Unturned: How to Complete The Traitor Questline! ( Update)

October 1, 2019

Hey guys MeLikeBigBoom here and today I’m
going to be showing you guys how to complete the traitor questline that was added yesterday. This new questline is a multistep process
that puts you in the shoes of a criminal investigator who is trying to find the reasoning behind
Major Len’s smuggling of supplies off the Liberator. Now, before I go any further, and I’m sure
this is expected, there are major spoilers ahead. This questline is pretty heavily storyline
based and if you want to experience this questline without any spoilers, I’d recommend you
click off the video after I show you the location of the evidence on the first quest. But, without further ado, let’s get started. Now to start, and this may have already been
done, talk to the three question marks guy by the fuel tank on the deck of the liberator. Now, continue to give him 1 XP until you no
longer have the option to do so. The important bit of information is that he
says Major Len was sneaking supplies off the ship late in the night last night. He goes on to talk about aliens and stuff
but there isn’t much evidence behind these claims, perhaps that will be quest of its
own in the future. Now normally you would go up to Chief Brian
on the top deck of the ship to report this crime, but he doesn’t know you and won’t
take your accusations seriously. You need to build his trust beforehand by
completing his quest where he wants you to make him a donut and sneak it to him without
anyone noticing. Ask him if he needs any help to start that
donut quest. After you give him a donut, telling him about
Major Len’s antics will be taken more seriously. He tells you that, before you come forward
with the accusations, you must find evidence first and suggests finding traces of a shipment
somewhere along the coastline. Accept this quest and head for shore. Now the name of the quest is “Smuggler’s
Cove” and the only cove in this map is the one east of the harbor. Head there. Now, once you arrive it won’t take long
to find a pile of barrels, crates, pallets, and spools near the rock arch. Now, on one of the pallets you will find a
uniform scrap. Pick this up and return to the Liberator. Now, once you get back to the liberator, talk
to Chief Brian again. When you show him the uniform scrap he talks
about how it used to belong to a Lieutenant named Harry. He was part of the bridge crew and slept down
in the bunk bed rooms but randomly disappeared a while back, leaving no trace behind. He suggests that Major Len may have kidnapped
him, but we don’t know yet. Tell him that you would like to continue the
investigation. He then has a ton of suggestions on how you
might be able to get more information about Harry’s disappearance. He wants you to search Harry’s room, question
Darren, talk to Natalie and Roman, and finally confront Major Len. Start with Harry’s room. If you’re facing the chef, Harry’s room
is the set of bunk beds to the left. Underneath the bunk bed next to the door you
will find a note. Read it. I think this is a note written by Harry about
Major Len. He talks about how Major Len is suspicious
and is going to follow him when he heads to shore. Harry hoped to reason with him before telling
the Captain about Major Len’s smuggling of supplies, but judging by how he never came
back I think we can assume it didn’t go too well. Next, talk to Ensign Darren. He’s the lenny faced dude running the communications
equipment in the ship’s control center place thing. He blabbers random weird stuff and mentions
that Harry wanted to talk to Major Len or something before he disappeared. He doesn’t make much sense. Next talk to Natalie, she is the mechanic
lady next to the tank on the bottom floor. She mentions how he was sneaking around down
here last night, grabbing supplies. She says it’s kind of unusual for higher
ranking officers to do that. Next, talk to Roman, he’s the sous-chef
in the kitchen on the same floor. He tells you that Major Len has been recently
vocal about his disagreements with the captain, which is kind of unusual and awkward. Now at this point it seems clear that Major
Len has been behind something, so lastly you need to confront him about it. What’s interesting is that when you ask
him about Harry, he’s surprised, looks back and forth, but tells you that he didn’t
know Harry very well at all. He’s a criminal I tell you! Now go on and tell Chief Brian about this. He tells you that this is definitely enough
evidence to confront the Captain about. When you talk to Captain Sydney and tell her
that Major Len is a traitor, she pulls you aside. Now, this is where things get weird. She then informs you that Major Len has been
working for the Captain all along as an undercover spy. It was definitely very weird. She goes on to explain this more. You see, somebody here, on the ship, is a
traitor. It’s not Major Len. Somebody on the ship is not only part of a
bandit gang but somebody here also kidnapped Harry. Once again, she says it wasn’t Major Len. They know who the gang is but they don’t
know who the specific person was on the ship that actually kidnapped Harry. Now, by making Major Len a part of the bandit
group, he will in turn as being a part of that group, learn of all the members of that
bandit group, including the person that kidnapped Harry. Now, the only reason why Major Len has been
smuggling supplies is to become friends with that bandit group and build trust so that
he can learn of all the members inside it. He’s been keeping this whole thing secret
so random people don’t spill the beans to the bandit group because it might endanger
Harry, and Major Len, even more. The bandits felt they could trust Major Len
because he’s a high ranking officer in the coalition and has access to rare supplies. She then gives you permission to work with
Major Len in this whole ordeal. It’s up to you to believe that, really. It is a massive change of plans, Major Len
is an undercover spy, I don’t know… but we definitely do learn more of this in the
future. Talking to Major Len after this grants you
access to the concluding and final quest. Major Len received a transmission from what
appears to be from the bandits in Silo 22, but that doesn’t make much sense. Silo 22 is a deadzone, nobody can survive
there. He thinks it was used as a relay station,
meaning somebody sent a transmission from some random location to Silo 22, and then
some sort of machine Silo 22 automatically forwarded it to the destination, which is
Major Len in this case. This was likely done to hide the original
transmitter’s location. If this was the case, there should be a transmission
log printed out in Silo 22 that has the information about the transmission’s original location. Now, as expected, you need to head to Silo
22 for this, so gear up! If you’re quick, you might be able to get
in and out with only 1 filter but when I did the quest in legit survival it took me 3 filters
because I was cautious and I also had no vehicle. Now this is definitely a very risky journey,
not only are you heading into a deadzone, but you also don’t know what to expect. You could be going there to actually find
some sort of relay log, or it could be a trap! Is it? I don’t know… find out next time. No, I’m just kidding. Now once you get to Silo 22, head down to
the bottom deck and look in to each of the control panels for a note that’s sticking
out of one of the sides of the control centers. Now I thought the note was actually floating
at first but it’s actually meant to look like it was printed out the side like a receipt. Reading it confirms Major Len’s suspicions. As it turns out, Major Len actually was an
undercover spy. Now it is a relay log and there were two messages
sent and printed on this relay log. One was from a man named Karl and sent to
Major Len. Karl is a member of the bandit gang, by the way. Karl is successfully tricked into thinking
that Major Len is in some hot water because of the investigation that we did. He will be in touch soon regarding picking
Major Len up and taking him off the ship to protect him. Now here’s the crazy thing. The other message is from Darren, he’s that
lenny faced communications dude in the control room, remember him? Well he sent a message to Karl, saying that
he’s surprised that Major Len is legit and needs to be quick because the investigation
of Major Len is getting close. Remember when we talked to Darren and he didn’t
really make much sense at all? That is probably when he went ahead and messaged
carl to tell him to go quick to go pick up Major Len and get him out of there. So as it turns out, bingo, Darren, was the
real traitor. He has been in talks with the bandit group
all along and likely was the person that kidnapped Harry too. Success! Report your findings to Captain Sydney. Once you get back to the Liberator, she says
it all makes sense now, Darren is bunkmates with Harry and perhaps Harry caught Darren
smuggling supplies and was thrown in with the cargo. It’s also quite convenient that Darren is
in charge of communications, so he can easily hide his transmissions with the gang. She strips Darren of his rank, throws him
in prison, and informs you that Major Len’s squad successfully rescued Harry and captured
the bandit gang! You can now visit Darren in prison next to
T.Rickster and laugh at him. You can also say hello to Harry, he thanks
you and says he needs to meet of for coffee some time. That’s it! That’s the traitor questline! I have to give major props to Nelson for coming
up with this cool little mini storyline, the plot twist definitely got me pretty good,
did it for you? I think so. I’d love to see more of these kinds of stories
in the future, this was a load of fun. If you guys would also like to see me attempt
this quest live I will put the link to the Twitch stream down below. I do hope you guys enjoyed this quick little
tutorial slash informational video, if you have any questions be sure to let me know
in the comment section below. Anyway, that’s all I have for now, thank
you guys so much for watching, make sure to rate, comment, subscribe, and do all that
gibberish because MeLikeBigBoom… is out.

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