X5/X7 Introduction – Talking AERO w/ Nick Speed | Shimano Fishing EU
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X5/X7 Introduction – Talking AERO w/ Nick Speed | Shimano Fishing EU

January 14, 2020

You’ve joined me today at High Tech Campus in Eindhoven. I’m here for one major reason.
The new Aero X5 and X7 range of rods. Over 18 months now I’ve been lucky enough to be involved
deeply with the development of these rods. And we as a company really wanted to produce something special
in both of the ranges. From distance rods, right down to your normal commercial
length rods, 9, 10ft, and also waggler rods as well. And let me tell you…
They are something special. Now what’s so special about these rods? Well that’s why they’ve taken so long to develop,
because we’ve wanted to get many things right with the rod. from using a really high-quality blank,
perfect runners to suit the actual rod at hand. And little things as well,
we’ve also increased the length of the butt in certain situations, on the long-distance rods,
to aid that extra distance. As we all know now,
feeder fishing is so popular. There are loads of events in England,
across Europe now and its become a massive trend. Not only the distance, as well we wanted to create the right action of the rod
so we’ve got the perfect playing action. Whether you’re using braid
or monofilament with a method feeder or braid with a conventional feeder
where you’re catching bream and mixed species. We wanted to create a lovely soft progressive action
that would blend perfectly with either disciplines.

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