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August 13, 2019

it’s somebody who something moving back
there we gotta go we gotta go right now hey yo what’s going on guys this
plopping Jake here from team epiphany and we are back with a brand new video I
did not want to go down this cookie crumb trail but you guys are telling me
that we have to if you guys aren’t up to speed yet well let me explain okay in
our last video guys we found this inside an abandoned tunnel near The Rake’s Nest yeah okay
the rake is spooky we know that but guys this stuff gets even weirder after I
found this treasure chest we had notes telling us that there was an even bigger
treasure that was hidden inside the forest I’ve been fiddling around with
this for the past few days and I have not yet been able to open up this box
while we were down there though guys we found some strange artifacts that make
me believe this place might have been an abandoned military base that’s right
guys I think that the rake might be a creation from a military base that has
been left in the woods almost over a hundred years check out some of these
artifacts we found using our metal detector check this out you guys were
able to help us identify some of this stuff in the comments this we’re pretty
sure is a railroad spike on top of that we have a piece of wire here which is
almost a hundred percent all the barbed wire not to mention a skeleton key which
we don’t know what this opens but it definitely opens something guys if this
wasn’t abandoned military base that means there could be hundreds of small
caverns underneath the ground that the rate could travel through so guys what
I’m proposing is we grab my metal detector and we head back down there
because I need to find out more information about this place one way I
think we need to head back to the rigs nest and figure out impossibly that’s an
entrance on top of that we need to search for some more artifacts if we can
find more items to piece together what’s going on here it will only help us more
this is getting pretty insane guys I’m gonna document the whole thing and I’m
bringing my camera as well as all my gear down as of right now it’s pretty
light out I am NOT going back there during the dark because you guys know
what happens at night that’s when the rake is most active for now I think
we’re gonna to leave this here if you guys have some
ideas as to how we could get this thing open let us know in the comments and
maybe I’ll be able to open it in our next video because there’s one more
piece of information I need to level with you all about Logan doesn’t know
I’m filming this video in fact he doesn’t want me filming this so for this
video I actually went ahead and hired a cameraman who’s gonna follow me around
with us and document everything I find not only that but guys check this out
this is a topographic view as to where we found the rapes nest and where we’ve
been finding all of these artifacts this view aligns up with all documents that
show in fact there was something here check this out look at this guys this
dates back to August 1965 this is what was on top of where we’re currently
digging but this is a mystery that we’re all solving together I need all of you
in the comments to give me any tips that you could find if you see something in
the woods comment below if you notice an artifact or think you might know what
something is let me know in the comments and most importantly guys if you see
anything or hear anything I mean anything I need you to let me know down
below there is stuff that we’ve caught on camera following us in the past and
going alone means I’m gonna need your guy’s help more than ever
alright guys so he just made it back to the woods I’ve come with my metal
detector and I’ve brought everything with me and currently making my way
towards where I saw on the maps and the schematics the show where the old
military base was like I said though guys I don’t like being down here at all
this place really freaks me out guys check this out now if you’re just
walking for a quick minute using the map that I found look what I notice on the
ground here this is not natural this is definitely man-made it looks like this
is the opening to some sort of bunker there’s all sorts of remnants of what
this place used to be like I said I still know this could be a military base
but right now my main objective is to use our metal detector to find any sort
of information we can luckily it’s not nighttime but if you guys see anything
in the woods I mean anything at all you need to let me know in the comments
right away I don’t like this guy’s I like this one bit I’m already starting
to get that weird feeling I get when I come down here I just feel like
something’s watching me could be the rake it could be bandits it could be
anything let’s keep looking around Oh guys guys I
think we found something here hold on we’ll pull it back down yeah there’s
definitely something here the thing is going off the charts guys look what we
found it looks like a like a metal rock of
some sort it’s almost like a meteorite or something this is definitely
interesting I’ve never seen a rock like this I’m gonna put it in our bag and
keep moving Oh whoo guys look at this it almost looks like a man-made entrance to
what could be the entrance to the military base keep in mind where we are
right now on the schematics that we shown this should have been where the
entrance was and check this out look at this yeah this is definitely
some sort of structure at one point it could have been hundreds of years ago 50
years ago it’s hard to tell with the decay but there’s definitely something
here it looks like there might have been an old door maybe back here that led
into the military base itself doesn’t look like we’re getting in there but you
can definitely see holes in the rocks there all right I’m gonna keep moving
down the path this way and update you guys once we get a little farther in
guys you might want to get over here I think I found something that looks like
a bunker I’m trying to move closer look at that that is creepy there’s
definitely abandoned bunker here guys I think I was right all along I think this
is in fact an abandoned military base which means the rake is either result of
that some sort of experiment or maybe he was set up the guard something maybe a
septa guard some sort of treasure look I would go down and explore that and for
all I know that could lead to a tunnel but right now without Logan I don’t want
to take the risk jumping down there and falling through all right I think we
need to get out of here guys look let’s keep moving down the trail and head
towards where the race nest is that should be where we can find more
artifacts all right let’s get going do you wanna hear
grab my metal detector yeah wait wait something moving whoo something moving
back there we gotta go we gotta go right now it’s
the right look at you the rain crying oh no we gonna go do you see us did you see
that what’s that oh that I think that was the rake you okay I didn’t sign up
for the Hat right it’s okay it’s okay don’t think he saw us all right you hear
that scream that’s the rake scream look we gotta keep moving right now you good
to keep filming yeah all right let’s keep going watch
your step anybody here all right guys so update
for you I’ve been walking for a little bit now and I’ve gotten closer to the
creek bed where I think I’ll be able to find some more artifacts guys everything
in this is leading towards there’s definitely being an old band a military
base here if all the schematics are true it means that there was a base here at
one point and that the rate could have been part of it all right here grab the
camera let’s start sweeping the area keep an eye out for anything remember
you now know what the rakes cry sounds like you hear that we need to run okay made it across hi guys as we’re
traveling down the trail my metal detector went off and I think I found
another artifact I’m gonna start digging it up but this thing looks big dude look
at this guys check that out this is really weird guys I’m gonna try and
hollow it out a little bit so this was definitely definitely the cover to
something he could have been food or well let’s hope it wasn’t something
worse like military ordnance hung in a baguette and put it in here but guys we
have to be really careful this was a military base there could be unexploded
ordnance here we have to be extremely cautious around that all right let’s
keep moving guys look at this as well can you not use the metal detector for
this one there’s no right here look at this what is that thing honestly I don’t
know the guys keep in mind this was a military base but what do you think this
could have been comment below if you have any idea what this was it looks
like maybe like a valve or something hi well this has to go in the back yeah
that’s us okay I don’t want to do too much more sweeping guys I think we’ve
got a lot of artifacts we got to keep moving deeper in these woods
alright guys I know I just said I was gonna stop but I think I found one last
thing here and it’s pretty big dude it sound like a sword or something what is
this I have no idea what this could be it looks like a sword or a spike or
something I have a skepticism back dig deep bullseye
oh no no no that was a rake screaming I look back over here we gotta go we gotta
go right now what come on this way okay okay I think we should be safe here
the rig’s that should just be down here look how’s it ran out I think he’s
following us read it keep moving all right
I’m descending down towards the rigs nuts he’s got to be extremely cautious
let’s go down here we’re pretty much crap what oh here you go Jake what I
think it’s three wait why wait wait where are you going
hey hey get back here I think my cameraman just ran off what did you see
thank you wait what’s the rich this is the rich he’s literally right there he’s
literally right there I think it’s from a girl who might be able to get to the
race test oh my foot oh my foot okay I think we’re safe in here I think we’re
safe in here for now what floats really bad I might need to call Logan the rates
literally chasing me I hope they have my cell phone okay I’m gonna wait for the
right to pass and then really call Logan get me out of here this is not good this
is not good ah I can barely even stand up I don’t like this place this place is
extremely scary wait what’s that guys cuz there’s something
here something here looks like an egg the rake is reproducing this this is an
egg this is this is a baby rake this is not good guys
between my cameraman running off my foot which I’m not sure if I’ve sprained it
or what’s happened and now this I need to get Logan here fast
and I need to get out of here means the brake is reproducing this means there
could be more rights than the one that we know look we can come back if I know
this is a military base in another day but as of right now I need to take this
egg and get out of here we need to bring this home and analyze it The Rake’s


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