Top 5 Ugliest Fish
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Top 5 Ugliest Fish

August 18, 2019

There may be plenty of fish in the sea, but
not all of them are pretty. With over 200.000 different species it’s
only natural that some of them are hideous. Here are the top 5 ugliest fish. Number 5: The Lumpsucker/Henfish Found lurking at the bottom of the cool waters
of the Arctic, North Atlantic, and North Pacific ocean is the Lumpsucker. Although lumpsuckers are cute as babies, they
tend to grow up to look something like this… Sometimes referred to as the Henfish, the
Lumpsucker is typically 1-2 feet long with a asymmetrical, blob-like body with protruded
eyes. And while most fish have a narrow frame, the
Lumpsucker tends to be more spherical. They also have skin instead of scales along
with a giant dorsal fin. Although the lumpsucker may not be a great
swimmer, they have impressive endurance and can travel up to 60 miles. Their diet consists mostly of smaller fish,
crustaceans, worms, and jellyfish. Fun fact: The male’s stomach turns red during
mating and the eggs of the female (aka roe) are a popular alternative to caviar. Number 4: Snailfish Snailfish, sometimes referred to as Sea Snails,
pretty much look like giant tadpoles. They have a large head with small eyes and
an elongated body, which resembles an eel. Like the Lumpsucker, this fish also has skin
instead of scales. Surprisingly little is known about the snailfish. There are over 410 different species each
being different from the rest. Some live in shallow water, while others live
in the deepest parts of the ocean. Some are 2 inches long, while others are 30
inches long. Some live in warm water, others live in cold. Some are smooth, some are prickly. Some have a strict diet, others eat anything
they can. You get the idea… But all of them are but pretty ugly and they
don’t taste great either, fisherman consider them pests. Number 3: The Goblin Shark While it may sounds and look like something
out of a bad science fiction novel, the Goblin Shark is in fact real and it certainly lives
up to it’s name. The image you are seeing is not photoshopped,
the shark actually does look like the offspring of a goblin and a shark. It has a long protruded snout which contains
over 50 creepy nail-like teeth and a jaw that extends outward when biting. The skin is an unappealing pinkish white,
almost as if it was never fully developed. No only does the goblin shark look and sound
creepy, but it acts creepy too! It’s a deep sea bottom dweller, meaning
it is found in the deepest and darkest parts of the ocean, 4200 feet below, in pitch black. It’s also considered a “slow moving species”,
which it basically means that it’s constantly lurking. Like other sharks, it senses its prey using
Electro sensitive organs and uses its extending jaw to snap out for a quick capture. This shark is unlike any other shark, it is
a unique species with a lineage dating back 125 million years ago and it’s not related
to the ones on earth today. Overall very little is known about goblin
shark, mostly because it’s a deep sea creature and humans rarely come in contact with them. But we don’t even know how they mate, a
pregnant goblin shark has never been discovered…for all we know it spawns! Number 2: The Gulper Eel Coming in at number 2 on our list is the gulper
eel, aka pelican eel. The fish is technically not an eel, but it’s
about the closet thing that it resembles. It can be found at depths over 9000 feet below
sea level or almost 2 miles deep. Even for the deep sea, this is one of the
oddest creatures that has ever been discovered. The fish is dark black in color and can grow
up to 31 inches long, but the most notable feature of the Gulper Eel is it’s unusually
large mouth which acts as a net to capture prey. The fish also has a stomach capable of stretching
which allows for it to consume prey larger than itself. The Gulper Eel is known to not be a very good
swimmer, but a small luminous organ at the end of it’s tail acts as a light to help
lure and capture prey. Not much is known about this strange creature
due to the depths of it’s habitat, but we’re pretty confident that it looks weird. Number 1: The Blobfish And finally, number 1 on our list: the Blobfish. You’ve likely seen random photos online
of this atrocity and may have dismissed them as being photoshopped, but the photos are
real and the blob fish actually does look like this, but here’s the catch: it only
looks like this out of water. The truth is, we don’t actually know what
blobfish looks like in it’s natural environment because the fish is extremely rare and lives
at depths over 4000 feet below. And water pressure at this depth is about
100 times stronger than that on land. Because the fish has no skeletal structure,
not even teeth, the blobfish becomes heavily, perhaps even morbidly, disfigured when brought
to land. Although we’re not certain what the Blobfish
actually looks like in the deep sea, it’s likely safe to assume from the pictures that
it’s probably still pretty ugly. Are you aware of any fish that are uglier
than these top 5? If so, subscribe and let us know in the comments


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    No matter what they look like, there not ugly, it's just very bad to say that about creatures.

    Edit: Imagine if you were those fish and someone called you ugly, how would you feel?

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