You can’t Stay Thirsty The Outdoor Adventures Vlog#1854

September 8, 2019

Hey good morning good morning ladies and
gentlemen welcome welcome to the almighty trucker Rudy shook oh this will
you we’re just sitting over here I know we can’t see Ronnie but that’s not
important anyways maybe you can see him a little bit better no there you go
Martha mine yeah Nino yeah we know the whole family over here right say hi what’s happening oh we are gonna go
today a lot of things we have a lot of things to go see yes and we have a plan
guys make sure that you put by Rudy sir a big thumb up on that one because it’s
gonna be worth it there you go just sit and relax and and
then we’ll go do some stuff yeah who’s that
me who’s Nico Nico lose Nico there’s a big truck a Rudy fan yeah I think so too
all right guys it is time to have some breakfast so let’s go see what everybody
is up to through that we got some bikes up here huh yeah everybody over here
he’s cooking some breakfast look at that Walter he likes playing
with eggs I already did what we’re going to do now everybody knows that okay Ronnie is
cooking bacon look here looka looka looka look alike oh look at that that’s
a big pan full of bacon oh yeah some good onions some very good onions some
garlic some lolly some eggs milk in there oh it’s gonna be
so delicious yeah it is that looks like s gonna be a lot of baked cake guys look
at that the boys are drinking from early in the
morning Rudy’s trying to work yeah and look at that look at that he is so busy
he has to drink some wine oh it’s apple juice okay okay they have apple juice so
ho we have some too good cooks here yeah look at that can’t even get better than that
so whoever says that Rudy is not working you know what that is bullshit there we go hey guys here are a big pile
of swans swarm of swans Rudy’s on his camera there
we’re in the middle of the lake here gonna try to lots of ducks and geese and swans and Rudy’s gonna lay himself down here and
try to take pictures of this ones there I’ll try to zoom this in a little bit look so gorgeous look at that guy’s just
a wonderful pile of birds are here just look so gorgeous I’m gonna try to focus this one a little
bit more in yeah guys I am not as good as Rudy is in
this but I am trying my best he is taking pictures over
we are just eating our way in very slowly very slowly we’re easing our way
in there the water is little bit wavy shaking a
little bit hey guys I tell you we have some good
fun and Rudy had some very very nice pictures we are trying to go away out
there now to come closer I’ll see if I can zoom in to that one there but we had
very good luck with some pictures here man right there that’s where they all
are Wow that looks nice he is rudy is going to show you guys a
picture right away just this is this one right here you see that Yeah right there look wow just so
beautiful so gorgeous the water running is relaxing here so what do you have to
say Ronnie Yeah right there doctor radio right
there though guys we have lost a lots of our behavior so exactly I have to listen
to the guys talking all the time but oh it is I’ll see if I can zoom this one in while there’s a big pile of ducks to we will try to get closer to them we’ll
see how good we can do it slow and steady rudy is ready with his camera
Rudy you’re all ready look at that ready to go I’m gonna show you guys some guys
are right there on the floor I don’t know there might be fishing there the there might be cleaning
there are some things look at all that birds are there it’s a
big final verse right there locks hey guys suggest you to show you a
little bit and look at they bird so what we have here just if I want them we are
trying to get very close to them very very slowly really getting into it ease
our way along there look at the docks a lots and lots of there on a storm Ridge
there just so gorgeous I can’t hold still very good because
it’s a little bit windy and wavy here but it’s just like so nice well look
everybody there he is taking pictures of them look at that guy’s we are easing up
on them they’re just going forward it just looks so fantastic I’ll try to zoom
up a little bit on this ones here look at that guys I tell you it just looks so
fantastic and this almost looks like man-made but it is not man-made that’s
what nature does nature does fantastic things just
phenomenal so mr. Rudy what do you say was that
worth it look at that look at that right there so
we had good luck there very good luck yeah so Ronnie is making
what are you gonna do Ronnie you’re gonna make some yerba here guys are you
guys ready look at that this is a llamar eagle wanna see your buddy right there
he is gonna put the earbud here ice cold water ice cold water and then he’s gonna
start sucking on it very hard oh yeah mr. Ronnie you think that’s good Oh mr. Rudy try our nice Saturday let’s see
what Rudy says maybe he thinks it’s not as good but let’s say mr. Rudy you try
that let’s find out yeah oh look at that is it good oh yeah there you go
all guys I tell you we enjoy it here well I’m gonna have to try the air by
here a little bit and see if it is as good as what the guys are say that’s why
not oh yeah the power or it’s just this just
gives you energy it’s just so like an energy boost right yeah like exactly
like power juice or sometimes they they are talking about super juice right so
we have some kind of super juice you know it is just yerba it’s steep its
herb tea yeah fantastic you can tell you guys we are enjoying
our trip here it’s so nice and just having fun relaxing this is what I am
talking about really relaxing Rudy if we had mr. Tom here or jukebox we would
throw him in the water right here I think I think they would be done with
their paperwork they would never need more paperwork than that look at that
mr. Ronnie he has to eat some sunflower seed in between because he is relaxing
oh look at that Oh Ronnie’s Oh what the heck Ronnie’s
jumbo see Ronnie likes Ronnie’s what a guy I never never seen that before so
from now on I’m never gonna buy that anymore now I’m gonna buy spats because
that’s Rory oh yeah no guys just come on and ride
with us we’ll go further and we’ll keep taking more pictures and enjoying our
time here and if we are too bored then we’ll start jumping into water hey guys
we are getting ready to cook some barbecue hey Walter oh she’s got a nice
truck a Rudy t-shirt on I think we should we should take a look at
and you guys gotta be the judge on what that looks like right you guys can leave
a comment below what you guys think oh holy yeah if that’s a good BBQ or not
this is at the cabin and look at the grill look look at the name from the
grill yeah Louisiana yep it’s a this is a pellet stove solid stone tell you it
is just fantastic I think that’s starting to look pretty
good oh yeah Wow I think we’re gonna have a good barbecue what do you think
Ronnie oh yeah yeah you’re starting to be hungry yeah you’re starving or you’re
no you’re starting to tell me about it I don’t have yeah whoo well it took long
enough but finally we are having supper so
let’s take a look on what we’re having oh my goodness
Walter just to go looking pretty good over here this is looking pretty good
over here yeah oh my god huh
I don’t know about all that but the barbecue is looking good oh yeah you’re
looking good from the from behind yeah anyways we’re having a good supper
nobody what oh I know right don’t think for a second that I’m going
for a right because this guy is taking me for a ride yeah that’s right yeah real good right oh yeah let’s see
yeah smile you’ll be on camera yeah let’s go see if we can see some bears
right exactly yeah looks like looks like it’s going to be a nice sunset again eh
huh amazing doesn’t it God looks beautiful it’ll bit for it yeah so we
are at st. Andrews no Lake st. George Lake st. George the Justice League since
George we are at st. Anne’s and review that’s what I was yeah you are right huh
I don’t always right yeah yeah that would be nice yeah just such a nice view
I think we could walk right down here yeah wow that is looking like a
beautiful reflection just sort of water right there just to let you know this is
used to be where the water was really this is the level what the water used to
be Wow that’s what it is now because there is a
Hydra and that one is open roof yeah you can see right here is the moss yeah Wow
they are working on it cools it up you can have lots and lots of fish the
frozen all all the fish are fools in here because the water is too low too
low what was last year right here well you
can see where the water level is now Wow but that’s an amazing view right there
I’m telling you guys that is God this in my opinion
oh we just finished having good supper and me and this guy hopped on the quad
and went for a nice ride a fall evening right it is so nice to go
out in the wind and a breeze uh-huh it was kinda getting hot yeah
it’s been pretty warm out at the campsite today but anyways we’ll get
back at it again

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