Walk Around Of My Poor Boy Fishing Boat Project Rod Rack 60 Hp Mercury
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Walk Around Of My Poor Boy Fishing Boat Project Rod Rack 60 Hp Mercury

August 15, 2019

hey guys
Ivan here on the Missouri agitator channel. Our weather’s starting to warm
up here a little bit in Missouri. I can get out without a coat. It’s looking better every
day it comes by. So I should be on the water any day!!! I should be on the water
today but still trying to get my boat cleaned up and cleaned out. But I figured
I’d do a walk around on my boat I’ve been working on. It’s not finished and
it’s not fancy I’m a poor boy so I got to do with what I got. But figured I’d do
a little walk around and show some things. I’ll flip my camera around here.
it’s like I said it’s not fancy at all but been working on it. It’s a 18 by
70 Voyager. I put this casting deck up front.
I have hatches to go here and a hatch to go on the other side. Of course this this
boat!! Has been changed a lot. I’ll put some pictures up. I didn’t take video of it but I’ll put some
pictures up of how this boat was it was When I first got it. Just a big jon boat, No console it had
the bench seats all throughout it. I took them out. Added the console. I got
batteries up under here. I got a double seat base here. I’ve built a rod rack
that goes in here and it comes out and it’s got a wheel comes up hold six rods
across the front and can be swiveled out of the way or completely pulled out so I
can get up here and cast on this deck for shad from a bait added the trolling
motor of course this boat had no electrical to
it I had to add all the electric to it added the lights added this it’s a 24
inch light bar man this thing does awesome catfish College whoo good stuff
let’s see I added the floor I added foam under the floors anchor
lock up front added the console thanks to my buddy Darrell ray he set me up
with that took got out of his boat he opened his whole deck up
I left my Center in it’s got my live well I added lights to it not this is
I’m not finished back here added the floor out of the foam I’ve got three
seat bases it’ll be put back here when I’m fishing solo I’ll sit in the center
if I’ve got friends one can sit on each side they can watch the rock
rod rack you know one guy can have three rods on this side and other guy three
rods on that side of course I got pulled all my girls out of the house here and
set them up that’s my rod rack like I say it’s not finished either I’ve got to
put on here with hose clamps our hose clamps with C clamps I’m actually have
pins that will go in here and I can pull this rod rack off anytime that I that I
want I don’t pull it off very often but because I also use this rack for
trolling for Spoonbill put the 60 horse on it I had the transom
race you can see where the God done an awesome job of raising my transom for me name of the boat specialist everybody’s
got to name their boat right push back on the rod rack on each rod I run a
different color of string green orange green so on so forth all the way across
got my battery back here and this battery never goes dead it disconnects
the motor will always charge that but the battery up front can go dead if I
don’t switch my switch and charge this battery this battery only runs my lights
and my trolling motor and fish finder that finder stuff like yeah that battery
there is always charged so I do not get stranded on the water I can’t stand
getting out and because I fish night a lot added my switch panel steering wheel
added the control of course got fish list across the front that’s why I ain’t
finished yet like I say this is a project I’ve been working on but it does
me fine I usually fish with me and one other
person one other guy of course I got my bait rods over there for catching bait
and it’s it’s in progress not finished like I say three seats in the back pull
the center one out and had the two out ones if I’ve got somebody back here
trolling with me if I’m by myself I sit in the center same way with a guy up
front and he sits in the center boats all balanced don’t have any problems
there Oh probably I’m thinking about adding a deck back here though enclosing
this the tank and then the battery and everything and closing this off there’s
a lot of room here a lot of space maybe later we’ll see but I run these
different colored lines I run these different colored lines just in case if
one gets tangled with the other I can see which one you know goes where
untangle them a lot easier I was running all Berkley big game on the back end and
well if you’re if you’re drifting and then things get tangled up it’s a mess
so yeah running different colors on the back end really helps out a lot got the ugly stick Tigers
7-foot that’s what I like I’m probably going to try some Serge this year but
all right guys oh yeah and my my little net it’s a monster I got out one time and I
hooked a good flathead catfish I mean a good one and the net that I had in my
boat was too small I seen that thing I picked that net there up in a flea
market I was like you know what no more of that no more losing fish all right
guys like I say that’s that’s my boat I
forgot to mention the after I get all these hatches in and get everything
completed on the inside I’ve got this stuff it’s a vinyl all the new boats are
new boats are coming out with it of course this is just a scrap piece that
I’ve got I’ve got a big brand new roll of this going in my boat luckily I live
in the aluminum boat capital of the world we have g3 tracker lows planned
out just a bunch of a bunch of aluminum boat companies here in town aluminum in
this boat stuff like that I can buy straight from the factory and really
helps but all right guys figured I’d throw that out there I’ll come back when
I get this thing completed and finished and let you guys check it out after I
get it done y’all take care till next time take care tight lines


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  • Reply ? FatBoy Dan's Great Outdoors ? February 15, 2018 at 11:55 am

    The boat has came a long way. Its looking better a lot better.

  • Reply Urban Fisherman February 15, 2018 at 1:15 pm

    That's a nice looking boat. Enjoyed the video !!!???

  • Reply JakeTheSnake February 15, 2018 at 1:42 pm

    Awesomeness video brother

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    Dang man ain't nothing wrong with that boat at all. Nice video!!! Good luck on the water!!

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    nice video 🙂

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    cool video and channel.. I have subbed.. if you like gaming please come sub my channel.

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    Yes sir, this will definitely work for sure. You did a great job so far

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    I never judge a man by the size of his boat, Ive been spanked many times by a guy who drive a boat just like yours. Nicely done.

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    The boat is just a platform to get you to where you want to go and it doesn't need to be fancy and drive 70 mph. I like it and I'm subbin!

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    Man you did a lot of work to that boat. I think it's turning out great.

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    My oldest son works at the Tracker Plant.

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    You didn't even finish the boat and I'm already impressed by it!!
    Great job keep it going ?
    Always the greatest things starts simple!
    I wouldn't be suprised if u create a whole yacht lol !
    Great job on your boat man ??

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    Nice boat! Man those fishing poles for sure will not miss a bite. Pretty cool 🙂 good luck

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    That is a really nice boat when you get done doing what you need to do with it …..it's really really really going to be really nice………..JJ …

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    I have the same boat in 14 ft and cut out my center bench seat

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    Done some good work with the boat. I love that light. I am working on devising something like that for my 2019 skeeter for when I fish at night. I do not want a perm fixture but rather something that can be put up when needed. Kind of not wanting to drill holes in a brand new boat. You have done good with this one though! Great job.

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