Volvo Penta Boating Dreams Episode 2 – Leonardo Bassilichi
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Volvo Penta Boating Dreams Episode 2 – Leonardo Bassilichi

August 14, 2019

For me, it’s very important
to drive my boat alone. I think it’s very
important for my freedom. I can tell that this is a dream. My name is Leonardo Bassilichi, and I’m the owner of AMER 94. Now, we are in the Aeolian archipelago,
in Lipari. I’m here for a holiday,
in the middle of a trip. I was born in 1971. My family started with a little boat, and during the summer,
I stayed with my friend on the boat in Bocca di Magra. When my family sold the boat,
I lost my friend. For me it was a target,
a life target, to come back to the same harbour
in Bocca di Magra. When I returned to the harbour
with this boat, it was incredible. It was powerful. When I am on my boat,
I want to stay very well. I use this solution, the IPS. It’s very easy.
It’s actually incredibly easy. Because we can go both fast and slow. In my life, in this moment,
I like to go slow. I have friends, I have family,
and I would like to catch this moment and stay on my boat without planning. Without stress. When you take your time,
I think you feel the freedom. My name is Leonardo Bassilichi
and this is my boating dream.

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