The Oyster King of Thailand – UNCLE TOM’S HUGE OYSTERS and Seafood at Floating Restaurant!
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The Oyster King of Thailand – UNCLE TOM’S HUGE OYSTERS and Seafood at Floating Restaurant!

October 18, 2019

– Good morning, I hope
you’re having an amazing day. It’s Mark Wiens, I’m in
Chanthaburi, Thailand. And Chanthaburi is very well
known for their seafood. And so today is gonna be an amazing day. We’re about to meet up, well actually, we’re about to get picked up on a boat by Lum Tom, which means Uncle Tom. Uncle Tom is known for his oysters, he’s known for his seafood, he’s gonna pick us up in a boat, we’re gonna go to his oyster farm. I’m not exactly sure
where he’s gonna take us, but then he’s gonna take us to eat seafood at his restaurant, it looks like it, it’s gonna be a thrilling day,
and I’m gonna share it all with you in this video right now. If you’re just joining me on this series, this is day two of our
eastern provinces of Thailand food and travel trip. From Chanthaburi town we
drove out to the pier. And this pier is called Pah-chah-lay-up. It’s about a fifteen minute drive and Uncle Tom should be pulling
up in his boat very soon. – (speaking in foreign language) – [Mark] Honey, can you
just set it in there? – (speaking in foreign language) – We met up with Uncle Tom, Lum Tom. (speaking in foreign language) – (speaking in foreign language) – He was here right on time
to pick us up, and we are off. (motor rattling) (lighthearted synthesizer music) Oh yeah, this is just
fantastic, the ocean breeze. This area has a lot of mangrove forests and a lot of brackish water as well. So I think we’re gonna cruise around, but the highlight is gonna be when we go to Uncle Tom’s oyster farm. And he’s gonna harvest
fresh oysters for us. He just said in those nets, they are farming macau which are grouper. (lighthearted synthesizer) This area next to the
mangroves and by the coast is all brackish water, so
it’s a mix of salt water plus fresh water. And by the way, for this entire trip, we’re gonna be taking some boats, so we got Micah his very own life jacket, which I’m pretty excited about. And he is, too. (lighthearted synthesizer) (motor put-putting) – (speaking in foreign language) – That was about a 30 minute boat ride and we have arrived to his oyster plot. Oh, I am excited, this is very cool. But he was telling us
that some of the oysters, they take one and a half
years or even three years to grow to their full size. – (speaking in foreign language) – [Woman] (speaking in foreign language) – (speaking in foreign language) – [Woman] (speaking in foreign language) – (speaking in foreign language) Wow, yeah, you could do
some curls with this, that’s for sure. – [Tom] Okay, helping Mark up. (speaking in foreign language) – This is so cool, and the
way that they grow the oysters is that they attach them to the strings, and so they have a string of oysters so that they just hang
down into the ocean. Then they just grow along that string so that you have them already collected when you need to eat them. – [Tom] (speaking in foreign language) – That was very cool
to see, we are now off to the restaurant, or his
place where he takes you to eat seafood. (lighthearted synthesizer music) (motor put-putting) – [Tom] (speaking in foreign language) – Oh, man, this is just
absolutely awesome, an entire floating bamboo
hut, a seafood palace, in the middle of the water. The peace and the
quietness, this is awesome. Oh, they have a homestay here, too, so you can actually stay here in this room on the floating bamboo dock. Uncle Tom is absolutely awesome. He is preparing a bed now for
Micah to take a little nap. You can just smell the aromas of seafood wafting through the seafood-y air. – [Woman] (speaking in foreign language) (oil crackling) – Shh, Micah passed out. (lighthearted synthesizer music) – [Tom] (speaking in foreign language) – [Mark] First time I ever saw
you take photos of the food. – (speaking in foreign language) – [Woman] (speaking in foreign language) – We are sitting down for this borderline ridiculous quantity of seafood. This is a gigantic seafood feast. And everything is cooked
right here on the dock, everything is fresh, the
oysters are what is like shining though, that’s like
the sun is shining at me. Oh there’s just nothing
like these oysters, they are massive, you can
just see them kind of melting and kind of like slurping around. Oh he just freshly opened
these, I gotta try one as is, immediately, I’m going
for that center guy. Yeah, look at the size of that, and I’m gonna, I just have
to eat this one straight. But after this one, I will show you how to eat it Thai style. This is one of those oysters where you’re not really sure how to go in. If you go in from the
top and kind of slurp it or if you just kind of
pour it into your mouth. Ah, let me see, oh yeah,
it’s already loosened, too. Okay, I’ll go for the
pouring method in that case. (laughing) Oh that’s just as unbelievably
fresh as it can get. It has zero like kind of
foul off kind of smell or taste to it, it’s so pure. It’s like jelly, it melts in your mouth. These particular oysters
are not that salty, either. Maybe that’s because they’re
in the brackish water, but you don’t have like that
overwhelming salty gushiness. They taste fresh and
clean and unbelievable. For my next oyster, we
gotta do it Thai style. So what you do first is you
apply some nam prik pao, which is the roasted chili jam. I’m gonna add some of that
right onto the top there. Next up for hong jiao, these
are fried crispy shallots. There might be a little
bit of garlic in here, too. I’m going all in on that. Those look kind of like cornflakes, but I can assure you, they are shallots. Next, for a chili, and a
little piece of garlic, on top there, a clove of garlic, a chili, and next you add some nam jim seafood, which is the seafood sauce. There’s lime in here, there’s
chilies and garlic in here, already, too. A little bit of this, maybe a
little more for good measure. Looks ridiculous. Okay, I think I got all the components. Except there is something that you have to chase it with as well. That is just absolutely insanely beautiful with all those toppings. Maybe I should spoon this guy. Oh, look at the size,
oh this one goes deep. Oh, look at that, okay,
maybe I should spoon this. Spoon it out and then
eat it from the spoon. You can barely fit that into the spoon. Oh, and I lost the garlic,
okay, I’d better grab that, that garlic, let me put that
garlic right back on top. Wow, this is a giant oyster one-biter and I don’t really wanna eat
the whole thing in one bite, well, it will be kind of fun, but I don’t, I just don’t know of
another way to, sorry for, okay what I wanna say is just sorry for the giant bite I’m about to take. But I think that really is the best way to eat this oyster, I
mean if you bite into it, you risk loosing all
the toppings or, okay. (lighthearted synthesizer music) And then the final step,
you chase it with gatin. And that completes the
Thai oyster one-biter. Mmm, they have it totally figured out. You got the oyster, that slimy factor. You’ve got the nam prik
pao, the roasted chili jam, which is a little bit sweet
and a little bit spicy. You’ve got the sour spicy seafood sauce, you’ve got the garlic and chili, you’ve got the crispy shallots, and then finally the herb to kind of cleanse the mouth at the end. Moving on from fresh oysters, let’s try the oyster omelet, and she fried this in quite a lot of oil. There’s only two eggs
but then she added in a bunch of oysters, and then just fried it to golden crispy Thai omelet perfection. (laughing) That was just like melt
in your mouth oysters, wrapped up in a crunchy egg fluffiness. You cannot go wrong, that’s delicious. Yeah, that would be just
absolutely sensational with rice. I have to, so let me
grab a little bit more. Oh, the meaty part from the center where all the oysters have congregated. They do have some sauce
prik which is like a chili ketchup-y type
of sauce, but I usually like to go for the nam jim
seafood on this as well, which is the seafood sauce
with garlic and chilies. Next we have pla kaphong tod gratiem which is a fried barramundi fish. You can see the garlic on top, I think I’ll just go right in. I gotta add on a little bit of the nam jim seafood to this bite. Their nam jim seafood is excellent here. Nice and sour, you can taste the garlic, just a hint of a balance of sweetness. One of the local Chanthaburi
dishes is called sen chan, which is a fried noodle dish. This one is stir fried with crab. You can see the red sauce on it. There are some chives in there as well. And pieces of crab, and
then it’s stir fried. This is to accompany the seafood feast. It’s a little bit on the sweet side. But it has, I’m not sure,
maybe it’s tamarind in there? It has kind of a, a little
bit of a fruity flavor. The noodles themselves
have a really good texture. They’re kind of gummy,
not like mushy at all. You can feel each individual noodle. And then of course, you
can pull out bits of crab. And this is a, oh yeah,
because of the way it’s cooked and because it’s young
crab, you can eat the shell. Next up we’ve got pla plaa, and this is a Chanthaburi specialty again. There’s fish on the bottom of it, but then on the top it’s
like a mix of salad, there’s cabbage, I can
see some lemongrass, some shallots, some mint leaves. And it’s served with a peanut sauce. And then I think below
there, I think below all that mound of vegetables
is some fish, minced up fish. It has a little bit of
a ginger taste to it. And the lemongrass, the fish
is a little bit sour as well. You’ve got those really refreshing herbs and then the peanut
sauce, of course it’s like full on peanut, plus, it’s
sweet and kind of tangy. But sweet again, in a
tamarind kind of sweetness, like a fruity sweetness. Next up for the tom yum goong,
and lots of shrimp in here. Lots of mushrooms, this
is what she was making as we came to the dock. Let’s just start with the broth first. Oh, it’s so soothing. It’s perfectly sour, it has
the creamy shrimpiness to it. Yeah, it’s really good. (speaking in foreign language) (lighthearted synthesizer) Few more things still to eat. This is just a never
ended, all you can eat seafood buffet, okay it is
time for the plate of crabs. These are not huge crabs but
they are blue swimmer crabs. I’ll go for this guy right here, and let’s see about the
apron, male or female? I guess this is a male, cause
you can take that apron, you can pull off the head like that. Break this guy in half,
and you can also pull off the claws, kind of
fully dissect it like that. Pull this guy out, kind
of peel that section. Okay, I’m not the greatest at this, Ying is always better than I am. But right under here, we
should have a good nugget. Oh yes, there it is, there it is. Gotta go in for a little
bit of the seafood sauce on this as well. (slurping) Crab, one of the greatest things ever. And with that sauce, it’s superb. That crab is not big,
there’s not a lot of meat, but you work for it, and it is so good. And on that note, oh there’s
still some squid to try. But I’m gonna take a little
lean back for a minute. Micah had a nice nap
and he’s now joined us. I think this is the final
seafood dish we have. A plate of squid, just slightly boiled. Oh yeah, again, just
ultra fresh, it’s chewy in all the perfect kind of
ways, just a little bit chewy, but not overly chewy. Just a clean taste. That’s fantastic squid. (lighthearted synthesizer) Nam sam brong, taking a little break to drink some nam sam brong. – Sab rong
– What is it? – Sam long.
– Sam long. – Okay, so nam sam long,
and Uncle Tom was telling us that this is a local drink
that they get from the jungle, made from some herb or
something from the jungle, from right here, that
they get from the village. Let’s try this. I’ve never heard of it before
in other parts of Thailand. Oh wow, it’s kind of like jelly-ish. It doesn’t look like a straight liquid, it’s kind of like, kind of jelly-y. Oh wow. Yeah, it is kind jelly-y. It kind has kind of like,
kind of like the chia seed jelly slimy feel to it. That’s a drink you
gotta chew a little bit. This is just ultimate right now. This is gorgeous, the scenery, this is indeed once of
the most picturesque, most memorable seafood
meals I’ve ever had. Oh, look at that nugget of
crab that just slid out. Oh, this needs to be dipped, and I’m at the very end of that seafood sauce. It was so food, I had
to eat all the sauce. But there’s still a little
bit left for the scooping, for this final nugget. I’m gonna mop that up, kinda let it soak into that piece of crab. (lighthearted synthesizer) Oh, that was absolutely phenomenal. That was an all-you-can-eat seafood feast on a floating bamboo dock. That was, yeah, that was phenomenal. There’s nothing better than just laying in a horizontal position
after that much seafood. Oh, the sea breeze, and
now we’re just kind of hanging out with Uncle Tom. Uncle Tom and his wife are, they’re amazing people. They’re so friendly, they’re so nice. They will take care of you. (speaking in foreign language) – (speaking in foreign language) (motor revving) – Wow, that was gorgeous and
just absolutely fantastic while it lasted, from the seafood, to the relaxation, to the location, to Uncle Tom and his wife
who treat you like family. We’re on our way back to the mainland. (water splashing)
(motor put-putting) (speaking in foreign language) – (speaking in foreign language) (baby babbling) (lighthearted synthesizer) – No doubt, it was one
of the most memorable seafood meals of my life. First of all, I have to give it up, and I have to say a huge thank you to Uncle Tom and his wife, Lum Tom. Oh man, they hooked it up. They’re such nice, they’re
such genuine people. When you eat there, they make you feel like they’re part of your family. On top of that, you just
don’t get any fresher seafood than that, and you don’t get
a better atmosphere location, floating on a houseboat, in the water. The entire experience was unbelievable, I’ll never forget it. So that’s it for this video. Huge thank you for watching, please remember give
this video a thumbs up and leave a comment below. And also, if you’re
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of all the future videos that I publish. Huge thank you for watching and I will see you on the next video. What a day!


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