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    Everything You Need To Know About Llamas! | Minecraft 1.11 Gameplay Tutorial

    October 13, 2019

    what is up guys move here back with another minecraft video and today we’re going to be looking at the newest mob in Minecraft 1.7 and that is the llama so these are the four different kinds of llamas and we’re going to look at everything you could need to know that’s been added about them so first thing over here they are a passive mob but will attack a player if they are hit so let’s test this out really quick i’m going to go into survival mode and just going to give all these guys a quick little love tap and as you can see hey they will attack you back so there are four different skins of the wool color depends on which by him there in at the moment they spawn naturally in extreme Hills and Savannah biomes so these again are the four different looks so they have 22 health which is 11 hearts and they do one damage which is half a heart and use the spinning attack what you saw earlier we’re going to show you one more time so you can see him actually do with the projectile yeah so that’s actually the infamous llama spit that you can see right there so they also drop 02 leather and any other items that were they were holding a planned out so let’s kill these guys quickly and see how much we got them so that one drop some weather there that looks like oops get these guys first name account the loot afterwards one more that’s putting up a fight there we go so 20 1 and 1 so this pretty much is a good representative value all right next up wolves are afraid of llamas and will run away from them llamas leaves are spinning attack on them as well let me go actual stay in a stay in survival mode so let’s take a walk over here and a couple llamas so let’s put him down right over here wolf LA and you see here will start running away and the level approaches you get spit attack off looks like the wolf is a little bit too far away you guys get the idea they are not friends all right next up llamas can be tamed with hay bales and melted a player can control movement when riding them even when tamed right so let’s grab alarm over here and some pay bills so let’s put one down right over here head let’s give them some hay and you can see he’s taking it but let’s try to write them you’ll see he won’t let me guide them anywhere i can’t really do anything even if he was fully tamed it does give me up please give me that backwards over just kind of funny actually all right let’s get to the next part they will follow a player with the lead attached and they can form a caravan of up to ten llamas following this is actually really cool so let’s put down a whole tunnel was over here alright let’s grab one with the lead so can I put down like 21 but let me just go in a circle so i can get as many as possible and you’ll see the village they’re going to form a perfect line i think it behind me so let’s see how many i got here let’s go back a little bit further 123 even the babies follow kate 123456789 10 and you see these other ones over here they want problems coming just wandering around but i do have a caravan of 10 let me just only this guy there we go all right let’s get back to the next part alright they can Juan mess that one up they can be equipped with team Blom’s can be equipped with different of 16 different carpet colors alright so I’m going to grab a bunch of them actually go into creating more once again let’s get rid of all this stuff over here and grab some of these carpet colors you can see all the different types there are 16 and there we go so here’s just a generic problem oops get out always make sure to shift and then right-click them so now i can see it has an inventory space over here let’s put the sign competent and you can see he now has a different look let’s go to them again let’s put the purple carpet instead there we go you see once again he has a different look so i put a bunch of llamas over here with the no way I tag and you can see there is a different variety for every single different type of wall as well as carpet and i’m going to go over some of them in specifics because some of them have really unique looks that I think are worth mentioning again the orange no nothing too fancy the white nothing too fancy purple is kind of interesting you’ll also notice that some of them have different up these looks like they have scarfs while there were some of them might have like a looks like a big balls and blue is kinda cool yellow is this see where the call this one has some polka dots I’ll show you some of my favorites over here so this one over here at the at the dark grey wool he has like a like a bandit mask which is really cool and also this one over here the the light Grable it has like things around his ankles one of the only one that hasn’t I think there’s one other mistaken or this might be the only one actually looks like that is the only one see how this one has the purple and has an Enderman on it on it’s a back really cool and the green one has a creeper again really really cool and there’s a lot of variety without what you can do so if you want to design your base for like a certain color aesthetic you can definitely pull some cool stuff off all right next up if given an item they don’t like if given item they don’t accept they’ll make a funny noise let’s put these carpets away and let’s grab some some Lana is over here let’s get an oak sapling and a lab is block so let’s put this down over here so I don’t keep hearing all that noise over there alright so let me just make sure I get an adult 30 i’m going to try to get a little sapling and listen to what happens it makes a really funny doors and again not to be withholding right click down it doesn’t every single time you click else i’ll do a little bit slowly against avery with lapis block so yeah they don’t respond well to things they don’t like all right next up they can be equipped with the chest and function as a beast of burden so this is their main function so let’s grab against some more spontaneous get rid of that stuff let’s put these in a pile of some chest and a lead alright so let’s put down a one over here let’s put down an adult and I think I have to get the team first let’s grab some hay bales so there we go see how much you can take all right let’s see if we can put one on yet no he’s not responding well your instructor more i’m gonna go to this one over here since these are automatic contain but let’s try to put a chest on them see there we go so you can see it just like that you can now use HSN if I right click on the file right-click on him again he has three inventory spaces so there’s a little bit of there’s some specifics about how that actually functions were to set the time today very quickly so each Lama has a strength value between 1 and 5 they can hold three items for every point they have in strength so each llama head so each Lama has between three to fifteen inventory space when chested so this one I showed you over here that has three inventory spaces has a strength value of one that’s why it’s only one times three so a full-time llama caravan can have a maximum inventory of a hundred and fifty can wall a full ten mama caravan can have a maximum of 150 inventory slots that’s because with a maximum strength of five can have 15 inventory spaces 15 times 10 is 150 also when breeding there is a three percent chance that the offspring will have a strength score one higher than the stronger parent that still means that there’s a maximum of five so it’s going to take awhile to breathe maximum strength llamas but it is possible again it’s going to just take a lot of repetition anyway guys that’s just this video this is pretty much everything that you need to know about Mama’s i’ll throw in a couple extra commands of the description so if you guys want to spawn some of them add that are here you can do that as well anyway guys I hope you enjoyed the video please leave a like if you did as it does help me out a lot and subscribe if you wanna see video similar to this one in the future my name is smooth and I’ll see you later take it easy guys

    Box Fort ZOMBIES Nerf War Z – ZOMBIES On A PLANE ESCAPE! (Papa Jake)
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    Box Fort ZOMBIES Nerf War Z – ZOMBIES On A PLANE ESCAPE! (Papa Jake)

    September 25, 2019

    well now they’re all over the house we
    gotta move fast just like that you bring the 200 on
    board alright gonna pull up the hatch so you can take off oh no Logan we got
    zombies native South African penguin travels over five thousand miles to an
    ice village known that’s cute the Penguins make home and stay here
    laughing oh I like that 50/50 flute Jake Jake have you seen the
    news the news about the pizza strike I know I saw it
    it’s so sad no cheek not the news about the pizza the news that the Baron
    released the zombie buyers 2.0 you released the zombie virus to point out guys if what Logan’s saying is true the
    Baron has successfully released his most powerful zombie virus it’s true it’s all
    over the news just regular zombies Logan we’re talking mega zombie x’ big zombies
    knowing the Baron he’ll be releasing it right next to our house which means we
    could have zombies in this house his biggest target is you which means we
    have to do something crazy to get rid of it okay well guys because Papa Jake is
    the smartest person on earth I’ve been compared on Stine once or twice very
    true I in my infinite wisdom created a back-up plan for if the Baron did in
    fact ever release the zombie virus 2.0 what what do you mean a back-up plan
    looks like a normal door right the tapir and Jake we all know April okay I’m
    getting to the point here I installed something in case the zombie virus ever
    came back check this out what what’s in the safe not what’s in
    the safe Logan what’s behind the wall yeah when did you have the time for this
    I worked out of mostly in the morning while you’re sleeping used a lot of your
    credit card to fund it but no but but Logan this is important we needed a
    secret bunker in case the zombie virus came back so as this is our zombie
    defense worker now it is a work in progress everything’s kind of all over
    the place didn’t have a lot of time to set it up we’re still gonna be working
    on it and upgrading it but as of right now we are in a critical emergency if
    the bear and zombies breached this house we need to get out of here and all of
    our supplies including blasters attachments ammo clothing rations all of
    it is in here good for you for building this place but what are we gonna do
    about the Baron well Logan a great man once said sometimes to win you have to
    run and as of right now if those zombies are coming here we need to run Jake I
    don’t think anyone’s ever said that it’s not important right now looking you’ve
    got bigger fish to fry no no no no this isn’t good yeah zombies breach the house
    Jake how many of them I’m counting over 20 Jake how are we gonna get out of this
    house we can’t just live in this bunker okay okay guys I have an idea if you
    remember in our last video we created a box for a private jet for little
    squeegee well I hate to break it to everyone I think a little squeegee might
    be a zombie right about now which means he’s not currently using his jet Logan I
    say we grab as much blasters as much ammunition as much of everything we can
    hold make our way downstairs and convert that private jet into a zombie defense
    plane capable of destroying zombies so you’re saying we turn the private jet
    into an attack defense plane exactly then we fly out of here and find a place
    to lay low until we can figure out how to stop the Baron I think it’s time to
    gear up dude what are you wearing what what
    what’s wrong with this Logan the point of this armor is to have really cool
    stuff look what I’m dressed in plus the fazham
    bee attacks doing that your good is gone but but I was really cozy all right
    Logan’s ready take on some zombies it’s time for part two of my plan we need to
    make it downstairs to the plane and geared up with blasters we can turn it
    into a zombie defense plan which means we need to choose our blasters put them
    inside our protective case and get through downstairs and ready to assemble
    without getting eaten by zombies which means Logan you’re gonna be in charge of
    carrying the box I’ll defend you as we make our way down we’ll make our way
    downstairs what’s with the plainest there’s already
    zombies in the house so be careful I know you’re gonna have to hold the belt
    over you okay let’s move flesh that’s off keep it going
    another all over the house we got any fast I think we clear them out I move ahead
    and see if I can see any zombies it’s not moving okay
    you almost made it downstairs hey guys were you able to make it downstairs
    towards where the plane is there she is Logan the old private jet
    now all I need to do guys is upgrade this jet so that we can turn it into a
    zombie defense plant add some upgrades to it get the power back on hopefully
    this thing can take off and take out some zombies no more coming he’s down
    Jake there’s another one oh nice shot dude thanks wait to get
    here another one I got this that was a lucky shot well not only for cleared out
    the zombies from down here guys we need to convert this plane into a zombie
    defense play I said we grab all of our gear grab some tape and start upgrading
    this thing and making it awesome so check this out we just went ahead and
    upgraded the entire plane to be a zombie defense plane and it’s looking pretty
    sweet see I think these zombies are gonna be scared of this when they see
    this we open up the hatch here welcome to the zombie defense play we’ve
    got side mounted turrets such as this bad boy over here to rip through zombies
    and the main thing about this guys that we wanted to make sure that we could
    shoot out of any angle so for example the back of the plane has its own turret
    over here we’ve got a mounted shotgun on the wall in case the zombie gets inside
    we’ve got a very large-scale sniper rifle which we can shoot out at any
    angle we need to and then over here on the side we’ve got the shooting port
    which flaps down like this so we can take our blasters and shoot
    any additional zombies that come at the plane we’ve also got an additional
    turret here but that’s not all we got check out the
    cockpit so if you guys haven’t seen our private jet before this is a fully
    flyable box sport plane which means it’s got its very own cockpit to the cockpit
    we go and check this out guys so this is the planes cockpit it’s got everything
    we need to take off we got our monitors up here we also have the engine start
    over here and most importantly the plane has a front turret so if you look at the
    camera system here you can actually see outside of the plane at the front and if
    we pull the button down it starts shooting now that we checked out the
    cockpit you guys need to check out the doom buggy oh yeah
    so we don’t exactly know where we’re gonna take the plane yet to survive the
    zombie apocalypse but wherever we go we’re gonna need a mode of
    transportation which is why we converted the back into a ramp that we can drive
    our dune buggy into so this ramp falls down and then we’re able to drive our
    dune buggy into the back of the plane and you take it wherever just like that we bring the dune buggy
    on board then the ramp comes up we can load any supplies ammunition anything
    like that into the plane and then take off easily all right gonna pull up the
    hatch so you can take off Oh No Logan we got zombies get the door shut
    we can’t take off the do zombies we’re gonna have to take them up first I take
    the door shut all right take your defensive position guys we’re not gonna
    be able to take the plane off until we get rid of these zombies we’re gonna
    have to defend the plane first firing up the turret alright to care of that one
    Logan we have some on the right side of the plank you got the flavor I think it’s got a kick on it gonna get
    the machine gun fire there’s so many of them Jake we need to get this plane off
    the ground put a we got one at the back door I got an idea hold on new zombie got him
    okay let’s get this hatch closed Ryan hatches closed we have to take off okay
    if we have a little bit of a window here let’s give her the cockpit right now
    let’s start taking off okay get into your seat starting up the ship’s engine
    okay okay four colors ready one two three are online man we need to get out
    of here guys before the zombies start getting really bad we need to find a
    place to lay low so we can figure out how to stop the zombie virus yep what we
    need to check this turret first okay checking the system hope we go zombie
    because I’ll be running from the aircraft all right firing up the front
    turret this should be a little loud all right I think we’re good to go
    company’s looking good in the back back to back hatches closed
    all right well all we have is the supplies in this aircraft get ready for
    takeoff takeoff position engines forward all right steady pace we have liftoff
    things a little turbulent here fuel levels are good everything is good to go
    all right good all right I’m gonna put all the engines to maximum power if we
    need to get out of the city and fast we’re gonna take this plane as far away
    from the city as we can and find out a place to lay low wherever we’re going
    though guys if we do happen to run into trader Joe we’re gonna need as many
    likes on this video as possible so you smash that like button and if you don’t
    want to miss our zombie adventures hit the subscribe button we’re in for a bit
    of a rough ride we’ll see you guys next time

    BOX FORT ZOMBIE BASE Vs ZOMBIE HORDE!!  ?? The Walking Dead Box Fort!
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    BOX FORT ZOMBIE BASE Vs ZOMBIE HORDE!! ?? The Walking Dead Box Fort!

    September 21, 2019

    oh that shot that was a close call
    alright guys I got the fire started this place is a mess the rain broke down the
    fence we had a walker get in you almost got me
    thankfully Logan took care of him but we’re not gonna survive much longer we
    need to repair this fence repair the base add-on I’m gonna need to get more
    weapons we gotta start building hey yo what’s going on guys is Papa Jake here
    from T with me and we are back with a brand new video and today guys its
    episode 2 of zombie week that’s right the most requested week of all time we
    are back and if you guys didn’t check out last episode you definitely need to
    go check that out oh we are back in our survival phase and we had a little bit
    of a problem alright we’ve had one of the hardest challenges ever to survive
    in the history of our 24-hour challenges in our weekly themed box for us we’ve
    had to survive the cold the rain zombies and stops gone wrong lots of stuffs gone
    wrong we’ve had lots of zombies but we’ve also had lots of rain so as you
    guys can see the fence that we had in the last episode is almost completely
    fallen over also our base is taking a ton of rain damage we only have the
    clothes that we found from our first loop act that we picked up when we were
    traveling through the woods so even these are kind of all soaked I’m cold
    it’s wet but we got to survive guys so in this episode we’re gonna start by
    recreating the base we’re gonna reinforce the wall and get that set back
    up we’re gonna redo the council and make sure it’s rain proof from the start and
    we’re also gonna work on a medical bed time to start building all right guys so just finished putting
    up this kind of protective tarp over our actual main box for a base so if you
    look here we actually had to take off the roof because it was all wet and
    completely destroyed but the inside stayed pretty dry and pretty well
    together with all the lighting and all the different work that we did we’re
    gonna redo the roof on top of the box for it as well it’s kind of attach it to
    this tarp so if it does rain will be completely okay inside there and we’ll
    be able to survive no problem next up we got to start working on the walls we’re
    gonna have to reinforce all of the walls along here and we also have to go ahead
    and make a medbay because guys out here things can get dangerous there are
    walkers there’s fire there’s the cold and of course the hunger so we’re gonna
    need to make a medbay for us to survive the only problem is right now guys is
    we’ve been hearing a lot more walkers in the distance and the sound is getting
    louder I don’t want to say anything to Logan but I think a horde is making its
    way over here and if a horde does come we got to be able to prepare ourselves
    so we’re definitely gonna need to go on another scavenging mission and find some
    food as well as supplies maybe some extra weapons between the rain and the
    cold we finally got the Ford redone check this out it is looking super cool
    we got the fire going over there keeping us warm and of course the brand new
    headquarters is looking great it’s still like the old headquarters and still got
    all the electricity and everything’s running inside but we redid the roof as
    well as the front door and we added this rain proof roof which is awesome yeah
    the new base is looking good but Jake now we got to work on our fence because
    if walkers come there’s no way they’re gonna get stopped by this I agree man
    let’s start building so we just finished up reinforcing the wall we got tons of
    thick cardboard now we built it up we added some wood for reinforcement but
    all around this wall is looking beasty so with the wall completely reinforced
    and our main base looking perfect to survive in it’s now time to get on to
    another important part of the survival base we need a medical bed in case
    anything happens whether it is we’re getting an attack with a walker or we
    fall down and hurt ourselves we need a place to go and get treated we’re
    definitely gonna need to go and scavenge for medical supplies but luckily we had
    some in our crate as well as some that I found in the abandoned house that we
    went to so now we’re gonna prepare the medical Bay once that’s done I think
    it’s time to go out on a scavenging mission because we’re low on food
    we’re also low on weapons and I hear a massive hoard in the distance I think the wind picked up and almost blew our
    fort completely out of the way we got to make reinforcements fast so we just
    finished the roof on the medical Bay all right now he’s gonna light it and bring
    all our medical supplies in check it out welcome to the Med Bay this place is
    awesome we’ve got the entire Med Bay done up now
    so we have a bed here which you can lay down on if you’re sick we also have a
    bunch of really cool medical supplies that we found in the abandoned house we
    got a full package full of goodies this thing is full of all sorts of stuff
    things to close up wounds we even have things like glow sticks and medical
    water in here pretty much if anything happens to you we got the medical
    supplies to handle it yeah guys and that’s super important when we’re gonna
    be surviving out here we have zombies but we also have the cold the hunger and
    just general scrapes and scratches that can happen so now that the medical Bay
    is done we’re going on to the next and most important thing that we need I took
    this journal and from the abandoned house we found in last episode and in it
    it’s got some pretty interesting mapping it shows an abandoned food factory not
    too far from here it’s a bit of a walk through the woods which is fairly scary
    considering the woods are crawling with walkers and zombies but I think if we
    gear up and we move out now if we’re quiet we stay together we should be able
    to get in there and loot some food all right let’s grab our bags and head out
    we gotta get supplies I can hear some walkers in the distance but it looks
    like after that horde walk through the walkers kind of died down haven’t heard
    much activity from them if we travel through here not too far past the woods
    there should be an abandoned factory up ahead the map says it’s closed down but
    with our luck there should be some food left over from the scrap yeah Jake I’m
    getting really hungry all right stay close I can still hear some Walker’s in
    the distance but let’s get moving don’t you say Walker no he’s not a
    Walker what’s your name it’s Kirk are you doing
    here got split up my from my camp couple miles back me and the whole crew what do
    you know about what’s going on just a lot of dead people walking everywhere
    yeah we’re heading up that way we’ve been looking for some food no no don’t
    go that way don’t go that way whole place is infested I got something
    great here you guys got camp or anything like that setup we got a camp a few
    miles back you said you got food yeah tons you got enough food for all of us
    yeah I’d say I got enough food three of us said the whole place is infested up
    there it’s crazy things crawling give us a second look
    look I don’t know about this look what’s a little banged up what’s
    this a doesn’t just steal our food and leave course less friends know about
    where we’re surviving John I think he looks pretty genuine honestly I don’t
    think it’s gonna be a problem plus she has food and we need food and I misread
    what he says about the factory’s true I’m not gonna make it too far this he’s
    got an extra weapon as well I say we bring him back to camp we keep an eye
    out if anything happens then let him go sounds like a plan all right Kirk so you
    got in a bit of a tussle back there take me bites and scratched from the walkers
    no I’m clean nothing you got enough food for all of us I’ll bring you back to
    base camp but if anything happens fiving your crack in the woods like you’re
    drawing your crew back to us or getting rid of you quick no man none of that
    let’s get out here those weapons should be coming any minute I pack up your
    supplies well you take this to a bad you lead the way we got to get up here it’s
    fairly secure we just reinforced the entire area looks real nice better than
    place I got back home yeah we got a med bay as well as the main tent here you’re
    welcome to any of our supplies we’re gonna need that food though we’re
    starving you all right yeah no I’ll be fine Oh No
    welcome to water boil yeah I’m to the Med Bay right now give me the baby
    Kurt all right come on what got this in there well you grab his bag put on the side
    we’re gonna need to see what’s going on see something with my arm no it’s a
    fight it’s a fight he got bitch you tell us who’s Matt Logan I’m not bad I’m not
    bit was this mean is he infected in the event of a bite apply pressure to the
    wound with padding found in the supplied bite kit until proper medical
    supervision care okay whatever whatever if the wounded individual expires after
    being bitten vacate the premises immediately
    he might be affected we can try and treat us hold on I’ve got a bite get
    here okay stay calm you’re all right I just gonna sting a little
    it’s all right I’m fine I’m fine I think I’m gonna be okay don’t worry we’re not
    fine we’ve got to treat this will you pass the med kit I’ve seen worse than
    this don’t worry about it Logan if he turns don’t be too late
    gonna be okay we’re gonna fix you up though I’m good you’re not good we need
    to treat this now let’s get this wrapped up it’s gonna be okay Kirk we got you
    bandaged up we’re gonna take care of you buddy oh you don’t know that that’s why
    we shouldn’t have brought him back here we disinfected the wound Kirk I need you
    look in here I check out stable for now we’re gonna have to keep an eye on it
    well have you sleeping the med bay tonight oh no mr. Falls is back from the
    camp sit down sit down no I can fight I can fight I’m sure oh
    I’ve done this one too many times jeez that was close
    he almost breached the fence good job out that guy how you feeling it’s nice
    happens to support this done all right look I think after all that we need some
    rest Kirk I think you should sleep in the
    medical Bay tonight at least up we can monitor you Kirk more thing Hey
    if you need anything we’ll be out here for the night there’s food and rations
    in there let’s get some shut-eye this time the gun look we’re gonna have
    to monitor his wound I don’t know what’s gonna happen to him we don’t know the
    extent of this virus or how it spreads it’s been a long day those clothes that have been any closer
    Logan I would have been dead but worse one of them no I’m done
    little guy I can’t do this anymore all right almost died in there
    between this the zombies the cold but Jake what other choices do we have Logan
    if it’s between staying out here and waiting to get killed point out that our
    defeating the Baron I said we take our chances I said we put an end to this we
    don’t want to just wait around Logan until the walker busts through that gate
    and gets us so what will it be guys do we stay here and hunker down on the base
    or do we go out into the woods and find and defeat the Baron put a hash tag you
    guys wants to go out and defeat him or put a hash tag baby he wants to stay
    here and bunker down in episode three of zombie week we’ll see you guys next time you

    24 HOUR BOX FORT ZOMBIE BASE!! We Got A Secret Package
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    24 HOUR BOX FORT ZOMBIE BASE!! We Got A Secret Package

    September 3, 2019

    alright guys what’s going on right now I
    just drew on the blogging camera because something is happening something is
    going down right now we just got an emergency alert on our phone that
    something is going down and as this happen a strange package showed up to
    the door look it’s already down there looking
    into it it’s addressed to us but there’s no person that sent it to us it doesn’t
    say who sent it what is this call the duct tape on see what’s beat up who’s
    got dirt on it you know something’s not right there something’s not right guys
    after we got the emergency alert we had a knock at the door we didn’t even know
    who dropped this office she’s a strange package and now inside well there’s this
    all right maybe we should bring this downstairs and open it up and find out
    what’s inside dude this is freaking me out who could
    have left this and what is this look there’s duct tape stuck on it I mean we
    use a lot of duct tape so maybe it’s it’s for us right Bevell with it really
    dropped it somewhere all right let’s see what’s inside you be careful I don’t
    know what’s in there I don’t either but dude look we got to
    figure out what this is what’s going on first the emergency alert then this
    package something’s not right you don’t think the Baron could be up to
    something do you we haven’t heard from the Baron in a really long time
    you’re right looks like clothing these pants no it’s a jacket dude this
    is freaking me out dude if this was someone’s jacket oh we got more stuff in
    here man looks like this might be some sort of
    survival kit like a survival bag look there’s dried pineapple there’s a
    there’s a Nalgene bottle G a beat-up camera what is this dude this definitely
    was some sort of survival pack someone was using this and whatever happened to
    them wasn’t good things beat up sunflower seeds it’s a water bottle oh
    dude look at that who could have done that so scratched up like crazy guys
    this is really freaking me out right now this is really freaking me out
    it’s a survival booklet on what to eat and what you can’t eat I’m more curious
    about what’s in this camera box yeah me too but look it’s a notebook maybe
    there’s lots of information on it it’s covered in dirt there’s a bunch of notes
    here look at this day one weird stuff is happening on the news what else is in
    here it’s more writing back here day 53 if
    you think this just happened you’re fooling yourself someone knows what
    caused this someone is behind this don’t believe me then riddle me this why does
    the army start ferrying people in two days before the first confirmed attacks
    attacks Logan what is this talking about wait wait wait there’s something here
    there’s something here too papa Jake if you’re receiving this it might already
    be too late Logan Jake what does it say the zombie virus has spread and the
    zombies are moving quickly by the time you’re reading this it already may be
    too late the zombies will be approaching your position if I can give you one word
    of advice it’s to stock up now build a base and survive as long as you can
    hopefully what’s in this pack can help you check the video camera there’s
    something here it’s a medkit and looks like inside here
    there’s some sort of medicine alright look dude whoever sent us this is trying
    to warn us we need to start building up now if zombies are truly coming this way
    we’ve dealt with them before and we can deal with them again we need to build a
    survival base we have to grab our cardboard grab our resources and build
    up Jake what about what’s on this camera we’ll have to watch it later watch it
    once we’re inside the base safe and secure but right now our first priority
    is getting this base built looks like the zombies are coming which
    means we need to build our zombie base fast now the thing is we’ve dealt with
    zombies before so we have a bunch of equipment that we can use to make this
    base zombie survivable we need food we need water we need supplies and most
    importantly we need our nerf guns so if we can defend this fort now what I’m
    thinking guys is rebuild a front fortress here that allows us to get in
    and out of the base here we’ll have different windows that we can shoot out
    of to defend ourselves from the zombies as we move back here well this place
    open so we can expand the base if we need to I’m thinking we can out like a
    med bay over there we could even have an Arsenal where we keep all of our awesome
    nerf guns after we go out on missions so with zombies coming I think the most
    important thing we can do right now is start building up this base and getting
    settled in for the night it’s gonna be a long night alright Gaston check it out we’ve been
    working on the zombie bass for a little while now and it’s coming along great we’re we’re gonna be living sleeping
    eating all that kind of stuff over here we have a storage room where we can
    store all of our supplies like our nerf guns as well as our food and water and
    then over here is the front entrance this is actually where we’re gonna be
    able to defend against any zombies coming to fight us we even have a bunch
    of room back here that we can expand on through in future episodes if we need to
    expand this base but right now like I said guys our main priority is getting
    this set up and then once we have it all set up we can watch what’s on that tape
    but guys check this out while I was moving the bag over here I found
    something else inside and I need your guy’s help with it guys check this out
    inside the journal I found this code look at this I don’t know what it means
    or what it could be for which is why I need your help guys I need you to try
    and figure out what this could be for and let me know down below in the
    comments have you guys seen a code that looks like this and do you have any idea
    where we could use it it’s gotta have something to do with the zombie outbreak
    but I need your help so the zombie face is finished guys check it out this is
    our zombie bases we’re gonna be holding up against all the zombies and while
    surviving the zombie apocalypse as long as we can in terms of supplies and
    ammunition we’re a little bit low I’ve got a few cartridges for our weapon here
    and swell food and ammunition there is none but coming inside guys I’ll show
    you guys the base so once you get inside here you close the exterior door like so
    and then we have this lock hatch it’s gonna prevent anyone and zombies from
    getting in that means other survivors trying to steal our supplies or well
    zombies of course trying to break down the door from the window oh yeah guys
    check this out so we have this window here so if the zombies do come up
    obviously if a bunch of them bunch up outside it could break down the fort so
    we have this window here that we open up like this and then we can fire out of
    with our nerf guns and then if it gets too hot to close it like this and we’re
    safe inside let’s head back here though guys to check out the rest of the base
    all right guys this is our second survival area this actually we’re gonna
    be sleeping making our food as well as storing all of our equipment and
    supplies behind me here this is the supply locker as you guys
    can see we have the backpack in there and well it’s completely empty right now
    cuz our first priority was building the space and then we’re gonna move our
    stuff in like sleeping bags food ammunition nerf guns and more but there
    is also a lot to do on this base like like I want to add reinforcements I want
    to add defenses against zombies and back here guys check this out
    we have an entire open space back here with surrounding walls that we can
    expand the base into so we have lots of room for expansion but right now we’re
    gonna be surviving here and while before we watch whatever’s on that tape we need
    to get supplies like food and water but guys if we’re gonna be surviving here
    and well watching whatever’s on that tape before we do that we need the
    essentials food and water there’s a storage unit in our house where we keep
    all this stuff just around the corner we’re gonna head out now I’ve been
    hearing a lot of zombie activity listen ok closer to the house alright we gotta
    head out now and grab as much as we can a little doesn’t even have a weapon yet
    let’s go alright guys we’re gonna head out now and head towards the storage
    locker don’t know what the situations like out there so we got to stay close
    and stay quiet releasing the latch alright let’s do
    this we’ll get it on the base get the store get the latch lock the door
    they’re already broke into the house Jake what’s going on they’re already
    here alright she’s latched off oh no I don’t have a lot of ammo all the stuff
    is in the storage locker we should have grabbed it first all right let’s take a
    look outside and see what’s going on we got another one could ruin the bass
    hold on dr. mouth Logan we’re really low on ammo
    chief we only have one cartridge left I know we gotta make it towards that
    storage locker got him all right look emotive ammo maybe there’s something in
    that camcorder that can help us with this so I mean we haven’t checked we’re
    all out we’re gonna get out of here we need to
    make that storage locker but first let’s secure the door then check the bag come
    on there could be some extra supplies in here here this camcorder have something
    on you it’s gotta be a reason they sent us a camcorder it’s pretty old tech but
    I should be able to get to work there’s a battery
    please got some juice left in it it’s working let’s see what’s on here should we play it yeah they’re getting
    closer alright let’s watch this supposed to be
    the doctor the doctor who this bag belong to listen up Papa Jake if you’re
    hearing this the serum that I provided in this bag might be the only cure for
    the zombie apocalypse I’m giving it to you because you need to end this fight
    okay well it looks like the scientists who
    own this before it’s no longer with us but the medicine that’s in this bag
    supposedly could be the serum to stop the zombie virus how are we gonna know
    well whoever sent us this thinks that it might be the cure which means we need to
    trap a zombie and try it on one it’s the only way we can know for sure if this
    will stop it we need to create some sort of zombie cage to trap a live zombie and
    administer in medicine it sounds crazy but if this works we could stop the
    entire infection we won’t have to survive here but in order to do that
    we’re gonna need supplies we’re gonna have to fashion some sort of makeshift
    zombie weapons and head to that supply locker gather supplies and then create a
    zombie trap stay here for the night and tomorrow we
    catch ourselves a zombie ready for this yeah let’s do this
    all right let’s get a good night’s sleep we’ll head out in the morning we’re
    gonna do this and we’re gonna stop the zombie virus once and for all
    it was created by the Baron and it’s gonna be handed by Papaji

    BOX FORT ZOMBIE SURVIVAL BASE!!  ?? The Walking Dead Box Fort!
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    BOX FORT ZOMBIE SURVIVAL BASE!! ?? The Walking Dead Box Fort!

    August 30, 2019

    previously on the last episode infecting
    the people is the only way that I can ensure I’ll be the richest person
    activating the virus now slim we wave when we get out there there might be
    zombies who want you to follow me we’re gonna run as fast as we can to the woods
    don’t stop this video sponsored by next games what let’s go grab my hand let’s keep
    them just keep moving I can hear them behind us I don’t know we just gotta
    keep moving away from the Lord sounds like the walkers are gaining on
    us let’s keep moving
    maybe one behind us these walkers catch-up for dunes the rivers blocked
    off there’s a gate there we’re gonna have to go up Jake there’s a walker
    right there we gotta go we gotta go well we gonna keep moving keep moving
    we gotta get far away from that prison as we can it seems like the whole
    world’s affected I have a runoff fumes for the last few miles
    here take a break here all right a few seconds but we got to start moving man
    what’s Walker hold on wait are we good clothes that should do it
    high let’s just keep moving man we gotta keep going hey take a quick break here it seems
    like the sound of the hordes die down a little bit when seconds lay down Jake
    what are you doing what do you mean we just saw a zombies and you’re gonna play
    a game I’m playing The Walking Dead no man’s land it’s official mobile game of
    AMC’s The Walking Dead and Logan with the season 8 update coming out on the
    23rd of October it’s given me some ideas so what are you trying to say look if
    this means I haven’t just had fun playing The Walking Dead no man’s land
    I’ve been learning Logan I’ve been learning how to make an outpost if we’re
    gonna ride this thing out we need to set up a base we need to build a base like
    in The Walking Dead no man’s land it’s the only way we can defeat the Baron
    okay I hear you we gotta get going though it’s pretty much pitch black kind
    of like being in the woods but its pitch black we gotta find a place to build
    this base I don’t think the walkers have gained on us but we gotta keep moving it
    seems like a package or something old survival package whoever was fleeing the
    city must have dropped it we better take it with us come on let’s keep moving hey
    I know if it old abandoned house up there it’s a little far walk up the hill
    but if we can make it there we might be able to fashion a base over the back of
    it hey yo what’s going on guys Papa J Q from G bit me and we are back with a
    brand new video and today guys we are start in the very first day of zombie
    apocalypse week that is right we’re going full Walking Dead with this build
    okay this is a week full of zombie adventures and post-apocalyptic fun
    before we get any further into the video I wanna let you guys know that this
    video is sponsored by next games the creators of The Walking Dead no man’s
    land I’m gonna have some gameplay of this game a little bit later on in the
    video but if at any point you guys want to check out the game you can use the
    link down below and download it for the App Store as well as the Google Play
    Store also guys if you use our link down below you will unlock negan completely
    for free and you can start playing with them in the game so basically what we’re
    gonna do guys is we’re gonna have a massive wall that’s gonna protect us
    from all the zombies and walkers that can come and try and eat us during the
    night so what we’re gonna do first is we’re gonna start by walling off the
    fire let no zombies can get in and then we
    can have a gate that only me and Logan can get in and out of once inside we’ll
    have multiple different areas that will build up over the week so we can have an
    amazing Zombie Survival base of course we got to start with the headquarters
    which is the main place we’re gonna sleep eat and store all of our items
    that we find during our scavenging missions but we got to get going fast
    guys as you guys can see we’ve got this massive fence which covers the entire
    area over here so no zombie no matter where they come from can’t get through
    this thing I found this kind of rural slash bundle of wire fencing it’s like a
    wire fence that we can actually run across the main fence itself to
    reinforce it also behind in the compound there is a big metal fence over there
    so I’m thinking we combine both the wire fencing as well as the metal fence with
    some extra cardboard to make this thing super secure but if zombies breached
    this wall we’re gonna be in a lot of trouble so we gotta make sure that this
    thing stays on lockdown so just finish putting on the fencing and it dude this
    looks so cool it’s actually really secure at the fencing now it’s like
    really hard to get through and it holds up the wall really nicely I was talking
    to Logan and we thought it’d be really cool to put like spike traps up made out
    of cardboard but I think we might do that in a future episode so don’t forget
    guys if you want zombie Week to continue select that like button down below let’s
    get a hundred thousand likes on this video and we’ll keep doing zombie week I
    also went ahead and scavenge a little bit and found this fence here which we
    used to reinforce the fence this is solid steel now we can bend down like
    this we can hide away from any walkers or even any other Raiders coming to try
    and raid our outpost and then if we want to look up we have a whole view of
    anywhere they can come from we’ve got to make the main council building over here
    which is gonna be the center of the entire outpost we’re gonna have a
    medical bay a food bay I’m also thinking about building a farm back there but
    those are for future episodes in this episode because it’s getting dark
    because you guys know once it gets dark that’s when walkers are most active we
    have to scavenge for food we have to scavenge for supplies and stay warm
    right now it’s not too bad no I’m in a regular shirt and everything like that
    but tonight it’s gonna be cold so we got to get a fire going and we definitely
    need some more supplies for defense pastor I think I see something up ahead
    there’s lights watch your step look sis I’m gonna
    started building this outpost and abandon it it’s got a fence seems clear seems like they left the gate open and
    walkers got in whole place is clear but building supplies are here this is where
    you build the outpost looks like this wall is pretty secure solid reinforced
    steel wire mesh and the rest of the outpost is covered by a large walls this
    is perfect those Walker noises were getting lower
    but we gotta be on the lookout I don’t think we’re gonna have too much issue
    from behind but this gate Falls they’ll be swarming in here I want to make sure
    that we have eyes looking out that way at all times this fence will hold but
    unless we get this camp built we’re not gonna have a chance surviving here for
    longer than today we need a Town Council med base sleeping quarters if you want
    to live here we’re also gonna need to think about making a farm of some sort
    to gather food but tonight though let’s get the council built and see if we can
    scavenge for supplies in the area well definitely with someone’s survival crate
    they must have left behind it’s a few things in here mostly it seems like
    clothing but think I’m gonna need to change your clothes a survival blanket
    definitely gonna need that got pants more pants jacket must be getting cold
    out here – all right foot and steel keep us a little bit warmer but we’re
    definitely in need to start a fire I think before we go out on our scavenging
    mission we got to get this main building built if we can get that bill at least
    we have a place to survive and sleep for the night – check it out the walls are complete
    this is where I’m gonna sleep this is where we’re gonna go ahead and kind of
    spend most of her time you still want to do the medbay
    basically now oh wait look looking we got a walker all right I got this I got
    this hold on hold on little vidi weapons dude that was close I think we really
    need some weapons yeah we definitely do man that was way too close
    well it’s getting pretty hungry and it’s getting colder by the hour
    I say we finish this roof and then we go out on the scavenging mission for food
    supplies and definitely firewood so we just finished putting the roof on
    this box for it it’s looking super secure we got a nice path all the way to
    our fence Jake just went on a recon mission to get some more supplies I
    found it in the scrap pile of cardboard over there it’s an old beat-up fire pit
    but we can use it for our fire tonight ah if we can find some wood and maybe
    some old food we can scavenge we’re gonna have some meals all right
    come on let’s head out there’s an abandoned house it’s not too far from
    here stay close and watch for walkers all right up here I see some wood let’s
    grab it we’ll definitely need this for a fire there’s a gun too
    looks like someone was here all right let’s move in you stay outside I’m gonna
    search this place for any food and supplies got some water nice there you
    go grab it I have to we can find another supply pack there we go water okay now
    we see some food zombie outbreak survival kit this might
    come in handy house tip is anything back there I think I see some food up I had
    its can of beans perfect it’s exactly what we need this
    lighting kit some extra flashlights all right I’m gonna pack this up and bring
    it with us this might come in handy when we rig our main base definitely got to
    keep this thing definitely don’t want these leftover cookies this this will do
    got some more beans all right Logan I’m coming out wait Logan go to Walker we go
    to Walker’s clothes what’s going on there CH are walking
    I got him no don’t worry here grab this applies we gotta get out of here invite
    you more talking in the back I got a box full of ice as well
    all right we’re good to go let’s get back the vases get a fire going I’m
    absolutely starving here’s some walkers in the distance but we should be okay if
    we keep moving and keep quiet inside close the gate I’ll be in charge of getting the fire
    going I need you to get inside the bases start rigging the lighting okay some
    light and warmth in here if we’re gonna survive it sounds good we got a few
    extra flashlights cans of beans should be able to cook these up on the fire
    tonight rule a tape an old journal might come in
    handy got this what is that some sort of zombie emergency guide I mean I don’t
    know if it’ll help the guy before us but might be able to help us now some toilet
    paper it looks like a military axe cutter and use this prepare the fire
    tonight we’ve been dealing with walkers all night and we need to get some food
    in our bellies I couldn’t find any matches but we doing some putting steel
    which it should be able to make this lightly fires lit and we got enough kindling and
    wood the last is the night this should be able to keep us warm for most of the
    night and help us cook our food the fire doesn’t make a lot of noise so it
    shouldn’t attract walkers when I’m more worried about as other survivors but we
    definitely need it tonight so now that we got the main council built any
    outpost is coming along we’ve got a fire we also faded out the entire inside at
    the fort here so it’s all decked out for us to survive for the next 24 hours
    we’re gonna cook up some beans for dinner and they get inside and start
    getting ready for bed we found two cans of beans until we find more supplies
    that we needed rations so we’re only gonna eat one canopy is between the both
    of us tonight we’ll go on another scavenging mission in the next episode
    but until then this is all we got so now it’s time to cook these up on the
    fire eventually it should be hot now some nice yummy beans it’s not the
    finest meal but I’ll have to do just finish eating their beans of the
    night fueled up we’re feeling a lot better
    we hydrated with some water haven’t heard any walkers or seen anything
    behind the fence but so far it’s looking pretty good let’s make sure the gates
    locks do one last check for Walker’s not seen anything out there looks like we
    should be good let’s head inside and start getting ready for the night –
    welcome to the council this is our base and our main headquarters to the rest of
    zombie week we’re gonna be surviving here and building off of this of course
    guys like I said if you guys want the series to continue make sure to smack
    that like button down below share this video with all your friends or even have
    plans to go on some more crazy recon missions out in the wild to scavenge for
    supplies and I’m even thinking about trying to make a zombie car that we can
    use to travel around before we start getting ready for bed I want to check
    out that package that we found inside that abandoned base zombie Emergency
    Operations CD interesting it says here we can’t get bitten by the zombies
    whoever owned this must have been close to the barren this is all the ways you
    can avoid the baron’s infection so you got remedies for if you get bitten
    should put this up in the fourth this is a bite kit so we’ll definitely need this
    she put some of these supplies in our lockbox over there we got some tape here
    might worn off some other survivors if they see it now it’s time to get our bed
    ready and start setting up for the night we don’t have a lot we definitely need
    to go on some more missions hopefully find some pillows or maybe blankets so
    for tonight we’re gonna be using the emergency blanket it may not look like a
    lot but between this and the fire should keep us toasty tonight
    all right here you go logging your blanket not much it’s time to get to bed
    hopefully we don’t have any Walker’s tonight now we’ve got our council / base
    here which should protect us throughout the night and keep us warm tomorrow we
    got a lot of repairs to do a lot of fixing up to do so see you guys in the
    morning good night it has been one of the
    longest and hardest nights to survive in a history of our box Ford videos it
    started to pour rain last night and start to leak through here and that’s
    what woke us up originally it’s we had to run outside we had to go ahead and
    start scrapping for supplies in the middle of the night while avoiding
    Walker’s we were able to go ahead and get some tar P so we tarped up this base
    to get it dry we got like an hour of sleep but now we’re up and it’s it’s a
    new day just the crack of dawn it’s pretty dark outside but I think we’re
    gonna go up we’re gonna start a fire cuz both me and Logan are just absolutely
    chilled to the bone we’re soaking wet everything’s wet let’s go outside
    hopefully we get a fire started and get some warmth because I’m absolutely
    freezing you guys what we’re dealing with here this is the entrance to the
    fort as you guys can see we had to go ahead and turn most of the fort and get
    it rigged up during the night here we go guys it is absolutely pouring rain out
    here I’m a little concerned because during the night the wall has been
    completely getting also the fourths roof was just
    completely soaked when we woke up this is quite literally going to be the
    hardest survival week of all time I think in episode 2 we’re gonna have to
    do a full upgrade of this base we’re gonna have to redo all of the outposts
    to make sure that the main council has a tarp on it like this the big continues
    to rain all week and this cold keeps up there’s no way we’re getting through the
    week like this especially if you can’t find a way to upgrade this wall I think
    for now all we’re gonna have to do is just keep adding cardboard to it and
    keep it alive this is truly survival in a zombie apocalypse completely soaked to
    the bone out here during the night guys while Logan was sleeping and a little
    bit of time to work on a pet project of mine we’ve been having some issues
    getting weapons to fend off the walkers something I want to show you her name is
    Lucille she’s gonna help us survive she’s gonna help us make it through
    zombie week bitch is between this rain and the walkers out there the cardboard
    crumbling around is we will not stop we will not be defeated we will survive
    we’ll survive and we will take down this barren we’ll survive against the walkers
    we’ll survive against the the hunger the cold there’s nothing that’s gonna stop
    us this is zombie week now we’re jumping on board and we’re playing some of the
    Walking Dead no-man’s land as promised guys we’re gonna get into some gameplay
    but I thought I’d start off here with my outpost to kind of show you guys what it
    looked like we actually modeled our box fort after
    my outpost from the game so we had our council in the middle with our campfire
    on the right-hand side and everything and this is kind of what we’re gonna be
    building our box for week into so we’re gonna have like a farm we’re gonna have
    over here like some tents we’re also gonna have of course a hospital but the
    main thing here is the fence check this out guys so in the game it’s exactly
    like our box fort fence well not exactly I mean I mean our fence didn’t have a
    bus it wasn’t reinforced steel but still nonetheless it’s you know it’s an
    outpost and although our boxford outpost might not be as big and might not be as
    cool it’s still ours and you know you guys can in the game place your farm
    wherever you want to if you want to put your farm over here you can put it over
    here I like mine here cuz it looks cool which probably isn’t a good idea cuz if
    a walker ever broke in he would you know ruin my potatoes but anyway that’s not
    important and before we jump into the gameplay guys if at any point during
    this video you guys want to download the game it is completely for free and if
    you use the link down below you can actually get negan unlocked for free he
    is super-awesome hero that you guys
    definitely need in your game he’s a great addition to your outpost and the
    game’s free to download on iOS as well as Android so he doesn’t get it in like
    the Google Play Store he doesn’t get it in the apple iOS store as well but let’s
    jump in here and start playing some of our missions so the cool thing about the
    season missions are that in season 8 it’s gonna be following the show so each
    Monday there’s gonna be an update where you get to play a mission that reflects
    the show from that previous Sunday so let’s jump in here and check it out
    because season 8 was just released it’s out now so if you guys get the game you
    can jump in and start playing but let’s see we got sanctuary siege I already
    played the first mission because I couldn’t wait to be honest with you guys
    I was like I have to play I gotta check it out we can do a hard mode but I’m a
    little worried about doing hard mode so maybe we’ll just play some some of the
    regular modes start out in so let’s jump in here and start playing some season 8
    all right so we got Aaron we got Maggie we got Rick looks pretty good here so
    let’s let’s start our mission up there we go all right let’s jump in here got a
    pretty solid squad here Maggie with the sniper Rick and Aaron with the pistols I
    love it the cool thing about this game guys is
    you got to be really tactical when you’re playing like you got to make sure
    that you have your players positioned where you want them so for example
    Maggie being a sniper you can put her in the back and kind of have her like on
    overwatch looking out and taking out people while your other guys move up and
    you got to be careful too because for example if I take Aaron and I put them
    over and you know I don’t know making loot over here check out that that trash
    can you could get surrounded by walkers very
    quick so you got to make sure you got one of your guys to come and help him
    out unless you don’t want Aaron to to lift
    and then you can just let him go over there but we like Aaron so we’re not
    gonna let him get eaten by walkers so let’s uh let’s start here looks like
    we’re gonna be taking out some enemies as well as walkers and these kinds of
    guns so we’re gonna be careful of that oh I got snipers up here too okay I just
    got two snipers behind the fence and looks like one guy’s got whoops one
    guy’s got a melee weapon and there are a bunch of walkers surrounding us so the
    walkers are gonna attack both of us which means I’m gonna take them out to
    start cuz it looks like they’re already kind of dealing with those guys let’s
    move Aaron up here let’s see what he can do go for it Aaron
    there we go that didn’t do a lot Aaron all
    make him bleed air and that wasn’t good enough he’s still standing pretty strong
    let’s see if Maggie you can do anything mmm all the Walker moved in I thought
    you didn’t get the Walker as well all right sweet
    and we’ll have Rick kind of want to save the walkers cuz they’re kind of working
    to our advantage right now this is part of being tactical all right you know
    what actually I’m gonna Rick around here so we can take out these snipers pretty
    quick all right you missed that the Walker did
    not get us but he is exposed Oh Oh Rick don’t worry don’t worry we got the rest
    of the crew coming up to help you oh you came right in all right all right we’re
    gonna take this guy out Maggie’s gonna go for the snipe boom and Aaron should
    be able to finish him off let’s see you there and yeah there we go dude all
    right Rick’s behind here all right they got Joe on the other side whew Walker’s
    still got the sniper over there we still got that guy so you know what I mean I
    the Rick go ahead and take out the sniper there we go nice because Joe’s
    just got a a measly little knife here the fence won’t save them let’s clear
    the rest and move out okay how’d they close the fence on us all
    right so we still got two snipers mm super drink Oh always taking some bad
    damage here we’re just going in for the shot got a critical hit but that’s not
    gonna be good enough oh we got something Walker’s keeping up
    on us too you guys got to be careful as well because if you use like a really
    high-powered weapon like maggie has you can attract more walkers so typically
    you know you might want to have one guy have melee or like a silenced weapon if
    you’re lucky and have one but in this case we’re just gonna try and take these
    guys out as quick as possible it’s over it go around oh I should’ve probably Oh
    nope we got a nice I got sweet so we’ll throw Aaron up and
    start taking out this guy and I should be able to snipe him with Maggie I’m a
    little bit worried about Dale over there it’s gonna be hard to get to but I go
    for Maggie boom man we got the Walker nice hi walkers turn hold her moving and
    quick oh they’re definitely moving in quick
    all right luckily for us I think Dale’s gonna yeah Dale’s gonna try and take out
    some walkers which is actually gonna help us out oh there’s ah there’s a lot
    coming all right all right let’s move Maggie up here oh she got stuck
    dang alright let’s move Aaron up and let’s move Rick over as well there we go
    nice I’m a little bit worried about Maggie but she should be okay alright
    let’s get out let’s get our guys together strength in numbers
    oh no we’re surrounded please surrounded by walkers alright quickly if we can do
    this we can do this guy’s we got this all right we need everyone to hold in
    deal keeps moving away oh no we kind of we kind of lined that up for him all
    right you know what Dale we’ve had enough of you
    Aaron’s coming in Maggie’s coming in boom there we go we got him all right
    horse coming let’s get out of here all right let’s get out let’s go I’m gonna
    have to wait one more turn I think we can do this all right Rick’s gonna give
    some defense here Erin’s taking a little bit of damage I don’t say I think we’re
    just gonna run for it let’s just let’s just run for it guys
    you can do this Erin you can do this man nice we did it guys there we go victory
    got Walker’s killed all right XP oh now we get to choose our boxes all right
    here we go now this is also very tactical all right guys you got a pick
    three boxes here and you gotta make sure you pick the right one so I’m gonna
    start with the middle one all right all right that’s so that’s a good start nice
    little XP okay let’s uh let’s do top right corner okay all right oh wow
    that’s actually a lot of food all right we need one of those gold cards hmm
    bottom left mmm oh sweet that’s actually pretty sweet okay cool
    nice got some good loot on that one guess all right let’s go back to our
    outpost and check it out here we go grab some more food awesome and I can
    show you guys who I’ve got in my survivors category here so I’ve got some
    pretty cool heroes I’ve got Daryl I think he actually might be my only hero
    here although I I i consider max a hero all right I’ve had max ever since the
    very first episode that I started streaming this game and he’s you know
    he’s my homie okay I’m not gonna get rid of max I don’t know who Roger is or
    Danna they’re dared not my homie but max max is my homie and Roberto is pretty
    cool I guess but yeah if you guys want to add negan
    to your list of Heroes here like I have Daryl but if you want to get negan
    absolutely for free again guys use that link down below download The Walking
    Dead no man’s land is completely free-to-play guys and trust
    me you will not regret it I cannot tell you like it is such a fun game to play
    I’ve been I mean I’ve been playing it for seven years now I guess it’s not
    years what do you have start play it’s been quite a long time that I’ve been
    playing this game but yeah I mean ever since I started streaming it you guys
    have loved it and so the fact that we could do a video modeled after the game
    has been such a fun experience for us and this is just the start of the week
    guys so we got lots more awesome content to come but I want to thank every single
    last one of you for checking out this video if you guys did stick around this
    far put a hashtag panda down below some of you guys are truly savage I’ll see
    you guys next time for another awesome video

    24 HOUR BOX FORT ZOMBIE BASE ?? Zombie Trap!
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    24 HOUR BOX FORT ZOMBIE BASE ?? Zombie Trap!

    August 25, 2019

    previously on Papaji alright guys what’s
    going on right now I just drew on the blog and camera because something is
    happening something is going down right now
    versus the emergency alert then this package something’s not right you don’t
    think the Baron could be up to something to you trying to go yeah this is bank
    passing now she goes for 30,000 a few boys can get 30,000 likes on this new
    video you could buy yourself hmm this is supposed to cure the zombies we’re gonna
    need to get one that trap to use it alright let’s use the duct tape trader
    Joe gave us and start building the trap get into the back and secure there start
    building sitting on okay I think we’re rolling
    hey what’s going on guys finished my last shift on watch it’s
    early in the morning it’s getting cold and as of right now I’ve been watching
    outside for zombies hasn’t been much activity from last night but we set up
    the trap they were hoping we caught one it’s time to wake up Logan though so far
    I’m fairly low on ammunition and after last few supply run we’ve topped up with
    supplies there’s still going ammunition and our weapons could be better but if
    we can get this zombie and we can administer the Cure we might be one step
    closer and fixing the zombie apocalypse it’s time to go wake up Logan Logan wake
    up this morning we made it through the night last wash had a few zombies try
    and breach the wall but held them back so the day of the zombie apocalypse
    another day of survival guys that I wonder how many likes we got on our last
    video you’re right we might be able to go to Trader Joe and trade them in for
    some stuff last time we need 30,000 lights to get the new turret for the
    base if we can go to Trader Joe we might be able to upgrade some of the base but
    more importantly we need to check the zombie trap and see if we caught one
    before that though I think we should make some breakfast and gear up I was
    thinking about making some base improvements today I haven’t had a
    proper shower in a while we get a shower running maybe a table for breakfast I’d
    be great alright let’s do it alright guys here’s
    our supply locker this is the serum that we’re gonna be trying to use on the
    zombie we’ve got some extra clothing extra ammunition from trader Joe and
    here is breakfast these are MREs these are
    tactical supply meals and they last over 30 years I’m thinking I whip up the
    table for us to eat breakfast and use some of our water to create a water
    system so that we can actually have a proper shower I’m gonna get working on
    the shower Logan if you can make a table for breakfast we should be able to eat
    gear up and then we can head outside and check out the zombie situation we don’t
    try to breach the gate hold on motive ammunition I gotta grab something the
    trader Joe supply that’s the silencer we don’t want to draw attention at the door
    okay I’m gonna go unlock it all right you won’t lock it I’ll take him out whoa
    all right get him over the face please no they’re zombies
    looks like use this a roamer walk up the door perfect okay
    we’re really gonna have to get out here and stop this they keep coming in drones
    if we get a horde coming at our door I don’t think it’s gonna hold us who
    reinforced it alright guys so check it out we just
    finished making some upgrades to the base we have here a breakfast table but
    not only is this for eating breakfast and other meals
    it also can fold away in emergency so you simply take it off like this and
    then you can put this wherever you need it to go the cool thing about this
    though is when we do want to breakfast we pull it out and then we can enjoy our
    nice MREs with a clean space to eat over here I went ahead and made a makeshift
    box for survival shower now if you guys have ever had a box for before and need
    running water this is a perfect way to make it so all you need to do is have an
    upside-down water bottle with some holes and a catch basin for the water then
    when you want a shower you just pull on the holes and it drops it down like so
    not the most luxurious shower no it’s not a five-star hotel guys but when
    you’re surviving the zombie apocalypse this is the best thing you’re gonna get
    wash your hands splashing water on your face when you wake up it’s a good way to
    survive in the zombie apocalypse alright guys now it’s time to eat breakfast and
    then we’re gonna head out and see if we caught a zombie here’s breakfast alright
    we got ourselves an MRE let’s take a look inside let’s see what we got here
    Gatorade beef patty bread heater carrot cake chocolate pudding peanut butter for
    the bread and our utensils Logan I said we have to ration this so heading for
    right now we’ll have some bread with some peanut butter and we’ll save the
    rest for dinner we don’t have a lot of supplies guys so we can’t eat the entire
    meal but I’ll show you guys the bread this is it
    the stuff is made to last for over thirty years it’s not exactly the
    luxurious breakfast bread but we can split this and it’ll be enough for the
    both of us luckily we have some water saved up but
    that’s another thing we need more food and water if we’re gonna survive here
    alright there’s my breakfast time to dig in now that we’re done breakfast time to
    gear up get all of our survival gear on helmets protective vests and have the
    last remaining bit of weapons and ammunition and we’re gonna go check up
    on the zombie see if we caught one last night in our trap
    and from our experience one zombie tracks others so we gotta be stealthy
    and quiet well kuda come on helmet survival best and the rainy ammunition
    we’re gonna head out check the trap get any zombies that are out there and then
    think it’s time to head to trader Joe when I open the store there might be one
    outside get ready three two one
    follow my lead got one coming from over there
    alright hold on I’ve got in my sights hold your fire okay let’s check the trap
    keep an eye out from behind we don’t want any zombie sneaking up on us
    Oh Hogan oh jeez this is on me in there we caught ourselves a zombie okay okay
    well look through the traps holding I’m putting off for much longer
    oh guy are you gonna be the cure for all of this
    if we’re gonna administer this year and we’re gonna need it but before we do
    that I think we should pay a visit to trader Joe the traps should hold for now
    but we got to move fast and quick this thing breaks he’s gonna get out of there
    looks like it’s already starting to break you’re right okay hallo zombie we
    try shoot it as like so we can’t move hold on three two one
    seemed just slowed him down a little bit let’s visit a trader Joe and get this
    Dom be sure I’m ready I want to cure this thing once and for all
    okay this is it should be just inside here already here trader Joe trader Joe customers the bow traded yo always
    welcome some new customers how can I help you boys today at Trader Joe’s
    where’s tears I got everything for you all your way
    that’s all your test and the only thing I charge for his likes oh it’s you two
    again are you back for big messy probably fancy you with so much
    brand-new stock items we’ve got ourselves lots of tape I may be a zombie
    fighting sword oh yeah see you I am my little Groot here helps your new
    adventures and how can I help you boys we’re back to spend some more likes and
    we want to buy some more things and I think we got a bunch in our last video
    do you know how many we got you did did ya let me take looks like you boys have
    79,000 Jude doesn’t save any 9000 likes we should spend all that yeah well we’re
    definitely getting big Bessie ah there’s so much stuff trader Joe
    could sell you for all those lights first why don’t you spend those $30,000
    whole bleep best here takes out zombies like nothing else trader Joe Sui this
    movie’s awesome for our base that leaves you boys with so much for you to try got
    some trader Joe specials makes a portable food to go call that fauna
    trader joe’s specialty items not imported made right here in the shop
    that i interest you boys is some night vision you could say everything like
    this in the dark and the day dude that would be perfect for us we will see in
    the dark okay we’ll take you how many likes is it not at you boys for 20,000
    likes okay 20,000 yeah that’s perfect we’ll take it
    beautiful you are now that leaves you boys with 29,000 marks
    what about many crude you really help us how much for him you want me do ya character helps you on all your missions
    that just zombies either but unfortunately he’s 50 you get many group
    we could buy him I’m trader Joe sees how you can’t afford him except for those
    last bit of lags we could really use some extra tape yeah
    and feel free to show you how much I appreciate your business going this
    sword for free dude that’s awesome dude is that mini Groot that could help
    us on all of our adventures it’d be so cute to have a little made
    Groot with us we need 50,000 likes guys if you think you can help us out again
    to buy some more stuff from trader Joe smack the like button down below share
    this video get your friends to like it there’s so much more stuff we can buy
    from him I don’t know about you but I really want that mini group oh dude
    check out these night vision goggles this is sweetie huh trader Joe is the
    coolest stuff come on stop playing around you need I set all this stuff up
    your right hand we had administer that serum to the zombie if we can cure him
    you don’t even need all this stuff the zombie apocalypse will be over but
    before we set this up dude I think we should administer the serum if we can
    cure the zombie apocalypse we don’t need any of this stuff
    Oh point Jay do you hear that yeah what is that Wow here horde they
    seem pretty far off in the distance but there is a huge board heading exactly
    this way maybe we should set up all the stuff before we administered see if this
    thing doesn’t work we’re gonna need to survive in this base and if it does well
    no matter what there’s no way we’re taking out all those zombies hearted
    first priorities first we set up this turret and get it ready then we can
    worry about administering the antidote Robo we got one coming let the tree set
    up going just finished it – it’s all set up turn is all set up an ice cannot emit
    it too soon we got a massive hoard heading this way
    alright here you take this up machine gun I’ll load up on the turret shoot
    everything that moves we got defend the base at all costs
    alright good luck down there okay I think that does it for them we
    got most of them let’s do this a little bit of clearing in the hoard looking I
    think it’s time we’ve missed heard the serum to that zombie if we didn’t cure
    him and that means we have the cure to the zombie apocalypse now it’s time just
    give it to the zombie in the trap he’ll be a little tricky getting it to
    him but if I can inject it into him it should work anywhere on his body are you
    ready to go out Jake how do we know this is the cure
    what if this doesn’t work and what if it’s a trap what if it just makes the
    zombie even stronger right the Baron the bear has always been one step ahead of
    us she could have planted this he could have planted the video this could be as
    a way to spread and even worse zombie virus if we give this to the zombie and
    it gets bigger it could spread to the rest I mean we can manage them now but
    what if they’re what they’re bulletproof what what if they don’t stop when you
    shoot them or worse what if this war contagious it could make this worse or
    it could work and we could make everything better guys I think it’s
    gonna be up to you should we administered the zombie virus to the
    zombie and potentially save the world if it is a cure or should we not give it
    to them and keep surviving build up our base fortify it because who knows if we
    gave it to him it could make things worse let us know down below in the
    comments hashtag give the cure or hashtag survive if we shouldn’t give it
    to him you guys have to decide in the next episode

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    August 20, 2019

    previously on Samba week infecting the
    people it’s the only way that I can ensure I’ll be the richest person
    activating the virus now slim we wave go to see Walker no he’s not a Walker
    what’s your name this is where the parents hiding out he’s waiting for the
    infection to spread and for everyone to die gotta go there you gotta go there
    there is a cure we can go there and we can stop this thing I need to tell Logan
    about this I need the files I need to get back to base camp I gotta go what every single play he’s in trouble Mugen I saw the flare what’s going on
    it’s been really bad all the Barons men got here look at this place
    it’s destroyed man the whole fort looks like it took a beating the walls were
    broken down the Barons been breached the gate and zombies followed I was taking
    this place on by myself yeah I felt few walkers coming up here
    well since all the singleplayer I ran as fast as I could
    this place is completely toast Frankie it’s not even holding up Medical Bay is
    completely destroyed Jake what did you find I used the car to
    get deep into the woods and I found the military base located on the map they
    put up a pretty big fight but looks like most of them were overrun before I got
    there by walkers while I was there I found an envelope with some information
    in it I was able to retrieve her from the wreckage of the base got a lot of
    medical files in it but most importantly it looks like one of the Barons men knew
    how bad this virus would be talks about a cure Logan he says there is a cure
    there’s a way to recreate it we’re really gonna put an end to this we need
    to find out where the Baron is whoever this guy is he doesn’t like what the
    parents up to if we could convince him to change his mind
    keep the Baron and cure everyone oh no we got a walker I got it damn where’d you get that me the last
    night dual-action nice we’re gonna need that look this place isn’t safe I think
    we need to gather all the supplies we can and make our way to the woods it’s
    safer in there we’re gonna get deep into the woods and set up base camp for the
    night I’m gonna go over these files as well as any other information I can with
    the notes I have and see if I can’t figure out how this cure works once I’ve
    got some more information we got to find the bear in space we got puts top of
    this gear up and gather your supplies we’re heading out
    look here it’s got a pink marker place it here last time when I was making my
    way towards the base here the Horde behind this but in the woods this should
    be few and thin they can’t group up in here so we should be safe but I’m
    worried about though it’s people can I am they should be just up here see
    another marker up ahead hold up we got a walker let’s keep moving
    this way I fought the parents right last time they did a fairly he’s a stronghold
    set up here but I was able to take him out we need a place to stay for the
    night this is where we should build up and resupply what’s that they were
    setting up here for a long time I’m not sure how close these men were to the
    Baron but is where I found the information regarding the chemical
    compound of the virus and so we use what we have for cardboard and build a base
    here to bunker down for the night hey yo what’s going on guys Papa J here from T
    with me and we are back with a brand new video and today guys
    it is episode 4 of zombie week that’s right our epic series does continue and
    today we’re out in the middle of the woods because we are surviving in the
    middle of the woods with this zombie bass are based on overrun by zombies as
    well as the barons men and it forces the flee to the woods finally go ahead and
    take him down but if we’re gonna do that we need a base camp which is why we
    found this area it’s a fairly secure concrete bunker area as you guys can see
    behind us there’s a massive pond and waterfall nothing can get us from behind
    and in front of us is the woods which is really hard for zombies to clump up and
    create a horde in we’re gonna start by working on setting up a wall area as
    well as our base where we’re gonna survive for the night it’s fairly cold
    in the forest and we’re gonna need to scavenge all the food and supplies we
    can to survive here I think we got to start building cuz the sun’s going down get out we’ve been working on the base
    now for quite some time it’s looking awesome we actually went through like a
    bunker kind of look to it which I love because the base is actually sunken down
    below the concrete as you can see the box fort itself is like half underground
    it’s really cool so you have to enter through the side and we have windows on
    the back side which we’re gonna put in once we get the roof on and make sure
    the support beams are working we’re gonna start bringing all of our supplies
    as well as our lighting inside and get this place lit up and warm because we
    got to survive here for the night guys I’m gonna hand you some materials all
    right check out inside here guys this place looks amazing this is one big
    coolest bases we have ever built inside as you can see we’ve got this awesome
    window here which opens up we can close in the case we want to make sure that
    this place stays warm cuz obviously it’s gonna be pretty cold tonight we also
    want to close it to make sure that you know any zombies or enemies can’t look
    at this but as you can see out here we’ve got a great view of the pond down
    below as well into the bunker that we’re able to salvage a pretty decent amount
    of stuff from our old base we’re still pretty low on supplies though we
    definitely need some food as we have absolutely no food left over we laid a
    few cans of beans but that really wasn’t enough for the most part I think we’re
    gonna need to go on a scavenging mission pretty soon to BrahMos super supplies in here we
    really didn’t have a lot weapon wise we’ve got one pistol here we’ve got my
    repeater and we’ve got Logan’s new creation here a double pistol medical
    supplies are almost none as well we used a lot of our other stuff on Kirk as well
    as in the last battle you got some extra gauze
    some band-aids I don’t even think we have an extra thermal blanket in here so
    it’s definitely gonna be cool tonight what we did find here though guys once
    we came back to the base we noticed there was some leftover chemistry gear
    used to be a chemist right Jake that’s right
    it looks like whoever was set up in his base before was working on some sort of
    chemical compound considering I found files relating to the zombie virus I
    think whoever was here was working on some sort of cure now there isn’t a lot
    of materials left over but I did find a small compound here I’m hoping that if I
    have some time at the station given the notes that I have inside this file I
    might be able to recreate the compound itself and created small doses of the
    cure it’s a long shot but at least it’ll be one step in towards defeating the
    Baron other than that one this morning comes we’re gonna have to go out and
    find this barren space alright before we do anything further though and going on
    our mission I got to treat my leg banged it up pretty bad we were walking into
    the base camp here gonna put a bandage on it’s one of our last there’s something else that do that oh
    yeah I got a visual on a walker think you can take him out of course I
    can take him out got him I think now if we want to get something neat tonight
    we’re gonna have to go on a scavenging mission there’s a lot of pretty beat-up
    walkers around here we might be able to pull some food off them at the very
    least we can find something maybe an old abandoned outpost grab your gear
    I’m also pretty low on ammo give any extras think I got a couple rounds
    passing say we stick pretty close to the creek bed seems like the water is fairly
    distracting for the walkers they can’t hear us or bunch up on us we
    go pretty low light we shouldn’t have a problem
    I don’t expect too many people I don’t know we’re gonna find some about where’s
    some walkers are the elements themselves the cold stuck in some quicksand you’re
    done there’s a bridge up here you make our way out should I keep the shot let’s
    keep moving down this way I think you see something up ahead looks like a
    person might have something on them oh yeah I see him it’s not living like he’s gone he’s
    gonna turn soon let’s go get some food on it it’s good here before we’re
    Waukesha I was a good mission it was so much but call six of beef jerky and some
    old-world M&Ms it’s a long day of hiking fine walkers apply the best slam gonna
    happen cesium to 980 I think this is the stuff they’re using to make the Cure it
    seems like you’ve up to 95 percent of the nervous system is infected this can
    still hear it it just needs to be implanted into the body somehow look you
    didn’t leave much supplies behind but with the small amount of chemistry
    supplies I have here might be able to formulate something Logan kill the lights and if I compile
    this correctly it should be glowing as you can see here the compound itself is
    glowing that means the radiation is separating from the cesium has compiling
    itself onto the water seems compounds reacting you see this stuff is highly
    radioactive this will cure the zombie virus we’re holding the only cure this
    entire zombie virus if we can implement this into a bullet we should be able to
    hit a walker with it and cure whoever it is I know it’s not much but this means
    that there is a cure it means the Baron has the resources if we can defeat the
    Baron you should have enough stuff piled up that we could cure the entire world
    we’re gonna try it on the next Walker refine I don’t know what’s gonna happen
    but if it works nice we have to cure right here tomorrow we’re gonna find the
    Baron tomorrow I’ll review the notes from the journal I have the notes are
    correct there should be some sort of stronghold not too far up down the creek
    we need some strength we need some rest we definitely need some new supplies
    we’re gonna be taking them on so we hunker down close the window just try to
    stay warm for the night Jake we go zombies yeah sounds like a
    horde where they coming from no no no no the golf come from the east well there’s
    a lot of them Caitlin breech the base he fired you
    fired did you hear any from behind us you’re having trouble getting through
    the creek bed but they’re still coming pretty fast I got one in this home
    wandering on the right side that’s our chance
    this is chance Logan I can use the Cure bullet that’s only one way to find out I
    only got one shot Hayden my enemies down I got him right in the
    torso let’s spend a roaming horde moving through this way all right let’s go
    check that body I want to see this cure worked all right I don’t know how well
    this would have worked so be careful when we approach the body bodies over
    there be really careful Jake this might be
    Kirk green administered the Cure to Kirk there’s exactly like I’m not you what
    happened let’s take his bite secured the Cure worked really where like Jake
    Logan what happened where are we Kirk the bite you had back at our old
    base turn you into zombie who turned on us okay we thought you were gone we
    happen to move here after our base got overrun by the barons men we’re able to
    formulate a cure based on some old chemistry findings I found in the base
    Logan that means the Cure works that means whoever was working for the Baron
    who formulated this cure knew what was happening this here’s a backdoor to the
    virus it can cure these zombies and bring them back to normal I’ll have to
    check his vitals once we get back to base but
    all right let’s keep back to base and brief you look at it the wounds
    completely healed there’s nothing there hearts good pulse is good this cure
    really is working cesium to 980 cure him you use the cesium on me how do you know
    what the cesium to 980 I used to work for the Baron I didn’t tell you guys
    when we first met I was scared I was running away from him what do you mean
    you used to work for the Baron Bester talking fast it’s not like that it’s not
    like that I was one of his minions when I met you guys I was running away from
    him we knew about the cesium he knew about the cure from what I can recall me
    and another scientist named van were working on a cure because we didn’t
    believe in the Baron so you wanted to stop him yes we always have your last
    names cretin Kirk Rita yes these are your notes this is what helped me
    compile the compound you came across a way to create a cure and compile it into
    a liquid form if we’re gonna put a stop to the Baron when you’re gonna need to
    work together we need to administer this compound to everyone the only one who
    has enough cesium to do so is the Baron himself we came to the woods to track
    down his compound we’re gonna go face them head-on
    I’ve got a notebook here has a map of where I believe it might be tell me if
    this is something you would call at all you see here his bunker system is four
    stories underground how do we get into it then where’s the entrance the
    entrance is over here it’s on the north side through an abandoned sewer system
    Kirk we’re gonna take your word for it are you willing to help us defeat the
    Baron of course welcome back to the team buddy
    so now we’re never we’re gonna get to the abandoned compound head in and
    defeat the baron once and for all we need to put a stop to this virus all
    right keep moving be really careful we don’t know what’s
    in here man this place is huge this parents
    fortress must go on for miles Kirk you coming LeBaron put him down put
    him down right now good to see you two again you thought
    you could escape me forever you put it down right now we know what you’re up to
    look there’s three of us and one of you drop it it’s over you think you could
    put a stop to this beautiful vibe we know about the cesium we don’t secured
    all of this I don’t think so only one person has the cure we have the
    cure from finding my full story concrete bunker unfortunately for you two you’ll
    be staying here forever what what are you doing what are you doing what’s this happened you just closed the
    gate on us the concrete doors just closed looking
    for trapped where’d you hear that pull the gas

    Articles, Blog


    August 19, 2019

    J hey J hey J yes
    remember I’m you’re trapped by zombies in me we’re floating and couldn’t get
    out watch Oh God thank you firing you
    remember the fuck how do we escape that can’t remember Logan I’ve told you okay
    multiple times you don’t ask those questions the same reason people don’t
    ask why is the sky blue did Picasso ask should I paint this
    painting no look at he painted the painting okay we don’t ask if we escape
    the zombies and now we’re back home everything’s okay but Jake I just don’t
    get it local oh we don’t we don’t ask those questions it’s just it just
    happened we’re back home we’re safe now zombies are gone we don’t have to worry
    about them anymore you know what Logan Papa Jake’s don’t read it for today all
    this talk about zombies reminded me we got a brand new sponsor for this video
    that’s right The Walking Dead our won’t sponsor this video with their brand-new
    game based on The Walking Dead I Logan get this it’s augmented reality
    augmented reality what does that even mean it means you get to fight zombies
    in real life bro check this out you get to play with all of your favorite
    characters from The Walking Dead and see them in real life
    now Michonne is literally in our room right now hey what’s up Michelle how’s
    it going we’re gonna take out some walkers together I know we are how cool
    is this dude but get this Logan not only that it’s a
    location-based game which means where you are in real life
    is where you are in the game see now we’re outside Logan check out those
    walkers we’re gonna take them over right now come on Michelle let’s get these
    guys there we go all right oh they’re coming over here
    all right I got I got oh oh would you go down you go down all of you guys go down
    and best of all Logan when you unlock these legendary characters you can go
    into the photo booth mode I teach sweet pictures with them check this one out
    with Michonne here let me get in the shot all right here I go
    Camacho of the show just move a bit tier right okay uh yeah
    that’s that’s pretty good oh cool bathroom okay Jake let’s take
    your photo in three two one all right bring your photo Papa Jake here with
    Michelle but guys if you want to download the game we will have a link
    down below where you can get it for free in both the Google Play Store as well as
    the Apple Store oh yeah who’s that was it the lightning bolt hit us or
    something oh I don’t know what that was oh it broke my bracelet house I’m sort
    of weird didn’t think they had lightning on sunny days uh anyway where were we
    you were just showing me the AR mode can can I try oh dude look it’s a walker
    yeah that’s awesome it’s so lifelike okay well the phone I’m gonna go take a
    picture wait wait Logan what Logan that’s not in the game Wow Jake plan for
    the smokin I’ve got nerve plasters in the fridge why do you keep in the fridge
    because I like to let’s go I’m gonna go get supplies you me in the woods that
    are zombies okay can I get supplies the zombies are coming mmm food for my pets Logan
    hello oh no no no no no no no no this isn’t good this isn’t good
    these handcuffs oh where am I hello what’s going on so let’s train me
    to this Oh what happened last thing I remember I was Logan this app zombies
    zombies and I ran downstairs she was robbing here someone’s locked me up
    hello who are you hello my pets are so hungry I have some food for you that’s
    what what pets are you out there let me throw this oh it’s that we easy time my
    pets eating time no no no no no it’s not eating time it’s not any time but pop
    pop Jake’s not food alright I’m a person that people aren’t food I’m escaped from
    a lot of prisons we can do this okay this is w he’s got to be way off first
    six person gotta get these cuffs off okay there’s gotta be something I can
    use here something I could yeah break this off with water your canister wait
    wait my pockets baby got something in my pockets ah highlighter pen got some
    money wait a second this is an infused Kevlar pad if I add water to this it
    turns into a Kevlar cloth that can withstand heat cold anything if I can
    find something to heat them up or or freeze them off I can use this to
    protect myself Jake Jake where are you guys I don’t
    think Jake made it he told me to meet him down here in the forest but I mean I
    can’t find them oh no no guys I hear Walker’s okay we
    got to get going wait snare can stir if you shake these things
    to turn them upside down these are colder than liquid nitrogen
    I’m never be able to use it to freeze the cuffs off hold on I gotta break the
    lid shake it up oh yeah there’s definitely some fuel
    left in here let’s test it out oh that’s cool guys look at that look how cool –
    god I could barely touch that fry this is perfect it’s exactly what I can use
    to freeze off these cuffs I gotta start moving fast hello no one
    feeding time is but it sounds like it’s soon all right I’ve got to get this
    Kevlar pad activated and now time to add the water to the Kevlar pad and within a
    few seconds we should have a working cloth that will protect us from the cold
    there we go all right time you use this starts out
    as a little tablet now we got a cloth all right if I wrap this around my side
    of the cup should be able to protect myself I’m gonna feed it through here
    now to put this in the keyhole slot and break these cuffs off in three two one it’s still very cold very very cool ah
    these cuffs are cool all right time to break him guys I can hear them in the distance oh you guys it’s a zombie Oh guys I gotta
    get out of here okay guys I think I lost him but this doesn’t make any sense why
    they’re zombies in real life the kitchen there was a zombie wait
    the Thunderbolt that’s it it must have transferred us into the game or
    something okay wait for in the game I could use that to our advantage if I use
    the game’s map I can find a supply kit and maybe get a weapon or something I’m
    gonna need that if I’m gonna find Jake okay right there I found a supply crate
    there’s another song okay now time to get out of this place it’s gonna be some
    way out of here something looks like I’m not getting
    through that door looks like there’s a door here but it’s missing a door handle
    pretty second why am I even here we’re just playing with the app and then the
    lightning I don’t want to jump to conclusions yet but I think maybe we
    were somehow transported into the world of The Walking Dead that would explain
    the zombies I would explain this rundown place that this creepy guy has me in a
    zombie dinner oh no this isn’t good I don’t know if Logan’s been able to
    figure this out all right I’ve gotta break out of here and get back to Logan
    I just gotta find a way something a trapdoor no no that’s a zombie that’s a
    zombie so wired here yeah we’re making La Soul does it it’s a fan there I might be able
    to get this cord in there and stick it in there huh Oh cut the fan off okay
    next time you feed the wire through hey come on come on catch something hey
    perfect well we got the zombie stuff huh but you might be able to break out of
    there in no time it’s gonna be the way to eliminate him in here there’s
    something in my pockets I could use pens wait a hole makeshift crossbow okay you
    just stay right there zombie man all right yeah it’s not the best crossbow
    what it should do the trick in three two one oh yes you got it
    worked oh there’s all bees dead oh alright how much time that bought us
    guys we got to figure out a way out and fast looks like there’s a fire escape
    here but it’s locked up with a lock there’s no way I’m getting through that
    maybe there’s something in that room but the door handle missing there we go
    oh sweet okay guys this is perfect I have a weapon and I have lots of
    ammunition my next objective is finding Jay if I’m gonna survive these Walker’s
    I’m gonna need them what’s that I think I must have
    attracted apart no here they come Dolman on the left we’re gonna have to
    get out of here how many more coming all right I gotta
    go oh yeah that’s something I can use ah perfect this think it’s a hunting
    rifle I needs ammo oh here we go this should be enough to pull off the
    lock sweet it looks like there’s a tack best I’m
    gonna need this one we’re going outside it’s time to break out of here and find
    Logan I don’t know if he’s realized yet that we’re in the game but if he hasn’t
    he’s in a lot of trouble gonna walk beside you okay or touch his
    hand I touched his hand sound of bus this lock off three two one sweet you got it all oh here’s the
    window looks like I found a way outside not
    time to get out of here to meet up with pony this is getting really crazy if
    Jake’s realized what I realized that we’re in the game he’s gonna meet me out
    of safe house so all I have to do is find a safe house and meet him there
    all right this is the forest where I said I’d meet Logan I hope he’s figured
    out what I figured out that lightning bolt was no lightning ball some sort of
    weird witch crack we’re in the game now and if we’re in the game and Logan knows
    that and want to meet me somewhere it’s gotta be something around here okay some
    ammo crates around here I’ve been traveling for a while now and we’re
    almost at the safe house oh wait what guys another ammo box oh yeah guys what
    was that oh no there’s another survivor in distress all right you know what but
    I hope this person out and then I’ll meet Logan got enough ammo for it
    this should just be up here along this path wait Logan right hold still man I
    got you don’t move don’t move to 100 buddy that was really close you do not
    want to know what I just went through look I love you figure it out yeah but I
    think that lightning bolts about put us in the game yeah I realize that too
    that’s true then we’ve got Walker’s coming at us at all angles right now our
    number one party is surviving all my fault I found a safe house it’s not too
    far from here it’s just on the path that way if we can get there we might be able
    to ride this thing out whatever this thing is yeah Jake that’s where I was
    heading I was hoping to meet you there all right come on follow me well as you
    can we gotta get there before sundown okay safe house should just be up ahead
    you gotta be careful though I hear Walker’s coming from all distances but
    if you hear that you’re what listen listen is that a fork
    no it’s is that trader Joe someone in need where’s it taste what do you boys
    need yeah are we happy to see you yeah you definitely use some supplies today
    but don’t forget trader Joe deals in lakhs it’s the only thing I accept yeah
    yeah no no no we remember you you buy and sell using our likes Logan how many
    likes is our last song bees video have I think it has like 80,000 80,000 likes
    alright what can we get for 80,000 likes or Trader Joe’s got lakhs supplies for
    you so many supplies we’re all in my car I got something a little bit better than
    supplies something you boys might like a little more how would you like a save
    that might have the cure to the zombie apocalypse you check that bad boy out an
    abandoned safe oh oh those are so big right now I can sell the same to you for so what’s it gonna be well we could get
    a lot of supplies to those likes I say we get the supplies hokum Papa Jake
    hasn’t made it this far playing it safe you know what we’ll take the safe for
    eighty thousand likes whose safe it is have this transported to you in no time
    who knows what could be inside it’s an abandoned safe try to Joe how do we open
    the safe now oh you want the combination I could sell that to you for likes oh I
    didn’t think that through let’s see how you boys don’t have a hundred thousand
    likes Trader Joe’s gotta go alright I may have messed up a little
    bit but that’s okay look we got the viewers guys if we’re gonna get into
    this safe we need a hundred thousand likes that’s like nothing you guys could
    do that in a day right I hope so okay guys we need your help we
    need those lights to get in the safe who can do it fast guys is this getting dark
    and zombies are coming

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    August 13, 2019

    previously on Papaji alright guys what’s
    going on right now I just drew on the blog and camera because something is
    happening something is going down right now versus the emergency alert then this
    package something’s not right you don’t think the Baron could be up to something
    do you we haven’t heard from the Baron in a really long time the medicine
    that’s in this bag supposedly could be the serum to stop the zombie virus which
    means we need to trap a zombie and try it on one it’s the only way we can know
    for sure if this will stop it round Logan Logan wake up get back okay
    come on wake up Logan look at wake up come on you gotta get up we’re down on
    ammunition they’re piling up out front look I know we don’t have any food or
    water but you got to get all of your strength we’ve got to get out we’ve got
    to go to the supply locker Jake I’m so hungry I don’t know if I can do this
    look and look I know but we have to go outside we have to get to the supply
    locker we stashed away a bug-out kit with all the essentials in there we’ll
    be able to survive a little bit longer in this base the zombies are coming in
    if we’re gonna expand to reinforce this place we need supplies
    not to mention the backpack look if it if what the doctor said is true and we
    really have the cure to all this we need to start thinking about creating a
    zombie trap and testing out the Cure on it we need to build a trap and test it
    out on the zombie we’re just happen take the power to shut
    off the power to shut off what’s going on you check the front it’s pitch black
    out here see flashlights in here Jake I don’t like this I don’t either let’s
    check outside oh no no pull the power’s out
    looks like stuffs really hitting the fan out there right at the power shut off
    Ivy’s the grid in the neighborhoods also shut off it’s supposed to set a
    disadvantage we can’t see the zombie so we can hear them but we’re traveling out
    there we got to stay close what kind of lights do we have we have five of these
    lamps I’ve got one flashlight in two head mounts that’s all you have limited
    batteries but look I’m gonna strap this onto my weapon it should be one last
    bullet here okay look I love one shot with this I can load up my gun with this
    and strap the flashlight to it but for you we’re gonna need to find you a
    weapon something we can use as a melee weapon we’ve got some extra cardboard
    here okay I can make like like a sword sword yeah that might just work load it
    up here let’s grab the tape and build yourself a sword the Hat should hold the book we gotta go
    we gotta start moving their altar off the house we’re not gonna make it to the
    storage locker without proper weapons let’s start building sword
    so much it’ll work when we head out that plus a headlamp should keep us safe all
    right let’s get your sword built and then we gotta head out towards the
    storage locker Jake if we only have one shot how are we gonna take out all these
    zombies we’re gonna have to play it smart
    let’s forget to the storage locker there should be extra supplies in there that
    we can use to take him out well it’s have to be really stealthy how of
    zombies could see in the dark either so be stealthy is gonna be our strongest
    asset right now right don’t get up already to go you
    ready I’ve got my spear all right when we open this door just gonna be a zombie
    on the other side I’m gonna use my last beer ready just in case what oh I was
    close all right come on let’s move look at the body out high grab your gear
    let’s go never stood a chance let’s head over here first
    oh ho that’s a close call scary man Hey look let’s check out the side wall here
    this place is falling apart watch your step is it it’s a weapon and
    ammunition oh ho ho yes grab this put in your pocket me to load up look there’s a
    weapon for you looks like it’s a silencer perfect here grab this this is
    great for stealth hold that up a little fine once we have these loaded up we can
    make our way towards the supply locker we should be able to defend ourselves
    now got myself fully locked and loaded here silencer I gotta make it across the
    hall into the second room and there’s a supply locker but the power out the door
    lock system is gonna be offline I’m gonna have to hack into it manually
    which means you have to cover me with this stupid light
    all right follow my lead stay quiet let’s go Jake I don’t like this what we
    got survive this we got to get to the bottom of this zombie virus
    come on the store’s broken down there is open perfect so we’re here
    trying to boot up your best Kevlar helmets food and water weapons alright
    guys we’ve made to the supply locker we’ve gone right here and well I’ve
    geared up fairly well but look we’re gonna stop the zombie virus we need to
    try out that vaccine that the doctor left us that truly works then we’ll well
    be able to reverse the zombies and save the world but the only way we can do
    that is by trapping one now that we have our gear food and water we’re gonna head
    back to the base and regroup grab some food grab some water regain our strength
    reinforce the door and then we can make a zombie trap plus of zombies trapped we
    can administer the serum and hopefully save the world
    alright let’s gather all this stuff water here grab this helmet
    Sami comes at you you’re gonna need it really quiet don’t worry got a crossbow
    this is a silent but deadly G let’s do this
    stop Sami come almost back at pace we can lock up and secure down the base
    Jay what was that no it’s coming from that door hello open the door you open
    the door open the door right now oh you look there’s no guns I can’t open
    it open the door ah trader Johanns Trader Joe’s money
    post-apocalypse wear-and-tear sellers my game if you catch my drift
    I got all your wears and tears in here everything you could want in the
    apocalypse I got food attachments weapons ammunition everything comes to
    training Jones wears intense I wanna help you – how do you even have
    power right now ah Janet you always have power in the
    apocalypse right ah looks like you two could use some bears got myself here a
    nice cross well built it myself got my vision come hey now look I fancy
    you too far Oh bolt it will take a bunch of stuff
    but we have money and tons of money we need all this I don’t take money in the
    post-apocalyptic I call it YouTube likes YouTube likes
    that’s right Oh many likes you have on your last video you’ve been trading in
    from our past this one right here three thousand legs oh this one ten hours and
    lags but very much worth it well that’s sweet I’ll take it cheap no ah yeah you
    are perfect oh wait Jake we have to spend these
    wisely I mean it totally pretty cool who else you have I got lots of talked a
    lot but then dice take it yeah we’ll take
    them yeah yeah and looks like your last video has made attachment for one of
    your wipers so these both in for the rest your likes yeah we’ll take them
    yeah you are that all I can do for you whoa what’s that
    oh you spotted it did you yes this is baked pass it now she goes for 30,000
    you boys can get 30,000 likes on this new video you could buy yourself now why
    don’t you come back to training Joe when you got more lives we get 30,000 likes I
    promise we gonna tell the viewers oh oh dude let’s thing look too awesome it was
    a massive turret that could help us survive against the zombie apocalypse we
    mount that on our base nothing’s getting in we need 30,000 likes 3,000 likes
    alright guys you heard trader Joe if we’re gonna buy that we need 30,000
    likes on this video I think we can come back next video
    and by that turret for our base but all right look we’re gonna get back to base
    camp down I think we need to figure out how to turn the power back on same all
    right let’s get inside stocked up with food water and ammunition all right lock
    the door all right she keeps Ami’s out for now lights
    powers back on must’ve been rolling blackouts these
    blackouts could progressively get worse and worse as the apocalypse continues
    all right I start dividing the gear and you start building this trap as soon as
    possible all right that gear from trader Joe really came in handy that no that’s
    a nice upgrade and check it out I was able to reinforce the base with the time
    I had we’ve got all of our supplies in here weapons hey munition Kevlar helmets
    as well as our food and water we still have as much as I want but has we expand
    this base we should start expanding our supplies I think next up we need to make
    a medical Bay and here when you’re defending the front I’ve stored all of
    our extra ammunition as well as flashlight so if the power goes out we
    grab up from here take out those zombies hitting up our front we’re gonna stop
    this thing we need to build that trap we need to trap ourselves a real zombie I
    have the antidote here now this this is supposed to cure the zombies we’re gonna
    need to get one a trap to use it all right let’s use the duct tape trader
    Joe gave us and start building the trap once the zombies caught up in it
    what minced through this get into the back it’s secure there start building we have our fully functioning zombie
    trap this thing is made out of reinforced cardboard we’ve got a bunch
    of side soon that we can look in to see if we caught the zombie and of course
    the front entrance here so once the zombie enters into the trap it’ll open
    like so he’ll walk in and then the door will shut now this door is not coming
    open this way because it’s got this latch here which prevents it from
    opening outward you can go in but you can’t get out now we just gotta move it
    out front Jake I just realized how are we gonna get the zombie inside the MREs
    we’ve I have some extra food in them we can use as a lure and put it inside the
    trap the zombie will come in to eat and get stuck I’ll go check what we have in
    a storage room eggs strawberry jam that means there’s gotta be something here
    what’s this well it’s bread survival bread okay this
    will be perfect all right I got it some well bread this was part of the MRE this
    isn’t exactly the bread you’d like to eat on a daily basis but it’ll last for
    30 plus years and it’s good enough for zombies we’ll put this inside set this
    up out front and hopefully capture ourselves a zombie
    all right the traps will set up wait oh can you hear that zombies are coming we
    gotta get back inside right now oh it’s get I made it back inside the
    base zombies are still throughout the house but look the trap set up there so
    I think it’s time for us to go to bed if we wake up tomorrow and there’s a zombie
    caught we can try the serum on it and well if that cures the zombie
    we have a cure for the zombie apocalypse but if not we’re gonna need to expand
    the base keep building on not sure what we’ll build next so you might have to
    let us know in the comments but more importantly we need to secure the front
    entrance guys we need those 30,000 likes so we
    can buy that turd from trader Joe we’re still a little low on ammo hold on here
    though for the night all right I think it’s time we get some shut-eye I’ll grab
    first watch alright how many get to bed grab this
    wake me if there’s any trouble we’ll see you guys next time

    24 HOUR BOX FORT ZOMBIES ?? Zombies Vs Box Fort Boat Base!!
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    24 HOUR BOX FORT ZOMBIES ?? Zombies Vs Box Fort Boat Base!!

    August 13, 2019

    previously on Papaji look I think it’s
    time we’ve missed her the serum to that zombie if we didn’t cure him and that
    means we have the cure to the zombie apocalypse if we give this to the zombie
    and it gets bigger it could spread to the rest I mean we can manage them now
    but what if they’re what they’re bulletproof but what if they don’t stop
    when you shoot them or worse what if this were contagious it could make this
    worse or it could work and we could make everything better guys I think it’s
    gonna be up to you should we administered the zombie virus to the
    zombie and potentially save the world if it is a cure or should we not give it to
    them and keep surviving you guys have to decide this video was sponsored by pub G
    mobile play the famous player unknown battlegrounds on your mobile phone and
    check out the amazing realistic graphics powered by the Unreal Engine talk to
    your friends with in-game voice chat and check out the latest update which
    includes the highly anticipated Miramar desert map not only does pop G mobile
    have all this but it also features a brand new Arcade Mode with 28 players
    featuring a variation of shotguns only snipers only all weapons melee pistols a
    bunch of really fun game modes you guys have to check out you can use the link
    down below in the description to go ahead and download the game that’s
    completely free to play I highly recommend you check it out now ok been
    up all night working on the serum I think I was finally able to distill it
    we need to use it Logan we were able to pull the viewers and they all think we
    have to try it we have to see if this can actually work is the cure this is
    what I came up with this here it’s a last stop stopping the zombie apocalypse
    if I inject this into the zombie that we have trapped outside and it works we can
    put it into this whole thing but there is still a chance that it’s a trap if
    wrongly used this zombie could transform into something we’ve never seen before
    but I said we’d gear up and go out there and try it it’s our last shot ok I agree
    now listen I’ve gathered all of our animal supplies in case something goes
    wrong I’ve got food water and the rough amount in these packs
    most of it we’re gonna have to leave here if something does go wrong my hope
    is nothing happens we give it to the zombie and we cure everything but if
    something does happen you have to meet me outside I mean me in the backyard and
    don’t look back let’s head out let’s play a little friend another visit all
    right here he is I’ve got the zombie virus see I’m here looking this is our
    only shot at this we only have one how do we know it’s gonna work we don’t
    we’re gonna have to take the risk look the viewers voted and they want us
    to take this risk if we have a chance of curing this we have to take that chance
    even if it’s a slim one you ready okay let’s do this three two one no did I see
    you live she got him like this can’t help he’s alive a dog maybe it didn’t
    work maybe it just killed them how long would it take to work I don’t know what
    I’ve never tried this before can’t solve its breathing or not look maybe there’s
    something oh that didn’t work little get it didn’t
    work my fear came true the serum acted as the counter serum and
    made it stronger did you see yourself those bullets everything I hit it with
    didn’t do anything chief what are we gonna do I don’t know I don’t know he’s
    trapped in there behind that wall look if that virus starts spreading it gets
    the other zombies look practically bulletproof there’s nowhere we can put
    an end to them I can’t believe that happen we should have known better we
    shouldn’t have done that Jake we had to try it’s all we had
    Logan before we can easily soft these zombies with our blasters and a base
    wall did you see that thing a group two times the size
    now with that spreading I don’t know if we stand a chance what are we gonna do
    nothing we can do now so I’m just gonna take over the barrens gonna win we can’t
    stop it we shouldn’t have tried the serum Jake there must be something we
    can do come on man think yeah looking there is something we can do all right
    we can go for one last swim before we get eaten alive at least then zombies
    can’t touch us in water wait zombies can’t touch us in water look at how you
    think it went I’m picky floating box right if we could if we
    could make a Sami base and put it in the middle of the pool if they won’t be able
    to get to us I mean they’ll try to swim and you think a bunch up but I mean we
    might be able to stop them when you have people that at least create some form of
    a barrier it could buy us some time to figure out a new plan key but we gotta
    do this quickly you’re right it looks like a storms picking up – look we don’t
    belong survival gear have packed our bags with a little bit of ammunition and
    food we have first things first though we need to build a floating base and get
    inside then we can figure out our next steps it looks like after giving the
    zombie serum to the zombie it only got stronger the zombie is 2 times as
    powerful and our weapons aren’t doing anything to stop it
    well we have a plan plan right now is to get a floating box for bass bill and
    survive in there against it we have some supplies that I packing his bags and MRE
    can’t a little bit of water and a little bit ammunition it’s not enough to
    sustain us but if we can get in this floating base it should buy us some time
    it’s exactly what we need are you ready to inflate it a little bit let’s try and
    find some supplies around here there should be some extra cardboard if we
    can’t build ourselves a makeshift base we should be able to set sail in the
    middle of the water and survive alright guys so while Logan’s trying to find
    some tape I’m gonna be in charge of fighting the cardboard I made a stash
    back behind the house so I should be able to grab something but by the looks
    of it storms and if it starts raining out here who gets any colder than this
    it’s gonna be hard to survive we gotta get a shelter built and fast all right
    let’s go find our cardboard let’s see we got zombie he’s able to move though it
    doesn’t look like the new infections affected all the zombies so some of them
    I’m still able to take down see if it works on this guy and there’s her
    cardboard perfect alright no we got the tape cardboard let’s start building this
    thing and fast sores picking up okay guys update for you we’ve been
    working on this for a little while now and well it’s coming together we’ve got
    the walls on still no roof zombies would be coming out of it everywhere but you
    able to hold them off we’ve got to get in the water fast not only because of
    the zombies but also it’s so windy it is so and we need to get this thing in the
    water fast all right we’re gonna put on the roof open up the door and jump
    inside and then we can start tallying up her supplies but right now a number-one
    priority is getting this in the water alright the Box Ford is complete we have
    artillery windows and Endor oh no we got another one I’m hearing a
    horde coming this way – alright you start getting the stuff in there I’ll do
    with the zombie here we go wait I got him
    get in there grab over here and get inside we got to get in here and get in
    here quick talking to your board zombies coming
    grab the rest of your gear and let’s jump inside we’ll tally up our stuff
    when we’re in there Jake we’re gonna need to do some reinforcements I’ll do
    this thing’s falling apart especially with that storm coming if you start
    getting too windy in here the whole thing could blow apart all right I’m
    coming in Oh Jake this is not good okay I’ve got some tape all right let’s start
    making repairs and get ourselves settled at least we’ll be safe from zombies for
    now get some of the holes patched up here the winds really throwing us around
    there’s definitely a storm coming we’ll do our best to reinforce the base and
    then we can tally up the supplies we have but right now guys welcome to our
    new home as you guys can see here we patched it
    up to water can’t get inside the wind’s really been picking up though we’ve been
    blowing all around you guys can check out our shooting holes here get a good
    view but if you want to you can of course close them up a like so and we’re
    perfectly safe roadside though we’ve got this nice body water that’s acting as a
    moat so if zombies do try to come this way
    they’ve got to swim through all of that water alright guys so base is looking
    good we’ve gotten everything patched up well as best as we can
    cuz of right now we’re gonna go for your supplies and see what we have to survive
    in here everything we have has to count looks like some sunflower seeds a bit of
    an MRE a bit of another MRE not bad an extra coat if it gets cold we
    got some extra ammo nice we’re gonna need that we’re low on it in this book
    so we’ll know if they were trying to sabotage us for that serum but it’s
    worth keeping maybe noting our experienced Sun and we
    have this food guided lets you know plants are edible I could come in handy
    as well pretty low on food only to Emory’s we’re not gonna last long it’s
    gonna be our number one priority is getting food and defending the space
    against zombies alright let’s divide up the ammo and get ready to get here horde
    coming we’re gonna have to defend this base if we’re gonna stay here here love
    your blaster with ax much as you can and I’m loaded up and ready to go all
    right same here we’ve got a little bit of ammo left over as well it should be
    good to see anything out there still on water Sam okay I like the sound of this
    record got really quiet wait what’s that no can’t be trader Joe no there’s no way
    hey stranger Joe and a rap hi-yah why I didn’t expect to see you out here how
    did you even get out here chain to Joe’s always here to make a sale you got the
    likes I got the winds yeah no we actually we did get the lakes Logan how
    many likes do we get I think we got eighty five thousand likes can we get
    that mini group now Oh perfect nice to meet you I’m Jake that’s awesome
    well let’s do you have for us to buy tell he’s just with 35,000 likes perfect
    for spying on your enemies I find in the surroundings UAV reconnaissance drone
    definitely use that yeah okay look we’ll grab that you a beer across this drone sweets will definitely need this wait
    what’s that in the back your dinghy if you have like 50,000 50,000 likes
    again here we can do it we can do it think so all right guys look that thing
    is something we definitely need I mean what if we build an underwater zombie
    base we’re gonna need something like that to Joe okay I think he’s trying to
    help us fight the zombies no but buddy buddy you can’t you can’t pick up that
    gun alright that’s that’s too heavy for you what you wanna you want a hug
    what’s a hug okay Jake routine was really cute and all but do you really
    think he was worth all those likes what’s he gonna do for us I mean I’m
    sure you can help us there’s lots you can do right buddy yeah see Logan we got
    zombies ain’t coming all right buddy you go hide in the knapsack there’s lots of
    them pretty let’s do this we got one booty now watch yeah keep
    you remember them as well any more ammo wait I got one right here pass you’re
    gonna call him Harry passin a mo Paul man there’s more than we thought one of
    the left side of hill got him fully a few more laps I’m coming down the stairs nice shot all the hatches you think
    they’ll stop hope so just be really quiet
    oh we go in here oh I was too close we’re almost out of ammo oh I think that
    was the last one yes this place is falling apart
    looks like Suns coming down to keep quiet though we need the rations we have
    about going outside shouldn’t have any more trouble tonight we’re gonna need a
    plan we’re gonna be a plan fast Suns going down we’re gonna have to survive
    here for the night but we can’t stay in this water forever we’re gonna be food
    we’re gonna be more ammunition and most importantly a way to stop the zombie
    virus I’m gonna try and figure out a way to get the UAV online if I can get it
    online and they may be able to look around to see if there’s somewhere else
    we can move to maybe a military base a compound anything that we could fortify
    to survive this thing oh I’m sorry buddy I forgot about you what’s that okay you
    want some pizza Jake we don’t have pizza great look we
    don’t have pizza right now okay we can’t get you pizza all right for now group
    just just stay here okay all right look I know what you’re
    thinking who can’t help us out right now but maybe maybe we could train him maybe
    he can become a huge asset to this team but as of now I think we need to start
    reinforcing this place get out our food and most importantly get the UAV drone
    online we’re gonna have to survive here the night
    and who knows what’s coming for us no no you’re not blogging Groot brew this
    isn’t your walk Groot Groot no no no no no no these are a little bit serious
    right now but yeah if you hit the like button leave your
    comment down below and yes put a hashtag I’m Groot look not right now okay we’ll
    see you guys next time