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    Memory of Autumn 2019, Lyn-family have fishing. Too boring to be at home because of Corona-19.
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    Memory of Autumn 2019, Lyn-family have fishing. Too boring to be at home because of Corona-19.

    March 13, 2020

    Because of coronavirus we never go out Lyn : I’m bored Hennah : Mama said wake up everybody Lyn : I’m bored Lyn : I’m bored Hennah : What we will going to do? Let’s watch our fishing video autumn of 2019 we depart very early in the morning around 5 am. as you can see still dark outside what a beautiful sunrise Hi, Guys!! good morning from here! another amazing view for today’s review is going to be a fishing vlog it’s our new hobby So we are going to catch fish now wish us luck guys~ Let’s go, Let’s do this this is the view of our location for me be with nature is the most relaxing feeling my stress reliever and my reminder of all wisdom truly, nature is a healer so I am ready to catch fishes my husband set up everything and yeah let’s catch fishes Bana : Very nice Guys~ I caught a fish!!! you are so lucky ~~ good good!! red color fishes, right? Bana : name is Bluefin Searobin. and of course our food we just got food from convenience store Because we are in hurry so this is our food Ramyeon kimbap Hennah choco cookies Pepero sandwich more cup noodles what’s this? just like Kimbab chopsticks shrimp noodles shrimp flavor my feet so nice so relaxing

    인도여행 국제커플 Indian Sandwiches are spicy!! Kovalam beach trip. Korean trip to India |Jubilee JJ
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    인도여행 국제커플 Indian Sandwiches are spicy!! Kovalam beach trip. Korean trip to India |Jubilee JJ

    March 10, 2020

    We are at HAJI ALI for having Indian sandwiches. Is that Mushroom Sandwich? Coriander / I heard Korean. Haha Coriander Mozzarella Cheese Season sauce? It is a spicy sauce. We bought earings from the market. Small ones are Rs.10 and big ones are Rs.30. It looks pretty! She chose a design similar to nail art. I am gonna wear earrings. Indian earring posts are thicker than Korean earring posts. Therefore, it is difficult to wear at first. This raindrop type earring is beautiful! Good quality and good price! Mango Juice, Pineapple juice and Icecream. There is Pomegranate in it. Isn’t it? / Yes. Is it jelly? / I guess… Tapioca maybe??? They serve most of the dessert with fruit!
    Even Falooda we had yesterday! It gives so fresh and crunches texture. So good. Yum! They made 100% fresh fruit juice
    without additional water or ice cubes. So it’s delicious.
    But not as cool as quenching my thirst. So confusing to speak two languages. lol Mango juice is soooo thick and rich. Like it! Sandwich time! This is cheese vegetable sandwich which we order. Vegi cheese grill sandwich Is it Potatos? / Maybe Tapioca? It is a little bit spicy also. But it is good. Tapioca, Capsicum, Potato, Cheese and bread made a good combination. How is it Yeaeun? Yummy? / Yes. It is savoury and tasty. All are happy with food! Enjoyed food. Yummy, yummy! They gave a customer feedback card. We’d love to give 100 out of 100. So a nice place to have food and good hospitality! Give love!!!!! [Not sponsored.] Rs.420 we paid. [It is not sponsored.] He is soooo good! He looks like Super Mario. He cooks sandwiches so nicely. It is awesome! [Say Hello to beautiful girls.] This is Seafood hotel. We are at Kovalam beach. We are enjoying sightseeing with my sister’s. Although you walk with barefoot,
    there is nothing wrong with it. Even you can build your ideal castle here. Even though your clothes are wet
    due to overwhelmed waves, you feel so excited. All is because you are on one of the most
    beautiful places, Kovalam beach. [It was beautifully mixed with yellow and black sand.] [Usually, it colours black.
    It feels like they are welcoming us.] [We were obsessed with the mystique of sand.] [It is said that golden sand comes
    to the black sand beach at a specific cycle.] [We are in love with Indian beaches.] [By the way, look at you!
    Red, orange, yellow and green. Are you rainbow? Lmao] [What is my boy thinking?] [I am always with him. So, it is unfamiliar for me
    to look his back who has responsibility.] That is tomato sauce and chilly sauce. It is interesting that they dip chilly sauce for chips. Where are we? / We are in Sea face hotel. It is awesome! Badu super / ???? / Pado (Waves)! Beach is really good! It is a beautiful place. It is Sea Face restaurant. It is here for almost 30 years, over 30 years. It is one of the best places for travellers to come and stay. And the food here is really good. I do recommend this hotel Sea-face
    to all our subscribers. Because the gods Grace, we are growing. We always have to put heavenly father between you, your partner or with your friends or with your family. and If you want to grow in faith,
    you should read the book of knowledge. That is the Bible! I want to tell you that today is a great day. Because our little sister, Yeaeun is sitting next to us. and she will speak a few words to us. Do you like Kerala? Yeeeeees! Yes, I love Kerala!
    / [She is sooo cute to speak in English!] I have been here a couple of times
    and I tried fish and seafood. It was an awesome and great meal. They are super and beautifully decorated. So we’re going to order
    some other food with my sister’s. We are about to buy souvenirs. We tried to get a good price. Adipoli! (Super) [He painted on leaves. So nice!] There are elephant, sheep, cows, lighthouse etc. Enjoy your meal!!!

    Norwegian Jade Cruise Ship Tour – Norwegian Cruise Line
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    Norwegian Jade Cruise Ship Tour – Norwegian Cruise Line

    March 8, 2020

    Unveiled in 2006, Norwegian Cruise Line’s 93,502 ton, 2,302 passenger Norwegian Jade is the second of four nearly identical “Jewel Class” ships that includes the Norwegian Jewel (2005), Norwegian Pearl (2006) and Norwegian Gem (2007). Norwegian Jade was constructed by Meyer Werft, the highly-acclaimed Papenburg, Germany-based shipyard that has built most of the ships in the current Norwegian fleet. The Norwegian Jade was originally commissioned for Norwegian’s NCL America subsidiary as its third Hawaiian-based vessel, the Pride Of Hawai’i. The Pride Of Hawai’i was christened in Los Angeles in a gala ceremony attended by longtime Hawaiian senator Daniel Inouye, who was instrumental in helping pass legislation to allow NCL America to register its ships in the United States. In time-honored seafaring tradition, a magnum of champagne was sent crashing into the ship’s hull. NCL America suffered from a number of startup issues, resulting in the transfer of two of its three ships back into the Norwegian fleet. After only 20 months in Hawaiian service, the Pride Of Hawai’i was renamed Norwegian Jade and placed in year-round European cruise service in early 2008. Like all ships in the Norwegian fleet, Norwegian Jade is distinguished by its unique hull art, a swirling jade-colored wave that “splashes back” nearly three hundred feet from the prow. Powered by MAN diesels that drive twin pods at a service speed of 25 knots, the 965 by 106 foot Norwegian Jade sports 15 decks and has a myriad of restaurants, lounges and amenities to accommodate the line’s “Freestyle Cruising” brand. It also boasts a “ship within a ship” complex of exclusive suites called the Courtyard Villa. The forward portion of the uppermost level, Deck 15 begins at the base of the radio mast. This is a view facing aft from Deck 15 overlooking the Deck 14 sun deck and midships pool area. The aft portion of Deck 15 begins atop the midships Courtyard Villa complex. The starboard side, shown facing aft, is for general passenger use. The port side of aft Deck 15 is for the exclusive use of Courtyard Villa suite guests and boasts posh wicker and cabana style seating. The forward portion of Deck 14, shown facing port, overlooks the bow and is sheltered from high winds by a full-length glass screen. Colorful murals adorn many of the ship’s bulkheads, as seen in this forward-facing view from the Deck 14 sunning terrace. From the Deck 14 sunning terrace, there is a fine view over the midships Waikiki Beach Pool area on Deck 12, which includes two pools (the forward one is exclusively for adults), a water slide and four hot tubs. The Courtyard Villa complex is in the background. Here is a forward-facing view over the Waikiki Pool area from the top of the Courtyard Villa complex. In addition to the pools, hot tubs and slide, there are chaise lounges for sunning, tables, chairs, beach umbrellas, poolside casino tables and a ping pong table. Inside the Courtyard Villa complex, there is a small wading pool reserved for occupants of the ten Courtyard Villas. Courtyard Villa occupants have their own cardio corner adjacent to the private pool. Overlooking the stern of the ship, there is bleacher-style seating adjacent to a large games court. Here is a forward-facing view through the games court netting towards the bleachers. Of the four ships in the Jewel class, Norwegian Jade and the earlier Norwegian Jewel are the pair without rock climbing walls. More sunning space can be found on Deck 13, encircling the pool area. On Deck 7, the Norwegian Jade has a full wrap-around promenade, which is ideal for jogging, shuffleboard, or just sitting in a deck chair and watching the sea roll by The 372-seat Spinnaker Lounge is one of the most eye-popping rooms aboard the Norwegian Jade. The observation lounge/cabaret showroom features whimsical seating and panoramic views along three sides from the vantage of forward Deck 13. With its yacht-inspired wood tones and blue “wave” carpet, the Spinnaker Lounge, shown here facing aft, is the venue for Norwegian’s once-per-cruise White Hot Night. Additional features include flat-screen televisions and pub games such as Foosball and darts. The Spinnaker Bar at the entrance to the Spinnaker Lounge features mahogany wood tones, riveted brushed steel and golf tee-style barstools. Just aft of the Spinnaker Lounge on the port side of Deck 13, there is a 24-seat Chapel for weddings and marriage vow renewals. On midships Deck 13 overlooking the pool area, there is the 56-seat Star Bar, which doubles as a daytime concierge lounge for suite and villa guests and an upscale evening cocktail bar that is open to all. Adjoining the starboard side of the Star Bar on Deck 13, the forward portion of Cagney’s Steakhouse is a demi-crescent-shaped space with full length windows overlooking the pool area. The aft portion of Cagney’s, shown facing starboard, is a rectangular space that is accessed from either side of midships Deck 13. Together with the forward section, the popular extra-tariff dining venue accommodates 168. Cagney’s is distinguished by its lemon-yellow leather seating and oversized mural of a metropolitan cityscape. Popular courses here include a 32-ounce Porterhouse steak for two, broiled Maine lobster, veal, lamb, grilled chicken and a selection of seafood. There is a $25 per person additional tariff and reservations are recommended. The Norwegian Jade’s Yin and Yang Health Spa is located on forward Deck 12. This is a view of the unisex relaxation area and thermal benches. The Yin and Yang Health Spa also has separate men’s and women’s sauna areas that adjoin the relaxation area. The many massages and treatments offered in the Yin and Yang Health Spa include teeth whitening. The Yin and Yang Health Spa has 22 treatment rooms, including one for couples. The Fitness Center is adjacent to the Yin and Yang Health Spa on the port side of Deck 12 and includes a well-equipped gym with cardio equipment, weight machines and free weights. There is an aerobics room in the Fitness Center for spinning, Pilates, Yoga, step classes and kick boxing. The 24 seat SS United States Library is on the starboard side of Deck 12, just aft of the Yin and Yang Health Spa. Named for the 1952-built ocean liner that won the Blue Ribband for fastest Atlantic crossing, it features a large scale model of the ship and attractive 1950s inspired decor. The Library adjoins a card room and lifestyles room. On midships Deck 12 just aft of the pool area, the Tree Top Kids Club is a supervised facility with a play gym, movie theater, computer center and an arts and crafts area. Located on aft Deck 12, the Garden Cafe accommodates 468 guests inside with a separate kids area that seats 38. The casual-buffet dining venue still boasts its original Hawaiian-themed decor with tiki figures and a floral motif. At night, it takes on a more sophisticated ambience with candlelight and tablecloths. Well-situated action stations help keep Garden Cafe congestion at bay and feature freshly cooked and prepared-to-order foods in addition to pizza, fruit, soups, pasta, ethnic specialties, sandwiches, burgers, desserts, a salad bar and more. The al-fresco aft portion of the Garden Cafe seats an additional 240 guests with a view over the ship’s wake. Papas Italian Kitchen is a casual, 112 seat extra tariff ($10 per person) Italian restaurant that serves pizza, pasta and other popular dishes. Located on port Deck 12 next to the Garden Cafe, its specialties include Osso Buco and Lobster Ravioli. On Deck 11, the Norwegian Jade and her sisters feature an unusual Bridge Viewing Room that occasionally allows visitors to peer into the wheelhouse. Displays about the ship’s construction and engine room are an added highlight. The Norwegian Jade has a two deck atrium that spans midships Decks 7 and 8. In this aft-facing view from Deck 8, the reception can be seen on the lower level. In this forward-facing view of the Atrium from Deck 8, the grand staircase linking Decks 7 and 8 descends behind the 70-seat Aloha Bar, where coffees, iced coffee drinks and pastries are available. The large LED screen is used to broadcast news and sports events and can also be commandeered for Wii tournaments. On the port Deck 8 Atrium balcony, the 94-seat Blue Lagoon restaurant seats 94. Open 24 hours, the no-charge dining venue serves comfort food dishes like hamburgers, fish and chips, baked potato skins and other “diner” fare. The 144 seat Paniolo’s (Hawaiian Cowboy) Tapas and Salsa Restaurant is on the starboard balcony across from Blue Lagoon. The extra-tariff venue ($10 per person) features Tex Mex cuisine, hot and cold Tapas dishes and a tequila bar. The three-deck, 1,042 seat Stardust Theater is Norwegian Jade’s mainstage showroom, featuring Broadway-style revues, singers, comedians, magicians and other headline acts. Medusa’s Lounge is decoratively inspired by the jellyfish it is named for. Located on Deck 7, the 176-seat venue is both a nightclub and cabaret showroom. The three colorful “whatever rooms” that adjoin Medusa’s just happen to be equipped with state-of-the-art Karaoke equipment. The Jasmine Garden Asian Restaurant is a pan-Asian dining and bar complex on Deck 7 that features a Japanese/Thai/Chinese Restaurant. There is a $15 per person cover charge for dinner in the 108-seat main restaurant (shown here) and adjoining Sushi Bar. The complex of Asian restaurants and bars on Deck 7 are connected to Bar Central, a diverse district of watering holes on Deck 6, via an elegant Art Deco lobby and stairtower. An interactive Japanese dining nook, Teppanyaki, is located at the aft end of Jasmine Gardens on Deck 7. Seating 32, the $25 per person extra-tariff dining venue is the seagoing equivalent of Benihana, where the chef is the performer and the grill is his stage. At Teppanyaki, guests select their main course, be it fresh shrimp, meat or chicken, and watch as it is chopped, seasoned and grilled tableside. At Teppanyaki, guests select their main course, be it fresh shrimp, meat or chicken, and watch as it is chopped, seasoned and grilled tableside. Just aft of the Jasmine Garden on Deck 7, the Aloha Bar erupts from the lower level of the Atrium with its menu of Lavazza coffees and coffee drinks. If the volcano motif of the Aloha Bar isn’t definitive evidence of the Norwegian Jade’s original Hawaiian ancestry, the hand-blown glass hibiscus blossoms in the Atrium ceiling should be proof positive. Beyond the Atrium on Deck 7, the port-side passage doubles as an Art Gallery and 8-station Internet Cafe. The 7,000 square foot, department store-style Galleria Boutique is located on aft Deck 7. The Jade Club Casino is on Deck 6, just aft of the Stardust Theater and accommodates 367 guests. Games include slots, Blackjack, Roulette, 3 Card Poker, Texas Hold’em, Craps, Pai-Gow Poker, Baccarat and more. The upscale, extra-tariff ($20 per person) Art Nouveau-inspired French dining venue, Le Bistro, seats 116 guests on the port side of Deck 6. Le Bistro features silver plate cutlery, crystal stemware, linen napkins and distinctive butterfly-patterned Versace china chargers. Among the decorative highlights of Norwegian Jade’s Le Bistro is an original painting by Vincent Van Gogh loaned from the private collection of Tam Sri Lim Kok Thay, CEO of NCL’s co-parent company, Star Cruises. On certain sea days, Le Bistro is open for a gala, jazz-inflected brunch where live musicians perform favorite jazz and blues songs. A freshly-tossed Caesar Salad with optional shrimp or chicken is just one of many brunch specialties in Le Bistro. On Deck 6, adjacent to Bar Central and Le Bistro, there is a small lounge that was originally reserved for cigar smokers. Magnum’s Champagne & Wine Bar is located on Deck 6 at the foot of the grand staircase connecting Bar Central with the Jasmine Garden on Deck 7. Its French Art Deco-inspired setting takes a few decorative nods from the 1935-built transatlantic liner Normandie. Of the three watering holes in Bar Central, this 83-seat space is where one would gravitate for a favorite martini cocktail, caviar and, of course, a glass of champagne. The ceiling and bulkheads in the grand staircase linking Bar Central and the Jasmine Garden fuse colorful Art Deco glass panels with Asiatic lacquered paneling. Sandwiched between Magnum’s and Tankards in Bar Central, the 48-seat Mixers Martini and Cocktail Bar is an extremely attractive gallery with a view of the sea featuring maple-framed Art Deco seating and honey-wood tones. At the tail end of Bar Central on starboard Deck 6, Tankards Beer and Whiskey Bar features backlit artwork that represents famous whiskeys of the world The included-in-the-fare, 306-seat Alizar Restaurant is located on aft Deck 6. Taking its decorative palate from the neon blues, reds and purples of Mark Rothko, it features vividly backlit glass panels in a sleek, Midcentury Modern setting. Accessed from aft Deck 6, the soaring, included-in-the-fare Grand Pacific Restaurant seats 486. Its Gothic Art Deco interior is inspired by the first-class dining room of the Matson liner Malolo of 1927 that sailed to Hawaii from the U.S. West Coast. At the base of the grand descent leading to the Grand Pacific Restaurant, there is an imposing statue of Hawaii’s legendary King Kamehameha. The Grand Pacific is paneled in dark walnut burl and features imposing Art Deco ceiling lights and painted murals that are inspired by pre World War Two Matson Line menu covers. Throughout the Norwegian Jade, there are clues to the ship’s original Hawaiian heritage, including some beautiful reproductions of early 20th Century Hawaii-themed travel posters. This stairtower mural is taken from a brochure for the Los Angeles Steamship Company, which ran a liner service to Hawaii in the 1920s. At the top tier of Norwegian Jade’s accommodation, there are two 4,719 square foot Garden Villas that are among the most extravagant living quarters at sea. In addition to a spacious living room that overlooks the pool area, there is a private sunning patio with a hot tub and dining area. Garden Villas have three spacious bedrooms with king- or queen-sized beds and private bathrooms. In the Garden Villa Suites, one of the three bathrooms has a full bath with whirlpool tub and separate shower. In addition to expansive living and separate dining rooms, four 1,195 square foot Owner’s Suites feature cherry-wood finished bedrooms with king-sized beds. 134 Mini Suites offer floor-to-ceiling glass doors that open to a private balcony, two lower beds that convert to a queen-sized bed, sitting area with convertible double sofa and bathroom with shower and bathtub. Here is an outboard-facing view. This is an inboard-facing view of another 340 square foot Mini Suite, all of which have rich cherry wood finishing, mini-bars, tea and coffee makers and an Internet connection. Mini Suites have compartmentalized bathrooms, similar to those in the standard category cabins but with full tub and shower. 360 Balcony Staterooms feature two lower beds and floor-to-ceiling glass doors that open to a private balcony. Measuring 243 square feet, they have a sitting area, rich cherry-wood finishing, mini-bars, tea and coffee makers and an Internet connection. Triple compartment bathrooms in Balcony, Ocean View and Interior Staterooms feature separate showers, sink and toilets. 243 Ocean View Staterooms measure 161 square feet and have two lower beds, sitting area and a picture window or porthole, rich cherry-wood finishing, mini-bars, tea and coffee makers, Internet connection and a bathroom with separate WC, shower and washstand compartments. 416 Inside Staterooms feature two lower beds, rich cherry-wood finishing, mini-bars, tea and coffee makers, Internet connection and a bathroom containing separate WC, shower and washstand compartments. They measure 143 square feet.

    보라카이 액티비티 즐기고~ 디몰 둘러보기 !
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    보라카이 액티비티 즐기고~ 디몰 둘러보기 !

    March 6, 2020

    I have breakfast. Looking at the landscape Good morning! Good morning! Are there any swimmers already? Should we eat? A cup of coffee The wind is blowing a bit but the sky is clear today. The bird chirps are good. Woke up early for breakfast Go to the activity. Poured. Bag yellow. smile Among the yellow rug Tuk tuk ride and start! T-shirt over a swimsuit Huh? what? Boracay has a lot of palm trees. The weather is nice. We are station 3. We say station 3 There is a lot to construct. Activity guide says youtube YouTubers Philippine Youtube Hello Boracay News Channel name? its donkev Promote your channel In a state of behaviour Hello. I already have it. already? Did you buy it? yes. I bought it “Buy?” I went this way. Here’s D’Mall! It’s not D’Mall. Near D’Mall. Now I’m going to do some activity. Water activities! What do we do? We are parasailing I’m not kidding. Is over. through! Really good here. White beach I’m just coming in here I think I can swim. Huh. hot. Wow! So good! Emerald Is it over? Well cool. The water is really clear. Oh good! Boats. I’m on a boat. Ah good ~ Parasailing first. And fast. Why is it so fast? Cloudy, sunny weather Boracay has a huge wind. I’m in the middle of the sea. The wind is very blowing. Sea color true story? This time we’re on a parasailing boat. Parasailing ship. I’m scared. I’m scared? I’m scared. Can you fly? The face is smiling I can see it’s terrible. Go go go ~ Pounding The wind is really … Boracay blowing too hard Hello! Comes out … OK. Go! fly in the sky! Far away Boracay was visible at a glance. Fluffy Youtube its donkev filmed it. Thank you. Shake your arms freely Make a heart Parasailing ends Seawalk There are so many tropical fish. The photographer is attracting the fish with bread. The water is really clear. The activity was fun. tiring. It’s really hard. I’m going back. To Ohana Resort. Go in and eat ramen ~ This is ramen too. It’s cold. wind… Wash it once, now I bought Kimchi bowl noodles from Korea. Also After the activity Ramen. And a glass of beer. Take it with you if you travel abroad! I’m going to D’Mall by shuttle. Auhana Shuttle Car is better than pick-up sanding Car is better than pick-up. This is the timetable. Shuttle timetable. Auhana Resort is completely secure. To go in and out Open the door. Getting out of the resort Boracay local landscape People dressed in summer clothes are strange. Boracay has no traffic lights. There’s something in order without a traffic light. Here Henann Crystal Beach Here I kept seeing it here. But what did I not like I didn’t like it and left the list. Henan Lagoon was … But I think the neighborhood is better here. This is the busiest part. Station 2 was the busiest. Here it is. A little noisy here. Now, where shall we go? massage. Not expensive here. Already We did. I did it? Once more! ??? Oh bust here. The weather is just fine. It smells like Boracay. What is that smell? Boracay smell ~ uh! This is D’Mall. If you see Samsung, it’s D’Mall. Samsung here. Did you see it? There is Samsung. There’s McDonald’s. McDonald’s D’Mall. Should we go? Are you turning here? Huh. Go inside here Let’s go back. Is this the mecca of shopping? right. Hottest place in Boracay? right. I flip over there. Sells What ice cream did you eat? Do you want to eat ice cream later? What? It’s pecking. Let’s have a drink. Wow. I sell these here. Ice cream. I said it was in this neighborhood. Wow. Should we eat sweet things? No then in coconut Did you sell anything like this? Find more? Let’s go round. It’s not wide. Wow. Halo mango? looks delicious. Should I eat this one? Let’s eat later. I have to have coffee Coffee is We didn’t have coffee. I ate I’m afraid my head hurts because I didn’t have coffee. Then not. Let’s buy one of our acquaintances here as well. okay. Rainy? Oh why do we have rain? Do you need to discuss this? It’s your favorite clothes. Something you like. There are a lot of pretty things. It’s soap. My favorite soap. What’s this? Is it essential oil? Essence oil. Essence. Is 280 pesos cheap? How should I use it? Isn’t it spray on your body? Bracelet? Should we have one bracelet? If you wear this once Don’t take me off until it’s broken. There’s a lot to sell accessories. Griddle Ice Cream Roll? iron plate?? If you look around here It looks like a palm bucket There was something like ice cream The price ratio killed it. Awesome Did you? I don’t know which YouTuber. Is there a ride here that doesn’t even run? Rides. Durburne D’Mall is where the eyes turn. Did you search? But I don’t know where it is at all. I think I’ll just go anywhere in the end. I have everything. I carved it in wood like this. There is also a cell phone case. I came out to the beach. White Beach. windjammer? already we did. Already we did Hello. Do you want a sailboat? No. Sailboat ㅋㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ windjammer. Do you want a sailboat? I don’t think you should pass here. It’s too crowded You can ignore it even if it’s bad. We did. We did? yes. We did. Am I already burned? I think so. White Beach sand is so fine and white. Coconut Juice. This one. Let’s do one. K 1 I think I finally found it. It’s not this. I still eat. Well? What’s this taste? It’s weird Try it with a mango. The first food is ruined. Beep I put squid sashimi in ice cream LOL It was weird. The texture is weird and the taste is mincing. The mango wasn’t too cool either. number 2 I’ve been halo mango. It looks like this. Well. It’s delicious Really good. This is it. 3500 won? Degree? Well delicious. A little bit of ice cream and sherbet? Tteokbokki is here. Let’s eat here and throw away the trash. This road also comes out. Here is something. Is not it? There are many fruit shops here. Durian. challenge? Durian Challenge? It’s scary No I’m not going to challenge Uh … let’s go. Pat Something pretty in this store. How is this? Hate. These bags are all expensive. I like this. Sunrise Boracay Station 2

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    March 6, 2020

    Russia successfully test-launched its Zircon
    also known as Tsirkon hypersonic cruise missile from a military vessel for the first time
    early early in January as reported by TASS. This is a major step when it comes to fielding
    hypersonic weapons. As per source of TASS, “In accordance with
    the Tsirkon’s state testing program, in early January this year, the Admiral Gorshkov
    (ship) carried out the test launch of this missile from the Barents Sea to a ground target
    in one of the military ranges in the northern Urals,”. Reports indicate that the flight exceeded
    500 km or 310 miles. The next stage in the Zircon development after
    tests from the Admiral Gorshkov would be a test launch from a nuclear submarine. In this video Defense Updates analyzes the
    deployment of Zircon missile in Admiral Gorshkov warship. Let’s get into the details. This video is sponsored by War Thunder, the
    most comprehensive military vehicle online game for PC, PlayStation4 and Xbox One, in
    which you can go to battle on more than 1200 playable aircraft, tanks, helicopters and
    ships from the 1930s to the 1990s. The game has an amazing attention to detail
    and focuses on a realistic combat experience, which is why knowing your vehicles and skill
    really makes a difference. It’s easy to get into, and all you need to
    play is nothing more but your mouse and keyboard or controller. Immerse yourself in cross-platform combat
    with more than 20 million other military vehicle enthusiasts from all over the world . Download
    and play War Thunder for free using the link in the description below and also get a free
    bonus tank or aircraft or ship and three days of premium account. An object is said to be hypersonic once they
    exceed speeds of Mach 5 or 5 times the speed of sound. This is about 1,715 meters per second or 3,836mph
    or 6,174 kmh. There are currently 3 methods being applied
    to make hypersonic weapons. The first is using HGV or Hypersonic Glide
    Vehicle. In this method, the system is launched to
    extremely high altitudes using Ballistic Missile or an aircraft where it skips across the Earth’s
    upper atmosphere. The vehicle then separates from the carrier
    and glides back to the earth towards its intended target attaining hypersonic speed. The second is through the use of ALBM or Air-Launched
    Ballistic missile. As the name suggests, this kind of missile
    is ballistic in nature but is launched from air, unlike traditional ballistic missiles
    which are launched from land or sea-based platforms. The third is using a Scramjet engine. The scramjet is an innovation on the Ramjet. Ramjet engine can power flight to supersonic
    speeds but scramjet can enable the missiles to reach hypersonic speeds. These engines have no moving parts, like the
    compressors and turbines used in the turbofan engines found on conventional jet planes. They rely on the huge pressures created by
    fast airflow into the engine to ignite the fuel and generate thrust. In this method, a rocket booster is used to
    accelerate the missile to hypersonic speed, then the scramjet engine kicks in and enables
    the missile to fly at sustained hypersonic speed. Zircon uses this method. It must be noted that traditional ballistic
    like American Minuteman III, Russian Sarmat or Indian Agni missile all travel at hypersonic
    speeds, but they follow a predictable ballistic trajectory and can’t maneuver mid-course. As per President Putin’s address in the
    Russian Federal Assembly, the Zircon is capable of reaching speeds of Mach 9. So it is much faster than a bullet fired from
    a sniper rifle, actually almost 3 times the speed of a sniper’s bullet. The kinetic energy alone will rip a ship apart
    like a tin can. Mr. Putin stated that the missile has a range
    of over 1000 km or 620 miles. The missile weighs 5 tons. President Putin mentioned that the missile
    is able to destroy both sea-going and land targets. As per reports, the Zircon will have both
    radar target seeker and an optical-electronic complex to detect and track targets. The missile could be equipped with a High
    explosive warhead or even a tactical nuclear warhead. Mr. Putin had told the Zircon is mainly intended
    to be deployed in seagoing platforms such as “serially made surface warships and submarines,
    including those that are already operational and being built”. Admiral Gorshkov class also known as Project
    22350 is the Russian Navy’s newest class of frigate. Russian Navy plans to manufacture as many
    as 15 of the warships but the number could swell up to 30. The lead ship of the class Admiral Gorshkov
    was commissioned on 28 July 2018. The Admiral Gorshkov class has a length of
    120 m. To give viewers a perspective, it same as
    the length of a football field. The warship has been designed with stealth
    in mind and the external contours are laid out in such a way that they reflect the radar
    signal away from the emitting source, thereby reducing the RCS (Radar Cross Section) The warships of the class displace around
    5,400 tons when fully loaded. The Admiral Gorshkov warships will have a
    speed of 29.5 knots or 54.6 km/h or 33.9 mph and a range of 4,850 nmi or 8,980 km or 5,580
    mi. Admiral Gorshkov is equipped with state of
    the art sensors that will provide excellent situational awareness. The Admiral Gorshkov Class is designed as
    multirole warships capable of carrying out air defense, anti-surface warfare, and anti-submarine
    warfare. It is actually the most heavily armed frigate
    in the world as the design has accommodated a lot of option including 48 VLS or Vertical
    Launch System cells. For the anti-surface role, 16 (2 × 8) UKSK
    VLS cells are dedicated. They currently carry P-800 Oniks and/or Kalibr
    missiles. P-800 has 600 km or around 370 miles engagement
    range and can travel at speed of Mach 2.5. It has a 250 kg or 550 lbs High Explosive
    warhead. The anti ship missile variant of Kalibr family
    of missiles has a range of 300 km or around 185 miles and flies at a speed of Mach 3. It carries a 500 kg or 1100 lbs warhead. It is likely that these VLS has now been used
    for for launching Zircon though not yet confirmed. The most important aspect of Zircon is its
    speed. The speed would give air defenses very little
    time to detect & fire interceptors. Current air defense systems can defend against
    subsonic missiles reliably and are effective against supersonic missile to an extent, but
    against hypersonic missiles, they will fail. It is to be noted that America’s Government
    Accountability Office (GAO) report has stated that the U.S currently lacks the defenses
    required to protect against the latest crop of hypersonic weapons being developed by China
    and Russia. The report states,
    “China and Russia are pursuing hypersonic weapons because their speed, altitude, and
    maneuverability may defeat most missile defense systems, and they may be used to improve long-range
    conventional and nuclear strike capabilities. There are no existing countermeasures.” Viewers can go through the report from the
    link given in the ‘Description’ section below. In its response to the GAO, the Department
    of Defense described the report as “an accurate although sobering macro picture of how the
    US stands in the world against emerging threats.” Another important aspect of the missile is
    its plasma cloud. As per multiple reports, the missile is completely
    covered by a plasma cloud during the flight. The plasma cloud would absorb radio frequencies
    emitted from radars and since the waves are not reflected back, it will essentially mean
    that the missile will be invisible. It is highly likely that the missile will
    be detected very late and this will make intercepting Zircon almost impossible to intercept with
    the current crop of air defense systems. Admiral Gorshkov armed with Zircon will be
    a credible threat to American assets especially the US Navy supercarrier and the carrier strike
    group. Since Zircon is heavy and fast, it will have
    lots of Kinetic Energy which will come into play along with the explosive warhead and
    a single hit from it could be enough to cripple even a supercarrier.

    How To Ship Your Goods To The Amazon Warehouse? Use DHL!
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    How To Ship Your Goods To The Amazon Warehouse? Use DHL!

    March 4, 2020

    here we go that’s th Oh guys heading for
    the Amazon warehouse that’s what happens just quickly about shipping when you put
    your products on a from China or from it it whatever of a country via DHL gets
    delivered directly to the Amazon warehouse right
    my favorite carrot is DHL because it is one of those carriers that they’ve got
    the whole process lined up right like customs if there’s any issues guess what
    you record the edge on the phone they answer the phone that can help you out
    all right but what I love about it is it’s pretty much you can track it all
    the way to the Amazon warehouse so check DHL out bye bye for now