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September 23, 2019

Whether you no longer have children at home or have that phase of life in your future, allowing leisure to help define your lifestyle
is a luxury without guilt to start indulging now. You already know togetherness forms the core
of what makes life meaningful. Boating adventures can take you to amazing places. And convenience, fulfillment, and satisfaction
fuel those feelings. Family outings that create lasting memories. Learning new special skills with one another —
more inspiring than the internet. Creating a reason to come home for visits. It’s not just that water sports selfies look the best. They really do reflect the finest of times. Seriously? Yes! We are believers in human propulsion. We are riders of bicycles. Climbers of mountains. But above all, paddlers of boats. And rowers of boats, and even pedalers of boats. United States Power Squadrons. We are… America’s Boating Club. Of all human propelled sports, we know family on-the-water activities are best. Pleasure craft stimulate our senses. Beyond the mere acts of kayaking, canoeing, and paddle boarding, the boating lifestyle defines us. It takes us way past individual experiences to what we can only accomplish together now and into the future. And our membership in United States Power Squadrons delivers fun. By car top and trailer. Launch ramp and dock. At picnics and parties. During raft-ups and rendezvous. Racing. Patrolling. Competing. Relaxing. Stretching us beyond our comfort zones. To give us priceless memories to cherish forever. For us the squadron is our boating fun delivery system. With so many on-the-water and social activities
to choose from. Learning how to boat better as a family in a club. At an incredibly affordable low cost. With a focus on what we need to know now and next
and not maybe someday. Recognizing that we all have incredibly busy schedules. With no time to waste on what we don’t need. Wanting to be better boaters
and giving us hope for the kids. Not that they think of themselves as boaters first,
but that they know how to enjoy boating safely. And that the squadron their parents joined offers action and adventure, happiness, and fun. And does good works for causes we can all embrace. Well maybe someday, they’ll learn what we know. And they’ll join, too. America’s Boating Club. United States Power Squadrons.

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