The pick up bait – Underwater tench fishing – Breamtime S5E3
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The pick up bait – Underwater tench fishing – Breamtime S5E3

February 21, 2020

In this episode… Hi guys, welcome to “Breamtime”! On this channel I show you underwater footage of my bream fishing sessions. In this episode I am going to talk about two different kinds of bites… …and what that mean for your fishing. The pick up, Breamtime. Gofishcam Okey guys, here you can see that this fish was standing there when I came. I just put out the bait and the tench were standing there. In this session I am fishing with a boilie boosted with amino acids. The boilie is boosted with amino acids. And the dip I am using is also boosted with amino acids. So the fish will get plenty of amino acids down there. The morning sessions with the morning light are just the best. You catch more… …and the beauty of the morning light is fantastic. Using this bait and watching how the fish behaves around these amino baits… …are quite interesting because it makes a couple of things clear that I want to share with you. Here you can see what is special about this bait. This fish pick it up, spit it out, pick it up and spit it out again… Over and over again. So what I would like to point out in this session is that there are two types of baits. Because they provoke two different kinds of bites. These amino baits they provoke a special kind of bite that I call the pick up bite. The intention does not seem to be to swallow the bait. Instead they pick it up, they taste it, and then they spit it out again. And they do the same thing over and over again. My interpretation of this there is something that is too strong. It is too much of something. Like when you are mixing lemonade and the lemonade gets too strong. But this is just my ideas, if you have other suggestions and interpretations… …feel free to… …comment below. So if this is the first way of biting, the pick up bite. The other one I call the full take bite. The full take bite means that the fish will pick up the bait and swallow the bait right away. Without any hesitation. It is very easy to hook the fish if they do these full take bites. One implication of these different kinds of bites is that… …as you can see here… …I can not hook the fish and that is because the hook link is just too long. At least that is what I think… If I had used a shorter hooklink I would have caught this fish a long time ago. When you have the other type of bites, the full take bites, you can not really go wrong. Because if the hooklink is long you catch the fish and you do the same if it is short. So the rig itself does not affect if you catch because you will catch on any rig. But when it comes to what you see in this episode, the pick up bites, catching fish is much more difficult. In this case, to me at least, that the hooklink is just too long. With a shorter hooklink I think that I would have caught this fish a long time ago. So what this means is that if you are fishing these pick up baits… …you really need a short hooklink, otherwise you will not catch. You will not even even notice that the fish are there. As I did not notice anything in this session. The alarms did not beep, nothing happened. I had no idea that there were fish all over most of the time during this session. Another lesson from all this is that the length of the hooklink is not just an issue… …related to specific days, specific fish. All those kinds of things. It is also related to what kind of bait you are fishing. One bait might demand a shorter hooklink. Another might demand a longer hooklink. Sometimes I see the tench come in pairs. Quite often they come alone. An observations that I have made about tench and bream is that… …from the bank. If I count the number of fish I catch during a summer. I would say that there are about 20 % tench and 80 % bream. But after I started using cameras I see that, that just is not the case. Because the thing is that the tench are much more interested, and less picky about what you give them. It does not matter if it is corn, boilies, pellets, whatever. The tench take whatever you give them. The bream are much more picky. So that means that if there are tench in the swim, most of the time you would catch. Bream on the other hand, they are much more picky. They can decide that they are just going for one colour, one kind of bait, one whatever. And some days they will not take anything, they just swim around and take a look at things. But do not take anything. So in that way you get the impression that there are much more tench than bream. Because if there is one tench there you are very likely to catch it… …but there can be 10 bream swiming around but you will not catch any of them. Here it looks like that the fish could not find the bait. It knew that the bait was there. These things might be the same in your swim. But things might also be different. But what I hope is that this might, at best, inspire you to do some own thinking about what is happening down there. But why should you ever use a pick up bait when there other kinds of baits that provokes a full bite? Well, the reason is that some days no fish would take the full bite baits. On some occasions and some days they just do not touch the full bite baits. But they might be very interested in the pick up baits. So that means with the right rig you might catch a lot on these pick up baits. But you will not catch anything on the full bite baits. If you want to see more underwater footage of tench follow the link in the corner.


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    Very interesting video and theory about „too strong baits” – thank you!

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    Andreas, this is a cool video, as always! ))) It is very interesting to see the fish bite! Thanks for subritres! In Russia very often use balls polistirol foam as bait. It catch too! ))

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    Great video yet again. Sometimes if the fish are grubbing about, they can be harder to catch, as they aren't fully going for it, on those days it doesn't really matter what you do, you won't catch.
    It is funny that people believe that no bites means no fish in the swim, this proves different.

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