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    Using the fish ID guide in Lab 10
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    Using the fish ID guide in Lab 10

    January 21, 2020

    for part one of lab 10 you’re supposed to identify these fish how do you do that well let’s start off with fish number one look at the dorsal fang pectoral fin and pelvic fin here anal fin and caudal fin and the shape of the fish to answer these questions start off with the identification key here in the first part of this it tells you is the fish a flatfish with both eyes on one side of his head it looks like a regular fish in which it doesn’t have both eyes on one side so it’s not the hog sugar so you would go to step beet does it have both eyes on one side of his head no so then you go to question two and then Part A of question 2 is does it have a pelvic fin close to his chest or belly or does it not if it does not it would be an American eel if it does have pelvic fins they would be in the next step and you keep on going down the line so start off with the first one if it answers this question it would be this fish if it doesn’t you go to step two from step two if it doesn’t have pelvic fins it would be an eel if it did you would go to step three and so on so in this one if it had pelvic fins located near the belly it was you would go to step four if I had pelvic fins near the throat you would go to step six that’s how you use this eye defects identification guide let me know if you have any questions

    6 Types of Japanese Scrapbooking Supplies You Didn’t Know You Needed
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    6 Types of Japanese Scrapbooking Supplies You Didn’t Know You Needed

    January 21, 2020

    We’re back with another video in our Japanese Supplies You Didn’t Know You Needed
    Series! This time, we’re taking a look at pens and
    accessories that are sure to make any scrapbook a treasured
    keepsake. You can find all of the items mentioned in
    this video at Let’s get started! Adhesives You can glue down the tiniest details with
    the Sakura Quickie Glue pen. The rollerball-like applicator dispenses glue
    smoothly and consistently. Make permanent bonds by using the glue when
    it’s wet, or create temporary bonds by letting the glue
    turn clear before pressing the items together. If you need to cover larger areas, check out
    the Kokuyo Gloo. This glue stick is shaped like a square so you can easily apply glue to sharp corners. The Tombow Mono Adhesive Tape Runner is a
    mess-free way to attach mementos in your scrapbook. We especially like using the runners with
    delicate papers since they won’t warp or curl. The runners are also refillable which reduces
    waste. You can pick between Permanent, Dot, Removable,
    and Xtreme adhesives. Cutters & Punches If you think all scissors are the same, you
    have to try the Kokuyo Saxa Scissors. The hybrid arch blades slice through thick
    materials like cardboard yet are easy to control. You can pick between durable titanium coating
    or fluorine coating, which prevents the build-up of sticky residue
    from cutting tape. For precise cuts, check out the Midori Scrapbook
    Cutter. It has a tiny blade attached to an ergonomic
    handle. The Sun-Star Kadomaru Pro instantly elevates
    any scrapbook addition with rounded corners. The sturdy cutter can create three different
    corner radius sizes: eight, five, or three millimeters. If you prefer a miniature option, Sun-Star’s
    Kadomarun Round Corner Punch can fit into a pencil case for scrapbooking
    on the go. Notebooks TRAVELER’S COMPANY is well-known for their
    nostalgic paper products, and these SPIRAL RING NOTEBOOKS help you store
    mementos. The Paper Pocket and Photo File are specially
    designed to hold loose items like tickets and photos. These delightful Maruman Make One’s Day
    Binders are excellent miniature scrapbooks. You can make a pocket-sized album of your
    favorite memories. Eight additional refills are available, including
    kraft paper, clear pockets, and more. Pens The humble Pilot Oil-Based Twin Marker is
    the undisputed champion when it comes to writing on washi tapes. It also writes on photos and non-porous surfaces
    like plastic. The double-sided marker has a fine tip on
    one end and an extra-fine tip on the other. We’re obsessed with the Sakura Gelly Roll
    Moonlight. These smooth-writing gel pens come in two
    tip sizes: 0.6 mm and 1.0 mm. The standard colors use archival quality ink
    so anything you write can be treasured for decades to come. Plus, Sakura just released fifteen new colors
    that are perfect for writing on light and dark paper. Stamping Supplies These Nombre Mizushima Jizai stamps add charming
    details to the page. The stamps cling to the included acrylic mount and can be removed just as easily. Because the stamp and block are both clear, you can see exactly where you’re stamping. Tsukineko VersaMagic Dew Drops are some of
    the best ink pads we’ve ever used. The lightly opaque ink is archival and dries
    to a matte finish. You can choose from thirty-five different ink colors or from nine curated four packs. For stamped designs that are sure to stand
    out, try the metallic Tsukineko StazOn Ink Pads. Just be sure to clean your stamp afterwards. Washi Tapes You can pair these Mark’s Writable Maste
    Washi Tapes with your favorite gel pens and water-based
    inks! They make great labels for photos and other
    keepsakes. The newest Slim tapes are fifteen millimeters
    wide, so they fit nicely in smaller spaces. You can also use water-based inks on mt Fab
    Blackboard Washi Tapes. Use white gel pens or markers for a classic
    chalkboard look. Bande Rolls might look like washi tapes, but they’re actually stickers! Each sticker peels off from the roll so you
    can arrange as many as you like at once. The six new designs feature flowers, ice cream
    scoops, and speech bubbles for a unique addition to
    any scrapbook page. Which product was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below. If you want to see more in the Japanese Supplies
    You Didn’t Know You Needed series, be sure to like this video and subscribe to
    our channel! Thanks for watching!

    Best BLACK PEPPER CRAB 🦀 in #Singapore 🇸🇬 – Long Beach King Seafood Restaurant #REACTION! #MUST TRY
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    Best BLACK PEPPER CRAB 🦀 in #Singapore 🇸🇬 – Long Beach King Seafood Restaurant #REACTION! #MUST TRY

    January 21, 2020

    Welcome back to our channel.
    My name is Hyekyong and this is Jordi Two years ago, we quit our jobs and left our home in South Korea to do one of the things we liked the most To travel We have been backpacking for the past two years and we still didn’t get tired Maybe It’s because instead of rushing to sightseeing spots, we prefer to travel slow, stay as long as we can in a place and learn how life is there Rather than visitors, we prefer to experience new places as locals. We don’t plan much ahead and we are always welcoming new opportunities One of these opportunities was spending a few weeks in a city that we always wanted to visit Well, not just visiting but to experience the daily life Welcome to our new series. We are the Lifetime Travelmates and
    this is living in Singapore for one month When you google things like ‘best food in Singapore’ or ‘Singapore most popular food’, you might get a list of mouth-watering
    dishes. We never tried many of them before going to Singapore so having a month in the city to explore the incredible dishes of the exciting
    Singaporean cuisine is a great chance to finally taste all those popular food Singapore July 16th Hello, travelmates.
    How are you doing? Today we are
    celebrating Hyekyong’s birthday and she insisted me on taking her to a very special
    place which is the Long Beach King seafood restaurant
    they say the pepper crab here is the best in Singapore So we are very excited~~~ Yeah~~~ So let’s go inside and check the… pepper crab! (Good start!) (Addictive peanuts
    while waiting for the food) (thumbs up for pre-meal peanuts!) (“Original Classic Creation
    Famous Black Pepper Crab”) I’m gonna try the sauce The sauce is so good, so good! It’s amazing! Oh my god! Oh my god! Jesus Christ so soft! and then the sauce is well… How to say? well soaked? the sauce is well s…?#@&? … well mixed! unbelievable! We just like to order like one bowl
    of rice and then just mix with this sauce and then just eat it They gave us these scissors which I never used before because I’m used to eat any
    seafood with my hands I’m just gonna use this It’s the full hand! Oh man… I really can feel the… punch of the pepper How do I open this? Oh my goodness! I love it! Since I love black pepper… Oh my god.
    It’s spicy but still juicy with the flavour of the crab wait, wait, I see meat here! I’m just gonna dip! Oh my god
    This is amazing! I don’t know what ingredients
    but it’s so fresh. It tastes like the beach… I think there’s some coconut here Maybe this is almond or… I don’t know exactly what it is
    but it’s so nice! Oh my god! What is this sauce? Kind of sweet, right? so good! some sesame seeds… No? some honey?
    maybe? could be! and then peanuts! Amazing! (what a great birthday lunch) (what an amazing husband I have) (So excited for the dessert!) (Mango Sago with Coconut Jelly) OMG this is so good, so good, so good! Holy f***ing moly! oh my god
    If you like mango, this is heaven It’s like Mysterio’s head you know Mysterio from Spiderman? Who cares? Not a burp! It’s mango explosion but
    the coconut jelly… Oh, my… Really it’s We were so full… that we said: “maybe we shouldn’t order dessert or something” and the waitress recommended: “you
    should try this one, it’s our special!” and we tried and… It’s so good, thank you! The waitress: Did you enjoy? yeah, yeah, yeah The waitress: You enjoy it? yeah, it’s amazing! Thank you! So, she recommended us this, and… She is damn right! Incredible! If you keep recording
    I’m gonna finish this, hehehe Then I stop. Thanks for watching. If you liked this episode help us and click the like button and subscribe Don’t forget the notification bells. So you won’t miss any episode Leave a comment with your opinion, questions, ideas, whatever you want You can also support this channel buying Lifetime Travelmates merchandising You can find a big variety of products designed by ourselves and inspired by our travel stories make sure
    you check the link on the description Especially if you also want to become
    house sitters like us We have been using TrustedHousesitters You can check so many opportunities all around the world taking care of pets, being with them in a real home and experiencing local life like we do
    Check the link on the description There is also a mobile app for TrustedHousesitters to make all the communication and managing a profile and all more conveniently And if you liked the music on this episode, we use epidemic sound for all our videos It’s an amazing tool for video creators to find the right soundtrack, background music and sound effects You can get 30 days free trial following the link on the description down below Again, thanks for watching and
    see you on the next one We don’t normally go to this
    fancy restaurant but it was her birthday so… yeah, I mean
    we don’t go to this kind of restaurant for like everyday but like once a year or twice a
    year or three times a year Once a year
    for the birthday. It’s enough!

    Beach Road, Happisburgh, Norfolk
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    Beach Road, Happisburgh, Norfolk

    January 21, 2020

    so I’ve parked up in the car park which cost me £1.20 an hour – quite a nice little
    setup they’ve got there it’s a full car park It’s May the 8th 2016 nice sunny warm day they’ll be taking quite a lot of money
    today I’m sure with tourists visiting to say Happisburgh hasn’t got a tourist
    industry anymore is a bit unfair there still is one. I’m just on Beach
    Road here and I’m just going to walk to the edge of the cliff if you can see
    there’s a clear signal to you haven’t got out of your car yet and realised this
    road leads off the edge of the cliff you’d better stop now – just gonna walk past
    that – there’s a barrier as you can see it’s fallen over there – I think most cars would have had sense
    to not go any further than this by this point – step over that – and the road
    comes to a very abrupt end and you can see if I just tilt the camera down you
    can see the road is partly disintegrated there. I’m looking down now on the
    rock armour that I showed you in the other video and if I just step out to the side
    you’ll see and yes it is quite a long way in the distance I guess on this screen but there’s a
    good sort of, I guess, fifty people down there hidden away in nooks and crannies enjoying the sunshine on the Norfolk coast

    Commérages in the classroom #episode1 : beach ou bitch ? – 974
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    Commérages in the classroom #episode1 : beach ou bitch ? – 974

    January 21, 2020

    Okay girls, can I see your exercise, please? Let’s start with Kavindra. Kavindra, where is your exercise, please? Kavindra, where is your exercise? I ate my exercise! I’m sorry: you… I ate my exercise! I give you one minute and I want to see your exercise! Okay guys! Listen, please. What’s the English for “plage”, please? SHUT UP! Hello teacher, I’m sorry. I’m late. Hello, okay, can I see your late slip, please? Can I see your LATE SLIP, please? Teacher! Yes, Mélodie? I did my homework! Oh! Excellent, very nice! Great! Thank you! Hmmm, Raphaëlle? Raphaëlle? Where is your homework? Your homework?! Where is it?! Oh! Teacher! Yes? Florent! ??? Are you crazy? It’s UPSIDE DOWN! Go away! Okay guys! Let’s have a look at your presentations! Florence, what is your presentation about? My presentation is about CATS. Okay! Great, thank you! Romane, what is your presentation about? My presentation is about RABBITS. Excellent! Thank you! What about you….Dharma? Ohhhh! Sorry, teacher! C’est “???” And of course,… …SUBSCRIBE!

    Bushcraft Survival Raft Part 2 – Day 28 of 30 Day Survival Challenge Canadian Rockies
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    Bushcraft Survival Raft Part 2 – Day 28 of 30 Day Survival Challenge Canadian Rockies

    January 21, 2020

    I’m Zachary Fowler and I’m Greg ovens
    and this is the 30 day survival challenge Canadian Rocky there’s only
    one rule if you want to eat you got a catch and cook in the 30-day survival
    challenge season two Canadian Rockies has been brought to you in part by dr.
    Squatch soap hidden woodsmen gear go prepared survival outdoor vitals wazoo
    survival gear simple shot shooting sports and rim workshop check out the
    link in the description below for the gear video of the 30 days of bottle
    challenge good morning is day 28 almost there lots to do do it you know I had a
    hard time sleeping I don’t know if it was the food eating was so late and the
    color is hitting me and giving me all kinds of energy or if it was the Tyrell
    cup of coffee maybe but just cuz I don’t want to get that mean I’m not going to
    nobody ever had an adventure by staying in bed and I got Iraq to finish
    Metapod you what’s the first thing you want to do
    when we get back to town cook dinner Oh have a shower
    yeah have a shower go to the store and collect some food and cook a dinner have
    a solid and a nice dinner yeah that sounds nice it won’t be fish cakes yeah cars the further you pour it trying to
    yeah it starts splashing so I didn’t think about that I was like maybe one of
    these days we’ll try and pour it from the upper deck here to the lower deck
    and catch it and then it’s cooling up you could drink it right off the bat
    yeah but it’s like you need a taller taller cup so it doesn’t splash out and I did it I took oh it’s cooked
    beautiful yeah that’s good job this is the way to do it
    there’s no hot rocks is the way to go yeah I mean that’s what I always use so
    much to start yes like for everything steaks everything yeah although that one
    that we did with the green grill and we had the pile on top and then it caught
    on fire a little bit that like that had a really good flavor to us spruce yeah
    the smoke of the sprues you’re not a piney the Spruce II easier to say piney
    flavor yeah rosy flavor yeah lord thank you for this fish help us to get our
    raft done and help with the float just name amen what helped it to float all
    right this is why I like chopsticks my tongs as they dry they they twist and
    they kind of close up they work great but I almost have to make a new pair
    every couple days there we go super good it’s the tongs because they
    stuck closed so I just put it into my mouth it was in my mouth it was in my
    mouth there’s something done five-second rule for that one that one
    just rolled right in the dirt and just rolled up a ball of dirt right around it
    why it’s just gross I’m not going after that the other half is yours Bon Appetit
    maybe slacking just a teeny s bit by not by not having the pot going with uh all
    that in it and stuff and having some broth but we’re just well maybe we’re
    getting lazy because it’s been so long yeah it’s just it’s a lot to keep up
    with because it’s so warm right now that you got a boil your fish head soup like
    you know twice a day and you got to be really on top of it otherwise it gets
    really nasty and these pots stink so they have holes in the top for letting
    flies in and so a couple of times we’ve found it ruined because there’s flat
    it’s just gross still want that one gopher of my fling
    shot and I’d like to eat something besides fish tonight and as I yeah thanks bachelors water yeah what hold there’s some wood Sorrell tell by the
    seeds and I’ve got lemony taste to the leaves yeah like some alright so that
    means but it’s so good like that’s good that’s like one of the sweetest things
    we’ve had mmm and even the stems are good on it he isn’t that tasty yeah it
    is so I want to click some of that I’ve been going on to the last couple days
    yes that’s nice so now that I found some for collects them it tastes like rhubarb
    that’s what that’s what I feel like it tastes like the lemon eNOS is it’s like
    half lemon half rhubarb I did all right over here
    raft building time whoo can’t wait to take this baby out
    see how she sails yeah to get see if we get her up on one pontoon across the
    lake a bit of lashing to do before anything dramatic is kiting here across
    the lake she’s almost there hopefully we can move it I think it’ll work whether it’ll work
    for two people or not I don’t know leave in the comments below what do you think
    is it gonna fit two people without sinking or just one all right got a couple wedges and my
    paddle stick that Gregg cut me and I got a split so that’s what the wedges are
    for like I did with the table I gotta get this to split I think you start a
    line you can either take a saw and make a
    soft curve which is gonna be really hard with this kind of saw and it’s gonna be
    really hard with my Japanese tooth saw they don’t like to cut down the green
    they’re crosscut saws goodnight oh it’s still bad but taunting your
    knife it seemed to work solid nice for this kind of thing that’s
    cool all right in the middle that’ll give us two paddles if I can get split
    cleanly with smaller stuff the neatest thing is splitting stuff it’s I love
    splitting making things with smaller stuff if it starts to split too far in
    one direction you can bend the thicker one and then the split will follow back
    to the center and you just keep doing it you bend the thicker one you can split
    stuff right down the center and make all kinds of neat stuff split whole kit whole kit or not
    it’s not working there we go there we go we did it wow that was definitely the
    wrong piece of wood oh it’s definitely the wrong piece of wood look at it
    starts here just to here it’s halfway around our quarter of the way around it
    twists all the way back around a little stir cage
    it’ll work for our paddles though it’ll work because we got this whole long flat
    section here we could dip in the water I want to shave them down a little bit
    more I’m gonna see how long that takes real quick that see if I can’t shave
    down the handle the area so say the blade is two feet well let’s make the
    blade as long as the axe is kind of like an Aleutian kayak paddle since they’re
    narrower illusion kayak paddle is a like two inches by three inches and it’s
    about two feet long or something a blade at each end so I still have a wide wide
    blade you make it a long narrow blade feel the burn feeling some serious burn worked out pretty good it’s shaped down
    nice blade at this end a little bit of a handle a bit at that end and they’re
    just let’s see if she actually floats right yeah jamming on the stick stuff
    might not be my just food we’re not tried in her enough we’re not strong
    enough just sit right back in your hero – all right here we go it’ll work for
    two feet fuller work for one but definitely the world’s heaviest travel
    board ever made alright push me out loading that well yeah it’s definitely
    one man how sturdy is it steers like a pig if you can even call it steering I
    feel kind of precarious like the way the whole thing is underwater except for
    where I’m standing it probably needed another six logs just to be comfortable
    for or one person well I mean it works I could stand here pretty easily and fly
    fish from it my feet are dry yeah everything is dry it’s actually fairly sturdy that I think
    you’d you know it’s so heavy even if it would tip over if you went too far one
    way let me see it doesn’t know there’s enough resistance like you’d have to
    you’d have to really haul on it to flip it yeah you know it takes a while for it
    to start to scoop in one direction versus the other so right it’s actually
    really sturdy my initial well why don’t you try it for fly fishing tomorrow yeah I’m happy that you’re happy no I don’t
    like the cold water knowing me I just end up falling in right I mean just the
    way things go for me yeah parallel park go to the back I can drive to the beach disembark the SS fortitude but now I
    need to get a line on it though before she sails off yeah yeah and we don’t
    want somebody to hijack it no pirates comer you know just as a dock you like bring
    it into a spot yeah and you walk over here and you just well yeah that would
    increase our casting ability too yah huh well we know what floats but
    it’s not a two-man no I mean we could try it you don’t wanna look like you
    want to I want to see you catch a fly or a fish fly fishing off it but I know I
    don’t really have a need to go on the raft yeah all right
    I guess it’s just my boat it’s your boat I should be enough to hold there there
    yeah it won’t take much no I mean she’s kind of beached a little bit anyway
    mm-hmm all right boat aside you tomorrow SS fortitude I’ll see you tomorrow well I was busy building the raft and
    not catching fish Gregg was catching the biggest one we’ve caught here it’s I
    mean that’s if it was a horse it would be two and a half hand that’s that’s big
    she’s a beautiful Big Easy whatever fish Wow job manner that’s a big one that’s a
    big dinner some dessert yeah sir oh yeah we got all kinds of
    stuff well you eat well tonight a little bit more balanced even with the nettles
    and and I have to pick up my game
    hopefully this boat pays off there’s no way I can crack up catch up with Greg
    I’m fish I’m still went ahead on chess so take your wins way and get him now
    I’m fun we’re having fun I think he’s at 40 for fish so he wants one more to have
    45 I’m at 32 but we only really need two more fish to make it to the end just
    fine I don’t know about rigging up a sail it’s pretty precarious I know I
    might give it a try real quick see if I can’t paddle out and kite back but
    that’s just asking for trouble I think it needs more logs to be more stable
    oh no the long slog back to camp long day again long day of course they
    all feel long wave towards the end here he just wanted to be over I want to be
    home with my girls eating regular food again I mean if I was to be out here for
    50 days and that’s what I knew I was doing I don’t think today I would feel
    like such a big deal would be like she’s another day so exciting can’t wait come
    back tomorrow fishing I’ll have like 20 more days of fishing from that boat but
    knowing that you got one more day to you guitar leave and reenter society it
    makes today go very very very very very very very slowly home sweet home
    for the next 40 24 hours 48 hours something like that you get some leaves
    on her yeah you know I could leave it there stay batteries and cut Ramon that
    goes along with filming water different fishing poles
    I brought way too much line at three or four spools of line I always bring too
    much I hate getting somewhere and finally I don’t have something that I
    need but I’ve been strong enough so far to carry it and had the energy to do so
    so how does it come back to bite me yeah oh wait I think I left a little coffee the elixir of life I think water
    probably would be more like the elixir life but there’s water and coffee let’s
    just eat it raw and Briggs just eat it raw yeah just take a bit just like why
    eat it like Gollum we likes it raw and wriggling either you
    got the Flies you got the mosquitos you get the rain I’m not complaining mind
    you explain just explaining cuz if I didn’t say something you wouldn’t know
    what we’re talking about yeah just watch the video you can see the you can see
    the Flies you can probably hear it over our talking it’s like us talking and
    then yeah right in for the night
    made a little net before I turned in I’m going to use that as to catch and what
    not to catch but to hold rocks for an anchor for my little boat so tomorrow I
    can attach that right down from where I stand so I can haul it up and then clean
    it off and then paddle around drop my anchor and then sit there even if it’s a
    little breezy and yeah so I don’t blow in and then just like fly fish catch a
    fish you know got my little fish catching net and it should be pretty
    cool should be fun so I’m gonna go to bed I’ll see you guys in the
    second-to-last day tomorrow thanks for watching see you next time
    Fowler out with my little visit to the trees you know and in the woods do as
    the Bears do I don’t even think they wipe do you think they will I don’t
    think they wipe dirty and also that commercial that shows the Bears and
    promoting that toilet paper that’s that’s barely believable it’s just
    unbearable that’s just ridiculous they don’t they don’t even wipe filthy bears
    see this one day no that’s a quit I’m trying just lose it just straight up oh
    yeah like I was throwing the log on fire like how you were getting grumpy at
    every stick that you kept although he was being attacked by sticks Oh a whole
    area where he built the raft always just a minefield
    it was a minefield of sticks tripping you mm-hmm that was a good one that
    seems good sounds good you hear that can you hear this

    How to Create a Bullet Journal in Notion
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    How to Create a Bullet Journal in Notion

    January 21, 2020

    Hello everyone and welcome back to another video it is Francesco here. Welcome to the Keep Productive YouTube channel on today’s video We are diving into how to create a bullet journal inside of Notion. This is going to be an exciting video So stay tuned for this full feature So guys as you can imagine, let’s kick things off with a few messages The first of the messages is that we will be having the creator of the Bullet Journal Ryder Carroll here on the YouTube channel this week I’m not sure whether it’s gonna be posted before or after this video But it will be on this channel to discuss his latest book and the methodology behind the bullet journal It’s gonna be quite exciting podcast or YouTube feature. We did a video I think it was about two three weeks ago and it’s going to be available very very soon The second one is to check out Rebecca Ford’s YouTube channel. She has been posting so many great Notion videos and will include it below Because she’s doing such a great job in helping people find and improve the way that they use notion I love her working practice and use of notion She had a great one on task management that also included features of journaling in there, too so Feel free to check that one out in the comments below and the third and final message is to join the notion made simple Facebook group We have over 750 members in the last two weeks and it’d be great to have you there whether you’re a beginner or intermediate You can learn post questions and also learn about what notion is developing for the future. So, I’m really excited So feel free to join that one I’ll be there and loads of other people from this Facebook or YouTube channel will be there too, and it were guys Let’s dive into today’s video today’s video is focusing on to creating a bullet journal experience inside of notion. I’ve done a mock up I did a mock up the last week of it This is what it will look like by the end of it and I based it off the video There Brian account posted I think five five to seven years ago. I can’t really remember It’s been plenty a while ago so you can see here that this is what will aim to create today from scratch So that you know how to do it and apply it to your experience and the great thing about bullet journaling Is this is really a bear bone structure? Obviously, you can add so much to it adapted to your own methodology and Even go further with the book that they recently released. So guys in today’s video. We’re creating all of that So guys we’re gonna create a brand new page. I’m gonna call it my bullet journal to really customize it and I’m gonna give it a lovely icon and the great thing is you can customize the icon whenever you like So I’m gonna put this sort of book here and of course you can add your own cover to it That’s actually quite a fitting cover with the with the actual cover of the book being blue So I’m gonna leave it like now when we get started with a page I tend to add a quote so I’m gonna add a quote and say Francesco’s bullet journal Process and that gives a nice entrance to the page and what I’m going to do is just below that is I’m gonna create a sub header and we’re going to start by creating the index versus the index is almost where you find everything and it’s a good starting point when you’re creating a bullet journal inside of notion So I’m going to put a divider between those just so it’s a bit clearer and I’m also going to go to the bottom will Narrow the bottom and create another sub header called collections. This will make sense a little later into this video We’re going to start with the index. So to start things off I’m going to create this structure of each page and then I’m going to go into the page is an add a bit more detail now the first of the pages is solid future log future log if I just create a new page and then it’s tied to that future log and Gonna add a road. I’m not toilet. I’ve got a toilet recommendation I’m gonna add a road map and click Add cover. So that’s great. All I have to do is go back now I’ve created that structure if I wanted to I could go to rename and add the page number but if in this case, I don’t actually have to that’s one of the benefits of obviously doing it digitally and So you can imagine I’m going to create a month view a month view is essentially Allowing you to see what’s coming up in the month. I’m gonna give it a Calendar view and I’m gonna add a cover as well so if I go out of this I’ve got future long future loggers for your next three plus months you could you view your next couple of months in here So it could be you know, everything all the way to April We’ll be creating our page in a second month view is for pretty much your tasks and your calendar activities for that this month or next month that you want to have in in view and I’m going to create a day view. So I’m going to create page and day View I’m going to go and add a lovely not money a lovely Sun to that one and I’m gonna add cover here so if I go back to my bullet journal I’ve created the real bare bone structure of it the future long for your future mumps ahead and it could be whatever planning in advance And the month view to actually see your tasks and calendar as well as a day view for planning and journaling your day Now down here. I’m actually gonna Add a divider just below this one. I I Think I’ve already done it So I’m gonna add a new page called checklists This is for my notes that are static So I will click checklists and I’m actually going to create it with this one here. I’m also going to create a page for past months and I’ll explain why I did that the end so I’m going to put a Boat there. So if I go out here, I’ve created all the pages. I really need to make now So as you can see here, let’s start with the future log Now the future log should be a place where you coordinator your next couple of months. Now a lot of people would argue let’s just create a calendar a Calendar in line here. But in this case, I’m actually not going to do that I’m gonna go to header and gonna type in the next couple of months for the next six months and have that here So, there we go, I’ve created a few of the months – spelling mistake for February I can never spell it And what I’m gonna do is I’m really simply gonna keep the next three months down this left hand panel I’m gonna move February up here. I’m going to move March up here Against these ones and I’m gonna move April up here now What I’m going to do is I’m just going to space these out so that I have enough information Ready to add there and I’m going to leave this for now But for example, I’m gonna go back to my bullet journal page and in the month view now so the month of you should really include your tasks and your calendar events coming up so I’m gonna add a little tas area with header Tasks and I’m gonna add a real simple few bullets to get you started and Of course We’re going to be creating a template out this so we’re naturally going to keep it really simple and then I’m gonna add a table In line and the reason why I won’t do this is because I want to add the calendar view But I wanted to look like how rider does it in his feature. So I’m gonna put calendar and What I’m gonna do is I’m going to move this tab over to here I’m gonna make this one smaller and I’m going to create this one as the number of the day so that it’s relevant for every Single month that I create it for. So I’ve got number and I’ve got day and I’ve haven’t needed to change that. So here we go So I’m going to put 1 2 3 and list out all of the days for the month So do remember this once you’ve created the template in which we’ll be using in this feature You actually won’t have to keep repeating this. So do not worry now as you can see here I’ve got the day and when you have that month vailable and you know, like the first starts on a Tuesday Then you’ve been out Tuesday there now The final thing you need to do here is turn this one into a text area and just add what’s happening So once I add that I’m just gonna make a little bit more space for it And as you can see, I’ve pretty much got my month view ready now as I was mentioning This is dead simples that we’re not really going to go much further than now so if I go over to Dave view what I’m actually gonna do in Dave view is simply create an area for my tasks and Also an area for any related note to the bottom. So just below here seeing as that we’re creating a Template out of this. What I’m gonna do is I’m going to use the traditional bullet journal notifications almost of what each of the messages means So in this case, I’m going to keep a bullet as a task. So that actually equals a task I’m going to put a checklist. So that’s simply to do on the basic blocks a just delete that previous one as an event and I’m going to add a I believe it’s called a toggle list as a note and finally There’s some include you’ll signify which is an important tasks that you need to complete Normally inside a bullet journal you add a little star next to it but in this case, I’m gonna put a bullet and call it the signifier and Then what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna go to the right. I’m gonna add a yellow color to it So it is an important task Essentially, so that’s nice and clear. So that’s my basic structure done. What I might do is just below these add some dividers So, there we go I’m going to go out to the bullet journal area And as you can see, I’ve pretty much done the structure of all of these guys Which is great now I’m not going to create a template for the future log because I probably will just add to this or change it as I go It’s not really necessarily needed or you could create a template if you wanted to for six months But really not necessary month view, I’m going to create a template for and day view So all I’m gonna do is press the slash and type in template button. Now, I’m going to start with the monthly one So I’m going to call this template add new month And I’m going to just give that a capital So add new month What I want to do is I want to delete the page that’s in there and I’m actually gonna drag the current Monthly view that we’ve got here and I’m going to press and close now What I’m going to do is I’m going to put this one up here So it’s really to the right hand side and then shuffle everything up. So it’s inline and neat and with everything else. So Great I’ve got a monthly button template and I will demonstrate that afterwards. I’m also going to do the same for a daily view so all I have to do is add new day and Do the very same is just drag that daily view up here and press close Now if I drag this one up here, I’ve got a new month view and a new day view So great. I have pretty much got structure of this bullet journal in sign of notion already So I’m going to create a new month for you first. I’m actually gonna start by doing that one And as you can see a new month view has created and it’s actually opened it up for me now I’m gonna take this month you and just pop it below the future log The first thing I’m going to do is rename it and call it November because that’s this month So, there we go I’ve got November done And what I’m also going to do is i’m gonna click add new day i’m gonna get a new day view Obviously it opens up straightaway. If I go here, what i’m going to do is I’m actually going to call it The what’s a day to day? And what you can do is you can actually title it today, but you could do that inside of the this one here So for example, if I needed to just quickly make an edit to the title of it I’m going to put today because essentially it will take today’s date and then when today’s date is gone It will take the previous day. So that’s a neat way of doing it. So here we are I’ve got a minor vembur and I’ve got today. I’m gonna start by starting to populate in November So I’m going to say next month. I have let’s see a few of the things. I’ve got next month to do let’s record a video a day and Let me just populate this one Very simply you can start adding your tasks to this main area here These are maybe your most important goals of the month It could be really simple like that and you can start adding the days as well as what’s happening on those days to your calendar views So it’s really easy to do and as you can imagine something that you can populate fairly quickly Now if I go to my bullet journal you pretty much do the same for today So if I click in you can start adding the tasks for today, but they’re a bit more specific. So let’s add a few So here we go I’ve added a few tasks using the key below So as you can see, I’ve got a few tasks here like planned a week head an email David Pierce And I’ve also got an Advent as well. So I’ve used the check box as the event and I’ve also added a Reminder inside of notion. So for example, it says today at 2:00 p.m. And have reminded myself at the date That is at the time in a date. So it’s a really easy way I’ve also used a toggle to create a note this way. It’s hidden from bulking out to the tasks area But if I wanted to I could quickly create it into a different area So the best way to do that is if I wanted to add it and it came extend extended item What I could do is I could link a page. So if I type in linked page linked to page and I said checklists So, there we go as you can see if I ever wanted to move this out I could easily just drag it into that area and it would go into the linked page that was relevant So if I had a longer note or a couple of notes that I wanted to sort out for later I could easily do that there So the great thing is as well if I wanted to be clear and be like okay planned full week ahead is so important I could yellow back rounded and it would be the clear item as you got used to this You could probably remove the key from the template and that way you get a bit of a cleaner experience Now, of course using notion you can add tons more like tables calendars or even boards if you wanted to coordinate tasks a bit better I know Rebecca uses that in her video and it looks like a great way to organize what’s coming up so if I go back to here you can see I’ve created a really simple process here a way to plan at my future mumps a way to have a view of what’s coming up in my month and also a way to view the today and you’re probably wondering Where do I put all of this when it’s all done now? You could create an archive area Like I’ve done here a really simple archive area Say for example, when November’s done I could pop it in there or you could do that same with today You can actually create a 2-day archive but it’s a good way if you wanted to to actually see past days and any because some people use this as a journal as well as a Methodology to write out something every morning so you could even add that section to your today area Now you’re probably wondering checklist, what are these guys now You could pretty much start any checklist you like like a shopping list, for example And if I type that one in add a lovely icon, I don’t know why that came up. There we go You can start adding a shopping list straight away like broccoli. I Don’t know So you could start adding any checklists you like and of course if it was relevant to the today area You could easily add it in there for reference So for example link page and I go down and I type in shopping list So you can see that appears there and it’s easily linkable there. So guys, this is a really basic Demonstration of how you can create a bullet journal there again. It’s not something that’s gonna go hideously in advance And again, it’s really customizable to what you work with, but it pretty much looks like the one I created the other day So we have done it and we created it from scratch. Although I have adapted a few things as you can see here I put the title in these ones and I wasn’t using the app today But you can see here that it pretty much resembles the same thing. So guys, hopefully that gave a nice overview Please do try the Skillshare class. I am adding five additional features to it if you’re watching on Skillshare. Thank you very much Feel free to join me here on YouTube, too. Anyway guys, thank you so much for stopping by today Make sure to have a great day Q productive and all see you guys very very soon Cheers


    Der Spreewald | WDR Reisen

    January 21, 2020

    Come with us to the probably most beautiful magic forest of Germany. It enchants in summer just as it enchants in winter. Welcome to the Spreewald! The Spreewald is only an hour’s drive from Berlin and Dresden, in the southeast of Brandenburg. Here the Spree divides into innumerable water arms, which cross the country like a labyrinth. 1500 kilometres of waterways through forests, meadows and villages. Hello. Well, who have we here?
    Did I promise you too much? Really solemn. I’m moved. Something special for today, when you’re already in the Spreewald. Hello, EliZah. It’s a pleasure to meet you, good evening! I’ll give you room… I have a hot-water bottle in your back so you don’t freeze. As if you’d known me forever… That’s Hagen, by the way, and Hagen’s wife is responsible for the hot-water bottle. Give my regards to the woman – she knows her stuff. Really cuddly. EliZah, I’m very happy to meet you. That’s EliZah, actually born in Cottbus, not far from here, but has lived here in the Spreewald for years. I’m so happy to be out with you these days. Like I said, I think it’s like this.
    enchanting here, yes if you would say where to go in any case in life – once to the sea and once to the Spreewald. And why is that? Nature
    it’s just really fabulous. You’ll see it today.
    on a lights boat ride. Such a light boat trip in the dark season is really overwhelming. What better way to immerse yourself in the silence and mysticism of this landscape? EliZa, this is really beautiful, especially with the torches, there’s something mystical about sliding through here. This is actually the moment for such a little fairy tale. You know Spreewaldsagen.
    I hear there are some. There are some. And do you know how the Spreewald originated? So, look out. It’s been like the devil used to plow the forest with two oxen. And he’s whipped wildly to get
    and he’d fight and he’d yell, like this. so the oxen went through and left deep furrows. With these deep furrows, at some point.
    water flowed in later and it was became the Spreewald. These are your flows, your today’s. Our flow today, that’s right. And in winter, it must have been
    here I can’t believe how beautiful it can be. It’s really nice too. Do you like ice skating? Then come visit me again in winter. This is really dreamy. It is quiet, very quiet – in the winterly Spreewald. Then the river landscape transforms into a white glittering backdrop, which seems like not from this world. When the narrow water arms freeze over, the skaters come. How can such a water landscape be created? The Spreewald is a legacy of the ice age. Glaciers created a valley and the Spree divided into a fine network of water arms. They’re also called “flows.” *Music* Since 1991, the Spreewald Biosphere Reserve has been a UNESCO Here plants and animals, which are rare elsewhere in the meantime, find an undisturbed habitat. What looks like the Amazon jungle is actually planted by humans. The “Hochwald” is Europe’s largest Erlenau forest. A fragile ecosystem that foresters and rangers treat with care. Here in the high forest we have zone 1 and zone 2. To the left of us zone 1 as a total reserve. and on the right side the zone 2. Both together in terms of status nature reserve. If we could get in there, drive in, it would be possible, that you can see the beaver, the otter… or the black stork that might be flying around here or the sea eagle. The black woodpecker can be seen early in the morning. In the root network of the flow, you feel
    the otters poodle well. They are the character animals of the Spreewald and a rare and therefore protected marten species throughout Europe. In the “Hochwald” there is also a lot of red deer. In the rivers it hopes for a small rest in the summer. If only it weren’t for the mosquitoes…… The black stork one floor up it doesn’t itch much. It is one of the rarest animals in the high forest. There’s only three pairs left here. We are now on our way to Lehde. The tiny village lies in the heart of the Oberspreewald and is – without exaggeration – D A S most typical and the cutest Spreewald village you can imagine. By the way, the street we’re walking on now has only existed since 1929. Otherwise, the whole place exists.
    exclusively from islands we call chewing. And was in the past
    really only accessible by water? It still is today. Many farms are
    really only accessible by water. Tourists love the village. Almost everyone comes with the barge. “Pocket-sized lagoon city” – wrote in the 19th century the poet Theodor Fontane on his journey through the Spreewald. The whole place is listed, and I think, you have to look at him from the water. I’ll definitely do that, because I’ll be picked up right away. And I’ll see you on the Cucumber Cycle Route. There he is. Hello! Where can I go? Best right here to me back here, maybe on
    on the right side. That’s Manuela Filko, a real Lehdsche, that’s what the inhabitants of Lehde are called, and she’s showing me a little of that special place now, and then we’ll go to your farm.
    and I get to look at country life. The barge is parked along the way, as with us the
    Car. Without him we would come the inhabitants here not from the spot Most Lehdscher live, like my boat ferry wife Manuela from tourism. Fishing and agriculture used to be done here – it hasn’t been worth it for a long time. But the old traditions, they’re still everywhere around here. Yeah, it’s those fish boxes. There’s the caught fish, which you don’t want to slaughter right away, I kept it in there for a few more days. I can gladly show you when we are at home, there are also some fish in the box. And our men want to go fishing again tomorrow… Here’s another one of those.
    Barn, our typical landscape here. It’s a beauty. Built to feed the cattle in winter. And they always say you need a barn like that for a cow over winter. That there was a need for precautions. Here on the left we still have very old
    Log house with thatched roof, and here looks one also times very beautifully above these landmarks of the Spreewald… the special gable, yes. And what does that mean? So this is supposed to be the Serpent King. You can see up there the little head of the snake and the crown on top of it. So there are a lot of Legends and stories about snakes
    in the Spreewald. So today we still have the Grass Snake as the indigenous
    but in the old days, people used to have a lot of sagas and figures
    and that’s why you’ve been Snake heads also always as, yes, as guardians, so to speak, attached here to the houses. They’re supposed to be sick,
    also fires, any at all Keep hazards away from the house. Manuelas Hof, the “Quoddablick” can only be reached from the water. This is also the way holidaymakers have to travel.
    Very relaxing! Andrea, so that you don’t fall asleep here, you are already completely relaxed… Yeah, but that’s also really… that’s
    is like a meditation. Do you want to try the boat ride? One little squeeze, you’re gonna squeeze the boat over here. But first you have to… why is it so slow? Drive another three kilometers and you’ll be all right. Then I’m aching. I’m starting in Venice now! Hello! The potatoes are being washed. Yeah, that’s the potato we’re supposed to have tonight. Hello. The new Kahn Ferry student. Thank you. Thank you. Manuela and I steam off into the kitchen and make preparations for dinner together. with the holiday guests from the Quodda View. And the men, they take care of the fish. That’s proper. The Filko brothers Fritz and Harry have been fishing together for decades. And every time it tickles, as if it were the first time. So. I’m really excited. That’s probably the hunting instinct. you’ve been looking forward to it the whole time. you can’t sleep the night. That’s the way it is. And that’s not just fishing. What we’ve seen here before, huge deer, wild boars. Fish eagle, and this is absolutely paradise. In former times the river was full of pike, zander, carp and tench. The abundance of fish has diminished considerably – nevertheless the brothers are lucky today. There comes a pike, it’s not bad. You can drink booze already!
    You’re off to a good start, brother. That’s what they deserve. First the head fisherman… When you catch the first noble fish,
    you drink a schnapps first. Has always been and will continue to be handled this way, or you won’t have any luck fishing a very simple story. That’s good, brother! The right to fish is in the Spreewald
    with the property of a family. It was the same with the Filkos. If the catch is large, they sometimes sell to the inns in the village. But today the house guests are waiting for fresh fish from the river. So, it’s time! As I said, the Filko family farm is almost completely surrounded by water. That’s romantic, but it can also be pretty awkward, for example in the cold season. Winter in Lehde. In freezing cold no one likes to be lured out behind the stove. Only some people still have to get out. Like Dieter Adler, that’s the village garbage man. So it’s hard, the barrels are heavy… Through the ashes, it is still mostly heated with wood and coal here. In summer then more other waste by the holidaymakers and tourists here. In winter the inhabitants of Lehde help each other. Because especially in the cold season. it’s hard to work on the boat. And then you’re I’ve heard unforeseen stories before. Well, that was an agreement with a customer here now, he was on vacation, whether I could get his barrel out of the shed. Maybe 15, 20 yards.
    Boat not fixed with chains but only stabbed with a pack,
    there was some current… When I came back, the boat was already 3, 4 meters away. Yeah, what do I do now? I looked around, if there was a boat, a barge, nobody was there, similar to the weather here, Then I took my clothes off as far as I could, went into the water, swam to the boat. and I brought him back.
    It’s not much to laugh about. when you’re doing it like this afterwards.
    thoughtful, one must smile already times with such things. Dieter Adler can justifiably claim to be himself, to be the garbage man with the most unusual workplace in Germany. The fire brigade of the island village is also quite unique. The fire engine is also a boat. Because on the waterway. the farms are the easiest to reach. However, conditions in winter are not easy for firefighters. Yeah, that’s a difficult situation. If the ice keeps right, no problem, we’ll use the handcart, or if the stuff’s loaded on the sled, it’s got to be pulled in, it is always difficult, if the ice does not hold properly, then you just have to improvise. So far, you’ve always found an emergency solution in an emergency. It’s a good thing the last big fire was many years ago. The delivery service of Swiss Post in Lehde is also unique in Germany. Andrea Buhne is the only “Postkahnfährfrau” in Germany. In winter she walks between the canals and has to march properly. It’s much easier in summer when I’m here with the boat, the farmsteads can be reached faster and better. During the week Andrea Buhne has to distribute about 600 letters to the Lehdscher. For this job she needs to be in good condition when she trudges through the snow. In the winter season you are sometimes a tracker here, so if it snows and no one’s been in front of you on this trail, it can happen that you’re the first one here. She enjoys this solitude. Because in summer, the bargewoman from the Post Office one of the most popular photo motives with the tourists in the Spreewald. Our journey now goes to the southern Oberspreewald. There lies Burg, by the way the largest scattered settlement in Germany. This means: the village is spread over a huge area without an actual village centre. But there is one landmark that Burg has, namely the Bismarck Tower. And a wonderful old Spreewald station. I’ve got a date here. At the old station, EliZa tells me.
    is always packed, not only because of the original beverage transport, also because of the good Spreewald home-style food. By the way, guests place new orders with the conductor’s trowel. The guest room is full to the brim with relics from old railway times. Children finally don’t find it boring to have dinner with their parents. We get on our bikes and follow the sign of the cucumber cycling. The Gurkenradweg (Cucumber Cycle Path) runs 260 kilometres through the Upper and Lower Spree Forest. Past many beautiful places and tourist sights. Look – there are deer! I have to show you something again, too, and that is… let’s get out of here. Here, for example, is also a way of staying overnight. They’re holiday homes, which are then
    just be yours for a week like this. Great. If I were to go
    move in. Breakfast up here then yes with an open fireplace…
    Maybe next time. For all those who do not want to plan a tour of several days on the Gurkenradweg themselves, there are organized offers with luggage transport. By the way: If you follow the cucumber, you can occasionally try one. There are a lot of stalls and beer gardens where the famous Spreewald speciality is offered. Have you tried the cucumbers yet?
    Nah, not here yet. Then you don’t even know which one you like best. No. You have different ones, right? The good woman’s probably going to give us
    one or two of them. May we try some?
    Yes, please. I have different varieties of cucumber, gherkin, mustard gherkin, garlic gherkin and sour gherkin. The pickled cucumber is particularly recommended, this is the oldest cucumber from the Spreewald and the first one that ever existed. I’d like to try it! I thought they were all pickled pickles… but maybe I’ve got some new
    Taste experiences. The pickle… If I hear that already, my mouth is watering. It’s just pickled with salt and dill. Enjoy your meal! How did it actually start with the export hit from the Spreewald? Hundreds of years ago the Dutch brought cucumber cultivation to the region. They already had experience with this at that time. The nutrient-rich and humid soils in the Spreewald were perfect for the pumpkin plant. Even the logistics were perfect at that time: from the field by boat directly to the market. After the fall of communism, the Spreewald gherkin was one of the few GDR products, that could survive without interruption. The whole world wants Spreewood gherkins. Even to America and Australia they are exported. In summer a lot of tourists push their way over the Gurkenmeile in Lübbenau. It must be crisp… …for herbs, sour… Just take out that taste. I didn’t know her because I’m not from here. I’m from Chile. But they taste very, very good. Harvesting cucumbers is a laborious process. Harvesters pick them by hand – lying belly on these monsters – also called cucumber fliers. Up to 46,000 tons of cucumbers are processed each year in the Spreewald. Of course, every company has its own recipe, which is strictly guarded. Classic is the Spreewälder Dillgurke, which is simply preserved by salt water. This is where the future mustard cucumber rolls across the ribbon. It is made from the larger specimens and peeled. Besides mustard seeds, fresh herbs such as thyme are the most important ingredient. Due to the heating, the cucumbers remain durable for several years. This gherkin factory, the Rabe company near Lübbenau, has opened its gates to visitors. A tip for a stopover on the Gurkenradweg. Our next station leads us to Straupitz at the northern edge of the Oberspreewald. The small village was once a flourishing market town. The old buildings such as this granary date back to these times. After the fall of communism Straupitz received new splendour. Straupitz is very contemplative and has
    the first look really something totally unspectacular. But you can’t
    do not deceive: here there are two very remarkable building, that was also a tip from you, many thanks to Nicole Gerber-Manns and I’m standing here in front of one, and you really don’t expect a building like that here. The village church in Straupitz is also called Schinkelkirche, because it was built in the built according to the plans of the famous Prussian master Karl Friedrich Schinkel. The church is a masterpiece of classicism, completed in 1832. The interior is simple, but original and completely preserved. It was a courtesy that the large Schinkel designed a church for the small Straupitz. A noble poet from the village was friends with him. From the towers there is a good view of the second surprising building of the village. And then Straupitz has this
    Dutch windmill. Yeah, I know, windmills are a lot, you know.
    are absolutely right, very many, everywhere, but the one that can do more than
    others, even though you can’t tell by looking at them. It’s a triple windmill,
    and one of the last in Europe, to be who really does everything
    works. This mill can grain grinding, pressing oil and sawing wood. Hello, Mr. Nowak. Hello Andrea, welcome!
    And as the Straupitzers say: luck too! Lucky you. And how do we get up – stairs? Stairs once, but we also have an elevator here. It’ll go faster. Yeah, let’s try that one out. One backpack… Yes. Where am I holding on?
    With me. Here we are now on the first floor. This is an adventure… But you make me feel safe. Gerd Nowak is the managing director of the Mühlenverein, a mill association which has been operating all three trades in the 1850 building. that got the car running again. During the GDR era, grinding and oil operations were discontinued. Only the sawmill continued to work until the turnaround. The tower hood with the mighty comb wheel for the transmission of wind power is impressive, even if you’re not an explicit mill fan. So, here we are at the oil mill.
    Everything’s rattling. Yeah, it’s linseed, I know it. I put it in my cereal. No – not cereal like that. Because you don’t decompose the semen with your stomach or your teeth, it comes out. It has to be broken. And how do I do that, break it open? Grind with the grinder, old coffee grinder, or crush with the mortar… It has to be broken. I’ve been doing this wrong for years. And how does it become oil now? We must now weigh 10 kilos here, into a vat… Flax seeds, by the way, are the seeds of flax. In this machine the seeds are broken. A little water is added to create a pulp. A peculiarity here: The linseed is roasted. This results in a pleasant nutty taste later in the oil. Now it’s time to squeeze. The still warm mass is distributed in ancient forms, which are later put into the press. It’s a little bigger.
    That’s nice and warm. Nice in the middle. Just pick it up and drop it. Yeah, great! Now comes the hardest work.
    Changing the shapes. Because they’re so heavy. You said 50 kilos. No, I can’t do that. 50 kilos. For Gerd Nowak, it seems a piece of cake. And then it flows, the healthy oil with
    the valuable omega-3 fatty acids. In the mill you can immediately convince yourself of the taste of the Spreewald gold. Yes, and that’s how you eat linseed oil here at the
    the typical Spreewald forests and the National dish: Quark with linseed oil and
    Boiled potatoes. I’m on my way to Lübbenau. The little town is often referred to as the the tourist capital of the Spreewald. There is not much going on in the old town with the colourful little houses. The old town with the baroque Nikolai church and the classicist town houses was not destroyed in the war. Sympathetic and contemplative – not for nothing is Lübbenau the most popular starting point for exploration tours through the Spreewald. That’s a nice place. Is that a supermarket? Yeah, you could say a little supermarket like that. “What makes the Spreewälder strong? Kneedles, linseed oil and quark.” Potatoes. Linseed oil and quark, as they know it in the Spreewald. Since the middle of the 19th century. into the largest port of the Spreewald to make a traditional boat trip. There’s a lot going on here now. There are all the bowstands here too, that’s why… How can you say that the heart of Lübbenau is the big harbour. And a lot of tourists, right? Even now, but much more in summer. In the summer much more, but it goes over the whole year, in the winter there is also totally something going on. Two million visitors a year, that says it all. Two million! And not far from the old town
    we now come to the castle park. Looks great. You can just walk in like that? I think it’s really beautiful! The Counts really make it accessible to everyone, you can do it in summer like in
    Enjoying winter is simply wonderful. And now with the Indian Summer touch, there’s something really magical about it. Are you going jogging here? Every now and then this is also my jogging track. You can also go for a walk or stay overnight in a hotel, because the castle is now a hotel. And then you can look at the park from the window. and just have a romantic evening. Yes, and all this under the leadership of the
    Counts to Lynar, and we’ll get to know them now. It hasn’t looked that pretty for long. During the GDR era. used the castle as a children’s home and not very well looked after. This is how the Countess received it in 1992. All the artisans did back then was just slap their hands over their heads. and we said, “Oh, God, let’s tear this thing down.” And then I said we’d rebuild it the way it looked, and who’s building the soul in it for me? The count’s family had had to leave their ancestral seat, because she had been expropriated by the National Socialists in 1944. The reason: Castle lord Wilhelm Friedrich zu Lynar was accused, in the coup against Hitler and was therefore executed. Then the Lynars emigrated to Portugal. Today a portrait of the courageous ancestor hangs in the staircase of the castle. We do a lot for him, too. It’s an obligation to him, first and foremost, and beyond the long, long family tradition. Only after reunification was the castle returned to the family as a victim of the Hitler regime. For me, of course, it was a great opportunity to be able to do something like this. And it was commitment anyway, because at the moment we were a restitution case, you can’t really say “no” anymore.
    I’ll tell you what. Also for son Rochus the decision to return was clear. The Spreewald is our historical home, the home of our family. The interesting thing is, my children are growing up here now and they are becoming real Spreewälder, for them the Spreewald is their home. I have a date in Lübbenau now. I think it’s going to be very exciting.
    I’ll report to you. Yes, tell me everything! Exactly. Best in Lübben, I’ll see you there again.
    That’s right, for paddling. Look forward to it. Until then, bye! I told you, I got a date here… At 16, but they’re very, very small, but very sweet, really! The Spreeweltenbad Lübbenau is a normal swimming pool and at the same time a zoo. Absolutely unique in Europe! Visitors can get very close to the 16 Humboldt Penguins and watch them swim. Every day there are show feedings. Laura is the animal keeper here, in charge of these 16 penguins. And I think you know everyone personally, don’t you?
    Yes, yes, quite personally. You’re all per you. *whistles* Here they come. Our showpiece penguin Don Juan first thing. This is Don Juan here? That’s it. The cheekiest. Then we’ve got another very scared one, Queen Luise, for example, is now with Don Juan. so maybe someday she’ll get a little more alive. Do they bite? If necessary, if you ever give a fish. Watch your fingers a little bit, then you can. How can they stand it, I just swam around there, too… What do they think of the people on the window? They think it’s great. They even play with people if they have any balls. or move objects back and forth on the pane, they really play with it, and when it gets too much for them, they can spread out here in the plant and put it somewhere else. That’s where they get their peace of mind from people. How old do they get?
    They can live up to 30 years. Our oldest is Balduin, who is now eleven years old. Is this a family now? You’ve already had offspring, haven’t you? Right, we’ve got six males and six adult females here, and this year we had a total of eight kittens, four have already gone to another zoo, the Tierpark Berlin, and we want to keep the other four. And are they faithful? Loyal spouses? They actually stay together for the rest of their lives. Which doesn’t mean you can cheat on someone once in a while. It happens to penguins too.
    Just like real life. And that’s still Don Juan, isn’t it? It’s not me, it’s the fish. We drive a good 20 minutes from Lübbenau to a very special area. The Spreewald is surrounded by former open-cast mining areas, where lignite was mined. What has remained are maltreated landscapes. In the year 2000 a new era began in Wanninchen. The Heinz-Sielmann-Foundation bought a former open-cast mining site to give it back to nature. Bizarre, unreal and incredibly beautiful. Which looks like a dead desert, is in reality a habitat of the highest conservation value. The rising groundwater forms large areas of water. Rare plants and animals have found a new home here. In the Nature Park Centre of the Heinz-Sielmann Foundation you can get information about and book guided tours for the area. Nobody should forget their binoculars at dusk. Because then the cranes come. Thousands of them. The elegant migratory birds are among the best long-haul pilots in the world. In the autumn months they come to Wanninchen, to strengthen themselves for the onward journey to their winter quarters. The conditions here are optimal. There is enough food and the extensive water areas are safe sleeping places. The spectacular courtship dances and the elegance of the cranes have fascinated people since ancient times. This is a very fantastic bird around which many myths entwine, from bird of happiness to eternal fidelity. They’re just charismatic animals, who, when you observe her, quickly realize that she has a very far-reaching and have different behaviors that they display, from arguing around to posing, and also very tender to each other. You can make great observations there. He’s a fascinating animal. Our journey goes on to Lübben – that is exactly on the border between Ober- and Unterspreewald. Most visitors come to Lübben to take a look at this church on the market square. Paul Gerhard, the famous church song poet, worked here as a pastor. His bust is right in front of the church. Hello, Paul! Hello! That’s one of those Spreewald originals, that’s the Cucumber Paule. He does cucumber seminars, for example, with accordion and brimborium, that’s what it’s all about. If you want to know everything about the cucumber.
    Everything, exactly. Yes, now I know: where the Gurkenmeile is, the harbour is not far away. Well, then I’ll show you Lübben from the water. Fine, we can do that!
    professional After Lübben Castle we come to the first lock. The area around the Lübben Castle Island in the middle of the city has recently been completely redesigned. Two swans accompany us – as if we had ordered it. Here at Lübben, the Spree is surprisingly wide. *¶ Eliza sings ¶ All the best, good luck and continued success with your music. Thank you. Thank you. And thank you for watching.
    That was “Beautiful” from the Spreewald. And we’ll cuddle up here in front of the fireplace. I’m already warm. And yes, maybe until next time, or maybe we’ll meet again in the Spreewald. Kisses for everyone! Bye. Bye. Bye! I hope you enjoyed our video! Please feel free to write it in the comments. Here are directly two more videos for you, and do not forget: subscribe to our travel channel and activate the bell! This is the only way to get news about more videos. And on we go!

    AmaWaterways AmaSonata European River Cruise Ship. Tour And Review
    Articles, Blog

    AmaWaterways AmaSonata European River Cruise Ship. Tour And Review

    January 21, 2020

    You’re going to discover and see
    everything you need to know about AmaWaterways AmaSonata river cruise ship. Hi, I’m Gary Bembridge and this is another of my tips for travellers. I am going to
    take you on a tour and review the AmaWaterways AmaSonata River cruise ship. AmaWaterways ships are amongst the highest rated like the Berlitz Guide to River
    Cruising ranks 10 of the AmaWaterways ships as their top 10 ships. Let’s
    take a look at the AmaSonata that I am recording this on, and find out why
    they’re so highly rated. The ship was built in 2014 holds 164 guests and has
    roughly one crew member for every three passengers, and has a lot of space per
    passenger. It is one of the best on the rivers. Let’s take a look at,
    first of all, what facilities there are and then what the cabins are like. On the top deck is a Sun Deck, and you have a big open area, you have a walking
    track and one of the really important features is the swimming pool. It’s a
    heated swimming pool so even in the depths of winter if you’re on board you
    could actually swim. The next level down is the Violin deck. In the front of
    the ship you have an open area where you, in good weather, can sit outside and
    eat or relax. Then, very importantly, you have the large lounge with an
    observation area up front, where you get great views. The lounge is very important because you have the bar in here, it’s where you meet in evenings for the Sip and Sail complimentary cocktail hour, it’s also where they serve light bites at
    breakfast and lunch. It’s also where they have afternoon tea, so it’s a very
    important place and it’s the main meeting spot on board. It’s also where
    you have things like port briefings. Just behind that you have a little gift
    shop which has a wide range of souvenirs depending on the region, jewellery etc. You then have the reception desk and area where you have the
    Cruise Manager and Hotel Director desks. You then have some cabins and at the
    rear you have a couple of really important things like the Chef’s
    Table, which is the speciality dining restaurant. The chef’s Table is
    included within the fare and all you do is book to go to it. There’s also
    the fitness room here, which is again complimentary, and you have the hairdresser and a massage room. The deck below that is known as the Cello deck,
    and here you have the main dining room. This is where you can have breakfast,
    lunch and dinner. Breakfast being a buffet, lunch being a buffet and dinner
    being a multi-course sit down menu. It’s a great venue and I really like the dining room because there’s lots of booth type tables, big tables and
    smaller tables and a real nice mix of configurations there. Below that you have the Piano deck, which is where you have more cabins. Now, I want to talk about the cabins. You do have some suites ,but the bulk of cabins onboard are the twin
    balcony cabins. These are very unique to AmaWaterways and they created them
    because they know a lot of people like to have a balcony, even if they don’t use it very much. Being able to sit outside and enjoy the fresh air as you
    sail along and look at the sights, but what they realised is if they have a balcony
    across the whole of the cabin it reduces the size of the cabin, so they created
    one area where you have a French balcony, so you have more space, and then the balcony. I really like the cabins on board and I found them very comfortable, probably one of the nicest cabins on any river cruise ship that I’ve been on. the
    quality of the bedding was really good, the bathroom itself was fantastic. It’s a
    marble bathroom with great shower and great water pressure, very hot water, nice premium toiletries. A really nice cabin. The bulk of the
    cabins are this style and they’re on the Violin deck and the Cello deck. On the Piano deck you have, because they are partly below the water level, cabins which just
    have windows higher up. I would really recommend if you possibly can to get
    one of the twin balcony cabins because that’s the best way of experiencing the
    rivers that you cruise along because you get beautiful scenery all the time, and
    be able to look out or step on the balcony is a really big plus. AmaWaterways AmaSonata is a very beautiful ship and it is very typical of other AmaWaterways ships, so if you see other AmaWaterways ships you’ll see that they look
    very similar to this and many of them are very similar inside. Please watch
    many more of my Tips For Travellers videos if you found this one helpful
    because you will get much more travel inspiration, advice and tips on how to
    make the most of your precious travel time and money on both land and at sea

    BMP Fishing: The Series | St. Lawrence River
    Articles, Blog

    BMP Fishing: The Series | St. Lawrence River

    January 21, 2020

    (slow guitar music) – How you doing? Good. (grunt) (slow guitar music) – How’d you do? – I did good, Buddy. – Oh, my lordy. He’s bringing ’em in. – I told ya I’d be in a better mood today. – I know, I know. – See them? – Oh yeah, those are some good ones. – Excited about today. Today was fun. – A three time Bassmaster winner, let me hear it for the
    prodigy, Brandon Palaniuk! – [Audience] (cheers and applause) – 15-15 yesterday. – Not today. – Not today, you can’t keep him down. Two days in a row here, 25 pounds, even! – [Audience] (screaming and applause) – 25 even! – I don’t know which ones, Trip. – I don’t know either. – [Audience] (whistling and cheers) – For the first time ever
    on the Bassmaster stage, I did a mic drop, what a rally! – [Cameraman] What do you think? – He might do it again. – Good morning everybody, we’re here at the St. Lawrence River, day one, getting ready to blast off, and it’s fishing really good right now. Not as good as it can, the
    fish are really spread out right now, so there’s a lot
    of different things going on. You can see a lot of guys
    catching them at different depths. You can catch five-pounders
    all the way from the bank, all the way out into
    30, 35-foot right now. (wind and waves) It’s a start, but
    they’re gonna have to get a lot bigger than that. Oh! Gosh dang it! (grunt) I dunno what happened there. It’s not quite how I had
    it planned out in my head. I dreamt way different of that, of starting out last night. (wind and nylon friction) Gosh, little again! Jeez. Skinny, ugly. I’d feel better if those
    were even three-pounders. But when they’re … Two pounds, maybe? Not good, we’re gonna have
    to do some serious adjusting. (heavy bass and drum music) ♫ Yeah yeah ♫ Yo can I ball for a minute ♫ Right on ♫ I got this let it
    roll like a night storm ♫ Forever winning don’t
    you ever get in my way ♫ Cause otherwise I’m
    a rise up in your face ♫ Teamwork headfirst
    with my feet in the dirt ♫ Extreme thirst feel the
    surge of adrenaline burst ♫ My knees hurt please
    nurse let the medicine work ♫ So I can get a damn
    be professionally superb ♫ I won’t stop til I’m certified ♫ I won’t stop til I’m first to rise ♫ I’m on top getting first prize ♫ Gold metal get up and
    get ahead and it’s time – I hooked a carp. Like the carp, the carp ate my hair jig. Well, I want my hair jig back. (grunt) Thanks, Buddy. Right size, right color, wrong species. – [Announcer] From Rathdrum Idaho, The Prodigy, Brandon Palaniuk! – [Audience] (cheers and applause) – [Announcer] Brandon got
    15-15, and a lot of places, that’s the goal, but,
    you know the deal here. Tomorrow gotta be a bit of
    a rally day for you, man. – Probably the toughest day
    I’ve had on the St. Lawrence had lots of opportunities, I
    just couldn’t put it together, so, I’m looking forward to
    getting out there tomorrow, I’m gonna switch things up, I stayed in close today,
    tomorrow I’m gonna run probably 60 or 70 miles
    and see what I can do. – Brandon! – Got a lot of ground to make up. Thanks, Buddy. It’s, uh, frustrating. The most frustrating day
    we’ve had all year, for sure. Other than, probably Okeechobee. – What was yours?
    – 15. I got lots of work to do tomorrow. – Don’t worry, you’ll get them. – We’re here, day two, pretty relaxed. We’re like the last boat out today. Boat 99. Trying to make a decision
    on what I wanna do. Yeah, we stayed close yesterday, saw the right fish, got
    some of them to bite, lost some of them, couldn’t
    get some of them to bite. Today, I’m thinking about
    running to the mouth. The run out there, it’s probably … Hour and fifteen minutes one way? (wind and waves) Oh there’s, oh there’s a whole school. A whole school. (grunt) The school is there. – [Man] Let me know if you
    want me out of your way. – [Brandon] No, you’re good right there. I’ll land him in the seat. It’s the right kind. Catch five of them, and we’re in the cut. My heart is like, (Heart pounding). Come on, I need to land you to
    start this battle off right. I wish this was a team derby,
    so you could catch that, you could catch that six-pounder
    that’s following him. I mean there is like a
    absolute tank following them. Yep. He’s like, “no, I can still get away!” I don’t even know if he’s a four-pounder. Yeah, he’s close. (laughs) He’s got to be a four-pounder. Look at that. Hooked right in the
    freaking nostril, barely. Finally! (soft piano and cello music) – [Man] There we go. – [Brandon] Feels like a big one. Stay on there, Baby! Stay on there. (music intensifies) He’s got to be pushing four. Aw! (grunting) Yes! Mm, that’s what I’m talking about. That’s the kind you need. That’s more like it. Gimme some. ♫ All I want’s what I see
    coming to me for the work ♫ That I put in every
    day ’cause I’m hustling ♫ That’s right and I’m sanctified ♫ Living large ’cause I paid the price ♫ And my mama gave the same advice ♫ She said boy being smart
    doesn’t mean you’re right ♫ You wanna roll with a winner ♫ Let’s ride ♫ Competition get diminished every time ♫ Playing hard til it’s
    finished and then some ♫ But we ain’t scared we’re
    prepared for anything. ♫ I can see my name in lights ♫ Spoke from the heart
    and it shines so bright ♫ Yeah let the whole world know ♫ Let’s go let’s go let’s go ♫ I can see my name in lights ♫ Ball until I fall and
    I’m feeling all right ♫ Yeah so let the whole world know ♫ Let’s go let’s go let’s go – Yeah buddy. That’s $10,000 right there. That’s a biggun. I think that’s the biggest
    one we got in there. Surely that’ll help! Today, was pretty freaking awesome. Another clone. – How’d you do? – I did good, Buddy. – Oh, my lordy! He’s bringing ’em in. – [Announcer] From Hayden, Idaho, a three-time Bassmaster winner, let me hear it for the
    prodigy, Brandon Palaniuk! – (cheers and applause) – 15-15 yesterday. – Not today. – Not today, you can’t keep him
    down two days in a row here. 25 pounds! – (screaming and applause) – 25 even. – I dunno which ones, Trip. – I don’t either. – For the first time ever
    on the Bassmaster stage, I did a mic drop. What a rally! 25 pounds even, the biggest
    bag of the tournament. – [Audience Member] Nice job, Brandon! – [Announcer] And Brandon
    moves, what place were you in at the end of the day yesterday? – [Brandon] I don’t look, I didn’t care. All I knew was that it wasn’t right and I needed to fix it. – Well I’ll tell you what wasn’t right. You were somewhere in the 70s. Now sitting in eighth place! What a rally! – (whistling and cheering) – Thanks!
    – Nice job! You know it was 25?
    – No, I thought it was like 22, 23.
    – Getting too old for two. – I was, I called it, did I not? I know this was 25. – [Man] She said on the phone, 25? And I’m like, no. – I didn’t think so man.
    – And then he said no. And then he weighed in 25. – Well, first mission accomplished. Yesterday the goal was
    just to make the cut, and we needed to catch about
    20 pounds to do that yesterday. We smashed 25. 25 freaking pounds. Even when I won, I didn’t
    weigh anything that big. Who knows what’s gonna happen today. I promise we’ll be around
    25 pounds of smallmouth at some point today, whether
    or not we catch them. Oh no, this pump’s super slow today. Now it won’t work. It did that yesterday, remember? I had to swipe my card again. Let’s try hose one today. Hose two was better yesterday. I can’t even talk, I gotta
    pee so bad right now. It takes forever dialing network. Come on. Didn’t improve it. What the heck. Why? This is miserable, man. This guy needs to get his pumps worked on. Now neither one of them will work. Oh my gosh, this is frigging miserable. (whistling “Theme From Jeopardy!”) Four gallons! Old Mill and Bay, you guys need
    to work on your pumps here. I was about to have a complex. See you in a little bit. Well, now that that took 47 hours … Oh, it’s a giant, too! Please, get in this boat! That’s another five-pounder, Man. My heart is freaking pounding. Feel like I just ran a triathlon. Come on, come on, come on. Get in this boat. Don’t you do it. Come here. Oh, come here, come here, come here … They just don’t quit. (groaning) I can’t quite get her. Got her this time. Yeah! (grunt) – [Man] Flip it around real quick. – That’s how you wanna start right there. Hoo, look how bad I’m shaking. (laughs) It’s a four-and-a-half-pounder. – [Man] Yeah, baby. – (grunt) (distant boat motors) It’s a little one. This one’s little, but the
    big ones are behind it. Yeah, there’s a five-plusser behind it. This one’s only like a three-pounder. But I’ll take him right now. He’s three more pounds
    than I’ve got in the box. Keep an eye on that other one. – [Man] You said there was a giant one? – Yeah, there’s a giant one behind it. (heavy breathing) Oh, come on! (lines twanging) I’ve got you, I’ve got you. Solid three-pounder. – I have to tag you because
    you’re pretty small. I love the conditions, though. It’s way more, fishing,
    just conditions-wise, it’s way more enjoyable. The vibe is great. He’ll make the cut, for now. I got right out to that current seam, no current, they probably
    just slide out a little deeper. He might not even be three-and-a-half. – Yeah, it’s three more
    pounds than I just had. – [Cameraman] How’s it goin’ there, Bud? – Let me tell you what, Bud. We’re out here following around
    Brandon Michael Palaniuk, all day long, dressed to impress, eating a box of Goldfish. I got mosquitoes all over my graphs. – [Camerman] I got bit by mosquitoes. – Burning gas and catching bass. I don’t know what else to tell you. – [Cameraman] I mean you
    heard it here first, folks. – You heard it from Brett Haus Carnright. (acoustic guitar music) – Look at that cull. – [Cameraman] So, what
    do you think about it? – I’m about to watch Bass Live, while they film Bass Live. What do I think about it? I think he needs a couple more big ones, and I think he’s gonna get the bites. He just needs to get them in the boat. I’m excited for this run
    back to Waddington, too. – [Cameraman] I am not. – [Announcer] All right, here we go, I think we do have a picture
    now from Brandon Palaniuk. – It took a while to find BP, but, he’s a long way from takeoff. You can see the lake and, he’s down here where the big ones live. You can certainly see why he
    had that 25 pounds yesterday. – [Zona] Brandon Palaniuk fishing just outside of Cape
    Vincent, kind of jockeying around this area quite a bit. – [Announcer] What’s the
    runtime under these conditions? How long did it take
    him to get down there? – I’ll ask him right quickly. What’s your runtime on … Hour and 15, he said, on calm conditions. – [Zona] All right, and-
    – Which is 80 miles? 90 miles, something like that? – [Tommy Sanders] 80 miles, something like that, tomorrow could be a little bit longer. – Zona! – [Zona] Yes, sir? – Zona, I’ve got a little
    sea pecking trivia for you. – [Zona] Let’s go, let’s do this! – You ready? We’re gonna scan around with
    the camera just a little bit, and we’ll see if you can identify this one particular individual
    that’s following BP around. You notice that guy with
    his shirt unbuttoned? – [Zona] Oh, give me a
    closer look at this man, well this is fantastic! – When I pulled up and
    found BP, I was like, who do you have following you today? You know, got the shirt
    unbuttoned and everything, not your typical fishing
    jersey or anything. Let’s get, let’s get a little closer here. – [Zona] This is definitely, this whole thing’s not
    gonna end real well, but I like the whole look right here. – (laughs) – [Zola] I have no idea what’s happening. – He’s an unknown man
    with his shirt unbuttoned, how about that, on Zona Cam. – [Zona] We thought it
    was Bernhard Langer. – [Announcer] Or Michael Fassbender. – (laughs) That’s close, that’s close. – [Announcer] Michael Fassbender! – [Zona] Fun time at the Olympic gymnast. – There’s one like Kevin’s, you know, where they’re round, these
    are just super super long. – Over five pounds. – Three-time Elite Series champion, weighing the biggest bag in
    the tournament yesterday, from Rathdrum, Idaho- (crowd cheering) Rocketed from 72nd place into our top 10 with 25 pounds yesterday,
    looking for 22-three. 22 pounds 4oz! (wild cheers and applause) 22 pounds and four ounces. – Man, I’m still, I’m
    still upset about day one. I knew that when that happened, when I lost those big ones, day one, that it was gonna be
    really tough to come back. These guys are so good, and this fishery is so absolutely incredible that, it’s just, it’s hard to come back from that big of a deficit. – Tournament leader Brandon Palaniuk. – Top 12 backstage.
    – Thanks, Trip. – Can you sign
    two shirts down there? -Yeah. – A little more than we thought. Yeah, to have a shot, because these guys are all gonna catch at least 20, again. I’m gonna have a five-
    or six-pound deficit. I’m gonna have to catch,
    25 to even have a chance, and hope he struggles and catches 20. – Can you sign my … – [Mom] Can you sign the shirt,
    it’s for the bass people. And you’ll not get your picture
    with the kids if you don’t- – Brandon, is currently
    third in the tournament, after finishing day one
    at 70-something, horrible. But he jumped to third by day three, and he’s leading AOY! Leading AOY. He doesn’t know it, so I can’t tell him, but he has (bleep)-point lead, which, a lot can change tomorrow still. But it’s still exciting, and
    you still have to screenshot it when it happens. Hopefully we can just, wiggle to the top! – [Announcer] From Hayden, Idaho, a three-time Bassmaster … 25! (crowd cheering) For the third time ever … Can’t keep him down … (crowd cheering) – America. – [Cameraman] (snort) – Got to make sure they know
    what team I’m playing for. – [Cameraman] Yeah, ’cause
    it’s difficult up here, you never know if you’re Canadian or … – I know, eh? (toothbrush buzzing) – [Cameraman] What are you doing? – (hawk) (spit) Brushing my tooth. Because I’m so fresh. – Breakfast time. – [Cameraman] Those pants. – I know, I’ve got
    freaking bright red pants. I have a black jacket. I’m fishing right here, at this point, because of where I’m starting. – That’s what I was thinking. I was thinking it might be this, too. (camera shutter) – It’s gonna be a long one this morning. Instead of six hours to fish, I’m … – It’s cold. – [Cameraman] I’m cold. – You have shorts on. I have three-quarter pants on. – Today, is gonna be a little bit sporty. (rapid drum beat) ♫ Yeah ♫ Yeah ♫ Yo can I ball for a minute ♫ Right on ♫ I got this let it
    roll like a night storm (wind and waves) – [Man] Here we go. He’s got one. – It’s not bad. (heavy wind) It’s not that big. (sigh) At least make the run worth it. Three and three quarters. ♫ I can see my name in lights ♫ Spoke from the heart
    and it shines so bright ♫ Yeah let the whole world know ♫ Let’s go let’s go let’s go ♫ I can see my name in lights ♫ Ball until I fall and
    I’m feeling all right ♫ Yeah so let the whole world know ♫ Let’s go let’s go let’s go ♫ Yeah yeah ♫ I can see my name in lights ♫ Ride ♫ Let’s go let’s go let’s go ♫ Sport from the heart
    and it shines so bright ♫ Let’s go let’s go ♫ Ball until I fall and
    I’m feeling all right – I think that’ll do, right? ♫ Let’s go let’s go let’s go ♫ Ride yeah ♫ So let the whole world know ♫ Let’s go let’s go – It was fun, little buddy. – [Announcer] A three-time
    Elite Series champion, from Rathdrum, Idaho, the
    prodigy, Brandon Palaniuk! – (cheers and applause) – [Announcer] He weighed
    in the biggest bag of the tournament on day
    number two, 25 pounds even. He just eyeballed Brock Mosley, like I’ve never seen before. 63 pounds and three ounces
    started today digging deep in that Skeeter Livewell. – (whistling and cheering) – Some of the big brown
    beasts from beneath. 63 pounds and three
    ounces to start the day. Because of the job that Brock did, you’re gonna have to applaud him today. He’s looking for 19 pounds and an ounce. Waddington, you think he’s got it? – [Crowd] Yeah! (cheering) – 18 pounds, 13 ounces! – [Crowd] (sounds of distress) – You were all wrong. – Woo!
    – Go to your left, Brandon. – [Announcer] And Brock
    Mosley loves you for it. Let’s hear it for Brandon Palaniuk. (cheers and applause) – Incredible finish again. Let’s hear it for Brandon
    Palaniuk, ladies and gentlemen. – [Brandon] Good job, Brother. – Great comeback.
    – Thanks, Trip. – Good job.
    – Thanks. – Good job, Brandon. – There he is, they’re
    waiting for you, Buddy. – [Brandon] How you guys doing? Come on, give me some. – Go ahead. – [Brandon] Yep, that’s
    what I’m talking about. So it’ll be early. – You probably get,
    like, no sleep, do you? – [Brandon] Not much. All right, coming in hot! All right, let’s get it done! How are you, sir? – How are you doing?
    – Good, good. You got one? How are you? – Oh my god!
    – Been waiting for you! – I still love you, give me a kiss to me. – [Brandon] Oh, come on. I can’t kiss you on the lips,
    my girlfriend would kill me if I kissed you on the lips. Oh, yes! – Here, you want that one?
    – (laughs) I’ll take, what is it? What’s it for? – AOY leader, Man. – [Brandon] Shoo! I knew they were gonna announce
    it at the next meeting, so there’s no way of me getting
    around knowing that one. – You’re not gonna get around it. (laughs) – [Brandon] (laughs) I can’t run from it. I just don’t wanna know the point spread. Thanks, Trip. I guess there’s no hiding it now. – I knew it, I knew you’d find out! – Yeah, there’s no way to hide it now. Another successful week. Finished up in third place, after being in 72nd on day one. I’ll take it. Congrats to Kevin. The exciting news of the week is, we took the lead in Angler Of the Year. I was really trying not
    to know where I was at in Angler Of the year,
    but, when you’re leading, there’s no way to hide it. I got corn, green beans, beans, fresh zucchini from the garden, steak, chicken … We stayed at David and Debbie’s house, who is the parents of
    where Pipkin always stays, which is Liz and Jonathan. We got set up with this, setup, pulled the trailer in, pretty much took over
    their entire driveway, but, absolutely incredible people. Fed us every night. Lunch, breakfast, dinners, you name it. Pretty dang awesome. – Come on guys, I gotta get going here. – [Brandon] Really don’t know about it. – Bye! – Bye Brandon!
    – Bye! – Have fun! (cheering) Good luck fishing! – Good luck at Champlain! – So. Two tournaments left, and
    then the AOY championship. I start practice in the morning. – [Chad] Hey, I found a big
    toad, look at this toad. – [Brandon] What? – [Chad] Holy crap. – [Brandon] Well, this is
    the lot they put us in. Yes, ma’am. – [Cameraman] Oh my gosh, Chad. Catch him. – Look at how big this thing is, Dude. (whisper-scream) Hello! – [Cameraman] It’s probably peeing. – I already picked him up
    and let him pee without me. – [Cameraman] Oh, nice.