We Stole FaZe Rug’s Car, is He the Game Master? (Hidden Quadrant Tracking Device Found Lie Detector)
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We Stole FaZe Rug’s Car, is He the Game Master? (Hidden Quadrant Tracking Device Found Lie Detector)

September 1, 2019

– Welcome back to the
Matt and Rebecca channel. We are packing right now because we just attended a secret
meeting at 3:00 a.m. between the RZ twin and the Quadrant, and we think that we uncovered that the next target that they’re going after is another big YouTuber, which we now know is in San Diego. I’m in the control room right now because I forgot a ninja spy gadget, which I think is gonna be
crucial for tomorrow’s mission. Okay, so we have our
spy camera all set up, an alarm system here, more spy gadgets. Okay, it’s not what I need though. These are the blueprints, but where’s… Ah, there it is. Okay. Alright, so I have this
spy listening device. We need to get back home and pack up and make sure that we are
all set before we leave down to San Diego at 3:00 a.m. Rebecca, you ready? – I need like, three more minutes and then I’ll be ready to go. Alright, so we just woke
up. We’re a few minutes away from the location of the
coordinates right now but we’re at the hotel,
just kinda getting ready. – I am so tired after driving at 3:00 a.m. over night, I’m just
glad we found a hotel. It had two beds but that’s
fine because we have dogs and they got their own bed tonight. – That’s right. So they’re gonna stay back at the hotel while we go and try to figure out exactly what is going on. What do you think this is? – You guys, comment
below who you think the YouTuber is that the
quadrant is targeting next. We definitely have to warn them today. Okay not, but I think
we need to be spy ninjas and we cannot be spy ninjas in pink. We need to change into like, black. – Black. All black. Super stealthy. – Yeah exactly
– Okay. – Okay, lets change. – Alright, and we are changed now into our all black attire right here. This feels pretty good. – We’re ready to be ninjas. – Rebecca, what are you wearing? – Wearing black. – No, What is that? – My Zamfam merch. – They’re gonna definitely know it’s you. It says your name on it. – So, I guess I can’t
wear the beanie either? – Rebecca. Do you have a black sweatshirt? – I might, oh, but I want to wear this. You guys, get your Zamfam
merch, link in bio. – You need to change that, okay? So three, two, one. – Dang, it’s not as cool
as the Zamfam merch, but I’m ready to be a ninja. – That’s much better, look at… I got one tracker for you. – Right now, we are heading
over to the location. I don’t know any YouTubers that live in San Diego. Do you guy’s know? And we also have that
clue, that the next phase, ‘The carpet’. Phase was
underlined, carpet was underlined. So, maybe we have to go and look under a carpet at the house. – Oh, okay that actually makes sense. – Yeah, you guys. Let us
know if you think that’s the clue and let us know
if you see any carpets that look suspicious. Like, maybe there’s a hidden room or something
underneath the carpet. – Give a thumbs up right
now, if you think that this is a good idea that we’re doing this. I feel like we need to. Like, we need to figure out exactly what’s
going on right now. – Well, and if it’s a YouTuber, we need to help them and let them know. – Exactly. – But this place looks pretty nice, right? – I think we need to park
a little bit far away. – Just in case? – So that they don’t
know that we’re coming. Got to pull over right up here, okay? – Okay. And then we just, are we gonna just walk the rest of the way? – We have to. Okay. Got all the spy gear right here. – Alright you guys, wish us luck. We don’t really know what to expect but we’re definitely gonna explore around wherever we are at to see if there’s any hidden clues or messages. – We still don’t know why we’re here. – Wait, what if the game master’s here? – Okay, I think this is the spot. – This is the house. – I think, it’s a house. Can you see anything? – No. I haven’t seen anyone. We can’t go in the driveway though. – Hold on. Come, come,
come, come, come, come. We can test it. We can test it. Get down. Get down. – I mean nope, the blinds are open but I don’t see anyone in that room. – Okay. What do they, can
you hear what they’re saying? – I only see one person right now. The blinds are shut on that one. – Mhm. – I think we need to get closer. – Stay down, stay down. – You guys, comment below if you’ve seen that house before.
I’ve never seen it, Matt. Look. – It’s a little bit of an opening. Here, there’s a little scuff. Go, go. – Matt, you got down so fast. – I know. In the spot right here. Do a gymnastics move. Come. – Spun in, whoa. – Hold on. – Okay, there’s a gate over there. – Oh, okay. We’re going in the back yard? – We should always go
in the back yard first. – Okay. Oh, it’s open.
– It’s open. – It’s open. – So, this could be probably two things. It could either be a
quadrant house, right? And they have a YouTuber’s car inside and we need to debunk it or this is the YouTuber’s actual house. Either way, we need to get to the car, right? Which is in the garage. The garage to his channel. – Even if we just try
to get into the house. – Yeah, on the other side I saw the garage so you can probably go
through this back yard. – Okay. Who’s place is this? – I don’t know. – Hey babe. Rebecca. Look it’s slime. – You’re right. Look at the view. – It’s so nice. – Look. – Whoa. – It’s a golf course. – What? – It’s so pretty here. If this is a YouTuber’s house,
this is an awesome house. – Yeah. – So the garage was over there, that’s hopefully where
the side door is. Matt. – No way. – This is a giant pool. – What? Look at all these, like, things. – Boaties for different challenges. – That’s like giant Legos. – Matt. Do you remember the last distinct challenge that
we did with the Sharer’s? – It looks like they
mighta done the same thing. – This look’s so similar
– Look at There’s one right here,
there’s one over there and there’s another one behind you. – You guys, I think this
might be a YouTuber’s house. – Lets see if we can find any clues to figure out who it is. – We have to warn them. This is a giant back
yard, this is so cool. I want this back yard. Matt, look. Look at the pool. – Wow. – Zamfams, if you recognize this house, comment below who’s it is. I feel like I’ve seen it before but I’ve never been here. – Uh-uh, but it’s very nice. What’s that? – Is this a doll house?
What do you think’s inside? – Shall we go in? – Oh. – What is it? – It’s not a doll house.
It’s just like, a shed. – It’s empty. – Wow. – You could do like,
24-hours inside of this. – This would be a cool place to do a 24-hour challenge.
What if the YouTuber that lives here did a 24-hour challenge here? The garage should be over there, do you see anyone inside? – I don’t see anybody. – Look. – Some skateboards? Careful, beck. No, no. Don’t, don’t. – I’m not even gonna try it. – You look like you’re gonna try it. – This YouTuber must skateboard. – Do you think it’s Carter
Sharer? I don’t think it’s – Carter lives in Los Angeles. – Yeah, I don’t think
he’s here in San Diego. – Oh, Beck. That’s
probably the garage door. Is it open? Is it open? – It’s locked. – Locked. – That means that we
either have to get the garage to open or sneak through the front door to get to the garage. – Probably sneak through the front door. – Now, obviously we
don’t want to break into someone’s house but we
definitely have to debug what’s ever inside and warn them. – Yes, this is a YouTuber.
We need to protect them. – Exactly. – See if we can go around the front. – You don’t wanna scare
them and tell them that the quadrant is after them and their next. – I think we’re pretty
close to figuring out who this is, let us know in
the comment section down below if you figure
out any of these clues. We have slime in the
backyard. We have different pool toys, it look’s like, for challenges. Also maybe like a 24-hour challenge. Like, who is this? I think the clue said something about the next
phase for the YouTuber target is under the
carpet. Maybe we have to go under the carpet inside the house. – So maybe there’s a clue inside there. They might not even have
any idea that it’s there. – Okay, go check it out. – Look, a door. – Another door. – Definitely locked. – It’s locked. But can we do this? – Let me see if I hear
anything. Okay, hold on. I don’t hear anyone. – Do you think it’s open? – I don’t know, you guys. Comment below if you think it’s unlocked or locked. Are you ready? I’m gonna try it. – Okay. – Three, Two, One.
– Two, one. No way. – Come on. Shh. – I am. – Okay. – Come in. – Just watch your back.
– The boxes. – Wow. It’s so nice. – There’s sound. There’s someone there. oh hey dude. – Shh, Come on. – Legos. – Giant Legos, you guys. Carpet, remember the next
– Yes, under the carpet. – Under the carpet? – This is probably it. – You guys, the passage. – Careful. Careful. – Comment – Comment below if you think
there’s gonna be a clue. – Yeah. – What if it’s like, a safe or something. – See what we can see. – No, I don’t see anything. I thought there’d be like, a hidden safe. – I hear somebody in the kitchen. – Shall we go and check? – Okay, let’s go check the kitchen. Someone’s in the kitchen. – Okay. Look here. There’s a mystery box. – There’s a box? That
looks like the box we got up on our roof, do you remember? – It’s pretty close to the same size. Okay, I’m passing by. – Can you make it over? – I’ll try to. – She’s in all black. – Just like us. – What if she’s one of the
members of the quadrant? You guys, comment below if
you recognize who she is. – Hey, beck. Let’s get to the garage. – This is the garage but we need to get into the garage quickly. – Okay. – Three, two… – Hurry up. – Come on, come on, come on, come on. – Which way has he gone? That simple. – The quadrant master. – The quadrant master. – Wait, hey. – Listening to this,
it’s a quadrant house. We need to go. – Yeah. Go, go, go, go. Crouch, Crouch, Crouch, Crouch. Go, go. Can see him. Come, come. – Okay, we need to call Daniel now. – Look, the garage is open. – You think that’s his car? Okay, this must be where
the device is, okay? – Look, look. Lamborghini. Okay. – So, SUV? – So, there’s a device. – Okay, it’s called Enya. – What if the quadrant took this from the YouTuber and
they’re storing it here? This is a quadrant house. – Oh my gosh. Okay. – So, everyone comment below
where you think this device is. Hey Daniel, we’re here
at the location, look. – that’s their car. – It’s their Lamborghini but
they’re inside right now. We think this might be a quadrant house. – Okay, put your cell phone up to the window of the car. I’m gonna try to use your phone to debug the device. – Okay. Just put it there? Okay. Now what? – Now you should be able to remove the device from underneath the car. – Okay. Where is it? – It’s under the car. – Under the car? Matt,
do you wanna go under? – Yep. – Alter, we’re gonna go
under and try to find it and we will keep you updated, okay? – Okay. Stay safe. – Is it under there? – What is it? Is it a tracking device? – I’ve got it. I got it. – Okay, let’s upgrade the
tracking device right now. – That means, whatever
YouTuber owns this car, we just saved them from
the quadrant tracking them. – This is awesome. But they’re here.
– We did it. – The quadrant is here right now. – Hey, what are you
guys doing to my car? ` – FaZe Rug? – He’s part of the quadrant?


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