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Which fishing sinker? – Kids Fishing

August 14, 2019

Welcome to kids Fishing. Hi there and welcome to this episode of Kids Fishing where I make it easy
to teach your kids to fish. And today we going to be looking saltwater fishing sinkers selection. So we’ve got a range of saltwater sinkers and we’re going to take a look at why you choose different type of sinkers and what are the benefits using them. So lets now take a look at a whole range of fishing sinkers. So firstly we have the ball sinker range. Now these have been
around for as long as I can remember and you
can see in this case here, I think this is a 3-ounce, a two, a one and this I think might be a half. The great thing about ball sinkers is that they I really good for running
along your line so if you are wanting to maybe stray bait or something along those
lines you can use a ball sinker and you can obviously vary the weight of the sinker depending on A) how far you are going to cast B) the strength of the current or wind conditions and ideally you want to put as little
weight on your line as possible to get the achieved cast distance or get it down to the fish, so the littlest weight possible will give you the most sensitivity through your line to the fish so that
you can feel it biting. If you put a big heavy sinker on you’ve got more weight sitting there and less sensitivity so I try and use as smaller sinker a as possible so on maybe a really calm day just using the weight of a whole pilchard you could use a very small sinker
combined with the weight of the pilchard and actually just cast that out and the little weight there will help the pilchard drop down through
the water column. and key by fish awaiting so that Laursen karenge next we’ve got much schooler chairman sinker know it also been around
for a long time and that can be used in different
directions so normally you have school and this Lima be running out to the scene will be running out to the
Road the scene he runs it the hawk books and then you have her
wait moving along the line school stop making
change but reaction she is gonna billion
Smalling so you can change the direction all the
pyramid to give you some former traction potentially on the bottom and not have
hit IND strolled current environments we’ve
got before 56 knots all help more current you can
actually put who sings give the light person that
creates more a smoothed low across think is a monthly slide cleats to
actually move your sink a little their homes missiles sup so that’s the governments thank you Dean we have what’s called you snap wat bank sinker any season three outs in a 2-ounce and I use still quite a bit normie have these on the bottom of your break City
Utah a onto the bottom here and there run-up
he’ll and you wrote like house well the next so I’ll in school Bell broadcast norse will sink
at work on one else to helms by the good thing about post office in perspective text from
point skirts a campfire not on the squad easily it holds past Indian summer styles listening
pearls things sinker to the way etc past Mike but news us well Dean levy and style here which walrus me and speculates
assignments for pays busco when he’s on a and it’s
called school pile point and I understand it burns designed cast it more terrified place I don’t know if
it’s is on cast national fish popped out there I think 3 else sinker so that style you remove on to starve same here which is really 42 deep sea fishing all extreme current you i think is 14 ounces and bizarre ranges sizes these common purpose is a particularly
whose think it credit mating laying down you really or something like that no in environments we have a strong current if you use all sink more something round teen find it relationally move along for the all the see when current indignation feel if you cast yeah Clichy you law and
moving allotments because the synchronization problem awesome on six of us might be looking at
but it really depends on the harmed could use a sank like this because it
has a let placed months months more CV new string current but when you getting
to quite strong harms the you really need to use
something like this which is a Saint group think a as you
can see it’s called little points on and no idea said feeds yeah
I’m saying it gives you some former friction time points here and for I some really strong attachment to
the CPA stop your from moving along with the
current you can use what’s quorum reichheld seem to like
this more sputnik and the violent thesis obviously these problems and the sand you I greater Pauline with CB and the idea is that when you want political on these pieces
here actually put out come away me Holland lines I could be a combination
is building to retrieve rules with their in place I’m day stick and see so he’s a %ah particularly good of us by carns when you page fishing efficient children die going to
like TV using a smaller Center depending on the currently fishing and people more than
you fish and and all cider pushed a tongue as well loves you small fish you can be using
much smaller sinkers Johnson too many so this gives you an
introduction to the different types singles and you can see that these Rangers think is and you can use in a
different ways and somebody you know person type
sufficient others say you’ve got the soon ha current tossing his we’ve got a senior bottom decried you’ve got the all-purpose round single described for running a line through
babies fuel astray lining or using whole elections someone that we
can use them on the bottom you prefer that probably peter is a
running cent at again um you something like this is a running
sinker these are ideal opening on the bottom of
early July upon raid Simon days side with us loves very the way deep sea fishing very high carns or using way million or something else I
hope he films video on single-use and sing two stars
useful please leave a comment below if you’ve
got any questions or information like to know about
sinkers had to use them or you got some hints and tips your own
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makes kids fishing adventure thanks for watching another episode PHP
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    In this episode I talk about how to select the appropriate saltwater fishing sinker for the type of fishing that you are doing. This should help you choice the best type of sinkers to use when you are taking your child saltwater fishing.

    I look at the following types of sinker: Ball sinker, Pyramid sinker, Bell/Drop casting or swivel sinker, Snapper/Bank sinker, Breakout sinker, Sand Grip sinker, Winged sinker and Longline sinker.

    Kids Fishing is the channel dedicated to the fun, excitement and adventure of children’s fishing. Kids Fishing is a place for people to share their great kids fishing ideas and the joy of teaching kids to fish.

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  • Reply Basic_Fishing July 23, 2015 at 5:06 am

    great video lol of all the sinkers I like the most would be the BOS sinker due to my style of fishing which is surfcasting lol

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