Viking Star Cruise Ship Review and 2018/19 Itinerary Baltics Caribbean Mediterranean
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Viking Star Cruise Ship Review and 2018/19 Itinerary Baltics Caribbean Mediterranean

January 16, 2020

everybody it’s Bruce here with traveling
with Bruce welcome to my channel today we’re gonna talk about this ship right
here the Viking star she’s a beauty she was launched only three years ago in
2015 coming in at 48,000 tons and to give you an idea of what that means
a typical carnival ship that can hold 3,000 passengers or a ship like a
princess cruise liner or a hone America cruise liner
these ships come in around 95,000 tons well double this weight but they’ll have
anywhere from two to three thousand passengers this ship nine hundred and
thirty passengers that’s it she’s 745 feet long she’s 95 feet wide
and she has a crew of 465 and that’s is a very high crew ratio to passenger
ratio basically one one crew member for two passengers very high excellent
service all rooms balcony rooms no inside rooms whatsoever are available on
this cruise ship everyone gets a beautiful view there are no children
allowed on the cruise either everyone has to be 18 and over and it makes for a
different cruise experience from Carnival or Disney or Royal Caribbean or
anyone else free Wi-Fi is included in your fare there’s no extra charge for
any of the specialty dining restaurants here’s a peek at one of the balcony
rooms by the way and with a king-size bed there’s another one right here a
little larger unit here with a seating area the larger balcony rooms are a
little more expensive obviously they come with a fully stocked minibar and
you can bring alcohol on board the ship by the way if you WA think it off the
ship and the Caribbean or want to bring a bottle rum onboard no problem enjoy
your drinking your own booze instead of theirs they don’t mind this here is the
winter garden beautiful area to have some tea or coffee in the afternoon
royal cake visit with some friends and hang out beautiful place short
excursions are also included in all fairs so if you’re going off the ship
for the day you can take advantage of a prepaid short
excursion that’s included and it these are very popular as I said Wi-Fi is
included so you can take your tablet check your email or send messages back
home spa is also included you don’t have to pay extra to use any of the spa
facilities so whether you want to go not into the spa the water or into the sauna
or like this gentleman you want to get in the sauna first get nice and hot and
then go into the the ice room you can go in there or do what I’d like to do I
wouldn’t mind being this guy getting under that bucket there and getting
drenched and cooling down and telling off a little bit taking a rest or lying
down here one of these he bit louder look at those nice nice ship no casino
on board there are no water slides on work because there are no kids on board
it’s a quiet ship a lot of quiet nooks to go read a book or just relax enjoy
the view here’s the obviously the pool with the roof closed in overhead this is
the back of the ship where there’s an infinity pool just absolutely marvelous
the ship has it all now the schedule for this cruise ship in 2018 from July to
the end of August this ship is in the baltic region and the british isles so
it’ll be in Norway Sweden the United Kingdom an average cost per night for
those cruises until the end of August will run about 500 a night per person on
September the 22nd until October the 6th the ship is leaving Bergen in in Norway
it’s heading to Montreal in Canada 14 night cruise about 514 dollars a night
then from October 6 to the 18th it’s leaving Montreal sailing to New York
City for 12 nights $500 a night for that cruise those that you’ll see some
spectacular fall colors on those cruises bring your camera once she leaves sub
New York after the 18th of October she’ll be in the Caribbean area working
out of Miami until November the 22nd and on November 22nd the ship leaves
for a 21-day trip Panama Canal cruise to Los Angeles that three-week cruise will
run 333 dollars a night and that once she reaches LA on December 13th she
turns around that night leaves LA and goes for 21 days back to Miami it’s a
back-to-back two three-week cruises in a row the second cruise is $323 a night
back to Miami oh you’ll celebrate Christmas and New
Year’s on the trip back to Miami in Miami from January the 3rd of September
the 28th she will do a series of one-week Caribbean cruises and then and
those will run about 428 a night by the way
and then on February 28th you can board this ship for a 26 day cruise from Miami
all the way to Venice and what a fantastic cruise that will be $300 a
night for that repositioning cruise that is the best bargain on this ship for the
foreseeable future because once you land in Venice on March the 26th this ship
will now stay in the Mediterranean and Greece area until January 2020 the
average cost per night their Santorini by the way average cost per night four
hundred and fifty to five hundred and fifty dollars through the spring summer
fall and to the end of the year into early 2020 the Viking star what a
gorgeous liner six star luxury top-notch dining excellent service and you can’t
go wrong here with about any room on this ship whether you’re taking a
one-week cruise or three-week repositioning cruise or or any kind of
cruise in between you’ll see some of the best sights have a great time thanks for
joining me today I hope you liked the video give me a thumbs up if you did
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cruise ship talk take care everybody bye for now


  • Reply 1 Gals Treasure 4 U June 28, 2018 at 3:50 am

    Great Viking Video. Lots of info. Bruce.

  • Reply Wes Morrison June 28, 2018 at 10:31 pm

    I have sailed on the Viking sea, which is the sister ship to the Star. I use Sheldon Saunders at Viking, who is awesome. Dial 1-888-663-8454 press 6 and enter his extension 5963

  • Reply Blane2007 June 30, 2018 at 1:39 am

    Looks fun but wow. If my math is right for a 14 day cruise at just over $500 a night, that is like 7000 per person. Yes, a lot is included but still pricey. Great video Bruce.

  • Reply Blue Diamond June 30, 2018 at 2:55 pm

    Wow nice video 👍

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