TRACKER Boats Reviews – A piece of junk

January 15, 2020

We uh, we got our boat in May of 2017 that’s only two and a half years old the first of nineteen 2019 I Went to the Bass Pro Shop in Gainesville and talked to the guys in the service department and told him my paint was peeling It was bubbling under under surfacing and I had it in several places on the boat We uh, we got our boat in May of 2017 that’s only two and a half years old the first of nineteen 2019 I Went to the Bass Pro Shop in Gainesville and talked to the guys in the service Department and told him my paint was peeling it was bubbling under under surfacing and I had it in several places on the boat So they asked me to bring pictures of it. Okay, no problem I took pictures and the picture situation went on two or three trips, but they wanted a picture the trailer They weren’t pictured a boat. They want to see the boat on the trailer this and that daugther Finally, I didn’t take them anymore. I just talked to him and they said well they would contact St. Louis or Louisiana. I think Louisiana’s would vote for me they would contact the engineers and let us know something never heard of word not a single word from until this morning Just before we got on the phone they called and we’ll save that for the end But uh the I took my boat in to be serviced last winter which always I do all my books that when I have them and They saw the electrolysis That was making the paint Actually look like orange peel just separating from the metal itself that was painted on and so that’s what started this but then the Dealer the one that I took it to to have serviced ease of mercury Diggler and he said I have electrolysis Well, I have no idea what that was before he mentioned it, but then he explained it to me that in Especially in outboard motors and especially old metal boats like the BACtrack bass Truckers you have a certain amount of Electricity even measured down in low. Ohms that so light that constantly leaves the battery and is Infiltrating the whole of the boat and everything that’s attached to it I had never seen or heard of this before he explained it to me but what cures it not after it happens what prevents this better would His own off switches at the batteries Well, this book didn’t have them so I put some in it and I don’t know if I’ve stopped it or not But it’s it’s looking bad so I Talked to them about that and just got off the phone with them just a few minutes ago. He called Let me know that electrolysis is not covered under warranty Now the warranty says five-year coverage from bow to stern from bent from starboard to port side doesn’t matter everything in there for five years and Then immediately under that it says paint for three years then it says three and a half years for the trolling motor and you know, it’s all out of my Long nothing on their last five years, but they called me back today and told me that electrolysis does not cover this and I said What do you mean us that I didn’t cause it I said the batteries caused it they didn’t have on/off switches on them So I put him on it. Well, he said you can get electrolysis sitting in your boat in the water beside another boat. I Said I never heard of this in my life So then he explained to me that we sought a picture of your trailer which has rusty rims on it from using them saltwater Well, my wife and I have another set of tires. We used to haul it out of town when we go. So we use those and He said no, that’s that’s no good. He said the atmosphere you live in in salt water Does not the warranty does not cover that My problem with what he told me this morning That is not in the warranty and I’m sure a lot of gentlemen out there and women Or looking at a bath tracker to purchase because it is a good-looking boat. It’s very attractive. It’s very nice Then the price is good, but my price hasn’t stopped. I don’t know what this is gonna cost me to just stop the electrolysis But I’ve been thinking about ever since he called me. I’m sorry I had that on my mind when you called but uh, I don’t have them stop it how I’m gonna prevent it but when I do find out I’m gonna come back on your on your website didn’t let everybody know what to do about it And the first thing they can do if they just bought the best tracker Make sure it has an off switch at the battery You just go back there and cut it on and off. It kills all electricity I’ve had to replace the starter switch on account of the electrolysis the plug at the bow of the boat Where you plug your trolling motor in you can take it out or on whatever I had you just Hotwire that and jump past it because it ate the plug up So everything everything I’ve done is trying to limit this electrolysis, but you’re so bad on the back of the boat it’s places six inches in diameter this just looks like an orange peel, you know, it’s bubbling up from the surface and that’s my biggest problem other than the last time I spoke to two games for was about June I guess could have been later, but I think about June and I never heard of work for me to get any whatsoever So I did call and they said well we’ve sent that information on then to the warranty people Then they put the other guy on the phone and let me give me all the correct news about no coverage on anything on it So I don’t know what I’m gonna do, but I can tell you this every time I have opportunity I’m gonna get on there until everybody not to buy a bass tracker because there is no warranty They may feed the whole maybe the story to a point where they’ll replace the boat But as far as the minor stuff, you’re not gonna get any relief from them at all

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