Taro Fishing at the Queen Charlotte Lodge – Part Two.
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Taro Fishing at the Queen Charlotte Lodge – Part Two.

November 14, 2019

First time crab fishing ever. Hilarious. Actually so fun, I feel like a kid at the exhibition. We got our first crab! We’re crab fishing I’m sure. Nobody uses a spoon in a piece of meat. There’s my meat in the net, look at that. So cool! It’s my first crab I ever caught on a rod and reel, I think I might cut my hand but it’s first time on rod and reel and this one looks like legit. It’s a male. You can see the narrow strip down the middle. That’s what they said has to be a male cannot be a female. And now we’re going to measure it with a proper device. It looks like it’s going to measure. It has to be six and a half inches from here to here. But we’re gonna get the proper device to make sure but this might be our first Crab Catch and Cook. I’m not sure but let’s find out! He’s just good. Just barely good.
Our first keepable crab. You want to eat him? Yeah! Let’s eat him. How did you cook him? 20 minutes whole or 15 minutes in salt and water. Basically. And then I just made some poor man’s garlic butter. So, just garlic powder, salt and pepper and a little bit of cumin. What is it? I don’t know yet. A rockfish? I hope so. We should go for like on winning on these types of stuff. Oh yeah. Not the.. uh.. Salmon. So these guys here, they have to be 65 and so as you can see, like I said he’s undersized, so he’s about 55 and a bit there. I got a weirdo! Yeahhh! Hi, Friend! Do I keep this weirdo or he’s too little? I’m excited about this. I really like… I’ve never caught one of these so any time I catch a fish… I fish so much.. so any time I can catch something different… Another first! He’s close. Hey, he’s alright. Yeah, it’s weird. Oh, he’s just a little short. Link Cod they call it. So excited about this. So, we’re out here fishing for Salmon. Our captain wants to cut these beautiful salmon that everyone’s going after but I’m more excited about this fish, man. The first time I’ve ever caught one of these things. Man, they’re beautiful to me but ugly to others but look at his skin patterns, very similar to mine. We’re very close in so many ways. We’re very similar. Same skin… maybe you’re related… same weird… brother! Oh, it’s a good one man! Let him roll. I had a fish on and it was like a 20 pound Chinook salmon which is a really big one right now. And there’s probably only three more like the Captain says out here right now because they’ve all gone into another region or up river to spawn. So, these things are like rare right now. And I lost the unicorn and I lost my confidence, my heart, my self-esteem, it’s all gone. The only thing more rare than that fish right now is a quiet Taro and we caught it. And I’m quiet compared to normal. I’m not so cocky anymore am I? Squids just a glow of squid so then it covers over the bait. Basically. I cut the herring in half. I use both pieces because the heads a little bit harder. So, I throw this one on the J hook up top. What we’re hoping the halibut basically will do is take that hook all the way in, adjust it and then this will get in on the soft spot between its lip and the second sort of hard gill plate. It slots right in there. So, this guy here is just a single hook, basically. Cut a fish or squid and it’s got a glow to it. So, basically inside the body here it’s got a light activation going on so you pull that out. As soon as that touches the water there, these two little diodes, then that hooks up and it starts flashing. Can’t really see because it’s pretty bright out. But as soon as that’s going then it’ll… it hits up so it lights up the squid. Just gives them something else to aim for cause down there it’s pretty dark. Yup, he’s on. I got one. Nice! There you go He’s still there? Yeah, he’s still there. It’s just the rod is just so heavy. Slow and steady. Here he comes. Do you see him? It’s not a Halibut. What is that? A Yellow-eye. Check this thing out! Good ol’ Yellow-eye! Haven’t seen you in awhile. Look at that thing! We’re gonna have to put that thing on the… what’s that thing called again. That’s a beautiful Yellow-eye. See his stomach? … We’re gonna release that fish. It’s a beautiful fish. So intergalactic, intergalactic… intergalactic. Even though its stomach’s coming out from his throat and the swim bladder is all messed up and his equilibrium thrown… thrown off, he’s gonna be fine. It’s unreal. It should hang from his lip… cool! I wonder if this would work on Smallmouths. Do you think it would Mike? Oh, absolutely it would. It’s the same thing. Yeah, we stick needles in fish. This might be the better alternative. Ohh, it’s a good one, bud. I got a feeling. This is gonna get you on the board, bud. There he is. Halibut. Pretty sure. How come you get all the good stuff??? See that? It’s just on the top of the J hook. He’s just hooked in the side there bare… barely so that’s all it took. So, if you didn’t keep your pressure on, you would’ve lost that. So, good job! Nice fishing, Jeff! Hi! … Hi! Warm towels for you guys. Thank you. Oh, I love this stuff. Hi, friend! So, what Mike says we’ll hook it right here and then we come back through here so it rolls. Tuck that up more like this… and up… more like that?… no, okay show me. I ****** it up. I won’t be able to duplicate that for sure but anyway. You can leave it in there if you want… that’s a big fish man. Keep reelin’… There you go. That’s a good hit. I’ve literally been away for four minutes. Oh, I lost him! **** ! Keep fishin’ … you’re in a good spot. I like this jig so I don’t have to deal if someone no bait on. I’m getting slammed on this thing. It’s a big, big bait. I know nothing about out here really but I like… this just seems like a big fish bait to me in my imagination. Oh, my god. I missed another one! Oh, again! Just let it shake and then when you feel your rod go down. Okay. Oh, another nudge. There! Ohhhh! They’re killing this thing! Yup, you’re getting lots of action on it. That’s a big take. I actually expected a bit bigger. It’s still good. Let me show you what I’m using. It’s a little bit easier to bring up than the two pound ball weight. Look at the bait, it’s all scratched up from all the bites. Look at that, cool. I might get a bigger fish with this by of staying down there not having to rebait my hook and avoiding small fish. It’s missing small fish so maybe you know if get an 80 pounder chomps on that based on time, leaving my line down there in the strike zone, I might get him. That felt good, that one. Damn. Did you guys see it? On my rod tip, he’s there. Bugger, cant get him. This is where I screwed up. Went too hard… hard on the paint here. Don’t… don’t reel anymore. There we go, boys! We got something silver. We got something silver. You don’t eat in strikes. He knows! How many minutes was that, Taro? Four minutes. You did it, Jeff! Yup Yup! Yup Yup! Jeff’s Asian, He’ll eat anything. I’ll eat anything. Pink! I even jinxed him on purpose to test it. That one was for Big Mike. Today was an amazing day bro. Thank you so much. We got like 40 pounds of halibut. Thank to you, Big Mike. Now, what the heck am I supposed to do with all these chunks of meat?! Oh, buddy if I got a recipe for you.


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