Would this raft fall KILL you? INDIANA JONES
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Would this raft fall KILL you? INDIANA JONES

November 14, 2019

One of the coolest stunt series of all time
has to be the Indiana Jones raft escape in Temple of Doom, where Indy and company jump
from an airplane, drop for fifteen seconds, land on a snow field, slide down a mountain,
fly off a cliff and finally splash down in a river. But, could you actually pull all this off
in real life? Would a raft act like a parachute? Could you survive this impact? And did Steven Spielberg actually marry Willie? Let’s find out in seven elements. From the top, the trio of Indy, Willie and
Short Round move as one smooth group from inside the plane, to out the door, and inside
the falling raft. Problem is this opening is really small. You’d probably have to jump one at a time
and meet up mid-air or something. It doesn’t derail the whole escape, but it’d
certainly make things more complicated–which is bad when your falling toward the ground. Number 2 Would a raft actually slow you down in a fall? Yes. A raft’s surface area is bigger than your
body–or three bodies combined–and more surface area equals more air resistance on the way
down which equals a slower descent. It’s not going to slow you nearly as much
as a parachute would, but it’s still better than nothing. Number 3 Could you keep a raft right-side-up and stay
inside during a fall? Maybe. Staying inside would be tricky. Simplifying here, but if you can keep your
collective center of gravity close the raft’s center of lift you’ll be okay. Otherwise it’s going to spin, rotate, tumble
and spill you out. Still, these dummies manage to stay right-side-up,
so we’ll say the odds are good enough. Number 4 This landing would probably kill Indy. And you. And anyone else. Here’s why: On the plus side, you’ve got three things
going for you. Yes, the raft is slowing you down. Also, you’re landing on snow, which has a
little bit of give as opposed to a more rigid surface like dirt or cement. Third, you’re landing on a LITTLE bit of a
slope, so some of your speed or kinetic energy can continue with you, rather than being totally
absorbed in a complete stop. So much the bright side–here’s why none of
this matters much. That snow we talked about? It’s not very deep or fluffy. After less than a frame, our groups bouncing
back up. It’s better than landing on dirt but not much. Second, body position. If your going to survive any sort of fall
from height your best bet is a feet-first landing–like a parachuter–so the muscles
and joints in your legs can take the brunt of the impact. But our group lands lying down, which exposes
your head and vital organs to the full force of impact. Third and most problematic: impact speed. They’re moving pretty quick. Exactly how fast are they falling? If you run the math and make some measurements,
turn out Indie, Willie and Short Round are falling at 44 miles- or 71 kilometers-per-hour
right before impact. So… what does that mean? If it’s been a while since your last mid-flight
ditching of a Ford tri-motor airplane using a raft-as-parachute alongside an archeologist-turned-adventurer, this speed might feel a bit arbitrary. Is it fast? Or Slow? Would it hurt a little? Or a lot? For the answer, we gathered data from a whole
bunch of sources and created this chart. It shows your odds of surviving an impact
with the ground based on how fast you’re traveling right before you come to a sudden stop. For instance, if you land at 25 miles per
hour–which would be like falling off a two-story building–your odds are pretty good. You’re probably looking at bruises or broken
bones, but you’re likely going to survive. An impact at 38 mph and your odds drop to
50-50. Which means about half the time this speed is fatal. And the other half, you’re looking at severe injuries. Our crew clocks in about here: 44 miles-per-hour. Chance of survival? Say 15%. Not good! So, don’t try this at home. Or in the Himalayas. But, it gets even worse. For obvious reasons they used dummies in this
shot–and these dummies are lighter than their human counterparts. With more weight (the correct weight) the
raft’s gonna fall even faster. It’d approach its terminal velocity and speeds
of 65 miles- or 105 kilometers-per-hour at impact, which is off the charts for survivability. So yeah, it’s gonna hurt. Or, you might not even feel a thing. Number 5 After touchdown the crew slides their way
for 28 seconds without ripping their raft or being stopped by a tree. And there’s a lot of ’em. Sure, a clean slide is possible but it’s really
unlikely. Number 6
The trio drop in a second free-fall this time to the bottom of a canyon. The raft’s only moving about 25 miles or 40
kilometers per hour in this shot. But remember, its actual speed would be closer to 65 miles-per-hour. So, what would happen in the real world? This one’s trickier because water’s involved. Without recreating this landing
at this location, there’s no way to be certain how Indy would fare. Best guess: this landing is more survivable than the first but not by much. Finally, did Spielberg actually marry the actress
who plays Willie? True story. Spielberg and Cate Kapshaw met in auditions,
married a few years later, and are still together today. So if you’re a lonely bachelor whose figurative
hearts been ripped out, all you have to do is direct a movie about literal hearts being
ripped out to meet your sweetheart. And it probably doesn’t hurt if film is also the highest
grossing of the year. From initial jump through washing up on the
shores near Pankot Palace, this escape sequence is hard to beat. Sure, there’s only the tiniest of slivers
of a chance you actually live to tell about it, but that’s the power of cinema, the lure of a fun story, and the magic of Indiana Jones. That’s it for our breakdown of Temple of Doom. What did you think of our review? How would you survive jumping from a plane? What movie should we fact-check next? For more great videos just like this one,
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