The Dalsland Canal Expedition – Fishing for GIANT pike in Sweden
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The Dalsland Canal Expedition – Fishing for GIANT pike in Sweden

August 14, 2019

This is my second home, Sweden Sweden has
been my second home for more than 15 years and still, after all these years Sweden never stops to amaze me… This film is a tribute to Sweden Dalsland in particular A tribute to the thousands of lakes mountains and always wildlife the wilderness and it’s unpredictable
climate but most of all… my passion for fishing! Hold up! Let’s head back to the beginning! Our journey starts in the north and we will travel all the way down south so we
need someone to drop us off fortunately Andy will give us a ride up
north and the end of our journey Andy will pick us up in Tösse. Andy is owner and
founder of Sportfishing Dalsland Sportfishing Dalsland offers world-class
fishing, year-round whether it’s ice fishing spin fishing in
spring and autumn or trolling in Summer. Sportfishing Dalsland has a wide
range of houses rental boats and has a couple of experienced fishing guides
working for them besides the amazing fishing possibilities the Dalsland
province has some of the best nature Europe has to offer! So here we are, the Dalsland Canal Expedition! Something we were really looking forward to for several years actually! I pitched the idea to Frans and I was really happy that he was so excited about taking this
adventure with me because it’s not something you can do with everyone I
think going into the wilderness for nine days fishing with just a tent… Well two
tents actually, we will be sleeping be separately but still To me, when it came closer and closer the day that we would depart and you start to do all
the final preparations It starts to sink in that you know you’re nine days
out in the wilderness I’ve been camping when I was a little kit but you
know, never as remote as this and we’re so dependent of the weather and
preparations, do we have good gear Do we have enough food we have enough fuel I think we
planned everything correctly In terms of fishing I’m not that scared about the
fishing this trip is all about the adventure all about having fun and and
yeah it will be an adventure for sure we started out in the North gonna start in
Foxen, which is where you are today I’m just gonna slowly head down south
travel roughly 250 kilometers I think and then we will head out towards Vänern
and in the end Stop in Tösse, to get picked up by Andy again and go back to the
Netherlands I am watching my rod tips bit anxious now because we just started
fishing first fish while trolling we missed one and
then this black golden beast Took the 40cm trout Pure Swedish gold, that’s what we came for You might be wondering what on earth we are using for trolling but we
explained it in another video and we linked it in the top corner One quick look at the weather forecast showed us that the predictions
changed completely thunderstorms and rain were rolling in and we decided to
head back and set up camp we found a bay that had a small beach
and sheltered us from the wind Its important to find a good Beach because
we want to get as close as possible to shore but not damage the boat we quickly
set up camp before the rain and thunder comes in, prepare some final food and get
some rest for the next day Aah morning! We survived the thunderstorms
and we survived the rain We stayed dry where the forecast says it’s gonna stay
dry the entire day The sun will come up doesn’t look like it but it will and
tents can dry we start to do some fishing but we got another challenge
up ahead Over the night the wind pushed the boat closer and closer to the
shore now the tail section of the engine is just drilled into the sandy beach
over here which is okay but you know the entire boat just hopped on a little a
little more and more towards the beach so we got a bit of a workout up ahead so
let’s start pushing this thing Hey – lets go! The sun is coming through We slept well, though I can feel my back a bit Slept quite okay, thunder was okay and pants are overrated as you can tell Who needs good fishing clothes, just some boxers F*ing tunderstorms, typical example of how to
weather forecasts is completely off It was gonna be sunny today, hardly any wind
today 22 degrees advise to put on some sunblock there you go we feel blessed with the small amount of
sunlight that we just got to pack up our gear move camp go to Lake number two
it’s like a 20 kilometers drive at the boat go through a lock and hopefully fishing will improve aswell because what’s a bit slow today we have
three fish three fish in the morning started out late but it was raining the
entire time on to the next can’t get any worse oh yeah we got a ton of ground to
cover so we’re gonna go The entire Dalsland canal is actually a
string of lakes connected to each other through more than 30 different locks
divided over 17 lock stations these locks compensate the difference in water
level of 66 meters in total. You can pay a single entry fee for each lock or you
can buy a ticket to travel the entire Dalsland canal, giving you passage through
all those locks That is Frans, the sandwich master. As you can see we just switched to a new lake Well not an entirely new leg we fished it before, in
the past we hate it, we can name it it’s called Lelång and it’s about 50
kilometers long and I don’t know they did a lot of pike calling like curling
curling calling curling competitions here which you know you don’t measure
the fish you just kill it and you deliver a big plastic bag at the end of
the day and whoever has the most kilograms wins the tournament They did
it for a couple of years I think they you know outlawed it which is good but
I’ve troll you in the past and I don’t have that much good memories of Lelång I actually caught my first meter plus pike in Sweden on Lelång so they are here
it’s big it’s long it’s deep it’s clear water should be Pike but somehow we hate
it we’ve been making jokes about it jokes about it for several years we need
to cross it if you want to fish the entire canal went across it so that’s
more gonna do and there’s another f*cking rain storm coming in ouch crazy Well new lake, went through the lock. Had one rod that was going into the deep and the other one’s all shallow and then
this rod was in the rod holder really bent Shawn says hey I think you’ve got a
fish it takes it quite some weight well this is the result a big one on the
perch coloured Maximus yeah We were looking for a campsite was getting a bit dark then we looked on
Google Maps and then we noticed that actually you got a good dock where we
can park everything we want to we can sleep inside hang on wet stuff. We will set up camp lucky for us our tents are set up quite
easily we quickly go to bed and hope to get
some more sleep than a night before once again the weather forecast was
completely off a storm kicked in and kept us away the entire night
have you wind slammed the boat against the docks and it will be a challenge to
steer the boat safely out of this shallow rocky area but first some
breakfast breakfast was easy but now the hard
part… getting away without damaging the boat we are at Lake number three there’s a
really gentle lock keeper who provided us with a cart so we can refuel the
tanks It is cool to go through this lock, a big tourist attraction in canoes downside is I’m on antibiotics so just
to clear things up guys I’m on antibiotics due to a tick bite hopefully
to prevent Lyme disease the doctor said that I couldn’t see in direct sunlight
so with this trip pretty great timing right? My skin is burning up like hell, I put
sun block but it doesn’t seem to help Judging by Frans his face, I’m not the only one
getting sunburned! It looks like you can get in so let’s go across the entire Dalsland canal you
don’t find many gas stations close to the water if you want to refuell you you
need to use small tanks like these so we just went through another lock in
the Dalsland canal and we set up base camp we’re now gonna go for some
trolling it’s midsummer tonight so that means a lot of lights right through the
night so we just want to keep on trolling to the middle of the night and
see what happens as you can see we decided to do some
nice fishing but so far we have 0 strikes! so far and the night trolling hasn’t
produced anything what would be a good idea to try a new lake close by give it a
go it’s midsummer so why not what Watertemperature is quite cold it’s 14
degrees you would think that you’ll see more signals coming close to the surface
like you usually see in the Netherlands when it gets dark Aah now we are getting some signals… It is Midsommar but we don’t have
any alcohol unfortunately if I didn’t have my
antibiotics have definitely bring like a ton of GinTonic! can’t drink anything
it’s good for my liver, good for my health But it takes the fun out of it aswel we started to get tired like really
tired and due to lack of sleep that wasn’t really surprising so we decided
to call it a night pack our gear and head back to our campsite to start a
campfire because what’s camping without some fire one thing we really needed to
get used to is the fact that it just doesn’t seem to get dark around
midsummer we light up our campfire and take this moment to reflect on the trip
so far How our fishing has been but also the total outdoor experience we’re not into
the numbers that’s not why we’re fishing here we’re going for the big pike so
based on the conditions and I’ve talked to some guys that were here before the
week before they had a hard time And I am already happy with the result we have so
far especially with the big fish that we caught and yeah it’s been an amazing
trip so far and it feels like we’re taking it a bit more easy than normal
still do some hardcore fishing we’re also taking the time to do stuff like
this and we still got the results and yeah we’re a bit more laid-back you’re
fishing a shit yeah let’s do something else Excited for the upcoming days because
we have a couple of spots where we haven’t fish before and those have been
on our list for quite some time yeah yeah and I’m also excited about the rest
of the Dalsland canal yeah everything’s really accessible friendly people
helping you at the locks supermarkets on the on the route and gas stations so
you’re in the wilderness but not totally alone so we left our campsite and now we have
a 18 kilometers rive up towards Bengstfors, where we
hopefully find a gas station close to the water otherwise we have to walk
around with these Then there will be 4 to 5 different locks where we need to go through but we got a channel between
the two locks that we really want the fish we never fished that before
actually then we’re off to Laxsjön, which we know that it was really big
fish but first an 18 kilometers drive, so let’s go we make use of a gas station close to
the water in Bengstfors and we store enough fuel for what’s left of the trip
one of the reasons we love to use Suzuki engines is their amazing reliability and
fuel efficiency Over the years Suzuki has never let me down a comfortable thought out in the wilderness turns out the guy from the gas station has some spare tanks for us I just told Sean we are on we don’t know
the name of this Lake Lake I told him well maybe there’s only small fish here and it looks so that way for about 15
minutes and then something came and took my well chance on my… Well, Sean’s…. 40
centimeter trout! looks like a good fish this is no child’s play I am willing to make a prediction I say this is a 120cm+! I think so too… I think it’s gonna I’ve got a bad
feeling I felt those little ‘tock tock’ This is the Savage Gear Custom Predator 240gr edition We went to a
new lake simply put out the rods it was a bit
late we were even doubting to set up camp and just start a fire but first
take was this ginormous fish what a f*cking giant it’s an insane f*cking fish man and then take was quite subtle of like
small tap, she just inhaled that bait I have to say this is one of my most
beautiful pikes I have ever caught and you and I caught I can’t quite a few over the years, but never
seen something so ridiculously fat lines got tangled up and we’re just
untangling the lines and then I felt like a small tap this is another big
meter plus pike on the line she’s not happy with me! Sick! Four meter plus pike! A 127, jezus 14 kilogram and then hook into that 113cm which was 13
kilogram and this one since the fish seemed to be biting we
decided to give night trolling another shot even though we were reall, really tired
after a long day traveling going through different locks and making sure we meet
the four o’clock deadline when the final lock would closed down. On this lake, we have seen the fishing pressure increase over the years but the results have
declined either in size or in numbers maybe it’s because of the fact that the
pike grew smarter started to get weary and focused on feeding in the darkness We only tried this for a couple of times in the Netherlands but without any
results Most of the time in the Netherlands the water is just packed
with debris in the water that’s vegetation or plastic and all the
stuff and makes it nearly impossible to trawl doing tonight A double strike, one of the Maximus! and one on the new hard pike from Savage Gear! Frans was asleep in his sleeping bag… let’s get another one! Quite exciting actually, trolling in the night! A double strike, who would have thought! we’re taking shifts now. Frans is taking
a nap in a sleeping bag and I am driving the boat Finally! It took four f*cking takes Well, it isn’t in the back yet but four takes to finally
catch a fish in the night On the black black and silver jerk bait, on
the inner corner when I was taking a turn getting closer to the waypoints
where we already hooked some fish so happy with this fish What a fish! Great belly gave Frans a splash, as he was unhooking my fish Totally inhaled the Maximus I just put my lures out big 40cm trout Feels heavy I thinkit’s the biggest of the night it’s almost 3 o’clock at night First big fish of
the night? oh this was so cool if we could get a meter+ during the night notice this camera makes it look so
light but it’s freakin dark dark Big Ol Trout We troll using our Suzuki petrol engine
but we need to slow down the boat with our Minn Kota electric engine in the front With the Rebelcell Range Extender we can keep our Rebelcell lithium battery
charged throughout the trip Fish number how many in the middle of the night it is a quarter past three, ten minutes after the last fish Sean was now trying to get some sleep but the fish hahaha every sound you hear is now fish
in your mind it takes quite some toll being up all day and close your eyes get
a little sleep and then you get woken up again you’ve got some stuff for that on the Juden and on the water off that’s
pretty cool you look a bit sleepy again sleeping helps you away for like 10
minutes and then yeah comes another one the Maximus was delivering all the time
so I thought well the tomb Bell is practically a baby Maximus find the fit
on the dumbbell what were you doing before this take sleeping yeah we’re
taking shifts because it even though it was super fun to fishing tonight
it was quite tiring so I had the first sleep shift in the morning now was his
turn but somehow the guy that sleeps for 10 minutes maybe you should sleep more
often oh yeah yeah I think she’ll have some strikes so this is the final look for today
yesterday we pitched on lucky we fished the entire night it was quite exhausting
but an experience on first two hours nothing happens me being and I was
having my second fall to up should we do the issue we just roll out the sleeping
bag or set up camp then we start catching like maniacs and that was
pretty cool and then we just went straight for this lock system which took
us quite some time because we arrived at the first lock at 9 o’clock and it’s
almost 12 o’clock now so when you do a trip like this you have to calculate the
time to travel between these locks we didn’t fish goldfish in the morning or
like going before 9 o’clock and now we’re finally at the end of those longer
so we’re gonna fish in the roll bar which is a lake that’s been on my list
for a very long time constant list as well it’s hard to reach there’s no bow
gram but it holds big fish we’re gonna go for it I’m excited so we got our new
campsite we found a great spot it’s not ideal for setting up our tents but you
need to improvise with all the rocks look at the view the shoe is pretty damn
awesome check this out that was pretty fucking cool we’re high
expectations of RO Fartman but the thing with high expectations is that you
usually get disappointed we rolled on the lake only mystical fish on a 40
centimeter child and decided to pack up camp go to Whole Foods and go for the
locks we have to go full speed at some parts but that doesn’t mean we don’t
appreciate the stunning surroundings it’s so cool to see all the rock slides
to be who borrows and all the other beautiful stuff that Nature has to offer now about to enter I think the most
famous look the balsam canal it’s pretty impressive it’s all I ask for different
levels and the drop in water level is quite impressive
no Dalton canal is 1,800 so it’s even more impressive that that canal is being
built so many years ago it’s still functional as it is and never flows too
bad none actually took their son so our journey is almost ending this feels like
mixed up towards the end mixed feelings glad that we made it really happy how we
turn up also kind of sad it’s almost over feeding the locals we have bought a big
loaf of bread about me was like freed free weeks over schedule oh and then
they could sweet ladies coming here alright didn’t you see in Sweden yeah
it’s a final two and a half day something I’m gonna do some strolling
under tomorrow we gotta do some casting as well we’re just kind of end today
with some trolling set up camp you get some sleep before we start early in the
morning what we did a good thing today we made them seems to be the average size like so
many times before during history the weather forecast wasn’t exactly accurate
before we could set up camp thunder and rain came in so we need to find shelter
in a nearby Cabin hoping that we could stay dry until the next morning we
managed to stay dry throughout the night in this small yet comfortable public
cabin we patched our wounds trust our batteries and started packing to head
out there will be a storm coming in the next day so we decided to head out there
and today while the earlier than planned of the fishing and traveling on that
they played to be nearly impossible with the weather predictions proved to be
right for once start where we left off yesterday
trolling sitting at the rain and hoping we can catch another big Pike but as it
turned out we only catch the smaller ones today
so we slowly head out to vana to Caston some of the bays in the rocky areas and
hopefully find bigger fish standing more shallow sunnier hits us this is the
final walk of the dolphin expedition after this we’ll head out of an urn and
that will be the end of our journey actually which means we will have back
to the Netherlands a completely different world
back into a busy hectic city life where there’s no real peace and quiet the
nature that you can experience in Dawson on tour in Sweden for that matter before
we head out to van and we make one more short stop visiting an old shipbuilding
side which is really interesting to see how they used to build ships like this
we eat some food enjoy the good weather outlast and then get ready for some
hardcore casting and the lack of long-term I comes you
guys don’t enjoy thank a stop oh oh yeah oh I’m bad mom Horner group first
neither Altima you swap to another burbled the golden of black and gold
color another good fish it’s like the fourth
cost or something off the france loss like fish close to one with your ten
follow this bait get another cost to watch it and then looking fish not the biggest one today
but happy with it go this is actually the first time that we’re fishing with
the new shallow version of the free D built it’s actually a prototype that
will be released later this year but the results so far have been really really
good the cool thing is that when you jerk it instead of just going down it
has the tendency to go upwards and then it slowly glides with the fins moving
well you know the deal so we just passed the final stage of the dolphin curl
which is ship on the road we did it pass through the lock because you have a
small boat like this and you are a bit cautious and you can go for the river
that’s a lock on the side if you have a bigger boat this one you have to be
careful there’s some rocks inside and I know a couple of Dutch guys who wrecked
the prop it’s been fishing and you know try some
sports that we have had success during the spring kind of um now that is the
final stage of our journey on the other hand the journey adventure and the
exploring is something look forward to when we get to the full potential I
think we are moving closer to van and you can definitely tell that the terrain
is changing from high mountain like areas slowly it shifts towards flat
areas with a lot of rock terrain less trees and a lot of water vanarin has a
lot of water made it it’s pretty insane that we went
from focusing and Lina’s force all the way down to venom there’s something it’s
been an epic journey no we survived but we survived
well we had some setbacks yeah definitely most of all weary highlights
let’s head back to the boat ramp and he’s gonna pick us up


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