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August 22, 2019

see what are you waiting for let’s go
inside let’s do it is it unlocked oh it’s a long whoa check this thing out
oh this thing really squishes down all my goodness
whoa Carter check this thing out but Carter the real question is what is this
this is a red button uh uh what that’s like I’m a mystery red button yeah what
does this mean I don’t think I can live with myself if I don’t push this button
today I gotta find out what its gonna do okay this is the button should I push it
okay sure smash it like but at the same time I push this button in three what is
going on Cher’s we are back at Shawn’s Autobahn design car dealership and we
are in search of the most epic truck we have ever seen oh yeah
major shout-out to my hands whoa for sending me these awesome box of cookies
party want some snacks oh yeah what’s upstairs
Stephen yeah you know I love snacks that I love my aunt Ann’s cookies they are
the best oh yeah oh yeah you gotta make sure you share the cookie oh my gosh
look at this truck order oh this thing is big like a big the wheel is oh my gosh you can see so much from up
here this thing is massive look how big this thing is yeah this wheel is huge
up to my hip whoa Steve I think the hood is like taller than your a head – oh my
gosh you can see so much just from standing right here oh oh I’m just
looking at this thing from the front even has two wheels in the back oh it’s
got dually Steve this is like my xmax this is crazy this is like a semi-truck
there is easier Dooley’s on a real truck I also put Dooley’s on my xmax and then
drove it on water this thing is absolutely huge like my
head just barely goes over the hood and I’m 6 feet tall I wonder what other kind
of trucks he has here Oh Carter check it out we got a Hummer
oh yeah last night we were here Sean gave us the keys to a yellow spongebob
Hummer he’s gonna give us the keys to today
let’s go inside let’s go let’s go yeah let’s go inside and try to find the
coolest car he’s got here and see if we can get the keys and go for a test drive
these cookies are so good thanks so much nn for what do you think’s inside what
do you think I would say there’s probably at least one Lambo and one
Ferrari in there this place it’s got the coolest cars oh wow there’s something
really cool in here well there’s the Lambo I told you about whoa we got the
white Lambo back the yellow way I’ve even got a yellow Ferrari oh I was right
here that’s at least what Lambo and one Ferrari and there are actually two
Lambos a white one a yellow one in a Ferrari you got a comment which one do
you like better the yellow one or the white one or the yellow Ferrari so
that’s three to choose from yellow one my cool is three supercars to choose
probably got the yellow Ferrari the yellow Lambo with the black stripes and
then the white Lambo it’s hard to say which one’s the best I don’t know I’ll
give you guys a quick look this is a Ferrari 355 it’s convertible it’s really
cool look that’s cool so in the summer you can take the top down that’s awesome yeah it’s got racing stripes that makes
it go a little bit faster and then over here we’ve got the white Lambo this one
is nice this one’s really fresh and then inside we have black and red interior
check this out that’s pretty cool wow that is really nice and there he’s got
some red stitching on the black leather seats this is really cool and you can
see the engine right back here yeah that’s got to be the best part as you
can see the engine that’s amazing say leave it off this is
actually the same engine that’s in the cherry Guinea but we just can’t see it
in ours or look at that engine that is awesome Lamborghini oh and check this
out oh this is awesome yeah this is so cool look at this
because that’s actually really sharp whoa wow that’s actually so sure oh my
gosh whoa Steven is this thing even a truck I don’t even know what you call
this thing this is insane I don’t know but we got this switch check this out
share is here we go let’s turn this thing on in three two one whoa check this thing out what is this
thing I don’t even know what you call it look at this it’s got white tires with
red rims yeah this thing is an awesome on the turntable careful this is like
compared to the other truck this is way shorter yeah you can probably drive this
one underneath the other truck that’s how little yeah and then look at this
the door locks have like a skull on it what what is going on inside here whoa
look at it it’s got like a ready ject button whoa this is crazy and then look
at this this is like metal it’s like metal oh wow this is crazy I’m hopping
off this turntable whoo Oh a I said Chevrolet on the back of it what is this
car shares if you know what kind of car this is common right now this is crazy
oh is that the where the exhaust comes out whoa this thing is probably so loud
yeah wonder resuce ever even give it a test drive
oh yeah we got it was the headlights go did a skull on this thing there’s no
where’s the headlights you probably can’t even see it when it drives on the
road this is crazy see what are you waiting for the go inside let’s see what
it is it unlocked oh it’s on long whoa check this thing out
well it’s like rustic and like wow this think there’s one speaker two speakers
using their heels in a mere whatever gear there whoa look at this thing oh this thing really squishes down all my
goodness whoa Carter check this thing out well
look at the steering wheel Steve oh my gosh wow this is so crazy what about
another skull oh another skull this is whoa oh there’s two more bears
everywhere shares how many skulls you think are on this car coming right now
look at the Grim Reaper like slash your type thing but Carter the real question
is what is this this is our red button uh uh what that’s a mystery red button
yeah what does this mean I feel like it might make the passenger seat like eject
out of the roof yeah I don’t know I’m not gonna touch that I am too scared to
touch that button we got to find out what that button does though oh look at that
it’s another skull plus one whoa Steve well I think this is your car why
because it says SS Steven share yeah for Steven sure okay this truck is so cool
car it’s gonna be so awesome we got to see pan get the keys from Sean yeah I
bet driving this truck is going to be absolutely awesome it’s so low it’s so
crazy and I’m probably so well I bet we turned the single it’s going to be a
super level there’s no one way to find out let’s get the keys we’re gonna have
them started up inside because apparently it’s super loud I don’t want
to start in here ready I think the exhaust comes out this guide
right here okay so we’re gonna take the car out we’ve got to use the turntable
again turn it on there you go there it goes Cera’s we’re gonna get the key to this
truck we’re gonna take it out on the road and go exploring this is gonna be
crazy yeah we’re gonna go for a test drive in this haunted looking truck this
is gonna be awesome what if it’s actually haunted I don’t
know how many skulls to be count on it so far I think we’re at like five or six
right now like a skull on it let’s do the skull on this thing
Oh everywhere skull plus one so I don’t know it’s a pretty good chance that it
might be haunted yeah let’s start it up let’s get going secondly this thing is gonna be crazy oh my
goodness yeah that is crazy awesome this thing’s got a mind of its own yeah this
thing is creepy so they’ve had this car for sale ever since they’ve had this car
some creepy things that are happening in the car shop so I don’t know I’m getting
a little bit nervous about driving this car theme okay we got the keys where Ranger I this
that you don’t really think it’s classy car do you want to know what car can be
haunted but now that I think about it it is like one of the most scary cars I
have ever seen yeah you check this out but we found out where the headlights
are check this out oh yeah the headlights of this car
they’re like hidden so it’s kind of scary look at that they’re down in there
that’s crazy let’s do it the door squeaks every time okay see I’m coming in this is gonna be
awesome oh yeah oh there you go
this is so creepy just looking in here so you look at all these all this metal
and it is great that why is there so much metal oh whoa the ceiling is so low
in this car okay close the door oh I found another skull check it out is one
more right here okay Steve this car is totally crazy
I’ve never been in a car like this but the dashboard
what does that mean the sled the sled with fire on it I see you what does that
mean I have no idea how do I even dry this thing I don’t know what this does I
don’t know if I want to press this yeah I think that probably connects to this
or something I’m afraid if you push that button I’m gonna get launched out of the
seat like a James Bond okay so I think to drive it you got to
pull down the Grim Reaper what no way yeah I give it a good yank crazy pull
the Grim Reaper Oh what was that pull it more okay what oh my god I think we’re
moving we’re moving okay oh my goodness we’re moving your head is rubbing the
ceiling Wow whoa okay whoa oh I think so okay oh my
gosh car this time here it’s not even oh this is a scary car I don’t know what is
a Grim Reaper thing in here this is crazy sure isn’t
I gotta buckle up before we get out to the road and Rostov whoa this is insane
this truck is crazy is this your review Mir right here I
guess but I don’t know what it points to oh gosh she was long kinds of noises
careful we gotta go slow on the speed bumps yeah look it over here Steve
there’s two skulls one and two right there one hand up in the big one right
there I don’t even know what this will do yeah
why there’s so many schools at this car and I definitely do not know why is a
grim reaper thing here and i don’t know what that button is either or this maybe
this is a fire extinguisher I don’t know and the other crazy thing is that our
heads are touching the ceiling all right we made it have a parking lot if there’s
that giant truck see there’s the big ol we saw at the beginning of the vlog and
now we’re in one that’s really small and like really creepy it oh my god see what’s going on with that game I
don’t know this cars getting really bumpy though something’s happening whoa
whoa Oh siga so to get me kind of scoot down
a little bit – well that didn’t sound good I’m gonna turn down this road you
can check it out oh that sounded bad throw the elbow up
and scoot down share it’s a lot creepier than I thought
oh yeah check that we’ve got awesome quarter ready take the picture yeah this
car is gonna call so this would be a great thumbnail three two one
yeah there it is whoa Steve what is that what is that oh my gosh what is that in
the photo Steve’s quarter quick let’s get out of
here come on let’s go Steve I don’t know what that is there’s something I don’t
know okay this quarry is getting creepy look at this we have like no fuel left
it’s below e-card we gotta get back yeah this gauge is wailing this is our to get
creepy in the Sun is setting and I haven’t feel like that it has something
to do with it yeah pull the dream Reaper let’s get out of here Steve
ready oh oh I think this is the Grim Reaper’s car Steve I think the Grim
Reaper drives this car sure if you don’t know who the Grim Reaper is then you’re
really lucky because this guy is really scary maybe that’s why there’s so many
skulls on this car Steve yeah I don’t know what is going on
Steve is just another red button right here oh my gosh what’s that other red
button there’s a button there and there’s a button here yeah sure as
colleagues you know what that buttons gonna do if I press I’m scared
oppressive but if it’s like a heart attack button I have no idea I’m not
pressing that car you’re gonna press it should I push it
so I think I might push it should we try it
I think we should try and see what it does if I don’t think I can live with
myself if I don’t push this button today I gotta find out what its gonna do
prison okay so this is the button should I push it
scared okay sure smash that like button the
same time I push this button in three what was that the light came on soon I’m
not sure what the button does Steve but the light turns on I’m thinking maybe we
had to hold the button down for a little bit longer so it’s trying one more time
I mean with this fire extinguisher thing yeah okay ready I’m gonna try holding it
down a little bit longer in three two one the lights on Oh leave what love that what just
happened I don’t know we got to get out of here yeah let’s get this go whoa okay
I’m not pushing that button to get yours I don’t know one of us people’s get out
of here to make it back I don’t want to run out of gas at this point let’s go gotta get the car back before the Sun
sets I have a feeling things are gonna go really really bad just when it
doesn’t like we’ll do a 3 a.m. challenge in this car whew I’m scared a lot if I
decide ok we are back let’s get this car back to auto by design Steve whoo yeah
let’s get out of here oh my gosh come on see what we get acclimated crank the
door all the way up which way twist it no one more the other way the other way
stay which one okay well I’m not waiting around I’m getting out of this thing
this thing is crazy Steve come on get out of there what are
you doing okay I’m out whoa that car is haunted you think this car is haunted
yeah yeah Oh Steve how’s that car rolling all by
itself quarter I’m getting out here okay that car’s got a mind of its own I think
it really is haunted let’s get out of here if we should do three I’m
challenged I don’t just get smash the like button this is gonna be crazy I
don’t want to do it it’s gonna be scary


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