Using Cannon Downriggers to Present Bait Where Fish Can See It
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Using Cannon Downriggers to Present Bait Where Fish Can See It

September 2, 2019

Hi I’m Bill Carson, Field Marketing Manager
for the Johnson Outdoors fishing group, and representing Humminbird, Minn Kota and Cannon,
and we’re out here today playing with the Cannons because we want to have the controlled
depth. The controlled depth meaning that we want
to go down in the water column where the fish are. They’re setting up at the bottom of the thermocline. We can see the fish here at 25 to 30 or 40
feet, some of them down to 50 feet. We got it on 2D, we have our down imaging
over here, and then up on the top we have our chart. So we’re following our chart with our downriggers
down and we’re doing a controlled depth so that we can try to focus on where these fish
are and stay on that position in the water column. What we have to remember is that with Cannon,
the fish’s eyes are on the top of their heads, so they’re looking up. Rarely do they go down to get a bait unless
they see it go past them and they turn and they can follow it with their eyes and follow
it down to deeper water to the bottom. But with the downriggers, I can go down to
where they are where I’m seeing them. I can get right above them and literally have
that bait right above where the fish’s eyes are. So we’re down at 26 feet here, we’re hooked
into the clip on the downrigger, and we’re just waiting for a fish to bite one of these
lines. And it’s gonna happen.

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