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    Mr Twenty Twenty and Rob Begg talk about Feel It Real – Manifesting and living your DreamDrivenDay!
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    Mr Twenty Twenty and Rob Begg talk about Feel It Real – Manifesting and living your DreamDrivenDay!

    October 19, 2019

    – [TT] Oh yeah, there he is. – [Robert] Hello, hello? – [TT] Hey. – [Robert] Hey, how are you? (TT laughing) – [TT] Are you in a dungeon? – [Robert] Does it
    sound that way, does it? – [TT] It sounds cool as hell. (laughing) – [Robert] Philosophy dictates
    technology and all that. (TT laughing) – [TT] I had a buddy, Bill, he built his empire in a
    closet, I swear to god. – [Robert] Did he? – [TT] He had a little
    sound-proofed closet, ’cause I told him, this was… I was a client of his
    at first, and I said, “Dude, your shit fucking
    rocks, like what’s your gear?” (laughing) And, I was at his house at the time, and he took me and he opened the door, and I’m like, “Are you fucking serious?” Ane he’s like, “This is where it happens, “this is the magic room.” And, it’s like… – [Robert] Wow. – [TT] Yeah, totally like
    blew away all my fantasies of having to invest 20
    grand in a sound studio. – [Robert] Yeah, exactly, yeah. Exactly. Is it too much of an
    echo for you on the line, or is it okay? – [TT] No, this is great, absolutely. – [Robert] Ah, cool. – [TT] First, I wanna thank
    you for asking your questions, and being willing to play like this. (birds chirping) And I just wanna make sure it’s
    cool that we can share this with the world and all that good shit. – [Robert] Yeah, of course
    it is, yeah absolutely. No, I’m grateful to you
    for all your teaching, and I’m glad to have come across you on my journey and all that good stuff. So yeah, all cool. – [TT] Cool. All right, let’s do it. – [Robert] So, have you got… Are we just gonna go with the flow and see where it takes us? – [TT] Yeah, totally man. Absolutely, this is as
    formal as I get. (laughing) – [Robert] Okay, sounds good to me. Sounds good to me. So where do we begin? – [TT] Wow. Always begin with why. – [Robert] Okay. – [TT] I don’t care if it’s
    an article, an interview, if you’re trying to help
    someone with anything, like, “Why do you want a sandwich?” And, they tell you… I was talking with a homeless guy one day and yeah, I was just
    listening to a conversation he was having and I said,
    “Why do you want a sandwich?” He goes, “‘Cause my dog’s hungry.” His dog was hidden
    right around the corner. And, I was like, “Fuck, man,
    let me get you some dog food. “And, what do you want?” (laughing) It’s like, fuck me. – [Robert] Yeah, exactly. – [TT] You know? Let’s take care of puppy the right way. – [Robert] Yeah. Cool, yeah, okay. So is it my why? You start with my why or your why? – [TT] Any why will do. Why are we on the call? You asked some great questions. – [Robert] Yeah, I’ve got a few questions in no particular order that
    I’d love perspective on, just to chat through, really. – [TT] Cool. – [Robert] And I guess the
    first one that springs to mind is to start with this whole
    concept of consciousness, which I observe is a term that people throw about the place, but nobody… You know, when you drill down, people don’t really understand it, or they get confused around it. You talked yesterday about
    consciousness, awareness, and attention, I think it was. – [TT] Cool, what did I say? (laughing) – [Robert] Well, I think you started with, consciousness is the only reality. – [TT] Yep. – [Robert] I mean, I
    don’t really remember. – [TT] Nice. What I say today may deviate
    from what I said then. – [Robert] Yeah, that’s cool. That’s cool. – [TT] I’ve always made it a point… Can we talk a little
    bit about what you do? ‘Cause, I’d like to
    expose you a little bit. – [Robert] Yeah, yeah sure, yeah. – [TT] ‘Cause, you’re
    first, a good fucking guy. Second, I get you and I have a common why, in that you wanna help
    people make some changes. – [Robert] Yeah, definitely, definitely. And that was born out of,
    you know, I now do that, that’s my primary focus. I spent 20-odd years of my
    life running my own business. Got to a point and
    couldn’t get the results that I felt I was capable of getting. I had built quite a successful entity, but just wanted to get a better
    outcome than I was getting. – [TT] Yep. – [Robert] And, I just couldn’t
    seem to get past myself. And I came to a point of realizing that the issue sat with me and I went about searching for answers and I did all that
    usual self-help journey, read every self-help book under the sun and stacked up my intellectual
    mind with greater awareness of what I could and should be doing, but it didn’t really
    support me to make a shift. – [TT] Yep. – [Robert] So, I exited that. And along the way I’d had
    some business coaching. And then I thought well, I
    could maybe help other people to avoid some of the
    pitfalls I’d experienced. So I spent eight years business coaching. During that time I was continuing to try and scratch my own itch and
    satisfy my own curiosity for how everything really worked. And I was fascinated by human behavior. Why is it people behave as they
    do and not as they want to? Why do they have this gap? And that led me into various things. But also into meeting and
    working with Bob Proctor. And better understanding
    how the mind works and how it all works and
    the laws of the universe and all the rest of it. And the more I learn,
    the more curious I am, the more I understand, the
    more I realize how much more there is to understand. And the more I get scripture, the more I’m better able to
    help others and help myself. So I just am a curious guy, perhaps more curious about
    the workings of it all. – [TT] You know my love
    affair with curious. – [Robert] Yes, yeah. – [TT] I’ll do the crass
    commercial, I’m so fucking sneaky. (laughing) – [Robert] I can absolutely
    endorse that so… – [TT] Without curious we
    have to become confident and confident requires
    that we have something to be confident about and against. Confident always has both sides. – [Robert] Yeah we– – [TT] I gotta be confident,
    yeah, yeah, you got it. Right, I can hear the
    energy in your voice. – [Robert] Yeah, I was
    thinking that, yeah. Yeah, even if we’re ignorant
    and we’re confident about, we don’t know what we don’t know, yeah. – [TT] Yeah, exactly. And so as we explore consciousness and I love that you mentioned
    laws about the universe, as far as I can tell
    there is no such thing. As far as I can tell, this is gonna blow a lot
    of people’s fucking minds, because it’s not a law about the universe that makes a difference,
    it’s the truth about you. – [Robert] Okay. – [TT] And this is where when
    I have watched your videos in Dream Driven Day and you and I are both quirky as fuck in different
    but complementary ways and I’d knew we’d have a
    great dance together here, but I mention that because
    if you try to parrot what everyone else is saying, you have to parrot it with confidence. But if you discover what’s
    the little fucking niche that you can give and only you can give, suddenly there’s no way
    that Rob can be a commodity or Mr. Twenty Twenty can be a commodity. I have no competition. There’s nobody out there with what I do. There’s tons of different
    people out there, but I have no competition. – [Robert] Yeah. – [TT] And there to me lies the value, because when we shine the
    flashlight in a different place and your clients are going
    to want things to get better. I suspect in 20 years
    of business you discover you just wanted things to be different. – [Robert] Yeah. – [TT] You can always make more money, you can always build a different system, hire a different manager, get a different, but different man, different. That’s what we crave and that’s where we’ve gotta begin. So if consciousness is the only reality, and as far as I can tell it is, that means that there
    isn’t a universe out there to have laws about, but
    there is a truth about the consciousness you
    are that sets you free. And that’s the whole thing
    because awareness of being is, Neville Goddard said,
    “Awareness of being is god.” I say awareness of being is you. And how you are aware of being determines everything, your circumstance. You being aware of curiosity and what we were covering in the course and of potential and of
    dancing versus being at war via the working dance talk stuff. Suddenly you and I are on a call together. – [Robert] Yeah. – [TT] And it’s all because
    of first, your conscious, awareness of being is god, but what you let get into your tension, the cool little thorns you let get in, oh my god, here we are, this
    is where we get to play. And thorns are a good thing. – [Robert] Yeah, for sure. For sure and playing’s
    a good thing isn’t it? If I look back over my
    life it’s not something I’ve done a great deal of
    or I’ve not done enough of. I’ve been too busy trying to work out, but in a work sense rather
    than in a play sense. – [TT] Yes. – [Robert] So Dream Driven
    Day has been so good to be able to just relax and play with it and indulge my curiosity. – [TT] I am infinitely
    curious about the ripples. – [Robert] Yeah. Yeah, for sure. For sure. And yeah, they spill
    everywhere, don’t they? – [TT] Yeah. I love positive sprawl. I don’t got a better word for it. Godless with those birds, fudge. – [Robert] Are you outside? – [TT] Oh my god, yes. I wouldn’t do this inside. – [Robert] Okay. It is nice with the
    birds in the background. I’m in Scotland so it’s
    dark and it’s raining. – [TT] So there are no
    birds, I’m in the dungeon. (laughing) – [Robert] Exactly. – [TT] Wow. – [Robert] Yeah.
    – Cool. What’s our next letter
    in the alphabet soup? – [Robert] Yeah, so Neville
    talks about the end result. So he talks about, is this
    okay just to, I’m just– – [TT] Yeah. – [Robert] I didn’t know what you meant by alphabet soup really, but– – [TT] I don’t either. (laughing) if I ask what the next question
    is I’m not honoring you, you get it? ‘Cause what’s the next
    question on your list? Fuck, I don’t need you anymore. Just send me the list and I’ll talk. (Robert laughing) But if we use an angle of metaphor, because god, it’s all metaphoric. Suddenly you and I get to show up. I don’t know what the
    fuck the question means, but I’ll run with it. So you and I get to dance again. – [Robert] Yeah, cool, yeah, cool. Yeah, love that. So what is my question then? So yeah, Neville talks
    about imagining a scene that implies the wish fulfilled. – [TT] Yep. – [Robert] And I’m curious
    about the size of the scene, is the scene a single scene that implies the single wish has been fulfilled? – [TT] Oh my god, yeah. – [Robert] Is it a broader
    vision of your whole, the bigger pie? How narrow, how wide do you go? How deep do you go? How– – [TT] I’ll talk about the
    mistake I see all the time, people wanna make a 30 minute scene, it’s like a movie script. And they wanna include everything. I’ve got the car, but I wanna make sure that I’m not making payments on it and I’ve got the attractive
    woman in the car with me, but I wanna make sure that
    she’s my wife, not my neighbor. (laughing) It’s endless torture that way versus all the time I’m
    using the phrase now, I’m curious what I’ll
    be doing in three years, but my phrase now is, I
    imagine Victoria’s YUM and how that makes me feel. So there’s always three
    elements that I’m seeing from what I can tell. There’s something external. Actually hearing or seeing Victoria’s YUM. How I feel on the inside about it and the knowing that, that is real. Now what’s about cool about that, so I’ll take it to my car. When I manifested up my BMW,
    I got in within like five days for less than what I paid for the price of my Chevy S-10 pickup truck. – [Robert] Okay. – [TT] And all I
    experienced was the feeling that I get when I drive on
    what I call Ticklebelly Hill, you can imagine what
    the feeling is, right? – [Robert] Yep. – [TT] So there’s the
    feeling of being in a BMW, Ticklebelly Hill, my dog in the backseat, and we only had Emmet back then, because I wouldn’t be
    driving somebody else’s BMW with Emmet in the back
    seat on Ticklebelly Hill. So it’s just that little,
    so here’s my scene, ready? (swooshing) Yeah, yeehaw, that was fucking fun, right? Just the whoa, there we
    are, we hit the bottom and then we start going
    back up Ticklebelly Hill. – [Robert] Is that a feel
    it real session in itself? Is that a– – [TT] That’s it, that’s it, yep. – [Robert] A 30 second, because you can take yourself there it doesn’t need to be 15
    minute or half an hour– – [TT] No, now I may enjoy, Tickebelly Hill is five
    minutes from my house. I may enjoy just for five or 10 minutes the feeling of wasn’t that fun Emmet? That was fun. I can just rest in that
    feeling of Ticklebelly Hill. – [Robert] Yep. – [TT] So I had the experience. This is part of what DDD and
    NIST incarnation was about when we explored the happy chemicals. Yeah, how to bring the
    tones of reality into not just your imaginal act, but your life because if you’re playing
    with these happy chemicals in your quote-unquote physical life, before you can do that
    you’ve gotta imagine up what generates those mother fuckers. So that verus I’m imaging the black BMW with the black leather seats, it’s got a five speed transmission, fuck. I’m just experiencing Ticklebelly Hill at 10 to 15 miles over the speed limit and in Australia, I’m checking my mirrors ’cause our speeding
    fines here are atrocious. – [Robert] Okay, yeah. – [TT] They really are. And so it’s like right. (laughing) So I’ve got the endorphin, I’ve the got the fellowship
    of me and my puppy. I’m in a god damn BMW for fucks sake, I’ve got some status and I don’t mean that I’ve got a better car than someone, that’s negative side of status lets say. But I’m in a car that I like. This is my chosen car. I’ve given myself enough status that I buy a car that I enjoy. – [Robert] Yes, yeah. – [TT] All these have
    internal/external components. External statuses, when I lived in South Western Pennsylvania, I all the time was buying BMWs
    for the price of used Chevys. And for example, I got a
    $4,000 one for 1,500 bucks because the guy couldn’t
    figure out a lighting issue. All I had to do, I
    bought it, took it home, went on Google and Google said if your 325, 318, whatever it
    was, has a aftermarket radio and it’s wired into the wiring harness, it screws with the lights on
    the left hand side of the car. And so I went out, I looked,
    it had an after market radio. I pulled it out and clipped the hot wire with a pair of wire snippers. Instantly, the car is fixed. (laughs) So I just gave myself a
    $4,000 car for 1,500 bucks. Ran like a dream. – [Robert] And was that,
    ’cause that was part of what you’d imagined that you
    picked up a 4,000 BMW for– – [TT] Yeah, absolutely. So I always buy shit. I love flying for a half or a
    third of what it should cost. I’m just, for me it’s the game because as a kind that was award. Here’s another one. And I said kid as in 18 to 22. I was poor, I grew up on welfare, put myself through he police academy and all that other bullshit and I’m working for a cop for
    three different departments part time, can’t afford decent food. I’m buying the largest pizza I can at Fox’s Pizza Den in West Newton ’cause they gave it to us at half price ’cause we were cops. We look out for them, they
    look out for us kind of thing. – [Robert] Yeah. – [TT] But I didn’t work
    down there for like two, three days in a row, I
    didn’t have any leftovers. And so I’m looking,
    I’m scouring the stores for half price meat, anything I can get, so I can survive. Now it’s fun making really good money and making my game. You know what we’re gonna have today? Pork belly. You know what I’m gonna do? I’m gonna get it at half off. How am I gonna do that? I slowed down for two
    steps walking into Woolies the other day and I just feel,
    hear, I hear Victoria’s YUM. I feel what I feel if it were true, yes. And I go back in there, there
    it is, there’s my pork belly. It shouldn’t be there, yum. Give it to me I’ll take it all. (laughing) – [Robert] Nice. And what would you say
    to any people that have, that aren’t accustomed to
    feeling the way they want to feel in terms of getting out
    of that cortisol cycle into experiencing happy chemicals? Is that a process rather than an event? Can you take yourself there? If you feel it. – [TT] Yeah. – [Robert] You’ve been in a
    space of being addicted to unhappy hormones, can
    you take yourself there in a few minutes or– – [TT] Yes. So when I came to Australia and I’m training the Forex traders, the problem with Forex trading is you can lose a lot of money or make a lot of money pretty fast. And if you take a dodgy trade
    and you get a cortisol dump, now you got a problem ’cause your trading under the impact of cortisol. And so what I told them to do is step up, walk away from the cookie
    jar, go outside and skip, because skipping resets things. Now to get really clear, the
    physical skipping’s important, but before you can physically skip, you have to imaginely skip. – [Robert] Yep. – [TT] And so I gotta cough, one second. All right so– – [Robert] Did you imagine
    that before you coughed? – [TT] I imagined hitting the button. (laughing) So before you can physically skip you have to imaginely skip, right? – [Robert] Yep. – [TT] And so I told him skip, right? So I’m just tricking him into
    imaging something different. I don’t want him to sit
    there and stare at the screen and go, I am a great trader,
    I am a master trader, I just make 5,000 pips a night. Fuck that man, just get
    up and skip, then sit down and imagine having nailed a
    couple good trades, right? – [Robert] Yep. – [TT] But here’s the thing. There’s some fascinating
    research done by this guy named Tom Meyers and listening to Tom is like listening to a robot, right? He’s a fascinating freaky guy, but he dove deep into the fascia system and so I bought one of
    Tom’s six video course training things, right? So I get this because I just can’t get it out of my head, I
    have no idea why I’ve become totally obsessed with stuff called fascia. Do you know what fascia is? – [Robert] Yeah, which is the sleeve that goes around the
    muscle, is that right? – [TT] It goes around everything. Fascia goes around the
    muscles, so they can glide. It goes around every muscle fiber, it goes around every cell. It’s everywhere in the body. It’s the one sheet that’s
    woven into everything. It’s sort of like a tapestry, right? So I’m watching Tom’s
    second video one day here and I almost shit myself
    because Tom brings out, he basically talks and
    he shows a little chart and he says and this is
    where I get this bit from, “Muscles have to do with the mind.” Because you can literally
    you can hold up your hand and count: one, two, three, four, five. You can point up a thumbs up for yes, a thumbs down for no. That’s all muscles, right? – [Robert] Yep. – [TT] Then he talks about emotions. So muscles are mind. He goes, “Emotions are cardiovascular.” So you can watch when, I
    love making people blush, ’cause we live in a world
    that’s almost emotionally dead as far as I’m concerned or it’s
    very emotionally predictable and if I can get someone
    to blush, oh baby I just, you get it, we just did it, right? Ooh, Rob’s more alive now. Imagine having
    congratulatory conversations or imaginable acts leading
    to stuff like blushing. You get that, it’s a Victoria’s YUM. You get it? That’s the emotional. That’s a change in her
    cardiovascular system, that’s emotions. – [Robert] Yes. – [TT] But here’s the kicker– – [Robert] That’s the origin
    of the word as well isn’t it? Movari to move, it’s all about
    movement and emotion I think. – [TT] Mm-hmm, yep. – [Robert] Sorry, I cut you off there. – [TT] No, no, no. Never apologize to me. (laughing) So ready for the thing
    that will cook your noodle? – [Robert] Yeah. – [TT] The third thing Tom said was, “Fascia is at the level of belief.” – [Robert] Hmm. – [TT] And I went holy fuck, he’s right. And fascia is what prevents
    us from either being stiff as a board, because without fascia nothing could glide in there. Nothing would move. So fascia’s like the ultimate lubricant. Also without fascia we’d be a puddle. All your cells would
    just puddle fucking down. Gravity would pull all of
    you down into your feet. Right, you’d be a puddlely
    burst without fascia, right? – [Robert] Okay. – [TT] And so when he talks
    about fascia and belief and what’s belief? Belief is nothing more than how
    you believe the world to be, how you believe you to be. Belief at it’s core is
    nothing more than your state. I believe you and I will
    have had a wonderful time. There’s my imaginal act before our call. And it will bless billions, right. – [Robert] Yeah, yeah. – [TT] And that effects my fascia. – [Robert] Okay. – [TT] Fascia is electrical,
    fascia is lubrication, fascia is the network that
    holds it all together, it let’s it all move
    seemingly independently. And when you add that in, ready
    for the noodle to be cooked? – [Robert] Yeah. – [TT] This is why things
    like skipping to me are vital. Skipping allows you to
    experience the bounce the fascia system has. If you watch the puppy
    run, we’re gonna cover this in the state of Bruce call
    that we do in a couple days, if you watch the puppy run or
    more accurately lets say trot. When a dog trots, most of his
    muscular work is isometric. In other words, he just positions the body in a particular
    configuration, holds it there, and adds in a little bit of work. And the fascia makes all
    the bouncy shit happen. – [Robert] Got it. – [TT] Little kids bounce
    and have endless energy, because they are very fascia oriented. They’re exploring what they do believe. Never-Never Land, fairytales. What do I want to be when I grow up? Adults, we all go muscle. We got stuck in the head,
    it’s all muscle and mind and then we have very
    predictable emotions, maybe two. Most people only have two
    or three emotions a day for the most part, fuck. – [Robert] Yeah fuck, yeah. – [TT] You know this. (laughing) – [Robert] Yeah I do, yeah I do. – [TT] You live in one
    of the Queen’s empires. I live in another one and I look around and it’s like fuck man. You know like least Americans have anger. I mean. (laughing) – [Robert] Yeah, yeah that’s true. We just have suppression going on. – [TT] Exactly. What’s the dominant emotion? Suppression. – [Robert] Yeah. – [TT] Fudge man. – [Robert] Whatever it
    is, just suppress it and we’re British, yeah. – [TT] There we go. (laughing) – [Robert] Yeah. – [TT] All right. So with all that in the mix, your turn, grab the stick. – [Robert] Wow. – [TT] Wow. – [Robert] Whoa, I am having fun. I’m just gonna keep asking questions. – [TT] Let’s do it. – [Robert] Before I’ve
    got another question here in front of me but I’m curious about the addiction to emotion. We talked about most people
    only have one or two emotions, but I observe that people create scenarios through their consciousness
    or through their awareness. They go unconsciously finding things to support their addiction. Does that make sense? – [TT] Yep. – [Robert] People look
    at, they don’t see life through their eyes, they see
    it through their beliefs, and often those beliefs just
    exist to feed the addiction. – [TT] So you asked about
    cortisol in the last question. The key to kicking cortisol
    is discovering your body, because if you believe your body or if you behave as if your body, studies show it takes three
    years to get over cortisol. So you find that– – [Robert] If you believe
    you, you are your body. – [TT] Yep. – [Robert] Okay. – [TT] You talk to someone
    who doesn’t get consciousness is the only reality and they
    think that their body is and what it experienced. If their husband or wife cheats on ’em, it takes them three years to get over it. If they experience a tragic
    loss, the puppy dies, three years later they’re
    probably getting another dog. Or even if they got another dog sooner, they’re still grieving the
    first one for three years. It’s a fascinating thing,
    but if you get that consciousness is the only reality then you start bouncing back faster. You get it? Skipping is bouncing. You bounce back faster
    because you get what you are. The addiction is the same thing. Yeah, I love this… Everyone’s obsessed with phrases like, what fires together wires together. – [Robert] Yeah, yeah. – [TT] I’ll sort of agree with that, but it’s just been used to
    the point where it’s bullshit. What’s addiction? Addiction… I hope it’s okay with
    you because I imagine, like right now I imagine
    you and me doing– – [Robert] Everything’s okay. – [TT] Everything’s okay. When Timmy was here from the group, Timmy was sitting right next
    to me where the computer is and we’re having these kinds
    of chats while he’s here. I’m already imagining you in the garden and when you’re here you’ll
    notice, yeah, and you got a dog, but I’m willing to bet that Emmet has more gaits than your dog because I haven’t classified
    all of them as gaits yet. Yeah, it’s like he
    creates new ones every day to fuck with me with me. And a gait is nothing more
    than we configure the body in a particular shape so that we can move at a particular speed. And so Emmet will create a gait that, it’s got so much bounce, so much twist, and it’ll keep him moving
    at a particular speed with the least amount of effort. So most of the muscle work is isometric. A little bit of it is actually in putting a little bit of motion into the system. If you watch a really
    good baseball player, pitcher, they’re elegant. If you watch me throw a
    baseball, it’s not, right? It’s horrible. But it’s that and the thing is and this is another one that
    I’ve just recently codified, this is where people begin
    and this is all right. Instead of imagining
    bad, Rob, imagine good, but I’ve been imagining so
    many bad things for so long it’s easy to imagine bad,
    it’s hard to imagine good. Okay? – [Robert] Yeah. – [TT] We just set up
    another artificial war. Now if we want to create a game– – [Robert] Because we
    tell ourselves that story or because we believe it. – [TT] And we’re used to just… I’m making burned cookies. Tomorrow I’m gonna make
    unburned cookies. (laughing) – [Robert] Okay, yeah. – [TT] Versus tomorrow I’m making bread. The day after I’m making
    spaghetti out of raw ingredients. The day after I’ll make a pizza,
    but if we’re stretching… Again I watch the dogs, I stretch a lot, but the dogs got me
    beat every single time. I walk in the house, they
    walk toward the door, they identify it’s me, they stop, and they do a down dog, they do an up dog, and then they come over. I didn’t bother doing that. (laughing) So I decided I’ll start doing that, so as soon as they walked towards me and they stop to do
    their stretch, I do it. Down dog and up dog and my
    spine just articulating it in different directions and you know what? I feel better at the end of the day. I see Victoria. A little stretch, little stretch. But it’s not just the body stretching. How do we stretch what we’re imagining and it doesn’t mean just imagine bigger, it’s imagine maybe a different element. Add in a different happy chemical. It’s so easy to watch
    someone addicted to oxytocin, because what works easiest for them is a congratulatory
    conversation, an actual hug, yeah, the sit and the cuddle. On the other hand every now and then it’s really useful since
    they’ve mastered that tool that becomes their addiction. It’s sort of like I used
    to love Smith & Wesson. I think it was the
    L-Frame Revolver series. It was my first gun. I got so damn good at
    it I owned four of them over the 30 years I carried a weapon. I just loved them, they were great. And if you gave me one today, I know that weapon inside and out. I can just feel it, I
    could probably pop caps and a quarter at 10 feet,
    but I’m good at that. But what else do I want to get good at? What else do I want to explore, because it’s like having the
    same delicious meal every day, it gets old. So we so if we stretch
    with our imaginal acts, to me that always has us putting another new fun bun in the oven. Like when I talk about Victoria’s YUM and I discover oh, I could
    call this the two-step method because it took me two
    steps walking into Coles. That was fun. What if we taught people how to get into the state akin to sleep
    was while you’re walking just sort of slow your gait
    down for two steps or three and that’s sort of takes
    you into that drowsy state and you experience the YUM
    and the internal experience and the knowingness and you
    get that fast, oh my god. How many ways can you stretch a day then? – [Robert] Yeah. Yeah because we go to
    our defaults, don’t we? Back to the addiction.
    – Totally. – [Robert] We think oh,
    I’ll just do a feel it real for oxytocin or for one
    of the happy chemicals. – [TT] Totally. Yep, yep. – [Robert] So yeah I hear you on that. And I’m guilty of that myself. I have my defaults in terms of what’s easy or what what I can use to
    shift my state fastest. Okay. – [TT] I used to, I had a motorbike. It’s was a Honda CB 900 CE. It was a limited production thingy-do And I called it my attitude machine. – [Robert] Okay. – [TT] And you can guess why. If I was feeling small I
    could get on that sucker and the knees are in the breeze. And then at some point the
    motorcycle died and I sold it and I had a choice either
    to be a motor bike addict or discover how else can
    I build these different happy chemicals in? Which one was lacking? I was always a solo rider. Not cool. How can I build fellowship in? I’m pretty good at fellowship now. – [Robert] Yeah is that,
    did you not used to be? – [TT] There were times where I’ve gotten real isolationist. – [Robert] Yeah and I get it, that feeds the chemical
    as well, doesn’t it? – [TT] Totally. I’m the guy on the hill. There’s some status there,
    even if nobody knows I’m on the hill. (laughing) There’s some status there. – [Robert] Yeah. – [TT] Everybody else needs to take all sorts of shit in the
    woods in order to camp. I walk in with a knife. I’m in good shape. – [Robert] Yeah. Okay, tell me about buns in the oven, multiple buns in the oven. Talk about buns in the oven and how you manage
    multiple buns in the oven in your imagination,
    because that’s presumably multiple feel it real sessions
    then for different things. Is that where you go
    on Tickebelly Hill or– – [TT] So we’ll define sessions two ways. I do formal sessions in the morning, at nap time and at night. So I’m investing that state
    akin to sleep as I wake up, today it’s like ooh, Rob and I kicked ass. Next, ooh great, feel it real
    fun show, that kicked ass, just out of the pool. Yeah, that kicked ass. And I explore different ones in different ways with
    the different pillars, happy chemicals all that good stuff– – [Robert] So as you go through your day. – [TT] Yeah basically,
    before I get out of bed I’ve already nailed half a
    dozen events for the day. – [Robert] Okay, okay. – [TT] So boom, boom, boom. The other side is pretty cool because well let me just finish that. So my other two formal
    sessions at night time, I’m revising some stuff from the day, turn some bad into good, good into great, like we did in revision to the max and my midday session is
    whatever’s on my mind. Could be a homeless guy
    that I passed in the street, could be you, yeah, it
    could be a business thing. So whatever it is, could
    be, since like right now it’s Victoria in the garden season, so as I’m falling asleep
    from my afternoon nap maybe I’m imagining her having crushed it and then talking to me as
    I wake up way too fast. Ah, just need 10 seconds, right? – [Robert] Yeah. – [TT] So those are the formal sessions and again, those don’t take long, but I’m just investing a little bit. I nail something, relax a little bit, maybe I nail something
    else, relax a little bit, and I’ll fall asleep just knowing that I just nailed some things. On the other side, so
    multiple buns every morning, multiple clean up buns every night. Something while I’m falling asleep, something while I’m waking
    up at my afternoon nap, so that’s an easy part of the formula. Another side is that whole thing of I’m walking into the shops
    and I see a friend of mine looks stressed and I just go ooh, right. Slow down for a step or two, just imagine him looking perky. How would I feel if Dean
    look perky? (laughing) – [Robert] Right. – [Host] And as soon as I nail that, cool. Then I’m walking up the Coles, where’s Victoria’s YUM today? What’s my desired pork belly? And so on. – [Robert] I’m wondering if
    you’re working on a big project that’s you know, are you still
    taking it in daytime chunks? You’re doing your feel it reals for today, for a piece of work that’s ahead of you or are you doing it for the end result? I’m curious about bridges to end results and feeling it real for a bridge
    rather than an end result. If that makes sense. – [TT] So I’ll be posting up some, probably on Jen’s post today, I’ll be posting up some videos of some old Chinese guys doing weird shit. I just love the internal kungfu. I used to actually think I was good at it. And then I discovered that all
    my power was being generated from my waist instead
    of way, way, way deep by the subtle muscles that
    are all inside the sacrum. It’s like all right, so I
    dismantled my old way of moving for I’ve been doing that
    for about five years and I’m exploring getting
    both hips fully functional, which has taken me on this
    really cool adventure of just learning all sorts of things, exploring all these
    different muscles inside, around and inside the
    sacrum area of the body. So here’s why I mention all that. So the outcome is for
    me to basically be about 150 to 180 and doing some
    really cool kungfu shit that most people in their 20s can’t do and almost nobody can actually understand. So I imagine being able
    to move like a 20 year old when I’m close to 200. Because I want to be here for a while, because I don’t want
    to learn algebra again. I want to see how the garden works. And I don’t want to go learn algebra again and then find my way back here. – [Robert] Did you even learn algebra? Come on, be honest. – [TT] Well yeah, totally true. – [Robert] Most of us were present, but we weren’t really taking it in. – [TT] Yeah, I was looking at legs. – [Robert] Yeah, yeah. – [TT] So there’s my thing. So my big thing, I want to
    live to be about 200 or so. Maybe a quarter and it’s possible and with today’s technology and because of what I’m imagining. I happen to give myself a lifetime at the point in history where
    it’s very, very probable that anyone who takes care of their body could live to be 200, right? Just really cool. So there’s that, that’s a biggie. On the micro side, god I
    imagine already having had a great day at the pool. On the other micro side, I remember when I had my
    left foot was diagnosed as having had a fallen arch. There was like no arch in my left foot and so I figured at one point, like I had a left hip injury that I get to explore with
    this internal kung-fu bit. I had a fallen arch of my left foot and it’s like well I imagined
    having a arch in my left foot because that arch in the foot is, it’s another pump for the power with this internal kungfu stuff. And it’s like I just don’t
    have an arch in my right foot, I’d like to have an arch in both feet. So I imagine I’ve got
    an arch in both feet. So like I just see my
    tracks and so all right, so I on with my life. I find myself not liking shoes
    with arches in them anymore even though that’s what they tell me I need to be wearing that orthotics and I just go with these flat shoes. Zero drop shoes are what
    they call them I guess. – [Robert] Okay yeah, yeah. – [TT] And so I become obsessed
    with these fuckers man. I have more shoes than Victoria. And so of course I started
    manifesting up these shoes at about half price or third price. I ordered a bunch of the UK called Freet. I found a 40% off coupon deal that was supposed to
    expire like five years ago, it was still working the last
    time I used it two years ago, so I’m ordering all these freaking shoes that are flat shoes with
    no arch support, nothing, because I’m just obsessed with them. I have no idea why and lo and behold, one day I’m walking and I look down and I look at my prints and my prints show that I’ve got arches in both feet. – [Robert] Wow. – [TT] And it’s like
    fuck man, that’s cool. So I photograph it and it’s
    somewhere on the Internet. – [Robert] Yeah, for sure. – [TT] It’s so cool because again, that’s not a big win for
    me, that’s a middle win, because I figured again, if I’m gonna live to be 200 years old it’d be nice if the tires were lined up on the car. It’d be cool for what I’m doing the kungfu I bet you it would actually enhance it because all that power comes
    from flexing and arches and fascia and those little
    micro muscles in the hip. So all those are little
    intermediate wins for me, which again, I imagine and give life to. But I discover them along
    the way because again, you’ll notice my pattern. I get top shelf steak
    at bottom shelf prices. I get my BMW for the price of a Chevy. Last time I flew into Australia, two out of three or three
    out of four of the legs were first or business
    class and I paid for coach. It was just good fun and I
    got the ticket for half price. The tickets were like two grand, I got it for 1,200 or
    something so almost half price, but it’s it’s the coolest thing because when I get obsessed with living to 200 and then it’s like well, you
    know this whole kungfu thing, that’s fun and yeah, I want
    that and so that’s another bit and then it’s like my feet and then suddenly my foot has healed. Now we could blame the
    shoes and I’m sure going to zero drop shoes was part
    of a physical bridge, but you know me I’m
    not gonna pay 200 bucks for a pair of shoes when I can
    get them for a hundred bucks. So boom, there we go. – [Robert] And so the feel it real session or imagining the scene of your, that implies your arch is
    fixed so the end result now. – [TT] Yep. – [Robert] I feel like
    I’m interviewing you here, so do stop me if– – [TT] No, it’s cool. – [Robert] So you do the feel it real and then you drop it. You feel to the point of being real, but seeing that implies it’s fulfilled and then you drop it,
    there’s no awareness of that as you go through your day,
    you’re not trying to force it. I’m curious about the difference between allowing and forcing. – [TT] Yeah, I don’t find
    myself thinking about it, but I do find myself going
    fuck, those shoes are weird. Lemme check them out, oh my god, you know? And do some research and
    suddenly I find a coupon code. So it’s not that I and
    here’s the thing I notice. So living from the
    state of loving teacher, I’m always finding
    things to teach and share and so there’s a really big chunk. On a smaller chunk size, I find that it’s like, once I imagined having a bimmer. Of course I see more bimmers
    going up and down the road. I don’t take it a sign, it’s just that I’m looking
    at bimmers now differently. What kind of car, what
    kind of BMW would I like? Oh I don’t like that
    one, it’s too angular. Ah, that one’s okay. But it’s a fascinating thing because an ongoing emergence
    state like businessman marketer has me, I love learning about business. I love learning about marketing. I’m obsessed with Neil Gaiman as a writer and I’ve got probably five
    of his books on my Kindle. I’ve got a buddy who’s
    got some signed copies he’s looking to give me. Imagine manifesting up that,
    I’m just having so much fun. – [Robert] What fascinates
    you about Neil’s writing? – [TT] So Neil… I don’t know. (laughing) How’s that for an answer,
    but I fell in love with Neil before I even knew much about him whenever I listen to the Graveyard Book and when he talked about– – [Robert] You hear so many
    people talk about that, “The Graveyard Book”,
    I’ve never read it but– – [TT] Don’t read it, listen to it. Get it on Audible, it’s in his voice. And when he talks about one
    of the characters in the book called The Sleer. You instantly know what
    the fuck The Sleer is like because of the way he says it and it’s like ooh, that’s nice. And then what I do his
    course in master class, that thing, One of the things he mentions is whenever he develops a character he says, some people wanna
    know what they look like, some people want to know their history. He says something like, “I
    want to know how they sound.” And I went holy fuck, this guy gets it because Neville was
    really big into hearing. Eavesdrop, listening in on your friends, are they envious or are they happy? What are they saying? When you listen to Neville, by the way I hate when
    people suggest to me or they tell me, hey I’m
    listening to “Out of this World.” I says wow, I didn’t know
    know Neville read that. And he, oh no, no, no,
    somebody else is saying it. I tell them don’t listen to it. Listen to Neville because
    when Neville talks, Neville, like when Neil says Sleer. You know what a Sleer is, you don’t even have a fucking
    clue what it’s Sleer is, but you know because of
    the way I’m saying it. When Neville says that consciousness is the only reality, it’s not. He’s not saying, and
    consciousness is the only reality. No, he’s saying it coming from Rob, consciousness is the only reality. Like when I say, that’s him, my phrase is what you are is god having
    the adventure of a lifetime. Another one of my phrases
    is how your conscious determines what’s in your reality versus if somebody says that I said that, it just doesn’t have the same impact because they’re not saying
    it from experiencing it while they’re saying it. And that’s what I like about Neil. – [Robert] Got it, got it. Okay. – [TT] By the way, that’s
    also what I love about your videos because I watch
    this curious quirky guy experience his curious and
    quirkiness live on the camera and I just go, I just
    fucking love this guy. He’s so there. And that’s the thing
    where if that shows up in everything you do in your business, you can’t help but make a lot of money and have a lot of impact
    and you’ll never be boring. – [Robert] Yeah, well that’s funny because I’m conscious of… it’s interesting I say I’m conscious of, but I’m conscious that
    I often rein that in– – [TT] I know! No kid. (laughing) – [Robert] Yeah, yeah,
    I read it in I think I need to be serious about this. Get his point across in a
    serious fashion or yeah. – [TT] Everyone’s trying to do that. Don’t do that. (laughing) – [Robert] Okay, that’s good, all right. That’s good advice. – [TT] I’m not a 100% into the
    philosophy of Napoleon Hill. – [Robert] Okay yeah,
    let’s talk about that. – [TT] Okay, but but I do want to tell you there’s some recordings that you can find, they’ll be at
    or on the Wayback Machine, something like that, they’re
    rare Napoleon Hill recordings of him actually speaking. – [Robert] Okay. – [TT] And he and he is
    such a delightful fucker. Oh my god, is he fun. But you won’t get that
    reading “Think and Grow Rich” and you’ll never get it
    from “Think and Grow Rich” if you listen to Earl Nightingale reading, “Think and Grow Rich.” (groans) As lovely as Earl’s voice
    is, it’s not engaging like Napoleon Hill’s and
    when you listen to Nappy talk and again, I’m not a
    100% in his philosophy. He’s got some struggle built into there. But he was getting there, but
    when you listen to him talk, oh my god, he is a hoot. – [Robert] Right, yes. I think I’ve heard him
    on a couple of things on Spotify I think, but
    they’re certainly not great. – [TT] Exactly, yeah the
    sound quality on those isn’t great but if you’ve
    got some headsets on and you’re in the dungeon. – [Robert] In my dungeon,
    yeah exactly, exactly. So what else can we party
    on, what can we play with? – [TT] Wow. I think I wrote about this. Yes, but let’s do it. Wins versus stuff. I could give a shit if
    you ever get your stuff. What I’m interested in is how
    many wins can you stand today? It goes back to the whole philosophy is how much happiness can you stand? If happiness is defined as
    a single happy chemical, you can’t stand much, but
    if happiness is designed… If happiness is you
    mixing up new combinations of happy chemicals oh my god, the amount of happiness you
    can stand, it’s just amazing. – [Robert] Hmm, yeah, I
    remember having a conversation years ago with a business owner about what she wanted and it
    was all these things like a house and a boat
    and a thing on this wall. It’s back to the why conversation, well what’s that all about,
    why do you want that? “Well, that would make me happiest.” What if you were just
    happy without those things? She said, “Well what if I was only happy, “that wouldn’t be any good.” (laughing) – [TT] So day 29 on Dream Driver Day, we just did it yesterday
    and the state of Bruce, when I threw the ball,
    Bruce wants one thing, and you know what it is? – [Robert] What? – [TT] To be the hero. – [Robert] Right. – [TT] I throw the ball and he goes yes, then he brings it back. Then I throw the ball he goes,
    yes and he brings it back. I threw the ball he goes, yes
    and he doesn’t bring it back. He sits there and goes
    it’s my fucking ball, you come get it. Really? I will fuck you up boy. I’ll go over and I’ll walk
    toward him like a bear does. I just throw my left hand
    side and my right hand side. Then his tail wags ooh,
    Dad’s gonna come get me and then we play chase, but
    he just wants to be the hero. – [Robert] Got it. – [TT] And that’s all any of us want. Being what gives life to everything, all we want to do is really be the hero. – [Robert] In our own movie. – [TT] Oh my god, yes and when
    you help people be the hero in their own life, it’s never the house. It’s never the car. As the hero I can enjoy the car. Being the hero might be just me poking, I’m gonna go around the roundabout today. Being the hero might be
    keeping it alive for 30 years. I like this car. It’s not a classic BMW,
    but it’s a treasure to me. – [Robert] It might be,
    it might become one. – [TT] It will become one, yes. But it’s like I just, how
    can you be a hero now? Bruce finds it in the ball. Emmet does it by sitting on my lap and trying to prevent Bruce from playing. See Bruce, I’m blocking you. (laughing) – [Robert] And if I’m
    understanding you right, it’s not a hero in an egotistical
    look at me kind of way. – [TT] No. That can be there. You have your friends congratulate you, but it’s not like look at me. I am imagining good
    for all my friends too. No, no, no. Yeah, that’s fun, but it
    really is, it’s about the win. When you teach yourself a new yo-yo trick, oh my god, how cool is that? When we did Dream Driven Day last time and the yo-yo lesson came up, I think it was like that
    day or two days after Victoria and I were in the city and we came across a collection
    of old Coca-Cola yo-yos. These things were like priceless. I should have bought one. I don’t know why I don’t sometimes, but like what are the
    odds of us coming across a collection of old Coca-Cola yo-yos? Like oh my god, it’s a 100%
    because that’s what I do. (laughing) It’s like fudge man,
    but it’s just how many, how many wins can you stand? Little ones, big ones,
    fun ones, serious ones. Oh my god, we just came here to have wins. But there’s no win without a risk. When Bruce misses the ball, then you can watch him
    go fuck, go, go, go. You’ve got a dog. – [Robert] Yes. – [TT] You know this. – [Robert] I do, yeah. – [TT] They’re just as
    excited with the near miss and then they finally get
    it, yeah Dad, I did it. Cool, let’s do it again. – [Robert] Can we dig into that? There’s no win were there to risk. Because I’d love to dig
    into that because I observe that so many people are
    trying to go through life getting wins without the risk. – [TT] Yep, I love the mantra people. Every day in every way I’m
    getting better and better. Well guess what? Some days, I got rear-ended the other day. I was in Victoria’s car and
    this van fucking hits me. – [Robert] Oh, thank god
    you were in her car, right? – [TT] Thank god I’m in
    her car, right. (laughing) And I pulled over and everything was fine. I got a little bit of
    a sore neck, but yeah, I got all that taken care
    of but I made a friend. But if I went in every day and every way everything’s getting better and better, there are no exceptions, every day I make $10,000 in my business. The day I make $9,000 and get
    rear-ended, it’s all over. – [Robert] Yeah. – [TT] It’s suck fest. But there’s this thrill,
    there’s this dopamine of fuck, I almost got the ball, let me get it, get it, get it. Hey Dad, serotonin time. Cool Bruce, good boy. Yeah, there’s the fun thing. I love the whole thing with, this whole new age thing fascinates me because it’s like you cannot manifest when you are in a negative emotion. It’s like really? Wow, what about Hitler? He did pretty well being an asshole. It’s like well, he didn’t manifest good, well but he got like all
    sorts of nice cigars and shit. And I’ll just play devil’s advocate, because it’s like what does Neville say? Good, bad, indifferent. You can use this for good,
    for bad, or indifferent. You can have an all rice day or life, you can have a burned rice life, or you can have a rice with spice life. – [Robert] Mm. – [TT] And some days
    you’re gonna burn the rice. You’ll put it on, you’ll walk outside, Bruce will wanna play ball,
    you get all hooked on that, next thing you know, that
    smells interesting. (laughing) – [Robert] Yeah, yeah. – [TT] I guess we’re eating out for lunch. – [Robert] And I guess
    it’s always on, isn’t it? We’re creating all the time. – [TT] Oh my god. – [Robert] Is that the trick? Is to be conscious of what we’re creating? – [TT] I think that’s the thing, so did you catch the
    reference to Dr. Watson in one of the recent lessons? – [Robert] Missed that. – [TT] Nobody fucking caught that one. So Dr. Watson is that thing, do you have Windows computers? – [Robert] In the UK
    or do I in my dungeon? I’ve got Mac. – [TT] Yes baby, I know you
    and I get along just fine. So the people that have Windows computers and I’m sure there’s
    something the same on a Mac, but on a Windows computer
    they have called Dr. Watson. And if you’re just sitting
    there listening to Spotify and you’re on your, I don’t
    even know what the processes are called anymore but you’re
    on a super duper computer, it needs to be doing something. So Dr. Watson just has it do dumb shit. Just dumb shit, dumb shit, dumb
    shit, dumb shit, dumb shit, and then you fire up a spreadsheet while you’re listening to
    Spotify and it still works, but Dr. Watson has less space
    on your activities going on. So if Spotify takes up 1%,
    Dr. Watson takes up 99. If Spotify and your
    spreadsheet take up 11%, Dr. Watson takes up
    whatever 100 minus 11 is. – [Robert] 89. – [TT] 89, see I’m not
    good with this shit. I tell people anyone can make
    money online, look at me. (laughing) So that’s Dr. Watson and
    the thing is Dr. Watson is like the bullshit part of your brain that manifests up bullshit because when I walk down the street and I see the little old lady hobbling I imagine her strutting, but
    does she ever strut again, I don’t know, but I
    can tell you this much. Man I was in the shops one day
    and I gotta go in two minutes and this old guy was having this stroke. And thank God that there
    was some lady there that was trained because
    she’s doing first aid, there were two Girl Scouts there that were helping out as well and I just stood there and
    looked in the guy’s eyes. And he looks at me and I look at him and I’m just imagining yep,
    I’ll see you here next week looking good, right? And it was like two weeks
    later, he’s in the place and he’s looking good. It turned out that his
    stroke was apparently pretty damn minor and he
    didn’t die, which is cool. But here’s the thing,
    a lot people would go yep, I’ll imagine lovingly
    for that guy later because I’ve got shit on my mind. – [Robert] Yeah, yeah, I’ve
    gotta get half priced meat. (laughing) – [TT] Yeah, I already nailed that right, but people will go around and
    they’ll miss opportunities to imagine lovingly for seeming others while they worry. It’s like fuck man. Yeah, how can I imagine lovingly for you? How can I imagine lovingly for you? Oh, that looks like fun. I imagined up a new scotch. It’s a PD scotch, it’s
    only 60 bucks a bottle. My favorite scotches are like
    a hundred bucks a bottle here and so wouldn’t you know,
    I imagined up a new scotch that’s fairly PD at 60 bucks
    a bottle and I like it. It’s like that works for me and the funny thing is
    the store manager says, “I don’t know why this is here.” Like yeah, this doesn’t make any sense why they’d send this to us. And I said well, keep it it’s good. (laughing) – [Robert] You know why it’s there. – [TT] I may be the only
    person that buys it, but I like it and it’s
    60 bucks versus 100, that’s 40 bucks in my pocket, sweet. – [Robert] Nice. – [TT] But there’s the game. There’s nonstop games to be played. – [Robert] Yeah, yeah. – [TT] So I gotta drag
    my dogs to the dog park. Ugh, how do we close it
    up in a minute or two? – [Robert] Ooh, ooh, let’s
    leave it open, how’s that? – [TT] Let’s do it again, how’s that? – [Robert] Yeah, yeah, let’s
    leave it open for more. I’d love to. – [TT] Okay, let’s call this part one. – [Robert] Yeah, part one will do. Yeah, let’s see what what feedback you get and what questions get asked and let’s have another riff another time. – [TT] Cool and with
    everything we’ve covered you’re cool with me putting
    it out into the world and having us make an
    impact and all that shit? – [Robert] Yeah of course, yeah. Yeah absolutely. – [TT] Cool, cool, do you have a website? – [Robert] Yeah, I’m in the process of revamping it. It doesn’t really give up
    flavor, but it’s out there. – [TT] Nice. – [Robert] People can connect with me on Facebook or wherever. – [TT] All right, cool. I would suggest anyone listening do that and everybody here probably
    knows how to find me, but I’ll just say yeah. – [Robert] Yeah, do that too and if you’ve been thinking
    about Dream Driven Day or Manifesting Mastery is it? – [TT] Yep. – [Robert] Stop thinking
    about it and just do it. – [TT] Cool. Rob this has been an
    absolute fucking pleasure. – [Robert] Likewise, I loved it. Thanks Twenty. – [TT] Cool, I will
    send you a link to this recording after I get
    back from the dog park. – [Robert] All right, enjoy. – [TT] Cool, see you buddy. – [Robert] Cheers, bye-bye.

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    AllSpark Solar Blankets and Flexible Panels

    October 19, 2019

    Beach, bush or somewhere remote, one thing you don’t want to be worried about is power. You’re supposed to be relaxing, and enjoying your time when you go camping. Let me introduce you to the AllSpark range of solar products. Whether you’re after a fixed panel, for on the roof of your caravan, 4WD or on your boat, or after more of a lightweight, portable solution, we’ve got something, with performance you can rely on, to keep your batteries in tip top shape at all times. Across the entire AllSpark Solar range, we use the very best cells available on the global market. SunPower Maxeon Gen III cells are the highest efficiency cells on the market. They will outperform all other cells, meaning you’ll get more solar power each day, in a smaller physical size compared to any other panel. They are the highest temperature and shade tolerant cell, and will produce more power than any other panels in the hot Australian sun, or on an overcast day. Plus you wont lose half or all of your power production because a single branch or even a leaf is overshadowing your panel, like most mono cells. They also come with easy fold out legs and eyelets, so here’s no mucking around with buckles or clips, and are supplied with a heavy duty cable to make sure there’s no voltage drop. We use premium ETFE laminate on all of our panels, not cheap PET plastic. This is especially important for the flexible panels, which are often in the sun year round. That means they won’t blister, peel or discolour in the UV. As with any of our products, if you’re not sure what you need, drop us a line or give us a call, we’ll help you find the best solution for your 12 volt needs.

    Build an Automated Lead Generation Machine to Fill Your Sales Pipeline
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    Build an Automated Lead Generation Machine to Fill Your Sales Pipeline

    October 19, 2019

    Do you
    ever think to yourself, “if we could just have
    a more consistent flow “of good sales opportunities
    into our pipeline “we’d be so much better off.” chances are you’ve thought of that for either yourself or for your team. My name is Marc Wayshak
    and I’m the founder of PipeRev, and we are
    a pipeline generation agency that actually helps clients blast through sales goals
    by generated a steady stream of new sales opportunities. Now we actually do this for organizations but in this video I want walk
    you through the actual process of how we help clients
    generate more pipeline than they’ve ever had before. And you can model these exact same steps for your own organization. So let me walk you through
    exactly what they look like right here on the white board. So step number one is we
    need to first understand the math of exactly what
    we need to accomplish. It all starts with the math. You want to first think about what’s the actual sales goal? Right? So you need to have an actual dollar goal. And then from the sales goal, now we start to work down. We work downwards to understand okay how many sales per month does that require? So now we know how many actual sales, then we need to understand
    how many leads per month are going to be required in order to actually
    hit that number of sales and so, that’s where this all starts is leads, or opportunities. Okay? Understanding that math though is so key, and you may be saying “Marc
    this is really elementary.” but so many organizations
    don’t really understand exactly how many leads or
    even appointments they need to have in order to ultimately hit this. So that’s step number one, is understanding the math. Number two, is we need to now target our ideal prospects. And so what we need to understand here is, who exactly do we want to
    be actually talking to? Who do we want to be having
    those conversations with? And who do we ultimately of
    course, want as our clients? Now, the other way of
    looking at this which I find just as effective, if not more effective, is knowing actually your ideal prospects, we
    call it, “nemesis”. So who is that prospect
    that it can be tempting to go after but in reality, it’s not really the person you want to be doing business with. This could be an actual person, it could be a type of a company, it could be a particular location. Getting very clear on who you don’t want to do business with, is going to be really, really important. So some of the questions you
    want to ask are, you know, who is this person that
    we want to be going after or not going after? What do they do? What’s their title? Where are they? Other key factors like
    industries, verticals, company size, revenues, whatever it is, but getting very, very clear, in getting down to this ideal prospect, so that way at the end of the day you have a pretty small pool of people that are ultimately going
    to be your ideal person. This is so key, really
    getting to that ideal person. And that’s exactly what we’re doing, is really narrowing down on exactly who we want to be going after
    so there’s no wasted energy. Now for step number three, which is all of the ways
    that we can actually personalize our outreach at scale. So what we call this is, personalize, personalization at scale. And so this where we’re
    going to actually start to be really thinking about how can we have personalized messages? which typically come through the form of a cold email, or possibly a phone call, maybe some kind of targeted
    outreach on LinkedIn whatever it is, but how
    do we make sure that we’re actually personalizing that outreach but in a way that’s
    efficient and doesn’t require someone to do 30-minutes of research every time they’re making one outreach. So what we want to avoid
    on the one hand is we never want to be just sending out,
    for example, that blast email. Okay? Blast emails are really, really bad. Right? And then on the other hand, we want the types of
    responses that we’re getting for our clients are typically things like: “wow, you really did your homework, you really understood our business, and what we’re looking for.” So getting to that real deep
    level of personalization, and really thinking what are those types of areas that we can really personalize? It could be, you know, it could actually be personal details. Right? But it could also be, you know, business events, key occurrences, things
    that have taken place, new rounds of funding, whatever it is though that’s showing that you’re really understanding them, and so that way they
    don’t think to themselves when they’re receiving an email from you, or in this case from us, they’re not saying to
    themselves “okay, this clearly part of one huge blast
    out to a lot of people.” and at our organization this is really a two-tiered approach.
    one is that it requires both using tools, like
    artificial intelligence, and different algorithms and
    then of course list-building services, but on the other
    hand it just requires some good old fashioned human research. Good research is really, really important. So that’s what actually leads us into point number four now. Which, I think we can
    see this, is actually mining the data. And so I gave you a
    little bit of a hint here about what this looks like already. But this is really where any campaign is going to succeed or fail. It’s the quality of the data. And so if you just go to
    a company and buy a list, for example, you can’t
    just take data and plop it right into emails, because it’s going to be really clunky. You’re going to be
    referencing their company name and it’s going to be “ABC
    Company, Inc.”, right? Apple Computers is actually ‘Apple Inc,’ but you wouldn’t refer,
    if you were sending an email to Tim Cook the CEO of Apple, you would be saying “Tim
    Cook with Apple Inc.” you would just use Apple. And this where it requires a high degree of really good data
    quality and this is where we’re really getting into a suite of using different tools out there that you have at your arsenal, and then of course, is just human. Good old fashioned human research. To really clean that data, that personalized data to make sure that when someone is receiving
    an email from you, or your organization, that they’re saying to themselves “Wow, this is really a
    thoughtful, personalized email.” when in fact, what it
    really is, is basically a templatized outreach, that is using really high degrees of personalization. And I mean that’s really where you start to get into some powerful stuff. And that’s actually what
    leads us into this next step, which is actually we’ll move over here, which is laying out the prospecting campaign. So a prospecting campaign, again this is where we
    start to get into having a truly consistent prospecting approach and one of the things that
    we need to do is understand all of the steps up front. The problem with a lot of individual salespeople
    do in prospecting outreach is that it tends to be
    pretty inconsistent. And so what we’ve discovered
    as an agency is that by using a suite of tools, and a really thorough
    prospecting campaign approach up front, understanding
    every single step that’s going to happen, in this whole process, we now understand exactly
    what that whole process is going to look like. And what we’re doing is we
    want to be providing value on each and every touch. And so that’s a really key
    idea is that every touch, whether it’s a LinkedIn outreach, a connection request, or some kind of a message, or some kind of a warming up
    using LinkedIn advertising, that there’s value so there’s actually giving them something. The prospect is saying to
    them “wow, okay, these guys are experts, they’ve
    provided me some value.” of course if it’s an email,
    if we’re sending out a series of emails to prospect, it’s not just what we
    call “the old bump email”, where it’s just if they didn’t
    respond to the first one just “following up” on
    the second one, right? Every single touch that we’re doing we are going to be creating value. So think about what can
    you or your organization really be offering of value, every time that you’re
    making that outreach. And putting it within and
    entire prospecting campaign. Okay. And now that leads us to the next thing, so I’m going to scroll across this area here, and now is where we get into actually the meat and potatoes. Which is to implement. And implementation is obviously everything, right, I mean this is what organizations pay us to do, is actually to implement
    the whole process. But having said that, you can do this on your own. If you’re an individual salesperson or you are a founder of a
    start up and you’re saying “look we don’t have a lot of resources.” you can actually be
    implementing these campaigns yourself it just takes a lot of effort and there’s going to be some
    trial and error along the way. But we want to use every
    single tool that’s available to us so in terms of
    how our email automation is actually going out. How we are connecting
    with people on LinkedIn. Having a process that
    way it doesn’t require that every single step is relying on you to do it. Now there are a million
    different tools out there. There are a million different
    tools for doing the research, there are a lot of tools for actually implementing the campaign. One of the things though
    that’s really key, is understanding technical issues, like deliverability of emails. This sounds really silly but, we find that a lot of
    our clients in the past who have tried this and then come to us, one of the biggest
    challenges they just have is something as simple as getting the email into a prospects inbox. Because they’re doing some
    things that are causing Google or Outlook algorithms
    to say “This isn’t really a ‘good’ email.” and so it’s not actually
    getting to the inbox. And so we need to make
    sure that you are testing your emails, making sure that they’re not being perceived as spam and all of that. And then of course, in
    the whole implementation process is knowing what that whole follow-up cadence looks like. For us, we like to see a cadence
    of about five to six emails going out to warmed up
    prospects who have been warmed up through LinkedIn advertising, because we are typically in the B2B space. And then we’re sending out
    those five to six emails, where there’s value on every single touch, and highly, highly personalized emails going out every single time and knowing what that follow-up actually looks like. And so, by the way, you
    can also be mixing them with your follow-up like phone calls to prospects that have opened the emails a certain number of times. So we can use things like
    actually leads-scoring to really determine is this prospect, they’ve opened this email now three times, hmm, they’re probably
    kind of interested in what we’re doing because
    they keep looking at it but they haven’t replied. Well we can know that, and then that can be followed up with By a salesperson or an SDR. That’s really what the
    implementation piece is all about. And then lastly here, because
    I’m kind of out of room, but this is pretty easy
    which is just test, and repeat. Test and repeat. And this is really so
    big and this is where a lot of organizations miss the boat on consistently effective
    prospecting campaigns. We want to split
    test every single thing that we’re sending out. So on any campaign that we’re doing, whether, by the way,
    it’s using advertising or a cold email, we
    are testing every email with different variations
    and determining what works. And so we are actually
    letting the data decide which is more effective as
    opposed to what we’re doing. So we, obviously, have
    some hypothesis about what’s going to be the most effective subject line for an email, or the most effective call to action, or the most effective sales
    asset that we’re going to be giving away to a prospect or in an ad copy, we’re obviously testing it, and we’re making bets internally on what’s going to work, but ultimately, we’re going to be split testing everything. There we go. We want to make sure that the
    data is making the decision. And once that data has made the decision, now we start to refine, and then we keep testing. Forever. We never get complacent
    because this is so big. So big, we’ve got to always keep testing and making sure that what we’re doing is continually working. Because what’s working today, may not work tomorrow. So those are the strategies for building this whole process and I know
    I’ve laid down a lot here. But if you are a sales leader, or a company founder and this
    is a process that you think you might actually want
    us to help you set up, we’d love to actually
    send you some free leads to show you exactly how we think and work. So think of it as a way
    to just test drive us, and a way to really kick the tires. Plus you get some free
    leads for your salespeople to go make calls on. So actually just click the link below to fill out the ideal
    prospect profile form. And our team will get working. Again, if you are a sales
    leader or a company founder, just click that link that should be below this video in the details, and fill out that ideal
    prospect profile form and our team will get working on putting together some leads and then of course we can set up a call to talk about more about
    how we would actually implement this whole process with your team.

    7 Sailing Tips For Blue Water Sailboats (How to STOP LEAKS on Sailboats)Patrick Childress Sailing#25
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    7 Sailing Tips For Blue Water Sailboats (How to STOP LEAKS on Sailboats)Patrick Childress Sailing#25

    October 9, 2019

    Finally we had some waves hopefully the
    wind will follow so we can stop this motoring and put up some sails hello my name is Patrick Childress on
    Brick House and today I have seven very important sailing tips for the
    long-range Cruiser and certainly number seven is the most valuable I think even
    the most experienced Cruiser will find from good use than tip number seven and
    at the end of this video I put together some segments on the large wooden
    sailboats in Madagascar and the tremendous amount of weight that they
    can carry and about the hard-working men who
    those quotes it’s they have all my admiration in the world for how much
    work they put in for very little money in Madagascar is way past the horizon
    and somewhere well over the horizon is Tanzania Africa and the island of
    Zanzibar I love the sound of those names but first we’ll be stopping at the
    island of Myatt out here in the Mozambique Channel so right now let’s
    get to tip number one when we are hard on the wind slamming it
    to big waves swimming into this port light and also sometimes on the windward
    side of the boat those port lights will also have a little drip and even though
    I’ve taken silicone grease and you can also use Vaseline I’ve rejuvenated the
    seal but we can still get small drips though an anticipation of extreme
    weather now I found it’s really best just to take out the screen and install
    a storm window this plastic is quarter-inch thick six millimeters and
    it’s just some smoked plastic that I found in a trash pile at a marina so
    it’s really easy to take out the screen and put in the storm window no more leaks tip number two how to keep
    the water out of the chained pipe for the windlass it’s pretty easy actually a
    nice wad of modeling clay will do the trick you just squeeze it in around the
    chain and have it overlap the base of the windlass and that’ll keep 99% of the
    water out the only problem is and very cold weather the clay will become very
    stiff then small rags we’ll have to do tip number three the hatch on the
    foredeck how to help that seal on the inside do its job to keep from big waves
    slamming up here and water dripping on the inside and it’s called chinking a
    little bit of line to help fill in this gap slows down the waves so that the
    seal can do its job it just goes around the edge and it’s
    tied in the back with a simple knot this is our 4 year old shits cat Lily we
    picked her up at the island nation of pullout when she was just a little
    kitten you know how when a lot whis is always
    being put in the lion with each coil but this is pretty much the standard way of
    doing it and stowing a line the problem is then when you release a line and it
    goes through quickly it’s all hung up because the twists are trying to come
    out faster than they can untwist so it gets hung up inside of whatever fitting
    it’s going through in this case a break so it’s much better to rather than coil
    a line to hand a line H a nd hand bring it over and back and over that way you
    don’t put those twists in the line when it runs out they’ll run out nice and
    clean nice and fair very quickly without any snags two-five catching rainwater you don’t
    need a big area to catch a lot of rainwater this bimini the water runs
    down to the hard Dodger and then downhill into this gutter which is made
    from thin walled PVC cut lengthwise and attached to the hard Dodger with four
    screws and some sealant along the top edge this line just sits in here has a
    knot to help hold it in place and the water runs downhill
    while angled aft and then through surface tension the water adheres to the
    rope and runs right into the bucket you number six hard to imagine sitting in a
    nice calm anchorage like this big ocean waves that can come over the side of the
    boat and fill the cockpit with water or even smaller waves they can come over
    the side of the boat these were solid and fixed permanently with twist locks
    there could be all kinds of damage these would have been destroyed long ago but
    when big ocean waves come crashing over the side
    they just don’t cause any damage they just get us wet on the inside these side
    curtains are held in place with just little snaps they’re of an oval shape so
    if you want to pull them apart by hand pull them up from the bottom oval not
    from the side through the top but from this bottom oval and they come right off it’s probably the most important tip of
    all in this whole video because it contains hundreds and hundreds of other
    tips and this is one very important book that I think every long-range cruising
    boat should have onboard offshore sailing 200 essential passage making
    tips by Bill Seaford bill Seaford has been in the boating business most of his
    life he’s quite the expert and I don’t care who you are no matter how
    experienced you are you read this book you’re going to find something very
    unique that’s going to help you out in any long-range cruising situation this
    was edited by Daniel spur he actually all these information into a book format
    daniel spirt was an editor at cruising world for many years and then he became
    the big man at practical sailor in r and practical sailor for many years and
    spurs guide to upgrading your cruising sailboat is another very important book
    to have on your long-range cruising sail boat full of expert information offshore
    sailing and spurs guide upgrading your cruising boat to excellent books to
    always keep on your boat here is the part about the wooden ships. Please SUBSCRIBE for More videos like this when they come out!


    Striped Bass Fishing: Near Death Experience on a Dangerous Jetty

    September 30, 2019

    You really have to be careful or you could get really hurt. Now, I’m only stepping on these rocks that are not black or green because if– you know, one wrong step and you could really get hurt. *gasp* That man! Oh, my God! Brendon! So, hey guys, we are at a jetty right now, at this jetty, along all of these rocks here, there’s pockets, and there’s a lot of short stripers stack up all in there and, uh, what we’ve got is a– a fly teaser, and a bass assassin with a jig head. Now, this will look like a fish and this will look like a fish trying to eat this fish, or, it’ll look like two fish. So, what I’m doing is I’m casting it by these rocks, and jigging it up and down, and it’s just getting hit, it’s getting smashed, so I’m going to go fishing. Nice! On the teaser! Whew. Ugh. Short little striper. I’m using the bass assassin with a little teaser fly. Tons of fun. So, we’re here fishing at this jetty, and jetty fishing is actually pretty dangerous here, we’ve been talking to a lot of the local fishermen about um, just their fishing experience, and many, many of them have had fishing buddies die, just disappear from beside them, even when waves roll over the rocks, and I really just want to express how dangerous jetty fishing is, especially at night, especially alone, especially with the wrong gear, so, we’re not out very far, we’re really just on these few very high up dry rocks, um, and fishing a little pocket for these little schoolie stripers, but, the really intense fishermen get out to the very tip with, you know this green algae/ moss/ grass, and they say that it can be as slick as ice, and these huge, 8-foot waves come and wash up over you from behind you and you don’t even see them coming, and like Al said in the last video, you’re lucky if you don’t hit your head on a rock. (Al:) You don’t even have to know the guy fell, you hear this noise– did you ever drop a watermelon
    And you know. on concrete? That’s what it sounds like. That’s what it sounds like when they hit the water– I mean the rocks. Just like that. And you know the guy behind you fell. Wow… Whoo! Nice one! They’re strong! Even for these smaller-sized ones, even these smaller sized ones are pretty strong. Put up a good fight. –and they keep taking the teaser! Right? They haven’t touched this one yet. They want this one! So, so if you take a look at this jetty, or like, jetties in general, there’s rocks everywhere lining the shore, and there’s pockets where fish like to hide. Um, that’s what we’re doing right now, we’re swimming it by these rock pilings, and, um, fish are just nailing them, and it’s a lot of fun. If you haven’t fished a jetty before, this is a good way to start, just try doing some smaller fish first. When you start going for the really big trophy fish, you’ll realize it’s gonna take a long time, a lot of practice, a lot of experimentation to be able to do what some of these guys out here do. So this is a good place to start if you wanna start catching some fish. What? (This woman just fell!) (Get it!) Do you guys see the green algae, the green stuff growing on the rocks here? You guys see these black rocks? Those are extremely slippery, it’s like ice, and many people have died trying to fish this jetty and slipping on these rocks. You really have to be careful or you could get really hurt. Now, I’m only stepping on these rocks that are not black or green because if– you know, one wrong step and you could really get hurt. Um, to finish my story from earlier… basically, there was a very experienced fisherman that often times would come out and fish these jetties, and, he would park his truck with his kayak on top, and he apparently came out fishing one night by himself and people came in the next morning and saw his truck and thought that he must be fishing out here, and all they found was his tackle box on the rocks. And he was gone. And… The story goes that a few months later, someone caught a thigh bone, um, on their hook. It’s just a testament to how dangerous this can be, and how slippery these rocks can be, I mean, you can ask any experienced fisherman out here. Oh my gosh. *gasp* That man! oh, my God! Brendon! He’s in the water! He’s in the water.
    (Erin!) (Brendon, that’s not frikkin funny.) He’s in the water. Where is he…? Oh my gosh. Where is he?? *distant shouting* You hear these stories about people literally falling behind the fishermen and they’re gone and they die, and then… when you see it… these stories are real. That was scary. That was really scary because we were– we’ve been hearing for the past week and a half/ two weeks about all the stories, about… people falling at the jetty, and we just watched him, like, this is like an older man, like just fall backward, the waves washing–
    He was in the water. Yeah. He was gonna get taken out.
    He was in the water and he did not resurface for a while Yeah, that was really scary and Erin was a little bit shaken up by it as well. I could tell you were– you looked really scared. I was terrified. It’s not– it’s like– It’s like you– you literally think that you might see– like, that person might have just died. Is what I thought, like, I might have just seen that dude die.
    Wow. Wow, so just goes to show you really need to be careful when you’re fishing at jetties, you need to respect mother nature, because she will kill you at any given moment.
    She will kick your butt, yeah. On another note, I’m glad we found some fish.
    On another note, thank you guys for watching this episode. Um, we spent a long time looking for fish today and we ended up not being able to get into any except for these small striper, but
    Mhmm. you know, I thought it was a good opportunity to teach you guys about the dangers of jetty fishing *uncomfortable laughter* and we definitely learned first hand how dangerous it can be– I guess second hand, but…
    Right. Still, being here is really different than just hearing about it. Right. Um… So, thank you for joining us… Hope you guys learned something, um, how to start fishing at jetties if you wanted to start doing that, and uh, learned some wise tips from us. Thank you. Have a nice day.

    A Girl Under the Influence of Love – Jennifer Lawrence’s Movie
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    A Girl Under the Influence of Love – Jennifer Lawrence’s Movie

    September 26, 2019

    a girl under the influence of love by Ashenafi ext air plan day we see an airplane flying in the air int airplane
    day a beautiful girl Jennifer xx to sit next to the window reading tropic of
    cancer and novel by Henry Miller a young man is sitting next to her he is looking
    at a fashion magazine Vanity Fair the young man takes a glance at her
    Jennifer catches his eyes he gives her a soft smile she returns his smiles
    politely and turns her attention back to the book the young man continues to look
    at the pictures on the magazine in between checking Jennifer out without
    being too obvious Jennifer senses he is watching her but
    ignores him and focuses on the book then the stewardess comes up to them with
    drinks stewardess drink young man do you have anything that’s strong stewardess
    we only have soft drink and juice young man you don’t serve alcohols in the
    plane do you stewardess no we don’t young man okay just give me apple juice
    the stewardess lowers apple juice in the glass and gives him the drink the young
    man takes the drink has a quick sip and places it on the airplane seats table at
    the same time the stewardess looks at Jennifer stewardess – Jennifer can I get
    you anything Jennifer I’ll have diet coke but
    stewardess Foer’s diet coke in the glass and enter Jennifer takes the drink
    Jennifer thanks Jennifer places the drink under table the stewardess walks
    away Jennifer has a sip and goes back to reading the young man has another sip
    from his apple juice and looks at her young man I am sorry for interrupting
    you but do you mind asking what you’re reading Jennifer shows him the covered
    tropic of cancer young man tropic of cancer what’s it about Jennifer it’s an
    erotic tale of Henri miler the author who is working on his latest novel while
    simultaneously balancing his relationships with the many passionate
    Parisian women he meets and some explicit sexual encounters the young man
    is taken by the respond young man that’s interesting I think I heard of it but
    I’ve never gotten a chance to read it there is a silent moment
    ever says nothing in fact she ignores him and continues to read the young man
    looks kind of lost in between feeling seemingly a little bit embarrassed and
    admiring her sense of sexuality he collects his composure young man by the
    way I am Ben Ben gives her his hand to shake she takes his hand greeting
    Jennifer Jennifer Ben nice to meet you Jennifer likewise she goes back to
    reading he then Ben so Jennifer she turns her eyes and looks at him you’re
    heading to Rome is it for business or pleasure Jennifer for study Ben what do
    you study Jennifer I haven’t figured it out yet Jennifer who does her best to be
    nice goes back to reading Ben softly to
    himself you haven’t figured it out yet there is a pause then a wise man once
    said the quality of an individual is reflected in the standard they set for
    themselves there is nothing to figure out life will figure you out and prepare
    you for what is coming the minute you make up your mind whether you want to be
    good or bad but whatever you do don’t let anything come between your fear and
    desire except your heart jennifer beans with soft beautiful smile grabs her coke
    takes a sip and puts it back Jennifer thanks for the advice Ben you welcome
    Jennifer resumes reading on the soundtrack Italian music plays
    melodiously ext airplane flying day the airplane continues to fly in the air int
    airport terminal day we Jennifer dragging her luggage through
    the terminal she is heading toward the exit ext airport terminal day Jennifer
    exits she comes up to a taxi stand a taxi comes driving and pulls next to her
    the taxi driver 25 steps out of the car opens the trunk takes Jennifer’s luggage
    puts it in the truck and closes the trunk
    Jennifer opens the passenger door and gets in the front instead of the back
    the taxi driver gets behind the wheel and drives away int taxi moving day
    Jennifer takes out a cigarette and a lighter from her purse Jennifer in Italy
    do you mind if I smoke the taxi driver glances at her taxi driver in Italy go
    ahead Jennifer lights her cigarette takes a cool long drag and breathes out
    the smoke there is a silent moment she then Jennifer what’s your name
    taxi driver Francesca Jennifer do you have a girlfriend Francesco Francesco
    yes I do Jennifer what’s her name Francesco
    Juliet Fabri Jennifer that’s a pretty name Francesco she is named after
    William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet quoting William Shakespeare but soft
    what light through yonder window breaks it is the east and Juliet is the Sun
    Jennifer you’re a poet Francesco smiled softly as he continues
    to drive there is a silent moment Jennifer takes a drag and breathes the
    smoke and Francesco direction Jennifer then Jennifer how did you meet Francesco
    I met her in this taxi I was giving her a ride to her house she was returning
    home after visiting her grandmother in Lyon France she told me about visiting
    Paris and how Paris was one of the most romantic cities in the world yet it was
    shame that she had to go to Paris alone I told her next time she visits Paris I
    might perhaps come with her you know as a joke she said that would be a good
    idea she is looking for a boyfriend that drives a taxi so she could make fun of
    me politely I told her I am a chef just graduated from Italy cooking school last
    year I drive taxi to save money I am planning to open a restaurant then ask
    her number before she got off the taxi she gave me her number I called her and
    asked her to come to my house a date she came to my house wearing a beautiful red
    dress I cooked for her pasta primavera panzanella and tiramisu we ate dinner in
    candlelight dance slow and made love we then become lovers
    the soundtrack Italian music plays melodiously Francesco and Jennifer
    continue to talk without a sound ext taxi moving day the taxi continues
    to drive down the street of RO ext University of Rome apartment complex day
    the taxi comes driving and pulls next to an apartment complex
    both Francesco and Jennifer get out of the taxi Francesco opens the truck and
    takes out Jennifer’s luggage and helps her carrying the luggage to the entrance
    of building Francesco puts her luggage at the door Jennifer thanks him takes
    her luggage and enters into the building Francesco returns to his taxi gets
    behind the wheel and drives away int apartment 410 Emily’s room de we see an
    attractive girl named Emily 22 sitting at her bed and watching DVD sex and
    Lucia she is from England Emily then hears a knock at the door she stops the
    DVD gets up from her bed and heads toward the living room living room Emily
    comes up to the door takes the chain off from the lock and opens the door
    revealing Jennifer Jennifer hi Emily hi Jennifer for the sake of asking this is
    room 410 they both look at the number at the door its 410 emily nods her head yes
    Jennifer I’m Jennifer your new roommate Jennifer gives Emily her hand to shake
    Emily takes Jennifer hands greeting Emily Emily Jennifer nice to meet you
    Emily thank you it’s very nice to meet you as
    well Jennifer can I come in Emily please Emily opens the door wider Jennifer
    enters in ease Emily closes the door Emily let me show you your room
    Emily walks towards Jennifer’s room Jennifer follows Emily dragging her bag
    they stop at Jennifer’s room it’s a cross Emily’s room Emily this is your
    room if you need anything let me know I’ll be at my room I have to get back
    and finish this movie I was watching Jennifer okay thanks Emily returns to
    her room and closes the door behind Jennifer Jennifer walks up to her room
    Jennifer’s room Jennifer places her luggage on the floor closes the door and
    looks around the room Jennifer then walks up to the porch the XT apartment
    porch day Jennifer comes up to the life rain wall and looks at the surrounding
    we see students sitting around a pond talking walking by and enjoying their
    outings etc Jennifer feels a sense of belonging
    she then sees a couple lying on the grass and kissing she gazes at them for
    a long second Jennifer then turns around and walks back to her room int apartment
    Jennifer’s room day Jennifer comes up to the mirror and looks at her image in the
    mirror Jennifer then opens her purse takes out a lipstick and paints her lips
    red she pulls I shout out from her purse and applies the makeup on the window to
    her soul Jennifer looks at herself in the mirror
    and something crosses her mind she then takes off her clothes one at a time and
    stands nude like God made Eve at the creation Jennifer looks at her naked
    self in the mirror she then takes her hand and begins to touch her vagina
    sensually there is a knock at her door the door opens without a warning
    revealing Emily Emily Jennifer Emily sees Jennifer naked Jennifer quickly
    grabs her cloth from a mirror table and tries to cover her breasts and privet
    part Jennifer wait Emily I am sorry Emily quickly turns around and closes
    the door behind Jennifer Jennifer grabs the rest of her clothes from a bed and
    begins to put them on Jennifer talking to herself what was I thinking
    I’m stupid I should have locked the door now she is going to think I am a slut
    standing in front of the mirror naked and touching myself what first
    impression changes the tone of her voice come on Jenny you’re a grown woman it’s
    not a big deal you have been with naked girls in the locker room besides you
    have an excuse you getting ready to take a shower now stop
    talking nonsense and get ahold of yourself
    Jennifer opens her luggage and begins to go through her clothes living room Emily
    is at the refrigerator she is in the middle of taking out foods that are
    spoiled from the refrigerator and throwing them in the trash Jennifer
    comes out of her room wearing a white evening gown she glances at Emily who
    happens to catch her eyes Jennifer hi Emily I am sorry I didn’t mean to storm
    in your room I thought you were putting your stuff away Jennifer it’s okay I was
    getting ready to take a bath no harm is done Emily I was about to ask you if you
    want to go to a flea market they are having organic food festival are you
    busy Jennifer I don’t know I was thinking
    about taking a bath and rest for a while you know all the flight from Las Vegas
    to Rome switching plane in New York City and
    carrying my bag around the airport’s kind of got me tired if you don’t mind
    I’d like to stay home and work on unpacking my stuffs Emily it’s okay go
    ahead and do what you must do I’ll go by myself we’ll do it some other time
    Jennifer thanks for the thought Emily sure Jennifer see you Emily
    bye Jennifer enters into the bathroom and closes the door Emily takes out a
    leftover Chinese food from the refrigerator and looks at it things
    might be spoiled she throws it in the trash
    bathroom Jennifer takes out two containers of aspirin from her pocket
    puts them in the mirror medicine box cabinet comes up to the tub opens the
    bathtub faucet and begins to fill the bathtub with hot water
    Jennifer sits on the toilet lid and looks at the water as it continues to
    fill close up Jennifer she is looking at the direction of the camera lost in
    thoughts nice cinematography work on the soundtrack Vittorio Gribble oh cielito
    lindo plays melodiously bathroom later Jennifer rests in the bathtub with
    closed eyes there are candles around the tub int classroom day Jennifer sits at
    the classroom watching classic Italian movie ella ventura int school cafeteria
    day it’s a typical school cafe Jen
    ever takes a salad from the salad bar and comes up to the open registration
    the cashier rings her meal Jennifer pays with credit card and walks
    toward the pub outside sitting area the EXCI cafeteria pub day we see students
    sitting at the tables and enjoying their meals a typical college atmosphere
    Jennifer comes up to the pub and looks for an open table Emily who is sitting
    at the far end of the pub with a girl named Natalie 22 and a boy named Antonio
    23 sees Jennifer and waves her hand Jennifer looks at her and walks up to
    them Jennifer hi Emily what’s up Jennifer
    nothing much can I join you Emily sure that’s why I called you
    Emily clears the table removing her bag and notebooks
    Jennifer puts her tray on the table and sits in front of Emily Jennifer thanks
    Emily this is Natalie from Australia – Natalie
    Jennifer from USA Jennifer hi Jennifer gives Natalie her hand Natalie takes her
    hand Natalie hi Emily this is Antonio from Spain Antonio Antonio Rodriguez
    Antonio gives her his hand Jennifer takes his hand greeting Emily anyway
    what were we talking about Antonio you were talking about the concept of love
    she was saying love is a mystery that can only be solved with a kiss and the
    only chance that we got for real happiness in this unpredictable world is
    to fall in love unconditionally in contrast you were saying love is
    delusion premeditated by our brain to make us feel we are fragile Emily it’s
    an excuse for others to walk all over you I mean think about it you meet a guy
    you fall in love with him you go out a date then you have sexual
    intercourse without a condom you have orgasm he comes inside of you
    two becomes one that the definition of love he then goes out
    and fucked someone else you are left with a broken heart because you think
    love is the promise of two souls that are handpicked by fate but that’s not
    true it’s nothing but a bad brain chemistry that you are stuck for a while
    Natalie loved his poetry of enjoying every day life without it we’re poets
    without a soul and poems that they’ll rhyme Antonio that’s deep then the
    school bell rings Natalie what time is it
    Antonio 1:00 p.m. Natalie we have to go we’re late for class Natalie and Antonio
    grab their bags and notebooks and get up to leave Natalie we’ll talk about it
    some other time it’s a complex subject I’ll see you guys later
    Emily bye Antonio – Jennifer nice to meet you Jennifer nice to meet you
    Natalie – Jennifer bye Jennifer but Natalie Anne
    Antonio walk away leaving Emily and Jennifer on the foreground of the screen
    there is a silent moment Emily then Emily what are you planning to do the
    remaining of the day Jennifer I was thinking about going to the city and
    taking a couple of pictures but I don’t know if I should go alone Emily I can
    come with you I have nothing to do Jennifer under her breath sure on the
    soundtrack Italian classic music plays melodiously Emily and Jennifer continued
    to talk without a sound ext street of Rome day we see Jennifer
    and Emily walking in a busy street of row
    Jennifer stops by a water fountain and takes a picture of a couple who are
    sitting on the water fountain and kissing Jennifer then turns and begins
    to take pictures of Emily who acts shy at first she then strikes poses
    imitating Madonna’s vogue ext / ain’t Emily’s convertible night 2010 5 5 0 0 C
    convertible Emily is behind the wheel Jennifer is in the passenger seat they
    drive in the aesthetic part of row int C ulb night we see people partying as if
    it were the turn of the century Madonna’s ray of light is playing
    Jennifer and Emily walk through the crowd and come up to the bar the
    bartender looks at them the bartender in Italy what can I get you Emily in Italy
    may I have Heineken the bartender turns his eyes and looks at Jennifer Jen
    I’ll have margarita the bartender walks up to the refrigerator grabs a cold
    Heineken opens the top and puts a beer in front of Emily he then makes
    Jennifer’s margarita and places it in front of her the bartender in Italy
    total 20 euro when emily is about to pay jennifer stops her Jennifer I got it
    Jennifer takes out 50 euros from her purse and gives the bartender the money
    Jennifer in Italy keep the change the bartender takes the money and thanks
    her in Italy Jennifer and Emily turn around and walk toward an open table on
    the soundtrack went on his ray of light plays with full volume Jennifer and
    Emily come up to a table and sit facing each other
    Jennifer and Emily talk without a sound Emily takes a sip and puts a beer on the
    table Jennifer turns her eyes and looks at a young man named Paolo 24 who was
    sitting at the table and checking her out
    Jennifer ignores him and resumes the conversation with Emily and club
    dancefloor night Madonna’s ray of light continues to play Jennifer and Emily
    dance in the middle of the crowd that are dancing as if there were no tomorrow
    Paolo looks at Jennifer with desire then two young men Federico and Daniel come
    up to Jennifer and Emily Federico asks Jennifer to dance with him
    Daniel takes Emily away Jennifer and Emily dance with Federico and Daniel at
    the other end Paolo continues to look at Jennifer then
    on the soundtrack Lady Gaga’s just dance comes replacing Madonna’s ray of light
    Jennifer excuses Federico and walks toward the bar Jennifer comes up to the
    bar and asks the bartender for whiskey the bartender grabs a bottle of Black
    Label pours the liquor in the glass and puts the drink in front of Jennifer
    Jennifer pays him ten euro then out of nowhere comes Paolo and stands next to
    Jennifer he greets her they begin to Congress he
    have said something humorous Jennifer lights up with a beautiful smile on the
    dance floor Emily continues to dance with both Federico and Daniel like y tu
    mama tambien Emily turns her eyes and looks over at
    Jennifer who seems to be connecting with Paolo close up Jennifer and Paolo they
    continue to talk without a sound on the soundtrack Katy Perry’s last Friday
    night plays melodiously Club later Jennifer and Paolo dance
    Emily sits at the table with Federico and Daniel drinking cosmopolitan while
    smoking cigarette she is in the middle of telling them a story she must have
    said something humorous both Federico and Daniel laugh moderately Emily then
    drinks her cosmopolitan in one breath gets on top of the table and begins to
    dance while singing with Katy Perry last Friday night at the other end close-up
    Jennifer and Paolo they continued to dance as if they had known each other
    for a while Jennifer and Paolo then get closer and kiss int Jennifer and Emily’s
    apartment night Emily is sleeping on the couch holding an empty bottle of scotch
    TV is on ext Jennifer apartment Paulo’s convertible night Paolo and Jennifer
    come driving and pull next to Jennifer’s apartment Jennifer and Paolo kiss
    farewell she gets out of the car closes the door and walks toward the
    apartment Paolo starts his car and drives away
    Jennifer enters the building int apartment lobby night Jennifer walks up
    to the elevator she presses the elevator button the elevator doors open Jennifer
    gets in and presses a button the elevator doors close behind Jennifer and
    apartment fourth floor corridor night the elevator opens revealing Jennifer
    Jennifer steps out of the elevator walks toward her room down the hallway she
    comes up to her apartment insert the key and opens the door int Jennifer and
    Emily’s apartment living room night Jennifer walks in locks the door and
    comes up to the salon where emily is at jennifer looks at emily the blanket that
    she was wearing his on the floor Jennifer walks up to Emily and sees the
    empty bottle of scotch on the floor picks it up takes a blanket from the
    floor and covers her friend Emily opens her eyes for a second Emily sleepy hi
    Jen under her breath hi Emily curls her body
    under the blanket and goes back to sleep Jennifer comes up to the private bar
    puts the bottle on the counter grabs Chivas Regal pours the liquor in the
    glass puts the bottle on the counter and has a sip she walks up to the coffee
    table grabs the remote control and turns off the TV
    Jennifer presses a button on the remote control plays a beautiful Italian opera
    song on the stereo puts down the remote control on the coffee table and walks
    toward the bathroom yet when she is about to enter jennifer changes her mind
    turns around and walks to Emily’s room int Emily’s room night Jennifer comes up
    to the mirror opens the drawer and goes through Emily’s belonging sees a couple
    of underwear bras blouse and other things
    Jennifer grabs a pink blouse looks at it puts the blouse back takes out a blue
    underwear and looks at it she then sees a photo of Emily in red gown with her
    British boyfriend James taken by the Eiffel Tower in Paris in the photo Emily
    is also wearing a beautiful rash water pearl necklace
    Jennifer pulls the picture from the mirror and looks at it Jennifer then
    puts back a picture where she got it walks up to Emily’s closet opens the
    closet and checks out Emily’s clothes she sees the same bewitching red dress
    that Emily was wearing in the photo grabs the gown and puts it on the bed
    Jennifer takes her cloth off nude puts on Emily’s red dress comes up to the
    mirror and looks at her image she grabs a red lipstick and applies it to her
    lips then something crosses her mind she opens the second drawer where Emily
    keeps her jewelry’s and finds the same beautiful resh water pearl necklace that
    we saw on the photo Jennifer takes it puts it around her neck and looks at her
    image in the mirror pearl necklace must have reminded her classic movie stars in
    the golden era of Hollywood that she watched at film school she gets lost in
    the girl inside the mirror yet Emily walks in before she has time to change
    Jennifer looks at her Jennifer embarrass sorry
    removing the necklace I was just looking at your room I saw the dress on the
    photo and thought I should try it Emily doesn’t really know what to say
    she is not upset or surprised she’s just a little bit confused she might be still
    drunk or hangover Jennifer referring to the cloth I’ll take it off in my room
    Emily feeling fuzzy it’s okay don’t sweat it you can keep it I have
    morning since my boyfriend and I got separated Jennifer grabs her cloth from
    a bed Jennifer no thanks it means a lot to you that it means to
    me Emily it means nothing to me just a dress you can have it if you want to it
    looks good on you Humphrey Bogart said this is the
    beginning of good friendship on the soundtrack music plays melodiously they
    continue to talk without a sound Jennifer turns around and walks toward
    the camera to her room Jennifer’s room Jennifer takes off Emily’s dress places
    it on the table grabs her nightgown from a bit and puts it on Jennifer grabs
    Emily’s dress and walks toward Emily room Emily’s room
    Jennifer enters and looks at Emily who is slumbering on the floor stoned
    Jennifer puts down the dress on the chair comes up to Emily picks her up
    places her on the bed and covers her with a blanket
    Emily curls her body under the blanket like she did in the living room and
    sleeps like a baby from here to eternity Jennifer turns her eyes and looks at her
    glass of whiskey that she brought earlier she grabs it takes a big sip and
    walks toward the living room living room Jennifer comes up to coffee table grabs
    the remote control and turns on the TV as she sits on the sofa she flips the
    channel around and puts it on MTV she watches music video of Miley Cyrus adore
    you a little bit then turns the channel puts it on soft porn lies back and
    begins to watch the movie while touching herself in masturbation ext Emily’s
    convertible day Emily is behind the wheel Jennifer is in the passenger sit
    they drive by the spellbinding part of Row ext Row shopping mall day it’s a
    splendid open fashion mall we see customers moving up and down Jennifer
    and Emily walked down the shopping street talking Emily you look around
    everything is connected we are breathing the same air only known to exist in this
    planet as if they were invisible force that governs life without a sense of
    purpose it seems we live for the moment at the
    same time there is an endless war of information fought in the subconscious
    mind to keep theory of order and chaos and evolution in perspective which life
    takes for granted to preserve the progression of biological species and
    organisms create competition generate the development of awareness and give a
    rise to thinking beings Jennifer you said something about studying philosophy
    Emily philosophy of sensuality Jennifer what is that Emily it is a logical
    analysis of sex and tenderness in nature emphasis on the natural meaning of
    sexuality neuroticism sensitivity intimacy and the relationship between
    love passion romance and Jennifer what are you planning to do
    with that Emily I don’t know I was hoping to go to a graduate school and
    get my master on the study of sexual pleasure you know focus on love and
    orgasm then maybe work on PhD and do research on the theory of intimacy in
    culture and write few books but I doubted if that’s going to happen in
    this lifetime most people that I know who study philosophy of anything end up
    becoming teachers that’s not my true calling humorously I
    mean like an image seeing myself standing in front of 20 boys and 20
    girls in a classroom and telling them sex feels good and do it every chance
    you get Jennifer can’t help but smile softly Jennifer playing along so do you
    have a back-up plan if that doesn’t work out Emily maybe change my major to
    psychology and study human empathy and focus on love and source of emotion but
    at the same time I am thinking about joining Rome Valley I went audition last
    week they told me I got the leading part but I don’t know if I want to pursue
    Valley as a full-time I am using that as experience I want to be an actress you
    know since my parents are paying for my tuition I have to call them and tell
    them I am going to be a star Jennifer that’s what I want to do too
    nonetheless I saw you dance the other night at the club I thought you were
    amazing but I didn’t know you could dance ballet Emily a dance ballet all my
    life I am from England my parent dragged me to the Royal Ballet School in London
    before I learned how to speak properly belly is like breathing to me Emily
    stops and does an amazing Valley move Jennifer looks at her with admiration
    Jennifer that’s amazing Emily what about you what you are up to you were saying
    something about studying media Jennifer international media Emily that’s film
    and television Jennifer something likes that I was
    thinking about starting out as an investigating reporter use the
    connection to start my own talk show and produce a couple of reality TVs or
    perhaps do a few documentaries and a couple of low-budget movies in Europe
    then move to Hollywood stars in a couple of films learn few more tricks and
    become a full time director before I turn 230 Emily I have this friend who
    works at the casting Department he can get us in this Robert Pattinson’s movie
    that they are shooting here in Rome as extras maybe you can work your way to
    the top I’ll give him a call on the soundtrack music plays melodiously Emily
    takes out her cell phone dials a number and begins to talk with how the sound
    see restaurant beach sunset Jennifer and Emily sit at the table in the set of
    story of love a romantic dramas starting zoe kravitz and Robert Pattinson we see
    the grips the camera crew the director and the leading actor and actress in the
    background moving on the soundtrack we continue to hear the Italian song
    playing softly Emily I have this cloud in my head I don’t know what the fuck to
    do about it Jennifer what’s it Emily I was supposed
    to call my mother but got held up with things that have nothing to do with
    anything perhaps I haven’t talked to her for a
    while she is sending me a message you know she has psychic power if I don’t
    give her a call for weeks she’ll put spell on me and make me think about
    things that much ado about nothing Jennifer what spell Emily you might as
    well call it voodoo she gets so worried all kind of energy and brainwaves leave
    her neuron they come and cloud me as if I killed the Queen Jennifer why don’t
    you give her a call Emily I will give her a call as soon as I collect my
    thoughts you know I have been going through a lot of stresses that come with
    worrying about where my life is going I just didn’t want to worry her in the
    background the director says action Jennifer and Emily stop talking and
    turned their attention toward the set there is a silent moment Jennifer looks
    at the leading actor Robert Pattinson who is sitting at the table with his
    leading lady zoe kravitz and talking without a sound lips movement the
    director makes sure that he is getting the right shot the grips do their part
    holding the light moving wires and other things Robert Pattinson then gives
    Zoey’s hand so he takes his hand they come to the open floor and begin to
    dance in the spellbinding Twilight Jennifer that’s Robert Pattinson Emily
    it is him pause Jennifer looks at him fondly
    Jennifer softly he is handsome isn’t he Emily he is gorgeous but would you go
    bed with him Jennifer maybe but I like a guy who is not afraid to hurt you
    Emily Robert is not afraid to hurt you Jennifer you think so Emily and Jennifer
    both look at him Robert and so he continued to dance conversing they both
    look angels he says something romantic to her so he smiles in beauty they then
    get closer and kiss Emily defeated never mind he
    – sentimental jennipher romantic he doesn’t have a killer instinct Emily he
    is a vampire he doesn’t need a killer instinct he would suck your blood with
    his look stop your heartbeat and keep you forever young Jennifer I don’t know
    if I want to remain forever young I need a man that I can grow old with and die
    gracefully I believe in how God tend to us to live
    for better and worse till death do us apart
    Emily that’s more realistic idea than spending the rest of your eternal life
    with a vampire who is afraid to hurt you Jennifer softly to herself tell me about
    it Emily its final day of shooting they are having a party tonight you can talk
    to him on the soundtrack you know I’m no good by Amy Winehouse play soulfully
    Robert and so he continued to dance in between soft kisses while conversing
    Emily looks at them adoringly but Jennifer feels a little bit jealous in a
    good way as if she wanted to be on the spotlight herself
    ext Hilton Hotel reception night we see the stars cream-of-the-crop celebrities
    and models standing with drinks and talking on the soundtrack Amy
    Winehouse’s you know I’m no good continues to play Jennifer and Emily
    walked through the crowd and come up to the casting director Richard Hanks who
    is conversing with the movie director Tom Walker Emily and Richard greet they
    kiss on the cheeks Emily introduces him to Jennifer Richard gives Jennifer his
    hand to shake she takes his hand greeting they kiss on the cheeks Richard
    then introduces them to Tom they all greet and begin to talk without a sound
    Jennifer then turns her eyes and looks at the leading actor Robert who is
    standing with a glass of champagne by the swimming pool and talking to Zooey
    he turns his eyes and catches Jennifer’s eyes jennifer smile softly at him and
    turned her eyes away robert smiles to himself and continues to talk with Zooey
    in between stealing looks at Jennifer Jennifer takes a glance and catches his
    eyes she quickly turns her eyes and pretends she seems to be listening to
    what Emily Richard and Tom have to say reception later Jennifer comes up to the
    bar asks the bartender for a drink he takes a bottle of red wine pours the
    wine in the glass and gives her the wine she takes the wine thanks the bartender
    turns around walks toward the swimming pool and stands next to a heat
    conditioner Jennifer looks at Emily who is talking to the director Tom Walker
    and the leading lady Zooey Jennifer takes a sip then out of nowhere comes
    Robert and greets her he gives her his hand to shake
    he takes his hand greeting Jennifer and Robert talk without a sound then a man
    named Stephen comes and bumps into Jennifer causing her to spilled her
    drink on her dress Stephen quickly apologizes and tries to help her
    cleaning the wine off her cloth Jennifer tells him it’s okay she puts her drink
    on the table excuses Robert and begins to walk toward the ladies room Jennifer
    passes by Emily who happens to be standing in her path
    Emily stops her and asks her what happened Jennifer tells her Jennifer
    then excuses Emily and continues to walk toward the ladies room through the crowd
    int Hilton hotel lobby night Jennifer walks down the lobby comes up to the
    ladies room and enters a nice ladies room Jennifer walks up to the faucet
    turns on the water and begins to watch the light off her dress
    ext Hilton Hotel reception night Emily walks around looking for Jennifer she
    sees Robert she comes up to him and greets him they begin to Congress int
    Hilton hotel lobby night Jennifer comes to the lobby where the second bar and
    restaurant is have int Hilton Hotel Bar and Restaurant two night it’s a
    contemporary bar and restaurant we see a good-looking man sebastian 34 who is
    possessed with all kinds of charm and killer instinct in the world sitting at
    the bar and drinking scotch on the stage a girl named Monica who looks and sounds
    exactly like Amy Winehouse sings you know I’m no good live performance
    Jennifer walks in comes up to the bar and asks the bartender for a drink
    martini the bartender begins to make her drink
    sebastian looks at her his heart skips a beat
    jennifer sees him she thinks he is sexy the kind of man she doesn’t mind
    spending the rest of her life with basically she is hit with love at first
    sight but she doesn’t want to show it too much just gives him a faint
    beautiful smile sebastian returns her smile charismatic lee Jennifer then
    looks at her dress the stain can still be seen clearly she glances at Sebastian
    who is checking her out as if he found the missing beat of his heart Jennifer
    gives him a sardonic smile referring to the stain on her dress as
    if she were saying there is nothing I can do about it the bartender then
    places her drink in front of her Jennifer gives him 10 euros and tells
    him to keep the change the bartender takes the money and thanks
    her Jennifer then walks up to a table pulls a chair and sits listening to
    Monica Jennifer looks at Sebastian Bastien is checking her out but plays it
    cool let’s his drink and to loot her Jennifer returns his saloon with her
    drink and turns her attention to Monica and pretends to be enjoying the music
    pan – Monica she continues to sing you know I am not good close-up Jennifer she
    takes out a cigarette likes it and begins to smoke in between stealing
    looks at Sebastian close-up Sebastian he takes out a cigarette as well lights it
    with a match and begins to smoke checking Jennifer out Jennifer takes a
    drag breathe the smokes out and looks at the stain on her dress again she doesn’t
    like what she is looking at kills the cigarette gets up and walks toward the
    ladies room as Monica finishes performing the customers give her a
    round of applauses a medium shot of Jennifer as she
    continues to walk toward the ladies restroom
    Sebastian looks at her int Hilton Hotel single ladies room two night Jennifer
    stands in front of the mirror and looks at herself in the mirror for a bit she
    then Jennifer talking to herself what do you want she continues to gaze at mirror
    for a few more seconds she then takes out the lipstick from her purse applies
    the lipstick on her lips and puts it back Jennifer you got everything under
    control just be yourself you are not in love you
    don’t know him it’s your heart playing tricks on you she then exits the
    restroom and he’ll hotel bar and restaurant two night
    Jennifer returns to the restaurant looks at Sebastian and continues to walk
    toward the exit to the hotel lobby Sebastian follows her with his eyes
    Jennifer exits the bar int Hilton hotel lobby night Jen
    comes up to the main lobby and finds Emily who is standing at the exit
    Jennifer hi Emily where were you I was looking for you
    everywhere I thought you left Jennifer I was at bar – Emily I was just there a
    minute ago I didn’t see you Jennifer I went to the
    ladies room to wash the one off my dress again Emily anyway let’s go back there
    is a gorgeous man you are going to fall in love with him Jennifer I don’t know
    Emily it’s kind of late we should just go home and watch the movie that we
    rented Jennifer doesn’t believe what she just said the man of her dreams is
    sitting few feet away and she is talking about going home what’s the world coming to
    she hopes Emily would persuade her to stay Emily we can watch it anytime it’s
    only 9:00 p.m. the night hasn’t started yet come on Emily takes Jennifer’s hand
    they walk toward the bar in Hilton hotel bar and restaurant to night Emily and
    Jennifer enter Sebastian looks at them Emily and Jennifer come up to an open
    table and sit the waiter comes up to them to take order the waiter in Italy
    how may I take your order Emily in Italy to the waiter I’ll have a
    glass of red wine the waiter looks at Jennifer Jennifer martini the waiter in
    Italy I’ll be with you in a minute the waiter walks away on the stage
    Monica returns the customers clap their hands
    Monica begins to sing Amy Winehouse’s rehab close-up Emily and Jennifer Emily
    is that Amy Winehouse I thought she died few years ago Jennifer it must be some
    other girl who looks and sounds like her Emily I was about to say how did she
    resurrect from the dead she could have fooled me if Amy was still alive
    Jennifer it said she died at such a young age twenty-seven Emily it must be
    the universe way saying art is more important than life so they can be
    remembered as forever young you know all the great artists seem to be dying young
    Jennifer it is the curse of forever 27 Jimi Hendrix Janis Joplin Jim Morrison
    Brian Jones of The Rolling Stones Kurt Cobain and now Amy Winehouse they all
    died at the age of 27 Emily amy is from the South Gate area of Enfield London
    two blocks where my grandparent used to live Jennifer have you meet her Emily no
    but my who is few years older than me said he
    dated her Jennifer under her breath really Emily he’s half Sicilian
    he also said he dated Duffy because he went University of Chester the same year
    she does Jennifer I didn’t know Duffy went to college Emily she studied for
    two years and dropped out before she went out to record her debut album Rock
    Ferry and her signature song mercy Jennifer that’s one of my favorite songs
    of all time I sing mercy and Amy Winehouse’s rehab whenever I go to
    karaoke Emily anyway what was I saying Jennifer you
    were talking about that gorgeous man he’s checking us out Emily under her
    breath is he Emily turns her eyes and looks at him Sebastian is checking them
    out Emily quickly turns away Emily it’s a small world I saw him about six months
    ago at the speech in Naples with his girlfriend he turned around and gave me
    a Software’s case smile that would melt every bone in your body I thought he was
    the sexiest man alive pan to the stage Monica continues to sing rehab then on
    the soundtrack the actual Amy Winehouse’s rehab plays with full volume
    Jennifer and Emily continue to talk without a sound pen to Sebastian
    Sebastian takes a sip puts down the glass and looks at the direction of
    Jennifer and Emily Jennifer catches Sebastian’s eyes Sebastian gives her a
    soft smile Jennifer returns his smile softly and
    resumes her conversation with Emily bar later Emily’s wine and Jennifer’s
    whiskey have already been served Jennifer and Emily continue to talk
    without a sound in between sips pan – Sebastian Sebastian takes a sip from his
    scotch puts his drink on the counter takes out 100 euros from his pocket
    places the money on the bar gets up from the seat and walks to her Jennifer and
    Emily the music on the soundtrack falls in the background Sebastian comes to
    Jennifer and Emily’s table they look at him Sebastian in Italy hi I am Sebastian
    Sebastian gives Emily his hand to shake Emily takes his hand greeting Emily
    Emily so Bastien in Italy to Jennifer what’s your
    name sebastian gives Jennifer his hand to shake Jennifer takes his hand
    greeting Emily Jennifer Sebastian in Italy may I sit
    Jennifer sure Sebastian pulls a chair turns the chair the other way around and
    sits at the table with style Sebastian forgive me but I couldn’t help sitting
    over there and looking at two of the most beautiful girls in the world I came
    to invite you to my yacht I’d like you to spend a night with me Emily what’s
    this Vicky Cristina Barcelona two of the most beautiful girls in the world spend
    the night with me that’s one of best pick-up lines ever thanks to Woody
    fucking Allen but no thanks seductively we are not Victoria’s Secret lingerie
    that you pick up at the bar and fuck without a condom even though it feels
    good Sebastian can’t help but smile softly he looks at her eyes tenderly
    Sebastian were you from America Emily no I’m from London
    Sebastian – Jennifer what about you Emily
    she is from USA Sebastian what part of USA Jennifer Vegas
    Sebastian under his breath Sin City there is a pause Sebastian looks at them
    in wonder he then smiles to himself Sebastian I do not usually do this –
    Emily however I’ve seen you somewhere I do not remember where it was your face
    is somewhere in my heart I can close my eyes and see your beautiful smile closes
    his eyes for three seconds and opens them it’s a tulip that grew on cloud
    nine infused with light from the highest order of heaven – Jennifer your arose
    that cultivated him Stardust and if they told me you were in the Garden of Eden
    before creation flowers and life I would have built you a cathedral that rivals
    st. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City invent a new calendar and worship you
    ten days a week to let Hell know that you are flawless nonetheless I promised
    I would not do anything that you ladies don’t want to do we cook chicken
    parmigiana capellini Pomodoro and fettuccine alfredo drink wine and watch
    8 and 1/2 by Federico Fellini you can spend a night at my boat if you want to
    I have two extra bedrooms or I’ll Drive you to your house after we watch the
    movie Emily I don’t know you sound too good to be true
    I meant it must be your lucky night she was just complaining about wanting to go
    to home and watch the very same movie 8 and 1/2 and I have weakness for
    fettuccine alfredo it’s my favorite food in the face of the earth and I don’t
    know if you are the devil himself or Jesus Christ but you sounds romantic
    I’m down with love however you’ll have to convince her Sebastian do Jennifer
    have you eaten anything you look irresistible said I’ll cook whatever
    make you cheerful Jennifer it’s okay my instinct tells me to go ahead and
    have fun the night is young and he’s handsome you have nothing to lose but my
    conscience says every rose has its thorn you have been gone through a lot you two
    should go ahead and enjoy the night I’ll go home and watch the movie at home it’s
    not 8 and 1/2 it’s La Strada her heart is screaming I
    didn’t mean it but she plays it cool Emily come on Jennifer it was your idea
    to seduce him in the first place if you don’t go I am NOT going either
    you started it Sebastian smile softly so does Jennifer Jennifer no I did not I
    only looked at him because you said he has sexy lips Emily and you agreed with
    me Sebastian this will change her mind – Jennifer I will make you the best
    chocolate cake ever Jennifer smile softly that will make me do anything
    I have weakness for chocolate Sebastian tell me about it Emily
    once the Venus full reign said her conception of a sexual drive contains
    both an instinct of destruction and an instinct of transformation Sebastian
    smile softly Sebastian she can’t be wrong on the soundtrack Andrea Bocelli’s
    bisa me mucho plays melodiously they continue to talk without a sound
    int Sebastian’s yacht kitchen day Sebastian is in the middle of preparing
    all kinds of foods they look delicious as if we were watching Food Network the
    only difference is there are two of the most beautiful girls in the world
    standing with glasses of wine in front of a mysterious man and they’re looking
    at him cooking chicken parmigiana capellini Pomodoro and fettuccine
    alfredo in his multimillion-dollar boat Sebastian is telling them story and how
    the food is prepared without a sound as we continue to hear Andrea Bocelli’s
    Pisa me mucho on the soundtrack he must have said something humorous they smile
    in beauty Emily puts her wine on the kitchen table
    and begins to help him they are having fun throwing everything on the sauce and
    cutting tomato and making salad etc Sebastian cuts a slice of tomato and
    feeds Emily Jennifer looks at them with a little bit Envy she seems in love we
    see a hidden passion in her eyes that we don’t know what to make of it love lust
    or obsession maybe all of the above Bastien cuts another slice of tomato and
    tries to feed Jennifer Jennifer shakes her heads stands back and says no thanks
    go Ashley Sebastian says something romantic
    she smiled softly steps forward and eats from his hand Jennifer then walks around
    stands next to Sebastian and begins to help them preparing the food we stay
    with them as they continue to prepare the food talking smiling and having fun
    int Sebastian Scott living room night Jennifer and Emily sit at the dinner
    table with glasses of red wines Sebastian grabs two plates of pastas
    from the kitchen table comes up to the main table and places the food in front
    of Jennifer and Emily Sebastian returns to the kitchen grabs a plate of pasta
    for himself comes to the dinner table places the food on the table and sit in
    front of them they begin to eat talking then the music on the soundtrack falls
    on the background and plays softly Emily what do you do
    Sebastian I collect art Jennifer what kind of art do you collect Sebastian I
    collect all kinds of art from claude monet morning haze to onry Matisse’s la
    Fonda Renoir and Pablo Picasso’s the three dancers and others but most of my
    fortune comes from online investment and selling books Emily
    how old are you Sebastian 34 Jennifer you look younger like in your early 20s
    Sebastian a lot of girls tell me that humorously but I am as old as Dracula
    you just can’t tell by looking they smile softly Emily 34 isn’t that old
    Sebastian how old are you 17 Emily I am 21 I will be 22 sarcastically on 4th of
    July American Independence Day Sebastian that’s AD Emily humorously it’s nothing
    as painful as celebrating your birthday on the date American declared
    independence from Great Britain they all give you a baseball hat and a bat to
    make fun of you they have small laughs Jennifer that’s nothing in the u.s. if
    you are a man it is ok to go bed with a girl from England on 4th of July but
    it’s considered taboo for a girl to sleep with a British in Independence Day
    they will crucify you Sebastian that doesn’t sound fair
    Emily humorously its sexual politics but at least she doesn’t have to sleep with
    a Frenchman and celebrate her birthday on New Year Day since we don’t have a
    national holiday that reminds us the Hundred Years War between England and
    France some girls hardly try to stay away from
    Frenchmen despite the fact it’s every woman’s fantasy to go bed with a
    Parisian and burn at the stake like Joan of the arc they have small laugh
    sebastian – Jennifer what about you when is your birthday Jennifer I just turned
    22 two weeks ago I didn’t bother to celebrate or tell anyone
    Sebastian how come Jennifer I felt I didn’t accomplish anything past 12
    months you know it wasn’t one of my favorite years Emily you don’t have to
    accomplish anything to celebrate your birthday it’s the celebration of life on
    a date that you were born you don’t need permission from anyone to commemorate
    the date that means more than anything to you Sebastian I agree with her if you
    have a bad year don’t think about it just look ahead the future has beautiful
    things for you Jennifer I had one of the worst years of my life my parents
    decided to call it quit I got arrested for drinking and driving and carrying
    marijuana in my car spent two nights in jail broke up with my boyfriend and
    didn’t do well in school that’s when I decided to come to Rome and turn around
    my life on the soundtrack Italian music plays melodiously they continue to talk
    without a sound int Sebastian Scott later Jennifer Emily and Sebastian are
    in the middle of playing strip poker while drinking wine there is a chocolate
    cake for Jennifer but she barely touched it
    there are three glasses of whiskey shots Sebastian shuffles the deck and deals
    the cards Jennifer and Emily are half-naked they look at their cards they
    don’t have the winning hand Sebastian wins the hand Jennifer and
    Emily take their bras and put them on the table Sebastian says something
    romantic grabs a fork from the plate takes a piece of chocolate cake and
    brings it closer to Jennifer to feed her she doesn’t resist eats from the fork
    Emily asks Jennifer if it tastes sweet she tells her it’s the best chocolate
    cake she ever had in her life Sebastian takes a piece of chocolate
    cake and feeds Emily Jennifer and Emily then take shots get closer and kiss
    French Sebastian smiles in wonder he shuffles the deck and deals the cards
    again Jennifer and Emily look at their cards
    they don’t have the winning hand Sebastian wins the game Emily gets up
    takes off her underwear and puts it on the table
    Jennifer follows her she gets up takes off her underwear and puts it on the
    table Jennifer comes up to Sebastian sits on his lap and kisses him French
    Sebastian and Jennifer kiss more intimately Jennifer then parts her lips
    seductively and gives Emily her hand Emily takes Jennifer’s hand Jennifer
    gets up from Sebastian’s lap and kisses Emily Emily and Jennifer kiss intimately
    they then part their lips and give Sebastian their hands
    sebastian takes their heads and gets up from receive sebastian and emily kiss
    sebastian then kisses jennifer sebastian then removes his clothes completely
    sebastian emily and jennifer kiss more lasciviously and begin to have threesome
    int Sebastian’s yacht bedroom night Sebastian Jennifer and Emily are in the
    middle of having a steamy threesome Sebastian kisses Emily he parts his lips
    softly and kisses Jennifer she kisses him French less fully Jennifer and Emily
    then kiss as they continue to have threesome we will stay with Sebastian
    Jennifer and Emily as they continue to have threesome note it will be scripted
    during filming depend on how far the star is willing to take it int
    Sebastian’s yacht bedroom later after sex
    Sebastian is watching federico fellini s 8 and 1/2 while working on his laptop
    jennifer and emily sleep on Sebastian’s chest naked right and left on the
    soundtrack music plays melodiously jennifer then opens her eyes and asks
    him what he is doing Sebastian cleverly changes the interface
    and shows her a poem on word Jennifer asked him to read it for her the music
    falls in the background Sebastian the night wonders what makes me smile the
    moon thought I went Taryn dippity Venus wants to know what’s gotten me so much
    tenderness so much sensuality a snowflake bends time a teardrop curves
    eternity when the star seems silent and the universe looks empty my heart
    whispers beautiful the depth of its sincerity confessing it’s for you my
    heart wants to bleed to give you all the loving you need romance and intimacy to
    all happiness pain and fear I’ll be there lovingly dear to catch your
    heartbeat to catch your tear to open each cell of your heart door to reveal
    the deepest secret of your soul to kiss the most ravishing love of them all she
    smiles in beauty takes a laptop puts it aside and kisses him French they kiss
    more intimately they wake up Emily she looks at them rolled aside
    subconsciously and goes back to sleep yet Jennifer gets on top of Sebastian
    and kiss him with her tongue seductively they kiss intimately Jennifer then sits
    on Sebastian’s groin and begins to write em cowgirl style as they start to make
    love sebastian then gets her on the bottom lifts her leg places it on his
    shoulder and enters her enchantingly Jennifer is melting with each
    penetration making sexual sounds yet she makes sure she is not waking up emily
    bites her lips as he continues to enter her we stay with them for a bit ext
    Sebastian Scott morning shot of Sebastian’s boat on the ocean as
    the Morning Sun scatters across the sky int Sebastian’s yacht bedroom morning
    Jennifer and Emily are asleep Sebastian is not there Jennifer is
    facing Emily back Emily turns around and faces Jennifer
    who is sleeping like a little girl Jennifer opens her eyes and looks at
    Emily they gaze at each other eyes without a sound Emily then gets closer
    and kisses her Jennifer kisses her as well close-up Emily and Jennifer they
    kiss more intimately int Sebastian’s yacht living room / kitchen day
    Sebastian is at the kitchen making breakfast pancakes and scrambled eggs
    Emily walks in wearing nothing but underwear Sebastian looks at her Emily
    good morning Sebastian good morning Emily what are
    you cooking Sebastian pancakes and scrambled eggs
    Emily comes up to him he turns toward her she throws her arms around his neck
    they kiss Jennifer comes up to the living room wearing Sebastian’s shirt
    and looks at Sebastian and Emily kissing they look at her and part their lips
    Sebastian good morning Jennifer good morning Jennifer approaches them
    Sebastian – Jennifer and Emily last night I thought it was the one I had
    that got me days but I didn’t know your lips taste like cherries and whiskies
    Emily is that right Sebastian – Emily you have one of most intoxicating lips
    I’ve ever kissed the electrolytes on your saliva send electricity deep in my
    heart and electrocuted my soul til it jumped out of my Anatomy I saw the
    garden of roses and addiction he gives her soft French kisses she kisses him
    with tongue they kiss alluringly Sebastian – Jennifer your lips are
    raspberry fever I swear you oving crown of thorns around my heart my heart is
    still bleeding Jennifer smiling I don’t believe you
    they exchanged soft seductive French kisses Sebastian
    they are painfully sweet Jennifer smiles in beauty they
    her kisses Emily deliciously emily and sebastian kiss French on the soundtrack
    Italian music plays melodiously Sebastien and Jennifer and Emily make
    out in the kitchen with kisses taking turns montage
    note will see Sebastian Jennifer and Emily having the best time of their
    lives throughout Rome Vatican City Florence and Venice on the soundtrack
    Italian music continues to play melodiously row Sebastian Jennifer and
    Emily visit the Colosseum they visit the case’ll sant angelo they take a walk by
    vittorio emanuele to monument they sit at the trevi fountain and talk without a
    sound Jennifer gets up and takes a picture of Emily and Sebastian Sebastian
    puts Emily on his lap Sebastian and Emily kiss Jennifer takes their pictures
    Emily gets up and comes up to Jennifer and asks her for the camera Jennifer
    gives her the camera walks up to Sebastian and sits on his lap since she
    doesn’t want to take the same picture she gives him her neck instead and tells
    him to act like a vampire he acts as if he were biting her neck yet he kisses
    her on the neck as the camera light flashes next they come to mouth of truth
    a face carved in marble which is said to bite off the hands of liars
    Sebastian pulls his hand out of the mouth it appears to be missing causing
    both Jennifer and Emily to scream Sebastian then pops his hand out of his
    sleeve like Gregory Peck in Roman holiday starring Audrey Hepburn they hit
    him playfully while laughing Vatican City Sebastian Jennifer and Emily visit
    the Vatican City walking at the street of st. Peter’s Square they look at the
    late Renaissance painting and the amazing architecture inside st. Peter’s
    Basilica Sebastian Jennifer and Emily take a tour at Vatican Museums Rome
    Ostia Beach Sebastian Jennifer and Emily enjoy motorboating the trio swim in
    Mediterranean Sea they take a walk holding arms down the shore as the Sun
    sets they sit at a table and drink wines while talking without a sound and a
    resort located next to the scene Florence 2010 Mercedes Benz convertible
    e-class Sebastian Jennifer and Emily drive in the street of Florence
    Sebastian is behind the wheel Jennifer sits in the passage seat smoking weed
    Emily is in the backseat on the soundtrack half of my heart by John
    Mayer plays melodiously Jennifer takes a puff turns around and
    passes the weed to Emily who is applying lipstick Emily puts the lipstick aside
    takes the weed smokes and passes the weed back to Jennifer in ease Jennifer
    takes the weed has a drag comes up to Sebastian’s lips and breathes the smoke
    in his mouth shotgun Bastien exhales the smoke out with style
    Jennifer and Sebastian and kiss French as the car wobbles off the lane
    Sebastian parts his lips and takes a control of the car and continues to
    drive down the road Sebastian Jennifer and Emily visit
    Florence they take a tour at the Academy ative LRT Forenza and look at
    Michelangelo’s David Jennifer says something humorous about the sculpture
    without a sound Sebastian and Emily have a small lap as they continue to tour
    around on the soundtrack half of my heart continue to play melodiously they
    visit the Pitti palace they sit at the fontana del net know in the piazza della
    signoria and make out with kisses in a sunset restaurant
    Sebastian Jennifer and Emily sit at a table enjoying dinner pasta and drinking
    wines while talking without a sound we see the beautiful backdrop of a city of
    Florence Venice Sebastian Jennifer and Emily visit the
    collage of Venice they visit at the piazza san marco on the soundtrack
    Italian music plays melodiously they visit the Basilica of Saint Mary of
    health they take a gondola at the Grand Canal Sebastien places Jennifer on his
    lap since the gondola is supposed to carry a couple Emily sits next to him
    the gondolier stands facing the bell and Rose with a forward stroke followed by
    reimbursing backward they take a walk in the bridge at Ponte delicata Mia
    Sebastian Jennifer and Emily sit in the famous Opera House teatro la fetes the
    Phoenix and watch A Midsummer Night’s Dream Opera by Benjamin Britten
    Sebastian turns his eyes and looks at Emily who is sitting at his right-hand
    side she catches his eyes and gives him a beautiful smile he returns her smile
    and continues to watch the show Sebastian then turns his eyes and looks
    at Jennifer who was sitting at his left hand side she puts her hand on his pants
    and plays with his private part under his jacket jennifer gives him a
    seductive soft smile sebastian smiles at her softly turns his attention to the
    Opera and continues to watch the show he then closes his eyes and bites his
    lips to stop himself from coming on his pants
    ext Resort bedroom knife Sebastian Jennifer and Emily have threesome it’s
    steamy seductive and sensual on the soundtrack Italian music plays
    melodiously we stay with them with series cuts int townhouse day a real
    estate agent named Lorenzo Grosso gives Sebastian Jennifer and Emily a tour of
    an exclusive townhouse on the soundtrack music plays melodiously Sebastian
    Jennifer and Emily look at the house with interest Jennifer and Emily like
    what they’re seeing they tell Sebastian they like the apartment
    Sebastian tells Lorenzo Grosso they will take it int Domenico’s house fashion
    party night there is a big party in progress
    Sebastian Jennifer and Emily come to the party holding arms they walk through the
    crowd that are dressed in glamour greeting some of the guests they arrive
    at the bar and grab champagnes and begin to mingle conversing but we don’t hear
    what they are saying due to the music on the soundtrack though medicos house
    fashion party emily is talking to Domenico 29 a young fashion designer
    Jennifer talks to a good-looking male model named Kevin without a sound
    Sebastian stands next to the staircase that leads to the main bedroom
    Sebastian takes a sip from the champagne and looks at Jennifer Jennifer catches
    his eyes excuses Kevin and walks up to Sebastian Sebastian and Jennifer talk
    without a sound she convinces him to go upstairs and check it out they begin to
    climb the staircase Emily turns her eyes and looks at
    Sebastian and Jennifer she knows they are up to something but choose to say
    nothing Sebastian and Jennifer climb the staircase walk down the corridor and
    come up to Domenico’s bedroom Domenico’s house bedroom Sebastian and Jennifer
    walk in and kiss French Sebastian begins to undress Jennifer she takes off her
    underwear and stands nude he unzips his pants and completely removes his
    trousers they kiss more intimately with tongues
    Sebastian then lifts her up and places her on the bed he gets between her legs
    and kisses her lips deliciously they kiss more intimately yet Jennifer can’t
    wait to have sex opens her leg seductively and induce him to penetrate
    her Sebastian enters her as they begin to make love we stay with Sebastian and
    Jennifer for a bit though medicos house livingroom fashion party Emily continues
    to talk to Domenico but her heart isn’t with him she turns her eyes and looks
    over the staircase no one is there hint though médicos house bedroom night
    Bastien and Jennifer continue to have steamy sex Sebastien then reaches peak
    and comes inside Jennifer as she reaches climax as well he falls between her
    breasts and gets closer to her lips Jennifer and Sebastian kiss with tongues
    lasciviously Domenico’s house living room fashion party emily is talking to
    Kevin whom Jennifer was talking to earlier but her heart isn’t really with
    him she continues to look over at the staircase doesn’t see them then
    Sebastian and Jennifer appear at the corridor and begin to take the staircase
    down Emily looks at them Sebastian gives her a soft charismatic smile Jennifer
    sees Emily but turns her eyes and acts like she is looking at the guests Emily
    feels betrayed they make love without me I shouldn’t have trusted that bitch
    Americans are snakes Sebastian and Jennifer come up to the main living room
    Jennifer excuses Sebastian and heads toward the ladies room Sebastian walks
    up to the bar and asks the bartender for whisky the bartender takes a bottle of
    Johnnie Walker Black Label pours it in the glass and gives him a drink
    Sebastian takes a drink places 100 euro limited container walks up to the
    nearest stand table Sebastian takes a sip and puts his drink
    on the table looking at Emily Emily catches his eyes but ignores him turning
    away like she doesn’t know him Sebastian smiles at her lightheartedly takes
    another sip and continues to check her out Emily looks at him again and ignores
    him Sebastian smiles to himself but feels he might have hurt her feeling
    thinks it’s a good idea to leave her alone turns his attention to the guests
    and looks at them as he continues to sip from his whisky Jennifer returns to
    Sebastian she grabs his whisky has a sip and puts it down they talk between soft
    kisses he gives her his hand to dance Jennifer takes her hand they come to the
    dance floor and begin to dance ext La Bella Vita cafe and restaurant
    des it’s a classic cafe and restaurant
    Sebastian sits at the table with a glass of red wine outside sitting area we see
    a couple of customers sitting at the table mooching cakes sipping tea coffee
    and other drinks chatting and enjoying their outings Sebastian takes a sip puts
    his drink on the table and looks at the direction of the entrance
    he’s obviously expecting a company then Jennifer appears at the entrance wearing
    a bewitching black Valentino gown the music on the soundtrack Falls in the
    background and plays softly Sebastian looks at her Jennifer sees him and walks
    toward him Sebastian gets up from his seat Jennifer
    hi Sebastian hi and part their lips sebastian pulls a
    chair for her jennifer city knees sebastian takes a seat back Jennifer
    what’s up Sebastian nothing much Jennifer did I
    make you wait Sebastian not really I just got here
    looks at his watch about ten minutes ago Jennifer I’m sorry I didn’t mean to make
    you wait I had to call my father in Vegas my sister told me he just got
    diagnosed with lung cancer Sebastian I’m sorry to hear that
    Jennifer it’s okay I talked to him he said it’s not life-threatening they
    detected it at the early stage the doctor told him they will treat it with
    lumpectomy and radiation alone he’ll be fine
    he just has to quit smoking Sebastian under his breath he will quit Jennifer I
    told him if he loves me he must quit and live for me a waitress named Maria comes
    to their table Maria in Italy how may I take your order
    Sebastian and Jennifer look at the menu Jennifer in Italy I’ll have shrimp
    primavera Jennifer gives the menu to the waitress Maria takes a menu and looks at
    Sebastian Sebastian linguini alla marinara Sebastian gives Maria the menu
    Maria takes the menu Maria in Italy anything to drink
    Sebastian a glass of red wine the waiter turns his eyes to Jennifer Jennifer
    I’ll have cognac Maria in Italy I’ll be with you in a minute
    Maria walks away Sebastian looks at Jennifer’s eyes with love and tenderness
    Sebastian so how is your day Jennifer it’s all right I talked to Emily about
    seeing you she said she doesn’t want to come between us it was fun till it
    lasted but she is lying I know she felt betrayed like Judas’s little sister
    Sebastian smiled softly but says nothing Jennifer I think she has a crush on you
    Sebastian I will give her a call on the soundtrack
    Mina iots Olli plays melodiously they continue to talk without a sound hint
    Rome the advert knife and Jennifer sit in the middle of the
    theater watching the Italian version of a streetcar named desire on the stage we
    see Stanley Kowalski played by a young muscular Italian actor who is
    confronting Blanche played by a beautiful Italian actress over her
    outfit and other things the famous scene where Stanley says you come in here and
    you sprinkle the place with powder and you spray perfume and you stick a paper
    lantern over the light bulb and lo and behold the place has turned to Egypt and
    you are the Queen of the Nile sitting on your throne swilling down my liquor and
    do you know what I say aha do you hear me ah ha ha close up Sebastian and
    Jennifer Sebastian looks at Jennifer she turns her eyes and gives him a soft
    beautiful smile Jennifer turns her attention back to the
    play however Sebastian continues to look at her in wonder ignoring the play
    Jennifer looks at him with humor as if she were saying why he is looking at me
    she then gets closer to his lips make his French on the soundtrack classic
    Italian music plays melodiously ext Rome theater street night Sebastian and
    Jennifer exit the theatre holding hands and walked down the street while talking
    and smiling ext park night Sebastian and Jennifer stroll down the park on the
    soundtrack the music plays softly Sebastian it was great play Jennifer I
    must have read the original play by Tennessee Williams at least 20 times and
    watched the movie starring Vivien Leigh and Marlon Brando over 30 times I just
    couldn’t get enough of Vivian sometimes I feel I am the reincarnation of Vivian
    Leigh she is my role model gone with the wind is one of my favorite movies of all
    time I think Scarlett Oh here is the greatest character ever written for a
    woman Sebastian Vivian Leigh is irresistible Jennifer she started in a
    couple of major Hollywood movies but spent most of her career in stage
    Sebastian what about that young Italian actor who played what his name Stanley
    something go edgy Jennifer Stanley Kowalski
    Sebastian Stanley Kowalski gave a good performance Jennifer he was okay
    Sebastian he’s not Marlon Brando but he sounded convincing portraying a tough
    guy who had nothing to lose Jennifer I’ve seen a couple of movies starring
    Marlon Brando like on the waterfront The Godfather Part 1 and Last Tango in Paris
    young Brando always gives me goosebumps Sebastian what is goosebumps they stop
    lips to lips for artistic fever as if the devil opens
    my chest takes my heart and puts it on the fire in hell Sebastian I get it
    Jennifer yet it’s different I feel it in my belly when I am with you this
    dragonfly it flaps it winks at istic aliy whenever I think about you
    fantasize about making love to you when I look at your eyes and kiss your lips
    it is out-of-body experience as if you entered in my heart and change the
    structure of my soul into spell they exchange soft kisses Sebastian is that a
    good thing or bad Jennifer what do you think he looks at her eyes tenderly
    Sebastian softly by her lips your passion
    soulful blood soul some beauty did my heart ever see an angel a goddess of
    desire you are my red seat my heart set on fire where would I go where would I
    be tell me love what must I do a kiss to your delicious lips love never felt so
    true you are a love recipe the answer to my prayers which I close my eyes and
    envision your beautiful face when I feel blue the one and the only my heart
    satisfactory love factory you mean everything to me she smiles in beauty
    make his french on the soundtrack music plays melodiously close-up Sebastian and
    Jennifer they kiss more passionately int Sebastian’s boat bedroom knife
    Jennifer make love it’s seductive steamy and passionate we stay with them with
    series cuts as they go at it with various sexual positions EXT garden day
    Jennifer poses for Kosta an Italian fashion photographer with style glamour
    and confidence Kosta takes Jennifer’s pictures he asks her to give him
    attitudes Jennifer just does that posing provocatively Kosta continues to take
    her pictures note Kosta will take Jennifer pictures with series cuts int
    st. Vincent’s Villa main living room party sunset Sebastian and Jennifer
    stand near the bar with glasses of champagne talking without a sound elite
    cream of the crops models and celebrities mingle while sipping varies
    alcoholic beverage st. Vincent is an upscale French fashion brand based in
    Italy that specializes in women’s chic dresses blouses nightgowns and perfumes
    close up Sebastian and Jennifer Sebastian must have said something
    humorous Jennifer smiles in beauty make his french hint
    st. Vincent’s Villa main living room party later Sebastian is talking to two
    models at the bar meanwhile Jennifer stands at the far end of the room alone
    checking out Sebastian a man named Vincent 38 CEO and the founder of st.
    Vincent walks up to Jennifer Vincent hi I’m Vincent Jennifer Jennifer Vincent I
    know you I have seen you in the cover of Vogue I thought you were the purest and
    the most arresting living soul that Italy has ever seen since Madonna the
    Material Girl came to Venice and sang like a virgin in a wedding gown nearly
    four decades ago Jennifer smiles in beauty Jennifer thanks a beat Vincent
    what do you think about being a face of Saint Vincent
    Jennifer under her breath what do you mean Vincent we’re dropping actress
    Monica Bellucci she might be the most beautiful girl in the world and one of
    biggest stars in Europe but we are looking for an image that is fresh
    alluring and endearing are you up to the challenge
    Jennifer’s heart is with Sebastian she looks at him as he continues to talk to
    the models Jennifer under her breath I don’t know
    maybe I will think about it continues to checkout sebastian while
    talking to vincent sebastian catches her eyes and gives her a wink
    she smiles softly and turns her attention back to Vincent Vincent must
    have sensed her heart is not with him takes out his card Vincent here give me
    a call he gives her the card she takes the card on the soundtrack Italian music
    plays melodiously Vincent and Jennifer talk a little bit Vincent then kisses
    Jennifer on the cheek and gives her a compliment she blushes in beauty
    he says bye and walks away at the other end Sebastien carries on the
    conversation with the models yet he turns his eyes and checks out Jennifer
    who is pretending to be looking at her drink lost in a thought however she
    turns her eyes on time and gives a soft seductive smile that melts hearts
    Sebastian says hi under his breath she gives him a wink int st vincent’s Villa
    main living room party later Jennifer stands holding a glass of wine next to
    the staircase she looks at the guests who are enjoying the party then out of
    nowhere comes Sebastian stands next to Jennifer and says what’s up she says
    nothing much they get closer lips to lips and talk exchanging soft kisses
    we don’t hear what they are saying due to the music on the soundtrack they then
    kiss French she tells him let’s go upstairs and check it out
    this audio file was created by panel reader basic you can download it at sebastian takes her hand they climb the
    staircase that leads to the bedroom int st vincent’s villa bedroom night the
    door opens revealing sebastian and jennifer they enter kissing sebastian
    then picks her up closes the door with his feet and takes her to the bed
    close up sebastian and jennifer jennifer and sebastian continue to make out with
    kisses he then slowly removed her underwear
    gets between her legs and gives her oral pleasure jennifer is dying with pleasure
    ext Beach st vincent’s commercial day jennifer is in the middle of shooting
    commercial for saint vincent head wearing a red bikini she walks down the
    shore there is a good-looking model named Dante he is walking toward her
    Dante comes up to Jennifer they kiss the director Alberto sit behind a camera
    making sure he is getting the right shot the cinematographer holds another camera
    and records Jennifer and Dante from a different angle the camera crew and
    grips move in the background Dante then picks Jennifer up and walks
    towards the camera Alberto cut dante puts Jennifer down Alberto
    let’s do it again Jennifer – Alberto can I say something
    Alberto was it Jennifer instead of shooting everything with bikinis and
    bras why don’t we spice it up you can shoot
    it without a bra I don’t mind appearing nude in a commercial Alberto that’s good
    idea it’s a perfume ad but I’ll have to talk to Jacob the executive producer and
    sees what he has to say montage st vincent full commercial beach
    one we see jennifer sitting on the beach nude thinking about what could have
    happened we can’t entirely see her breasts they are covered with digital
    pixels beach – we see dante sitting the other end of the ocean thinking about
    what could have happened flashback daydream beach one jennifer who is now
    standing at the shore see something out of nowhere appears dante walking on the
    water like jesus christ moving toward her Jennifer tries to walk toward him
    but unlike him her feet sink under the water as a wave weds her she stands back
    and waits for him dante comes up to her they cuddle and kiss he then picks her
    up and carries her on his shoulder playing and enjoying the moment like two
    sweethearts who have known each other their whole lives Jennifer laughs and
    screams joyfully as they fall in the water
    Beach – we are back – Dante who is standing on the shore and looking at the
    ocean he is holding a red rose he pulls a pedal and throws it on the water Dante
    then turns his eyes and sees Jennifer who is walking toward him in a white st.
    Vincent’s blouse he walks toward her she comes up to him
    they cuddle and kiss with style beach one Jennifer is lying on her back Dante
    is next to her planting soft kisses on her lips between small talk
    he then kisses her eyes he kisses her cheeks he kisses collarbone he kisses
    her on the lips as the ocean sets on fire in the background beach to dante
    and jennifer sit and have a picnic the food consists of mostly fruit and
    vegetable there is a bottle of wine and two glasses of red wines dante is
    resting on a pillow like the gods of Rome and Greece
    Jennifer grabs a strawberry dips it with chocolate dip and feeds him he eats from
    her hand there is a chocolate on the upper side of his lips Jennifer cleans
    the chocolate with her finger and sucks her finger seductively Dante gets up
    takes a strawberry and dips it with chocolate dip and tries to feed her but
    jennifer resists playfully backing away he says something romantic and convinces
    her she gets closer and when she’s about to eat from his hand he puts down the
    strawberry pulls her hand and kisses her she surrenders in romance they kiss more
    intimately crashing the fruits and spilling the wines that happen to be in
    their way beach one Dante and Jennifer stand next to the ocean and kiss more
    they then park their lips he picks her up and tries to walk on the water but
    his foot sinks Jennifer in Italy I have a lot of sin Dante in Italy I got an
    idea he kisses her French the ocean splits in half and opens like the Ten
    Commandments dante walks towards the camera
    carrying Jennifer dissolves to Jennifer and Dante appear at the other end of the
    ocean they reach the beach as the ocean closes in the background then perfume
    appears on the screen true love from saint vincent hint blues bar and
    restaurant day it’s a splendid five-star bar and restaurant that Sebastian owns
    Jennifer and Sebastian sit at a table with glasses of limes
    Jennifer you told me that you owned a restaurant but I didn’t know you own
    this place Sebastian I don’t usually come here
    maybe once or twice a month Jennifer why Sebastian for sentimental reason
    for what is it Sebastian it’s a long story Jennifer tell me I got nothing but
    time Sebastian when I was a kid in Paris I
    saw my stepfather hitting my mother I took a knife from the kitchen I tried to
    kill him but he was three times bigger than me
    I might have weighed 30 kilos or less he must have weighed about 170 pounds he
    easily disposed the knife and threw me against the coffee table I wasn’t hurt
    or anything but I saw the bruise on my mother eyes
    the blood on her nose and the cut on her lips I vowed if I ever see a man
    touching a woman I would kill him without mercy and spend the rest of my
    eternal life in hell but things are not what they seem the table turned around I
    was with my ex-girlfriend at Fashion Expo in campaign ‘ya she is a model we
    were arguing about some silly things I mean she accused me looking at a girl
    who happened to be passing by I apologize if I might have you know to
    calmed her down regardless of the truth later that week we were sitting here and
    drinking wine I got down on with one knee and asked her to marry me right at
    this table she said no and called me Pinocchio Jennifer what’s Pinocchio
    Sebastian it’s an offensive term to say that person is gay I got up slapped her
    on the face with the back of my hand and walked out of the restaurant Jennifer
    that’s a horrifying story Sebastian it was painful not the fact that she said
    no felt embarrassed and in addition she called me a name but I was distraught by
    a sudden impulse that left my soul I had never touched a girl in my life before I
    didn’t know what entered my heart I went to French Rivera and destroyed myself
    with women scotches cigarettes and cocaine for six months till I died
    inside while my heart’s still beating I then returned to Rome cleaned up my act
    came to her house and apologized I told her if I touched her again or stood
    under shadow by accident I would go down with my knees and kiss the dirt she
    walked I then gave her a yacht Lydia that I named after her I also told her
    if I ever laid my eyes on another girl I would throw myself in the Mediterranean
    Sea and allow the Sharks to shred me into pieces I promise never to hurt her
    again Jennifer under her breath that’s bold
    statement Sebastian I also vowed never to set foot on this place again Jennifer
    so what makes you change your mind Bastien smile softly we got back
    together and dated for a while she told me she actually loved it
    find the aggression statistic but sexual she had orgasm when I slapped her asked
    me to hit her once in a while during sex but I told her I can’t do it at the same
    times things were never the same I stopped carrying stopped working out
    which was one of the traits that she valued about me the stamina during sex
    Jennifer you’re ripped like science experiment and has amazing stamina on
    bed I have never met a man who fucks for five hours in one night Sebastian after
    we broke up I started working out got back in shape Jennifer did you look at
    the girl whom you were accused for Sebastian it doesn’t matter I loved her
    more than life itself I felt I could never hurt her and I did it broke my
    heart Jennifer you didn’t answer my question
    did you look at the girl that she accused you for Sebastian
    I might have Jennifer what do you mean you might have Sebastian it just
    happened out of the blue I thought I saw an angel one of the most beautiful girls
    in the world she gave me an alluring smile my heart
    grew wings exited out of my body flies away and disappears from the face of the
    earth in a blink of an eye and never returned but I didn’t want to offend my
    girlfriend quickly turned around and tried to forget about it I didn’t want
    to fall in love with every beautiful girl I see that showed me the least bit
    of attention like Jim Carrey in the Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind I
    wanted to be true to my girlfriend and show her the time of her life
    surprisingly the girl looks exactly like Emily on the soundtrack Italian music
    plays melodiously they continued to talk without a sound
    ext Rome Street sunset and Jennifer take a walk at the quietest
    and the most aesthetic part of Rome while talking without a sound then the
    music on the soundtrack falls in the background and plays softly Jennifer
    there is a little voice that tells you no matter what happens in the other side
    of the world look after yourself I mean we all have personal demons that
    keep us on the edge of nervous breakdown and confusion in the sense we are
    looking for a reason pretty much a person that quenches our sexual desire
    and satisfies our spiritual atonement to the fullest extent of love Sebastian I
    feel you Jennifer do you believe in God Sebastian God is something that I would
    never understand it’s beyond my understanding
    Jennifer what do you mean Sebastian I mean I look at the Sun and think about
    how the ancient Egyptian used to worship the Sun thousands of years ago even
    though there are billions of stars and galaxies in the universe’s without the
    Sun they must have felt their life will be consumed by darkness in the sense
    even though there were billions of people living the planet I felt I
    couldn’t live without her you know I used to believe we are here to worship
    each other I thought I found a goddess but things don’t always turn out the way
    you want to however for every teardrop there is a star there will always be
    spell in my heart Jennifer what do you mean by spell in your heart they stopped
    walking and stand let’s tulips Sebastian softly by her lips I knew I had to move
    on and look for my soul true love the one that my heart wants to believe for
    beyond spirituality mysticism divinity and creation and kiss her lips as if she
    were the only thing that ever existed in this infinite universe
    Jennifer smiles in beauty they kiss French on the soundtrack TI hovel @ obey
    me Vera meant by Marco Mangione plays melodiously int hotel bedroom night
    Bastien and jennifer make love with TI hovel adobe environment montage music
    video featuring Jennifer and Marco man going
    Jennifer sits at the bar smoking cigarette on the background we see a
    couple dancing tango then out of nowhere Marco comes up to the bar and asks a
    bartender for a scotch the bartender turns to get his drink
    Marco looks at Jennifer who seems in touch with her sensuality Jennifer
    checks him out while smoking with style he gives her a soft charismatic smile
    she exhales to smoke at him and turns her eyes away Marco plays it cool
    the bartender places his drink in front of Marco everything that Marco touches
    turns into liquid when he grabs the glass the glass changes to liquid done
    with a remarkable special effect and the Scotch spills on the counters and comes
    rolling to Jennifer Jennifer and Marco look at each other then out of nowhere
    come three goons with machine guns and begin to fire at the roof everybody hits
    the floor except Jennifer and Marco all of a sudden the music stops there is a
    silent moment then comes Marco evil twin Cobra a mob boss he looks at Jennifer
    admires her Beauty turns his eyes and walks up to Marco with his hardcore
    goons Cobra asked Marco for the money he owns him in Italy
    Marco then reaches his chest pocket takes out a cigarette and places it on
    his mouth he reaches for a lighter doesn’t have one Jennifer takes her
    cigarette and places it on the Scotch that was spilled on the counter without
    looking at Marco a little bit style the Scotch catches on fire moves down the
    balcony and comes up to Marco like Indian Jones the Raider of the Lost Ark
    he lights his cigarette take a drag and Brett’s the smoke at Cobras face he then
    takes out an envelope filled with money and gives Cobra the envelope Cobra takes
    the envelope puts it in his pocket and gives his goons assigned to take care of
    him regardless of payment or not two goons approached Marco and begin to take
    him outside meanwhile Cobra walks up to Jennifer and stands behind her as the
    goons take Marco outside to beat him then the music returns he was for
    something on her neck Jennifer turns around and looks at Cobra in seduction
    Cobra gives her his hand to dance she takes his hand they come up to the dance
    floor and begin to dance tango as the house set on fire or outside the goons
    beat Marco till he spits blood cobras Villa mourning cobra sits at the table
    next to the swimming pool enjoying breakfast and talking on the cell phone
    Jennifer comes up to the swimming pool enters the water and swims effortlessly
    the goons dig a hole and throw Marco in the grave and walk away a nomad comes to
    the screen and looks at Marco in the grave no match tent Marco lies
    unconscious the nomads wife a gypsy applies an ancient remedy on his wound
    sunset ocean Jennifer takes a walk in the beach alone as the Twilight breezes
    under beautiful face with tenderness and lights her skin with beauty marco studio
    marco paints Jennifers from his memory restaurant Cobra and Jennifer sit at the
    table and have glasses of wine out of nowhere Cobra produces a diamond ring on
    his hand gets down on his knee and asks her to marry him
    Jennifer accepts reluctantly Cobra places the ring on her finger art
    gallery a small party is in progress we see elites cream-of-the-crop and models
    looking at the Marcos paintings featuring Jennifer Marco is talking to
    two beautiful girls he then turns his eyes and looks at a young woman who is
    wearing a red see-through dress that shows her skin she is looking at a
    painting the young woman is Jennifer she turns her eyes and catches his eyes
    gives him a soft alluring smile and continues to watch the painting marco
    studio marco is painting Jennifer from his memory then Jennifer walks up to his
    studio and looks at Marco he puts down his painting brush and walks toward her
    she comes up to him they cuddle and kiss passionately bedroom Jennifer and Marco
    make love the bed sets on fire on the screen it says to be continued note if
    it’s convincing we will change good Marco into Sebastian in the middle of a
    music video as if it were perceived by Jennifer’s fantasy ext Rome Film
    Festival movie premium day we see a crowd that consists of fun paparazzi
    photographers media and celebrities Jennifer and Sebastian come up to the
    red carpet paparazzi ask Jennifer and Sebastian to pose for them Jennifer and
    Sebastian stop and pose the paparazzi take their pictures as if they were the
    only two people in the planet Jennifer acts natural as if she had done
    in a million time but Sebastian doesn’t like the attention
    how can celebrities do this and feel good about themselves I guess most of
    them are good actors it’s part of the acting just gives them your best smile
    and hope things turn out well Jennifer and Sebastian then excuse the paparazzi
    and walk toward the premium a woman named Olivia who works for ET stops
    Jennifer and asked her a question Olivia hi Jennifer
    Jennifer hi how are you Jennifer I am fine Olivia
    you look beautiful Jennifer thanks Olivia who is this man that you’re with
    Jennifer Sebastian he is my boyfriend Olivia he’s gorgeous
    Sebastian blushes in a little bit embarrassment Jennifer smile softly
    Olivia – Jennifer what are you wearing Jennifer st. Vincent Olivia you look
    like a princess Jennifer thanks Olivia your recently
    replaced one the biggest fashion icons in the history Monica Bellucci has a
    spokesperson of Saint Vincent how does it feel to be the spokesperson of a new
    fashion phenomenon like Saint Vincent at such a young age Jennifer it feels
    normal I mean it’s a big responsible for a girl like me to go out and change how
    people perceive fashion I am honored that they asked me to be the
    spokesperson for their products but it doesn’t really change anything I will go
    out make mistakes be carefree fall head over heels in love and have fun like
    most girls in my age Olivia you appeared in one of the hottest music video in the
    21 century with Marco mangonia as his leading lady I just watched it last
    night it is the most tantalizing music video I had ever seen how a big deal was
    working with Marco Mangione Jennifer it wasn’t a big deal at all he saw me in
    the st. Vincent commercial I did and gave me a call if I wanted to be in his
    music video I showed up at the set we shot the video in three days Olivia what
    about you had a cameo in this movie symphonies of murder starring Angelina
    Jolie and Will Smith they said it was a last-minute audition how did that happen
    Jennifer I met the director Chris at a party we had a casual talk he then asked
    me if I wanted to be in his latest movie symphonies of murder two serial killers
    named Mozart and Beethoven that got in a competition who can write better music
    so they kill women around the world stripped their clothes and write music
    on their bodies without giving too much of the plot I said sure I’ll be in your
    movie but you will have to pay me mucho dinero they have small laughs Jennifer
    it was just a joke I told him I would do it for free then in the background the
    crowd make a big noise it’s Angelina Jolie she just arrives at the premiere
    Angelina comes up to the red carpet camera lights flash from every angle
    Olivia looks at Angelina Jolie Olivia – Jennifer let me let you go thanks for
    your time Jennifer wants to tell her bitch you leave in the middle of
    interview someday I will be a big star
    and never speak to you however something tells her to be nice and instead acts
    cool naturally it always played in her mind instantly Jennifer sure Olivia and
    Jennifer kiss on the cheeks Olivia who is attracted to Sebastian kisses him on
    the cheek Olivia humorously to Jennifer make sure you take good care of this
    handsome man Jennifer and Sebastian smiled politely Jennifer I will do my
    best Olivia I’ll see you around Jennifer bye Olivia but olivia gives
    Sebastian a wink turns around and walks toward Angelina Jennifer and Sebastian
    walk toward the theater but before they entered photographers asked Jennifer to
    pose for them Sebastian let’s Jennifer’s hanko she comes up to the photo stand
    where sponsors Vanity Fair Jorge Armani Saint Vincent and other big corporations
    advertisement and logs are a tempo zé’s for them camera life flashes at Jennifer
    like the stars in the skies Jennifer is provoked to do something daring and
    outrageous by the attention and have all the spotlight to herself in the future
    we can sense it in her eyes in Rome Film Festival Theatre day Jennifer and
    Sebastian sit and watch the movie symphonies of murder starring Angelina
    and will and a cameo by Jennifer on the big screen we see Angelina and Will
    Smith questioning Jennifer who plays a girl named Sarah the question takes
    place at Jennifer’s fictional house in Rome it’s international investigation
    without boundary Angelina where were you on May 14th between 12 a.m. and 3 a.m.
    Jennifer I was home watching TV here at my house well what were you watching
    Jennifer I don’t recall it I hardly remember what I ate this morning I have
    a very bad memory like a fish I think I was mermaid in past life Angelina there
    are serial killers going out and killing innocent people you are talking about
    bad memory perhaps this will refresh your mind Angelina takes out a plastic
    bag that contains a necklace with the photo of Jennifer Angelina we found it
    at the crime scene Jennifer says nothing will you were with the victim last night
    weren’t you Jennifer I don’t know what you are talking about someone stole my
    necklace I lost it awhile ago Angelina just tell us the fucking truth
    or you will go prison and spend the rest of your life behind bars they will feed
    you sardines straight out of cans you would tell them who took your virginity
    in 12th grade and might even remember love letters that you wrote to your
    boyfriend word by word Jennifer for record I lost my virginity ninth grade
    to a black guy we’ll darker than you he has big dick he
    is the captain of the football team plays quarterback he destroyed my vagina
    I would have forgotten it but he ran with my heart past the goal line and
    smacked it against the ground Jennifer laughs with her own joke well can’t help
    but smile softly will please tells us what you saw these girls
    are young like you there is a pause she then Jennifer she was alive when we left
    her someone must have killed her after we left Anjali and who is we
    Jennifer Mozart and I he thought it would be fun if we tried different
    things we picked her up from the club came to the hotel and checked in under
    her name then Mozart injects her in the neck with something begins to write
    music under skin with a knife she gets silent we’ll then what happened Jennifer
    I told him to stop he injected me in the neck and wrote this music on my skin she
    drops her nightgown and stands nude we see music composition underbody written
    with ink and knife on the soundtrack music plays melodiously we stay with the
    movie for a bit int Vogue Rome Film Festival party sunset we see elites
    cream of the crops celebrities and models mingling while sipping champagne
    martini wine whiskey and other alcoholic beverages it’s hosted by Vogue Anna
    beautiful Villa Sebastian and Jennifer walk through the guests holding arms
    Jennifer is that Johnny Depp Sebastian looks at Johnny Depp who is
    talking to an actress named Amanda Sebastian I think so Jennifer he looks
    in in person Sebastian he looks like a playboy without that pirate of the
    Caribbean red bandanna she smiled softly Jennifer he is the depiction of Christ
    like you I mean I look at him I look at you I feel like I could tell you guys my
    darkest secrets Sebastian what is your darkest secret Jennifer how I used to
    fantasize about having sex with Jesus Christ and getting raped by the devil
    and his demons an orgy Sebastian that’s graphic Jennifer I am
    kidding I just said it to impress you Sebastian I wouldn’t hold it against you
    even if it was true Jennifer why would you hold it against me
    Sebastian I said I wouldn’t hold it against you even if you had fantasized
    about having sex with aliens it only means you have excessive sexual drive
    Jennifer you mean the maniac Sebastian no just supernatural sexual energy
    is that good or bad supernatural sexual energy Sebastian so long as you can
    channel the energy it’s good Jennifer what do you mean by channel the energy
    Sebastian sex is art you can express it in anything
    music photograph books movies fashion and painting
    Jennifer anyway I am NOT nymphomaniac I have healthy sexual appetite I saw
    Johnny and Roman Polanski’s the nine gates few years ago he plays a private
    detective who masters in tracking down rare books meanwhile a man hires him to
    find a book the nine gates written by the devil which contains magical secret
    for summoning Satan toward the end of the film there is a sex scene between
    Johnny and Emmanuelle singer it was weird but for some reason it stuck in my
    head maybe I was always fascinated by 666 and satanic rituals growing up you
    know I feel there is a dark dimension hidden within our world and if somehow
    if we allow these invisible forces to guide us we can access a secret universe
    where people walk naked and have sex in the street like animals more erotic than
    how we envisioned it in our heads Sebastian really Jennifer no I am
    fucking with you it’s only a screenplay that I might have read it’s about a girl
    who finds a book that has magical power she accesses this hidden world where
    people vampires werewolves beasts angels demons and other supernatural creatures
    engage in all kinds of erotic activities SNM sex and orgy ruled by dark forces
    the girl involved with the devil they fucked like hell and in the end she
    becomes the princess of darkness I thought about auditioning but I felt it
    is pornography even though riddance wobbling Sebastian it sounds raw
    Jennifer seductively it’s not as raw as a feeling and a burning sensation that I
    get when you insert your penis inside my vagina I get wet with each penetration
    he smiles in wonder Sebastian I like when you talk dirty make his French for
    long seconds they then park their lips and come up to the bar the bartender
    looks at them the bartender in Italy what can I get you Jennifer in Italy red
    wine Sebastian in Italy same the makes their drinks and places their
    drink in front of them Sebastian and Jennifer take their drink Sebastian
    thanks Sebastian places 200 euros on the tip jar Jennifer and Sebastian turn
    around and walk toward the nearest table they come up to a scent able and place
    their drinks on the table Jennifer sometimes it feels like your
    soul and mind are two separate things your soul wants to turn the ice in your
    heart into water water into wine and wine into fire and get lost in a
    seductive passion but your mind keeps things in perspective it wants to turn
    fear into desire and pain into dream and escape through fantasy Sebastian softly
    by her lips only if I could turn myself into a glass of red wine slip through
    thy lips as if love had never felt so fun move down and fall into thy belly
    till peace shall be thine I would have turned to vapor come to thy heart and
    take away all the doubts discomfort pain and the martyrdom from thy soul till day
    eyes shine and I tear become mine give her a soft kiss on the lips but if thy
    soul is only seeking for pleasure let me turn myself into fever sweat out
    of thy skin travel down by thy tummy with leisure and drop into that treasure
    and fulfill the deepest desire with no love can’t measure she smiles in beauty
    sebastian and jennifer kiss they then park their lips and look at
    Emily who is walking toward them with a good-looking man named David 29 Emily
    and David come up to Sebastian and Jennifer Emily what’s up Sebastian
    nothing much Emily and Sebastian kiss on the cheeks Jennifer and David kiss on
    the cheeks as well Emily – Jennifer hi Jennifer hi Emily and Jennifer kiss on
    the cheeks Emily this is Sebastian David Sebastian hi Sebastian gives David his
    hand Dave makes his hand greeting David how do you
    do they all greet Emily what are you up to
    Jennifer we were just talking about the art of pain and pleasure how they are
    two inseparable aspect of life you know there is no pleasure without
    acknowledging the value of pain Emily no pain no gain
    they all smile moderately on the soundtrack conte partiro by andrea
    bocelli plays melodiously they continue to talk as the camera pulls out with
    overhead shot int Vogue Rome Film Festival party later Sebastian and Emily
    stand next to the bar conversing but we don’t hear what they are saying due to
    the music on the soundtrack Jennifer is talking to a man named Alessandro 32 and
    a girl named Christina 31 mingling she then looks at Sebastian and Emily
    suspiciously turns her eyes and sees a charismatic man named Emilio
    36 who is standing with a glass of champagne and checking her out while
    talking to three models Jennifer turns her eyes and acts like she is listening
    to what Alessandro and Christina have to say on the soundtrack conte partiro
    continues to play harmoniously Jennifer turns her eyes and catches Emilio nose
    eyes again Emilio gives her a charismatic smile turns his attention
    back to the models and pretends he’s into them
    Jennifer looks at Sebastian and Emily who looks like lovers smiling laughing
    seducing acting boyishly and expressing amusement Jennifer then excuses
    Alessandro and Christina walk toward the porch the XT Vogue party porch night
    Jennifer comes up to the porch stands by the life rain wall and looks at the
    great city of Roe she takes out a cigarette and a lighter from her purse
    lights at end begins to smoke then out of nowhere Emilio comes up to the porch
    and stands next to her Emilio no they said stars are angels who are sworn to
    guide us to the right path when we are lost
    pause Jennifer looks at him Emilio no I used to count them when I was a kid the
    power of their Creator must surpass all our understanding sometimes they appear
    in the form of a young beautiful woman walk down the living room come to the
    porch with a glass of wine and a cigarette and rearrange the
    constellation of the stars and romance feels a thing of beauty and a joy that
    lasts forever Jennifer gives him a soft smile that
    says whatever there is a silent moment they look at cloudless skies the moon
    and sparkling stars Emilio then Emilio no what’s your favorite thing to do a
    night like this besides smoking and drinking wine I have
    to say falling head-over-heels in love Amelia no we have something in common
    Jennifer I doubt it something tells me you are very proud of yourself she
    breeds with smoke at his face Amelia no what is that supposed to mean
    Jennifer you believe pride is virtue Amelia no smiled softly Amelia no pride
    is nothing but a deadly sin that some people are reduced into fools by their
    egos and they will pay for it at the Judgment Day yet there is a thing we
    called love that all men are defenseless Jennifer I don’t believe you Amelia no
    to be honest I can look at you fall in love with your irises and predict the
    future with the Stars in your eyes she smiled softly Jennifer life is too short
    for drinking wine smoking cigarette falling in love with the irises and
    predicting a future with the stars in our eyes
    Amelia no what about cooking Jennifer what about it Amelia no I heard someone
    quoting cooking is truly the art of love do you feel the same Jennifer that’s why
    we are here in this wonderful world Amelia no I read an article about you in
    vogue it says you like cooking and you’re comfortable walking naked as well
    Jennifer it depends on my mood I usually try to put clothes to cover a certain
    part of my body from indecent exposure Amelia no what do you think about
    starting your own nude cooking show Jennifer you can’t be serious
    Amelia no I’m serious as heart attack I run a couple of cooking shows all over
    Europe I’m starting a new new cooking show here in Rome I am looking for a
    host a beautiful girl between the ages of 18 to 35 with exceptional physique
    you fit the description beyond my wildest fantasy Jennifer under her
    breath whatever Amelia no I know you could be a great host
    Amelia no looks at her eyes as if he meant it she looks at him thoroughly
    Jennifer I don’t believe you are asking me to do a nude cooking show Amelia no
    you can always put clothes that won’t be a problem as long as you agree to do it
    I will create a great environment that suits you Jennifer first I don’t know if
    I am ready to go to a studio stand naked in front of cameras and do a nude
    cooking show a million overlapping it’ll come to you naturally Jennifer second I
    don’t know anything about cooking I mean I took it when I was in college
    as a minor but I don’t really have a strong background like Antoine Kira and
    Martino they’re como I think I’ll embarrass you Amelia no let me worry
    about that they will be professional chefs that will train and guide you
    all you have to do is show up and to set and be yourself Jennifer I’ll think
    about it on the soundtrack Italian music plays
    melodiously they continue to talk without a sound inte party living-room
    night we are back to Sebastian and Emily who are standing at the bar with
    champagnes and talking close-up Emily and Sebastian Emily so what you’re up to
    these days Sebastian living on love Emily that’s
    what I thought too Jennifer and you are match made in
    heaven you make the world sexier place Sebastian you’re six ologist Emily sort
    of I was studying philosophy of sensuality before I drop out of school
    to pursue ballet it deals with sex Sebastian anyhow she was telling me
    about her fantasy about sex with supernatural devil and demons I know she
    brought it as a joke but do you think is that healthy to fantasize about having
    sex with Jesus Christ and getting raped by the devil and having orgy with
    vampires werewolves and demons Emily I don’t know I can’t talk about her sexual
    life she is dating the greatest lover in the world you are amazing you know how
    to please girls I had some of the best sex in my life during the brief period
    of wild romance that you Jennifer and I had I was having orgasm like urine
    however in general most couple end up breaking up because their sex life is
    boring passion dies out they should spice it up you know video recording sex
    once in a while according to study couples who record sex tapes not only
    perform better but also has a lasting relationship some sexologist suggests
    couples should throw erotic party occasionally and invite close friends
    and have nude party or perhaps wear french masks to conceal their identities
    and share partners like couple swapping and SNM sex that way they don’t get
    tired of each other we are living in sexual revolution age Sebastian I don’t
    know if we are ready for that unless you join us in threesome she smiled softly
    Emily I will think about it Sebastian I heard you are the main attraction at the
    famous Rome opera and modern Valley House Emily I’ve been doing it for a
    while actually David is my partner we got a review that says two complementary
    mystical forces yin and yang that’s work blood and float in the air like
    invisible flame Sebastian are you dating Emily we are not serious it’s only sex
    he is amazing on bed makes me come three times a night so
    you are not trying to make me jealous are you Emily yes I am but if you want
    to make a girl come 270 times that the maximum in Tantra sex or even go for
    more and prove me wrong you are nothing but a sex machine that stops functioning
    at 269 you can always give me a call he smiles him wonder Sebastian what
    about if we go for 1000 that’s world record she smiles in beauty and hits him
    on the arm playfully on the soundtrack the music plays melodiously Sebastian
    and Emily continue to talk without a sound we pull away from them porch
    entrance Jennifer and Amy Liana walk into the main living room they are
    talking but we can’t hear what they are saying due to the music on the
    soundtrack Sebastian looks at them Jennifer and
    Emilio no come up to the three models whom he was talking to earlier they are
    chatting with Johnny Depp Emilio introduces Jennifer to Johnny Depp and
    the models they all greet and begin to chat without a sound at the other end
    Sebastian and Emily continue to talk Sebastian takes a sip turns his eyes and
    looks at Jennifer again Jennifer turns her eyes catches Sebastian’s eyes and
    gives him a soft beautiful smile Sebastian returns her smile with his
    drink a salute and winks at her Emily looks at Jennifer as well but she
    chooses to say nothing Jennifer turns her attention to Emilio no Johnny Depp
    and the models and acts like she is interested in the conversation Sebastian
    and Emily resumed her conversation then out of nowhere comes David in the crowd
    walking toward Emily and Sebastian Emily looks at him David approaches her tells
    her it’s time to go Emily excuses Sebastian kisses him on the cheek and
    tells him to come and see her at the theater Sebastian tells her sure David
    and Sebastian shake hands goodbye Emily and David walk toward the exit Jennifer
    sees Emily and David exiting the room excuses Emilio no Johnny Depp and the
    models and walks towards Sebastian Sebastian looks at her Jennifer comes up
    to Sebastian and says something to him humorous he tells her something romantic
    she smiles in Beauty puts her around his neck and kisses him they kiss more
    intimately part their lips and talk between soft kisses Sebastian then asked
    her if she wants to dance Jennifer and Sebastian come up to the dance floor and
    dance low ext Rome Street Knight Bastien and jennifer take a walk in the
    quietest part of rome subtle neighborhood Jennifer I think Emily is
    in love with you Sebastian no she is not Jennifer what does she want Sebastian
    nothing we were just talking about philosophy
    you know how life came to earth and if she has the power to read each
    individual’s mind she would like to know what all those people at the party think
    about this audio file was created by panel
    breeder basic you can download it at their sense of existence fear and desire
    and what’s worth living and what’s worth dying for and the value of each soul
    nothing serious Jennifer that’s interesting
    Sebastian what about you who was that man you were talking to Jennifer his
    name is Emiliano he owns numerous cooking shows all over
    Europe wanted me to do a new cooking show here in Rome Sebastian looks at her
    in puzzlement like what do you mean by nude Jennifer office looks not entirely
    nude I’ll wear bikinis were Victoria Secret night down throughout the taping
    and if the rating goes down I’ll have to strip my clothes one at a time and cook
    nude Sebastian still puzzled that doesn’t sound bad Jennifer he says he’s
    planning to air it in two weeks Sebastian humorously I can’t imagine
    anybody but you doing a nude cooking show you have a remarkable body Jennifer
    Thanks she smiled softly they stand lips to lips Jennifer but do you think it’s a
    good idea to go to a studio stand naked in front of strangers and cook Sebastian
    it’s your body it’s your choice do whatever makes you happy Jennifer I love
    you she throws her arms around his neck fake his french hint Jen
    cooking show day we see Jennifer standing in a yellow bikini and
    preparing pasta Jennifer my name is Jennifer today I am going to show you
    how to make spaghetti bolognese and Talia tell with bolognese sauce on the
    background the director Luciano stands behind the camera and record the show in
    the background we see TV crew and the grips holding light and maneuvering
    camera equipment Emilia know the producer stands in the back
    watches Jennifer medium shot of Jennifer as she continues to cook Jennifer
    spaghetti comes from Napoli in south Italia Bolognese comes from Bologna
    which served with tell youtell fettuccine and others the big difference
    is making pasta in South Italy they used water like spaghetti and macaroni and
    they don’t usually stuff they make it with foam odorous in north italy they
    use normal flour and egg to make the pasta they stuff all the pasta like
    Catalonia and Talia tell but now it’s mixing a medium shot of Emilia no as he
    continues to watch her Jennifer pointing at the ingredient that
    is on the table in order to make Bolognese we need ingredients like beef
    pancetta onions carrots celery tomato paste meat broth white wine and milk or
    cream on the soundtrack music plays melodiously Jennifer continues to
    prepare the food we stay with her for a while
    int restaurant night it’s a romantic five stars restaurant Emilio and
    Jennifer sit at the table with glasses of wines talking without a sound on the
    stage a girl named Lucia sings in Italy Emilia
    know who was the man that you were with that knife Jennifer he is my boyfriend
    Emilia no what does he do Jennifer humorously he is a mafia Emilia no what
    do you mean he is a mafia Jennifer it’s a joke
    I mean I’ve never seen him doing anything except sometimes he spent hours
    on his laptop at night after we make love Emilio looks at her with curiosity
    Emilia no I think I have seen him before he was on the news in French TV for one
    of the biggest Ponzi scheme in the history of European Stock Exchange
    Jennifer what’s Ponzi scheme Emilia no it’s a fake investment operation to give
    you your own money that you invested or money paid by other investors rather
    than from any actual profit that is made like Bernard Madoff and Jordan Belfort
    the wolf of Wall Street Jennifer doesn’t know what he exactly is saying but she
    goes along with him nods her head I see Emilia no I remember his face
    ex-wife was one of the many investors who lost millions of euros in their
    scheme on the soundtrack non creature of by Meena plays Amelia no and Jennifer
    continued to talk but we can’t hear what they are saying due to Mina’s non
    praetor on the soundtrack hint sebastian scott precious living room slash kitchen
    night sebastian is in the middle of preparing
    a swedish dish shrimp piri piri in his yacht we stay with him for a couple of
    seconds ext Rome street night Emilio and Jennifer take a walk in the street of
    Rome talking without a sound ext Rome Street night Emilio and
    Jennifer come to Jennifer’s 2017 red Ferrari convertible parked on the
    sidewalk they talk a little bit and then kiss on the cheeks good night Jennifer
    opens the door gets behind the wheel starts her car and drives away as Emilio
    stands and watches her on the soundtrack la voce del North stupor me comes
    replacing Mina’s non credere ext slash ain’t Jennifer’s Ferrari convertible
    moving knife jennifer continues to drive in the street of row int sebastian scott
    precious living room slash kitchen knife sebastian continues to prepare shrimp
    piri piri then Jennifer walks in wearing a white doctor coat Sebastian looks at
    her she takes out the coat and stands in a sizzling red Victoria’s Secret
    lingerie Sebastian stops what he was doing and
    looks at her in wonder Jennifer comes up to Sebastian she throws her arms around
    his neck they talk between soft kisses she asks him what he’s cooking he tells
    her without a sound as we continue to hear la bocha del Nords – / me on the
    soundtrack Jennifer and Sebastian kiss she parts her lips and begins to help
    him preparing shrimp piri piri before she takes over
    Sebastian stands behind her planting soft kisses on her shoulder as they
    continue to cook and talk he then kisses her shoulder blade goes down lifts her
    lingerie and kisses her curvaceous buttocks she is not wearing any
    underwear she turns around he kisses her vagina she holds his head against her
    vagina and pulls his hair in sexual passion as he kisses her clitoris
    Jennifer takes a deep breath Sebastian gets up they
    she parts her lips and opens his pants sebastian completely removes his clothes
    they kiss more intimately sebastian then turns off the stove picks her up and
    places her on the kitchen table bake his french he grabs her buttocks and enters
    her as they begin to make love jennifer is feeling it at the core of her heart
    she moves her waist seductively bouncing up and down sebastian inventor and
    enters her doggy style deliciously jennifer is having out-of-body
    experience with pleasure it’s burning her inside she is making all kinds of
    sexual sounds bedroom later Sebastian and Jennifer are in the middle of making
    love it’s seductive steamy sensual and passionate we stay with them with series
    cuts as they go at it with various sexual positions ext Sebastian’s yacht
    precious Knight we see Sebastian Ciel precious in the middle of the ocean int
    Sebastian’s yacht living room slash kitchen night on the dinner table we see
    two candle light a delicious vanilla and strawberry and mint cake two slices of
    chocolate cakes on two small plates that are barely touched two empty wine
    glasses we move to the kitchen and see serving dishes bowls and plates that are
    left unwashed in the sink we then come to the bedroom int bedroom knife
    Sebastian is sleeping Jennifer is working on her laptop studying food
    recipes she looks at Sebastian who seems he’s dreaming about eternity having the
    best sleep of his life Jennifer then types his name and checks his background
    on the computer something comes up on the screen she reads it turns her eyes
    and looks at him again she then turns off her laptop gets up from a bed and
    walks up to the living room living room jennifer comes up to the bar
    grabs a scotch opens the top pours the liquor in the glass and puts the bottle
    back she takes the glass and walks toward the exit outside ext Sebastian’s
    yacht precious night Jennifer steps out comes to the stern at the edge of the
    boat and looks at the ocean while taking sips from her scotch we stay with her a
    few seconds cooking montage we see Jennifer preparing the following dishes
    peppered shrimp Alfredo broccoli and cauliflower linguine lasagna in montage
    Jennifer stands wearing a sexy red Victoria Secret lingerie preparing
    peppered shrimp Alfredo Jennifer hi my name is Jennifer today I am going to
    show you how to make peppered shrimp Alfredo
    Jennifer sans wearing a light blue Victoria Secret lingerie preparing
    linguini with broccoli and cauliflower Jennifer good evening my name is
    Jennifer I am going to show you how to make
    broccoli and cauliflower linguini jennifer stands wearing a sexy purple
    Victoria Secret lingerie preparing lasagna Jennifer hi I am Jennifer today
    I am going to show you how to make the best Italian lasagna
    Jennifer preparing pepper shrimp Alfredo Jennifer in order to make pepper shrimp
    Alfredo we use ingredients 12 ounces penne pasta 1/4 cup butter 2 tablespoons
    extra virgin olive oil 1 onion diced 2 cloves garlic minced 1 red bell pepper
    diced 1/2 pound portobello mushrooms Jennifer preparing linguine with
    broccoli and cauliflower Jennifer to make broccoli and cauliflower looking we
    need 2 tablespoons olive or vegetable oil 2 cups broccoli florets 2 cups
    cauliflower X 3 cloves garlic minced 2 cans 14 point five ounces size diced
    tomatoes with Italian herbs undrained Jennifer preparing lasagna Jennifer to
    make the best Italian lasagna we use one pound lean ground beef 1 onion chopped 1
    green bell pepper chopped 2 cups shredded mozzarella cheese 8 lasagna
    noodles cooked and drained Jennifer preparing peppered shrimp
    Alfredo Jennifer bring a large pot of lightly salted water to a boil add pasta
    and cook for 8 to 10 minutes or until melny dente drain close up Jennifer she
    is preparing food effortlessly Jennifer meanwhile melt butter together with the
    olive oil in a saucepan over medium heat stir an onion and cook until softened
    and translucent about 2 minutes stirring garlic red pepper and mushroom cook over
    medium-high heat until soft about 2 minutes more Jennifer preparing broccoli
    and cauliflower linguine Jennifer we heat the oil in large
    skillet add broccoli cauliflower and garlic leave it for 3 minutes add
    tomatoes and juice salt and red pepper flakes bring to boil reduce heat simmer
    uncovered for 20 minutes Jennifer preparing lasagna Jennifer take the
    brown meat with onions and bell peppers and season add tomato paste and water
    let it simmer and in a mixing bowl we mix ricotta cheese with beaten egg and
    set it aside before we preheat it in the oven to 375 continues to prepare a peppered shrimp
    Alfredo Jenifer continues to prepare a broccoli and cauliflower linguini
    Jenifer continues to prepare lasagna jennifer finishes preparing the first
    dish the best-looking peppered shrimp Alfredo and puts it on the kitchen table
    jennifer finishes preparing broccoli and cauliflower linguini and places it on
    the table Jennifer finishes preparing the best
    Italian lasagna takes the lasagna out of the oven and puts it on the kitchen
    table she lets it cool for a couple of seconds cuts it places the lasagna on
    the plate and walks to the camera jennifer carries the lasagna and comes
    to the director luciano who is standing behind the camera recording luciano
    that’s a wrap jennifer gives the lasagna to luciano
    the director who always gets the last meal luciano you’re amazing he kisses
    her on the cheek and takes a meal jennifer be careful it’s hot jennifer
    walks to amelia know who is standing behind the set amelia no comes up to her
    amelia no good job they kiss on the cheeks hint Jennifer and Emily’s house
    Jennifer’s room night it’s a big Villa they have moved on from that beautiful
    house to a much bigger mansion jennifer wearing a pink nightgown stands in front
    of the mirror applying a lipstick on her lips jennifer puts her lipstick on the
    table turns around and walks up to the closet jennifer takes out a beautiful
    red dress from her closet and places it on the bed jennifer then walks towards
    the camera to the bathroom EXT / ain’t Sebastian’s convertible moving knife a
    2017 Mercedes convertible sebastian is behind the wheel driving in the street
    of RO there is a teddy bear in the passenger seat the car drives at the
    direction of the camera int Jennifer and Emily’s house Jennifer’s room night
    Jennifer returns to the bedroom takes off her pink nightgown and puts the red
    dress she comes up to the mirror and looks at it she looks like a princess
    from an exotic universe living room Emily sits on the sofa folding her legs
    she is watching Italian film while smoking cigarette and drinking a diet
    coke from the can ext Jennifer and Emily’s house day Mercedes convertible
    Sebastian comes driving and parks his car in front of Jennifer and Emily’s
    house Sebastian grabs the teddy bear steps out of the car walks up to the
    door and rings the bell int Jennifer and Emily’s house living room day Emily gets
    up from the sofa comes up to the door and opens the door revealing Sebastian
    she looks at him and smiles in beauty Emily hi
    Sebastian hi hey hug and kiss on the cheeks Emily what’s up Sebastian
    nothing much Emily she is upstairs getting ready come in Sebastian steps in
    Emily closes the door Sebastian this is for you
    Sebastian gives Emily the teddy bear Emily what is it a teddy bear Emily
    takes it Sebastian I was at the shopping mall buying stuff and saw it sitting in
    the mirror I thought you might like it and bought it Emily gives him a hug
    Emily softly thanks it means a lot to me Emily kisses Sebastian on the lips takes
    his arm Emily come let’s have a glass of scotch
    before you head out Emily and Sebastian walk up to the bar Emily gets behind the
    bar grabs a scotch and pours it in the glass she puts the scotch in front of
    Sebastian Sebastian thanks Emily mockingly welcome Sebastian gives her a
    charismatic smile Emily I’ll never get used to that smile one day I will die
    with heartache Sebastian I believe you Sebastian gives her a soft inviting
    smile Emily you see what I mean you know how to strap a barbed wire
    around our hearts and life fire across them before you take us straight to bed
    that’s the oldest trick in the book but you make it seems original Sebastian
    softly if you say so Emily Cheers Sebastian Cheers Sebastian
    and Emily connect their glasses cheering and take sips there is a pause
    they seem they are having moment they gaze at each other eyes as if they knew
    each other in the past life then at the top of a stair Jennifer appears wearing
    a red bewitching dress Sebastian looks at her and couldn’t
    believe how beautiful she looks he puts down his glass on the counter Jennifer
    comes down the stairs and walks towards Sebastian Jennifer hi Sebastian walks up
    to her Sebastian under his breath hi Jenn
    her arms around his neck fake his French Sebastian you look marvelous Jennifer
    thanks Jennifer kisses Sebastian they kiss more intimately Emily looks at them
    little bit jealous grabs her drink and takes a sip Sebastian and Jennifer
    Parker lips Jennifer let’s get out of here it’s late
    Jennifer takes Sebastian’s arm they begin to walk toward the door Sebastian
    to Emily who happens to be looking at him but Emily have fun
    Jennifer take care Emily bye on the soundtrack Italian music plays
    melodiously Jennifer opens the door ext Jennifer and Emily’s house night
    Sebastian and Jennifer exit they come up to Sebastian’s Mercedes convertible
    Sebastian opens the door however right before Jennifer enters the car Sebastian
    takes out a box from his jacket and gives her the box Jennifer takes the box
    and asked him was it Jennifer opens the box revealing a
    beautiful diamond necklace Sebastian takes the necklace from the box and
    places it around her neck she throws her arms around his neck make his French for
    long seconds till they are drunk as if their tongues and lips made with
    strawberries and whiskey’s she tells him she loves him he tells her he loves her
    too they kiss more passionately they parked their lips Jennifer gets in the
    passenger seat Sebastian closes the door comes around
    the car opens the door and gets behind the wheel he starts the car they drive
    away ext Sebastian’s car moving Knight Bastien and Jennifer continue to drive
    in the street of row int bar and restaurant night it’s a seductive five
    stars Bar and Restaurant Jennifer and Sebastian sit at the table enjoying
    glasses of limes they are talking without a sound then the waitress comes
    to the table with their food and place the meals in front of them
    pasta ravioli for Sebastian and shrimp scampi with spinach for Jennifer the
    waitress says enjoy your dinner and walks away Sebastian and Jennifer
    grabbed their forks and knives and get ready to eat the music on the soundtrack
    Falls in the background and plays softly Sebastian referring to her food what’s
    that again Jennifer shrimp scampi with spinach Sebastian it looks delicious
    Jennifer takes a shrimp with her hand and brings it to his mouth Sebastian eat
    it Sebastian it’s scrumptious Jennifer I told you so
    Sebastian mixes his pasta with spoon and fork rolls the pasta with his fork and
    brings it to Jennifer’s mouth she eats out of his fork Sebastian waits
    til she swallows the food he then Sebastian what do you think
    Jennifer it’s yummy but I have cooked for you better posture of Aeolus than
    this try it and tell me if I’m wrong Sebastian tries the pasta Sebastian it
    tastes like soup and bread I prefer your ravioli any time Jennifer I will take
    that as a compliment he smiled softly they continued to eat he then Sebastian
    so how is your cooking show Jennifer it’s okay we are doing it on the beach
    for fair Augusta assumption day Sebastian was assumption day Jennifer
    it’s Italian holiday to remember the assumption of Virgin Mary the day she
    entered heaven Sebastian I didn’t know that I thought it was just holiday that
    Christians in Italy celebrated to honor Virgin Mary like st. Patrick’s Day
    Jennifer the assumption of Mary is a major holiday around the world it’s like
    the resurrection of Christ they take it seriously
    Sebastian smile softly I know it is a major holiday but I heard some people
    say it was celebrated in the Roman Empire to pay respect to the goddess
    Diana Jennifer it’s correct but even though some might argue it was
    celebrated in the Roman Empire to credit the goddess Diana the date has always
    been destined to honor the assumption of Mary the day her pure soul and sinless
    flesh enters heaven Sebastian under his breath it makes a lot of sense there is
    a silent moment they continue to eat their meals
    Bastien lunches his pasta ravioli Jennifer has her shrimp scampi with
    glass of wine she then Jennifer I’m planning to leave
    the show at the end of this month I got an offer a leading part in a major
    italian-american movie Sebastian what major italian-american movie Jennifer a
    movie called the wife of the archaeologist Sebastian what’s it about
    Jennifer it’s a story about an American girl who comes to Rome with her Italian
    boyfriend who is an archaeologist she then meets a mysterious man then her
    boyfriend leaves to Ethiopia for a week to join his team who found the oldest
    fossil of hominid the girl runs into the men again they have an affair her
    husband returns to Rome with the fossil and tells the media they found a missing
    link between hominid II great ape and Homo erectus the first hominid that
    walks straight which can prove the theory of evolution however everything
    he smokes and mirrors there is a twist on the soundtrack music plays
    melodiously she continues to tell him the plot
    without a sound ext Beach knife Jennifer and Sebastian take a walk in the beach
    smiling and talking they stopped walking and stand lips to lips they talk between
    soft kisses and kiss French the XT movie said day we are in the set of the wife
    of the archaeologist Jennifer and a good-looking man named Leonardo 35 walk
    in a busy market area in Rome while talking the director Matthew 42 stands
    behind the camera and make sure he gets the right shot the film crew member
    grips extras move in the background then to music on the soundtrack falls in the
    background playing softly close-up Leonardo and Jennifer Leonardo where are
    you from Jennifer I am from New York but I was born in Melbourne Australia my
    parent and I came to Los Angeles when I was only four we stayed there for a year
    we then moved to New York City Leonardo what are you doing in Rome Jennifer I am
    with my fiance we came to Rome to get married there is a silent moment
    continue to walk quietly he then Leonardo what does he do your fiancee
    Jennifer he is archaeologist Jennifer and
    Leonardo come up to a cloth stand open market where they sell clothes outside
    Jennifer grabs a red veil puts it around her head and turns her face toward
    Leonardo Leonardo looks at her eyes and couldn’t believe how beautiful she looks
    Jennifer asks a clerk what the price is in Italy the clerk tells her the price
    leonardo quickly takes out his wallet pulls $100 gives the clerk the money and
    tells him to keep the change but Jennifer wants to pay for the veil
    herself the director Matthew makes sure he gets everything he then Matthew cut
    to the film crew let’s all take 30 minutes lunch break we’ll get it done
    before sunset Matthew walks up to Jennifer and Leonardo Matthew that’s
    beautiful but before I let you go give me one quick take I want to do a
    close-up while she is putting a veil around her head it’ll only take five
    minutes or less Matthew gets behind his camera Matthew to the cinematographer
    Roger and his assistant director Jessica I want you two to stay the rest of you
    can go and have a great lunch we will join you in about 10 minutes the crew
    begins to move in the background the makeup artist comes up to Jennifer and
    begins to fix her makeup as Matthew focuses on his camera Matthew – the
    makeup artist she doesn’t need a lot of makeup she looks gorgeous
    – Leonardo and Jennifer you are not hungry if you are we can shoot it later
    Leonardo I am not that hungry Jennifer doesn’t say anything Matthew – Jennifer
    you are quiet does that mean you are hungry Jennifer I’ll wait till the cows
    come home art comes first before lunch Matthew that’s the spirit Matthew
    adjusts his camera Jennifer and Leonardo get back to the cloth stand assistant
    director Jessica walks up to Jennifer and Leonardo and stands with the take
    board Matthew one last take go ahead take the veil and put the veil around
    your head and look at the direction of the camera as if you were looking at his
    eyes Jennifer collects her composure and gets in character Leonardo stands next
    to her Jessica take 14 Matthew action Jennifer grabs the veil puts it around
    her head and looks at the direction of the camera on the soundtrack music plays
    melodiously we stay with them for a few seconds
    you then says cut Jennifer and Leonardo come up to Matthew and talk without a
    sound looking at the preview on the screen what good acting jobs they did
    int bar and restaurant night a romantic bar and restaurant at the heart of Rome
    Sebastien sits at the table with a glass of wine while waiting for Jennifer there
    are customers who are sitting at the table and enjoying their outings then
    Jennifer enters wearing a bewitching black dress see Sebastian and walks
    toward him Sebastian turns his eyes and looks at
    her Jennifer comes up to Sebastian and sits on his lap Sebastian under his
    breath huh she throws her arms around his neck and kisses him French Jennifer
    I miss you Sebastian I miss you too they kiss more intimately on the
    soundtrack music plays melodiously ext Beach Donne Jennifer lies in her back
    with her head resting on a pillow Sebastian is next to her gazing down at
    her eyes they are talking between soft kisses under the blanket they are having
    beach sleeping over they then see the Sun as it rises and scatters across the
    ocean she says something humorous he says something romantic she smiles in
    beauty they kiss French the XT movie said day we are back in the set of the
    archaeologist life we see Leonardo and Jennifer walking in the Coliseum
    Jennifer is wearing the veil around her head
    Jennifer referring to the veil I haven’t worn a veil in ages this is the first
    veil I worn in years Leonardo according to history it was
    only worn by Nobel women and forbade prostitutes and common women from
    wearing it Jennifer that might not come as a surprise they are a certain part of
    the world which a veil is worn strictly for a religion purpose such as in some
    countries a girl wears it to cover her face so men can’t be lured into sexual
    temptation Leonardo smiled softly there is a silent moment they continue to walk
    looking around the Coliseum he then Leonardo you said something about your
    fiance being archaeologist what about you are you an archaeologist as well
    Jennifer no I graduated from USC with BA in history Leonardo my father taught
    history at University of Milan for 20 years then retired and became a dance
    instructor at the age of 60 she smiled softly Jennifer that is a smart career
    move from history professor to dance instructor your father must be a
    free-spirited person Leonardo he is a very soulful man they stand lips to lips
    Leonardo he once said you can only learn one thing from the past he
    and history can only teach you the past but if you want the future you have to
    find a thing that would take your breath away
    and live your life without looking back a kiss hint vote white party night it’s
    a big white party hosted by international film Commonwealth to honor
    Marilyn Monroe and the premiere of the archaeologist wife we see elites creme
    de la creme celebrities and models who are dressed in white enjoying the party
    Jennifer who looks like an angel of true love and Sebastian who looks like a
    saint walks through the guests talking while holding glasses of champagne
    Sebastian you look like Marilyn Monroe Jennifer it’s the same dress that
    Marilyn worn at the 7-year itch Sebastian it looks good on you she
    smiled softly Jennifer I like Marilyn Monroe but I wasn’t really inspired by
    her acting wise I mean she died before I was born I grew up watching Julia
    Roberta Sharon Stone and me more they have the biggest impact in my life the
    only golden era actress that I look up to as Vivien Leigh
    she makes acting seems out-of-body experience Sebastian I love Vivian but I
    can’t get enough of Marilyn she is timeless like who can forget when her
    dress getting blown up above her waist by a passing train below in 7-year itch
    she set a new standard for sex symbol Jennifer no doubt about it she has a big
    impact in films however she was a tortured soul limited by personal demons
    Sebastian I heard she was a good actress more than people have given credit for
    Jennifer American Film Institute placed her the sixth greatest film actress of
    all time Sebastian someday you will pass her
    Jennifer maybe I love acting more than life itself but I also want to direct
    you know before I came to Rome I wrote few plays I started in a couple of
    student movies while I was still in college even though every person I run
    into tells me I’m gifted all that I don’t believe we have control over
    things that we are passionate about which control for an actor is a leap of
    fate as paradox as martyrdom for a Saint Sebastian I don’t know what that means
    but you sound like Joan of the arc she smiles in beauty they get closer and
    kiss French ext boat screaming Jennifer and Sebastian come up to the far end of
    the boat where there is screening 7-year itch starting Marilyn Monroe and Tom
    Ewell they are a few people sitting at bench and watching the movie it’s shown
    over and over in a huge screen Sebastian and Jennifer climbed the steps sit in
    the last row and begin to watch the movie Jennifer do you think Marilyn
    Monroe sexy Sebastian she is breathtaking
    Jennifer if she were alive I mean if she had died in her 60 like Audrey Hepburn
    or like Betty Davis in her 80 would she be as famous as she is now Sebastian she
    was a great actress like you said nobody can take her place in cinema
    unfortunately she died tragically at the age of what 30 Jennifer 36 Sebastian 36
    she would have still been remembered as one of the greatest actress of all time
    for movies that she would have made and films that she had made like Niagara and
    some likes it hot there is a silent moment they continue to watch the movie
    on the big screen we see the famous scene Marilyn Monroe’s dress getting
    blown up above her waist by a passing train below her jennifer do you think
    she’s more enticing than me he smiled softly Sebastian I have never seen
    anything that’s more enticing than you she smiled softly and gets closer make
    his French on the soundtrack music plays melodiously ext boat later Sebastian who
    is holding a glass of wine talks with the host a very attractive woman Sharon
    Douglas 47 and her daughter amber 22 Sebastian then turns his eyes and looks
    at Jennifer who is Dancing with Leonardo Jennifer looks at Sebastian he salutes
    her with his drink she gives him a soft beautiful smile and continues to dance
    with Leonardo ext Boat later Jennifer stands alone at the far end of the boat
    holding a glass of wine she is looking at the ocean lost in thought then out of
    nowhere appears Sebastian at the deck walks up to Jennifer and stands next to
    her she looks at him and smiles in beauty they talk without a sound
    she then throws her arms around his neck he wraps his arms around her waist they
    talk between soft kisses and then kiss French aunt resort bedroom knife
    Sebastian and Jennifer make love it’s alluring steamy sensual and passionate
    we stay with them as they go at it with various sexual positions ext Resort
    bathtub later su and Jennifer’s hid in the bathtub she is
    resting on his chest he is behind reciting the passionate Shepard to his
    love by Christopher Marlowe from memory in the meantime they are watching cinema
    paradiso on a projector Sebastian come live with me and be my love and we will
    all the pleasures prove that valleys groves hills and fields which horse
    tepee mountain yields and we will sit upon the rocks seeing the Shepherd’s
    feed their flocks by shallow rivers to whose Falls melodious bird sing
    madrigals and I will make the events of roses and a thousand fragrant posies a
    cap of flowers and a curdled embroidered all with leaves of myrtle a gown made of
    the finest wool which from are pretty lambs we pull fair line slippers for the
    cold with buckles of the purest gold a belt of straw and Ivy buds with coral
    clasps and amber studs and if these pleasures may be move come live with me
    and be my love the Shepherd Swain shall dance and sing for thy delight each may
    morning if these delights thy mind may move then
    live with me and be my love he kisses her on the shoulder there is a long
    pause Jennifer I think I am deeply madly and unconditionally falling in love with
    you Sebastian softly are you sure he kisses her on the
    shoulder Jennifer under her breath I can feel it at the pit of my stomach there
    is a silent moment they watch cinema paradiso a little bit
    she then Jennifer can I ask you a question Sebastian what is it Jennifer
    what are the three things you want out of life
    Sebastian truth peace of mind and love Jennifer what’s love Sebastian
    Shakespeare once said love’s not times fool though rosy lips and cheeks he
    kisses her on the cheek Jennifer do you have your own definition Sebastian do
    you Jennifer I asked you first there is a pause he then Sebastian love
    is something that you see with closed eyes closes his eyes and feel it at the
    bottom of your heart like your beautiful face it’s a covenant that gives me joy
    peace of mind and true love he opens his eyes and kisses her on the shoulder on
    the projector we see the famous Cinema Paradiso kissing montage Sebastian and
    Jennifer watch it quietly he then said was love to you Jennifer I don’t know
    one st. Augustine said love is a temporary madness it erupts like an
    earthquake and then subsides and when it subsides you have to make a decision you
    have to work out whether your roots have become so entwined together that it is
    inconceivable that you should ever part because this is what love is love is not
    breathlessness it is not excitement it is not the promulgation of promises of
    eternal passion that is just being in love which any of us can convince
    ourselves we are love itself is what is left over when being in love has burned
    away and this is both an art and a fortunate accident
    Sebastian that’s one of the best definition of love he kisses her on the
    shoulder Jennifer but I think love is a sudden turn of fate like gazing through
    two mirrors it’s not infinite possibilities it’s not fathomable
    however portrait of your heart the image that is in front of you the person that
    you look at his eyes and see the reflection of your soul the mind the
    heart and the spirit that is one that’s infinite that’s real
    Sebastian is impressed by her answer Sebastian under his breath that’s deep
    they kiss intimately she then parts her lips Jennifer can I ask you a question
    Sebastian under his breath was it Jennifer what do you know about
    Sebastian investment securities Sebastian is caught but he acts cool
    Sebastian it’s a fake investment company that I started with my friend I am sorry
    for not telling you the truth but that’s how I made most of my fortune
    I was working accounting for Revlon he was a stock trader in Euronext Paris
    Stock Exchange one day I ran into him at a party we talked about starting a
    fraudulent investment operation schema where people invest their money and in
    return they get back their own money or money that’s paid by other investors
    without any product or service but the economy began to collapse many investors
    started to withdraw their funds my friend disappeared taking all the
    remaining investment money I got caught the
    I’ve sentenced me five years in prison I served three years they released me for
    good behavior I started from scratch but forgive me I lied to you he kisses her
    on the shoulder Jennifer there is nothing to forgive you did what you had
    to do besides I love a man who takes a shortcut in life he smiled softly
    Sebastian humorously I only want to take a shortcut to your heart and be the part
    of your heartbeats she smiles in beauty they kiss intimately int hotel bedroom
    night Jennifer is sleeping then opens her eyes she is alone Sebastian is not
    with her she gets up from a bed nude and walks toward the living room the
    direction of the camera hotel living room Jennifer comes to the living room
    and looks for Sebastian he’s not there Jennifer begins to panic comes up to the
    bar grabs a scotch opens the top and pours the liquor into glass Jennifer
    takes the drink has a sip and walks to the porch nude ext hotel porch day
    Jennifer stands next to the frame naked takes a sip from her whiskey and looks
    at the sea for long seconds on the soundtrack music plays melodiously ext
    movie said beach day Jennifer is in the set of the seat standing in a wedding
    gown making calls with her cell phone the makeup artist who is standing in
    front of her tries to powder her cheeks while the
    costume designer buttoning up her down behind Jennifer gets no answer she hangs
    up her cell phone and tells the makeup artist to leave her alone as the costume
    designer finishes buttoning up her down Jennifer’s eyes are filled with tears
    the director walks up to her and asked her if she is okay Jennifer tells him
    she is okay the director tells the crew he’s ready to shoot and want everybody
    to take their places ext Jennifer’s convertible moving day
    Jennifer holding her cell phone next to her here drives in the middle of nowhere
    she is waiting for answer but there is none in Jennifer’s convertible moving
    day Jennifer hands up the phone and puts it on the passenger seat she opens a
    glove box takes out aspirin container opens the container and places four
    pills under palm while driving ext Jennifer’s convertible moving day
    Jennifer’s car drives off the lane a 2008 Audi carrying a couple comes from
    the opposite side of the street beeps a torn net Jennifer convertible Jennifer
    gets her car back in the correct lane and continues to drive down the road
    Jennifer then places the pills in her mount and downs them with a diet coke
    Jennifer grabs her phone and dials the same number
    she waits for answer there is no answer ext Rome Harbour sunset Jennifer comes
    driving and parks her car at the dock Jennifer steps out of the car with her
    cell phone under hand comes up to the harbor and looks for Sebastian’s yacht
    precious but yacht is not there Jennifer makes a call but there is no answer the
    XT Club knife we see people dancing like New Year Eve
    Jennifer sits at the bar with a glass of scotch takes out aspirin from her purse
    opens the container and places three tablets under pump
    she takes the pills and downs them with her Scotch as if they were nuts Jennifer
    puts the aspirin back in her purse looks at the photo of herself and
    Sebastian that they took at the water fountain her eyes fill with tears she
    closes her purse and puts it aside Jennifer grabs her drink takes a sip and
    looks at a young man who is sitting across the bar he is checking her out
    Jennifer thinks he looks familiar but ignores him she turns her eyes and looks
    at the partygoers who continue to dance as if it were the birth of the devil
    Jennifer takes another sip the young man walks up to her the young
    man in Italy hi Jennifer leave me the fuck alone
    the young man you don’t remember me she looks at him it’s Hollow she
    seen him somewhere but doesn’t remember where she saw him Paulo it’s me Paulo we
    met a couple of years ago at club diva Paulo looks a different person back then
    he has a curly hair and he was skinny now he has a ponytail and he is built
    like a bodybuilder / model Jennifers memory fires every neuron in her brain
    and puts Paulo’s face together in the heartbeat Jennifer Paulo they hug and
    kiss on the cheeks Jennifer oh my god you look different
    Paulo what’s up Jennifer nothing much Paulo what are you doing here Jennifer
    just having good time Paulo humorously I know that’s why you ignored me Jennifer
    I didn’t ignore you I have seen your face somewhere but I couldn’t remember
    anything Paulo it’s not your fault I have changed a lot I went through what
    people refers to a total metamorphosis Jennifer what happened to your curly
    hair Paulo I let it grow and just tied it on the back ponytail Jennifer you
    look buff – Paulo you have no idea spending four hours a
    day in the gym does to your body Jennifer tell me about it Paulo
    humorously it’s not really a secret being a model in Italy is a full-time
    job they make you work on every muscle in your body
    she smiled softly as if she got the joke they seem to be getting alone fine Paulo
    I was going to come and talk to you in case if he remembered me but instead set
    and watched you drinking those William Wallace legal weapons and Mel Gibson
    Scottish warriors like water and Passion of Christ I then decided to wait for a
    bit Jennifer I’m under a lot of stress Paulo
    what stress Jennifer it’s a fairy tale Jennifer and Paulo looks at each other
    there is a silent moment on the soundtrack a slow dance song comes Paolo
    you want to dance Paolo gives her his hand Jennifer under
    her breath sure she takes his hand they come up to the dance floor and begin to
    dance low close-up Jennifer and Paolo they get closer and kiss int a
    condominium living room / bedroom night Jennifer and Paulo make love we stay
    with them for a bit int Paulo’s condominium living room night Jennifer
    is sleeping on Paulo’s chest nude she then opens her eyes gets up without a
    single drop of clothes and walks up to the bathroom bathroom
    Jennifer puts down the toilet seat sits and takes a leak Jennifer gets up from
    the toilet and walks toward the living room living room Jennifer comes up to
    the mirror and looks at her image then something in Jennifer’s mind tells her
    to open the mirror drawer Jennifer opens it and sees a 9-millimeter handgun she
    looks at it for a few seconds closes the drawer turns around and walks toward the
    direction of the camera int moveset the last hitman day Jennifer is in the set
    of the last hitman starring Fabio in the lead role and Jenny as his leading
    leading it said in the spellbinding backdrop of Piazza del Duomo Milan Fabio
    33 who is holding a silencer and Jennifer who is wearing a red Versace
    gown walk down the street we see the director Gian Luca 52 behind the camera
    moving along Jennifer why are they trying to kill you Fabio it’s a long
    story Jennifer are you a hitman Fabio I work
    for the government of USA Jennifer what does that mean Fabio I don’t go out and
    kill innocent people I only kill terrorists and people who create clear
    and present danger against the government of United States of America
    and it’s constitutional right Jennifer how many people did you kill so far
    Fabio not a lot 38 without counting those two guys I
    just shot Fabio puts his gun back in his belt touches his hip and discovers that
    he is bleeding Jennifer looks at the blood on his hand
    Jennifer you’re bleeding Fabio I am okay it’s only a small cut
    Jennifer stops in the middle of the street takes out her underwear and gives
    him the underwear Jennifer here hold this on it
    bo takes her underwear and stops the bleeding with her underwear Gian Luca
    cut it’s a wrap the crew and the people in the
    background go their ways close up Fabio and Jennifer Fabio referring to the
    underwear can I keep it Jennifer you can have it I am NOT a big fun of
    them anyway Fabio under his breath I figured that you are natural there is a
    silent moment Fabio what are you up to Jennifer I don’t know I was thinking
    about going home and take a long bath Fabio do you want to go out and have a
    glass of wine Jennifer sure they walk toward the
    camera ext cos her cafe and restaurant night Fabio and Jennifer sit at a
    classic cafe and restaurant drinking glasses of wine while conversing Fabio
    we had been married for five years she was my college sweetheart I thought I
    was going to spend the rest of my life with her but she accused me sleeping
    with this young actress named Kate Jones after she watched the explicit love
    scene we did in passion I told her there was nothing between Kate and me but she
    didn’t believe me she filed for a divorce got full custody of the children
    saying I was never there for them to begin with took half of my money plus
    child support and walked out of my life as if I married a ghost Jennifer that
    said Fabio it’s okay gazing at her i softly life doesn’t always turn out the
    way you plan but once paulo coelho said when you want something all the universe
    conspires in helping you to achieve it Jennifer I hear you there is a silent
    moment Fabio so what about you are you seeing anyone
    Jennifer not really Fabio looks at her eyes as if he were saying what is your
    story Jennifer I met a con artist whom I thought he was super romantic I fell in
    love with him inside we did everything that a girl and a man who are in love do
    when they can’t get enough each other I then found out what he was up to and
    asked him about his business the next day he walked out my life like a thin
    cloud on a blue sky and disappear from my life there is a silent moment
    Jennifer’s eyes are filled with tears she is said how
    her sadness makes her painfully seductive Fabio humorously do you miss
    him she blinks her eyes tears escapes from eyes in a heartbeat and falls by
    her cheeks she dries her tears with her blouse Jennifer I keep telling myself
    you are as sick as you admit I don’t know what it means but there is not a
    single day that has passed without thinking about him love is a disease
    that has no cure fabio says nothing on the soundtrack music plays melodiously
    montage we would see Fabio and Jennifer visiting interesting part of Milan
    enjoying each other’s company having fun here and there shooting the last hitman
    in several locations and other things one Jennifer and Fabio walk in the
    street of Milan to they visit galleria vittorio emanuele two three
    jennifer and Fabio shop at dolce & gabbana in Via della Spiga Jennifer
    tries appear of classy black Dolce & Gabbana shoes the assistance comes with
    the same brand shoes except they are red Jennifer takes the shoes puts them on
    and shows Fabio her shoes Fabio likes her taste she takes off the shoes and
    gives the assistants the shoes she tells him she wants to purchase them the help
    takes the shoes and places them in the box and goes in the storage room to get
    a new one jennifer and fabio talk without a sound and then kiss yet
    Jennifer’s eyes are filled with tears she can’t help but cry tears falls by
    her cheeks she tries to play it cool but tells him she is not ready miss
    Sebastian very much and begins to cry on Fabio’s shoulder he cuddles her dearly
    and tells her everything is going to be all right for Jennifer and Fabio take a
    walk in the street of Via della Spiga holding shopping bags talking without a
    sound 5 jennifer and fabio watch football AC Milan vs. Inter Milan in
    middle of thousands AC Milan’s fans at San Siro stadium six jennifer and fabio
    sit at the Cathedral of Milan conversing seven movie said the last hitman
    Jennifer and Fabio kissing a beautiful backdrop of sentian Park our camera
    pulls out revealing Gian Luca the director who is standing behind the
    camera int Jennifer’s house living room de it’s
    birthday party a small party is in progress we see people Elise cream of
    the crops models actors and friends mingling and enjoying the party with
    glasses of champagne and refreshment Paolo is present he is standing next to
    the window with a glass of champagne with a beautiful model Emily is talking
    to a good-looking man named Ricardo 29 next to the staircase Emily I told you
    it’s over there is nothing between me and you we have to move on Ricardo in
    Italy you haven’t given me one compelling reason why you are breaking
    up with me Emily if people have to give reasons for every time they break up
    they would have been together for the rest of their lives
    Ricardo what’s wrong with that Emily I don’t want to spend the rest of my life
    with someone that I see as a friend but not emotionally connected with I don’t
    want to miss out what fate has in store for me I believe in passion that is read
    passion that God felt at the creation and Adam and he discovered at the Garden
    of Eden when they eat the forbidden fruit and after they found out they were
    naked the crucifixion of Christ passion that mark Antonio and Cleopatra got a
    glimpse of it passion Romeo and Juliet never understood passion that Bonnie and
    Clyde stole passion that melts the ice in Neptune and the fire in Hell can’t
    quench a heart that grows wings and beats like a hummingbird which flaps its
    wings up to 70 times per second its heart rate reaches 1260 beats per minute
    and a soul that sweat like roses in the morning and bleeds like a flesh does
    that sound compelling Riccardo says nothing there is a silent moment they
    gaze at each other’s eyes silently he then Ricardo you’re seeing someone is
    that it Emily in Italy no I am not seeing anybody but I have to go and help
    Jennifer in the kitchen when Emily tries to walk away Ricardo holds her hand
    Ricardo in Italy we are still friends aren’t we
    Emily yes we will always be friends Ricard
    in Italy okay give me one last kiss Emily in Italy I don’t kiss a man that I
    don’t date Ricardo we have dated for six months that doesn’t mean anything to you
    Emily it means everything when we were together but now it’s over we have to
    move on with our lives and enjoy our freedom Ricardo in Italy okay just give
    me a kiss on the cheek farewell he points at his cheek Emily gets closer
    when she is about to kiss his cheek he turns his face holds her arms firmly and
    kisses her on the lips passionately she fights him off Emily
    get off me Ricardo in Italy is that passionate enough Emily son of bitch she
    hits him on the arm Ricardo defending himself in Italy what did I do
    I thought you were saying something about passion and how God felt at the
    creation and the crucifixion of Christ well you got it sweetheart Emily in
    Italy I shouldn’t have trusted you asshole she turns around and walks
    toward the kitchen Ricardo in Italy we did it a million time why do you act
    like a little girl Emily ignores him and continues to walk toward the kitchen and
    kitchen knife Emily enters Jennifer standing in the porch through
    the kitchen glass doors she is in the middle of making phone calls while
    smoking a cigarette EXT Jennifer’s house kitchen porch night Jennifer makes a
    call without a success she hangs up her phone takes a long drag and exhales out
    the smoke she tries again no answer her eyes filled with tears she hangs up the
    phone crashes her cigarette and throws it away as tears falls by her cheeks she
    dries her tears and walks to the kitchen int Jennifer’s house kitchen knife emily
    is placing candles on Jennifer’s birthday cake it’s big looks like a
    wedding cake she looks at Jennifer who seems too young to be said Emily are you
    okay Jennifer I am fine Emily doesn’t want to ask her another question
    she knows what Jennifer is going through Jennifer I need some caffeine
    Jennifer opens the refrigerator and looks for Coke she sees a can of Diet
    cherry coke Jennifer under her breath diet fuckin cherry coke the story of my
    life Jennifer grabs it opens the top and drinks straight out of the can Jennifer
    then looks at her birthday cake as Emily continues to place candles on the cake
    Jennifer when you were a kid you didn’t think about the day you were going to
    die or how you might die you fell in the mud you got up and ran you live your
    life to the fullest despite the fact everything is against you but as you get
    mature your heart filled with pain and sadness you have no idea why you are on
    earth life is cold packed with vain and unhappiness that seems rebirth Emily
    says nothing Jennifer places her fingers on the cream eats it blows of the
    candles then all of a sudden she is filled with rage and crashes the cake on
    the floor in psychosis Jennifer tell everybody to leave Emily under her
    breath it’s okay Jennifer the party is over I don’t want to see anyone tell
    them to get the fuck out of my house Emily says nothing Jennifer I will tell
    them myself Jennifer come to the living room the
    guests are having good time mingling while sipping all kinds of alcoholic
    beverages enjoying refreshment dancing making out with kisses etc Jennifer
    stops the music Jen for lovely ladies and gentlemen get the
    fuck out of my house I don’t want to see a single person in this house the party
    is over finito they all look at her in confusion
    Jennifer please leave my fucking house thank you for coming but I wanted to be
    left alone I am not feeling good just grab your stuffs take the gifts
    that you brought and hit the fucking road everybody begins to leave saying
    she lost it Paulo approaches her Paulo what’s wrong Jennifer shouting just get
    the fuck out of my sight I don’t want to speak to you I don’t know you who the
    fuck are you leave my fucking house now – the guess all of you just hurry up and
    exit get the fuck out of here the party is over otherwise I swear to
    God I would set the house on fire we all would burn to death Paulo you are making
    a big mistake Jennifer shouting why are you still
    doing here she grabs a wine bottle and crashes it against the wall it explodes
    like the blood in her heart it gets Paulo’s attention he just turns
    around and walks toward the exit Jennifer shouting – all get the fuck out
    of my house I don’t want to see anyone just leave me alone in kitchen night
    Emily sits on the corner and closes her ears with her index fingers int living
    room night Jennifer then plays you two within without you loud and begins to
    dance touching her body and sensuality as the guests continue to leave thinking
    she has gone mad Jennifer nicely you don’t have to go home but you can’t stay
    here Jennifer continues to dance while
    singing with and without you with Bono lost deep in her heart all the guest
    exits the house then route 94 my love featuring Jessica LeMay plays on the
    stereo jennifer begins to remove her clothes one by one like a stripper while
    dancing in sensuality she gets completely nude continues to dance
    moving her body in erotic sysm it feels like my love is written for her we can’t
    help but fall in love with her despite the fact early outburst we see two
    completely Jennifer who is Afraid of Virginia Woolf Jennifer and the desire
    name Jenny that we have never seen in our lives she gets us by our hearts to
    last beat dancing in sexuality as if she were pulsation of life that God’s
    created in the garden of love tenderness passion and craving she lost deep in her
    heart with longing feeling her body in seduction caressing her belly alluringly
    in temptation and touching her vagina in yearning etc Jennifer grabs a bottle of
    whiskey from a table takes a sip sits on the sofa for 800 breasts and
    rubs her tits as my love continues to play she then pours the whiskey on her
    vagina and begins to stimulate her clitoris dynamically like nymphomaniac
    she drops a bottle as she reaches climax Jennifer takes a deep breath and closes
    her eyes on the soundtrack I wish you remind by Philip George play ext
    nightclub night Jennifer dances in the middle of hundreds of partygoers a young
    man named Nicholas and a beautiful girl named Elizabeth are dancing next to
    Jennifer it seems Elizabeth knows Jennifer she is sort of a star Elizabeth
    whispers something by Nicolas he looks at her Jennifer catches his eyes and
    gives him soft alluring smile both Nicholas and Elizabeth approach Jennifer
    and begins to dance with her Nicolas is behind grinding is growing on her bud
    while feeling her breasts Elizabeth dance was near her lips Jennifer and
    Elizabeth kiss French Nicholas takes out ecstasy from his pocket places it in his
    mouth pulls Jennifer’s hair caresses her neck
    she turns around and face him he kisses her lips and passes the ecstasy into her
    mouth with his tongue as they kiss French they make out with kisses
    three-way Nicolas then gets behind Jennifer collects her miniskirt she is
    not wearing underwear he begins to finger her as she makes out with
    Elizabeth with kisses hint Jennifer’s house night Jennifer Elizabeth and
    Nicholas had hot threesome while doing cocaine Nicolas does a line of cocaine
    from Jennifer’s vagina and gives her oral pleasure as she makes out with
    Elizabeth with French kiss Nicolas that gets between Jennifer’s legs and enters
    her sweetly Elizabeth like sweet lies next to Jennifer and smokes with style
    she then leans next to Jennifer and gives her a shotgun as Nicolas enters
    her Jennifer briefs out the smoke
    seductively cut – Jennifer does a line of cocaine from Elizabeth’s belly
    caresses her breasts and kisses her with tongue Jennifer and Elizabeth kiss
    French Nicolas sits on the sofa and watches them while smoking weed we stay
    with them for a bit on the soundtrack let me love you by DJ scenic featuring
    Justin Bieber plays melodiously hint Jennifer’s convertible moving night
    Jennifer drives in the street of Rome while singing with let me love you with
    Justin Bieber which is also playing on her cell phone listening the song on her
    headphone there is a slow-moving traffic Jennifer removes her underwear and
    throws it out of the car as she continues to sing she removes her blouse
    and throws it out of a car she is not wearing bra her breasts dangle on her
    chest faultlessly she then removes her miniskirt throws it out of the car and
    begins to drive nude while singing people looks at her weird young people
    shout to get her attention they like what they are seeing Jennifer
    smiles to herself ignores them and continues to drive naked then the
    traffic stops moving Jennifer lights a cigarette and waits in
    her car smoking then on the soundtrack I knew you were trouble by Taylor Swift
    plays it also plays on Jennifer’s cellphone she does a monologue thing and
    begins to sing with Taylor Swift while smoking the traffic is not moving
    Jennifer opens the door gets out of the car and begins to walk in the middle of
    a street nude between cars moving her body and sensuality while singing I knew
    you were trouble by Taylor Swift she has a cigarette on her fingers everybody
    looks at it off some people take out their cell phone and record her she
    doesn’t feel slight bit of shame continues to sing naked unapologetically
    like Madonna then come an Italian police officer riding motorcycle in the middle
    of the lanes to arrest her however the camera does pen to Jennifer as she
    continues to sing I knew you were trouble and danced nude while smoking
    cigarette with style we stay with her note we don’t see the police officer
    arresting her int mental institution day Jennifer sits on the sofa watching
    Forrest Gump with bunch of mental patients male and female most of them
    are young around her age they are looking at her out of curiosity it’s
    hard to tell if they are mental patients by looking they seem harmless
    sad scared and lost souls then one of the girls starts screaming talking to
    herself leave me alone what do you want from me this is my life and hits her own
    head violently the superintendent and two guards quickly rushed the patient
    and holds her arms the main nurse comes with tranquilizer and injects her in the
    arm she gets quiet the superintendent’s take her away the patients get scared
    Jennifer seems worried yet one patient seems unaffected he is checking Jennifer
    out she catches his eyes he gives her a big smile she returns his smile politely
    and turns attention back to the movie in the meantime on the soundtrack music
    plays melodiously then dr. Robert 47 calls her name Jennifer gets up from the
    sofa and walks up to him he tells her to come with him they head to his office
    mental institution Robert’s office day Jennifer sits at Roberts desk Robert
    asks her a few questions while taking notes Jennifer I had nervous breakdown
    not a big deal people go through that shit occasionally I am fine I swear to
    god there is nothing wrong with me I am aware of my action I don’t belong in
    this nuthouse I meant mental institution how can I be
    crazy if I know what I am doing Robert you were walking in the street nude
    assaulted a police officer resisting arrest and were screaming you were
    burning inside Jennifer I meant hot he looks at her as if he were asking her if
    that is normal Jennifer come on Doc it’s part of acting I was preparing for a
    role get lost in method acting is that a crime Robert do you hear voices in your
    head Jennifer no Robert is there history of
    mental illness in your family Jennifer not that I am aware of it maybe my uncle
    George they say he is paranoid schizophrenia they thought he talked to
    himself like a lunatic but he is a stage actor he does that to get in characters
    he memorizes a play and creates imagery characters and speak to them as if they
    were real he does it everywhere in the bus at social gathering restaurants in
    the street bars parks what-have-you sometimes he does it to see the
    expression of people’s faces changing how they going to react and to get a
    kick out of the experience I guess acting runs in the family Robert
    do you take any depression pills Jennifer is that a trick question Robert
    just answer yes or no Jennifer I started taking Prozac
    recently its antidepressant prescribed by a doctor Robert how many pills do you
    take a day Jennifer I take it exactly as prescribed to a day after meal Robert I
    am trying to help you just tell me the truth it’s confidential prozac has
    serious side effects it includes serotonin syndrome mania seizures an
    increased risk of suicidal behavior in people under 25 years old and an
    increased risk of bleeding Jennifer sometimes I took three or four when I
    get depressed but make sure I balance it like if I take three and 24 hours
    I only take one next 24 hours he takes notes Robert what about do you take
    illegal substances drugs Jennifer no never touch them Robert the police found
    marijuana in your purse Jennifer marijuana is not a legal substance
    Robert you could go to prison up to three years Jennifer
    people smoke it in Amsterdam at regular basis Robert this is not Amsterdam it’s
    Rome Italy they could have put you in prison instead they brought you here
    because of your behavior Jennifer although police are not allowed to
    search your belonging without a search warrant what are they doing in snooping
    in my purse Robert they were looking at contact information friends relatives or
    family Jennifer still they shouldn’t have touched my stuff without a warrant
    it’s against the law Robert where are your parents
    Jennifer they are in America Robert do you know their phone number Jennifer
    wait 555 fuck I forget my boyfriend is Fabio he is an actor everybody knows him
    just call him and tell him I am locked in a mental institution he will clarify
    this confusion Robert what is his phone number
    Jennifer 5:30 to fuck I swear my brain is playing trick on me
    all of a sudden I forget all phone numbers except my real boyfriend
    Sebastian 345 to 783 5321 but don’t bother calling him he doesn’t
    pick up the phone he completely shut me down Robert does he have anything to do
    with you acting out of ordinary Jennifer what do you mean out of ordinary Robert
    abnormal Jennifer why don’t you just say crazy Robert we prefer to use a
    scientific or polite term Jennifer first I am NOT crazy I just had a temporary
    mental breakdown I have already collected my thoughts I am fine you know
    how could someone walk out of your life without telling you anything and
    abandoned you like a street cat that he found at his doorstep
    maybe I act irrational my heart couldn’t take the pain anymore
    her eyes filled with tears dream about him every night he is with
    me kissing my lips it feels real tears falls by her cheeks but when I wake up
    in the morning he is not with me I am alone I can’t live without him I miss
    him so much you know it is not like we had a fight he is the most romantic man
    I have ever met in my life I found out that he was involved in some kind of
    stock market fraud and asked him about it he told me the truth I didn’t care
    it’s not like he murdered someone even he did I was willing to keep his
    secret in my heart till passion do us part
    instead he decided to walk out of my life disappear the face of the earth you
    know I was going to hire a private detective and tell him to find him
    whatever he is hiding but I thought it would be insanity perhaps it sounds
    blasphemy but acting abnormal is not as crazy as falling head-over-heels in love
    with a messiah I might as well say the light the truth and the way we just do
    what our hearts tell us to do when our souls abandoned us in the darkness
    Robert says nothing he looks at her eyes with tenderness on the soundtrack music
    plays softly he is not sure if she is sane or crazy he studies her eyes
    carefully and continues to ask her a few more questions without a sound hint
    mental institution day Jennifer and Fabian exit from the mental institution
    holding arms and walk down the sidewalk ext parking lot day Jennifer and Fabian
    come to Fabian’s 2017 Porsche Boxter convertible
    Fabian opens the passenger’s door for Jennifer she gets in the car
    Fabian closes the door walks around the automobile gets behind the wheel and
    starts the vehicle they move down the parking lot gets on the Main Street and
    drive away hint Fabian’s Porsche convertible moving day
    ever continued to drive close up Jennifer she has lost in thought
    fade to black sometime later fade him hint opera-house night Jennifer and
    Fabio sit in the Opera box they are watching Don Giovanni by Mozart
    Wolfgang a Matthias we stay with Jennifer Fabio and Don Giovanni for a
    bit Jennifer then Jennifer I want you to take me back to my house Fabio we just
    got here like 15 minutes ago we’ll leave after this act Jennifer how
    many acts do we have to watch Fabio it says there are a total of 2x this is
    the first act will go after this Jennifer I don’t know if I can wait
    another minute I have a big headache I want to go home now
    Fabio okay they get up and begin to leave
    ext Opera House de Jennifer and Fabio exit Jennifer I am sorry when I get
    hungry I get headache it must be the blood sugar in my heart I couldn’t
    breathe simultaneously Fabio cellphone rings he takes out his
    cell phone and looks at it who is calling Fabio it’s my daughter let me
    talk to her for a minute Fabio answers the phone Fabio on the
    phone hi sweetheart was it pause listening Jennifer moves decide to
    give him privacy then Jennifer see Sebastian and Emily exiting a restaurant
    located across the Opera House across the street Sebastian and Emily are about
    to get into Sebastian’s car close-up Jennifer she doesn’t believe what she’s
    looking at as if Satan came out of hell opened her chest took out her heart and
    dropped it in the habitation of fallen angels and all that Sebastian the Prince
    of Darkness himself across the street Sebastian opens the door for Emily she
    gets in the passenger seat Sebastian closes the door comes around the
    convertible gives the valid man 100 euros opens the door and gets behind the
    wheel Jennifer continues to watch them
    Sebastian and Emily get closer and kiss Sebastian starts the car Sebastian and
    Emily drive away Jennifer stands speechless
    Fabio hangs up the phone and walks up to her Fabio was it Jennifer it’s nothing
    you look like you just saw a ghost Jennifer I thought I saw someone I knew
    but it is nothing you can go back and finish the show I’ll take a taxi home
    I am tired Fabio it’s okay I’ll Drive you home
    I am NOT a big fan of opera just brought you I thought you might like it they
    resume walking on the soundtrack music plays melodiously int Sebastian’s yacht
    knife Sebastian is at the kitchen preparing
    dinner Italian cuisine could a letter with pineapple then Emily comes out from
    the shower room with a towel wrapped around her body and walks up to the
    kitchen Emily what are you cooking Sebastian Kydd a letter with pineapple
    baked his French Sebastian have a seat it’s done Emily sits at the dinner table
    Sebastian places the kids a letter on the plate he grabs the plate comes up to
    the table and puts it in front of Emily Sebastian then takes a wine bottle from
    the table opens the top and pours it in the glass for Emily Sebastian enjoy
    Emily takes the knife and the fork she cuts the kiddo letter with her knife
    takes the piece places it in her mouth and downs it with the wine Emily it’s
    delicious gets up from her chair but I am not in the mood for was it again she
    walks around the table and sits on his lap Sebastian Kydd Oleta Emily imitating
    Samuel Jackson in Pulp Fiction kid Oleta he smiled softly they exchanged soft
    kisses Emily does it start with K or C Sebastian see Emily I am not in the mood
    for anything that starts with C I am in the mood for die hard sex they kiss
    French on the soundtrack Italian music plays
    melodiously Sebastian and Emily kiss more intimately he then picks her up and
    takes her to the bed Emily and Sebastian fall on the bed they
    kiss more passionately remove their clothes and begin to make love
    ext Rome Harbor Sebastian’s boat knife Mercedes convertible Jennifer comes
    driving and parks her car in front of Sebastian’s boat Jennifer remains in her
    car for a while and Sebastian’s boat night Emily and Sebastian continue to
    make love it’s seductive alluring steamy and passionate ext Rome Harbor
    Jennifer’s convertible night Jennifer opens her compact love revealing
    9-millimeter handgun she takes the gun gets out of the car and walks up to
    Sebastian’s boat and Sebastian’s boat nut Emily and Sebastian continue to make
    love the exterior Sebastian’s boat knife Jennifer enters
    the boat we stay outside then here six shots the Vote windows light up with
    each gunshot ext Rome Harbor Sebastian’s boat night Jennifer exits soaked in
    blood she drops the gun in the water and walks up to her car hint
    Jennifer’s convertible knife Jennifer gets behind the wheel starts the car and
    drives away flashback int Valley theater knife
    since it’s in the middle of the theater and watches Emily who is performing
    ballet in the princess of sight appiah it’s set in an exotic planet it’s very
    energetic Valley Emily is a leading act David is male leading act play has mark
    who travels to site appiah in search of rich and fortune with spaceship and
    falls in love with the princess Ida Pia Serena played by Emily a medium shot of
    Emily and David as they continue to dance they dance synchronized close-up
    Sebastian he continues to watch Emily in wonder close-up Emily and David Emily
    and David dance in coordination we stay with them for a bit int Restaurant knife
    Sebastian and Emily sit at table with glasses of lines on the soundtrack we
    continue to hear the same music form the valet there is a silent moment
    Sebastian then produces a small box on his hand opens it revealing 24 carat
    diamond ring goes down with one knee and asks her to marry him she accepts his
    proposal Sebastian places the ring in her middle
    finger emily puts her arms around him and kisses him French close up Sebastian
    and Emily they kiss more intimately ext restaurant night Sebastian and Emily
    exit the valid comes driving Sebastian’s Mercedes convertible and stops next to
    them Sebastian opens the door for Emily she
    gets in the passenger seat Sebastian closes the door comes around
    the car gives the valid 100 euros and gets behind the wheel Sebastian and
    Emily get closer and kiss Sebastian then starts the car and drives away across
    the street Jennifer watches them in shock
    ext slashings Sebastian’s Mercedes convertible moving night medium shot of
    Sebastian and Emily they talk without a sound
    Emily then unbuckles her seat belt comes up to Sebastian and begins to kiss his
    earlobe his cheeks his nose Emily sits on his lap and kisses his lips Sebastian
    kisses her while driving it’s one of the sexiest shots in cinema history a medium
    shot of Mercedes convertible with Emily and Sebastian who continued to kiss
    driving in the serega row hint Sebastian’s boat sunrise
    Bastien and emily lie on the bed in each other’s arms shot multiple times while
    cuddling they are not dead they are still breathing
    gays each other’s eyes there are bloods on their mouths Emily tells him I love
    you he collects all his strength Lane’s next to her tells her I love you too and
    kisses her lips she puts her arms around him and kisses him while bleeding
    Sebastian and Emily take their last breaths with French kiss int mental
    institution main room de Jennifer sits on the table and play chess with dr.
    Robert they are alone he moves his queen and places it in
    front of her King Robert checkmate Jennifer smiles at him seductively and
    gets lost in a fantasy flashback hint Sebastian’s boat bedroom sunrise
    Sebastian and Emily lie on the bed lifeless Jennifer returns to the bedroom
    she looks at Sebastian she then removes her clothes nude pulls the blanket that
    is stained with blood drops it on the floor gets on top of Sebastian and tells
    him she loves him and kisses him passionately amazingly Sebastian is
    alive Jennifer places his penis in her vagina
    with her hand and begins to write him in madness Emily is lying next to Sebastian
    breathless Jennifer who is covered with blood looks at Emily it reminds her the
    first night they had threesome the background changes to love scene
    threesome that we saw previously Jennifer continues to ride Sebastian
    seductively cowgirl style however this time it’s fantasy he is alive and
    kicking emily is not dead either she is just sleeping note we might see
    some of the best times that Sebastian and Jennifer spent with series cuts
    Jennifer then begins to ride Sebastian fanatically making all kinds of sexual
    sounds Jennifer reaches climax and lies on Sebastian’s chest with exhaustion she
    tells him I love you so much he tells her I love you so much too they
    kiss French intimately and

    Inside Look Norwegian Epic – Norwegian Cruise Line
    Articles, Blog

    Inside Look Norwegian Epic – Norwegian Cruise Line

    September 20, 2019

    Unveiled in June 2010, the 4,100 passenger Norwegian Epic is one of the Norwegian Cruise Line’s largest ships ever. At 155,873 tons, Epic was the second largest cruise ship ever built at the time of its debut (after Royal Caribbean’s 225,282 ton Oasis of the Seas) and includes one of the largest and most activity-filled top decks at sea. The massive, 200-foot Epic Plunge is the only tube slide at sea. It’s part of a sprawling complex of slides, pools and hot tubs on the top deck of the ship called the Aqua Park. Epic offers more than 20 eateries, including a full-service sushi bar called Wasabi. Like most other Norwegian Cruise Line ships, Epic also has a Japanese Teppanyaki restaurant. Epic is the first Norwegian Cruise Line ship with a stand-alone Chinese eatery. Shanghai’s serves wok fried dishes, noodles and dim sum. Moderno Churrascaria, a new concept for Norwegian Cruise Line, is the first churrascaria restaurant on a cruise ship. Its specialty: Skewers of barbecued meats carved tableside. A mainstay of other Norwegian Cruise Line ships, Le Bistro French Restaurant is back on Epic with contemporary French cuisine. Another signature eatery found on other Norwegian Cruise Line that has returned on Epic is Cagney’s Steakhouse. The coolest bar on the ship? Surely, it’s the below-freezing SVEDKA Ice Bar, where patrons are given a thermal coat to keep warm while enjoying colorful drinks. Fish and chips, pot pie and other classic pub fare is on the menu at O’Sheehan’s Neighborhood Bar and Grill, a sprawling, 24-hour hot spot in the middle of the ship that offers pool tables, foosball and even a three-lane bowling alley. Norwegian Epic offers a number of nightspots for entertainment, including a comedy club and the Fat Cats Jazz and Blues Club, shown here. Billed as the first ‘big top’ at sea, the Spiegel Tent is home to Cirque Dreams and Dinner, an unusual circus show that features acrobats and other entertainers. Norwegian Cruise Line has made waves in the industry with its New Wave balcony cabins, which have curved walls to maximize space. The 216-square-foot rooms have a unique bathroom treatment where the sink, shower and toilet are all separate. Another cabin option on Epic is the Spa Balcony Stateroom, which comes with complimentary access to the steam rooms, sauna and hydrotherapy pool of the ship’s Mandara Spa thermal suites. Norwegian Epic is one of the first ships in years to be built with cabins for solo travelers. Dubbed the Studio Staterooms, the 100-square-foot, inside-facing rooms feature chic modern décor, mood lighting and a one-way window to the corridor. There are 128 studio cabins for solo travelers on Epic, all in a centralized, two-deck area of the ship that has its own private sitting and bar area called The Studio Lounge. The inside cabins on Norwegian Epic are 128 square feet and can accommodate up to four people. At 852 square-feet, Epic’s Deluxe Owner’s Suites are nearly four times the size of standard balcony cabins and among the ritziest accommodations on the ship. Shown here: The bedroom area of the suites. The Living Room area of a Deluxe Owner’s Suite. The suites can hold up to four people. Another high-end option on Norwegian Epic are the ship’s 60 Courtyard Villas, which are located in a private “ship-within-a-ship” complex at the front of the vessel. Shown here is the bedroom and bathroom area of one of the villas, which also features a living area. The Courtyard Villa complex includes a private sunning deck with two hot tubs, shown here, as well as a steam room, indoor/outdoor dining, a bar, concierge lounge and a private gym with access to the ship’s personal trainers. A dedicated concierge attends to passengers in the private complex. Epic also is home to the large Mandara Spa complex where passengers will find everything from hot stone massages to facials, to accupuncture and Botox treatments. The back of the Norwegian Epic houses Spice H2O, a two-level, adults-only ‘beach club’ that boasts nighttime entertainment.


    Sand Fleas VS Green Crab: Which is the Best Fishing Bait?

    September 19, 2019

    Which bait do you guys think will work better? Oh! You got it? [Edmund] Yeah. Nice! Oh! Ho ho ho ho! Ha ha ha
    [Erin] He got that. What was that on?
    [Edmund] Uh, the green crab. Green crab. [Edmund] Sweet. Which do you guys think works better for you? Green crab? or sand fleas? Comment below. What’s going on, guys? Today we’re having a classic showdown between two very effective baits, the green crab versus sand fleas. Let’s try it out. So, today we are at the Deleware Indian River Inlet, and this place is awesome, I’ve been realy liking this place this year it’s produced a lot of big fish for me, but this time we’re going after a fish called the blackfish, and you may have seen us fail at it last week, but um, this week I have learned, I’m a little bit smarter, and maybe I’ll be able to catch a little more fish. So today, we are using sand fleas and green crabs, two of the really common baits around this area. A lot of you guys may have seen these little creatures in bait stores, or you see them at the beach, well, they’re really, really good bait. Um, fish love them. Fish love them and tog love them. The tog is also known as blackfish, and uh, blackfish like to eat crustaceans, like, like, um, like sand fleas, barnacles, uh, crabs, um, and their meat is very delicious, and that’s what we’re really after today, is, we’re going to try and catch some dinner. Has anybody used little green crabs before? Because this is my first time using it, I uh, I found some tutorials online as to how to use this as bait, today I’m going to show you what I learned online and maybe help you guys out a little bit when using the green crab or sand fleas. So… First up! let’s try the green crab. So, for the green crab there’s a special way to cut it um, and I’m just going to warn you now, it’s kind of graphic, kinda dirty, kinda nasty, but hey, it’s fishing, sometimes you gotta do that. Um, so if you’re offended by this, please turn it off, or switch to a different episode, I don’t want to offend anyone, but this is how you use it as bait. So to use this for bait, you need a pair of scissors, and supposedly you’re supposed to cut the legs off first, but I don’t want to put it through any more suffering than it needs to, so I’m just going to cut it straight in half. Okay? So now it’s dead, right? Now after I cut in half I cut all the legs off, and there’s many ways to use this as bait– ooh, someone got a fish –there’s many ways to use this as bait, uh, the way I’m trying today is I’m taking the shell off and I’m just going to use this, [Erin] Ooh.
    this half of the crab, and put that on the hook. Alright, so now that I have the crab and took the top of the shell off, I’m going to hook it through, um, one of these leg holes. Up and out. There you go. And the bait is set! So what I’m going to do is, instead of, instead of casting it way out there, the tog actually like to hide by the rocks, close in, and you don’t have to cast it out there if you don’t– I think there’s a higher chance of snagging out there. So what I’m going to do is just cast it probably 10 feet out, and make sure you feel the sinker on the bottom. And the you just sit and wait! You wait for a tug, you let it tug the first time, and then the second time it gives you a big tug, that’s when you set the hook, and that’s where I kept messing up last time… [Erin] The sky looks amazing. Look. I’ve got a bite already. *reel clicks* ♫ ♫ ♫ Whoo! That was quick! That was like, two seconds!
    [Erin] Wow. Hoo hoo! –and my brand new Mitchell 402–! [Erin] Ohh
    It worked “reely” well (lol) that was so fast! This is a little tog, but it was–see? it was just right out there it was not very far out, Now it’ll balance here by itself, you get to see the little ‘tap tap taps.’ I’ve actually been–
    [Erin] It’s tapping! It’s tapping? [Erin] Oh, it was for a second, I thought. I’ve been watching all the other fishermen, and they’ve been leaning it on it like this and just balancing it, [Erin] Seems risky. I’m going to stand by it. Oh-ugh! No. It snagged me.
    [Erin] Noo… ♫ ♫ ♫ See that? [Oh!] [He’s keepin it high] Woah! Hoo hoo!
    [Keeping it dry!] Nice one! Green crab! And another–it was like–! It was in the water for probably 20 seconds, Green crab works really well. [Apparently] Now the keeper size is about 15 inches, I don’t think that’s quite 15 inches, but I’ll give it a measure. [Ooh]
    Yeah. So I’ve got two crabs, well, I’ve got one whole crab on here now, it’s got a lot of mustard coming out of it so maybe, uh, it’ll definitely attract something else, –maybe it’ll attract something a little bit bigger.
    [Something a little–?] [Ohh.] ♫ ♫ ♫ See that, is that a hit? [Yes!] Ho ho! Look, something’s biting it! Those little bait stealers! They’re really good at stealing bait! That was a whole crab! Took a whole crab. It’s kind of a pain to keep having to cut off you know, like keep cutting crabs one after another, ’cause you lose your bait really quickly. So…
    [Messy?] They definitely work, do they work better than sand fleas? I’m not sure… but I’m going to try a few more fish with this. Already!
    [Woah, already?] ♫ ♫ ♫ Oh my god, it’s so strong!
    [Woahh ho ho ho hoo!] It’s such a strong-fighting fish!
    [Come on, Brendon! Don’t lose it!] They’re such a strong-fighting fish. For this size? That felt like a big striper, honestly. [It looked like it was pulling pretty hard…] Alright. 13 inches.
    [Okay.] Needs to be about this big, 15.
    [15] [Two more inches.]
    Two more inches.
    [and we’ve got dinner.] If you guys havent seen our giveaway yet, we’re giving away a creator bundle, a YouTube creator bundle, um, meaning we have a PDF for you to show you how to grow your fishing channel, we have a Deeper fish finder to help you find fish, and we are giving you a camera so you guys can record your own show. and if you guys want to enter, um, you have until November 22nd and we’ll include a link below. So from my experience tog fishing the past month or so, I’ve learned from the locals, I’ve learned from experience, that uh, the kind of setup you need is kind of specific for tog. If you really want to have a higher chance to hook up on them, 1) you need a fast reel 2) You need sensitive line, meaning braid. and 3) you’ll need a longer rod because you’ll want to be able to uh, you want to be able to yank them up, if it’s too short— you need the power with the long rod, and what I’m using today is my 8 foot Mojo surf St. Croix rod, which is it’s one of the most versatile rods I’ve ever purchased, uh, I use it for surf fishing, I use it for inlet fishing, I use it for, uh, shore fishing, it just works for so many different things. [So many videos…] –And this is my new baby. my mint condition Mitchell *402 salt water yeah, these are–this is a vintage reel, that um, was kept in really good condition and I got it on ebay for a really good price, the 402’s, they were designed for speed. Um, Mitchell actually revolutionized spinning reels, and um, before these, spinning reels– it was very hard to learn how to fish. This kind of made it easy for everybody. Um, what I really like about this is that it’s very simple in here, really easy to work on, it’s just one gear, and you can see form my other video, um, when we’re talking about old reels vs. new reels um, how basic and simple it is in here, how easy it is to repair, and service yourself. It’s messy. It’s messy to work with these, and, um… it takes time to cut it up… and..
    [You got some on my lense.] Sorry! [Ew…] ♫ ♫ ♫ Okay, this is why I like using sand fleas, it is– they’re very quick, you don’t have to cut them up, you just take two of them, put it on the hook, one… *cough* Two. You don’t need to cut it and trim it, it’s not messy, and it’s a lot quicker. [Ahh, that was very fast.] Well, let’s see if they bite. Let’s see which one gets more bites. [What the–?!] Argh! it snagged me up! [That was quick though!] See?! They’re hiding– they’re hiding in, like, under rocks, basically. They see the bait, they take it, and then they run back under the rock and snag you up. But this is so much faster to reload! [Right.] and it seems like it has the same effect.
    [but I feel like they’re also stealing it faster.] Like they–they’re killing both of them. [Yeah] They’re eating both of them but this is just faster to put on. [Okay.] I don’t know, and there’s something weird about me, like, cutting off the legs of a crab and like, cutting it in half, and it just feels wrong. [Ha ha ha ha!] [Yay.]
    *Woah!* *Woah!!* [Yayyy.] Nice, look at that hookset. [Let me see.]
    Perfectly. Right throught he cheek. [Ohh.] I just want to catch one keeper for dinner! [ ♫ It’s raining sand fleas ♫ ] [Ho ho!] [Come on!] [Oh, that is so high.] [Oh! That is a keeper, come on, that’s gotta be a keeper.] [Yeah, I agree] That’s gotta be a keeper. [Okay, I can help you get it untangled.] That was so strong.
    [Oh my goodness.] [Oh my goodness.] [See, um, I’d also like to advertise the importance of picking up your line after yourself, otherwise other people could get snagged, as Brendon is right now.] Look at that one!
    [Oh, that’s beautiful, Brendon] That’s a nice one, huh? Look at those piggy lips on it! [Oh, my.] Wow, look at that. [Oh my goodness!]
    That’s a nice one! [It is beautiful]
    I think that’s dinner-sized right there, [Let’s check. Here, I have it in my pocket.]
    Where’s the tape measurer? That’s definitely.
    [How long?] Fif–This is fifteen and a half. [Oh my gaaaaa…]
    This is sixteen. It’s a sixteen. [ Yaaaayyyy ]
    That thing was strong! [I’m so proud of you, I’d give you a high five but your hands are] [ ♫ covered in fish blood ♫ ]
    Ha! Ha! Alright, so I’mma kill it. ♫ ♫ ♫ Alright, so the concensus for me: The green crab worked very, very well, but so did the sand fleas. The only difference? This you have to cut up and take time to put on the hook, whereas this is like rapid fire. You saw how many fish we were losing, um, we have to keep constantly changing baits, and having to cut up a crab every time is kind of a pain in the butt for me, [It’s messy, yeah.]
    So my consensus is I will choose the sand fleas. [ Alright. That sounds good to me. ] Thank you guys for watching, Uh, I hope you guys subscribe, and if you’re already subscribed, maybe hit that little bell by the subscribe button so that, uh, every time we post you’ll get a notification. Thank you guys for watching.
    [We love you guys, bye.]


    How to Rig a Sailboat – DIY Back Stay Replacement w/ Norseman Fitting and Mechanical Terminals #7

    September 18, 2019

    okay today we are going to put on a new
    back stay sorry for shining that right up at the Sun in your eyes but the first
    thing to do is to take this single-sideband antenna off last time we
    changed the backstay was in Tahiti and at that time we got rid of the insulated
    back state I just didn’t like the idea of risking other parts to fail I’ve
    never heard of an insulated back stay failing but I didn’t want to take a
    chance and it’s a good thing we got rid of it and put on this easy to install
    antenna single side band antenna which just slips up the back of the stay okay we’ll take off this stopper piece that
    keeps it from sliding down and see okay perfect
    now this will slide right down. I was afraid it was gonna be stuck, and get the
    standoffs out of the way yeah see these white ties they just don’t last out here
    in the Sun so I’m switching over to the black ones I hear they stand up much
    better to the ultraviolet rays of the sun. look at that I can break that right
    off. these standoffs are just little pieces of PVC tubing that one’s a little
    tougher that one was probably made in America it’s just like slipping on
    plastic chafe guard on the stays if we had an insulated back stay on here would
    be in a world of trouble. much more cost, much more difficult getting things to
    the same measurements and this is holding up very well to the
    Sun.this had been on here gee, how many years seven years eight years so must be
    PVC. okay before I loosen this up the turnbuckle, I want to set up some lines
    from the port and the starboard side over here that’ll come up and then those
    will attach to the main halyard way up the top come down and that’ll be our new
    back stay while we take this one off we normally don’t attach the main halyard
    to the end of the boom like they teach you in basic sailing class we only do it
    when we’re at a marina we’re in a very secure Anchorage where we’re gonna be
    for a length of time right now we’re in Trincomalee Sri Lanka off the east coast
    of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka of course is a large island off the southeast coast of
    India. if you suggest to a Sri Lankan that they are Indian well you just
    better not do it very insulting. quite a different country. OK so I just lowered the
    topping lift and I’m gonna use the topping lift as part of the new
    backstay; temporary backstay. I’ll attach that now and then I’ll get the
    spinnaker halyard and bring that back so we’ll have double lines that’ll allow me
    to go up on the main halyard which I feel a lot safer on the main halyard than on the spinnaker halyard. The spinnaker halyard is just certainly they can carry my weight but
    why risk it. Now I have one end just tied in a bowline in there the other end comes
    around and ties to a cleat so I’ll be able to adjust port or starboard with
    this line so it’ll be centered okay so I just attached the topping lift
    so we set the boom down on the starboard side and it’s on a pad here on the
    lifeline and Rebecca just hauled me up on the bosun’s chair so I could take the
    spinnaker halyard and pass it over the spreader into the aft part of the mast
    so we have them both tied up here now. I’m going to pull tight and get things
    stretched out. topping lift. spinnaker halyard this is the main halyard I’ll go up the
    mast on. I’ll pull this tight then I’ll go back and adjust or what do you want
    to call it? saddle? all right we’ll call it a saddle. so it’s centered
    it’s nice heavy line normally I’ll hoist this up the mast on the spinnaker
    halyard and then use it to help pull myself up. That’s looking good. ‘good and shnug’. Germans “Tourk.” then we can
    pull tighter on the topping lift there’s no winch for this one. nope, yes
    and I’m gonna pull it through the center just like you’re not supposed to do okay I think that’s pretty good and
    tight. now I can start loosening the turnbuckle. Even though I have some
    tape on here as the mark, I could possibly you know when we take this apart just
    make the wire a half-inch shorter from the existing but this will be a double
    check on my measurements so that we can have more clearance more ability to
    tighten the the backstay I’m running out of space here running out of threads out
    at the top end I’m gonna make sure that when this is completely unthreaded I
    don’t drop this over the side I don’t feel like scuba diving today there we go I’ll give this a couple of
    twists make sure i t stays on. good. So since I have a lot of Lanacote on these
    threads and it’s a bit sticky it could make a mess if it touches anything on
    the boat but also to protect the threads I’ll wrap it all up in this rag. okay now
    it’s time to go up the mast and drop it from the top so we’ll have to get
    Rebecca out here to help me out she’ll hoist me up. “go go-go-go okay just take a second” Back in
    1979 I left Miami Florida in a 27-foot Catalina to sail around the world
    and it was in my head at that time that if you aren’t in good enough shape to
    climb your mast by yourself you should not be sailing. Oh kind of like Mick
    Jagger saying that he’s gonna stop rockin when he turns 30
    but of course a 27 foot boat the mast was half this high and I did weigh a few
    pounds lighter, not that much more. so as I’m grabbing the mass with my knees and
    something else that I can grab hold up I lift up Rebecca pulls the chair up
    behind me. normally I’d have a big fat rope hanging on this side off the
    spinnaker halyard so I could really hoist myself up and she pulls the chair
    up behind me but now of course we have the spinnaker halyard going that way as
    a temporary back stay along with the topping lift. okay break times over
    ‘okay ready? go go go go go’ okay so while were up here I’m
    gonna put the anemometer back on that we just disassembled, put a little oil on the
    bearings okay so that screw that screw is just sitting in there. now those
    threads are just a little stripped out so I’m gonna use some contact cement
    shoe goo. shoe goo good for fixing the soles of your shoes okay so this is one anemometer that’ll
    last for a long time coming now the backstay I’m just gonna tie this off
    up here that’s why I don’t like going up on the spinnaker halyard yeah it’s a
    little funky here it’s got a little chafed. you know just when are these
    shackles gonna give out? I much prefer going up over the sheaves of the main
    halyard this is just some of that really cheap
    line you get like 50 feet for five dollars. it doesn’t stand up in the
    sunlight – these arent much good for anything else really other than small
    jobs like this for tying things off temporarily. okay down we go “okay you
    ready to take it Rebecca? Here it comes” ah okay croaky
    I mean crow poops sorry crows. I mean down in Coconut Grove Florida they have
    starlings by the millions well here we have crows by the hundreds so we’re
    always chasing them off to other people’s boats and they chase them back. I
    threatened these other guys that aren’t here on their boat that I’m gonna set up
    a bird feeder for them ‘okay ready let me down’ okay so we have our new wire stretched
    out next to the old wire and we’ll pull that tight and measure a
    length of the new wiring cut it after we take off the Norseman terminal hello, how are you doing okay we just cut this cut that one off cut that one right there with
    the angle grinder oh no thanks good then we wrap it all back together all nice and symmetrical (I’ll tell you
    what I put it up so you can look haha..yeah we’re just waiting for Rebecca to come back
    with a Lanacote) so I can put it on the threads here. Lanacote is lanolin and
    you put it on the threads so that when I take it apart later it isn’t all frozen
    together it doesn’t rust together later very easy for taking apart this time. Its
    very sticky like flypaper. yes I told him he’s gonna go to, well maybe not
    Hollywood, but he’ll have to settle for YouTube oh you have to do me a favor you go to
    my youtube channel it’s brand new and look up Patrick Childress and you’ll see
    the projects that we’ve been putting up on YouTube and you have to give it a
    like, a thumbs up. we need all the help we can get. Its getting there.
    Lanacote. good we have sealant coming out-that’s a
    good sign- let’s spread that around a little bit and then we can clean up and go put it
    back together on the boat, just that fast and easy. no big mystery. okay now we’re
    back at it. see this nice shiny clevis pin it’s grade five titanium. you can
    tell it’s titanium it has a dimpled end on it as opposed to most clevis pins
    like this one, that this flat on the end. grade five titanium is three and a half times
    stronger then 316 stainless steel and it’s about half the weight. this will
    last forever. it’s impervious to the saltwater environment. I got to use
    from Allied Titanium in Washington state they have a manufacturing facility there
    the same place we got our chain plates and our new bow roller assembly. Will it fit or will it not? Did I cut it too
    short? hey would you hang on to that for me put
    a little Lanacote on all this stuff you can always cut it shorter. I made it a
    little shorter because I needed more adjustment I was running out of threads if I made it a half-inch shorter but you
    never know till you put it together! (Someone else speaking) you know it’s really sticky
    this stuff I we put this on in Tahiti and I used Lanacote then and it’s still
    no problem at all taking it off it worked all those years.. yeah we bought one in Tahiti and then it
    was too short oh just by you know like three inches –
    but within like 10 minutes a friend came on into the marina on in his own boat oh
    and he just happened to have coiled up in the back
    2 stays that were too short for his Boat! it was perfect for us what luck, what
    timing okay it’s the end of the day and everything is back together so
    shortening the backstay by about a half inch centers my threads perfect just
    what we needed to do and you can see where it was before when we started and
    how many more threads now I can pull down tight and I can take the tape off
    of the top end here which we put on just so the butyl caulk wouldn’t be getting
    on anybody or anything that stuff is like flypaper once it sticks to you it
    just pulls off in long threads so yeah we have our new backstay everything is done
    the hardest part of the whole project is putting on the single sideband antenna which slides
    up the backstay. it’s much better than an insulated
    wire which just runs into too many complications when you want to renew
    things. now Im lubing it with some lithium grease it took two of us to push
    this up to the height that it was originally and even when I installed
    this in Tahiti years ago I about eight nine years ago it was extremely
    difficult to push up at that time. It hasn’t gotten any easier which just
    shows how robust this PVC plastic is It really just stands up so well to the
    environment. Well thanks a lot for watching. I hope this video was helpful to
    you. and if it was please give us a thumbs up
    down there on the bottom of the screen and also subscribe and we’ll see you next
    time as we kind of fade off into the Setting Sun with some rain on the way.
    thanks for watching see you later1