The Alpha E2 Powered Tower – Innovation of the Year
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The Alpha E2 Powered Tower – Innovation of the Year

September 11, 2019

The Alpha E2 Power Tower has made an
electric statement in technology, design, and versatility, so the award of
Innovation of the Year speaks for itself. The voters chose the Alpha E2 Power
Tower as their favorite product over hundreds of other new innovations
introduced to the market in the past 12 months. Engineered with all of your users
in mind, the Alpha E2 tower lowers forward with the push of a button, effortlessly
making your Tige the perfect fit by collapsing forward on a single hinge
point. The Alpha E2 tower is self supported and is reinforced with its
base design. It is solid, silent, smooth — and all within seven seconds. With your Alpha E2 Power Tower completely folded, the Protect-All Cover will ensure that your
electronics, speakers, and lighting are safe and sound. As you uncover your Tige
for your next set, you can be guaranteed that it will be perfect in all of its
glory. The award-winning Alpha E2 tower has a powerful presence, but the
innovation comes from within. With rigorous stress testing using Finite
Element Analysis, the Alpha E2 has been precisely engineered for unprecedented
strength and reliability. The powered tower utilizes an electric actuator with
integral braking systems designed to sustain over 3,000 pounds of holding
force. Crafted with custom aluminum extrusions and Delrin plastic fittings, the Alpha e2 ensures your ride will be solid, structured, and soundproof for many years to come. All of your favorite features integrate seamlessly and have been precisely placed throughout the Alpha E2 for space, clearance, and optimal performance. Turn heads, catch eyes, and add a whole new level of personalization and swagger to your setup with the LED blade lights. Choose
from an almost never-ending color wheel and set the lights to move to the beat
of your playlist. With the LED mood lights, you’ll have an
ambient glow throughout the cabin in four different colors to suit your mood. Keep cool and dry with sun and rain protection in seconds. Crafted with machined aluminum billet and stainless steel, the Tige Surf Pocket Bimini is
the easiest and most durable Bimini on the market. The Surf Pocket Bimini stores
on the top of the Alpha E2 for more headway and can collapse down with the
tower for easy storage. Wet Sounds speakers work in perfect harmony with the Alpha E2 tower through the integrated mounting system. The entire
audio system has been engineered and ergonomically placed throughout each
Tige to produce extraordinary sound for an extraordinary boat. The Alpha E2 Powered Tower has set the standard for the future of boating. See the Alpha E2 Powered Tower today at your local Tige dealer

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