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Tempress Boat Seat Test

August 14, 2019

Hi I’m Mark with Tempress. I’m in the deep
recesses of our warehouse and behind me is our seat test stand. This is an impact seat
taste stand developed by ABYC, which is the American Boat and Yacht council out of the
Northeast. Two hundred eighty pound boom, 8 feet long, goes in and hits this thing at
a voracious velocity. In order for us to approve our seats in the OEM market, this has to past
this test. Junior lets go ahead and see if it does it. (Natural Sound)
What we’re testing for here is to assure the product doesn’t have any deformation. As you
can clearly see the product is in pristine condition and ready to be shipped. Now lets
see how our competitors fared. (Natural Sound) So a quick recap after just one hit on the
seat test. As you can see this seat failed right here on the substrate, destroyed. As
you can see this seat failed here on this seamline here where the complete upholstery
is shown, exposed and would be destroyed overtime with the elements. And this final one destroyed
probably in the most crucial area, which is in the pin. Which means this seat just kind
of labored back, uncomfortable and destroyed. So I think the winner is clear, so look for
the tempress tag on the side and live life outdoors.

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  • Reply diastoleny April 7, 2018 at 6:29 pm

    Deep recess! I'm buying two anyway.

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