Texas State Bass Tournament, Texas Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame 2016
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Texas State Bass Tournament, Texas Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame 2016

September 8, 2019

(music) [Sam Scroggins]
The Texas State Bass Tournament is known to be the oldest, open bass fishing tournament
in the world. It was first established back in 1956. The interesting thing about the state tournament
is that we�ve never paid out any cash. It�s always been for trophies and the pride
of fishing. And everybody that comes to fish this tournament
wants to walk away with the title �State Champion. State Bass Fishing Champion.� [tournament announcer]
It�s going to be close, whooo, right in the top, top, top! [Jeff Gilbert]
Things have got a lot more commercialized and fishing has become a bigger and bigger
sport which is great, but what it also seems to take away from is it becomes very expensive
and all about the money and the mighty dollar. And what the Texas State Bass Tournament does
is because from the day it was first started 60-years ago, it wasn�t about the money,
it was about the camradarie and getting a bunch of people together and fishing and enjoying
the outdoors. (music) [John Barnes]
I know several of the participants have fished in it for 50-years, and that�s just unbelievable. [Dale Rabe]
But you have won. [Patsy Rabe]
I�ve won it. I won Husband & Wife one year. We came in second, the second year. Third year we didn�t even place and he got
rid of me. (music) [Sam Scroggins]
The thing that keeps bringing them back year after year is the family oriented tradition
of this tournament which is so important. [tournament announcer]
Come on up here. Ricky Blake from Lufkin, Texas. 24 times he�s been in this tournament, 24! [Mike Murski]
The state bass tournament is for the competitive fisherman that understands that fishing is
not always about prize money. And this is more about the prestige of winning
the oldest tournament ever. [Dale Rabe]
The Texas State Bass Tournament is the greatest thing that ever happened to me. I�ve met good friends. It�s more of a family reunion than it is
a tournament. I�ve been associated with it for 54-years
and don�t intend ever to stop until I�m gone. (music) [boy]
Wow. Well, caught em on worms and I caught them
over there. [Jeff Gilbert]
Toledo Bend is probably one of the most gorgeous lakes in Texas. It�s such a serene atmosphere here. People say �And this is my 49th year in
a row to be here.� [John Barnes]
This is my 28th Texas State Bass Tournament and to me its just a really special occasion. [Mike Murskii
We have so many divisions to fish, you can fish with whoever you want to. [Dale Rabe]
We�ve got kids and family divisions, every division for some individuals or everybody
can fish] [Jeff Gilbert]
There�s guys like us that miss anniversaries with our wives that don�t miss this thing! (music)

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