Unboxing the Tracker and Everest Vehicles with Santa Clause Toys
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Unboxing the Tracker and Everest Vehicles with Santa Clause Toys

October 11, 2019

– [Child] Family fun for everyone. – [Man] Assistant, I’ve got Tracker. – [Child] And I’ve got Everest. – That’s right you’ve got Everest. Oh look mine has the number 11 on it. What number does yours have? – Nine. – Nine, so these are the
ones that you can pull back and then they race, right? – Right. Let’s have a race. I think mine’s gonna win. – And they both make cool sounds. – Mine’s gonna win
because mine has the best, coolest sound. – Well let’s check it out, okay? – Okay. – So, assistant, here they come. Oh, they kinda wreck, assistant. – Here’s yours. – So here’s Tracker in
his jeep, and here is. – My super duper cool
one better than mister. – You think so? – Yeah. – So you got, wait, oh look at that. – It looks like it could carry something. – That’s right, it looks
like it opens up even, right? Let’s see. – Right. – Whoa, assistant, look. The front of her snow plow
opens up, and you can put it all the way inside. – Whoa it looks like
kind of her dog house. – It does kinda look like her dog house. And here’s Tracker. Now what I like about
Tracker is he comes out. Here’s Tracker, right? He’s the newest member
of Paw Patrol, right? – Right – And here’s his jeep. You put him in and then (car engine sound) Whoa did you hear that? It sounds like it started. – Yeah but mine can do
lots of cool things. – Show me what you can do with Everest. So somebody can ride on the back of it. Right? – Right. Like Rudolph. – Or Santa Claus. Santa Claus goes “ho ho ho”. – Ho ho ho. I’m riding with Everest. – That’s right. Okay so, Santa Claus is in the
back of Everest’s snow plow. – That’s so cool. – So here goes Santa with,
oh, where are they going? – Everest fell. – What, where they at? Uh oh you know who’s
gotta look for ’em, right? – Rudolph. – So here’s Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer lookin’ for Everest and Santa. Where’d they go? Oh there they are. The assistant has them. Oh they wrecked right back into Tracker. Well, Santa, I don’t know if I like that. Tracker, who do you think should ride on the back of Tracker? – Tracker on the back? – Yeah. We’ve got Frankenstein. (gasps) Whoa so they both can
have passengers, right? – Right. – Oh, Frankenstein fell. – Mine’s still better than
yours ’cause mine’s Santa. He can probably make mine fly. – Well really, maybe so, but you know who’s gonna ride on the back of Tracker’s now, don’t you? – Who? – Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer. – Well you know who’s gonna do me, now? – Who’s gonna ride the back of yours? – Catboy at super speed. – Really? You’ve got Catboy in the back of yours? – Right. – Well, guess who I’ve got? – Who? – I’ve got, oh she fell. I’ve got Shine. Is that Shine or Shimmer? – I’m doing Shine. – Well let’s try that. You’ve got Shimmery Shine,
and I’ve got Shimmer. – I wish that I could go really fast. – Whoa she fell again. – I wish I could go really fast. Boom zaramay, first wish of the day. Shimmer and Shine go really fast divine. – Wow. – Hey will you hand me Tracker again? Somebody else wants to go
for a ride with Tracker. You know who wants to go
for a ride with Tracker now? It’s none other than Tommy. – Does he want to go on the back of mine? – Who? – Bunga? – Bunga bunga woo, bunga bunga what? – Bunga bunga. – Well, assistant, Tracker
lives in the jungle. You know who else lives in the jungle? – Uh. – Spiders. (laughter) – You know what something that can do? – What’s that? – To keep me company? Little Red can give me
muffins while I’m driving. – Really? You’ve got
Little Red and muffins? – Mhmm. – Wow. – Little Red can give me
all the muffins I want. – Well, assistant, it says
that Tracker was in the jungle, and you know what he found? A dinosaur riding in the back. – Well since Everest can
float, she found Captain Hook. – Captain Hook, that sneaky crook. – Yeah. – Wait a minute, but
remember this is a snow plow. – Yeah, and also Captain Hook, he needs to go back to his ship. And you know who’s coming? – Who? – Kyon. – Oh really? – To be the ruler, so yours, uh. – Maybe I’ll get rid
of that spider, right? – Right. (roars) – Bye spider, bye. Ran over him. Uh oh, it looks like it’s
getting cold outside. Who’s gonna have an advantage now? I think Everest and the snow plow. What do you think? Yeah, let’s race. – Okay so this is how
we’re gonna make snow. I’ve got the can right here, right? – Right. – Look what I added to it. – Water? – Water, and this is special snow. So we add that to it, right? – Right. – Like this. – It looks like salt. – I don’t think salt
would work though, right? And then you gotta use
your shovel, and stir. Be careful not to get cut
though because it’s kind of. Whoa did you see that heap of snow? Watch. Stir it up, and it’s snow. It’s snowing, it’s snowing, it’s snowing. – Should I throw it in the air? – No, you shouldn’t throw it in the air, because then we’ll have a big mess. – Then we’ll have a snow day. – It’s snowing. – I’m gonna try to make a snowman. – It’s snowing, it’s snowing, for Everest. – It’s snowing. – You know what they say
about show business, right? There’s no business like. – Show business. – Snow business. – Snow? – Yeah. There’s no business like snow business. – It’s snowing, it’s snowing. There’s Everest, inside of it. – Should I put some in her? – Oh you know what? There’s Rudolph. Rudolph likes to play in the snow too, but you know what? I think the dinosaur is
no good for the snow. No more dinosaur. What about Tracker? Do you think Tracker likes snow? – Yeah. Maybe a little bit. – Snow’s so cool. – It is pretty cool, isn’t it. – Yeah well let’s talk about it. – So we’ve got Rudolph, and our friends. I don’t think it actually makes
into very good snow does it? – Nah, but it does feel
like snow, but don’t eat it. – No, you know what this is, assistant? Do you know what is very similar to this? – What? – This is made as the same stuff as. – Water? – Orbeez. – Orbeez? – Yeah, it’s kind like Orbeez
but instead of it being little cubes, it’s a powder,
and so when it got water, it expanded, and so then we
were able to make this snow. – It kinda feels like squished Orbeez. – It does feel like squished Orbeez. – Let’s put some snow in it too. – Oh Rudolph. Where’d Santa Claus go? – Santa. – Come here, Santa. – Here, I found Santa. – Oh, you know what Santa’s gonna do? – What? – Santa’s gonna make snow angels. – And here comes Everest,
she’s loading her thing into. – Ah I was making a snow angel. Ah, Santa. – Let’s make him buried in the snow. – Snow angel. – Let’s bury him in the snow. – Bye Santa, you’re
gettin’ buried in the snow. – People at home, do you see Santa? (laughter) – So that is how, we’ve
done three different things in this video. We’ve played with Everest, Tracker, and made snow with Santa Claus. – Sold separately: the snow,
these two, and these two come sold separately. – That’s right we were able to race home and do lots of fun things, right? – Right. They’re so cool, actually, don’t eat the snow but like
Orbeez you don’t want to eat it because it’s made of the
same thing, which is poison. – Yeah, that’s for sure. Definitely don’t want to eat it. So people at home, which
did you like better? Did you like snow, did you like Everest, and her vehicle, Tracker and his, or did you just like the snow. – I like the snow. – The assistant didn’t even
know we were gonna make snow in this video did you. – No, I just thought we were viewing it. – You just thought we
were gonna do a video of the toys, right? – Right. Whoa, this is like a volcano. – It is kinda like a volcano. It’s like a snow-cano. Santa we’re gonna put
you in Tracker’s jeep. There you go. – You’re having a special privilege. – That’s right so people at home tell us which one you like the best, and make sure that you push
right there for TEF Kids, right? – Right. And TEF Animal channel
which is my new channel. – That’s right. All right everyone. So TEF kid, right there it says subscribe. So subscribe to what? – The Engineering Family, and I might make a hand angel. Hand angel. (laughter) And also our secret
spelling word is gonna be paw patrol, p-a-w p-a-t-r-o-l spells. – Paw patrol. – That’s right. – And have a snowy day. – Have a snowy day. Give us a like. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Bye everyone. – Bye. – Hey there everyone, thanks for watching our video, now make sure that you
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