Ylvis Infusical om sjøvettreglene (Boating safety rules) (Eng. subs)

September 9, 2019

Rune Larsen:… many of them went to show business schools abroad and that´s great. L: Now Ylvis, as usual, will offer their perspective on this. Ladies and gentlemen, Ylvis! B: Thanks a lot, Rune! We are two ordinary guys, we are studying abroad, at a school in Manchester, England. MICSAS. That’s Manchester International College of Structural Artificiancy and… V: Survival. B: Survival?
V: Survival. B: Survival. Yes. We have finished graduation or as it´s called in Norwegian “tatt musikklinja”, …with an Informative musical direction with media encryption production as our major. It´s very hard to get accepted exactly there. Most students take Incorporate production with accompodation and composing… …with structural artificiany with composing and production and apologizing steamed engines…with a… V: Get to the point, Hans Kristian. B: Oh, god, have I forgotten to introduce ourselves. I think I forgot that. Well, we have studied Informative musical directing with media encryption production. This goes very fast, but it doesn´t hurt,
soon be finished… V: Hans Kristian, objection!
B: Yes, sustained. I´m just kidding all the time. B: Well, alright.
Let´s divide the room into two groups. How many of you have heard about “infusicals”? V: Nobody. B: That´s pretty strange, isn´t it?
V: We are in Norway. B: Yes. Anyway, the main concept in infusicals or informative musicals… …is to incorporate important information into musicals. We have already done this for Hydro and Narvesen… Was there one more? V: Brønnøysundsregisteret.
B: Brønnøysundsregisteret! B: Ladies and gentleman, we like to show you something from our latest orders, which we are very pleased with. It´s an order from the government’s information service at Elverum, MMI. This is an infusical about boating safety rules. Notice the use of triplets, what´s that in Norwegian? V: “Løpenoter”.
B: Løpenoter. Be well-rested and sober. Tell someone how long you will be away.
How long you will be…

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