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Why Atlantic Fish Co. Has The Best Clam Chowder In Boston | Legendary Eats

January 14, 2020

– That’s good stuff. – So Atlantic Fish
Company has been a staple at the Back Bay since the late ’70s. Fresh seafood, fresh oysters,
lots of clam chowder. – Well, I come here ’cause this feels really fresh and clean
even though it’s kind of that rich, heavy, creamy one. – [Danny] There’s
definitely a rich history when it comes to this soup. Originally in France, they
would make it basically as a base, and they would
add whatever shellfish or finfish into the soup
and call it a cauldron. Immigrants came to Nova Scotia, and the Nova Scotia Canadians came down to the New England area, and that’s where the
soup originated from. And since we have the
best clams in the world, it just makes this dish so much better. – Been doing this for
about 10 years now. That’s when we originally
came up with it. We haven’t changed it a bit since. – [Interviewer] Is there
anything in your clam chowder that makes it different
from all the other ones? – Um, probably this. This here. Most people use clam bases because this is very
labor-intensive process to poach the clams, reduce the broth, take the clam meat, and chop it up. You have to squeeze out the innards so your chowder stays nice and white. It’s a very labor-intensive thing. But when you have passion for
the chowder, it’s worth it. – [Joe] So our chowder
has won Chowderfest, ranked one of USA Today’s top 10 chowders in
all of Massachusetts, as well as best chowder in Boston. – The brininess of the clams still comes through in this chowder, and I think the reason why that is, is because they make
the clam broth in-house. – You can taste the freshness. It’s like you instantly know these clams came from this area. – If you’re paying for
a bowl of clam chowder, it shouldn’t be more of
a potato chowder. It should have a lot of clams, and for this, you are getting a lot of clams in your chowder,
so the money is worth it. It’s not super overpoweringly
creamy and rich. – Mmmm. Ooh. Is there Tabasco? Oh, there it is. – I’m done. – I think we have the perfect balance, and then when you put
it inside a bread bowl.


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