Tooley’s Historic Boat Yard on the Oxford Canal | Through The Hedge #5
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Tooley’s Historic Boat Yard on the Oxford Canal | Through The Hedge #5

August 21, 2019

hi welcome to today’s episode we have
Matt hello Or Matthew he said I could call him Matt absolutely he’s our best
friend now and sorry about that to our other best friends we are going through
the hedge today to see Tooley’s boat yard so come with us one of the reasons
the boat yards really famous is obviously the Tooleys that you know are
very famous on their own but one of the reasons why everybody knows about the
boat yard is because there’s a chap called Tom Rolt he had he was basically
a mechanic and he was an engineer and he specialized and had built built cars and
he had a garage but he didn’t like the way cars being mass-produced so he sold
his share the garage and he bought a boat which used to belong to his
uncle called cressie and he knew the Tooley’s and he bought his boat here to
have it restored he wants to become a writer so he wrote he came here started
writing about the toolies and what they were doing to his boat and restoring it
and the boat is thought was a bit odd to see he was pitting a bow he was first of
all converting a a narrow boat into a livaboard and which is an odd thing to
do anyway but then to to to make it even worse he put a boat a bath on it as well
for his wife which the boaters thought was absolutely you know completely
extravagant thing to do is like have a pool or something you know they thought
was completely extravagant then he wrote all the characters and all the work they
did in the dry dock and the plesters in the Forge and his journey when the
waterways and the state of the canals and this became
catalyst for setting up the Inland waterways Association which obviously
campaigned for saving the canals and reopening them so the reason why we’ve
got a network now to cruise on is because of Tom Rolt and his book and it
all started here with them bringing their boat to the Tooley’s so that all
happened in the dry dock here that’s where it started if that something
interests you there is so much more here and there’s so much in you know
interested in the boatyard and there’s so much history and we’ve got lots of
really interesting facts and information and my personal story of running this
yard I’ve put into a book called forging ahead the history of Tooley’s
boatyard and that covers the complete history from the the canal arriving at Banbury through to modern times here and it talks about the characters and the Tooley’s, Rolt and the personal stories as well now this workshop here it’s
dated in 1930s and it’s all made out boat hulls you look in there that’s all
budworm from the bottom of the boats where they were sitting in the water the
toolies took over the yard in 1900 they were farmers. Basically Emmanuel Tooley took
over the bought some boats and he became what was called a number one which is a
sole trader which owned their own boats and they got paid per load they
delivered and they delivered coal and oh no they didn’t they delivered pig iron between Coventry
and Sammerson’s foundries So they would delivery pig iron to Coventry and they’d bring sand back to the foundry and then George Tooley took over the yard around 1900 this is the paint state from basically the nineteen well
the workshops of the 1930s but basically it’s paint really from 1950s all the
white leads and red leads and all the good stuff you can’t use these days but one
of the interesting things is this door this door was made of planks of a boat
called a fair trader and came into the dry dock to have the back cabin replaced
and they recently reused the wood to make this door one of the interesting
things is is that if you look at the door itself this is where they’ve been cleaning
the brushes and there’s a layer of paint on the door there which is about two and
a half inches thick so that was a Tooleys door for cleaning their brushes and this
is belt of machinery shop and this is where they used to make all the metal
parts of the boat so the machinery dates from about 1890 so it was secondhand to
the Tooleys. we’ve got a lot of volunteers who’ve been helping us and it’s actually
the Banbury model engineering society who actually stripped all these machines
down and restored them all so they’ll worn and working order working slowly
but we’ve just fitting motors to them so we’re gonna be running full speed and
using them as well the way this works is over in the corner it takes a belt up to the ceiling and then from the ceiling it
turns this wheel and then the wheel comes turns across your head this
bearings at the top and holds the top it turns that wheel at the top and that
comes down to this rather there’s bench and there’s a rather impressive circular
saw which is on this bench which is least used for actually cutting the
planks This is the dry dock it dates to 1788 well actually no
doesn’t because we changed our mind we said it was 1788 but we changed our mind
to 1778 and again you have to find out from the book if you interested in that
one basically it’s a dry dock and it’s very
unusual for dry docks to be dry and if you look at the floor it is actually
bone dry docks or works extreme very very well the way it works is that at
northern end there are three heavy wooden planks might hold back the water
we lift the top plank the water comes into the dry dock and it fills up in
about five minutes we’re going to replace the rest of the
planks take this planks out and we then bring a boat in and we put it into the
dock and tie it off with ropes we then replace the planks and we pull
the plug and the plug is a drainage sloose in the corner of the drydock which
takes the water off to about two and a half three hundred meters away
once it’s outs we wash the floor we wash the boat and we generally do hull
blackings in the last 15 years we’ve done one and a half thousand boats for the
dry docks that’s around a hundred a year so on average about one every three days
this boat here is in for a complete paint job it’s in for six weeks and
that’s a stripped back to bare metal and a full repaint of the boat the other thing I wanted to ask about is
the old wooden boat that we’ve been moored up next to Yes we can talk about that Do you want to go inside it this boat here was
called Hardy and it’s a boat built in 1940 by nurses so it was probably built
for the war we don’t have things like moorings which bring income in like the
other larger yards as a commercial yard is very very small and we’ve also got
the element of the general public as well so that has also adds pressure to
us which isn’t very profitable as it was so but we still want to do all that side
of it and it’s really important to show everybody the boatyard so one things we
want to do is to hark back to the days of the Tooleys and they were they ran a boat
yard which was famous for wooden boats and restoring wooden boats so we would
like Tooleys to go back and start looking at wooden boats and working on them more
and we are actually have plans to actually build the outside of Tooleys
will be building brand-new wooden hulls on the site there are boats around like
this like Hardy around the system now we wanted to get a an old boat to restore
and we wanted to boat with some ties to Tooley’s but we couldn’t really find one
in the time frame we had and we found about this boat Hardy up
at Braunson it was sunk and had been there for 4 years and it was in danger of being
broken up so we went up and we raised it we’ve we got off the canal bed floated it, patched up all the holes and decided we’re going to have the boats and we we
salvaged it pretty much and we brought it back to Tooleys where we’re actually
restoring it in the meantime we just so happened find out that actually Hardy is
a local boat and they used to deliver coal to banbury and actually which is
absolutely amazing and I’ve got photographs of a moored outside the dry
dock and it’s rather bizzare so it’s really really crazy one of the reasons
for lifting this boat up was to actually say to everybody look there’s these
historic boats all the way around the country which are sinking or sunk they
are falling apart and they’re being broken up and this is our history and we
should not that this happened so we should do something about it and so by
raising Hardy we would like to bring some publicity and some attention to the
fact that this is happening and we’d like the future of Tooleys to actually
address this and to try and rescue some of these boats which are being destroyed Due to the interest in the boat yard we get a lot of people asking questions actually part of our remit is that
we show this to the general public so recently we’ve actually come up with the
idea of actually doing an open day in fact that we are actually opened mornings from
10 o’clock until 12:30 and that’s on every Saturday and it’s free and you can
come along and you can come into the boatyard see areas of the boatyard you
wouldn’t see normally you can go to the dry dock and you can have a look at the
boat in there you can go into the forge you can see a blacksmith and some of the
volunteer blacksmiths as well doing demonstrations and we also have a guided
tour and we’re for guided tours we do that for donations as well and then you
can be shown around the boatyard and be told the history of the site but if you
don’t want to have a guided tour you can just wander around and chat to many of the
volunteers which are here and he will tell you all about the site anyway and
you go to the belt room and the carpenter store and we also have boat
trips as well as well so that we’ve got to be charged for those ones as well all
the money we make on the day of the working museum is actually goes back
into the working museum itself so if that all happens and hopefully shortly
we’ll also have our tea room set up here as well we don’t actually get any funding on the
site at all and I never had received any money actually working with a lot of
volunteers and we’ve got a great supporter of volunteers but about twenty
volunteers now who are learning to be blacksmiths who are learning how to
handle boats and also doing guided tours as well We also are all looking for
volunteers so if anybody would like to come along and help out then that would
be fantastic we could really do in fact where we were a network of friends of
Tooley’s where you can come along and and sign up to be a friend of Tooleys so that
that would be a really good thing to do okay literally
here is the gate that Matthews gonna close on us
Thanks for everything Thank you for rescuing us and
for looking at our boat and for showing us around the yard and also for being an
awesome historian that’s kind of what you are isn’t it yeah so and we’re gonna
put those links to the book below we’re gonna put the links to or everything in
the description below so watch that don’t forget give us a like subscribe
and come back next time for more episodes


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