Volvo Penta Boating Dreams Episode 8 – David Higgins
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Volvo Penta Boating Dreams Episode 8 – David Higgins

August 30, 2019

Knowing these beaches,
these rocks, these headlands, I know them inside out,
running around as a kid. I come from a family of fishermen. Six uncles, my grandfather
and my father were all fishermen. School holidays and weekends
were physical, hard work. And I wasn’t allowed to be a fisherman. They said it was just going to be
too hard in the future. So I chose boats. My name is David Higgins and I’m the new
product development manager at Riviera. So I’m involved with design and concept. Getting it from that computer screen,
I take it onto the floor, do the physical plug building, then take moulds off that,
put the moulds into production and put the first boat down the line
to make sure it all works together. The Australian environment
is a harsh environment. There’s things here
that can really hurt in a hurry. Yeah, I’ve been a couple of hours
off shore, a perfect day. The next thing you know,
the wind turns around, that hour and a half trip’s turned into
three, four hours to get home. I don’t want to put anyone else
in that risk. I want them to go out, enjoy themselves
and come home with that peace of mind. I try and build every boat
as if it’s my own, making sure it’s bullet-proof,
strong, will last the test of time. There’s a big sense of relief and joy
and nearly a tear when you see the boat that
you’ve just spent 15 months developing. It’s like one of your kids
going to school for the first time. You have that, yeah, a happy feeling. I come here to relax,
come down and sketch. This isn’t the only place
I do my sketches. I’ll do them on the beach,
when we’re walking along, with a stick. Three o’clock in the morning, I’ll come up with a sketch
on the shower wall. Growing up on the water,
that’s been a great part of my life, and now I’ve got kids of my own. It’s up to the kids
where and what they want to do. But they see the passion and they’ll always have
an internal quest to build boats, I think, as well as I do. It’s the bloodline. My name is David Higgins
and this is my boating dream.

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    Love my riviera.

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