Using Spot-Lock on a 25ft Center-Console
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Using Spot-Lock on a 25ft Center-Console

August 19, 2019

Well Cleveland Light, obviously there are
tons of rocks but they’re all in patches and so the fish are relating around those. They’re not broad spread around so that’s when you’d use a drift but now I don’t want to drift I want to stay right on those so by pressing a button on the
remote even a 25-foot boat big, boat T-Tops like this that boat will stay put
on that spot and not move a couple of feet. Well I see a lot of fish right here on the bottom So i’m going to let you control this and let the New England guy who does the fishing. New England guy go do that I’m gonna do
something here, I’m gonna touch this screen I’m gonna mark a waypoint right
there because I don’t want to lose those fish that’s a really good spot. For all the guys that aren’t anchoring we kind of drift over these fish and you get one
shot at them before you’re off and then you’re hoping to pick up another rock
pile below you well right now we’re able to get right on top of these fish. Now it’s time to Black Sea Bass. What I like about that jig, you want to
talk about fishing vertically that one’s made to sit there and dart and dance and
so it’s gonna move down there the way the line comes off the top of the jig head
should give me some good action, I think so. That just happened too! Look at the colors between the red and the green the white. In a minute or two if that boat does
not change course you’re gonna get rolled over, but you don’t have an anchor
now so the beauty is you’re safer you just move you don’t have to worry about
untying a cleat, throwing a ball in or anything. All right, I think he’s seen us. (Shouting)
Nothing to see here! Nothing to see here! That’s a keeper. Look at that.

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