Wall Street Warriors | Episode 3 Season 1 “From Robes to Riches” [HD]
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Wall Street Warriors | Episode 3 Season 1 “From Robes to Riches” [HD]

September 2, 2019

there’s only one bottom line on Wall
Street and that bottom line is how much money you make whatever your background
was it’s can you make money can you contribute it profitable I like being a
foxhole all day long with your enemies I’ve seen many people who pulls the
blows over transaction greed is ugly make as much money as you can so that
you can get out of there before it turns you to the dark side. you want me to buy it on a straight plus
Victor is your boss they will navigate it’s a public offer it’s not me okay so
stop pulling my chain if you aren’t around who would I make one I need you
hey do you think it’s easy to bake worthiness but there is no weapon for
you huh what do you need 90 bid tent down told me thank you okay nice fella
you’re very funny guy I try my best I think Wall Street gets a bad name I
think people think that it’s a bunch of stuffed shirts with master’s degrees in
finance and MBAs from Wharton and Harvard and forget about it I mean there
are real people down here with real emotions in real passion war trade is
basically edited they usually have some kind of headpiece on like I do the ear
pieces just to communicate with my booth but I don’t know what what I’m doing or
what I should be though that’s the mind behind the puppet that’s the one that’s
pulling my strings basically those are mostly option booths right there all the
way at the top of the middle that’s an equity firm and then south balcony that
one is an equity and option firm it does bolt when they call me where my orders
they tell me what I’m getting comes through my handheld electronic device
that I have and run around executing orders sometimes I have to leave them
with the specialist to watch it for me because I have so many that I have to go
let me see a can I check it again please FDA is there
much doubt about I got another two thousand by an all 1551 apex thank you
sir about the party on most people don’t understand what I do most people don’t
understand what the hedge fund is I mean when I lived down in Florida I said I
run a hedge fund they thought I was in landscaping
you know that’s not even a joke traders we’re trying to figure out the future I
mean this is the last undiscovered mystery on earth
traders are no better than a hundred years ago you know I mean we’re still
guessing where the market is going to be yeah we have technical analysis we have
all these tools to try and figure out what’s going on but we don’t know it’s
the great race to try and figure out the unknown that’s what it’s about
today my mom is coming over in a little bit to say hello and clean and replenish
my water supplies she’s kind of my personal slave man Anthony come on speak
to me how are you good I come here once every two or three weeks to clean his
room in to do his bathroom and it gives me a chance to see him he’s still my
baby and helping my only child there yeah so I just come in i just feel
needed I do my mom II think see I make Timmy’s bed in it at home my husband
makes our bed and I have my own cleaning lady but um some heart another I became
Timmy’s cleaning lady she cleans the apartment she brings me food water does
my laundry my other roommate cooks for me my mom’s not that good of a cook well
today it took me two and a half hours to get here some of my friends laugh at me
they can’t believe that I go through this but I enjoy him you know I didn’t
really care what my friends think and I feel good that he has a clean bed in a
clean bathroom I don’t have to worry about him
for few weeks because mother’s always worried about their son oh goody
all right that explains well that’s interesting I didn’t have any clue that
so look what we do is analyze companies that sounds pretty bad do those guys
where public valuation is inefficient you can go in there and find an
opportunity to sell something that’s overvalued or buy something that’s
undervalued or ru is one it was the evaluation of any company it is best
when it reflects the truth if all you have is the company implying that things
are great and things are growing if stock is going to have a much higher
valuation without like a company they said that they got the short sellers
they’re a reality check sometimes to almost an exclusively bullish
presentation by whether it be the companies themselves or the fee hungry
Wall Street analysts that promote them so it’s good to have some balance to
that one of the companies we are following is a very expensive designer
Jean manufacturer $250 jeans why anybody buys guys I don’t know but they do if
people do buy me so this company we think has an inventory problem but
they’re not acknowledging it to anybody these jeans a couple years ago were the
hot jeans and so they gave specific stores exclusive right to sell the jeans
in a certain area so we’re going to go up to the Bronx we’re going to go to a
kind of a retail alley and the reason for that is one of the ways to check
whether their overstock is to look and see if some of the B and C stores are
showing up with product the other person that we want out there
you know the difference between a good product and a bad product and you’re
going to bring them in and get them right where you want them to be that’s
your strength and some of the guys that you’ve shown in so far have an
incredible potential we want to guide that young aggressive hungry smart and
that hasn’t lived through some of the market cycles that people over 30 of
lead group why do you think that’s important because they don’t have any
prejudices we’d like to talk to anybody that feels they have a distinct edge in
any kind of a market whatever they base it on whether they base it on migratory
routes of elephants that a legendary trader who’s attracted legendary
investors developed a program on it say that again what did he do he developed
the trading program based on migratory routes of elephants and Africa what does
that have to do with anything there believe it or not there’s a
pattern behind how they do what they do and where they go and he found stocks
that tend to follow that pattern that’s either side that the elephant goes too
far to the right and it needs to come back to the left he’ll buy or sell a
stock based on their back absolutely it’s true it’s incredible our kidding
what it is is markets trend if you could identify that trend and stay with that
trend until that trend changes you can make an awful lot of money Timoteo right what the hell are these
handcuffs doing here and show up I’m losing money I won them at Dave &
Buster’s go away huh leave me alone
down five grand okay with the RS ard on top at ners with the midwest there’s all
different language that’s spoken on a trading floor and everyone knows the
language hey ami what there’s no lie to me fuck small a 91 what do you need to
do 2500 Cheers I’m a buyer 90,000 and grand I know it then maybe wine is thick
offered at one there are correct ways to bid for a stock this correct ways to
offer or sell a stock and if you don’t do it the right way
persons not going to know what you’re talking about cats out at 90 all right
I’ll buy stock away at 90 good and I’ll say 91 for 7000 sold do I take three
thousand ninety is 80s huh daddy what’s thought to be Ted I smell
up so it was old xxx time you said it my guy still funny yeah you could drop
him thank you the gecko the blue shirt with a white
collar as popularized by Michael Douglas’s character Gordon Gecko in the
movie Wall Street they go in and out of style but everybody’s got one in the
back of their closet as in hey man you’re going to wear your gecko we want
you to be out there get in sync with the investment community of you are you want
to get that rid that you’re nailing that rhythm and you’re going to bring us some
of the biggest investors and some of the biggest managers on the planet because
they’re attracted to you naturally and after the initial attraction you have
the follow-through so it just gets done everybody’s going to listen to you so
it’s your platform and you can do anything that you want to do and and the
good thing about you is you don’t take advantage of it you don’t know it it’s a
good thing I mean that’s a great thing that’s a gift forgetting about business
your biggest challenge is going to be to fend off the wedding proposal Wall Street is paying a high valuation
or the stock because it believes that this is a great company that’s not just
hit it big in last year’s denim craze but it’s going to have a long growth
story if in fact they do out of an Indian toy problem and they’re going to
struggle to meet sales and earnings expectations in the future so there’s
money to be made in covering the short buy low sell high but just in Reverse or right there let go end up genes of the
make that we’re looking at front and center right in the window so I’m going
to check another store yeah they got them these guys are moving
product through channels that they initially didn’t intend to the only
conclusion I can come up with is because they have excess product and they’re
fine to get it out the door so they can look at its revenue recent earnings this
is supposed to be an exclusive highly demanded playing dead has cachet they
musta had several hundred genes in that and that’s just what’s on display genes
and fashion are fads and so the market shouldn’t pay massive multiples for
today’s hit machine company this is just a little piece of the puzzle that says
this the world is flooded with these $300 jeans and we just saw you know one
example of that well I work out of my apartment because I’m a cheap Jew I can
say that I am Jewish people say get in office and we’ll give you money and I
said no give me money then I’ll get in office make it worth my while I mean
this is the tax deduction Jimmy never ceases to amaze me okay and he’s always
been like this I think he received about twelve or thirteen thousand from his
four mistress I don’t remember the exact amount but I know we turned it into nine
hundred thousand maybe a million I have complete confidence in him not just
because I’m his mother and I’m not just saying that cuz I’m his mother
I’m not just saying that cuz I’m his mother I don’t think you’ll ever lose
money I believe you know they call ever lose money well you’re gonna lose money
but you’re all also I mean everyone loses money at some point in their life
but you’re never going off gaining this just gives your my mother you hit me
even hear me on camera in black my childhood all right I was an abusive
mother I’m glad you can finally admit it you abused child let’s laugh about it
can see the scars are buried in my heart good it’s got a great sense of humor
okay yeah he’s always made people laugh but Timmy’s highly intelligent I feel
very grateful that at a young age he found what he wanted to do he has his
identity you know he knows what he is doing and he loves what he does okay
Timmy I’m leaving all right one stack one in the middle betrayed okay what a
sweet oblivious her overdue today I’m going to meet with a hedge fund manager
who was recommended to me by a friend his name is Kevin tasty and she runs a
hedge fund that focuses primarily on value investments he has had a great
track record but is still relatively small and he would like to grow can you
tell me a little bit more about your background in the summer of o2 is when I
quit the job oh is that about stocks were cheap enough and start a hedge fund
attic mortgage the apartment there were a thousand stocks trading at ten P or
less and it was like first time in two decades that they were that cheap and
then you yourself took on a lot of risk to become an entrepreneur and start this
venture yes mm-hmm and how much of your own money do
you have invested in your fund basically like ninety percent of my liquid network
that’s very sort of a convincing argument for investors every summer we usually try to hire a
few mostly it’s college level interns on people that have majored in finance are
looking to get a little experience tied to the resume Daniels the son of one of
our senior trade attorney has to be can come in and get a flavor of what goes on
here what daddy does for a living and you know he’s been a good asset the hard
worker learned a lot I think in the last few weeks too so we’ll abused them for
the rest of summer I’m learning from a girl over there my name is Polly she
teaches me all the all the tricks and trades of how to work to the book I
think I’m the only female in the post and like everyone’s mother she’s amazing
so I work out what I do is back here there are a bunch of files and papers
and cut that they spit out through their computers and they come after here and
we have two files ripping them off but they come out like all results in rapid
fire usually in the morning in the late afternoon right about now they usually
start coming out rapidly mr. Nunn here shows me how to out of the
these charts here and keep them out of Baltimore yet IV need to I think it mmm
there’s a Carter not as hard as you cook Howard is my work partner now yeah stop
200 else I mean if there’s gold rush there’s not really alive gold
you still make a lot of money selling shovels tonight we’re going to the pole
in the bear on the waldorf-astoria and we’re going to meet up with it with some
of my Wall Street friends and we’re going to talk trading and some talk Wall
Street and talk financing and have a good time
most of my friends my age they’re not an independent situation like me one trades
options another one assist and trading
currencies another one works for real estate hedge funds is just all sorts of
our Wall Street type people is 24 years old they hire young kids because we
achieve them work harder than everybody else
it has to I don’t have a wife and kids to go home to at 6 o’clock at night I
guess I can stay in the office and work if I have to run a few jobs we have to
stay up to date on things or the lecture out of the game and it’s also
competitive that’s another thing that’s what I like about it to that point I
like Wall Street because you can be against the grain and rebellious and
make a lot of money if you do different things and other people did your
adrenaline gets flowing you know in the morning and doesn’t stop until the
market closes and you look forward to going to work in the morning I’m like
right exactly I mean you’re looking for you’re like you’re like today I’m gonna
go to work I’m gonna make fun of money I found that a bit when I know that maybe
there’s a 20 million dollar loan clothing that I originated and I can’t
complain life is good definitely good you know what the bad days are better
than the good days the good days you’re worried about losing what you just made
the bad days you’re like my stock got cheaper
well you you also because a little bit of emotion over time you know $50,000 up
there used to take three laps around the campus naked you know I’d be pumped up
now for $2000 it’s a good day but it’s all right great a it’s not your years
today not only for $50,000 down it is bad but it’s not a deal breaker fight
$1,000,000 up day or $1,000,000 down day then talk to me that these stocks that may have some momentum
to make a judgment call where they seem to be going to at the end of the day auditor services broke refers provides
that a machine does not this information that’s why some people prefer to use a
program on they get they get a feel for the marketplace what’s going on
we pointed to this morning we were split up to over to buy it on our straight
plus six is if they don’t have the people getting wool then I don’t know
Rena would be a lot of geniuses in the book what what would they like me to do
have my there’s a transaction that takes place we don’t whip a contract out of
our pocket inside we don’t shake hands even it’s done on a verbal agreement
last eighteen I can’t buy it on a straight plus sorry I don’t look I don’t
look next this is my job have enough here that
your job is to stand here and find out a way for us to buy you lunch every day
that’s a job in the middle of executing what all friendly they’re all make to
each other I just they just bust each other’s top ask me what they would like me to do
hose the night nail for them yes it’s a 100 shares I have not ordered my
branded coop I’m showing Stockmann demands liquidity their work that’s my
job you got upset when there was a 1 lakh there now you get upset with this
5,000 shares they’re back to me exactly why I don’t care the questions go back
to me and tell me what it is you want me to do ask the brain trust in the booth
get a real deal around here okay all right well in the meantime you’ve done
nothing it’s ed of the impasse in the meantime you’ve done nothing I have two
brain trusts in the booth what they wanted to do take me out of 20 I don’t
think I did you work on Wall Street it comes down to what you’re all about
I would absolutely recommend it if you’re the right personality tonight
nice job of it three days from now I have a meeting with the funder funds I
met with them six months ago never heard anything bad for them thought I did
horribly he called me up the other day saying we’re still following you we love
your strategy we love your fund we’re thinking about giving you two and a half
to 3 million come in on Monday talk to us let us know how’s it going
out of the blue so all my work you know you don’t think it’s paying off you
don’t think anyone’s paying attention out of the blue someone comes in if you
double besides your fun doesn’t it feel like a lot of times as soon as you’re
about to to give up you make money or where you have a good opportunity by
hooking up with girls when you’re not looking for it it just happen there’s a
common statement known as few money where the except you can say you know I
leave you I can walk in my boss mr. John is on his desk you know what it doesn’t
matter because I have enough money whoever I want to do where do you guys
I’d find that the problem is is like you know when it could be a 10 million but
like a and then then you’re hanging on people who have 10 million and then they
have said they have jets and they’re like really I can’t afford a jet with 10
million 100 million you know if you’re a loser and you only have 200 million
dollars it’s as good as a cool guy with two million every dollar penny it
doesn’t pay a few millions it’s kind of what you spending on 25 million hundred
million I say a hundred million right well a few money around 20 million
two hundred three months fu money my opinion say you have 10 million dollars
you invest in 5% Treasuries you’re bringing in five hundred thousand
dollars a year that’s enough to send your kid to college buy braces that you
go on my vacation you buy oh you got a summer house I think that’s your money
because I mean everyone that’s great yeah awesome and you can you can Emprise
oh all right we can revive a jeopardy but you can live the ultimate middle
class upper middle class lifestyle everybody dreams a few money is money
that you don’t have to read or write it’s not akin to really million dollars
no but you can’t wait twenty thousand on some stripper that you modeler down on
can usually do a lot of stuff for upper-middle class five hundred thousand
but he will have upper-middle not upper amen
you had you too sexy taste that’s good have fun with her you’re into I agree
that’s good you having fun with your daughters before you 500 tell you what
do you what do we do around here I guess became that much then whatever Gutierrez
it didn’t even water goes in or zone you can do every watch it you can do
whatever you want now whatever we want I already will say I quit this I’ll be a
teacher at 40 years old I’ll have my boat in Florida and I can say X you
because I have any money we’ll have fun in your middle-class
Florida trailer home I like the Bahamas better that’s why he’ll go to any store
water any car dealership I want and do whatever I want you know buy whatever I
want anytime anytime there today some single mother comes up to me and she’s
waiting this table and I’m just gonna Donna getting some spicy – 102 dollars
at her candy drawer shop go to college Oh to be able to say hey here’s 20 grand
send your kid to college you know I think that’s what it is
honestly that’s how I feel that’s true beautiful certification see
all myself on the top of the bottle hands-on research pretty powering three
points nobody can boast with you you


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