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    The Best Cruise Ship Water Slides That Will Make You Amazed and Surprised
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    The Best Cruise Ship Water Slides That Will Make You Amazed and Surprised

    January 19, 2020

    Carnival was one of the earliest adopters of the shipboard waterslide. The line has also proved it’s willing to revisit existing designs to make more basic waterslides, like this one aboard Carnival Freedom, even better. A good example of this can be found onboard the Carnival Fantasy. Built in 1990, you’d never think by looking at her that she has been outfitted with some thrilling waterslides. She doesn’t just have one waterslide – she has three. Carnival Waterworks, as seen aboard Carnival Fantasy from above. Even here, designers have been careful to maximise space onboard with not one but three waterslides. Carnival Fantasy has a Twister waterslide that’s great fun for kids of all ages. If you crave the need for speed, you’ll want to race your friends and family members by hopping on the tandem racer slides situated on the starboard side of the ship. The fun doesn’t end there. When Carnival turned Carnival Destiny into Carnival Sunshine, the line created one of its most elaborate waterparks to-date. The waterpark aboard Carnival Sunshine offers a maze of fun, with three distinct waterslides that are sure to keep you entertained and drenched at the same time. If you’re not wet enough already, the PowerSoaker will do the trick. Carnival Sunshine is outfitted with some of Carnival’s longest-and fastest – waterslides. Carnival Waterworks is just part of a larger watersports area that spans the better part of the aft deck. You’ll want to pack your courage; these aren’t your grandfather’s waterslides! Some Carnival ships also sport The Twister, located all the way forward next to the main pool deck. Although it’s less elaborate, the Twister still spans three decks in height and gives riders a real rush at sea. For something different, try the DrainPipe aboard Carnival Magic, where riders corkscrew along the massive bowl before being “sucked” down into the chute. Carnival isn’t the only cruise line to employ a bowl-style slide. In fact, the idea was first developed in 2010 aboard Norwegian Cruise Line’s Norwegian Epic. The massive waterpark aboard Norwegian Epic features the largest bowl slide at sea. It’s part of a larger aquatic complex that includes pools, hot tubs, and even small waterpark amenities for the kids. Norwegian took what they’d learned aboard Norwegian Epic and made it even bigger aboard their next ship: Norwegian Breakaway. A veritable waterpark at sea, Norwegian Breakaway features five separate waterslides; six if you count the scaled down “kiddie slide.” Norwegian Breakaway features the fastest drop slides at sea. They’re called – appropriately enough – “Free Fall.” The waterslides aboard Norwegian Breakaway rise to nearly the height of the funnel, and tower over the pool deck. Like Carnival, Norwegian uses these waterslides to anchor a massive waterpark area aboard Norwegian Breakaway and her sister, Norwegian Getaway. Aboard their newest ship, Norwegian Escape, Norwegian Cruise Line ratcheted up the fun by creating some of the biggest and baddest waterslides afloat. With four waterslides onboard – including the largest one at sea – Norwegian Escape massive waterslides take up nearly the entire deck space. These waterslides include the Aqua Racer, where competitors race side-by-side on adjoining tubes; and a FreeFall waterslide where riders drop into a massive loop when the floor underneath them releases. These slides complement an area that also includes two pools, four hot tubs. and a dedicated kids AquaPark. Waterslides aren’t new to Norwegian Cruise Line ships, but the line has been steadily improving them for over a decade. Norwegian Pearl, shown here, has a waterslide cleverly tucked away next to her pool deck. Norwegian Pearl’s waterslide rises two decks in height and runs for most of the pool deck, ending off with a double-twist and emptying out into an area right next to the swimming pool. Back in 2001, the Norwegian Star made headlines for its dual spiral waterslides. Today, waterslides are vastly more elaborate, with as many thrills at sea as on-land. MSC Cruises new MSC Seaside, which sets sail in late 2017, promises to have one of the most elaborate waterparks afloat when she is launched. MSC Seaside features not one, but five waterslides onboard – some of which cantilever out over the side of the ship. Cleverly hidden within the ship’s gigantic funnel, these slides border the sports and basketball courts. MSC Cruises is already known for their waterslides, but they are designed so discreetly you might not even know they exist – like this children’s waterpark mounted aft of the funnel aboard MSC Preziosa. Don’t worry: adults have their own dedicated waterslide aboard MSC Preziosa too. Spanning two decks in height, it’s the perfect way to cool off in the heat of the Mediterranean summer, where most MSC ships make their homes. Meet Disney Dream, one of Disney Cruise Line’s newest ships. Of course, like anything Disney, you can probably assume that their onboard waterslides are fantastic – and you wouldn’t be wrong. When Disney designed the AquaDuck aboard Disney Dream, the line probably never thought that adults would be as excited about it as kids. Turned out, adults queued up in line to ride it just as much as the kids did. The AquaDuck features translucent tubing and allows guests to sit in a raft as it is swept through a stream of water along the deck of the Disney Dream and her sister, Disney Fantasy. The AquaDuck was so popular that Disney Cruise Line immediately rushed to add it to another ship. the 1998-built Disney Magic. Disney Magic also features a reimagined waterslide next to the kid’s Aqua Lab. In addition to the waterslide, the AquaLab features a variety of water sprays and other water features. Dryness is not an option! Carnival Cruise Lines also caters to kids, with these aquatic “waterslides” for the little ones aboard Carnival Splendor. For adults though, there is Green Thunder. Like its name suggests, Green Thunder is massive, with a length of 187 feet and a drop of 34 feet. Riders can travel up to 25 miles per hour on Green Thunder. Nearby, the 214 long Twister waterslide still adds plenty of thrills to your days at sea. Carnival is also reaching for the sky- literally – aboard the upcoming Carnival Vista. Carnival Vista will feature Carnival’s largest waterpark to-date, incorporating features from the line’s other vessels and rolling them into one massive complex of fun. Even the kids aren’t left out, with these elaborate waterslides designed just for the little ones. One upcoming ship, though, promises to give the competition a run for its money: Royal Caribbean’s Harmony of the Seas. Anchoring Harmony of the Seas’ massive waterpark are three waterslides positioned alongside each other called Cyclone, Typhoon and Supercell. Named after storms, the three waterslides stand three decks in height apiece. Splashdown! Once again, kids are well looked after with their very own, appropriately scaled, waterslide aboard Harmony of the Seas. Royal Caribbean is also refitting their older ships, like Liberty of the Seas, with waterslides. Aside from the new massive waterslides that will be installed, Liberty of the Seas will feature cruising’s most hair-raising aquatic experience. The Boomerango Tidal Wave waterslide. That Royal Caribbean came up with the massive Boomerango – which induces near-weightlessness for a few moments – isn’t so surprising. This is, after all, the line that gave us the ultimate waterslide: the FlowRider surfing simulator. The FlowRider is one of Royal Caribbean’s most popular features, and can be found on their largest and newest ships. It’s not technically a waterslide, but it sure does feel like one! The FlowRiders were so popular that Royal Caribbean added two of them to Oasis of the Seas and Allure of the Seas. Kids sailing aboard Liberty of the Seas will find a brand-new waterslide to enjoy, along with a new aquapark that keeps things soaking wet. But waterparks don’t just have to be made up of elaborate waterslides. Carnival Cruise Line’s Carnival Breeze has all the aquatic fun you could ever wish for. At the heart of the waterpark aboard Carnival Breeze are slides designed for kids and adults alike, all conveniently clustered in one location. If the ship’s two massive waterslides don’t do the trick, you can always stand underneath a massive bucket of water that slowly fills up and tips down, engulfing the entire waterpark in torrential waves. Whether you like your ships big or small, these shipboard waterslides offer a whole ton of fun! Happy cruising!

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    January 18, 2020

    The U.S. Navy says the Freedom class Littoral
    Combat Ship USS Little Rock will get a 150-kilowatt class laser weapon system from Lockheed Martin
    this year. This would make Little Rock the third of the
    US Navy warships to be fitted with a high-power laser. Viewers may note that Arleigh Burke class
    destroyer USS Dewey and the San Antonio class landing platform dock amphibious ship USS
    Portland have got lasers installed last year. As reported by USNI News, U.S. Navy Vice Admiral
    Richard Brown, Commander of Naval Surface Forces told reporters about the imminent laser
    installation on Jan 13, 2020. Vice Admiral Brown did not reveal what laser
    the Navy would install on Little Rock, but some variant of Lockheed Martin’s High Energy
    Laser and Integrated Optical-dazzler and Surveillance system, or HELIOS seems to be the most likely
    one. In this video Defense Updates reports on the
    deployment of USS Little Rock will get a 150-kilowatt class. Let’s get started. This video is sponsored by War Thunder, the
    most comprehensive military vehicle online game for PC, PlayStation4 and Xbox One, in
    which you can go to battle on more than 1200 playable aircraft, tanks, helicopters and
    ships from the 1930s to the 1990s. The game has an amazing attention to detail
    and focuses on a realistic combat experience, which is why knowing your vehicles and skill
    really makes a difference. It’s easy to get into, and all you need to
    play is nothing more but your mouse and keyboard or controller. Immerse yourself in cross-platform combat
    with more than 20 million other military vehicle enthusiasts from all over the world . Download
    and play War Thunder for free using the link in the description below and also get a free
    bonus tank or aircraft or ship and three days of premium account. The littoral combat ship (LCS) is a set of
    two classes the Independence and Freedom. Construction of the Freedom-class is spearheaded
    by Lockheed Martin at Fincantieri Marinette Marine shipyard in Wisconsin, while that of
    Independence-class ships is led by Austal USA in Alabama. These are relatively small surface vessels
    and primarily designed for operations near shore. During the late 1990s, the U.S. Navy understood
    that cruisers and destroyers would be vulnerable to attacks in shallow coastal waters. Large warships like cruisers and destroyers
    are designed for open-ocean warfare and not for shallow water where these can be targeted
    by high-speed boats, missile-firing fast-attack craft, small submarines, sea mines, and land
    and air-launched anti-ship missiles. The idea behind the littoral combat ship,
    as described by former Secretary of the Navy Gordon R. England, is to “create a small,
    fast, maneuverable and relatively inexpensive member of the DD(X) family of ships.” If required these ships will absorb an attack
    and protect the much more expensive cruiser or destroyers. The LCS is envisioned to be a networked, agile,
    stealthy surface combatant capable of defeating anti-access and asymmetric threats in coastal
    waters. Interestingly, the LCS has a modular design. The vessels can be configured with different
    modules for specific roles that include anti-submarine warfare, mine countermeasures, anti-surface
    warfare, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, homeland defense, maritime intercept, special
    operations, and logistics. In the long run, the LCSs are expected to
    progressively replace slower and specialized ships such as minesweepers and amphibious
    assault ships. USS Little Rock (LCS-9) is a Freedom-class
    littoral combat ship (LCS) of the United States Navy. She is the second ship named after Little
    Rock, the capital city of Arkansas. USS Little Rock has a length of 115 m (378
    ft) and a displacement of 3,500 tonnes when fully loaded. The ship uses two Rolls-Royce MT30 36 MW (48,000
    hp) gas turbines and two Colt-Pielstick 16PA6B 6.8 MW (9,100 hp) diesel engines to power
    4 Rolls-Royce steerable waterjets. USS Little Rock has speed of 47 kn + (54 mph;
    87 km/h) and has a range of 3,500 nmi (6,500 km; 4,000 mii)
    It accommodates 50 core crew and a total of 65 with mission crew. The design of the vessel incorporates a large
    reconfigurable seaframe to allow rapidly interchangeable mission modules, a flight deck with integrated
    helicopter launch, recovery and handling system and the capability to launch and recover boats
    (manned and unmanned) from both the stern and side. In a standard configuration, USS Little Rock
    armament will consist of an 11-cell Raytheon RIM-116B SeaRAM missile-defense system, BAE
    Systems Mk 110 57 mm naval gun, and Mark 50 light-weight torpedoes launched from torpedo
    tubes. It can accommodate two Fire Scouts or one
    Seahawk USS Little Rock could be armed with Naval
    Strike Missiles for Anti Surface warfare is required. Viewers may note that the U.S Navy had awarded
    Lockheed Martin a $150 million contract in 2018, with options worth up to $943 million
    for the development of high power laser systems. The program aims to develop 2 prototypes – one
    for land and another for warships. As per Lockheed Martin with the HELIOS system,
    it will “help the Navy take a major step forward in its goal to field a laser weapon system
    aboard surface ships.” The HELIOS effort is focused on rapidly developing
    and deploying a 60-kilowatt high-energy laser with “growth potential” to 150 kilowatts. Lockheed Martin said it demonstrated that
    a 10-kilowatt system can defeat small airborne targets with the “speed of light” capability
    and that a 30-kilowatt system had disabled a stationary truck target. HELIOS combines three key capabilities fused
    into a single weapon system: 1. A high-energy laser system: The high-energy
    fiber laser will be designed to counter unmanned aerial systems and small boats. 2. A long-range ISR capability: HELIOS sensors
    will be part of an integrated weapon system and provide Intelligence, surveillance, target
    acquisition, and reconnaissance capability. 3. UAS dazzler capability: The HELIOS dazzler
    will be uses to disable UAS (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) of rivals. Lasers have some very important advantages
    when compared to conventional weapons. The speed of light enables them to hit their
    targets almost instantaneously. Laser weapons also don’t need to carry ammunition
    like traditional systems and hence they will be able to take out a much larger number of
    threats constrained only by the power supply limit of the platform. This is pretty significant as traditional
    air defense systems can run out of ammunition when encountering a large number of incoming
    threats. Lasers are also so much cheaper and could
    cost as less as $1 per shot. It is interesting to note that the US Navy
    has already taken steps to provision for Laser technology in its latest Ford class supercarriers. Ford class has 2 Bechtel A1B nuclear reactors. Each one these are capable of producing 300
    MW of electricity, triple the 100 MW of each Nimitz-class vessel. The huge power supply provides the legroom required for inducting Lasers and Electromagnetic Rail Guns. Laser is important since American rivals have
    put a lot of effort into developing and deploying several types of very capable Anti Ship missiles. Russia and China have supersonic Anti Ship
    missiles. Not only this, Russia has already deployed
    a Hypersonic Air-Launched Cruise Missile Kinzhal that can target naval assets and is in the
    process of arming its warships with Zircon Hypersonic Anti-ship Missile. Traditional anti-missile defense onboard American
    warships like RIM-162A Evolved SeaSparrow Missile will invariably find it difficult
    to intercept these missiles. As Laser technology matures, it could be a
    great counter against this threat. It is to be noted that Laser is not the only
    system being developed to meet emerging threats. The Congressional Research Service said in
    a May report that the US Navy is developing 3 new ship-based weapons: lasers, an electromagnetic
    railgun, and a gun-launched guided projectile. As per the report, these weapons “could substantially
    improve” the ability of surface ships to defend against small surface craft, unmanned aerial
    vehicles and, eventually, anti-ship cruise missiles. The report states, “Any one of these new weapons,
    if successfully developed and deployed, might be regarded as a ‘game changer’ for defending
    Navy surface ships” against enemy missiles, The research service noted that the U.S Navy
    has made “substantial progress” toward deploying lasers on ships. Focus on Lasers indicates that US Navy is
    actively working to transition to non-kinetic weapons.

    Fisherman’s Beach, Ocho Rios (Ochi), St Ann, Jamaica
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    Fisherman’s Beach, Ocho Rios (Ochi), St Ann, Jamaica

    January 18, 2020

    Fisherman’s Beach (also Fisherman Beach) is located in Ocho Rios (Ochi), St Ann, Jamaica (Caribbean). The beach sits west of the Ocho Rios Bay Beach and the Turtle Beach Towers behind the Ocho Rios Cruise Terminal/Port and also east of the Renold’s Pier.

    River Voyager Cruise Ship Tour – Vantage Deluxe World Travel
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    River Voyager Cruise Ship Tour – Vantage Deluxe World Travel

    January 18, 2020

    Vantage Deluxe World Travel’s River Voyager, docked on a misty morning in Mainz, Germany. The company’s newest river cruise ship, River Voyager holds 176 guests and a crew of 45. Welcome aboard! Upon first entering the River Voyager, guests are greeted by the lower floor of the two-story atrium lobby. A grand staircase leads to the Navigator Deck, or down to Odyssey Deck. The atrium is bright, open and airy. It also serves as the jumping-off point to the ship’s public areas and accommodations. The entry lobby also houses a glass-walled elevator that traverses three passenger decks, along with the Cruise Director’s Desk and Reception area. Like the rest of the ship, passenger corridors reflect the River Voyager’s jazz music theme. Corridor carpeting features music notes that run attractively down the hallway. The jazz theme continues in the ship’s Deluxe Suite staterooms, each of which is named for a great jazz legend. Deluxe Suites feature superb bathrooms, clad with marble and featuring.. dual vanity sinks. These bathrooms also have some of the best storage space on the rivers of Europe, with four large drawers for storage. Deluxe Suite bathrooms also feature a “night light” that turns on automatically when the bathroom lights are off. Of course, toiletries by L’Occitane don’t hurt either. Deluxe Suite bathrooms include a jetted soaker tub … … and a separate, glass-enclosed shower with a rainforest showerhead and six different water jets. These suites measure 250 square feet … … and include a whole host of amenities. Bottled drinking water is complimentary, and replenished daily. An iPod docking station is included … … and your stateroom attendant is there to attend to anything you might need on your river cruise. Deluxe Suites also include an in-room coffee maker, plus a collection of teas. Teas, manufactured by German brand Messmer, are housed in an attractive little wooden box. China throughout the ship is manufactured by Villeroy & Boch. In-room coffee is the perfect thing to start your day off right … a surprisingly simple luxury. Of course, luxury takes on other forms, too. Like the included Pillow Menus. Deluxe and Owner’s suites also feature a unique feature … … fully positionable beds, operated via remote control. Deluxe Suites, like nearly every stateroom onboard River Voyager, feature French balconies. These are great for allowing you to take in the sights and sounds of Europe … … and Vantage has designed some of the easiest-to-use balcony locks on the rivers of Europe. This suite, 411, is the Dinah Washington Suite. A book on the famous songstress is included in the suite, as is a flat-panel television featuring English-language TV channels and complimentary on-demand movies. We recommend “National Lampoon’s European Vacation.” If you’re lost for ideas. You don’t have to worry about putting any signs out: the “Make Up Room” and “Do Not Disturb” features are electronically controlled. Push a button … … and a colored indicator light pops up on your stateroom number in the corridor. Turndown service is a nice touch that every suite gets. Standard French Balcony staterooms measure 165 square feet, and are well-designed for two travelers. River Voyager also features single-occupancy staterooms measuring 125 square feet. Heading up to the Navigator Deck … … we come to the Blue Note Lounge. This small corner of the lounge, on the starboard side, has been designated as a pseudo-library. It features great views … … and whimsical décor that adheres to the jazz motif running throughout the ship. In fact, spotting these little pieces of jazz décor becomes something of a game after a while. Can you spot them all? The jazz theme is a nice touch that helps to set Vantage apart from its competition. The Blue Note Lounge features plenty of cozy seating options … … along with a coffee station, situated on the port side of the lounge. Specialty coffees and tea are provided here on a complimentary basis around the clock. A light continental breakfast is also served here most days. The Blue Note Lounge also features an unusually large dance floor near the forward end of the room. The 180-degree windows make this the undisputed social hub of the ship. The excellent bar menu doesn’t hurt, either. European beers are available, as are wines, cocktails, martinis and soft drinks. These all carry an additional charge on Vantage. Admiring the color scheme in the Blue Note Lounge. Even the colors eem to recall the jazz age, with plenty of vibrant shades and patterns. Murals have also been cleverly introduced as wall coverings in some sections. Forward of the Blue Note Lounge is an outdoor seating area. Overlooking the bow of the ship, this seating area offers a great place to relax and admire the passing scenery of Europe. It’s also covered, so it can be enjoyed in inclement weather as well. You can access this outdoor seating area via a door on the port side of the Blue Note Lounge, or by a staircase that leads … … up to the Sun Deck! The Sun Deck features a jogging track … Seating is also offered here … … that runs around the area forward of the ship’s wheelhouse. … along with some great views overlooking the bow. River Voyager’s Sun Deck runs for almost the entire length of the ship. All the way aft, on Navigator Deck, is the Cotton Club Lounge. This lounge features both outdoor and indoor seating … … and offers up casual light lunches and light dinners, complimentary. The roof also retracts when weather allows. Making your way through the River Voyager … … you might notice that there are two attractive public bathrooms placed just outside the Blue Note Lounge on Navigator Deck. These feature some great toiletries by Rituals. Down on Odyssey Deck … … we come to a small vestibule that serves as the entryway to the lowest staterooms … … along with the onboard fitness center. This was surprisingly well-utilized on our sailing, and is a great addition to the ship. Moving around River Voyager is quite easy, thanks to excellent signage. Of course, most river cruisers can always find the dining room. The Bourbon Street Bistro is River Voyager’s main dining room. Offering up open seating and great views … … the vast majority of tables here are tables for six, encouraging socialization. Dining room layout is very good, with a decent amount of space between tables, and a mixture of circular and rectangular tables. The way Vantage handles allergies aboard River Voyager is also highly commendable. Allergens are listed on the front page, with correlating numbers. Those numbers are then listed on the menu next to the dish … … and that’s good news for those with dietary restrictions. The Bourbon Street Bistro practically encourages guests to linger … … and the excellent desserts demand it. With plenty of outdoor deck spaces for viewing passing cities like Cologne, Germany … … and French Balconies in nearly every stateroom to watch arrival into places like Amsterdam … River Voyager is sure to be one of Vantage’s most popular newbuilds to-date. She manages to hold her own in a sea of river cruise ships that are offering increasingly more elaborate features. River Voyager begins her maiden season in Europe after officially being handed over in Basel, Switzerland, and inaugurated in Amsterdam in March of this year.

    Best Morocco Travel Vlog – Casablanca, Marrakech, Rabat, Legzira Beach, Chefchaouen
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    Best Morocco Travel Vlog – Casablanca, Marrakech, Rabat, Legzira Beach, Chefchaouen

    January 17, 2020

    Casablanca, home to more than 4 million people
    is Morocco’s largest city and it’s financial hub.
    In its history, Casablanca has been conquered by the French and the Portuguese, but it’s
    its Spanish name that stuck. Casa Blanca, or white house.
    Perhaps Casablanca’s biggest claim to fame is the 1942 film of the same name. (here’s
    looking at you kid) The film even spawned a 1940’s themed cafe
    named after Humphrey Bogart’s character. Casablanca is where my Morocco adventure started
    and where I met my first AirBNB host, Abudulilah. So what is life like in Casablanca?
    So, in Casablanca if you stay in Casablanca you will discover too many faces of the Moroccan
    life. There is the traditional, there is the most
    modern, there are too many styles of the Moroccan life.
    However, Abdulilah says the cost of living in Casablanca is very high and that’s why
    hosting people with AirBNB helps him financially. For my case, I spend 80 percent just to cover
    the house. I only spent one night in Casablanca and then
    boarded a train for Rabat where I would meet my next AirBNB host, Marouane.
    So how is living in Rabat? Really cool, really cool. You will love it.
    This is Rabat, Morocco’s capital city and home to about 1.2 million people, including
    the lovely family who hosted me in their home. So what is this? It is Moroccan sweetie. This
    is? Well it’s called Mill-we. And this? It’s a cake. And all different things. And that
    one, well it’s mixed with honey. I came to Rabat because that’s where the wedding
    of Isa and Kaoutar will be; and the reason I came to Morocco in the first place. But
    you’ll see that later. During my time in Rabat I took a train a few
    hours north to another Moroccan city that should be a must-see on your travel itinerary.
    Now I’m here in Chefchaouen at the foot of the Rif Mountains where all the houses are
    painted blue. Chefchaouen was founded in 1471 and in its
    history the people have had to fight off invasions from Portugal and Spain.
    Why Chefchaouen was painted blue is up for debate, but one of the more popular theories
    is that it started with the Jews who fled Hitler for here in the 1930s. And blue was
    a symbol of the sky and heaven. Now the people here hold a painting party once a year to
    give their homes a fresh coat. Something Chefchaouen is ‘infamous’ for is
    production of marijuana..something this guy knows about.
    (Alona baby..) That’s Max and Frederic from Germany. They
    came to Chefchaouen for paragliding. They were staying in the same AirBNB as me.
    (Sun is burning all down all over south.. in…Germany..(unintelligible)..Chefchaouen
    the 7th of May I think so. When nightfall came, a local man named Yousef
    showed me around. This is a small city, I live here, I find
    my rest here, I work here, my family’s living here, so this is the best.
    The next morning, it was time for me to say goodbye to Chefchaouen and head on to my next
    city. Now I’m on my way back to the bus, wearing
    my she’shee-ah this hat, that people wear up far in the mountains.
    So the bus ride turned out to be longer than I thought it would be, but luckily I was able
    to find a fellow English speaker to make it a little more bearable.
    So I just found out what I had hoped was a 4-hour journey is really 8 hours. But at least
    I have someone to talk to. This is Gwen. She’s here in Morocco to source items for her skin
    care line. What are you here to get? Gwen: I’m here looking at fair-trade Argan oil and
    rosewater. Alona: Mmm-hmmm. Tell us what’s the name of
    the skin care line. Gwen: Fable Naturals. Alona: And where can we find it online? Gwen:
    You can find it at and we’re out of Vancouver, Canada.
    Welcome to Marrakech. Where I stayed in an amazing riad that was just 30 US Dollars a
    night. Oh, that’s Jaleel. So, I’ve checked into my riad here in Marrakech
    and now I’m about to go have a little luxury, the Royal Mansour Hotel for a massage. The
    Royal Mansour is one of the leading hotels in Marrakech, but at more than $1300 US Dollars
    a night, way out of my price range. But the spa, however, worth every penny. (relaxing
    music) After a bit of tea and some time in the relaxation
    room, my spa coordinator, Ghizlane plucked a Jasmine flower from a tree outside and gave
    it to me. Believe me, I haven’t felt this happy in a long time. Alona: It’s so nice!
    I don’t know if its even possible to top the day I had at the Royal Mansour, but that doesn’t
    mean I’m not gonna try. So, the electricity went out in my riad just
    a few minutes ago so I should take that as a sign I should probably get out today and
    start moving. So I’m headed to the Mamounia Spa.
    Yeah, two spas in two days. Why not. (music playing)
    Well, it’s time to travel again. This time to the south of Morocco to a place that is
    so picturesque you have to see it to believe it.
    Welcome to Legzira Beach! This is so beautiful, but what it took me to get here was CRAZY.
    Sorry for the lack of headroom in that shot, I’m the camera-woman here. Legzira beach is
    a small coastal village known for this dramatic rock arch on the beach. I would definitely
    recommend spending one night here to wake up to the sounds of the crashing waves of
    the Atlantic. Hey, lets head back to Marrakech, there’s
    one more thing I need to show you there. So I’m here in the infamous, Jemaa Al Fnaa and
    as you can see, it is a hub-bub of activity. Jemaa al Fnaa is one of Marrakech’s most famous
    landmarks. You’ll find anything here. Alona: What is this? Khalid: Amber Alona Amber?
    Khalid: Amber perfume. Alona: I want to smell it. Oh, that’s nice. Khalid: Yes, it’s nice.
    Alona: Khalid is your Argan oil REAL? Khalid: It’s real. Original. Alona: 100 percent? Khalid:
    100 percent. Alona: I heard some people are out here trying to trick a tourist. (laughter)
    Thank you for showing me this place and this expensive blanket I just bought. (laughter)
    So, this is Hassan. Hassan: Salaam Alaikum. Alona: Hassan speaks English, good. Hassan:
    How are you, fine? You’re welcome to Marrakech. Alona: Tell me again who is your favorite
    American singer? Hassan: Mariah Carey. Hey, remember I told you the reason I came
    to Morocco was for a wedding? Well it’s time to head back to Rabat for that. And now, I’m
    here. (music playing)
    This was my first Moroccan wedding so I had no idea what to expect. The bride came out
    for a grand entrance not one, not two, but three times, in three different outfits. It
    was amazing and believe me, the party did not stop until the next day. I was done at
    4 am, but people were still in there partying when I left. Congratulations to Isa and Kaoutar,
    may Allah bless your marriage.

    Super Mario Galaxy – Ship Access Glitch
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    Super Mario Galaxy – Ship Access Glitch

    January 17, 2020

    Choose a star at Deep Dark Galaxy which has the ship area blocked off (Such as Bubble Blastoff). Go up to the cliff area overlooking the beach with a pipe on it. Stand against the rocky wall and face away, standing right next to the edge, then backflip onto the rocky edge, and you’ll start to slide off. Tilt the control stick in the direction you are sliding, jump, shake the Wii remote, and immediately hold the control stick backwards. This allows you to ‘climb’ steep areas by re-activating your spin jump. Keep repeating this process and work your way over to the tall point above the pipe. On your final jump, go backwards far enough that you will fall through. After falling through, hold the control stick to fall towards the underground lake. If you don’t get close enough to the lake, you’ll keep falling and lose a life. You should be able to swim now, even though the surface is really low. Swim towards the blocked off path to the ship. Once you get close enough, the water will allow you to swim upwards. Stay near either the lake or the tunnel of water, otherwise you will run out of water to swim in. After you get past the final blockade, swim into the area with the jellyfish. You can now surface and explore the empty ship area. This is what happens if you don’t fall close enough to the water.

    Flavours Beach, Runaway Bay, St Ann, Jamaica
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    Flavours Beach, Runaway Bay, St Ann, Jamaica

    January 17, 2020

    Flavours Beach Bar and Restaurant is located in Runaway Bay, St Ann, Jamaica (Caribbean). It is one of the most beautiful beaches on the northern coast of Jamaica. A popular spot to experience Jamaican cuisine, chill and relax.

    Grand Princess Cruise Ship Tour – Princess Cruise Line
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    Grand Princess Cruise Ship Tour – Princess Cruise Line

    January 17, 2020

    When Princess Cruises 109,000 gross-ton, 2,590 passenger, $450-million MV Grand Princess entered service in 1998, it was the world’s largest cruise ship. All but two of the Grand Class platform ships were built by Fincantieri’s Cantieri Navali Italiani shipyard at Monfalcone, Italy. The yard was formerly known as Cantieri Riuniti dell’Adriatico and produced some of Italy’s most revered ocean liners and cruise ships. Prior to embarking on its inaugural cruise on May 26, 1998, Grand Princess was named in a gala ceremony presided over by Hollywood screen icon, Olivia de Havilland, who served as the ship’s godmother. When built, Grand Princess created a sensation, not just for its massive proportions (951 by 118 feet with a 26-foot draft) but for its unusual architecture, which included a futuristic, whale-inspired bow and a visor-like,159-foot-wide, glass-enclosed bridge that were created by Italian marine architect Giacomo Mortola. Not only does the bow have a finely tapered “nose,” it also has what resembles a whale’s mouth in the form of the ship’s unique walk-around promenade. The Grand Princess’ most distinguished external feature was the suspended Skywalkers Disco atop the stern. Offering striking views from a 19-story level, it was accessed via a glass-enclosed escalator. This image was taken in 2008, showing the ship as built. In 2011, Grand Princess received an extensive, 24-day makeover that saw the removal of Skywalkers (among many other renovations) at the Grand Bahama Shipyard in Freeport. Although the views from within Skywalkers will be missed, the stern of the ship will no longer be hidden in its shadow. Grand Princess is manned by a crew of 1,100, which includes British/Italian navigation and deck officers and an International crew. The ship is powered by six GMT V-16 diesel engines that drive two fixed-pitch propellers at a service speed of 22 knots and a maximum speed of 24 knots. The Grand Princess has 18 decks and 123,000 square feet of outside deck space. Located at the very top of the ship, just aft of the funnel, there is a netted-in games court offering paddle tennis and basketball. The next highest accessible area on the ship is a small midships observation platform located between the adults-only Sanctuary and the open-air Neptune’s Reef pool area. This is the view from the midships platform, facing aft over the Neptune’s Reef pool area. Sheltered by a bowl-shaped structure at the base of the funnel on Deck 16, Princess Links is a 9-hole putting course. Adjacent to the putting course is a Golf Simulator featuring some of the world’s most challenging courses. Located at the forward end of the ship under canvas awnings on Deck 16, the Sanctuary is an adults-only “pocket of tranquility” that is staffed by Serenity Stewards who provide signature beverages and light meals for a nominal fee. It is available for up to 70 guests on a full-day or half-day basis. There are also private cabanas in the Sanctuary where guests can enjoy a relaxing massage. One of several outdoor watering holes aboard Grand Princess, the Oasis Bar is located at the aft end of the ship on Deck 16. On forward Deck 15, there is an observation deck overlooking the Grand Princess’ bow. From the wings of the Deck 15 Observation Deck, one can fully appreciate the size and power of the ship as it cuts through the sea. The first of four large pools on the Grand Princess, the swim-against-the-current Lotus Pool is located on Deck 15, adjacent to the Lotus Spa. The Conservatory is set within a glass dome above the Calypso Reef Pool area on Decks 14 and 15. The dome can be opened in optimal weather and shelters a wide terrace overlooking the pool that accommodates up to 118 guests. The Seabreeze Bar is another popular outdoor watering hole, located on a Deck 15 terrace, just above the Neptune’s Reef pool area. The open-air Neptune’s Reef Pool is located on Deck 14. Large terraces of sunning space surround the Neptune’s Reef pool on midships Deck 15. At night, the Neptune’s Reef Pool area is set up with cushioned deck chairs and steamer blankets for Princess’ popular Movies Under The Stars screenings on a 300-square-foot LED screen. Another large sweep of open sunning space terraces down the stern from Deck 16 to Deck 12, where the Terrace Pool is located. Sheltered by tiered decks, the Terrace Pool was in perpetual shadow before the removal of Skywalkers. From the crew recreational area on forward Deck 9, there is an impressive view of the Grand Princess’ layer cake superstructure and imposing bridge wings. The Grand Princess’ full wrap-around, teak-lined promenade encircles the ship by traversing two levels. The upper forward portion on Deck 8 forms what, from the outside, looks like a whale’s mouth, and is reached by stairs on either side that lead to Deck 7. On Deck 7, the promenades continue aft and wrap around the stern. Accessed via the Lotus Spa, there is a large gymnasium on forward Deck 15. It has up-to-date cardio machines (treadmills and ellipticals), several weight machines and a selection of free weights. There is a room for aerobics and stretching classes in the gym area on Deck 15. Guests awaiting treatments and massages at the Lotus Spa on Deck 15 have a waiting room with refreshments and a view of the Lotus Pool. The Lotus Spa has a wide range of treatment rooms on the port side of Deck 15 offering everything from teeth-whitening, massages and acupuncture to skin treatments. Grand Princess has men’s and women’s saunas adjacent to the Lotus Pool on Deck 15. There are separate men’s and women’s (shown) changing rooms in the Lotus Spa. At the entrance to the Lotus Spa, there is a large beauty salon offering hair care, facials, manicures and other beauty treatments. A small barber shop is next to the beauty salon in the Lotus Spa. On Deck 16, just aft of the Lotus Spa, there is a Youth Center with facilities for teens, ‘tweens and children. The teen area has a disco and a variety of games. The Children’s Playroom has Wii and Rockband in addition to board games and scheduled activities. Here is the small “theater” in the Youth Center on Deck 15. Named for Deck 15, where it is situated, One5 is a lounge and nightclub that was added in the most recent refit to replace Skywalkers. By day, it is a quiet lounge and in the late afternoon, it is an exclusive haven for suite guests to enjoy cocktails and hors d’oeuvres. At night, One5 becomes an adults-only nightclub with its large dance floor and contemporary, fiberoptic-light-enhanced styling. Hearts and Minds is a wedding chapel that can also double as a meeting room. Located on aft Deck 15 next to One5, it was also added during Grand Princess’ most recent refit. Horizon Court is a 24-hour, casual cafe-style eatery on Deck 14 that accommodates 312 guests for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. Forward of Horizon Court on Deck 14, Sundaes is an ice cream parlor that provides complimentary soft-serve treats and a variety of extra-tariff shakes and sundaes. The Prego Pizzeria (fresh pizza by the slice) and Trident Grill (grilled burger and hot-dog fare) are adjacent to the Trident Pool on Deck 14. Princess has some of the best pizza afloat, such as their take on Pizza Margherita with its thin, crispy crust and top-quality sauce and cheeses. The majority of Grand Princess’ public rooms are situated on Deck 7, beginning with the triple-level, 800-seat Princess Theater, which boasts excellent sightlines and comfortable seating. It has a 36-foot proscenium stage and is the venue for big, Broadway-style shows and headline acts. Headline shows, such as the popular “Do You Wanna Dance,” are run twice nightly in the Princess Theater. Aft of the Princess Theater on Deck 7, there is the Adventures Ashore shore excursions desk. In place of the original Hearts and Minds wedding chapel, a new space called Leaves was added on starboard Deck 7. Leaves is a combination library, games room and tea-drinking venue. Up to 500 different tea blends can be selected and prepared by a tea sommelier in Leaves for a nominal charge. One, three and five minute hourglass timers are provided by Leaves’ tea sommeliers so teas can be steeped for precise times to ensure the best flavor. Directly across from Leaves on port Deck 7, Princess’ signature Crown Grill steakhouse was added in the ship’s most recent refit. The 160-seat Crown Grill is an extra-tariff ($25 per person) dining venue. In addition to offering the finest USDA-select cuts of meat, Crown Grill also has lobster and other seafood delicacies. Here is a table setting by the windows in the Crown Grill. This is a medium-rare filet mignon prior to the addition of side dishes that include creamed spinach, fresh corn and baked potato, among others. On sea days, the Crown Grill features a special, no-extra-charge Pub Brunch with genuine English-style pub food. The Pub Brunch menu rotates but can feature anything from Bangers and Mash to savory curries and the ever-popular Fish and Chips. Grand Princess’ atrium was completely restyled into what is now called The Piazza in the ship’s latest refit. This is a view overlooking the Piazza from Deck 7, where it is bordered by Crooner’s Bar and various shops. The Piazza spans Decks 5, 6 and 7, seats 32 guests and now has Wi-Fi access. Adjoining the Piazza from the starboard side of Deck 7, the 68-seat Crooner’s piano bar has a classic “1960s-martini-bar” styling and serves up more than 50 specialty martini varieties. A wide passage just outside of the Explorers Lounge continues aft from Crooner’s Bar, linking the rest of the public spaces on Deck 7. Explorers Lounge seats 262 guests and has a diagonal layout with a main stage area on the aft/port side of the room. The decor is inspired by Southeast Asia and Africa and the room is a favorite spot for cabaret acts, live bands, karaoke and art auctions. The Photo and Video Gallery stretches along the starboard side of Deck 7 from the Explorers Lounge to the aft lobby and stairtower. Film processing and photos taken by the ship’s staff as well as camera and video supplies are sold here. Accessed via the Photo and Video Gallery, the 107-seat Wheelhouse Bar has rich wood tones and a wonderful collection of nautical memorabilia from former Princess parent company and now-also-owned-by-Carnival-Corp, P&O Line. In the Wheelhouse Bar, there is a beautiful scale model of former P&O subsidiary British India Steam Navigation Company’s handsome liner KENYA of 1952. Directly aft of the Wheelhouse Bar, Sabatini’s is a 130-seat, extra-tariff ($20) Italian alternative restaurant featuring an eight-course extravaganza of seafood specialties and other trattoria favorites. Table settings in Sabatini’s feature starched linen napkins, atmospheric lighting and specially designed chargers. Sabatini’s serves up some of the best Italian cuisine at sea, including this burrata, an appetizer featuring the finest mozzarella cheese, fresh tomatoes, basil, extra-virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Suite guests also have the exclusive option of dining in Sabatini’s for breakfast, which they can order from a full-service menu. This is a tomato, onion and cheddar omelet. Located at the aft end of Deck 7, the Vista Showlounge is another cabaret-style venue for live music, game shows and quizzes. On the Deck 6 level just aft of the Princess Theater, Snookers Bar is a sports and cigar bar decorated with sports memorabilia. Located on Deck 6, the Grand Casino was modified in the latest refit and features Las Vegas-style casino games, popular table games and slot machines. At the forward end of the Casino, one can visit the newly remodeled Casino Bar. The Passenger Services Desk flanks the Deck 6 level on the forward end of the Piazza. Here is a port-facing view of the Piazza from Deck 6. Facets jewelry shop is one of the boutiques located along the Deck 6 and Deck 7 levels of the Piazza. The Grand Princess has three main dining venues, all of which are similarly decorated and feature the same cuisine. The “Anytime Seating” (no assigned time or table) DaVinci seats 514 guests and is located on midships Deck 6. All three dining rooms on Grand Princess feature elegant settings with flowers and Steelite-brand crockery. This is table 107, a four-seater near the port side of the DaVinci Dining Room. Princess cuisine is among the best in the Premium cruise market but its Italian offerings are among the very best at sea and include authentic, perfectly cooked specialties like this superb Eggplant Parmigiana. No better way to cap off a meal in the DaVinci or one of Grand Princess’ other main dining venues with a soothing Limoncello Sorbet. Located on aft Deck 6 and accessed via stairs that lead down from Deck 7, the Botticelli Dining Room accommodates 584 guests in “Traditional” (fixed time and table) seating with a choice between early and late dinner seatings. Nearly identical to the DaVinci, the 514-seat Michelangelo is directly beneath the DaVinci on Deck 5 and also offers “Anytime Dining.” On Deck 5, just forward of the Piazza, the Fine Arts Gallery offers original artwork as well as reproductions for sale. Added in the most recent refit and named for Princess’ executive chef, Alfredo Marzi, Alfredo’s Pizzeria is a sit-down pizzeria serving up individual-sized pizzas that can be accompanied with a glass of wine or other beverage. It is located on Deck 5 on the starboard side of the Piazza. On the starboard side of the Piazza on Deck 5, just aft of Alfredo’s, Vines is a newly added, 29-seat wine and seafood bar that offers an assortment of fine wines by-the-glass as well as chilled seafood combinations including salmon, caviar, sushi and gravlax. The 25-station Internet Cafe is also on the starboard side of the Piazza, just aft of Vines on Deck 5. On the port side of the Deck 5 level of the Piazza, there is the 44-seat International Cafe, which serves up an ever-changing array of complimentary snacks. Delicious specialty coffees can be purchased here. The Piazza Bar adjoins the International Cafe on Deck 5. Guests on longer cruises can take advantage of Grand Princess’ convenient laundry rooms, which are situated in strategic locales throughout the ship’s accommodation areas. Grand Princess has a total of 1,300 staterooms ranging from 28 lavish suites (measuring from 515 to 818 square feet) to comfortable insides. Located in the stern of the ship and near the very top of the tier are Owners Suites, which feature very large balconies, sitting areas and separate bedrooms. Twelve Penthouse Suites feature frescoed walls and backlit stained-glass panels in their sitting areas. Named for renowned explorers, these staterooms are situated mid-ships on Deck 10. Here is the bedroom of a Penthouse Suite. In addition to standard cabin amenities, all suites feature: a walk-in closet; combined DVD/CD players and access to a 100-title DVD library; Halo-light magnifying vanity mirrors; fresh flower arrangements; luxury bathrobes, complimentary slippers, and a one-time-set-up, complimentary mini-bar. Penthouse Suites feature wood-paneled balconies with their own private Jacuzzi and cushioned wooden deck and dining chairs as well as a wooden dining table. Penthouse Suite bathrooms have fine mosaic detailing, marble surfacing and separate tubs with Jacuzzi and glass-enclosed showers featuring massage-shower heads. Premium Suites are located at the aft end of the ship and feature larger balconies than regular suites. This is a Premium Suite sitting area. Here is the balcony of a Premium Suite, located atop the stern of the ship. Standard Suites have separate bedrooms that can be configured with twins (shown) or a queen-sized bed. Here is the living room of a standard Suite. This is the bathroom of a standard Suite. And here is the balcony of a standard Suite. Seven Window Suites were added on starboard Deck 6 in the recent refit. Featuring boutique-hotel-style decor and picture windows in lieu of balconies, these staterooms measure between 319 and 341 square feet. Here is the bedroom of one set up with a king-sized bed. Here is a Window Suite sitting area, as seen from its bedroom with a twin-bed set-up. This is the bathroom of a Window Suite. There are 180 Mini-suites measuring 325 square feet. They feature, in addition to all standard amenities: a separate sitting area with sofa bed, two televisions, luxury mattresses, luxury bedding with ivory satin pinstripe linens and fluffy duvets, luxury towels and a pillow menu. Mini-suite bathrooms feature tiled surfacing and full tubs with massage-head showers. Mini-suite balconies are wider than standard balconies and feature two lounge chairs, two ottomans and a small table. There are 502 Outside With Balcony cabins measuring between 215 and 255 square feet. Outside With Balcony cabins have a small walk-in closet at the entry to the bathroom. Outside With Balcony cabin balconies have two chairs and a small cocktail table. Two-hundred-eighteen Standard Outside cabins measure from 165 to 210 square feet. This is one with a queen-sized bed set-up. All standard cabins feature: twin beds that can become a queen-sized bed with European-style duvets and bed linens; television; refrigerator; closet; hair dryer; safe; telephone and turndown service with pillow chocolates. This is another Standard Outside with a queen-sized bed set-up. This is a Standard Outside with an obstructed view and an upper berth. 372 Inside Cabins measure 160 square feet on average. This is one with a twin set-up. This is an Inside Cabin with a queen-sized bed set-up. Bathrooms in Outside With Balcony, Standard Outside and Standard Inside cabins have a shower, toilet and sink area. Grand Princess has 28 Wheelchair Accessible cabins in several categories, ranging from 240 to 385 square feet. This Outside With Balcony cabin features extra floor space, wider doors and ramps on the balcony. Wheelchair Accessible Cabins have bathrooms with wider doors, more floor space, modified controls and a shower seat. Princess supplies Lotus Spa amenities that include shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer, bath gel and soap.

    Symphony of the Seas Cruise Ship Tour – Royal Caribbean International Cruise Line
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    Symphony of the Seas Cruise Ship Tour – Royal Caribbean International Cruise Line

    January 16, 2020

    At 228,081 gross register tons, Royal Caribbean’s Symphony of the Seas is the largest cruise ship ever built. Symphony of the Seas is a larger version of Royal Caribbean’s 22-month-old Harmony of the Seas, the previous size leader in the cruise world. It surpasses Harmony in size by more than 1,000 tons. Like Harmony of the Seas, Symphony of the Seas features a massive water slide complex on its top deck called Perfect Storm. Royal Caribbean just began adding water slides to its ships in 2016. Symphony of the Seas’ water slide area features three separate slides, two of which wrap around each other as they descend from a launch area on Deck 18. The Perfect Storm water slide area is just one of many attractions along the open-air top decks of Symphony of the Seas. Symphony of the Seas boasts three separate pool areas along its top deck, including what’s billed as the Main Pool (shown here). The Main Pool is located on Deck 15 just off the Perfect Storm water slide area. The Main Pool is lined with rows of lounge chairs for sunning. A large, shaded hot tub is among the allures of Symphony of the Seas’ Main Pool area. On the same side of Symphony of the Seas as the Main Pool is another watery escape called the Sports Pool. Across from the Sports Pool on Symphony of the Seas is Splashaway Bay, a kiddie aqua park that is among the largest of its kind at sea. Splashaway Bay offers slides, water cannons and waterfalls as well as a dump bucket. More deck chairs on located one deck up from Symphony of the Seas’ pool areas along promenades that extend outward from the ship. The outdoor decks of Symphony of the Seas also include the Pool and Sports Zone, which includes a miniature golf course, zip line, basketball court and FlowRider surfing simulators. Adirondack-style chairs painted blue and red offer passengers a place to lounge between rounds of miniature golf at the Pool and Sports Zone. Like sister ship Harmony of the Seas, Symphony of the Seas is home to a nine-deck-high slide called Ultimate Abyss. Passengers enter the attraction through the giant jaws of an angler fish. Symphony of the Seas has two FlowRider surfing simulators, an iconic feature of Royal Caribbean’s biggest ships. They’re located at the back of the vessel on Deck 16. The Pool and Sports Zone at the back of Symphony of the Seas also features a basketball court. The hub of Symphony of the Seas’ interior is the Royal Promenade, a three-deck-high, mall-like space lined with shops, eateries and bars. In a nod to longstanding Royal Caribbean tradition, the Royal Promenade on Symphony of the Seas features a car on display. But in a twist on that tradition, the “car” is actually a sculpture. Called Beetle Sphere, it’s by artist Ichwan Noor and was made using original parts from a 1953 Volkswagon Beetle. The Beetle Sphere sculpture is located just in front of Cafe Promenade, a coffee bar along the Royal Promenade. As is the case on other Royal Caribbean ships, Symphony of the Seas’ Royal Promenade is home to a British-style pub. On Symphony, it’s called Copper & Kettle. The Copper & Kettle serves up a wide range of beers and offers live music nightly. Across from Copper & Kettle is a Sorrento’s pizza outlet. It’s a venue found on many Royal Caribbean ships. Also located on the Royal Promenade, Boleros is a Latin-themed bar and lounge that serves up Latin-inspired drinks like mojitos and caipirinha. Featuring a sleek, oval bar, lounge area and dance floor, Boleros is a lively venue at night. Just outside Boleros along Symphony of the Seas’ Royal Promenade is a massive, 18-foot-high metallic sculpture by artist Gregor Kregar. Called Paradox Void, it was created by 1,200 laser-cut mirrored stainless steel triangles and 200 sections of LED lights, and it weighs three tons. The Royal Promenade on Symphony of the Seas also is home to a free-standing Starbucks. Royal Caribbean was the first cruise line to feature Starbucks on ships. Shops along the Royal Promenade on Symphony of the Seas include Regalia Watches, which sells high-end watches. Another shopping venue along Symphony of the Seas’ Royal Promenade is The Shop, which sells Symphony of the Seas-branded items. It takes the place of the Kate Spade shop that is located in the same location on sister ship Harmony of the Seas. While Symphony of the Seas doesn’t have a standalone Kate Spade store, it has another shop called The Collection that carries Kate Spade handbags and other branded items. The Collection shop on the Royal Promenade also carries Michael Kors merchandise. Another shopping venue along Symphony of the Seas’ Royal Promenade is Port Merchants, which sells Royal Caribbean-branded merchandise. Royal Caribbean logo items also are for sale from kiosks along the Royal Promenade. Other venues along Symphony of the Seas include the On Air Club, a karaoke bar. The On Air Club features a small stage and screens that are used during karaoke-themed evenings. The bar at the On Air Club, with chairs arrayed facing the karaoke stage. The Royal Promenade also is home to a Next Cruise office where passengers can research and book future sailings. Like other Oasis Class ships, Symphony of the Seas features a Rising Tide that rises between the Royal Promenade on Deck 5 and the Central Park area on Deck 8. Symphony of the Seas also is home to a Bionic Bar where a robot bartender serves the drinks, a concept that made its debut in 2014 on Royal Caribbean’s Quantum of the Seas. Two robotic arms sit at the ready to mix drinks at Symphony of the Seas’ Bionic Bar. Located on Deck 5 near one of the entrances to the Royal Promenade, the Bionic Bar is a sleek, contemporary space. The nautically-themed Schooner Bar, an icon of Royal Caribbean ships, is located on Deck 6 overlooking the Royal Promenade. The Schooner Bar is a popular gathering point for passengers in the evenings. Featuring a grand piano in a prominent position, the Schooner Bar often is the site of live piano music in the evenings. Tucked in a corner at Symphony of the Seas’ Schooner Bar is a Loyalty Desk for frequent Royal Caribbean cruisers. An elegant stairway on one end of the Royal Promenade leads up to the Schooner Bar on Deck 6. Symphony of the Seas offers more than a dozen restaurants and snack outlets, the biggest of which is its three-deck-high main dining room. The three-deck-high main dining room on Symphony of the Seas offers a different decor on every level. A seating area on the top level of Symphony of the Seas’ main dining room. The main dining room on Symphony of the Seas is one of several complimentary eateries on the ship. The Dazzles lounge on Symphony of the Seas overlooks the ship’s Boardwalk amusement area. Dazzles is a two-deck-high venue with a bar, lounge seating and a dance floor. Among the notable features on Symphony of the Seas is Central Park, a tree-lined area of eateries, bars and shops that runs down the center of the ship. Found on each of Royal Caribbean’s four Oasis Class ships, Central Park is landscape with thousands of trees, shrubs and smaller plants. Among the eateries along Central Park is Chops Grill, Royal Caribbean’s signature steak house. Chops Grill has a cozy, clubby decor. Dinner at Chops Grill comes with an extra charge. Also found along Central Park on Symphony of the Seas is 150 Central Park, the ship’s most elegant restaurant. The elegant interior of 150 Central Park. Located in Central Park, the Trellis Bar is an outdoor venue for an drink before dinner. Among the features of Symphony of the Seas’ Central Park is a wall of live plants rising several decks. Park Cafe is a casual eatery along Central Park that’s open for light fare during the day. Park Cafe offers a quick and casual alternative for breakfast and lunch. Complimentary coffee is available during the day at Park Cafe. The Central Park area on Symphony of the Seas also is home to Jamie’s Italian, an Italian eatery by British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver. Jamie’s Italian serves up handmade pasta and other Italian dishes including Fried Garlicky Prawns and Lamb Chops Scottaditta. The old-fashioned prosciutto-cutting machine at Jamie’s Italian is for display only. Another venue along Central Park is Vintages, a wine bar. The Central Park area on Symphony of the Seas features a high-end shopping area with Bvlgari, Hublot and Cartier. Symphony of the Seas is home to one of the largest casinos at sea, the Casino Royale. Located on Deck 4, Casino Royale features dozens of slot machines and table games. Symphony of the Seas’ Casino Royale opens when the ship is at sea. One deck down from the Royal Promenade on Deck 4 is music venue Jazz on 4. Jazz on 4 is home to live jazz and blues nightly. Symphony is the second of Royal Caribbean’s Oasis Class ships to debut with one of the fanciful Wonderland restaurants that first appeared on the line’s Quantum Class vessels. Symphony of the Seas’ Wonderland restaurant spreads over two decks and overlooks the ship’s Boardwalk area. Wonderland is located on Decks 11 and 12. Symphony’s spa and fitness center, dubbed Vitality at Sea, is one of the largest ever on a cruise ship. Nail stations in the salon at the Vitality at Sea spa. Hair stations in the salon at the Vitality at Sea spa. Pedicure stations in the salon at the Vitality at Sea spa. A cozy waiting area awaits spagoers at Symphony of the Seas’ Vitality at Sea spa. Life Fitness equipment fills the Vitality at Sea fitness center. The Vitality at Sea fitness center also has a wide range of free weights. Symphony of the Seas features a large kid zone called Adventure Ocean. Sprawling across one end of Deck 12, Symphony of the Seas’ Adventure Ocean kids zone includes Explorers, a play room for children ages six to eight. The Aquanauts area of Adventure Ocean is for children ages three to five. A general play zone within the Adventure Ocean area. A view of the Royal Promenade on Symphony of the Seas as seen from an overlook one deck above its main floor. More of the shops along the Royal Promenade. Perfumes and cosmetics from Chanel, Dior and other brands also are for sale in shops along the Royal Promenade. A Guest Services desk is located on Deck 5 along the Royal Promenade. A shore excursions desk on Deck 5 features interactive screens where passengers can book tours off the ship. Symphony of the Seas’ water slides soar high above the ship’s pool decks and tree-lined Central Park area. A life buoy sits at the ready along one of the top decks of Symphony of the Seas.