Why Fish Can Drink Salt Water And We Can’t
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Why Fish Can Drink Salt Water And We Can’t

August 16, 2019

Salt is everywhere on our planet, but some
animals evolved to live in it while, others didn’t; what happened there? What caused this
split? Sup salty dogs, thanks for watching DNews,
I’m Trace. Water is everywhere and is one of the main reasons life was able to evolve
on Earth. It’s pretty great. Salt is also everywhere. Salt and water together, make
up most of the water on our planet and it’s a major component of the beginning of life
as we know it! Organisms need salt to survive. Salt draws
water out of cells in process called osmosis. Osmosis is the tendency of water to flow across
a membrane to balance salinity. Essentially, nature wants to make sure there’s a balanced
level of salt everywhere. This is why if you drink saltwater you can die of dehydration
— the water-salt balance gets out of whack and water gets pulled out of your cells. It’s
pretty serious. And yet, as boney fish moved from a salty
sea into freshwater (or sweetwater), they had to eat salts to maintain that salt-water
balance. They still do this today, urinating any excess salt — sometimes up to a third
of their body weight a day. We do this too, which is why we crave (and love) SALT. But
this brings us to the big question — if saltwater fish are drinking saltwater constantly, how
do they avoid dehydration due to osmosis?! Well, there are two answers. One comes built
in. The gills of some saltwater species, like the flatfish: turbot, have adapted to carry
more of a special enzyme called “gill Na+/K+ ATPase.” This allows their gills to leach
salt from their bodies back into the ocean. Without this adaptation they’d die because
of that high salinity. But, some species of eel, salmon, bass, and
flounder have adaptations that let them move between fresh and saltwater! Species which
can survive in a variety of salinities are referred to as euryhaline; some even actively
adapt their gills or their kidneys… There are a lot of species osmoregulating in a lot
of different ways. This is a great example of how evolution solves a problem along many
different paths, something scientists call convergent evolution! SO AWESOME. So, lemme give you a couple examples: anadromous
fish, are born in freshwater and live there for months before they make for saltwater.
In Atlantic Salmon, an enzyme called type 2 deiodinase is produced in response to the
longer daylight hours in spring. Puberty ain’t just weird for humans. This enzyme alters
the salmon’s gills, initiating osmoregulation so they can safely swim into salty water!
This is reversed when they return to rivers and streams to breed and start the process
with thier own lil’ salmons. And a 2013 study in Molecular & Cellular Proteomics,
detailed how a DIFFERENT adaptation evolved in tilapia. When placed into salted water
gradually, the researchers found tilapia gills adapted, producing a specialized protein called
NDRG1. This let the tilapia survive in a saline environment — as long as they had time to
slowly adapt. A lot fish evolution has happened in the last
400 million years. Fish have spread into pretty much every water-based environment on the
planet. After the Great Dying 250 million years ago which wiped out 95 percent of all
marine species, evolution had to figure out how to osmoregulate again. Through an assortment
of convergent evolutionary adaptations FRESHWATER fish repopulated the oceans — learning to
deal with the super-salty water. Eventually, they made it to land as well, when a fish
named eusthenopteron evolved into amphibians — and tetrapods — like you and me! Without
salt, and being able to regulate it, life as we know it wouldn’t exist. Evolution is the best.


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