Tracking Drones with Weather Radar
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Tracking Drones with Weather Radar

September 2, 2019

[MUSIC PLAYING] The Renaissance Center is a
very ideal location for us for drone operations. It’s got a nice, big
meadow over here. There’s not a lot of
tall trees around. Over at Orchard Hill in
the residential area, we have a CASA radar that’s
looking at these drones. That’s being operated out of
Knowles Engineering Building, where our student Jezabel
Sanchez is actually operating the radar remotely. OK, let me know when you’re
done with the mission. Drones are becoming
very popular. If you look at the statistics,
they’re increasing like crazy. All right, mission
complete, Jezabel. You can do fun things with
them, but they cause also sometimes trouble. Coming close to airports,
sports arenas, other areas where they shouldn’t be. [MUSIC PLAYING] We do this with
different drones to get an idea of what their radar
signature is to get a better understanding how we can develop
a detection technology out of it. Just a little speck in the sky. It is almost like finding
a needle in the sky and not the haystack. [MUSIC PLAYING] All right, so we’re going
to start mission three now. We are about half a kilometer
away from the CASA radar, which is down in the
Orchard Hill parking lot. And it is looking
right here at us, flying a drone with this
target coated with golden foil. That shows up very
well, and that’s going to help us to improve
the performance of the radar. The idea is here
to look also into, can this be commercialized? So how can we get our
work out of the lab and make it interesting
for companies, for example. Obviously, there’s
the delivery business. Can we actually support
their operations with radars that can look
at the weather and drones? So, flying them around
weather, maybe not having them fly if the weather
is too hazardous, so that we do everything
in a safe, harmless way.

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