depends on me!
    I can see it , nothing depends on me! Mother. Nothing! I want to leave. I want to leave. Sasha, hurry up! Hurry, hurry, operating group is coming! Come on! Masha, why are you so nervous? Everything will be fine! Hello. Hi. I’m waiting for in the yard. Hi, my baby, how are you? Misha, don’t wait for me. I’ll be at work soon.
    I’ll get there myself, OK’? Let me button up your coat. Show me your identity document. Misha, didn’t you get enough sleep? Who the hell are you’? Did you hear me Show me your ID! Misha! Your documents! – Misha…
    – Dream on! Misha, what are you talking about?
    Are you my mother or my father? Right! I’m nobody. But you have a son. The son who learned a poem
    for you for half a night. To wish you happy birthday. Oh God, he’s so mushy! He can bloody well
    congratulate her tomorrow! What are you doing? lsidor… Sasha… It was a great roundhouse punch! Do you think so? I think it was a knockdown. OK, let’s go or you’ll be
    late for the kindergarten. Get in! Take it! Got it! A knockdown is not a knockout. What’s up with you? Get off me! Where were you? I was here all the time! Come here! Open the door! Open the door! I would bump you! What plans do you have for today? Any suggestions?
    Cinema, theater, restaurant? Can you pass me my purse, please? I’m sorry. Don’t! I can do it myself. Wow! What is it? Give it to me! Give it back to me! – What is it?
    – Give it to me! It’s a souvenir. A souvenir
    from Vilyanovich. Give it up! Not a bad souvenir! He proposed to me and I refused. Satisfied? But you have pocketed the ring. Look, I’m not a girl. I’m a grown-up and independent woman. Can I make these decisions
    about taking presents myself? Can I? You must have confused
    me with someone else. No? Who have I confused you with? You called me Goldfish today.
    And I’m not a Goldfish. Where is it? – Asia, Asia!
    – Wait a minute! Mister Valdek, here are some
    chicken cutlets, salad and bread. Mother, what is it for? Are you going to be hungry on the train? — And mister Valdek will want to eat!Right?
    — In that case there is a dining-car! Just listen what she is talking about! This is her feature —
    she likes spending money. Blowing them off,
    especially somebody else’s. She absolutely doesn’t value them. Can you, please, control her. Sure, Mrs. Albina. And eat hot meals three times a day! Sit down before you leave,
    Asia, it is necessary! – Asia!
    – Where is it? Oh, here it is! Mummy, let’s go or we’ll be
    late, the taxi is waiting! I’m not going to the
    station. Go yourself, ok? Why? The shorter the parting, the less tears. I’ll come to your wedding! Right? Mister Valdek, I beg you
    not to delay having a baby! – We’re not that young. You understand me!
    – Mother, please! What I’m telling the truth! Mister Valdek understands me,
    we are not that young! We’ll do our best. Mister Valdek, it’s great! Farewell! Everything is fine, go! Behave prettily! OK, hurry!
    Go, go! Haven’t you left anything behind?
    Passport and tickets? Mommy, my bag! Your bag Wait a second,
    don’t cross the door! – I’ll give it to you!
    – Go, go! OK. bye-bye! Bye! OK, this is all. Well, well.. Valdek, take care of her!
    She’s such a delicate girl! I’ll do my best! – Why are you crying?
    – I don’t know! Come on, you’re getting
    married! You must be happy! Asia, it’s time! See you, ladies! Oh God, I don’t know what to say! See you soon! BYE-bye, my dear, bye! Call us, will you? Go, go! Asia! Asia, call us! Asia! – Valdek!
    – Good bye! Everything is gonna be all right! Enough! Go, go! Let’s go! Now we’ll get your suitcase, And will ask for tea. Haven’t you forgotten the documents?
    You’re so absent-minded! You’re my beloved little girl! I’m not going anywhere, Valdek! What’s wrong? Did I offend you? No, I’m not offended, I just… – Does it have to do with your mom?
    – She has nothing to do with it! I just can’t. Forgive me. You’re very sweet, really. But I… How are you? I’m very well. I’ve done a new deal.
    I’ve bought a plot. I’ve got a loan from the bank. And I’m building two
    16-storeyed buildings there. I’m fine. You’re always fine. Maybe you’re right. I told you! I told you
    not to call me anymore! Vadim, this is ridiculous! Really, I just don’t
    want to listen about it! Vadim, Vilyanovich has
    nothing to do with it all. Look, we are grown-up people. This is all. Why are you staring at me? Everything is perfect! Get in the car! Just look at it! What? Asia! That is Asia! What has happened? Asia! Asia, what’s wrong? I’d never! Let’s go! Mister Vilyanovich? I’m listening. I hope that you have
    received a good commission for having set up your main competitor? What do you mean? Confess that it were
    you who persuaded Nina to buy a plot from some Mashkovich! So what? It was a square deal,
    I just introduced them. But you know it perfectly well
    that Mashkovich is a bankrupt. Two months ago all his
    property was arrested. The deal is inoperative. But I really didn’t know
    that it was invalid! Oh, come on! You must have forgotten that
    all telephone conversations in you company get recorded. “Hold back the information
    about the court decision at least for the couple of weeks. If you manage
    to prolong this period — I pay double.” This is a falsification and a blackmailing. You’ll tell the court about it. Have a good day. We have a little problem. Asia! I thought that you
    are the most sensible of us. And you… I’m as stupid as you are. Yes, Rita, I’m listening. Nina Vitalyevna, it’s a disaster. What is it? The court decision has arrived, The plot, you bought, had been arrested
    to pay the debts of the previous owner. – The building has been stopped.
    – How could it happen? – Can you hear me, Nina Vitalyevna?
    – Calm down, Rita. – What shall we do?
    – Rita, calm down! – What shall I do, Nina Vasilyevna?
    – No panic! – OK, I’m calm.
    – That’s a good girl. Now, listen to me. Go and tell the staff
    that today is a short-time. In honor of what? In honor…l don’t know! What is the date? I don’t know. Stockbreeder’s day Let them
    go to their country houses! OK! We’ll manage it, right? Yes, you’re right. Well, Rita, we’ll be in touch. OK. What’s happened? Nothing special. I just have a problem. A big one. What do you mean? I that I’m a bankrupt. And Vadim was right. My wonderful fiance Vilyanovich
    decided to play revenge. All right, I’ll go and get
    a towing rope from my boot? Oh my God! What for? To hang myself. That would be the last straw. Calm down. Damn it! What is it? Have you seen this? Hey, lady! Miss! I don’t get it… Where is she going? – We’ll sort it out!
    – Where is she going? I don’t understand! Independent fool! Will you answer the phone? Why do you need her? You’re mine. You’re mine! Do you hear me? Pick up the phone! Vadim… Can you hear me? Why is it so cold here? Yes, hello. Vadim? Yes, this is me. Who is this? I was asked to call you. Nina Vitalyevna met with an accident. What accident? Not very long ago. It’s very serious. Where is she? At the hospital. What hospital? You won’t go there! “I will weave the pattern of my road, Oh God, I can feel no distance any more, My towns disappear, My desire is a shadow of silk, I can rent the sky and
    say good bye to all, Only the winds whisper endlessly. I hear the voices singing, A crystal world, My heart is like ether. A crystal world, My heart is like ether. There are so many clouds, I can’t hear you coming, The sun is rising… A dove will fly away, We’ll never come back, never! A crystal world, My heart is like ether. A crystal world, My heart is like ether.” Hurry, Misha, he’ll escape! He won’t! Your lsidor will rather escape from you. What lsidor? There is no lsidor! – What shall I do What shall I do?
    – Hold her tight! – I’m holding!
    – Hold her well, don’t joggle! Vadim, she’s bleeding,
    Vadim, I’m afraid of blood! – Get off my way?
    – Just hold her hard! Drive to the right! Can I do it myself? Do it, if you can. Give me the hand! Oh, not yours, her hand! Don’t leave me now, I beg you! Don’t leave, I love you, such a fool! Vadim, she doesn’t breathe! Nina, Nina, breathe! Nina! Nina, don’t leave me
    now, I beg you! Nina! Nina, breathe!
    Nina, don’t leave me, Nina! My girl. It’s over. It’s over! Operating section. Doctor, what’s new? Oh, don’t worry, you have a girl! – Congratulations!
    – Thank you! Vadim! You did your best! – Congratulations!
    – A girl! Congratulations! A girl is
    not a boy, of course, but… Let me kiss you! – Vadim!
    – Thank you. I want to go there! No one can see! – Wait!
    – Asia! Where are you going to? Hey, Misha, where are you going? – There!
    – Why are you going there? They all are going! And what do you want there? But they went there! – And why are you going there?
    – I just wanted to see. There is nothing to look at? But why did they go there? – OK, go and see!
    – I won’t go anywhere now! Why should I go there? What did you want to see there?

    Duluth Harbor
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    Duluth Harbor

    August 18, 2019

    Pat: So here we are down at the Duluth Harbor, quite a different scene then along the North shore. We don’t have the large rock outcrops and cliffs, but is still a very
    spectacular and great place to paddle. So the Duluth harbors is… a huge
    harbor and so as a sea kayaker there’s a lot of options, a lot of things
    to see. You could easily spend the day even two days paddling first on this
    side and on that side depending on the wind conditions. There’s so much to see, freighters, old tug boats some of the grain elevators are accessible. You can
    go and see what those look like. Obviously the lift bridge, probablby one of the
    most famous landmarks in Duluth. One thing you want to keep in mind is that
    this harbor is a working harbor, one of the busiest harbors in the United
    States. Even though it’s way inland, it’s still super busy and so we have a large freighters coming
    in, many over a thousand feet long and so you want to stay clear of the
    freighters and it’s recommended to
    stay at least a minimum of two hundred yards from any freighter. They don’t seem
    to be like they’re putting up a big wake or a lot of commotion, but they’re pushing a lot of water and the rudder and propeller in the back end,
    the stern is really kicking up some water and
    some eddy currents so be cautious.

    Boating Safety – PSA – One Summer Day
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    Boating Safety – PSA – One Summer Day

    August 18, 2019

    ♪ [Pianist playing “One Summer Day”] ♪ [insects in background] [coffee dripping] Hey sleepyhead your gonna have to learn to greet the day You heard that story about the early bird gets the worm right you gotta have a worm to catch a fish.. huh I thought that was pretty funny … no okay you want some juice? So anyway I figure we are gonna go over to Forked Cove that’s where we saw that hawks nest last year you remember that? Darrel over at the boat dock says if you go about halfway
    up that creek there’s a big ledge drop right there they ought to be stacked up right there we’ll get a bunch of them juice doing the trick? yep so do I get to drive the boat now that I’ve gone to boating education class Oh your legal now aren’t cha. well maybe if it stays slick and there’s not a lot of traffic out there we’ll let you drive
    when we get a ways out I want to go get the camera so you can get a picture of me driving the boat we can do that I think it’s in the gear
    bag by the door over there what about the lifejackets you have those? ahh not yet but they should be in the
    storage closet we need a throwable too yeah throwable I-I think we got something like that down at the boat ehh its early I think the fish are still sleeping what you lookin for I’m checking on lifejackets Dad and I are taking two and I’m seeing if there is enough for you guys. We’ll be fine Where are you guys goin? we are gonna do a little ledge fishing over
    at Forked Creek. You got a plan ahh we are going to take the girls out
    on the boat and the jet ski later this morning but they
    won’t get up to nine or so-so I guess we’ll hit the water about ten or
    eleven and Will you need to get out there with the girls
    on that jet ski oh no no no no we just
    completed boater education i still gotta take a boat ride with this kid right here I don’t know
    that age twelve is big enough to handle a ride like that I put Karen on one when she was 12 that way she learned how to ride it and take care of herself on the water Well that may be true but I’m not ready to get Will out one of those yet not to mention the fact that it isn’t legal Ehh we’ll see about that that sound alright to you Will? heck with these lifejackets the real question is…is there enough beer oh yeah yeah there’s plenty beer. Aaa I just need couple for when we’re done later good more for me You are not gonna drink that beer at 6:30 in the morning No No that’s a little early even for me Hey I would be careful with beer out on the water they’re really cracking
    down on drinking and driving out there on the lake What are the going to do pull over every boat on the lake eh ah They’ll light you up if the catch you drinkin and operating a boat out there we’ll keep an eye out you got dibs on that ice chest no I got one out in the boat that’s yours if you want it great alright you guys tear them up out there We’ll run out to the cove and check on you later We’ll be there you got sunscreen yeah Alright lets go Will let your dad catch a few alright no worry he always wears me out I’m goin back to bed ♪ You heard it. You heard your Uncle Ben right, you gotta let me catch a couple. [chuckling] alright set er right there [inaudible] alright lets see we got sunscreen camera we are good on fishing licenses hey dad, your lifejackets on your seat. ok hey we got all our secret weapons [tapping lid] right in here. we’re gonna do real well. ♪ [warning horn] beep Will you untie us there Yeah alright give me one sec yeah I got it got it ♪ [buckle snaps closed] click…click ♪ okay I guess I can let you take it to
    Forked Creek now you probably know how to do all this stuff but here’s what I
    want to remember when I say shut it down you shut it down ok ok ♪ Should I put the lanyard on? the what the lanyard oh the safety thing yeah yeah you got your life vest on clip it on there we’ll do it right ♪ Ok give her some gas let’s see how she runs. ♪ [chuckling] okay Alright can you see ok Not really alright trim it down trim it down there you go there you go alright you see that boat right there yeah I see it ok if he comes at us what you gonna do Pass him on the right ok ♪ ♫ [alarm beeping] beep beep beep uh [door opens] Karen…Amy it’s time to get up [door closes] Listen were gonna go out on the boat this morning if you guys wanna go you better get up you sleep okay Amy good we’ve got juice and cereal when your ready thanks Mrs. Hampton Boat and jet ski are ready as soon as we get things squared away in here we can be on our way what are you two doin still in bed lets go go go go or the boats gonna leave without you girls I’ve got the towels and the sunscreen now listen the idea is to get on the lake this morning so hurry Adam and Will headed out early this morning did you hear em eh uh I got up surprised them saw em off bet you surprised yourself to huh Will was looking like quite the little
    fisherman very serious taken after his dad poor kid well I hate to be to serious but
    would you put some sodas in here for me and the girls some water to. okay I got it I got it
    girls were headed to the docks get your suits
    on let’s go quit worrying about your hair (male radio announcer) FM 104 KKYK with hot Scott Shannon gooood moorning what a day its gonna get up to ninety degrees and low humidity so…♪ (Amy) Hey did we get the lifejackets ♪ probably if not its no big deal but we have to have them don’t we? there’s always a couple in the boat It’s no big deal ok Karen ♪ you and Amy can race us out to the cove or you can go find Will and get him on that jet ski introduce him to the water Uncle Ben style Ben, Will likes to fish. Will likes to fish but someday that boy gonna feel the need for speed Aint that right Karen Karen you don’t need to feel that need honey Here put these on I’m with you Mrs. Hampton I don’t really feel that need too much Did we take the only lifejackets or are there more on the boat No were fine Amy. there’s some in here somewhere You’re gonna look goofy with that thing fastened all the way up. [buckle clicks closed] click hey what happens if I fall off thought you ridden one of these before I have but I don’t do it all the time like you (Amy) What happens (Karen) I’ll stop and you’ll climb back on as simple as that What if you fall off too [chuckles] I won’t All right girls hang on have fun [warning horn] beep [engine turns over] rrrrr Honey go get that rope upfront would ya [over radio] (Scott Shannon) we count down the top 40 hits of all time the 40 greatest records ever produced all on this station with hot Scott Shannon [birds signing in background] you know what this place is not doing it
    for us we get more bites at the other spot you need one too to keep up funny smart guy days not done yet still though I think we ought to make a move what do you say we go check out those
    boat docks close to home we can head-on in soon after that sound
    good sure alright we’ll wind them up then we are outta here up Tell you what after we fish the boat docks I might let you take it in from there we’ll just have to see what the traffic
    looks like okay all right up Hey Amy it’s your turn no thanks. Maybe in a bit I’m enjoying swimming for now you know for it gets to late I want to track down Adam and Will I want to give Will a turn What is your deal with that? Ain’t no deal I just don’t wanna leave him out Come on he’s over on the east side of the lake if he isn’t We’ll just hang out for a while over at that cove by the Anderson place you never can sit still Well I’ll bet Karen doesn’t have a problem with that plan. what do you say Karen go hang out by your boy Anderson’s place whatever I’m not against it Amy you can ride with me [pianist playing variation of “one summer day”] You know this is probably going to be our
    last weekend up here until next spring You got a big school year coming up I can’t believe your headed to High school you scared nah ahh, you’ll be fine ♪ Come on girls Lets see you pop a wheelie on that thing whoo come on lets see what ya got Ben stop that she doesn’t need to go that fast Ben Susan, she’s havin a little fun she can take care of herself what do you think? would you rather been out jet skiing? I like fishing dad ♪ Ben I think that’s enough Karen ♪ back off Oh I got a big one, a monster right there one time right off that point right there back off that’s enough [inaudible] (Ben) Dad is the winner Whoo ♪ [inaudible] ♪ [screaming] Dad [screaming] Ben [screaming] Hold on [engines rev as boats maneuver to avoid collision] [suspenseful music] ♪ [splashing] ♪ [coughing and gasping for breath] ♪ (Karen) [inaudible] grab on (Karen) I can’t climb on I think my leg is hurt ♪ here here [labored breathing] Su-Susan [high pitched prop noise] [grunt muffled by water] ♪ [warning horn continuous beep] beep beep beep beep ♪ Ben Ben Oh my God…Ben Ben Ben [Pianist playing variation of “One summer day”] ♪ Dad ♪ Dad ♪ [aquatic sound] ♪ Dad (Susan yelling in background) [inaudible] Dad ♪ Ben Ben where are you Oh my God Oh my God Somebody please Somebody help me Please Oh God Ben where are you Karen ♪ [siren approaching] ♪ [siren stops] ♪ [chatter over police radio] [inaudible] you ok [inaudible] [female officer] mam are you ok [Susan crying] (female officer) help is here (Susan) Oh God (female officer) We’ll be right there Oh my God I can’t I can’t find Ben anywhere I can’t find Ben he was on the boat with me God somebody please get in the water and find him please [chatter over police radio] ♪ [inaudible] Oh God we hit a boat (male EMT) you hit a boat, which boat (Susan) I don’t know (male EMT) focus on me (Susan) ok (male EMT) your husband hit a boat in the water (Susan) yes in the water We got one missing in the water [chatter over police radio] are you hurt anywhere [inaudible] No neck, your necks not hurtin dizzy ok lets sit up ok now are you dizzy How long ago did this happen do you remember (Susan) Uh no Oh no Gonna put this C-collar on you gonna be a little uncomfortable ok Dawn she’s coming at you [chatter over police radio] once your patients are secure you want to assist us with the lady in the boat [inaudible medical chatter] [chatter over police radio] Were going to throw this buoy out to you and bring you in ok I gotta find my Dad Ok we’ll find your Dad Gotta find my Dad We’ll get help out here for you ok grab ahold of that hang on Good job Will On three were gonna pull you up ok one two three one two three there you go lets get that back board over here (Susan) [moaning] Oh God what were going to do is put you on a backboard (Susan) crying then were gonna move you over to this other boat ok now the other boats coming to look for your daughter and your husband they’re gonna look for them were going to take good care of you there’s an ambulance waiting on shore and were going to get you into the ambulance ok. this is a C-collar (Susan) Please can I just I don’t want to leave the boat I know until we find Ben [Chatter over Police Radio] this is the latest confirmation we have three ambulances on its way and one helicopter they’ll be landing at the launching ramp at mountain harbor and then we’ll take all of our patients to the ambulance to the dock on the other side of [chatter over police radio] ♪ Once again we get to explain to the family members how that piece of equipment right there would have saved their families lives ♪ it’s always the same every time isn’t it If we had a dollar Always the same ease up and I will pick it up you got it yeah alright reverse ♪ now that’s it yeah, if they only had that on ♪ ♫

    I found an EPIC treassure in Minecraft  – Part 6
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    I found an EPIC treassure in Minecraft – Part 6

    August 18, 2019

    Aye-o! Good morning gamers. It’s Minecraft Day. Heck yeah, my favorite day! I love Minecraft I am legit addicted to this game I am having so much fun Look at this! Look at my farm, it’s epic. And look at my- oh my God. I Feel like this probably goes against some rules and regulations. All right, who’s hungry? Who’s hungry? There you go. There you go Have it all Eat as much as you can ( subtitle by *I am HeRe *in description at bottom) Now the reason I did this is because we actually need to start murdering them because we’re going- Agh god dammit. Alright, I’m just gonna kill I’m sorry, PETA look away! Ah I need your meat. I’m sorry, they’re escaping! Stop them! Oh God What have I done? Oh God damn it~ *dies inside* Okay, al-all right the children gets to- WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY BOAT?! Ok that’s awesome, you guys can stay in the boat, that’s- *happy noises* Oh, you’re friends with Jørgan, You can stay. (r.i.p Jørgan) Why do I even have a farm, this is too- Look at all the children! Everyone: YoU wOuLdN’t KiLl A cHiLd FeLiX Felix: NO I WOULDN’T! (he’s lying) Oh my GOoOod Alright, ok. It’s- mmhm (No! Jørgan!) O- Jørgan! Jørgan! Sorry x4 (you better be) Alright, the kids get to live I’m that gracious, but I do need their meat because today we are going on epic Adventure That’s right everyone. We have these treasure maps and we’re gonna go and find Where it is it looks like it’s probably pretty goddamn far Epic! That is the cutest thing I have ever seen in my entire life oh yeah I made some ehh Improvement to the house as well. Got this new carpet got this new terrace. It’s pretty epic It’s whatever Oh yeah and these bad guys attacked me. So I put their banner on our epic Tree of Life Okay, Jørgan has to stay on this adventure. Actually, maybe I should bring him. Oh god, it’s too scary. so we are the tiny dot on the map. That’s so far dude. Is this one mirror? Oh, look, it- it- is it changing? it is changing. Oh god. This is so complicated, dude it is changing! Oh god. This is so complicated, dude All right. We’ll get Jørgan for this one. All right, Jørgan, let’s ride So we have to ride… this direction? Question mark? hey Jørgan’s friend. Hello. Jørgan’s friend. This is epic Oh God, we’re gonna need a boat, aren’t we? Uhh… or maybe not. so all the people in this village disappeared it- I don’t know why. it’s not like I was trying to blow up their house or anything (suspicious 🤔) But, turtle is still here! Hello, turtle and stone person(iron golem you pleb) is still here. Hello stone person So now, wait this is- now we’re going south How’d it go in on the map? Surely, this should be the way. or is it this way? Okay, wait, so… we need to go west we need to go this way *scared noises* Gee-Bali-Ba! Ugh, god damMIT! Yeah, it’s this way. No, it’s not *confused noises* Okay this way I don’t know how this works. Okay? I’ve never done this. I’m a gamer. It’s old gamer intuition That’s all I got. I haven’t shown everything I’ve been doing I’ve been playing offline for hours and hours, and I’m so hooked on minecraft But I haven’t done any adventure So I’m excited now to go on epic- Okay this is working, I think… no we’re just going up again, aren’t we? What about this way? I think we might have to get a boat. I don’t like this Will you be a good boy? (he is a good boy) Uh, Jørgan we’re gonna, we’re gonna do it like this Stay… (moves) Oh god, Stay (still moves) Jørgan *frustrated noises* Jørgan How did I not bring a shovel, to a goddamn treasure hunt map hunting thing this is what I get for- for forgetting EVERYTHING! Jørgan stop. wandering. off. My. god. I’ve already lost your brother now down the hole you go just be a good boy and stay in the hole here, have a flower don’t look at me like that. I’m sorry. I have to, that’s right- Woah, there’s another City there! *gasps* There’s another city! all right, Jørgan. Don’t worry. I know what I’m doing. Oh, yeah. *more scared noises My boat, where’d my Boat go? There you are. Awww, I feel bad for Jørgan. *evil laughter* Why do I care? (you sick frick) Maybe we can trade with these people. Maybe this city is less lousy than the other one. The city is being under attack Alright, then I won’t go then. okay, so now it would make sense that we just need to go in this direction At least if you ask me is it possible that the treasure is just underwater? I think that might be a yes (no) There’s wh- there’s light under the water. Is that Santa Claus? I can’t see I don’t have my glasses Oh my god, there’s so many citIES! *gasp* Woah! The map! the map is appearing! すげい…what is this? It’s a ship in the sand? question mark? Okay. Let’s remember where we parked our boat Is there a treasure map in here? I think I need dark wood. I don’t remember why I needed dark wood, but I think I do Nothing’s gonna stop me from getting this treasure. Oh god, I think it’s by the city Well, that’s perfect I’ll just place torches so I can remember how to- *even more scared noises* It’s sand zombies (Husks you noob) And so he ventured deep in the night This is just like aladdin. Am I right? (no you’re not) Oh God damn it I think I need the boat *skrattar du förlorar du* Or do I? *weird noises* I dOn’T hAvE mY gLaSsEs I’m PrAcTiCaLlY bLiNd wOw WhAt’S tHat? Ok we need to cross 360! Yeeaahh… Okay . Oh damn, I swim faster underwater Okay, we’re going- we’re getting close gamers. woah what is that? *gasps* that’s my other nether portal what? (you never played tuber simulator?) that’s crazy What- *even more scared noises* Hey He’s got a golden armor! stop! stop. stupid baby, I- I will kill a child I don’t care (told you he was lying) God these ones are… so wh- *gasps* Wow he rich boy Hypebeast (XD) Okay, alright gamers, we’re gonna find this treasure if it’s the last thing I’ll ever do so I see my direction right, where I’m facing. It’s kind hard to… This is faced away from it Alright and this is face towards it. Let’s see how my orientation skills Will pan out. that’s what I wanted to do. Ok should be… somewhere. Yeah, no problem, right? How in the gods earth am I gonna find this? GAMING WEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!!!!! Yeah yeah yeah OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHH Looks like Sun is almost up gamers. Oh, that’s me. When gaming week is over Gaming week for life. *happy noises* Alright, so I need a lot of dirt. Oh look at me I got arrows inside me. I need a lot of dirt So we can make an air bubble thing God what if we find Gucci pants in the treasure that would be so awesome How do you make an air bubble. listen I don’t have time for boat people Go back to the swamp shrek. Oh And the music kicks in at the perfect time and you’re having an epic adventure looking for minecraft Okay, so I don’t know if this is the most effective way to do it Knowing myself most no, No it isn’t why is there no scuba equipment- in minecraft? (good question) They had nine years to add it get out of my way What an irony to dig up treasure map we have to build That’s called a paradox my minecraft children It actually makes it easier with sand cuz then I can just drop them drop them faster minecraft I ain’t got time notch I feel like this is the time where in my audience this is cringing at me Like what is he doing it? (what ARE you doing?) Listen, I don’t know Okay, I’m not pretending that I know all I do know is like subscribe for more epic minecraft. Okay, come on Straight down here should do it. Okay. Let’s go gamers Hopefully we don’t drown So, how do I know how deep it goes oh I’m drowning. I’m drowning. I’m drowning gamers. If I didn’t could if I didn’t oh god, I’m opposite drowning. Can I assume in at least? smelly Must be here somewhere Maybe just dig deeper Question mark my name is Jeff. Like where is it? Where is it? God? Dammit. Jurgen is waiting for me He’s gonna be so pissed dude Maybe I can make an airlock underneath the water and I will make it easier for me to just mine Alright dolphin I don’t have time for you My being pranked is it a thing? Maybe it’s like has to be surface level and I’m just digging super deep It’s harder to find these math and diamonds Okay, I Give up. I’m starting to think there was no treasure. Oh my god, but at least we had fine I’ll get them at the llamas are gone. Alright, well, at least we can explore what we were gonna do last episode. Whoa It’s like a pyramid That’s awesome. Can I go what in the world is that this place makes zero sense? Whoa, look at these, This time No Traps Okay, here we go gamers. No stepping on trapssssss Ok (my name is eatnoodls and I’m getting tired of subtittling this so please enjoy the rest of google’s auto-translate.) Gamer learned from my mistakes diamonds. Oh my god Man I run horse armor. Your again is gonna be so happy. Oh my craft Oh *le inhale* OOOOOOOOO!! HOO HOO! This is better than any treasure the trip was worth it after all Oh God Felix, maybe you shouldn’t be greedy You literally cannot carry anything else. Okay gamers. Let’s go. What if we yergon starved to death in the hole? *giggly boi* Please please be in the hole. Please be in. Oh my god. You’re in the hole yorgan! *happyness noises* Yeah! it worked! Did you have a good time? uh, dude, i got a carrot eat the carrot *eat it yorgan goddangit* how do i give him the carrot? (through its mouth, felix) All right, cool. Well anyway, I have a present for you. oh, My god, oh my god! you look so good yorgan! *wheeze 100* you dont mind if i have the carrot, do you? (he sat in a hole for a day felix, he needs the carrot) thank you whaddup cows! oh my god what am i gonna do about you gu- i dident realize they would get so many! *a swedish giant cannot engrish* Alright, I’m making a diamond pickaxe, cause were gonna go on epic GamInG- *svedish laugh* adventure its crazy how much time you can spend in this game, seriously (no not that serious poods) alright im workin’ on the power rails guys (WhAt?!) ples dont judge me so im gonna get some more nether sh- *family freindly stuff right here* i forgot what its called we need to mine more of deez (nuts) Which is always the most fun…ever aighpi7g2q308hn so we have obsidian, (english?) So I want to see what it’s like, if youuu head out in the other direction, Because I have leather I have epic stuff to trade with the villagers! (dont trade yorgan) *orgasm ghast* Can I kill that thing? I don’t have an arrow. All right time to make a bridge *spoopy scared felix sounds* ahh godamnit! 🅾 🅰 EGHHGHGHGHHGH (seriously the fuc?) *more dolan dark sounds* *pewdiepie breathing ASMR* Whoa, what is that? What is that it like a frog? (its slippy) is it dangerous? (no breh, its slippy!) Hello, let me be your friend its so cute! oh God it’s coming towards me S A F E D I S T A N C E 𝙎 𝘼 𝙁 𝙀 𝘿 𝙄 𝙎 𝙏 𝘼 𝙉 𝘾 𝙀 alright im gonna end this mans whole career im gonna kill it. it is decided yorgan, you will not belive this Sorry, you can’t commit, isent 100% safe i never done this (swedish accent comes through) okay… were gonna kill the giant frog thing (nu dont kill slippy :O) Maybe he just wants to hug me, (big time tommy voice) IM NOT GONNA FIIND OUT hello? Where’d he go? aw, i wanted to kill it! whoawhoawhoawhoa lookadat! whoa its so big! 🅾 there it is! 🅰🅰🅰 🅹🅴🅴🆂🆄🆂!!! Alright, ok! alright okay! itsa battol! the battol begins! I CANT SHOOT! 𝔴𝔥𝔬𝔞 Ah f- (pure bass sound effect.mp4) ah f- (purebasssoundeffect.mp4x2) this is bad! UUU its alright, i brought- dont panick! i brought water bucket! iT Ḏ̶̔̓͆̄̃̑O̶̧̡͎̦̝̎È̸̪̖͘͝S̶̳̉Ę̷̩̪̯͎͖͛̾͋̊͠N̷̗̫̠̱̖̜̻̘̾̓͑͠T̸̡̺̬̱͕͔̝̬̠͌̔͜ ̸̢̛͍͈̳̗͉͎̤̝̈́̓̽̈́̎͌̚͜͝W̸̘̙͓͊̽̌̓̾̓́̇͝ͅƠ̴̮̫̮̪̝̭̗̈̽̉͐̎͜Ȍ̵͖͓̩͔͎͉͓̈́̒̿͐͊̽͆̉Ơ̷̢͇̗̣̈́̌̋̎́Ṙ̶̼͕̰̘̗R̵̲͔̱̺̼̭̦̠̳̂͊͆͛̆̎̾̚͘͜Ķ̷͉͍̭͓̹͓͚͕̋̈́͒̀̇͠ i brought plenty of food, im readyyyy im may ha- you may have gotten the upper hand, mister. Quick scope Quick scope x2 Quick scope x3 🅾🅾🅾 hit them! 🅾🅾🅾🅾🅾🅾🅾🅾🅾🅾🅾🅾🅾🅾🅾🅾🅾🅾🅾🅾🅾🅾🅾🅾🅾🅾🅾🅾🅾🅾🅾🅾🅾🅾🅾🅾🅾🅾🅾🅾🅾🅾 *childish giggles* u ded! *inhale* you ded! AAA That was easy, dude easy mode! you see that pig?! (no) aight, im gonna find that demon frog now have i mined those? I think I have, 𝕨𝕙𝕒𝕥 𝕒𝕣𝕖 𝕥𝕙𝕠𝕤𝕖? O F****** ass (play ass on the app store, it might be better than tuber simulator) ahh its over ahh its over x2 not like this! *orgasam x2* NO! yorgan, you will not belive what just happened You be quiet! (PETA has joined the chat) oh god i hit my sheep! (ANIMAL ABOOS) ive sunken so low- yeah i lost everything thats epic gamer rage quit I’m so sick of dying. THIS IS FOR YORGAN 🅰 *orgasm x3* you can run but you can hide! id feel bad if yorgan wasent DED there needs to be suffering in this world (jesus christ, felix) So…. UH Apparently one block in in the nether realm is eight blocks in the other realm, so if i walk like DIS i Open up opportunityyyy now hopefully, all my stuff isent gone i count on maybe some of my stuff Maybe just not all of my stuff, trying to have a PMA over here, okay? (positive mental anus) back to level fouurrrr thats- O MY GOD *orgasm x4* HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO *immense inhale* EYUS! oh i got my diamondPickaxeBack oh my god! i ha- you know i had a feeling so many of you have sai- told me that- you can enter a co- like a text and then you wont lose your stuff if you die, Text and then you won’t lose your stuff if you die, but I feel like that beats the purpose. Alright, we’re doing it survival I’m a pro player. Okay? Another thing I read is apparently if I mine those then I can breathe on the water Question mark it’s the hottest day in UK. I have two lights headed on my face So the green screen will work. Why am I torturing myself? Okay. Another thing you guys told me was to bring up the brightness Oh my god, that is so much nicer See I listened to you guys to buy do you tell me to do all these awful things instead? We had a trust and that trust is broken forever. Whoa. What is this? Cirie’s saying Fifi feast did I just try to mine with a melon? Oh my god, you can I’m mining with a melon brush. I keep mellow meaning. Alright, let’s build our little Portal over here. One two, this will literally be the furthest we’ve ever gone. I’m actually kind of scared plus We’re really low down Oh dog, what’s gonna happen? Dude? Look how long it’s taking. All right gamers I am all gamed out smash like subscribe for more minecraft and I see you guys next episode W H A T ? ! YOU NEVER PLAYED TOOBER SIMULOOTOOR?! *dies inside a little* You know, it’s fun, right? im not supposed to give my opinion, but give it a try, and THEN you can tell me if its good or not. I’ll cut you a deal the game is available for free and that’s a great price

    How to Clean a Sailboat : How to Clean a Sailboat Engine
    Articles, Blog

    How to Clean a Sailboat : How to Clean a Sailboat Engine

    August 18, 2019

    Hi, I’m Ches Rainier, welcome to Expert Village.
    Today we’re going to be talking about some techniques used to clean a fiberglass boat.
    So one thing you really want to have is a clean engine compartment. You want to get
    rid of all, any grease from when you changed the oil, and any diesel fuel that may have
    spilled on your diesel engine. If you have a clean engine, it really helps you spot problems
    early with a fuel system or oil leaks before it becomes a big problem, because you don’t
    want to pollute the marine environment. So, if you’ve got a clean area, then you know
    if any oil’s dripping out. I like to use Simple Green. It works pretty well; it’s a good degreaser.
    Just squirt a little Simple Green on the engine and then wipe it clean.

    How to Sail a Sailboat : Coast Guard Tips When Sailing
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    How to Sail a Sailboat : Coast Guard Tips When Sailing

    August 18, 2019

    That’s one of our Coast Guard Cutters out
    here on the bay. They are pretty much responsible for our homeland security, but other things
    they do is to kind of go out and rescue people when they’re in trouble. The majority of your
    boats will have VHF radio on hand so if you’re in trouble there you just get on channel sixteen;
    which the Coast Guard monitors and just give the command mayday, mayday, mayday, mayday
    and they’ll answer you and ask you to go to twenty-two A. They’ll ask you what your predicament
    is, what your mayday is all about. At that time you want to go ahead and make sure you
    have your coordinates ready; your lat and long, your location. You want to let them
    know what your injury is, the type of boat you have, color of boat you have, number of
    people on board. Those are some of the things they are going to be asking so that’s a good
    way to be prepared when they do ask you. Just make a list and just mentally let them know
    what the problem is and how many people there are on board whether everyone has life jackets
    on or not and just let them know what the nature of your mayday is; that’s the main